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    fo jpimng Agister.
U. S. Official Paper for Oregon.
THEia Game. It ia instanced as a
fact, to disprove the assertion that all the
delegates' to the Democratic Convention
were candidates for office, that at
. least two of them were engaged in a
pleasant little game of "scven-np," in the
Court room, when the Convention was
called to order for the purpose of organ
ising. It may have been, however, that
they were playing instead of "argy lying,"
chance against chance.
Their Strong Suit. The night be
ere the meeting of the Democratic State
Convention in this city, while a large
number of delegates to the Convention
were sitting around the stove in the bar
room of a certain hotel in this city, can
t aasing the "chances" of the party in
the coming election, one of the delegates
we won't mention names made the
Strong remark that : "We've only got
to select good candidates, and adopt a i
platform that nobody can understand,
And then we'll go through all right !"
Disabled Only. Tho report that
the steamship which left Portland
for San Francisco on Saturday last, had
.foundered off the mouth of the Colum
bia, and all on board gone to the bottom
,-of the deep, deep. Bea, proves to be in
correct. It seems the steamer was disa
bled, but all the passengers were safe at
Astoria, whither the ship had returned
for repairs. Ere this we suppose the
necessary repairs' have been completed,
and the good ship gone on her way re
joicing. Republican County Convention.
. Convention met Thursday at 11 o'clock
A. M., transacted the usual business and
adjourned until 2 P. M., when a perma
nent organization was effected by the elec
tion of Jas. Foster, Chairman, and
E. E. Wheeler, of Scio, Secretary. Del--egates
to the State Convention were
-elected as follows : J. II. Foster, D.
Beach, A. B. Morris, J. W. George,
.John R. Smith,- Norman Lee, W. 11.
Kirk, C A; Williams, G. F. Colbert,
Ed. McFarland, E. E. Wheeler, J. W.
3ol2, Pete Brenner, B. Ramsey, J. II.
Xame, H. Smith, S. R. Clark, and J. P.
Hogue. Central Committee, consisting
of five, were elected, as follows:. J. II.
Foster, D. M. Thompson, John Gantcr,
,JT. W. George, and Almon Wheeler. The
.Convention then adjourned.
. Loo Rolling.' Candidates commenced
to arrive to attend the Democratic State
Convention "on Monday, and on Tuesday
-th bulk of the delegates were here.
Then commenced the "log rolling." You
' -could see little knots of two and three all
.along the street, and we were informed
that every knot thus collected contained
.at least one candidate.
'Repudiation the Only Principle of the
Democratic Party."
During the heat of the debate on the
adoption of the 8th article of the plat
form in the Democratic Convention on
Wednesday night, one of the leaders of
the party in Oregon asserted, what the
Republican journals have teen insisting
on all the time, that rejmdiation is the
only principle in the Democratic parti.
And as there was but one member in the
whole Convention CJasper Johnson, of
Curry), who denied the proposition, we
are to understand that, however the plat
form may read, laying aside all verbiage
and meaningless sentences, the only prin
cijle, the whole end and aim of the Dem
ocracy of Oregon, is flat-footed, square,
out aud out repudiation of the public
debt. Member after member arose to
give in their adhesion to the principle,
but the majority, while saying that they
were not willing to pay the national debt,
yet they were not in favor "of adopting
repudiation as a plank in the platform ;
in the language of Reed, of Multnomah,
they were "not willing to put a burden
on the shoulders of their standard-bearers
that would trample them into the
dust." The whole discussion, prolonged
for near four hours, proved conclusively
that , the xuajority if not all the dele
gates were in favor of repudiation ("can
cellation" they termed it) of the debt,
and the fear, as stated by the gentleman
from Lane, that a large portion of the
party were too honest to vote it, was the
only reason why the clause was glossed
over, so as to sound honest to the masses.
So we go into the campaign, on the au
thority ot the Democratic State Conven
tion, that Repudiation is the only princi
ple of the Democratic party ; that it has
but one end and aim dishonesty. This
we knew before, but it remained for the
great gathering of the chiefs of Democ
racy to clinch the matter, by bold and
unequivocal assertions of the fact. And
with such a platform, can the honest men
of Oregon vote the Democratic ticket ?
