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Willed." An Illinois farmer lias
willed the Pope 40,000. '
Decreased. The city of Dubuque,
Iowa, has decreased in population during
the last two years, 3,138. Present pop
ulation, 1S.084,
Wkli. Supplied. The population of
Sitka is set down at 000, with sixty bar
rooms and two breweries to supply their
liquids. ' .
Opposed. It is teported that Secre
taries Fish, Boutwell and Hoar strongly
opposed the appointment of George
Wilkes as Minister to China.
New Stamps. :It is announced that,
owing to the general dissatisfaction with
the new postal stamps, orders have been
given to prepare designs for new issues.
The old designs are to be destroyed.
' " ...... ...
Another Rebellion.- The editor of,
the Mobile Register, John Forsyth
having taken umbrage at flic result of
tho late election in Alabama, calls on the
another rebellion.
Supreme Court. On the 8th the
following gentlemen were examined and
admitted to practice : G. II. Dai ham, C.
A. Ball, T. C. Hyde and J. W. Baldwin.
They were highly complimented by the
Chief Justice.
A singular book is now being pub
lished in Europe a practical work
founded on ihc btory of the New Testa
ment, to which is appended a description
of Oregon and its scenery. It is. written
by Rev. Father De Lorme, who has re
sided at St. Louis, Oregon, for the last
twenty-five years, and who is "now in
Rome attending the Ecumenical Council.
Heavy Robbery. On the night of
the 31st ult., Wells, Fargo & Co.'s stage
was stopped by eight men, masked, and
the driver compelled to. deliver the
treasure box of the ; express company,
which contained 830,000 in gold; to
them. The robbers then, ealuted the
passengers .in a courteous murmerymd
rrvl nflF ..witH , tLoir -rnri-- Thla hin.
, " J " 1'
pened as above, at Malad Summit, Utah,
about 65 miles north, of Corrienne. The
passengers had an aggregate of 40,000
on their persons.
Vermont Election. Telegrams
from Vermont to the 7th instant, speak
of the late political canvass in that State
as the greatest known for many- years.
The returns from thirty-three towns,
casting about one-fourth of the vote ol
the State, give Washburne, Republican,
16,691 votes; Heaton, Democrat, 2,162,
showing a reduction in the Republican
vote of thirty-three per cent, and nearly
thirty-seven per cent, on the Democratic
vote. Washburne and the Republican
ticket are elected by from 19,000 to 20,-
000 majority.
- -
. Great Loss of Life. On the morn
ing of the 6th, a fire broke out in the
flue at the bottom of a shaft in the Avon
dale coal mine, at Plymouth, Pennsyl
vania. Not less than 138 nor more than
250 men and boys, including the super
intendent, were at work in the mine,
none of whom, at latest dates, had been
rescued, the gas being so strong that no
attempt made to reach the mine had
been successful. It is feared that al
have perished. The excitement is in
tense thousands upon thousands of peo
ple having congregated in the vicinity of
the mines, doing all in their power to
rescue the poor fellows incarcerated in
them. At last accounts (8th inst.), ef
forts to flood the mine and extinguish
the fire were being made.
At Salem, on the evening of the 8th,
Hon. Wm. H. Seward delivered an ad
dress to an audience of two thousand
persons. The address is reported in full
by the Unionist. We have room only
for the closing paragraph :
Citizens of Oregon, it is long since we
. iv jluuwu, mougn it is only just now
that we have met each other. I have
been made profoundly sensible of this
fact by your invitation, which found me
At sea, by the welcome given me on : ar
riving in port," by the reception and mu
nificent hospitality bestowed upon me in
your great commercial city of Portland
by the hospitalities, State and municipal'
fif this interesting Capital, and by way
Bide entertainments in the village, at the
ferry, at the cross-roads and in tW fa-
house. If my presumption were equal
to my gratitude, . I should not fail to in-
1 1.1 i r "
iorever.uieBsingB.ui ior au sorts and
ponamons oi men upon Uregon.
