The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, January 22, 1870, Image 1

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rriLisatD btirt Saturday bt
ernca on cowii or vkbrt and fibst-sts.
On Ter......,....U.,. ..;.;........Throe Dollar
Six Months......'............... ..Two Dollar"
Single Copies......... Ten Cents
Transient advertisements per Square of ten
lines or less, nrst Insertion, $3 ; each subsequent
insertion, $1.
Larger advertisements inserted on the most
liberal terms.
Having received new type, stock of colored
inks, eards, a GanUia Jobber, etc.. we are pre
paid to execute all kinds ol printiug in a better
manner and fifty per ent. cheaper than ever be
fore offered in this eity. .
A rents for the Reg later.
- ? ' .! f. r r - '-
The following gentlemen are authorized to re
ceive and receipt for subscription, advertising,
ete4 for the Resistor :
Jndpe S,
W. R. KIRK. Esq
E. E. WHEELER, Esq Scio.
T. H. REYNOLDS. Esq Salem.
Oao. W. CANNON, Esq Portland.
t. P. FISHER, Esq 'Frisco.
otary Public
Ja made an I attested. Conveyances and col
lections attended to. 12'69
Attorney and Counsellor at law,
FFICE On Main street, opposite Foster's
Hiltabidel &. Co.,
visions. Wood and Willow Ware, Confec
tionery, Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Notions, etc.
Main street, adjoining the Express office, Albany,
Oregon. 1
7 E. A. Freeland,
School. Miscellaneous and Blank Books,
Stationery, Gold and Steel Pens, Ink, etc.. Post
office Building, Albany, Oregon. Books ordered
from New York and San Francisco. 1
S. H. Clauhton,
AGENT. Office in the Post Office building.
Lebanon, Oregon,
Will attend to making Deeds and other convey
ances, also to the prompt collection of debts en
trusted to ray care. 1
Mitchell, Dolph &, Smith,
Solicitors in Chancery and Proctors in Ad
miralty. Office over the old Post Office, Front
street, Portland, Oregon. I
Powell & Flinn,
and Solicitors in Chancery, '
(I Flinn, Notary Fnblic,) .
Albany, Oregon. Collections and conveyances
prouxply attended to. I
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
WILL practice in the superior and inferior
courts of Marion, Linn, Lane, Benton and
Polk counties.
- Fire per cent, charged on collections when
made without sueing. jl9-69
. M. RKDFir.I.n. P. W. SPIKE.
-i-st-.: a? Wl RED FIELD k CO.,
CONSTANTLY on hand and receiving, a
large stock of i
Groceries and Provisions,
Wood and Willow Ware, Tobacco, Cigars, Con
feotionery, Yankee Notions, Ac, Ac, Wholesale
and Retail, opposite R. C. Hill A Son's drug
tore, Albany, Oregon. 5oct9
fully Inform the citizens of Albany and vi
cinity that: he has taken eharge of this establish
ment, and, by keeping clean rooms and paying
atnet attmtic : to business, expects to suit an
those who may favor him with their patronage.
Having heretofore carried on nothing but
1 Firtt-CIaas Hair Dresainjr Saloons,
he ex pec's to give entire satisfaction to all.
f3S- Children and Ladies hair neatly cut and
shampooed. JOSEPH WEBBER,
ej. 19 v2
X. V
; (Office in Parrish A Co-'s block, First street,')
' Albany, Oregon.
Jambs Elkins, Esq., ex-Clerk of
Linn county, we are enabled to add to onr nru.
tice of Law and Collections, superior facilities for
Conveyancing, Examining Records,
and attending to Probate business.
Deeds, Bonds, Contracts and Mortgages care-
Homestead and Pre-emption Papers
made, and claims secured.
-Sales of Real Estate negotiated, and loans
enectea on collateral securities on reasonable
All basinets entrusted to them faithfully and
piUHiJ (
t -. t ; f RUSSELL A ELKINS.
"Albany. Oct. 10, 'Bft-Sy ., . .
Things Wise and Otherwise.
I know a funny little man,
As quiet as a mouse,
Who does the mischief that is done
In every body's house.
There's no one ever sees his face,
And we all agree
That every plate we break was cracked
By Mr. No-bod-ee.