The enunciation of this principle was the
j last straw needed to sink the already
overloaded and demoralized party. The
death-knell of Democracy in Oregon has
No Mors Treaties. Under the bill
just completed by the House Committee
.on Indian Affairs, organizing a system of
.governing the Indian tribes, etc., no
Esore Indian treaties are to be made or
ratified. It-provides for dividing the
.territory into four districts, with one
general superintendent to each, and one
Agent for one or more tribes in charge of
-the general superintendents. Secretary
-Cox and Commissioner Parker approve
.the bill. -
Defaulter. The accounts of Col
lector Bailey, of New York, who levant
ed some days ago, are being investigated.
Vail, deputy collector, declares the ac
counts are correct, so far, while District
Attorney Pierpont says he has found a
.defalcation of $120,000, np to the pres
,ent (Marcli 21) time. The impression
.of some is that Bailey is secreted in New
York, while others think he has commit
ted suicide.
Answers the Purposes. The snow
aheds and fences erected along the line
.of the Union Pacific Railroad recently
- are a success, and very little detention
frm been caused to trains on that road by
the late severe snow storm, which is
spoken" of aV the most severe of the sea-"
00. '., . '
- Democratic Importations in
Clackamas. Tho Oregonian having
asserted that the Democrats of Clack
amas had imported a large number of
voters into that county, for the purpose
of "overriding the will of the people,"
ma the Democrat has it, the Oregon City
Enterprise denied the charge, and with
jthe most unblushing effrontery charges
- that they were Republican recruits. The
Oregonian, to make its chargo good, and
- to show to what lengths the leaders of
the Democratic party of Oregon are
' ready to go, prints affidavits of some of
the very men who were imported, certi
fying that their passage money and board
bills were paid, with the express under
standing that they were to vote the Dem
ocratic ticket at the next June election
as a return for this expenditure of mon
ey ia their behalf. It ia invariably the
case, that fellows who are constantly ar
rogating to themselves all the honesty in
the country, and prate about the rascality
of their neighbors, when sifted to the
bottom are found to be the most unblush
ing and arrant of knaves.
Arrested. On the arrival of the
Portland boat on Tuesday night, on which
were a large number of delegates to the
Democratic State Convention, our worthy
Sheriff, Bob. Irvine, with two deputies,
proceeded to arrest one of the delegates
from Grant county, Mr. E. E. Turk, in
dicted by the last Grand Jury of this
county for murder. This prompt action
on tae part of our Sheriff rather took
Mr. Turk by surprise, as he has been en
joying his freedom, although under ar
rest in Grant county, the Sheriff of that
county being security for his appearance
here at the March term of the Court.
During the whole time of his arrest, as
we are informed, he was acting deputy
sheriff of Grant county. And although
under arrest for the highest crime
known to the State, the Democracy of
Grant selected him as their delegate, to
represent their interests in the State
Convention. The Democrats of Grant
will be surprised that the bretheriog
down this way pronounced their selection
of delegate in this case as in bad taste,
and that the Democratic delegate was
arrested by a Democratic Sheriff.
Mayoralty. In Richmond, Virginia,
two gentlemen lay claim to the Mayor
ship of the city, each holding a separate
and independent court, and each having
a special police force. Between the two
times are quite lively in the city, although
tho casualties on the 18th as reported are
but one man killed and three wounded.
The Bottom Fell Out. On the
morning of the 17th, at St. Johns, New
Brunswick, a portion of the bottom of
the harbor on the Carletin side, sunk
bodily, so that where before at low tide
there was a beach, there is now twenty
feet of water. Wharves were destroyed
and lumber set adritt.
Secretary Boutweli has purchased dur
ing this Administration $99,323,050 in
bonds, so that the . outstanding coin debt
will be only a little over $2,000,000,000
at the close of the first year of the Ad
ministration. During the year he has
sold about $03,000,000 in gold.
Matrimonial. A blushing young
damsel sends.the following advertisement
to the press : ' "A young lady of exterior
and pleasing appearance wishes to marry
a gentleman of just the same way of
N. Y. Legislature. On. the 18th
in the Assembly one member charges
another with an attempt to bribe him.
Oh, the beauties of a Democratic Legis
lature. The Time. The Central Committee
decided on Thursday, ApTil 21st, 1870,
as the time for holding the County Con
vention for the purpose of nominating
county officers, and other business.