'Railroad. Nearly a full Board of
tho Directors of the East Side road were
in session at Slem on Tuesday, as we
learn lrom the. Unionist. They were
called together 'to transact important
matters looking to the prosecution of the
road. The arrival of ja ship load of iron
at San Francisco for- Holladay & Co.,
causes a general feeliug of satisfaction,
and puts to flight nil doubt as to the
completion by fall of the first section of
twenty miles of this road. Ben. Holla
day was also in Salem, and he declares
his intention of not only completing the
first twenty miles, but to push the road
on to Salem as fast as possible. Bully
for Ben.
Another Comet. The Delphi, Indi
ana, JonrmtJ, under the above heading,
gives the following startling information :
For ten years past astronomers have told
us that during tho months of July,
August and September, in this year, the
most wonderful comet the world has ever
known, would reappear. This comet is
on time. It is now to be seen with the
naked eye, any clear night, in the north
ern part of the heavens, between eleven
and twelve o'clock, and from that time
until the morning star rises. Astrono
mers assure us that this comet will ap
proach nearer the earth than any comet
ever did before, and that either the earth
or the comet will have to change its
course, or a collision is inevitable. This
comet is said to be many thousand times
larger than the earth. It is a solid
mass of fire, with a tail of fire that would
reach around the earth more than a
hundred times, and a collision with our
planet is not an event to be very earnest
ly desired.
. . . (
Low Fare. W. II. Martin, Esq., gen
eral agant of the International Emigrant
Aid Society, of Baltimore, Maryland,
now stopping in Portland, is the Demo
crat's authority for stating that fare ' for
immigration from New York to San Fran
cisco will soon be reduced from $60 to
850, currency. At that price, iwho
wouldn't be an immigrant? j
Arrived. A telegram from i San
Francisco to Ben. Holladay at Salem,
dated the 6th, states that the 2?oricay
had arrived. This vessel contains rail
Toad track ire n for .building ten miles of
the East Side road. The same telegram
says that two first-class locomotives have
been contracted for, to be sent overland
by the 10th of November. Two addi
tional locomotives are coming by sea.
Tight Shoes. The Salem Unionist
of the 7th has the subjoined :
Yesterday, Dr. Carpenter's daughter,
at her own selection, submitted to a sur
gical operation both severe and painful.
She had two ef her' toes, one from each
foot,- taken off at the joint where the
metatarsus and phalanges arc joined.
The deformity necessitating this opera
tion was caused by wearing a pair of
tight shoes about four years ago. About
a year since the tendons that caused the
toes to contract were severed, and splints
applied to straighten them, but without
accomplishing the object. The Dr. re
grets very much that the operation had
to be performed, and he desires the case
reported as a warning to parents. Per
sons while young at least should wear
shoes large enough i to allow the feet to
grow along with the other parts of the
body. '
Scarcity of Water. Considerable
excitement has been created in New
York on account of the scarcity of water,
the Croton Teservoir failing to supply the
demand. Philadelphia is also "going
dry," and water is getting scarcer every
day, and the authorities are becoming
seriously alarmed. - ?
Chinese for the South. Parties
report having made a contract for. a
thousand Chinese laborers, in ' San Fran
cisco, who are to I be sent to Georgia
within three months.
Circus. Lee . & Ryland's circus
which has been divided, one part playing
in Washington Territory and the ether in
Montana, will be consolidated, we are in
formed, and will exhibit nightly on our
Fair grounds -during the Fair. '
Resigned.- Senator Grimes, of Iowa,
has sent in his resignation to the Gov
ernor of that State, to take effect De
cember 15th. - ;
A New York telegram announces that
peculafions in the 'Treasury Department
to the amount of $65,000 have been dis
covered. ' !
DEAD.-Secretary -'Rawlins died in
Washington City, 6a the "afternoon of
Monday, the "CtkinsL, ", '. t . v ,
, Hayti.7 One dollar in gold is valued
at one thousand dollars in paper- money
in Jiayti.
Telegraphic Summary.
I New York; Sept. 6. The Fashion
Course rttivntHg race, four mile heats,
between--, ilkerson's Flora Mclver,
M cove's Privateer," and Weldon's Alder
man, was won-, by Flora, after an inter
esting contest. Privateer being a favorite
against the field, two to one, al ter runniug
the- sccoud- luxat. The best time was
j Albany, Sept. G. There is much
activity among those interested in the
Susquehanna railroad election to-morrow.
