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    SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1870.
C. SL Official Paper for Oregon.
. Confirmed. The nomination bj the
President of Lorenso Sawyer as Judge
of the Ninth Circuit, has been confirmed
by the Senate.
Iwauotjration. -Got. Chamberlain,
of Maine, was inaugurated at Augusta,
January 7th. In his messago the Gov
ernor pays a deserved tribute to the
memory of the late Senator Fessenden.
Lands Sold. The, Atchison, Topeka
k Santa Fe Railroad sold $650,000
worth of lands last year. The sales of
the Kansas Pacific were much larger.
Next Wednesday. The Union
Republican State Central Committee
will meet, by order of the Chairman,
Maj. M P. Berry, at the office of Hon
J. II. Mitchell, Portland, on Wednesday
next, at 10 o'clock a. m., to designate
the time and place of the holding of the
Union Republican-State Convention for
1870. - 1 i
Removed. Washington advices to
the 10th state ( the the President had
Dominated' Gen. Pred. Solomon, of Chi
cago, Governor of Washington Territory.
He is reported as a German Republican,
who served 'with distinction in the Union
army during the late rebellion. To
every Republican who desires the suc
cess and harmony of the Republican
party in Washington Territory, the news
of the removal of traitor Flanders will be
bailed with satisfaction. This is but the
commencement, and we may look soon to
see the heads of the balance of the trait
orous ring fall. (
The new Governor of Texas, General
E. J. Davis, says the Enterprise, is a na
tive Southerner, of whom his State and
party may well feel proud. When forced
to fly from Texas, early in the rebellion,
for his Union sentiments, he went to
New Orleans and reported to General
Butler, then in command of that city.
Instead of seeking for safe conduct to the
North, as many of the refugees did, he
asked for power to go back and raise a
regiment. Gen. Butler commissioned
him, and Gen. Davis returned and put
himself at the head of a force that did
signal service to the country. He is now
the first elected Republican Chief Mag
istrate of Texas.
Mobe Railway. Dates to the 7th
from Ottawa state that notice had been
given in the official gazette that an ap
plication will be made to Parliament at
its next session for an act of incorpora
tion for a company to build a railroad
from Ottawa to Fort Geary on Red river,
and thence to the confines of British
Columbia Also for the construction of a
branch thereof from Fort Geary to the
most convenient point in the United
Slates. With power also to build steam
ers,.; and other vessels, and to navigate
the ' river Saskatciebeam (?) and its
branches, and the rivers and lakes trav
ersed by the railroad. Also, that the
credit of the Dominion be extended to
aid such, company by granting mortgages
co wild public lands along the route in
proportion as the road proceeds. The
came of the company will be the Cana
dian Pacific Railroad and Navigation
. fVirfirjanv. . .
t -
5- Xooden Railways. A wooden rail
road Laas been laid on a new clan in Mon
treal, lad is a complete success, if report
is true; The rail is composed of upright
blocks, three and a half inches thick and
seven inches long, resting on two longi
tudinal stringers, eight inches deep, one
,oo each side, checked out or raboted an
inch deep and five inches wide, so that
the upright projects two inches above the
top of the stringers, which are bolted
together. .Such a track will bear engines
. of twenty tons weisrht. will Last a loner
a - o
time, ana wiu not cost more than one
toartn as much as iron. The greater
wiatn or tne Deanng tor the wbeels is
an important consideration. It would
not cost very much to try this plan for
street railroads.
abetter From tbe Capital.
- 5 . Salem, Jan. 12th, 1870.
Now that we have two dailies, for you
must know that Beriah Brown has com
menced the publication of a daily edition
of his Press, it seems as though ray
semi-occusional scribblings can be dis
pensed with, but I make another effort
to interest the readers of the Register.
While speaking of papers I may be
permitted to ten now mucn amusement
is made for the outsiders by the war go
ing on between the publishers of the
Statesman and Farmer. It is impossi
ble to tell yet who has the best of the
fight; but it is conceded by a majority
that the Farmer man will more than
keep up his end of the fight. It is to be
regretted that public journalists will
engage in such personalities. I can but
hope that the journals will devote their
whole attention and space, the one to its
politics, and the other to the agriculture
of the State.
