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: Latdst. Vjc President Cpiiax is
- expected to arrive at Portland Sunday or
Monday next, per ocean steamer.
Mr. Seward starts for Salem to-day.
where ho will probably remain until next
i ew mixes. lireat excitement ? is
reported in Idaho about the new mines
on the head waters of the Payette river.
The Statesman publishes letters from the
' "basin in' whichv it is claimed as the
richest mining district ever found in the
Territory. The same paper . adds that
"the excitement ; in lioise county has
:. reached fever heat. Everybody has
' gone or is going. In fact the towns, are
-.almost deserted. k Large amounts of
merchandise have been sent from Idaho
Cily, so thcriS will bo no lack of '-. sup
plies. t , v, .
- 5f,..v . . --i
A National. Convention.- A copy
of a "call for a National Convention, to
meet at St. Louis, on the 20th of October
next, for the purpose of; considering the
expediency of removing the , Capital of
r - -
the United States from Washington City
to some point in the valley of the Missb
sippi," has been .forwarded to Gov.
Woods, with an invitation to attend, and
also to appoint six delegates to represent
Oregon in the Convention. The peopl
or tne Mississipoi vauey, at least, seem
to be in earnest on this question of re
moving tne capital, it me removal is
to be jnade, and the general feeling of late
years seems to demand it, the sooner the
job is accomplished tho better. We nom-
' inate St. Louis as the futuro ' Capi
tal. -
Cable dispatches state that Mrs.
Stowe's article in the Atlantic on Lord
Byron is creating a sensation in England.
In this article Byron is. accused of the
crime of incest with a relative, supposed
to be his half-sister, Augusta Maria
Leigh. Mrs. Stowe derived her state
ments from , Lady Byron, who alleged
that this horrible crime of her hus
band's wrs the cause of her separation
from him.
II. Seward. This gentle-
Hon. Wm.
man arrived at Portland on Monday.
It is announced that on his reaching San
Francisco from Portland, preparations
wil) have been made for a trip to Mexico.
Private letters from; the City of Mexico
state that the Mexican Government is
making preparations to give the great
American diplomatist a welcome worthy
of the high position he has occupied and
.. the nation he has served. He will be
met at " Acapulco by President Juarez,
nd thence escorted to the City of
Mexico. ' ; -V-,
, The' workmen, in overhauling the fort
at St. Augustine (Florida), recently dis
covered several subterranean cells, each of
which contained a long iron upright box
and . a human skeleton m irons. It is
supposed that these were refractory sol
- diers, or perhaps prisoners of war, who
were incarcerated .- iu these sweat boxes
, and left there to die, hundreds of years
ago. ' ; -:' y
It is announced that Gen- Thomas,
now at Alaska, will abolish the whole
departmental command in - those Polar
regions, and reduce the garrison to a
two-company post at St. Paul's and St.
George's Islands. These two companies,
with a cutter, will be entirely adequate
for the protection of the seal fisheries,
about the only reason 'offered for sending
troops .there at all. - -x
" Beaten. A cable telegram informs
us that the four "young men forming the
crew that went from Harvard University,-
Cambridge,' Massachusetts, to Lon
don, to-- engager- i or"" rowing bout race
with an equal number of' the students of
Oxford University, 'were beaten three
boat lengths. This tace was styled the
"international boat . race," and accounts
reached jns from, day to - day of. the
progress of . the training previous to the
race, and. the. various speculations of
gQod judges etc., as to which crew
would carry, off Che honors. As to the
many speculations in regard to the "good
feeling .which thli rivalry would produce
between the two1 nations' we fail to see
where it 'comes1 in," especially since the
Harvard's got beaten.' However, if-"the
four" feel gratified to know that they
were beaten, we don't Bee that it makes
a dime's difference to the' : balance of
mankind. - " -
In the proceedings of the Pprtland
City Council, Sept. 1st, a petition was
presented by the Marshal .relative to the
"necessity of whitewashing the city jail,
and providing. a cushion for the chair of
the Mayor." Is "biles"- tho. matter with
'tha Mayer, and is he confined in the jail
to keep them from "breaking out J"
JLetler from Portland.