'Tishe who always tears our books
Who leave our doors ajar :
He pulls the buttons from our shirts.
And scatters pins afar.
That squeaking door will always squeak,
For, pritbec, don't you see.
We leave the oiling to be done
By J. r. No-bod-ee.
The finger marks upon the doors
By nor.e of us were made :
We never leave the blinds unclosed
To let the curtains fade ;
The ink we never spill : the boots
That lying round you see, . v
Are not our boots 1 they all belong
To Mr. No-boitee..,,- . ';...-
i . O i 1
F11.r11.Li50 tss Law. -
Let each one strive with all his might
To be a decent man,
And love his brother as himself
Upon the golden plan ;
And if his neighbor chance to be
A pretty female worn m,
Why love her all the more you gee
Tis only acting human.
Western ECotcl,
Corner First and Morrison streets,
Portland, Oregon.
essrs. SMITH lUUfc nave taKen mis
well known house, refitted and refurnished
it throughout, built a Urge addition, malting
thirty more pleasant rooms, enlarged the Dining
and Sitting rooms, making it by far the
Best Hotel in Portland.
A call from the traveling public will satisfy
them that the above statements are true.
N. B. Hot and cold Baths attached to the
house for the benefit of guests. 50
Portland, August 16th, 1869.
Front and Washington Streets,
X.. F. W. Qnimhy, - - - - Proprietor.
(Late of the Western Hotel.)
THIS HOUSE is the most commodious in the
State, newly furnished, and it will be ths
endeavor of the Proprietor to make his gueste
comfortable. Nearest Hotel to the steamboat
3S The Concord Coach will always be foui
at the landing, on the arrival of steamships ar
river boats, carrying passengers and their bar
gane to and from tbe boats free of charge.
JIone ettpplied tcith Patent Fire Extinguisher.
(fobueult arbigosi's,)
Front street : : Portland, Oregon.
chased this well known Hotel, are now pre
pared to oner the traveling public better accom
modations than can be found elsewhere in the
Board and Lodging SS2 OO per day.
Advanced. -Messrs. Jas. II. Foster
& Co. paid last week, we are informed,
fifty-seven and a half cents per bushel
to various parties for wheat an advance
of seven and a half cents over previous
prices. This advance is supposed to have
been caused by advices of an advance in
the prices of wheat and flour in the Cali
fornia markets. This will be good news
to those of pur farmers who have been
"holding on" for better prices. What
the chances for a still further advance in
prices are, we are unprepared to state at
present. Further advices may be ex
pected before the close of tbe week. -
- - i- '
. Catholic . Wper. The., prospectus
of a new Catholic paper, to be printed in
portland has reached us. It will j be
issued about the fist of February, by' H.
L. Herman and J. F. Atkinson, at $4
per annum. It will be the official organ
of the diocese of Oregon City.
- o
Filed. On Saturday last the Albany
Canal and Manufacturing Company filed
articles ot incorporation. The stock of
the Company is to be 30,000, in shares
of 50. The object is to bring water, by
means of a navigable canal, from the
South Santiam to this city.
Railroad. It is announced that the
Directors of the West-Side road have
agreed to put upon the market 300,000
worth of the first mortgage bonds of the
company at fifty-eight cents on the dol
lar. The sain thus raised will construct
and equip the first twenty miles of the
road. The West-side counties are now
being canvassed to ascertain if the
amount of bonds can be sold.
The notel Coach will be in attendance to con
vey Passengers and baggage to and from the
Hotel free of charge.
J. 15. SFHlSJUi.K.
. Are now ready to execute all kinds of
.; Plain and Fancy Painting !
' . . such
Sigms, Carriages, Buildings,
-' - so 'wen
Oraininjr, JPapethancrins, Calcimlninr,
and in fact all kinds and styles of
" thai eaa be done with Paint and Brush, at
; 43ive as a eaU. Shop on Ferry street, over
Jtnhn A Adamr wagoa snop. ,
LANK Seeds, Mortgages, etc., on band-
latest styles, and for sale low, at this office,
Office Oregon A California Stage Company, B.
. Whitehocse, Agent. 2tf
!Vew Columbian Hotel,
Nos. 118, 120 and 122 Front street.
The Largest, Best and most Convenient
' Hotel in Portland!