Well, you are to have the whole body
of Democratic politicians witn you in
March.. 1 have no doubt that your city
Marshal will treat them with distin
guished consideration, and show them
around where the requisite fiery liquids
are dispensed. But have you heard how
the several proposed candidates sought
to further their chances of success at
the meeting of the Central Committee in
Portland ? Well, you must know that
there are many more seekers after places
than there are places to be filled. It
seems that lion. Ben. Hayden, of Polk
and Hon. L. F. Grover, of this place
are candidates for the Congressional nom
ination. Hayden being an honest and
out-spoken politician, has not concealed
dis desire tor the chance of going to
Washington. He and some friends de
sired that the Seymour vote, which all
know indicates about the true strength :
of the party, should be taken as the basis
of the representation in the State nomin
ating convention. To this Grover and
his friends made serious objection, as
that would reduce the number of dele
gates from this and other counties where
the latter expects to get votes to set him
out be tore tne people in tne coming can
vass. So you see that the unanimity
prevailing in the party so boastfully
spoken of by party organs, may be only
the thin crust over a burning volcano.
At any rate, Ben. Hayden, who has
always been ready to speak for his party
and spend money according to his means,
while the more wealthy have taken their
ease, is likely to be pushed aside to give
place to the rich man. However, the
funeral is none of ours, only I do not
like to see the working politicians im
posed upon by the monied aristocracy.
Next week the Board of Managers of
the Oregon State Agricultural Society
meets at the Secretary's office in this
city, to transact business connected with
the future of the Society.
To-day the wind has blown a gale,
and at times last night the rain fell in
torrents. Since the break up of the
cold weather on Monday last, one inch of
rain has fallen here. D.
Telegraphic Summary.
Successful. It would seem from
the report of Mr. John Meacham and
Tr. Win. McKay to the Salem States
man, ' that Indian ' Superintendent
Meacham has met .with good success in
bis recent" expedition to tbe Indian
' country. ' All the Mod oca were induced
to oome in, and ' all the Indians from
Goose Lake to Camp Warner also, making
ever seven hundred removed to the Kal
math Reservation. These Indians are
comfortably provided, with log . tene
ments, with abundant provisions, cloth
ing and blankets for the Winter. The
blankets and flannels were manufactured i
at the Ashland Mills, and are of excel- i
' lent quality. The great fighting chief,
Ocheo, and other chiefs, are so well sat
isfied with tkeir quarters, that they have
wqueeted permission to bring more In
dians in to Eve oa tbe reservation, and
it is thought many more will come in.
I The refractory Snakes at Camp Harney
eould not be- induced to oome in. They
tan influenced iu this refusal by We-ah-
we-wa and tbe- old ehief Wlnnemueoa,
- so well knowo at Wasboe Is; ;
1 ' There Is a proposition to have r the
United State enact a general divorce
law, which shall have uniform applica
tion in all parts of. the country. That
would deprive Indiana of a. large source
tj revenue.
The Oregonian estimates that the sum
of $365,000 per year is expended in
Portland for " drinks." Liquor dealers
paid into the city treasury for the year
1869, about $10,000 for license.
: Applegate is confined to his bed by
severe sickness.
From the Salem Statesman we learn
that a little five year old son of Mr. S. P.
Farrens, of Howell Prairie, received a
kick from a horse on Sunday, which
crushed the brain so badly that the brain
exuded from the wound. As much as
twoinches square of the skull was taken
away by the surgeon. It is thought the
boy will recover.
Col. Nathaniel Ford, of Polk county,
died on the night of the 9th inst., aged
70 years He was an old resident of
Oregon, having came here in 1844.
Our readers will remember the myste
rious disappearance of Col. Neyce, from
Albany, a couple of years since. The
Mountaineer now says that he and his
wife, who left some time afterward, are
living at Omaha and doing well.
We learn from the Gazette that Mr.
Roland Chambers, of King's "Valley,
Benton county, died instantly last Thurs
day, while standing in the road talking
with another person.
The people of the Dalles have resolved
to build a new and commodious school
house. ' ' ,
James Crossen has been appointed
Marshal of Dalles City, vice Ruffner,
resigned. ,
From Mexico. -Advices from tbe
City of Mexico to the 1st, say that Gov.
Seward is still at the Capital, but would
soon take his departure. ; ;
Great freshets had occurred in the
province of Chia Pass. " The water com
pletely washed away many of the farms
lying on tho, borders of the rivers, and it
was computed that do less than 2.000
lives were lost.