Fish and others of his party here are of
the impression that the llaiusey inter
est will carry the day. .
Gov. 'Hoffman has appointed delegates
to the Southern Convention at Louisville,
October 12th. Among those appointed
are Horatio Seymour, Horace Greeley,
Wm. C. Bryant and other distinguished
Raleigh, Sept. (?. ExGovornor
Worth died last niirht.
Cincinnati, Sept. 6.
dry goods merchant, committed suicide
last night by taking morphine. ..
In the School Boaid to-night a resolu
tion was offered to put the Bible and
saercd song books out of the . public
schools in order to remove the objectious
of the Catholics against them j also to
appoint a committee , to confer with the
Catholic Church authorities as to the
terms on which the Catholics will send
their children to the public schools.
Washington, Sept. 7. Attorney
General Hoar, General Sheridan and
others sent telegrams which were read to
Secretary Rawlins before his death, ex
pressing respect and affection for his
dangerous condition. Secretary Raw
lins, with deep emotion, expressed grati
tude at these manifestations of affection
and interest, lie said: "If the love of
my friends could do it, I would soon be a
hearty man."
There were present at the time of the
death of Secretary Rawlins, Secretaries
Cox and Robeson, Postmaster-General
Cresswell, General Giles A. Smith, Gen
eral John E. Smith, Commissioner
Parker, James Rawlins, brother of the
deceased, Gen. Howard, Mr. Chadwick,
Surgeon General Barnes, Drs. Bliss and
The body wa3 enbalmed soon after his
death, and dressed in the full uniform of
a Major-General. General Grant ar
rived here by a special train a few hours
after his death. He expressed regret
that owing to non-delivery of telegrams
at Saratoga he was prevented from
starting sooner for Washington. The
President sent a dispatch to Gen. Raw
lins' wife, at Danbury, Conn., informing
hereof his death, and expressing the
highest esteem for the deceased.
The funeral of Secretary Rawlins will
take place on Thursday. The remains
will be taken to the Congressional bury
ing ground. An informal meeting of
the Cabinet was held to mature arrange
ments for the funeral, which arc, how
ever, subject to modification suggesed
by the widow of the deceased, or such
action as may be taken by his own State,
Illinois. Tho body will be removed to
the War Department, to lie in state. A
catafalque is being prepared for the
purpose. The public departments will
be closed to-day.
At a meeting of the citizens of New
York, held at the Sub-Treasury on the
7th, a proposition to raise 50,000 for
Mrs. Rawlins was carried, and 615,000
raised on the spot, 1,000 of which was
subscribed by President Grant.
An epidemic; natme unknown, has
appeared among the cattle of Orange
county, New York.
The Pacific Mail Co.'s steamers leave
New York via the Isthmus but twice a
week hereafter, on the first and fifteenth.
Senator Fessenden still lingers. His
recovery is deemed doubtful.
The municipal election in Wilmington
(Del.) resulted in the eleetion by the
Republicans of the Mayor and a major
ity of the City Council.
On the 7th, in Chicago, David Welch,
a street car driver, deliberately shot and
fatally wounded his wife while she was
entering the door of- her father's house.
The lady, who was young and handsome,
learning that Welch had another wife,
left him and sued for a divorce The
parties had been married but' a year.
When arrested, Welch expressed joy at
the deed.
Negotiations for a light cables on Prof.
Varley's plan, from America tcl Ireland
have been inaugurated.
Unless the proposition pending with
Spain results in an armistice, during
which the question at issue between
Cuba and Spain can be adjusted, it is
now regarded certain that a proclamation
will be issued recognizing the bellig
erents. . ....
Advices from Mississippi. indicate the
nomination of Dent and the defeat of
the Conservatives. : ' ;
General Sherman is discharging the
duties of the War Department.
It is announced from Paris that Na
poleon attends to his affairs daily ; that
he suffers from, rheumatism, but at no
time has his condition been -dangerous.