Located in the center of business and near all
the steamboat landings.
' ' Board and Lodging'
From one to two dollars per day according to the
room occupied.
233"" Kooms newly furnished and well ventil
ated. Superior accommodations for families.
Tbe New Columbian Hotel Coach will be
in attendance at all the landings to convey pas
sengers and baggage to and from this Hotel
17 J:S Free ot Charge ! 69
A Certain Cure. Liquid ammonia,
injected into the veins until the poison is
neutralized, is said to be a certain cure
for the bite of a rattlesnake, l'rofessor
Halford, of Melbourne, Australia, who
had been investigating the subject for
years, is the discoverer of the remedy.
The same process is valuable in cases
ol depression from excess of chloroform,
opium, or in cholera.
' Brownbvilub, fan. 14, 1870..
Local items have been! frozen out ; but
the weather moderating, and we will,
pen a few items. I i
The Junior Literary Society uaepta this
i . ........
evening, with a generaiiinvitatu :. it
is a rare treat to be pr Kent at ooo of
itution horde
brs, and gives
jjr to, c witness
month," The
on a given
itten by. the
objects, which
Bedding-, Etc.,
orn er First and Broad Alb in streets,
in his line.
October , 1883-8 . ,
More Railroad. f-At a meeting of
the Astoria and Salem Hailroad Compa
ny recently, resolutions were adopted
settiug forth the advantages of th pro
posed road, and calling upon our Sena
tors and Representatives in Congress to
present its claims and ask for a grant of
land to aid its construction. Salem
would be, doubtless, greatly benefitted
by the completion of said road.
Moore's Rural New Yorker.
No. 1 of Volume 21 of the Rural is as
fine a specimen of an elegant journal as
we ever saw. It is one of the cheapest
and most valuable weeklies, not only for
the farmer, but the general reader, now
published. It ic a sixteen page paper,
handsomely illustrated, and filled with
choice reading matter for every age and
condition of life. Furnished to sub
scribers at $3 per annum. Published
by D. D. T. Moore, 41 Park Row, N. Y.
Chief-Justice of Washington Ter
ritory. W. Lair Hill, Esq., of Port
land, has been appointed Chief-Justice
of Washington Territory vice Dennison,
resigned. 1 The many friends of Judge
Hill in Linn will rejoice to hear of this
appointment. In the language of the
Statesman, " W. Lair Hill is a gentle
man, a scholar, and got his start in
4T arffl -a
I ker p on hand and make to order
- AHD - - ' ' 1
Spinning: Wheals.
JOT- Shop near the "Magnolia Mills." ' ' ' '
' :, i . u. JOHJI M. METZLER
Albany, Ker. 28, 1898-13 -
Received From the publisher,
"The Pacific Coast Almanac and Year
Book of Facts," " for 1870. It contains
over 100 pages of interesting statistics,
etc, relating to California, Oregon and
the Pacific Territories, which should be
read by everybody. Singlo copies, 50
cents. Published by Henry G. Langley,
San Francisco, Cal.
14th the
Iowa SENATOR.--On the
Republican caucus of the Iowa Legisla
ture nominated Judge Wright for United
States Senator. The Democratic caucus
nominated T. R. Scott, of Keokuk, Sen
ator for the long term. The Governor
and Lieutenant-Governor were inaugu
rated ou the 14th. V ;"' V 11
Wheat Looking Up. We learn
that wheat ' advanced in California last
week. The advance is said to have been
caused by the dry weather which has
maintained during the last month. As a
consequence, we may look for better
prioes hereafter. ..
Increased. Plymouth Church has
voted to increase Henry Ward Beecher'a
salary to 820,000. It is reported that
Beecher will retire from the ministry
ere long. - ; - ;
k , Bio FiRE.ryCheyenne waa visited by
a destructive fire on tbe 11th. .Two
blocks were burned,' causing an estimated
loss of half a million dollars.
these mee tinea, j. his in
its sessions with closed d
the public an opportun
their progress about once'
usual exercises are debat!
subject, and a papeV,
members, on a variety of
are geuerally quite rod'4M and of ton
Tery iuU:reaUng. tWrlaTrttmerH
above - mentioned has proved to bet de
cided success as to the improvement of
its members. !