Geo. Negrete's partisans bad invaded
and captured Los Ilibres. '
The revolution in San Louis Potosi is
increasing. In Puebla the insurgents
had captured several towns, defeating
the Govern man t ; troops and capturing
and executing Gen. Becardo. r
The estimates for the War n ATM rf.m Ant
for the coming year were $7,000,000.
Fears were general that the revolution
Was daily increasing.
Porto Rico advices to the 30th De
cember, say that the Captain General of
the island had been poisoned with ver
digris by eating meat that had been kept
in a metal box, but at that date bad re
Under same date it was reported that
Cacos had besieged Port au Prince, and
made a breach in Salnave's lines on 22d
Dec. Salnave retreated to Fort Pelion,
i he fired a magazine, and with his
fourteen sons, perished. Another report
says Salnave fled to St. Domingo, claim
ing the protection of President Baez.
Private letters from Madrid state that
Prim and Serrano are both instructed to
favor the sale of Cuba to the United
States, but are fearful of the effect on
the Spanish people, who are bitterly op
posed to it. ' '
fcx-Gov. Low was to start lor can
Francisco on the 8th, and from thence
at an early day to Shanghae, to assame
the duties of Minister to Unina. iie
goes wi4th full instructions to faithfully
carry out the Burlingame treaty, and es
pecially to be prompt and firm on tne
question of protecting American citizens
and property in China, -
The gunboat Maria and the steamer
Miantonomah sailed together from Port
land (Me.), to participate in the recep
tion of Peabody's remains. While at
sea the former was accidentally run into
by the latter and Cut down to the water's
edge, sinking her in fifteen minutes.
Four firemen were lost, but the balance
of the officers and crew were saved by
the Miantonomah.
The Michigan State University is hero-
after to be open to all who pass the proper.
examination, regardless ot sex.
On tbe evening of the 5th the resi
dence of Mr. Motley, American Minister
at London, was entered by burglars, and
robbed to the value of over 1,000.
Memphis, Jan. 10. The Avalanche's
Jackson, Mississippi, special says Gov.
Alcorn refuses to be inaugurated until
the State is admitted into the Union.
The Legislature will meet and ratify the
15th amendment, elect United States
Senators, and adjourn until after the ad
mission of the State.
New Yokk, Jan. 10. John Hyler,
ex-Congressman from New Jersey, died
yesterday irom miuries inflicted by a
drunken man some weeks ago. The
murderer is in custody.
Henry Ward Beecher's salary has been
increased irom 12,500 to $17,5W.
New York, Jan. 11. A disturbance
occurred yesterday in a saloon, between
some local politicians, in which Charles
O Donnell and i'eter Jblannigan were se
riously injured.
Jsew Iork, Jan. 11. Ihe Western
Union Telegraph Company are firm ; so
are the strikers also ; no present compro
mise is visible, and meanwhile the funds
of the operators out of work are getting
low. V arious labor organizations have
undertaken to tax their own members
five cents lor the benefit of their suffer
ing brethren.
New Orleans, Jan. 11. Crook, the
divine who eloped with a youns lady, a
member of his church, has hitherto pos
sessed the entire confidence of his flock,
but it is feared his evil courses were not
of recent origin. He is believed to have
been the prey of black mailers for some
time past in consequence ot his recent
indiscretions, and driven to the wall by
their importunities he finally resolved to
secure the person of a poor trust in
child and fly. He departed on Saturday
leavinsr letters to his wife and the father
of Miss Johnson, confessing his crime
1 he detectives are on his track in sev
eral directions. The girl is undoubtedly
ruined. Her brothers are following, and
a bloody tragedy will probably end this
painful drama.
Nashville, Jan. 10. The Constitu
tional Convention met at noon; to-day.
John C. Brown was elected permanent
President, having been an officer in the
Confederate army. On taking the chair
he made a brief speech, conservative in
tone. Other permanent officers were
elected. I
Richmond, Jan. 10. Amiddee Sav
ran, the French Consul, died yesterday
from paralysis. -
A fire occurred yesterday morning at
Burnville, destroying the railroad depot,
hotel, and a number of adjoining resi
Montreal, Jan. 10. The Carleton
county court house was burned yester
day, and a large number ot papers were
destroyed,' but many of tho most valua
ble documents were saved.
Troy, Jan. 10. The North Adams
Savings Bank' was robbed last night of
$30,000 in U. S. Bonds.