Will Not Send. Owing to the atti
tude taken by the Pope, the Government
of Spain will not send a special envoy to
the Ecumenical Council at Rome.
Democratic Convention. This
body ment at 10 o'clock A. M. on Wed
nesday, and temporarily organized by
the election of Gov. Geo. L. Curry, of
Clackamas, Chairman, Lafayette Lane
and A. W. Stanard, Secretaries. A
committee of three, Fay, of Jackson,
McComas, of Union, and Burch, of
Polk, was appointed on credentials, when
the Convention adjourned to 1 o'clock P.
M. Upon the reassembling of the Con
vention, the report of the committee on
credentials was accepted, and a perman
ent organization effected by the election
of the following officers : Geo. L. Curry,
of Clackamas, Chairman ; W. E. How
ell, of Clackamas, Secretary; A. W.
St&nard, of Linn, Assistant Secretary ;
A. N. Arnold, of Linn, Sergeant-at-Arma.
A motion prevailed to appoint
one delegate from each county as a com
mittee on platform. Said committee
consisted of Miller of Marion, Mc Ar
thur of Baker, Hunter of Union, Moore
of Umatilla, Miller of Grant, Gates of
Wasco, Thayer of Multnomah, Bennett
of Columbia, Adair of Clatsop, Hodges of
Clackamas,Swick of Washington,Jackson
of Yamhill,' Holmes .of Polk, Smith of
Benton, Crooks of Linn, Cochran ol
Lane, Parker of Douglas, Thompson of
Coos. Jolinsffn of Currv, and Fay' of
Jackson. . The order of business adopted
by the Convention was: 1st. Peimanent
organization ; 2d, committee on plat
form ; 3d,' adoption of platform ; 4th,
nomination of candidate for Congress ;
5th, for Governor; 6th, Secretary ot
State j 7th, Treasurer ; 8;h, State Print
er : 9th, ratification of nominations of
Judges of the 2d, 3d and 5th Districts;
10th, ratification of nominations of Dis
trict Attorneys for 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th
districts. Convention then adjourned
until 7 o'clock P. M. Immediately upon
the opening of the evening session, the
majority of the cointnitte (18) reported
a platform and resolutions, which were j
read, when the Minority (2) reported.
After some cross firing as to how the
platform should be adopted, the Conven
tion resolved to take it by sections, as
swallowing the whole thing at one sjulp
was too much of a dose. The first seven
articles were adopted without a dissent
ing voice, but when the 8th came up the
fight opened. It was pronounced by
Humason, Johnson, Cochran, and others,
as, simple flat-footed repudiation, and
such a plank in the platform, the Democ
racy of Oregon was doomed to certain
and overwhelming defeat, and they ad
vised temporizing, policy and calm delib
eration. Fay, Ben. Hayden, McArthur,
aud others, endorsed the plank, endorsed
repudiation; wanted a Democratic plat
form, atserting that they had not had
oue for ten years. He (Fay) was in
fa. or, for once, just once, of cominir fair
and square on Democratic principles,
and if successful they would have fought
the battle on principle, and if defeated
they would go down with flying colors.
Chapman, of Multnomah, "raised his
feeble voice in warning." Reed, of
Multnomah, asked : " Will you never
learn anything? Will you never be in
structed by the past?" He insisted that,
repudiation engrafted in the platform,
the Democracy of Oregon was forever
dead. Jasper Johnson told the Conven
tion that if the article was adopted, the
death-knell of the party was sounded ;
the party was split in twain ; that he
was now and forever against repudiation
in any form. (We would like to give
the opinions of other lights of the De
mocracy,' but time and space will not al
low.) Humason moved to strike out the
repudiation clause and insert in its stead:
" We are in favor of an equitable adjust
ment of the bonds," which, after another
amendment by Fay, to Ftrike out: " the
interest already paid has more than liq
uidated the national debt," (which Hu
mason said was a lie, and everybody
knew it), was passed. The balance of
the resolutions were adopted without op
positiorrj and the Convention adjourned
until 9 o'clock A. M. on Thuisday. We
have but space to give the nominations :
For Congress, Jas. H. Slater; Governor,
L. F. Grover; S. F. Chadwick, Secre
tary of State ; L. Fleischncr, Treasurer ;
Thos. Patterson, State Printer. .B. F.