Arrangements are being made prepar
atory to the erection of a Baptist church,
an accommodation much needed at : this
A subscription has been in circulation
for the purpose of raising funds to erect
a Methodist church, but with what suc
cess we are not informed.
Mr. Hausman, a wagon maker of this
place, showed us a machine for boring
and morticing wagon hubs, which he had
got up for his own use, which is not only
complete in all its arrangements, but per
forms its work to rare perfection. That
portion by which the hub is adjusted so
as to give the proper slope to the mortice
is 'certainly an ingenious arrangement,
it takes but a moment to change the
augur for the chisel.
We saw a notice posted to-day, in
forming the public that a contract would
be let to erect the large school house on
Brush creek. About two years ago the
school house in that district was adjudg
ed not sufficient ; a new and larger one
was built and finished up per contract.
Now the new building is to be remod
eled, arranged and seated according to
the modern and improved style. Thus
some communities more whether the
world does or not. '
We noticed an article in the last
week's Register in regard to McCord
& Co., soap and lard oil establishment, in
Albany. This suggests to us a notice of
the establishment of Etlis & Co., of thi3
place, who purchase the raw hides, make
the wood work of the saddle tree, cover
it, tan the leather and finish it up in the
most substantial and improved style.
Also, carry on a general harness and
saddle busiuess, and dispose of articles in
that line to the farmers of this section on
the most reasonable terms. Beat that in
the State, if you can.
We are glad to learn that your city
has raised sufficient money to secure the
railroad by January next. Nothing is
more needed by the citizens of Linn
county than a cheap and safe means of
transportation for their surplus agricul
tural products. While this is being done
it is all important that we look to our
homo manufactures, the country whose
laborers, mechanics and operatives are
sufficiently numerous to. consume its ag
ricultural products, is the country that is
rich and independent. That community
wheh taxes itself continually to trans
port raw material and import manufac
tured articles, will always labor to a great
disadvantage, and,, to use a homely ex
pression, will be poor and hard run. Not
a bushel of wheat, a pound of wool, or
raw hide ought to leave the State with
out being manufactured. It is a Com
mon thing for men to decry home-made
articles of consumption as being inferior
to those manufactured or produced in
other portions of the country. Hence, it
is not very uncommon to see racer.
leather, and other articles, shipped to
California, and then shipped back for
consumption here. In all such cases
the producer or manufacturer is the
loser. Such leaks on the industy of the
country ought to be stopped, if we would
be prosperous and independent.
Still at Work. The ears are . still
running on Ben. Holladay's road, carry
ing ties, rails, etc., to the end of the
track, to be used as soon as spring opens
in continuing the road towards Salem.
The mills aru running with a full force,
employed sawing ties, and at various
points between the present terminus of
the road and Salem, parties are engaged
in getting out timbers with which to con
struct the various bridges to be erected
next season. Work will be so far ad
vanced by the opening of spring, that
the laying of the track to Salem will be
a matter of but a , few weeks. Every
thing indicates the intention of Holladay
to put the road through at a rapid rate
the coming season, and if the cars are
not running to Albany before January
next, we shall miss our guess.
A French inventor has taken out
That Surprise. -
Editor Register Thinking ' it
might be somewhat interesting to some
of ths friends of the Albany College who
have not the opportunity of visiting the
institution, to hear something through
the columns of your worthy paper, we
propose, with your consent,- to give your
readers a little .account of onr visit to
the performance of the " Sigma Phi "
debating club, conducted by tbe young
men of tbe college. It was on Thurs
day evening, of the 13th inst, that we
had the pleasure of visiting this young
society. The question under considera
tion was ;
RetoUed, That spiritualism Is an injury to
mankind. '
' - Mr. Long,- as the champion' of the af
firmative, opened the discourse with some
forcible arguments, showing the false
ness and absurdity of spiritualism; and,
being an imposture, consequently an in
jury to mankind.
Mr. Hannon, in behalf of the negative,
responded with some hair-splitting logic,
showing tbe sophistry of his opponent's
arguments, and asserting, on the other
hand, that spiritualism is a living, vital
principle, actuating the masses to nobler
aspirations by the gentle woings of gen
ial spirits from the better world.