, The Hudson river is covered with ice
to-day from shore to shore.
Detroit, Jan. 10 A small house in
which a woman and eight children were
steeping was' burned last night. Five
children perished in the names.
Columbus, (Ohio) Jan. 11.- Gover
nor Hayes was inaugurated for hia sec
ond term yesterday. , .
Memphis, Jau, 10. Judge Hudson
to day issued an injunction against John
Johnson, Mayor elect, from qualhtyin
on the ground that he is not a citizen of
the United States.
Chicago, Jan. 10. Considerable ex
citement is manifested in this city over
the disappearance of Sheriff Fischer, of
Cook county. : Fischer left over a week
ago promising to return by Friday, on
which day Welch, the murderer, was to
have been executed. 1 he Governor com
muted the sentence of Welch, but noth
ing has been heard of Fischer, and it is
generally beleived that he left with an
abandoned woman whom he had been
some time keeping as his mistress. The
same woman, not long since, shot Fischer
while he was setting m his omce lor
some cause not known ; but Fischer re
covered, and it appears resumed his re
lations with her. Fischer deserts his
wile and three children and an office worth
$20,000 per annum. i;
Paying the National Debt. !
President Grant, supported by the un
broken front of all the Treasury officers,
has earnestly recommended a continuance
of the present system of taxation until
the next Congress shall assemble. The
rapid progress made by the present Ad
ministration toward liquidating the na
tional debt has been so satisfactory that
we are not surprised at the position taken
by the President and his Cabinet. They
express a very natural desire to relieve
the country ot its financial nightmare to
the greatest possible extent during their
official terms. One of the most promi
nent features in human nature is to toil
and labor to make provision for one's
children. We are not satisfied that they
should stem the rough tide of life, and
battle their ;way through existence as
fiercely as we have done. We would
secure for them such social position and
such communal surroundings as our own
experiences indicate to be worth having.
lhis strong principle of individual nature
has been grafted into national life, and is
the corper-stone of our public school
system. It is the element which so em
phatically rebuked repudiation, and has
urged the American people to bear with
equanimity their heavy burden of taxa
tion. Justice and patriotism combine in
pleading for those who are. to come after
us, and to whose care must be delegated
the safety, honor and continuance cf the
Republic and those 'great questions of
human liberty and progress, of which it
has been the great advocate and exam
ple. , We have no right to hamper them
with the debt ot our own contracting
to tie their .bands and oppress their eu
ergies with a legacy of taxes. Had the
rebellion feund us staggering under such
a load, bequeathed by our predecessors
the Republic would now be a heteroge'
neous mass of dismembered fragments ;
a mock and derision to the whole world,
and in its ruin must have crushed out
even the semblance of liberty. It is not
enough to leave the sext generation a
united country, an unbroken nationality.
The heritage should be accompanied
with the best guaranty of permanence
of power to withstand assault and main
tain independence. No such guaranty
can be given so long as the country is
struggling under a pubuc debt of vast
magnitude. It is a sacred duty we owe
to it and to the rising generation to free
them from dangerous burden as soon as
possible. We should struggle as un
flinchingly now for its financial lib
eration as we did tor its unbroken unity.
Lvery interest in the country has in
creased enormously in value. Popula
tion is crowding upon us, and our bound
less resources developed with steadily
augmenting vigor. There is no appre
ciable limit to our capabilities, no bound
ary to our progressive aptitudes. The
public mind is cheered by tho rapidity
The right man in the right place A
nusuanu at nom e in the evening. -
with which the debt is
guished. The vigilance and fidelity
evinced in the collection and disburse
ment of the public revenues cannot be
but most gratifying to the people. Since
the 4th of March last, $72,000,000 of
the debt has been wiped out, and the
whole nation feels that the taxes which
weigh so heavily on it have been faith
fully disbursed to cancel its obligations.