Portland, Aug. 20th, 18G9.
l-CtiEND Van : I have about made
P...nyvmind- that. Portland is fast be
contag s of some importance is this
'tho ocean to .the. west Siletz ..bay, to
the south, Salmon river to the north, and
tall hills to the east. It made a scene
not often equalled lor beauty. By 12 M
wo were iq camp and "settled." On
looking around to see who we knew, we
found several families from Salem and
iiuiwiinstanuing me close prox- CorvaUis, and learned that Jno. C. Men
lmity of the unpretending village of San j denhall, Mart. V. Brown, Jesse Parrish
Francisco, with her earthquakes Va lux- I their families were camped at the
ury y ebbfeet can t indulge in), and her
intimate relations, social and commer
cist, with that ancient and powerful em
pfce whose representatives are gradually
but surely, becoming a necessary fixture
oj"vour country j the almond-eyed descend
ants of Confucius.
: J his evening quite an excitement was
raised by the firing of a gun just below
tha city. The Portlanders pricked up
thair cars immediately, and the report
was rapidly spread, throughout the city
thtt the com in
thn the steamer i Active, with the illus
trious Seward aboard. Hacks, coaches
and drays were driven furiously to the
wharf,-while the streets -were thronged
by the excited citiiensall anxious to get
a glimpse oi ine uisiinguiseu visitor,
who, all -unconscious of the honor in
tended, was, no doubt, somewhere on the
broad bosom of tho; Pacifio. anxious! v
wishing for a termination of his tedious
voyage. However, be that as it may.
was the disgust of tho hotel run
ners ana nactc drivers when it was as
cet tamed - that, instead of ; the steamer
Active, it was nothing but a Dutch tub,
front Hongkong, with a cargo of China
men on board. Everybody was sold, and
realized the fact mstanter.
The Oregon & California Stage Cotn-
pany'are very anxious for the success of
your. bald-headed correspondent. I pre
sume they attribute ! that little notice to
the .tact that 1 promised them they.
should hear from me as per agreement.
The jury in the case of W. K. Smith
failed to agree, and the trial was post
poned till the March term of Court. A
Spaniard was tried for selling liquor to
Indians, and iound guilty.
limes, are hard,; money scarce, and
general debility in every branch of
business. '
You will hear from me again at Seattle
or Victoria. i ; E.
the rock a little too early.
hired "Old John" (a'."tyc
mouth of the Siletz. ,We spent Sunday
in fishing, hunting, buggy riding, bathing
in the ' surf, shooting , seals, gulls, ducks,
etc. -naughty peoplel Monday several
of our party visited SUeta, and gave such
an unfavorable account of it that we con
cluded to stay where we were. The
next .day Dr. Belt, J. B. McClaine and
Mr. Culvef, of Salem, in, two hours,
caught between fifty and sixty pounds of
fish a pretty good haul. Next morn
ing all tho gents in the camp thought
they would see if they couldn't catch fish,
tco. ' The consequence was that a great
many got a shower bath by getting on
Next day we
ee " Indian
living near the beach1) to take canoes up
salmon river with the tide and fish for
trout, and succeeded pretty well. Next
day one of our party thought it would be
nice to go on the rock early, and hs
before any ; of the rest got up at the
point. : The consequence was that about
the time the Test of the gentlemen got
up at the point, our ambitious fisherman
was standing on the rock, calling loudly
for,"heIp I Ihc rock is situated some
fifteen feet: from the land,' being separ
ated from it by a narrow and deep cut
which ,is crossed by a log thrown across
the water. The water had washed the
log. away, and hence the cry of "help
By the time another log was - thrown
across, the waves were running all over the
rock, tor aa average depth of two feet
Sometimes a large wave would come and
dreach him from .head to foot. The
scene was enjoyed by all except tho main
actor. J o complete the'joke the "bovs
across, to
A Trip to the Coast.
During the latter part of July and
lore part ot .august ; . Capital ' made a
trip to the coast, traveling over; the
Yamhill and Ocean Beach Wagon Boad,
via Salmon river. Left Salem early on
the morning of August 27th traveled
down the east side of the Willamette
river to Spores' ferry, at Lincoln, where
we crossed into Polk county, and where
we took the Bethel road. ' Bethel has
about twenty houses, including stores.
blacksmith shops, etc. : There is also a
college building here,4 under the control
of the ; Christian CCampbelite") church.