Bonham, of Marion, received the nomi
nation for Judge of the 3d district, and
N. II. Butler, of Polk, Prosecuting At
torney. The next Convention is to be
held at Dalles City.
i -I 1
Telegraphic Smuaiary.
The President has signed the joint
resolution giving the widow and children
of Judge Stanton a year's salary as As
sociate -.. ustice. - "
Eugene Schuyler has been nominated
as Secretary of Legation a: St. Petersburg-
Chicago, March 18. A Tribune dis
patch from New York says four vessels
went ashore on Long lieacn yesterday,
and three on Long Island. The crews of
two were all lost, and three of another.
The loan for the Mexican overland
railroad will be placed in the market
FOon, based on a large grant of land by
the Mexican Government, both on the
line of the road and in the northern part
of tho Republic. .General llosecrans is
interested in the enterprise, and proposes
to establish an American colony on tne
land granted to the road.
New i ork, March 18. Ihe particu
lars of the explosion of nitro glycerine
at the factory in Ridgeway, New
Jeisey, show that there was about
7,000 pounds -,ot nitro plycerioe in
the building and twenty-five thousand
pounds of material used in the manufac
ture. The building is a mass of ruins
scattered miles around. The explosion
was heard for miles, and its force shat
tered the windows of houses a mile dis
tant. The bodies of the four men killed
were blown to atoms. Loss S75,000.
New York, March 13. Julian C
Verplanck, the well known author and
politician, died to-day, aged 64.
Capt. Slocum, of the schooner Sala
din, from Jaekmel, reports that on tho
12th inst., in lat. 30 Ion. 75', he saw a
curious creature, 60 feet long and 24 feet
broad across the back, resembling the so
called sea serpent.
The extensive 'freight depot of the
New Jersey Railroad at Commuuipaw
was burned with its contents,, including
twelve loaded freight cars and six horses.
Michael Guirk, the watchman, was burned
to death in the endeavor to save the
books. Another man was seriously in
jured. Loss, from 650,000 to $100,000.
Insurance light. '
City of Mexico, March 9. (Via
Havana, March 17.) The revolutionary
movements are all on the wane and the
Government officials are becoming more
overbearing. Peaceful citizens arc abused,
and much public corruption has come to
light. Three prominent army tfficcis
have been imprisoned for forgery.
Schlaher, the German Charged' Affairs,
has left to attend a session and explain
the commercial treaty with Mexico. The
current expenses of the Mexicau Gov
ernment exceed by one halt the revenue.
General Gaudenauie has surrendered
to Maiez with his officers. The State of
Sun Luis entirely free from the
revolution, and the insurgents in that
Stat3 have rebelled against their leaders,
who were compelled to fly for their lives.
A heavy battle is reported between the
Potosi revolutionists and the Gov
ernment troops. At first the rev
olutionists were successful, but they
were afterwards beaten and compelled to
fly before a bayonet charge of the troops.
Two Pennsylvanians have obtained a
patent for manufacturing writing aud
printing paper from the leaves of corn
stalks, and have already manufactured
samples of an excellent quality.
Muj. George Hill, of Georgetown, has
bceu awarded the contract for tho pur
chase of wasto paper of the Government
printing otlicc at Yashiti"ton, which
amounts, it is said, to nearly $20,000 a
Two brothers recently married two sis
ters, in Chester, Delaware, and now it has
been ascertained that they both have
wives and childreu living in the City of
Urotheily Liove.
It is now announced that the Peabody
funeral, which recently took place, is not
the final interment. The remains, if
there arc any are to be removed to a
new tomb state time hence.
M. Derosne has obtained some favora
ble results in epilepsy by the cold water
treatment. In a dozen of cases, four
were coufirmed cures, five sensible ameli
orations, and but three failures.
One of the Governors of New Hamp
shire made it a rule to consider a petition
for the pardon of a convict in the State
Prison until he had served out half the
time for which he was sentenced.
Women have their rights at Mentone,
on tho Mediterranean, where, according
to "Shoo Fly" Cox's book, they receive
the same per diem as men, and much
lighter work.