The returns for the last six months of
the fiscal year, ended June 30, 1SG9,
show a net gain of S2G,G62,812 over the
revenue for the same period of the pre
ceding year, and the returns for the six
months ended Sept. 30, 1869, show an
increased collection of $22,318,868 over
the like six months of 1868 ; and if the
twenty-six districts yet to be heard from
yield as much as they did last year, the
sum will be increased to nearly $24,000,
000. Commissioner Delano's report
shows that 90 per cent, et tbe revenue
is collected on a few articles which may
be regarded as luxuries, and assessments
on capital. It is certain that taxation
has not been so heavy during the last
year on several articles of great product-
- n trr, " .
lvenesa as in ioruier years, xue uupusis
have been reduced from two dollars to
fifty cents on the gallon, and the revenue
was increased irom Sy,117,uUl to o,
001,960, being a gain of $16,984,249,
while the manufacturers were relieved to
the extent of one dollar and a-half on
every gallon distilled. The tax on cigars
was reduced from $10 on the thousand,
in 1367, to $5 the thousand, and the
gain of revenue from this source was
$4,768,864. With such examples as
these, it is easy to comprehend our abili
ty to pay - the national debt' and the
steadily increasing means for its cancella
tion without distressing any interest.
That it should be done as speedily as
possible and the country freed from
such an incumbrance admits of no dis
pute. That we should shirk the duty
and hand it down -as a legacy to the next
generation is a proposition that will find
favor' with no sensible, honest or patriotic
mind. We are of the opinion that a ju
dicious reduction of taxes on several ar
ticles of universal consumption would
tend to augment their production, and
by theii'- decreased cost widely -extend
their markets. But we are not friendly
to any measure calculated to reduce the
public revenue and retard the payment
of the national obligations. S. F. Com
mercial Herald. '
It was found necessary to subdue the
elephant, RomeO, at Covington, Indiana,
lately. To accomplish this he was thrown
down and bis legs fettered, and then for
eight hours he was belabored with stout
iron rods and wounded with the epear in
numerable times. ' When released from
bis bonds he' rose .to his feet in a very
sorry plight and as his keeper: said, i
child could drive him with a rye straw,
There is a station on the Pittsburgh,
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad called
Hanna, in honor of a deceased citizen of
Fort Wayne. A train stopped there the
other day, and the brakeman, after the
manner of his class, thriJst his head in
side the door and called out, " Hanna,"
loud and long. ?A young lady, probably
endowed with the poetic appellation ot
Hanna, supposing he was addressing her,
and shocked at his familiarity on so short
an acquaintance, frowned like a thunder
cloud, and retorted, " bhut your mouth V
He shut it. v r ,
In Detroit, on Friday, a woman called
at the office of a surgeon with a babe
about three months old in her arms, and
begged that something be done to remove
a disfiguration, consisting of a figure of
tbe image of a spotted snake, which ex
tended from the outward corner of the
right eye to a point on the right shoul
der. The mother seemed nearly crazed
at the idea that her child must carry the
horrible disfiguration all its life, as the
surgeon informed her that nothing could
be done to efface it. ; :-J
If a young lady bids you take heart,
does she meau that yoq can take hers t
Tboy have a woman of the town, in Sacramento
known as the " Lively Flea."
A brother of Anna Dickinson has been lectur
ing in Connecticnt. '
Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., the champion story-grinder
of America, is in a Boston inebriate asylum.
Awful Gardner's mind has become impaired,
and Gough lectured for his benefit at Cooper Institute.
The Harvard crew publish a card, in which
they say the race was fairly contested, and they
were fairly beaten. , i ;
A Wisconsin couple quarreled about whether
there should be saleratus in " flapjacks," and ap
plied for a divorce .
The Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria, is
the first Christian sovereign who has visited Je
rusalem since the crusades.
A young lady, aged seventeen, has been arrest
ed in Buffalo for bigamy. She began marrying
at the age of fourteen. :
Senator Saulsbury has relinquished the flowing
bowl. '
English retail booksellers have filed orders for
30,000 copies of Tennyson's new volume.
The Queen of England has designated Lard
Lytton for the Grand Cross of St. Michael and St.
George, vacated by the death of Lord Derby..
A jealous Michigan youth of thirteen stabbed
and killed a playmate because he threatened to
"cut him out " in the affections of the girl he
Two Japanese youths have entered the Naval
Academy at Annapolis.
Field3, the Pennsylvania murderer, took a dose
of vinegar and molasses to cure a sore throat half
an hour before he was hanged.
Henry Keep, a deceased New Yorker, is to
have amausleum erected to his memory at Water
town, in the shape of a $75,000 Greek cross. This
will Keep his memory green.