Stopped long enough to get some black-
smithing done. From Bethel we started
across the country to find Capt. M
farm, to get a tent, and of all the travel
ing I ever saw the greatest was made
that forenoon j missed the road; would
travel this way and that; some one would
tell us we were wrong, and then it would
be vice versa, till our patience was entire-
exhausted. One of our party, said
something about mad dogs, and the rest
ihottgJu the same. Just before noon we
drew up at a house, where a woman told
us to " turn bacic , go straight' a little
ways, then keep the left hand road till
you come to a broken bridge, then turn
to the right and keep straight on, on an
old road that will lead you right to the
house." Tfaat was satisfactory, if we
didn't remember haf of it .We got the
tent, and. just after stopping for dinner
we bad the bad luck to break the yoke
to our biggest tongue. ' So we ; sent a
couple of boys belonging to our company
on norsebace to Bnendan (named in
honor of Phil.), nine miles about, to have
one ready when we got ; there, so ; that
there would be no delay. When we got
to Sheridan no boys had been seen or
heard of. So the rest , of the company
went on ahead, and about the time we
had the new yoke fixed, here came the
boys riding in, sayi&g that they " took a
wrong r6ad and went nearly: to Amity,"
some "nine " miles out' " of L theT .way.
II lifax Vagaio. About four miles
from Sheridan we crossed the McMinu
ville 'Water 'Ditch, .and; About tf mile
farther an we crossed the Willamina, and
after a drive of an hour and an half we
were in camp at the "Fort" (old Fort
Yamhill).- Next morning -we started
about 9 a. M., and after a drive of two
miles and a half, we stopped at the
Agency to get one of our wagons
repaired.-j The Indians were' getting
ready for a-pow-wow at the funeral of
one who was murdered at Independence
a few days previous. About a' mile or a
a mile and a half farther we came to the
mountains, and began to see the work
done by the Road Company. The Com
pany have made tho. grade so gradual
that the road can he traveled in a one
horse carriage easily. After traveling
through the mountains ; (some places
neatly as dark as night), we came to the
toll gate,- about 4 ?. M. We then crossed
Salmon river five times, and camped for
the night at Long prairie". - Next morn
ing, about 10 o'clock, we got up on the
hills tils side of the beach, and could see
a little three inch log
him 4i coon it" over. Next day
old John t; bilked ".'us at his house, and
we got no fish. . . Bidding tKe rest of the
company adieu, we started home the
next day, arriving at Salem after an ab
sence or some ten days, making aJto
gcther one of i the most pleasant trips wc
have enj yed for years. ,
Un J?nday morning or last week
young man named Hardy was killed by
being caught in the machinery at the
Capital Co.'e -Lumbering Mills, in this
place. Hardy was engineer. ; His re
mains were taken to Buena Vista for
interment, by the I. O. O. F. lodge at
that place. ')'- . ! "-'..--'
Our City Council have appointed t
committee to wait upon Hon. Wm. H
Seward to : Salem, consisting of Mayor
bcott, two aldermen, J4. JN. Uooke, J. is.
omith and Gov. Geo. L. Woods.
I noticed J H. "Foster." Allen Parker.
Ans Marshall and John Barrows, of
Albany, in town Saturday. ; .'"- ' l
Weather showery. ; ...... Capital.
A tame dove flew into" the Congrega
tional, church at-Lvndon Vt.Y a few
Sabbaths since, and perched on the par
son's head. ; 1; , ' .
Milwaukee (111-), has 90,000 inhabit
ants, and report has ; it that 80.909 of
them drink beer., They'll have to ship
that "odd" fellow. "
The ; present season In the Eastorn
States is spoken of as remarkable for the
prevalence of destructive storms, torna
does, inundations and enormous cropsof
breadstuffs and fruits. - ,
A boa constrictor at a side show to a
circus in Chicago, on the 30th ult, be
came enraged, and coiling itself around
the arm of the exhibitor, squeezed the
limb severely. It required the efforts of
three men to release the exhibitor.