The speaker had but closed, when lo !
voices were heard from without ! spirits !
spirits ! in whispered tones went ardund
the room, and for a moment the enthusi
asm of the discussion was lost in con
fusion. The Sergeant-at-Arms secured
the door, and the gavel of the President
soon commanded order: but the spirits,
aye, the spirits, were there ; but not the
ghosts and phantoms of the mystic clime,
but fairy forms, with happy voices,
laughing eyes and smiling faces. In
short, Mr. Editor, the young ladies,
under the paternal guidance of Professor
Irvine, whose benign countenance was in
a perfect ebullition of good humor, were
out on a surprise. It is, perhaps, need
less to state that the fair visitors were
received with looks of welcome more
than words can express. The society
immediately adjourned to a more com mo
dious appartment for the better enter
tainment of the fair ones. Order again
reinstated, the discussion was resumed
and many were the streams of eloquenco
poured forth from youthful bosoms,
until the question seemed fairly ex
hausted, and the President, who had
fairly weighed the arguments as deliver
ed, found the preponderence in favor of
the athrmative.
The regular business of the society
completed, Prof. Irvine was called upon
add offered some very interesting re
marks. After which a vote of thanks
was tendered the ladies for the favor of
their visit, and there being no further
business the society adjourned. . When
Prof. Irvine, on behalf of the young
ladies, invited the gentlemen to partake
of refreshments prepared in an adjoin
ing room. Thinking wo were richly
repaid by the intellectual feast, and being
somewhat of a stranger, wp were just
taking the subject of home into conside
ration, when wo were unexpectedly
waited upon by one of the fair maidens
and invited to share the hospitality of
the evening. We repaired to the ban
queting hall a recitation room. Tables
were improvised from the desks, that
seemed to almost groan beneath their
burden of good things. There was pop
corn, for those desiring light food,
" sweetcakes," so much admired by
school boys, and delicious cake, such as
only Albany ladies can make; candies
and nuts for dainty epicures, and big
red apples, only equalled by the bloom
ing cheeks of the maides who brought
them. The good things were relished
as only students know how to appreciate.
The good Professor was relieved of all
fatherly care at going-home time. Ev
erything passed off pleasantly, and the will ever long be held in grate
ful remembrance. Spectator.
The Blade says Hon. S. C. Adams,
State Senator for Yamhill county, will
resign before the June election.
The Jacksonville Newt says' that a
panther, six feet in length, was killed
near Logtown last week. A Chinaman
bought the carcass at 12 cents per
pound. ......
Scarlet fever is raging in Jackson
ville. -
The Sentinel says there were forty-
four deaths in Jacksonvile during the
year 1869.
From the Corvallia Mercury : Michael
Hale and Joseph Irwin went out hunting
last week. Irwin shot at a dog, which
he mistook for a'deer, tbe ballet passing
through the dog and striking Hale on
the leg near the knee, fracturing the
On the night of the 14th a Swede,
boarding at the Union Hotel, Salem,
was robbed of $78, coin. This robbery
ieaves him in bad health and without a
cent of money.
The Willamette Woolen Mills are lo
commence work again the first of next
A Royal Murderer. On the 10th
inst., as the Cable informs us, Prince
Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte, cousin of the
Emperor, shot and killed Victor Noire ;
he also wounded Ulrich de Fourville
The ' Minister of Justice ordered the ar
rest of the Prince, but he had already
surrendered to the Commissioner of Po
lice. His version only is allowed to be
published. It is in substance that Noire
slapped his face, whereupon be shot him
dead. That Fourville then took refuge
behind a chair and attempted to shoot,
and in that position the prince shot htm
The city is greatly excited. The trial
will be held before the Corps Legislatif,
sitting as a high court ot justice. a
Henri Rochefort, in the Marscllaise,
denounced the act in the bitterest lan
guage. The entire issue was seized
Next day the paper was worse, and the
office has been taken charge ot by the
police. '
In the Corps Legislatif it was pro
posed to render the Imperial family
amenable to law. Rochefort said the
people could judge the murderer, and
even though he was cousin to the Em
peror, he must not go unpunished. OH
ver, in reply, said he should have justice
The Procurer Imperial demanded the ar
rest of Rochefort for an outrage against
the Emperor in exciting violence. Re
ferred to a committee to report.
Gadfly is a village is Missouri.