The whole course of the Suez canal, from the
Mediterranean to the Red Sea, is 100 miles. It
has an average width of 32S feet, the width at
the base is 246 feet, and the depth of water, 26
The cheap "London Daily Telegraph" employs
five ten cylinder Hoe presses, and can strike off
about 136,000 per hour.
Dr. Parr," said a young student once to the
old linguist, " let's you and I write a book.'
' Very well," replied the Doctor, " put in what
I know and all that you don't know, and we'll
nake a big one."
A Chinaman's opinion of a trial by jury : One
of the men was silent ; tho other spoke all the
time ; and the twelve sages condemned the man
who had not said anything.
St. Louis is talking of a World's Fair, which
is intended to head off a similar enterprise at
The King of Bavaria is eminently fitted for his
throne, by having two or three epileptic fits a
Texas is still a hard country. It has a popula
tion of 750,000, and 3S4 murders were committed
in nine months of last year.
A Detroit woman concealed twenty pounds of
butter under her clothing, intending to smuggle
it over to Canada. The butter melted, and, O
JLord !
Said a coxcotnb to a young lady : "It it's not
love I feel, pray what is it ?" " Perhaps," said
the young lady, ' something bites you."
" Judge Proonies," is the way the name of the
San Francisco Police Magistrate is printed in
It is important to actors and other public
speakers to know that the human ear cannot dis
tinguish one sound irom anotacr, unless taere is
an interval of one-tenth of a second between the
arrival of the sounds.
It is said that Vanderbilt, before his marriage,
was effected with palpitation of the heart. Tbe
application of another palpitating heart has cured
him. It frequently does.
A New York paper says there has been an ex
tensive importation of prize-fighters from Great
Britain, who, having their functions suspended
in that country by the police, come to this land of
liberty to mash muzzles, knock knobs, rattle ribs
and draw claret.
A case of wanton cruelty is reported, in the
conduct of a young woman who went all the way
from New Jersey to India to marry a Missionary
whom she had never seen, and who had never
done her any harm.
A Democratic editor, in Missouri, finding wed
ding cards, etc., on bis table, wroto up the affair
in his best style, referring to the "fair and blush
ing bride," and winding np with a choice poetical
extract. He was much disgusted the next day on
learning that the parties were negroes
A Buffalo pistolist places a cork upon the open
neck of a bottle, a bullet on the cork, and then
bets that at twelve paces he will shoot away the
cork and let the bullet drop into the bottle.
A person who advertises in a morning paper for
a clerk, holds out this inducement : "A small
salary will be given, but enough of 'over work
will be given to make np the deficiency."
- Licnt. Hand, editor of the Dalles Mountaineer,
entered into nartnershiD with Miss M. P. E.
Grinnel, in San Francisco, on the 13th ult.
Tho Attorney-Ceneral of Iowa has decided that
Miss Julia C. Addington, recently elected Super
intendent of Common Schools for Mitchell county,
in that State, has a perfect right to perform the
duties of the office, and to collect pay for hex
Choice wheat in Portland brings 75c, while
poorer qualities can be had at 60 cents per bushel.
An article on Spanish dictatorship, published
in a Spanisn journal, says tnai me ciuvauou oi
Serrano to the position of Dictator is probable.
It is stated that Jem Mace and Tom Allen are
to fight in Canada or Louisiana soon.
On the 9th, Edward Clark, of Covington, Ky.,
killed his three year old eon y pointing gun,
supposed to be empty, at hia head and pulling
the trigger. The gun proved to be loaded, and
the charge of shot went through the boy's head.
A large number of Josephite converts from
Salt Lake are settling at their old headquarters at
Independence, Jackson county, Missouri. They
propose to erect a temple on the old ground
They repudiate polygamy.
The Tribune' t special says that there will prob
ably be some startling revelations regarding some
of Johnson's revenue officers at New York.
Partial examination show that the accounts of
one of the collectors will probably be short $200,,
000.' - '
The Board of Trade of Chicago has decided to
construct another tunnel under the lake in that
city. , The work will take three years, and 08t a
million dollars.
The Sacramento JReeord baa am account of a
child twelve months old getting head first into a
pail containing three pints of water. When the
parents, who had left the child In charge of one a
little older, returned, they found it dead.
"Standing room only," is advertised at Cin
cinnati churches during the present revival.
A brave Hoosier girl recently disabled a bur
glar by throwing a kettle of boiling potatoes
upon him.