In Illinois horses and cattle are said to
bo dying from a disease termed i "mad
The crop prospect in England is now
reported as fair. Consequently a decline
is reported iu the price of breadstuffs at
Liverpool.- - . '-v '
Trouble is announced between Bur-
lingame and the Chinese Government.-
W. A. McPherson, State Printer; -.has
bought the Yamhill Courier, it is an
nounced, r ' . , '
Horse thieves are making it lively for
stock in Walla Walla
At Walla Walla .there were four cases
of divorce in one .week. ; The week fol
lowing there' were four marriages.. This
makes a "stand-off." ' r ' 1
. At the same place, on Saturday last, a
little son of A. Seitel fell "into a tub of
boiling water. He was so badly scalded
that the skin came off with the clothing,
yet hopes are entertained of his recovery.
Wheat is selling at 75 cents per bushel
at McMinnville. . --
A Chicago merchant has contracted
for- the delivery of ; 840,000 worth of
goods to parties in Portland.
The Oregon Legislature meets on the
20th of the present -month, as per ad
journment. Freights from Chicago fd .Por'tiand
over the Pacific railroad are said to be
less in greenbacks, than via Panama .in
coin. " '. '
The West Side road has rcachbd'ltob
inson'a j Prairio with the ""; grade. .The
work : goes ibravely oo. Rumor has it
that an effort to consolidate the two rail
roads is' being made. ? -
Last week a boy named Fcnwick, of
Siuslaw- valley, with his ' dog and gun
followed on. the track of a panther all one
day, when it "treed." ' He then killed it
the first shot with his rifle. - The panther
was pronounced tne largest ever seen" in
that country. -
The fires in- Washington Territory
uave succumbed to ttie late rains.
v A little son of A. Barlow, of Siuslaw
valley, was thrown by a vicious
horse, who then jumped on him, breaking"
his collar bone, and wounding the arm
and shoulder.
- The East Side road proposes to grade
20 miles of road by the loth inst, ready
tor tae ties and rail, liuliy.
. It is feared that, the late rains ; have
caused the uncut grain to sprout, causing
immense pss to laruicrs.
Considerable wheat remains to be har
vested in Polk cqjpty.
. Telegraphic Suuuiary.
2 At the session of the Fenian Congress,
in Jmow lork, on Saturday last, a propo
sition was read from an Italian desperado
W OSSUHtlOIlie l ItUUtJ ill LHUI, Ul ILlllglUUU,
while, in Canada. " The proposition was
unanimously voted down.-
On the 27th August Dexter made a
mile iu 2.17 J, under saddle, on the Fash
ion Course although the track had been
freshly harrowed.
The President is said to be much dis
pleased with the conduct of the late
Chiioa Minister, Ross Browne. Spec
ulation is rife as to who will fill Browne's
place. Among the names mentioned are
Gen: Dodge, of the U. P. Railroad : W.,
B. Maun, of the East Indian Telegraph
Company; John S. Baldwin, editor of
the Worcester Sj, and John Russell
Young, late of the Ne w York Tribune.
The Assistant Treasurer at New York
has been directed to continue the pur
chase of bonds and salo of gold during
September to the same extent and man
ner as in August J
Last Saturday, Casper Waltz, of St.
Louis, killed his wife, literally chopping
her head in pieces, and then walked to
the railroad j. track, placed his head on
the rails between two cars of a morning
train, which passed over , him, severing
the head from tho body. lie had been
drinking freely.
A telegram from Cincinnati dated Au
gust 29th, says that Mr. Houghton, an
attache of the Enquirer got in the car of
a hot air balloon, yesterday, to ascend
with aeronauts. The balloon was let go
by mistake,! Houghton alone in it
When about a thousand feet high it col
lapsed and descended among the houses,
lauding ' Houghton, uninjured, in au
alley. ... t . ''"-.''. . -. , .'
One span or the bridge acros3 the Ohio
at Louisville is completed, and measures
370 feet the1 longest single span in this
country. . !"