There are gyptiee in Westers Teases
Valentines. For a large assortment
of Valentines, comic or sentimental, from
fifty cents to nine dollars per dozen,
send to S. J. McCormick. 105 Front
street, Portland. He has undoubtedly
the largest and most varied assortment of
Valentines ever exhibited in Portland.
Packages of $5, S10, 820 and $25 lots
are put up especially for customers wish
ing small quantities, carefully assorted.
Dealers and others- should take note and
order in time. : '
The notorious Rev. Cook, is reported
to have been quietly taken to the insane
asylum by his friends-. ;." His family had
left the parsonage. Miss Johnson was
quite ill, having returned home as
pure as when she left. The principal
characters in the scandal had disappear
ed from view.
patent for stookings with garters attached.
Stanton Relief Fund. The amount
subscribed to the Stanton relief fund in
New York is $50,000 ; in Boston, 10-
000; Philadelphia, $30,000 a total in
the three cities of: $80,000. ?. The re
maining $14,000 will be made up in the
Cowardly. Some of our Democratic
exchanges are engaged in kicking a dead
lionEdwin M. Stanton, "i .
A High Old Divorce. A corres
pondent of the San Francisco Figaro
writes the following: A rare old Just
ice who lives
" Away down East in the State of Maine,
Where the Winter's crop of snow is as high
As the Summer's crop of grain,"
has established a most " delicious prece
dent," whereby wrangling couples may
slip the irksome noose ot my Lord Hy
men. Some years ago ho " wedlocked
a couple last, who in time got tired of
jars overflowing with matrimonial acri
mony. Having no money to lool away
in obtaining a divorce, they returned,
like bad pennies, to the issuing Justice
and besought him to cancel the bond.
He reflected, scratched his poll, and
said there was no way to do but to go to
Court " but hold," he added, " 1 Have
it I You promised to live together until
death do you part. Just follow me into
the back yard." They followed. The
Justice prospected for a cat, and soon
caught one. Uiving John noid or tne
feliue's tail, and Jane hold of the bead,
he seized a sharp axe and directed them
to "pull apart." They pulled; "'till
death do you part," exclaimed the
Justice, and down came the axe, sever
ing poor Tommy in the middle, and the
divorce was accomplished. "Cats are
sacred to wrangling, couples evermore!
stroke not their fur the wrong way.
Assassinated. The following tele
gram is dated Louisville, Ky., January
14th: A few nights ago at Lighten,
Alabama, a band of masked men rode to
the door and called out Granville Pillow
and Robert Pillow, nephews of General
Pillow, and shot and killed both. The
assassins escaped, leaving no trace. .
A boy in San Francisco recently eat
down on a leaky can of nitro glycerine,
contrary to his mother's express orders.
The lady placed the youngster on her
knee for the express purpose of spanking
him, but at the first blow a frightful ex
plosion took place, whereby the woman,
her ill-fated son, ana ner uuuso cn
shattered to atoms. 'How long will it be
before Government takes effective meas
ures to abolish the manufacture and use
of so dreadful a compound.
Firs at Boise City. A fire at Boise
City orr the night of the 6th' inst.," des
troyed property tc tbe value of $75,
000. i - - -: :-.--W !
There are said ? to be but 600,000
Methodists outside of the United States.
Ratified. -The Obio Senate ratified
the Fifteenth Amendment, January 14th,
by a vote of 18 to 15. The Kansas Sen
ate1 ratified en the 13tb. i
see. -
The new Lord Mayor of LoodoS If '-'
printer. .
Pig's Eye is the same ef s town la
Minnesota. '
London bar 100,000 bad women, wfciob
is one in thirty.
An Ohio horse has iust died at ther
age of fifty-one i'-f i. ;.
Paris has a widow that has been mar
ried eleven times.
The Methodists hare nine bishops and
18,371 preachers. ;
Immigrants arerXrurirrz Into Kansas at
the rate of 1,000 daily.
. Live oak u heriaat ahmrviwT from 3W
ville, FI.; to San Francmeo: r:' :'
A crystal weddW-fiatrviiW a sxasr"
with a glass eye. . ,
A silver weddirjw-i-Ma'rfvlne? a men
wnose night trait m to stay at home.