John Goold was lately released from
the State Prison at '1 honinston, Me on
the account of the dvmi confession of a
man who, years befoie, had committed a
murder for which Goold suffered impris
onment. Pertrusct, the lion-killer, a giant in
form and strength, is one of the curiosi
ties of Paris. He has a chamber carpet
ed with the skins f lions slain in Alger
ia. 11 is gun can hardly be lifted by an
ordinary man.
The Austrian authorities at Cracow
have called on the Abbess of the Carme
lite Convent, to pay the expense of the
treatment of Barbara Ubryk in the Lu
natic Asylum, where she is now confined.
One of the stipulations in an approach
ing marriage in Massachusetts, is that
that the bride shall pay the groom S500,
cash down, on the wedding day.
The Brussels Assizes recently sent to
the House of Correction a 9 year old
boy, who had attempted to assassinate his
own mother.
A number of colored men in Louisville
have formed au association for building
a first class steamboat to ply on the iV i
sissippi River.
The erection of two cottages intended
for the use of the Empress Eugenie, at
Saratoga, is soon to begin, under the su
perintendence of Warren Leland.
Cas.sius M. Clay has the patent in this
country for a "perpetual candle," a Rus
sian invention. He is having the article
manufactured at Waterbury, C:.
w. ii. Kiim & co.,
Having just received a Large and well selected
Stock of
Hammers, Hammers,
Hammers, Hammers,
Sledarcs, Sledges,
Saws, Saws, Saws,v
Saws, feaws, Saws,
Planes, Planes, Planes,
Planes, Planes, Planes,
Cross-Cut and Mill Saws,
Together with a large assortment of
Nails, Nails, Nails,
Nails, Nails, Nails,
Springs, tprings, Springs,
rings, priuirs, Springs,
The Kennebec (Me.) Journal savs
Three hundred insurgents were killed that all but 5 of the 100 paupers in that
anJ l.OUU taken prisoners. i.ieneruls city owe ineir present position airecuy
When. The Ohio State Senate has
adopted a resolution to adjourn on the
31st inst.
Iix. Dates from Rome confirm the
reported illness of the Pope,
The following interesting statistics are
from the official records of the War De
partment : Of the whole number of liv
ing graduates of West Point, both in
and out of the army, when the rebellion
commenced, sixty-seven per cent. 1 had
been appointed from slave States, and of
these seventy eight per cent, remained
loynl. Of the whole number of officers
in the ' army when the rebellion com
menced, seventy-four per cent, remained
loyal: of the graduates seventy-six per
cent, remained loyal, while of those ap
pointed from civil life to the army, sev
enty per cent, remained loyal. Of the
graduates in the army from the loyal
Border States, seventy one per cent,
remained loyal; and of the non gradu
ates, sixty per cent. Of the graduates'
in the army from the Free States, ninety
seven per " cent, remained loyal. jThe
record of the parents of the graduates
during tho'past twenty five years, shows
twenty-four and one half pe'r cent en
gaged' in agricultural pursuits, thirteen
per cent, were lawyers and judges, five
per cent, were legislators and executive
officers of the National; State and Terri
torial Governments, and nine per cent,
were army and navy officers. i
Cadena and Hoita escaped with 5.0U0
men. General Toledi has about the
same number, - which is all that
is left of the formidable force ieccutiy
menacing the Government A pronun
ciamento has gone forth for the purpose
of concentrating revolutionists in Mich
oacan. E.-cobedo is directed to turn all
his attention there. Ti e revolutionists
have disappeared lrom Guadalajara. Two
merchants ot that State have offered the
Government commander a voluntary loan.
The revolutionary officers who left Mex
ico have been mostly eaptured or killed
during the past few weeks.
Havana, March 18. The plantation
of Mrs. Emmerson, an American lady
residing in Wilmington, North Carolina,
situated near Sauga La Grande, was
burned by the insurgents ; also six plan
tations near Santa Espiritu. Owin-j to
these reports sugar is buoyant. Many
plantations have nearly finished grinding.
to the use of intoxicating liquors
A Delaware bridegroom was thrashed
and made tosiiin the pledge by his moth
er inlaw, lately, for getting drunk during
the honeynioo.u.
Over twenty out of every hundred
of the five cept nickel coins received at
the Sub-Treasury ill New York for re
demption are counterfeits.
The advice of a Pennsylvania suicide
to his brother was: "VV'iilie, don't go
with fellows who have more money to
spend than you have."