Spain is considerably J excited in rela
tion to the possibility of losing Cuba.
Some of the journals say it would be a
lasting dishonor, and advise dispatching
the' last man ; and expending .the last
dollar rather than it shall be accomplished.
Esterlas, at the head of thirty Carliats,
had"- been., defeated by national1 troop
near, : Genoa. : tHoa Carhst , bands
.known to be on Spanish soil.
. ; The cotton r cron in the - interior of
Egypt is reported excellent in quantity
and qtfality. -". -
Chills "struck us'' during the week.
suws paragraphs
The Sacramento Union asks 'Governor
Ilaight if he "does not know that a Dem
ocratic ; Legislature " in 1852 voted in
favor of coolie importation as a benefit to
California, and a needed supply of la
bor?" '
The Yreka Journal says that at the
next general election in California there
will be the greatest reaction in favor of
the Republican party ever known, from
the fact that the China scare will be dead
and buried.
The Hawaiin Inlands papers give de
tailed accounts of the reception of the
Duke of Ediuburg (Queen Yictoria's.son)
iu the ship Gidatca, which he commauds.
The Gala ten left the Islands on the SOtlr
of July for Japan.
The PtK t Townsend paper says : Some
Robert Dodge, J twelve Indians were poisoned at Port
Discovery a few days ago, from eating
muscles gathered in the harbor. Two
of them died the w'ell known buck,
Jimmy Ducks, and one squaw. !
Dakota Territory will soon be knock
ing at the doors of the Union. Villages
are said to be springing up there rapidly.
More than 5,000 persons emigrated to
the Territory this summer. The present
population is reckoned at 20,000, and
47,000 acres of land have lately been
taken up under the homestead and pre
emption laws by actual settlers.
The Victoria Colonist of the 3d has
the subjoined account" of a steamboat
elopement : " Tho steamer Veruna has
been libelled by Captain Glidden of Port
Orchard. It is charged that she was
forcibly taken possession of by Captain
Spaulding7 who threw the true captain
overboard and steered the vessel to Vic-
toiia. The eteamer, it is further al
leged, was in the custody of the Court of
Bankruptcy at the time of the skedaddle.
The Judge of the Bankruptcy Court
was preparing to come aboard, and his
wife, who was already aboard, was car
ried off and landed ou an island a mile
and a htrif distant from" Port Orchard.
No clearance was obtained at Port Town
send. Taken all in all, the case is the
liveliest we have known since tha ske
daddle of the steamer Alexandra to the
American side in 1864, and her subse
quent re-capture by parties from this
Killed by
Wieberg, living
A Kick. A man named
this city, was kicked on the stomach by
a vicious horse, on Wednesday last, from
the effects of which he died in about
twenty-seven hours thereafter.
Lamas. The last ocean steamer at
Portland brought up two Peruvian
Lamas, which are to be added to the
other attractions of the Great World
Circus. As this show will be opened
here during the County Fair, all can
have a sirht at them.
Returned. Rev. II. C. Jenkins re
turned on Wednesday last, looking much
improved ; by his trip north. He will
hold divine service at the M. E. Church
as usual, to-morrow.
Good Evidence. A train of six
wagons arrived iu Salem on the 7th inst.,
en route for Clackamas county, says the
Unionist. One wagon is from Iowa, two
from Colorado, and three from Missouri
thirty persons in all. They came over
the W illamette Valley & Cascade Moun
tain Road, which they pronounce an ex
cellent one unimpeachable evidence.
They will be valuable acquisitions to
Clackamas county, where they intend to
" hang up,"
Earthquake. A shock of earth
quake was felt at St. Thomas, West
Indies, on the 29th ult.
. .
Leprosy.- A girl in London bought
a chignon, and caught the leprosy from
The rice crop of Louisiana, now being
gathered, is estimated at 80,000 barrels.
. . .
Old Vesuvius is expected to com
mence another eruption at any moment,
as the indications are favorable.
Some time ago a squaw became jealous
of another squaw in the Klamath Lake
country, so much so. that she deliberately
murdered her rival and hid her body
away. , ..
: San Francisco Markets.
Flour Extra', S5 75 j outside brands,
$4 75. . .