At a Woman's right's meeting recently, the
question came up as to the age when women
should begin to vote. Most of them thought
eighteen .was the proper, age, few ever getting
older till after they marry. One lady remarked,
however, that Bhe knew as much at twelve as she
did now, and there was no one to dispute the as
Ax-xAiir, January 15, 1870.
Wheat, white, bujhel.
uats, bushel.
Potatoes, Si bushel...
Unions, bushel.,,,.
1 ' 1 r i 1
Uutter, & lb
Eegs, dozen
Chickens, dozen
Peaches, dried, lb
Soap, 33 tb
Salt, Los Angelos, "B lb
;, 25374
75l 25
IS 50g)4 00
$2 503 00
Syrup, 53 keg $5 25a60 2
Tea, Young Hyson H 1 00
Japan, J UU
Black, " 15 1 00
Sugar, crushed, B... .--.;v. 1820
" Sea " H(alO
Island, " ... ,., 12g14
Coffee, lb 23u,25
Candles, lb 2533
Rice, China. 3 ft .:: 12&1
Saleratus, 3 ft ...... ..... . s if
Dried plums, ft Ai"1520
Dried apples, 3 ft....... 5
Dried currants, 9 ft
Bacon, hams, ib ......... .......
" sides, " ,
" shoulders, ft
Lard, in cans, 9 fl
Beans, ft ft .........
Devoes' Kerosene oil, 3 gallon.
1 00()1 25
Turpentine. gallon . 1 25fil 50
Linseed oil, boiled, 3$ gallon $1 62il 75
White lead, keg 3 75(4 26
Tar 3 gallon.
Powder, rifle, ft
Tobacco, 5j3 ft ..........
Nails, cut, p ft ,
Domestic, brown, 3 yard...
Hickory, striped, p yard...,
Bed ticking, per yard.........
Blue drilling, 3 yard
Flannels, p yard.... ..........
Prints, fat colors, 3 yard
Pork, !p ft
Mutton, 3 head. ..............
Beef, on foot, 3 ft. ...........
$1 25
751 00
.. $1 001 25
,.. . 1630
... 7 I625
... tl 752 50
Civil Engineer Ac Surveyor
Engineering. Uses improved Solar Compass.
Orders by mail promptly attended to. Residence
on 4th St., opposite Dr. Tate's residence, Albany
Oregon. niw-em
They offer a large and well selected stock of
Extraordinary jJLow, PfUsmz
Produce X
In addition to a very large Stock, covering
' everything la the Um of Cotton, we
have a complete assortment of
Latest styles of Boys' and Men's
WaU-Paper, Paper
Blinds, &.C., 6lc.
St Linen
FasMonaMe Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Ores and Cloak Making'
their varied branches.
In Latest Style and best manner.
Corner First and Broadalbin streets, Albany,
Oregon. ianlnlT-70
Especial attention is directed to out stock of
... AND ,..,;,! , .
Which is the largest and most complete this side
of Portland.
Ton are invited to call and examine oar goods
and prices. . i ' .
The highest market price in cash paid for
Wool, Racon ' and ' Jard !
7 i
by ,
Oct 30, 1869-8
OF " '..,;
For the Holidays of 1869-70 ,has arrived,
Direct from IVew j Yorlt,
And is now on Ehibition at
Where every purchaser will find
Tlie Largest Stock t ; " I
The Greatest Variety 1 1 . ' " i
The Clieapest jiVtce!
S5!f" This immense stock having been pur
chased for currency in New York, will be scld to
dealers and others in coin, at ;
Less Prices Than Ever Before ! -
Have just received from
- San Francisco,
a very large and well selected stock of
At Prices to Suit the Times ! !
Their stock consists, in part, as follows : A large
' ' supply of '- --.
Denims, Hickory Stripes, Checks,
Sheetings Bleached and Unbleached !
French Cottonades, ,
Canton Flannels,
Heavy IBleixxlz.O'tss
' A Spendid assortment of .
Empress Cloths,
Merinos, . ; i ,
Moltair, .
Fancy Patterns, " -Shawls,
linlmorals and
Fancy JXbtions,
' ' 1 ' Trimmings, &c.
Ladies and Misses Hoods, Hats, Nubias, tte.
A good Assortment of
gent's rcnsisHiso GOODS, c.
A complete assortment of Men's and Boy's
Also the latest style and quality of
Ladies, Misses and Children's Shoes.