An English enthusiast is soliciting
funds for an exploration of Mount Ara
rat, with a view of recovering relics of
the Ark.
The Baltimore American thinks that
the Fifteenth Amendment will bring out
40,000 colored voters in Maryland.
The standard of bight for army re
cruits has been raised in England from
Axles, Thimble-Skeins, Bolts, &c, &c.
Also, a well Selected Stock of
7Wzx gon T1 mtopr,
All of which we are now offcrins to the public
at low rates. As we make the business a spec
ialty, we can and will keep a better assortment at
lower prices than any house in this city.
Perfumery, Toilet Goods, &c.
Oar . Goods are FRESH and
Warrant o c3L Ixxio
Front Street, three doors below Connor';
Albany, feb 1270-23 Oregon
Receiving and opening a large and splendid
assortment of
Which we offer at reduced rates.
Vf. H. KUHX & CO.
In the Mooteith Fire-proof Brici, First-st.
March 12.-70-27
Boots, Slaocs, c30.
Closed out at about cost.
IN presenting the claims of this NEW KNIT
TING MACHINE to popular favor, we aim .
at no more than a brief and candid statement of
its i"c'"al merits. We confidently clsin that tba
CLIMAX KNITTER is superior to all other ma
chinos in the follwing respect! :
1. Simplicity of construction and operation.
2. Completeness and excellence of work.
3. Convenience of Shape, six and weirht of
4. Durability of machine.
5. Rapidity of work. v
6. Cheapness.
It is so simple in its construction and in ita
workings, that less than half the time is required
- learn to knit on it than on others. With it tho
children of tba household can do all the knitting.
it is made entirely of iron and steel. A Man s
sock can be made in thirty iminvtet. It makes
tie regular old old-lasnioned knitting neealo
titch or loop, (with several others if desired ) :
urns tho heel, making it of as rood shape as by
bund, without my sewing ; narrows or widens,
at the pleasure of the operator, and makes a per
fect too. Any article that can be knit by hand.
can be manufactured on this machine.
Persons who wish to see the machine in opera
tion, are requested tc c ull on the agent in this city.
Agente for Oregon.
Albany, Ogn., Feb. 12, 1870.-23
A well Selected stock now on band, and will
be filled up trcsluntly, and
The best assortment kept in the city, and con
stantly receiving fresh supplies,
Allvho want bargains give me a call.
Albany, March 5, 1870-26.
five feet six iuches to five feet eiirht
Gf.n. Grant's Lf.tter. During the i indies.
The Mormons are organizing a corps
revelation which followed the September
gold panic, much reference was made to
a letter addressed by the President to
Secretary j Boutweli, and left with Gen
eral Butterfield to be delivered to the
Secretary on his return from Massachu
setts to Washington, about the middle of
September. The letter was alleged to
have an indorsement of tho Gould-Cor-bin
theory of high. gold. The letter it
self is the best proof of its character, and
is as follows :
New York City, Sept. 12, 18G9.
George S. Boutweli, Secretary of the
Treasury Dear Sir : I leave here to
morrow morning for Western Pennsylva
nia, and will not reach Washington be
fore the middle or last of next week.
Had I but known beloie making my ar
rangements for starting that you would
be ia this city early this week I would
have remained to meet you. I am, satis
fied that on your arrival you will be met
by the bulls and bears of Wall street,
aud probably by merchants, too, to in
induce you to sell gold or pay the No
vember interest in advance, on the one
side, ad to hold fast on the other. The
fact is, a desperate struggle is now mak
ing, and each party wants the Govern
ment to help them out. I write this let
ter to advise you of what I think you
may oxpect, to put you on your guard.
I think, from the lights before me, I
would move on without change until the
present struggle is over. If you want to
write to me this week my address will be
Washington, Peon. I would like to hear
your experience with the factions, at all
events, if they pive you time to write.
No doubt you will have a better chance
to judge than I, for I have avoided gen
eral, discussion of the ifabject. T)urs
truly, tJ. 8. Grant.
The. New Orleans Times hints that on
the arrivnl of our Minister at Pekin, he
will be officially recognized as Hi Low.
.Stanton Fund. Subscriptions for
the relief of the family of the late E. fcf.