Wheat r Fair , to choice shipping,
$1 551 .70 ; inferior grades, $1 20
Oats Average market price seems to
be $1 35; extremes, Clr 50.
Barley We quote at 90(a95c.' '
Legal tenders, 73 i. Gold, 136(3)
Wheat in New-York, $1 75 : flour.
$6 509 50. . '
Wheat in Liverpool, lis. 2d.
Wheat 'Receipts For the week
ending Sept. 2d, reported as below : ;
- httph. ffs.
Beaoh A Monteith... rr........"0i8 35
J. II. Foster i Co 7,280
S. S. Markhara A Son..'. 1,911
H. Cbeadle 1,00U
A. Cowcn fc Co. 3,600 s
1. Froraan ..1,800
..13,644 35
On the 7th in?t., at the resilience of tho bride's
mother, in Brownsville, by Rev. W. R. Bishop,
Mr. Peter Hume to Mi3 Mary A. Walters all
of Linn county. . j
3Iay Fortune's smile be ever upon thorn and
theirs, and their pathway through life be ever
strutvu with tbornlusa flowers.
Onlce, u. 61 Front Street,
A'ljoinins tb. ? Telegraph Office, Portland, Oregon.
Special Collector of Claims,
Accounts, Notes, B"nds, Drafts, and Merchan
tile Claims of every description throughout Ore
gon and the Territories, WILti BE A1AD13 A
ED, as well as with a due regard to cc-ouoiny in
all business matters intrusted to his care and the
proceeds paid over punctually.
, ' Real Estate Dealer.
Sept. 11. tf. '
Albaxv, September II 1SC9.
Wheat, white, j bushel G0C5
Oats, "j? bushel 35
Potatjes, bushel (50
Onions. 1 bushel 1 25
Flour, barrel $1 505 00
Butter, lb 25
E?ks, "f dozen 25
Chickeus., 3 d 'zen
Peaches, dried, lb
Soap, i lb ,
Salt, Los Angelos, lb
Syrup, "f$ gallon
Tea, Young Hyson 33 lb
" Japan, "
" Black, '
Sugar, crushed, lb....
" jSea "
Island, " ...............
Coffee, tt
Candles, p lb
Itice, China. f lb
Salcratus, p lb
Dried plums, lb ,
Dried apples, tS lb...
Dried currauts. "JS lb
Bacon, hams, lb
" sides, "
" shoulders, lb
Lard, in cans, "jjS lb. '.
Beans, ( lb
Devoes' Kerosene oil, 3 gallon
Turpentine, gallon
Linseed oil, boiled, p gallon......
White lead, "ft, keg
Powder, rifle, lb
Tobacco, lb
Xails, cut, lb...
Domestic, brown. f yard
Hickory, striped, "f yard
Bed ticking, per yard
Blue drilling, "p yard ...........
Flannels, p yard
Prints, fa"t colors, 1 yard
Pork, p fb t
Mutton, lb .......
Bee', on foot, lb
... $2 50 3 00
V.Sl 12J1 25
1 00
1 00
751 00
.. 1 4(5 1 5
. 14I5
1 00
. $J 251 50
. $1 62ll 75
. $t 004 25
751 00
. $1 001 60
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,.
FFTCE On Main street, opposito Foster's
Brick. 1-09
ing heard that it is commonly reported
torouprhout tho valley that tney are not purchas
ing Wheat, would respectfully inform their
Agents, Customers and Friends, throughout the
valley of the Willamette that they are in the
market to purchase all tho surplus merchantable
wheat in the Slate and pay the highest market
rates, Cash on delivery in Portland.
Sept. 11 w4. CORBITT fc MACLEAY".