A splendid assortment of
Groceries, Queensware and Glassware !
Hardware, Pocket ? Table Cutlery,,.
Window Shades, Lace and Muslin Car
; ; tains, Carpeting.
t - . . ... .. .
j.u laci, aimost every tning usnally kept in a re
tail store. : . -
Having bonght onr goods on the best terms
the market will afford, and selected them with
great care, we feel warranted ia saying that we
can effer as great . indaeement to customers as
any house n tbe trade, and hope, by strict at
tention iq Business and tfte want of customers,
to merit a liberal patronage ' from ' the - public
fea- B emember the place. The house for
merly occupied by D. Mansfield & Bro.
K p. C. HARPER & CO.
Albany Oct. 30, 18C9.-8
Strangers and citizens will find ' SANTA
CLAUS' HEADQUARTERS a most interesting
place to visit, as the gorgeous-array of new nov
elties, and the thousand comical toys therein, give
the store the appearance of aa Eastern
Some idea may be arrived! at as to the
extent of the stock when it is kaown that of
Dolls aloue there are one hundred amd fifty-fif
rarictiee! Making that Department a perfect
Full Descriptive Catalogues now ready.
Call early to secure choice gifts.
SmB - Agent for Santa Claus.
W alt ham Watches.
Let every one who wants a Waton, read this
carefully.. i , t
Especially if in some remote out-of-the-way place
Now that the railroad is open, we propose, tt
give tbe residents of Orkooh tbe opportunity of
getting single genuine Waltham Watches at the
Tne Lowest Wholesale New Tork Prices
We sell more Waltbam Watches'than any other
establishment in the country, either wholesale or
rotail ; we send great numbers to everv section of
the country by Mail and Express, carefully pack
ed, and in perfect running order. Our plan is
this : Yon want a Watch, and see our advertise
ment ; now, we want yon first to write ta ot for
our Descriptive and Illustrated Price List ; we
will send it, post-paid, by Return mail. It ex
plains all the different kinds, tells the weight and
quality of the cases, with prices of each ; yon
then make a selection of tbe kin yen preferj and
send us yonr order. We will then send you the
Watch by Express, with tbe bill to collect on de
livery. We give instructions to the Express
company to allow you to open tbe package and
examine the Watch ; if it suits, yon can pay and
take it; if no t, you are under no , obligations to
receive it; and if it is taken, and afterward deer
not prove Satisfactory, we will exchange it, or
As an indication of the prices, we will quote
one Watch of our list. The P. j S. Binurr,
Lever Movement, with Extra Jewels, Chronome
ter Balance, Patent Pinion, Patent Dust Cap, and
all the other late improvements, in a Solid Coin
Silver ease, - . . - ; .
$28 in Greenbacks, or about $2Q in Coin.
All the other kinds, both gold and silver, in the
same proportion. Do not order a Watch till you
have sent for a Price List, as it oentains a great
deal or information regarding these VY atones that
will enable yon to make an intelligent Selection.
Dont forget, when you write, to state that yon
saw this advertisement la the Alb AST Rboistcr,
and you need not put in stamps for return post
age.- Address in full, .: t -
Jewelers and Silversmiths, 018 Broadway, Y.
We refer, by permission, to -
Messrs. Wells, Fargo fc co..
Francisco, "
I. W. RAYMOxn, Esq;, T. R. Bcvlxr, Esq., B.
c. Howard, Esq., San Franoisco. .
W. Si Hob arm, Virginia eity, Nevada. : 7
XlSO Machine. A double-thread &sC(J
lock-stitoh Shuttle Machine I stUoh alike on both
cH(5f Celebrated Common-Sense
79S 1 Familv Machine. Both ma
chines fully Warranted for years. Msehines
sent to any part ef the coast by express, C. O. D.
Agents wanted in every town on the Pacific coast.
Liberal commission. I '
Home Shuttle Sewing Machine Co.,
2y , , Q. O. TRAVER, '
. ' .'!'. 1S1, First St., Portland.
THE undersigned has been (appointed by tbe
County Court of Linn ounty, Oregon,
Executor of the last will and
S AJ.CBI H. Rittek, deqeased, lake of said 1 eon nty.
Persons having claim, against jsaid
present them, duly verified, to 'the iTe'Kned'
at his residence three miles northeast of Jenon,
in said county, within six months
. December 13th, 19"9-16wl