A wooden wedding Marrying a board
lDg school girl with shingled hair.
A linen wedding Marrying nearly s -
year too late.
Why is the sun a good loaf ? Because
its lizht when it mei
: The Methodists hafe twenty-three col
legeswith 5,200 students and flyer
theologial seminaries.
A London importer of Anstralian beef
furnishes a meat dinner, well cooked and
nutritious, for two cents.
The Russian Admiral Karpoff eoav
mander of the Malakoff Tower during ths
seige of Sebastopol, is dead.
A Sunday school has been recently
started with thirty-three scholars by a
Government employee at Sitka.
The voting at tbe Ecumenical Council
is to be done with red, white, and bias
balls, to express assent, dissent, and doubt.
A Glasgow firm is lilely to get thsf
$800 prize offered by Brazil for ths
best method of preserving meat for ex
portation. An Illinois professor has collected one
hundred and thirty varieties of shells and1
eighty of fossils, in Fulton county, in that
A Mr. Bourne, who began life as m
carrier for the Providence Journal, now
returns the second largest income in Cali
fornia. The forms of good-breeding have been
properly compared to the cotton audi
other soft materials plaoed between china
vases to prevent their being broken by
collision. .....
A farmer out West, fa announcing bl
willingness to take a wife, declares that
as he is himself in clover, he has no ob
jections to take a lady in wted.
Wordsworth cautions a studious friend
against " growing doable," bat the girls
think it is the best thing a young mair
can do.
A witness in a Richmond (Va.) court,
the other day, told the judge to "bulk
his month, as he couldn't talk to two men
at onee. had an opportunity to reflect
upon his rudeness in jail.
The Pacific is overjoyed that a sort of
un fermented wine " suitable for sacra
mental purposes," has been discovered.
We can well conceive of the dangerous
sinfullness of using Ordinary wine on
such occasions.- !
They have a man1 io jail in Marshall
county, Mississippi, and don't know how
ne got tnere or wny ne was sent, w use
is worse, he won't come out Until the next
Conrt apologises- for the mistake.
Among other ' names mentioned in
Democratic - cireles for next Governor
of California, we hear that of S. B. Axtell,
member of Congress- from the First
District. 1
The Centraf Pacific Railroad Company
broke ground December 31st, at Wilson's,
two miles this side of the San Joaquin
river, on their proposed road up the
valley. ' '
It is said that: a California' horticultu
rist grows in his garden English walnuts
almonds, figs, blackberries, strawberrief,
peaches, plums, neetarittes, bananas, limesy -oranges,
grapes, pears and apples. '
The Winona- (Minn.) KepnblUa of
the 21st nit., says that within an hour
from the time the floating ice in the
Mississippi began to freese so as to re
main stationary, people were crossing the
river upon it
j Governor Safferd, of Arizona, has ap
pointed Dr. E. Phelps, of Tucson, bis
Adjutant-General. The Prescot Jlfnf
says : " The Governor is little, but that
little is, we judge, eemposed of the right
sort ot material. H is as fall of vim as
an egg is of meat, and wilt do his utmost
to plaee the Territory in s peaceful ana
prosperous condition. ..
A -rood Methodist minister, who lived
on a very small salary, was greatly troub
led at one time to get his quarterly
installment. He had called a number
of times, but each time put off with some
excuse. At length he went to his stew
ard, and told him he must have his money,
for his family were suffering for the seo
essaries of life. ,
Lucretia Borgia is described by the arts
of the dramatist as a female monster,
whose damning record is unequalled in
the annals of history, but an Eoghilr
gentleanm has been employed of t tn
The price which the Central Pacific
Company paid to the- Union Pacific Com
pany, for the road front Ogdew to Prom
ontory, is said to be three millions half
in United states bonds and half in-Cen
tral Pacific or nearly twice the Govern
ment subsidy. It is alleged . the- Union
Jracine asked nre multouSt
writing her biography at longth j and he
proves, er at least declares it to be proved
to his satisfaction, that Madame Lseretiw
was a most excellent and sweet teBrpereel
lady, whose charities and jrtue .
manded th adrmrattos of . all who w0
of her while she could have bees guiltY
of no crime, Her if snetfcer piece f
history knocked out of tiass- Wsss
next. 1 : . -; .- - s, ..