Stanton now reach $150,000.,
Registration. The registration of
negro voters has commenced in Missouri.
of women to depict the glories of their
The first ten locomotives ever built in
Russia have just been completed at Col
onina, near Moscow.
The Khedive is coloring a meerschaum
said to be worth, with its diamoud trim
mings, 40,000.
The proprietress ot a drinking saloon
in Philadelphia weighs GOO pounds.
Senator Hamlin introduced a bill into
the Senate to make the District of Co
lumbia a Territory. .
It is reported that a man named Ber
nard Freely was knocked overboard from
one of the Panama steamers by one of
the ofiieers, and drowned.
Dead. Bishop Thompson. President
of the Virginia Conference, died at
Wheeling, on the 21st inst.j of typhoid
The trial of Prince Napoleon, accused
of murder, commenced ia Paris on the
21st inst.
Dead. Franci Lauseu, English Con
sul for Massachusetts and Rhode Island
for tho past eleven years, died on the
19th at Boston.
Retained. Ashley's friends claim
that he will undoubtedly be retained as
Governor of Montana.
Large Loss.--The losses bv the late
fire in Communipaw, N. Y., will reach
Resumed Specie Payments. The
Franklin Bank, Baltimore (Md.), has
resumed "pecie payments
Increasing in Value, rlt is re
ported that the assessments in Arkansas
will be one hundred per cent, greatej
this year thau last.
Editorial Change. Mr. John
Minto has vacated the editorial chair of
tho Salem Farmer, and has, heen suc
ceeded by Mr. A. J. Dufnr,
- Oreg-on.
American & Swiss Gold & Silver Watcnes
Of every description. Direct Importer of
the very best
Gents and Ladies Sizes.
Of ull Kinds constantly on hand.
o r
San Francisco Prices
Every Article Sold and all Repairing
Dose, Warranted.
We claim to keep all
11 and at prices that defy competition
XST" If yon want the very bi-st Cabinet Pho
tographs, you must call on BKADLEK &
RULOFSOX, 429 Montgomery street, Snn Fran
Cisco. 2" rtT
Attorney at Law,
Notary Public.
Real Estate Brokers & Collecting Agents,
Portland, - - - - Oreg-on.
O Sale of Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation
ana me v-necuon ot Llaiins.
Office, North west eorner of First and Wash
ington Streets, Portland, Ogn. feb26-70-25
Have just received from
San Francisco,
a very large and well selected stock of
At Prices' to Suit the Times !
Their stock consuls, in part, as follows : A ljrj
supply of
Denims, Ilickorj Stripes, Checks
Sheeting's Elcachcd and Unbl?rV
French Coltonades.
Canton Flannel
Heavy Slanlset
Apple, Pear.Peach, Plum &Chexry Trees
Best Selection of Grapes-in the State.
Gooseberry, Currant a, Strawberry, etc
Shrubs, Monthly Roses, Hone , suckles. Dahlias,
Gladiolus, etc., eto.
j. A. vaiutaato.
Albany, 0regon-ln24-i0 '
k. Teoolaer,
Experience, desires a situation as Princi-
al of a Graded school. , Best of references furn
ibed. For terms address, for one month,
george w. Cannon,
27-lm Advertising Agent, Portland, Oregon.
1; J i i ,
arcs as
Emprtt Cloths,
Delaines, '
Fancy Patter,
Balmorals and
Fancy Notions,
x 1 rimming, cce.
Ladies and Misses Hoods, Hats, Nubias, 4e.
A good Assortment of
cent's FtmxlSHIHO OOODS, 40.
A complete assortment of Men's and Boy's
the latest style and quality of
Ladies, Misses and Children's Shoes.
A splendid assortment of
Croceries, Qaoenswar an , Olaassw
- n. l',.rl-et f Table Cutler v.
Window Shades, Laoa and Muslin Cur
tains, Carpeting. ...
In (act, almost everything usually kept in a re
tail store.
. Having bought our goods on tho best tarns
tho market will afford, and selected them vita
great care; we feel warranted in saying that wo
can offer aa great inducements to custodiers as
any house In -the trade, and hope, by strict at
tention to business and the wants of customers,
to merit a liberal patronage from tho pablio,
"&Su Remember the place The house fosa
Albany Oct. 30, 1859,-8 '