To tho People of Oreg-on ! Look to your
both old Oregonians, having beyond a
doubt tho largest ox in tho world, propose to the
people of Oregon to take this monster to the At
lantic States and exhibit him as an Oregon pro
duction. Before leaving the State, they wish
every man, woman and child in Oregon, to see
Mount Hood upon legs, and in order to give them
an opportunity to do so, they will exhibit him at
the approaching Linn County Fair, and, also, at
the State Fair, for the sum of 25 cents ; children
half price. Their object in doing this is to raise
means for transportation. All those who think
that it will have a tendency to wake up the peo
ple of the Eastern States to realize the fact that
there is such a place as Oregon on the Pacific
slope, and that not only large cattle, but every
thing else in advance of the rest of the world,
and all that is necessary is industry and economy
to realize a fortune in Oregon, in a few years, and
that it is Ihe best place to enjoy a fortune after it
has been accumulated. Business men make a
note of this, and remember that money makes the
ox go, and patronize us accordingly.
W. C. Avery will also have a supply of Mrs.
L. A. Stipp's Thoracic Balsam on hand, and for
Sept. 11, 18C9.
Are now ready to execute all kinds of
Plain and Fancy Painting !
snch as
Signs, Carriages, Buildings,
as well as
Graining-, Paperhanging, Calcimining-,
and in fact all kinds and styles' of
that can be done with Paint and Brash, at
Give us a call. Shop on Ferry street, oyer
Kuhn A Adams' wagon shop.
House, Sign & Carriage Painter,
Paperhanging-, Glazing-, Ealaomine, &c
Country orders punctually attended to.
First street, next door to Tweodale A Co.'.
May 8,'1868-35tf
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
WILL practice in the superior ' and inferior
courts of Marion, Linn, Lane, Benton and
Polk counties. -
Five per cent.' charged on collections when
1 made without sueing. j 19-69
Insurance Oom.ian.y
Chartered by special Act of Congress,
Approved .......July 25, 1868
Csxsli Capital,
CLARENCE E. CLARK, Philadelphia, Presi
dent. JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance A Executive
HENRY D. COOKE, Washington, Vice Presi-
EMERLON W. PEET. rhiladelph a, Secretary
A Actuary.
E. S. TURNER, Washington, Assistant Sec
retary. FRANCIS G. SMITH; M. D., Medical Director.
J. EWING MEARS, M. D., Assistant Medical
Director. . . . 1
THE attention of persons contemplating In
suring their lives, or increasing the amount
of insurance they already bare, is called to the
speeial advantages offered bv t NATIONAL
It is a National Company, chartered by special
. . . C , oca
It has a Paid-up Capital of $I,000,0C0. "
It offers Low rates of Premium.
It furnishes Larger Insurance than other Com
panies for the same money.
It is Definite and Certain in its Terms.
It is a Home Company in every locality.
Tts Policies aro exempt from Attachment.
There are no Unnecessary Restrictions in the Pol
icies. Every Policy is Non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken which Pay to the Insured
their Full Amount and Return all the Pre
miums, so that the Insurance cobts Only tho
Interest on the Annual Payments.
Policies may be taken that will Pay to the In
sured, after a certain number ' of years, Dur
ing Life, an Anntfsl Income of One-Tenth the
Amount named in the Policy.
No Extra Rate is charged for risks upon the
Lives of Females.
Insures not to Pay Dividends, but' at so Iowa
cost that dividends will be impossible.
By the Charter of the Company, certificates of
obligatioas will be issued, agreeing to purchaso
its policies at their value which, when accompa
nied by the policy duly assigned or transferred,
are negotiable, and may be used as collateral se
curity, in making loans from the -Company or
from other parties.
'The Hon. Jno. E. Sanford, Insurance Commis
sioner of Massachusetts, in his Report for 1863,
speaking of Dividends in Life Insurance Compa
nies, says , " The sooner such -guarantees cease
to be made, and such expectations created, the
sooner Life Insurance will come to rest on its true
motive, and men insure their lives for security,
and not for dividends. The nest and the most
popular companies will then be those that prom
ise only equity, and render all that they promise,
and furnish the best security, with the most up
right and judicious management."
" By the Stock plan the full cash effect of th.
premium is immediately secured to the insured,
the Company taking all tho risk. By the Mu
tual plan, tho full value in insurance of the pre
mium paid, is not secured to the policy-holder,
who takes a portion of tho risk himself."
Policies Issued In
GS-olcl or
For Oregon and Washington Territory.
Albany, September 11, 1869-1M