Here is the account of the boat race
on the Thames : The Harvard's led off
finely, maintaining the lead for a mile
when they were two lengths ahead
They lost distance in shooting Hammer
smith Bridge, a mile and three quarters
from the start; At two and a half miles
the boats were level. At 3 miles, the
Oxfords were two lengths ahead, and won
the race by four lengths. The English
papers do full justice to the Harvard crew
and their excellent performance with so
much to discourage them. Che news was
telegraphed to New York in 23 minutes
and reached Oregon the same day.
I be Jbnglish papers comment freely on
the rejection by China of the treaty made
by Burlingame with the United States.
Rurlingame denies the rejection of the
treaty. . ' . ' .
The prominent Republican politicians
of Tennessee, are urging the Governor to
call an extra session of the Legislature.
A committee of' eight, one from each
Congressional district, have prepared
and reported a memorial to the people of
tne state and Uongress, giving a history
of the late canvas and election, showing
thatstupenduotis frauds were perpetrated,
denouncing the election proclamation,
denying the validity of the election, etc.
The memorial don't ask for Congression
al or Federal intervention. ,;
Lawless whites in Tennessee are pro
ducing much trouble. Negroes are being
driven from the plantations and planters
will Jbe unable to secure the crops nnless
protection to them and the. negroes is af
forded. It is' thought that planters may
ie enabled to combine and protect them
selves and the negroes in some locali
ties. '....:,..." . ,. . (
:: Tho illness of the French Emperor
created an immense excitement in Pari
san circles, and on , the Bourse a panic.
The latest telegrams say. that his sickness
is not of an alarming nature' a chronic
malady that confines him to his bed.
In China, in the province of Szchueo,
twenty Christians and Missionaries hate
been killed by the populace. Tho Pekin
Government has instituted fan inquiry
into these outrages. . .
. The telegram in relation to the mutiny
and consequent hanging on board the
Sabine at Cherbourg, is discredited.
- Copious rains have fallen in portions
of the East, and hopes are entertained
that the heated term is over.
: At Toledo, Ohio; Conrad Mies, for the
murder of Solomon, is sentenced to be
hanged November 5th. -
Prince Arthur has arrived in Cana
da. The war in Paraguay remains in statu '
2- - .
Dates to the 28th ult, state thatol
fax is detained at Yoscmito by the illuess
of his wife. .
The coal miners of Pennsylvania are on
a strike. Much excitement prevails in
the coal districts.
. It is. announced that 1,700 persons,
members of a new fanatical sect iu Rus
sia, burned themselves to death.
Ob Monday several barns, etc., were
struck by lightning, hear Binghampton.
Wheat Receipts For the week
ending Sept. 2d, reported as below ;
buh. lbs.
......4,1)08 40 report.
.. 3,02'J
... 1,500
,.15,1: 40
Hoarh A MBe?h..'...7..'r.
T. H. Foster A Ch........
P. S. 2I;irk!iain & Sou
II. Chenille...... .........
A. Co wen A Co.
1. IrVuman
Ttal........ ...;.;...
Sau Pranciseo Markets. "
Flour Shipping extra at 55 50.
Wheat The ...withdrawal of leading
export buyers has depressed the market.
Choice shipping is quote! at 1 65. !
Barley Choice, 92cSl 15; old
brewing, 1 35. ... ; i .
Oats Thca-ange of the market is from'
SI 25 to $1 50. j .
Wheat in New Yoik rl 75; Flour
8G(79 50. --"
Wheat at Liverpool 10s. 7d. '
on tp nrr r,
vADSvoifriF & Kunn
Are uuw ready to iexecato all kind of-
Plain and Fancjl' Painting t
Sigrras, Carriages, XSnilding-s,
r'-y. : jm well ''
Graining', Paperhanffing, - Calciminiasr,
: nd in fact alt kind and etylo of
tbat em be done iritb Pattt and Brnab, at
Give an a all. Shop on Ferry afreet, orw
Kuhn & Aduma' wagon fhop.
Lebanon, Linn Couisly, Oregon,
Rev. W. D. NICHOLS, Principal.
Rev. E. A. JJDEINS, Assistant.
Mil. S. C. NI33IO&S, Preceptress, and
Teacher of the Ornamental E ranches.
caaemio year, which commences Sep-
:er 1st, 1869, an& closes July 12th, 1870,
is aividcit into tour teruis of eleven weeks each
Pfiiduntd admitted at any time and charrd front
tuno of enterinsr till close of term. No dednetiuu
for absence in Term time, except in cases of pro.
Student can here enjoy every facility thoy can
desire for acquiring a thorough education. Young
men can obtain rooms and board1 themselves
small expense. Yonng ladiea can obtain board
in the family of tho Principal, who. resides in tbe
Academy buiKlinr. Jnanl and tuition, in wcA
came; X In it a Jut far s uer term. Ao extra ekani
jor ooara anruiff vneatutn. ,
A Commencement Conrao
. , . ..
ana oeen a-ionieu lor too benent or younsr men
who wi.h to acituire a thorough business cduca
tion. Send for a catalogue, or address tho Prin
cipal, tor further information.
.Lebanon, August 28, lS6S-52tf i
Tuition lower than any other mchool of kiaft
i me marc oj urefon .-
" AJtD exhibjtiox or
ITrlday Evening-, September lTth,
(Performance commeacing at 8 o'clock r. .)
Ana ax tne Fair Ground during- tho Fair.
Tbe Manager of this Gigantic Establishment,
cicuumgea uy mo very -extensive and liberal pat
ronage wnn wnieii ins effort -for a number of
years have been rewarded, and with tho view of
presenting to tne public of tho Pacific coast an
Exhibition of Snrpassinsr Excellence,
m seenrca ins bibeat Arenic
Talent in the World!
rom all parts of Europe and America, and In
addition, uas setrurea tbe greatest sensation of
mo ago a den or performing ,
Together with their intrepid keetxr. MOTfS
will, at each representation, enter their den, and
by the exercise of mysterious power, perforin a
number ot ....... . ...... ..:
Thrilling-, Daring- Feats !
With these Monarch of the Forests. - -'
The citizens of this place and vicinity may de
pend on this being a
and that these Lions are fottr in number, and
weighing 1,60ft, and is positively the finest den of
penorming African llons in the world.
The performance will be moral, interesn inir n,J
reOned. The management have in connection,
California's favorite Jejter, ; -
No effort at rivalry can do more than make ,
weak and ineffectual approximation to the Great
world uircua and Animal Exhibition.
2-2 - General Business Agent.
Sixteenth Year of Publication.
McCormick's Almanac !
'-: Vot tbe Tear 1870,
Containing nseful statistics relative to' the popu
lation and resources of
Oregon, Waihingtea, Idaho & Montana,
iogctner with a variety of other useful .
. .... i information. - -. i
T. McCormick,
; Franklin Book Store,
105 Front street, Portland Oregon.
"Advertising la the Fly-Wheel of Business-
Acting on Trade as Steam doea On Machinery."
In prcsentinir the aixteeuth
McCormick' Alotonae the - publisher desires to
call the attention of ewaiaesa men who ). fni.
in the benefits to be derived from adartiminx. to
the fact that this popular work presenta tbtf -Beat
Advertising- Medium on tne Coast.
; Tie advantages to be derived from advertising
in McCormick's Almanac, are,
i. .; its well-established reputation.
II. j Its immense circulation over the Pacifio
coast. .. . ;
J8 general preservation In every boose.
IV. As a work of reference it is in daily use.
A limited number of advertisements will w.
sorted at the following eoin rates : , -
xuu page ovemsementa..,....M..$i5 aq .
'JfL " " I - 10
Quarter " s w 6 00
Address orders to:
s. J. Mccormick,
Compiler and Pabliaher,
'' ' ' Portland, Oregon.
Or to L. P. FISHER,
San Francisco, California. .
.Advertisements must be received nrior'to
October 15th, 18S0.
QU the King of Tain. : ' ju5-39tf
Albany Collegiate Institute.
tkn for youth of both sexes, will open on
EZonday, the 18th of October next.
T . : T f 1 .. ..1. Ar 41. m TIav w . n n TJ
IV Will UT3 III lllMIO VI .-.w . . --' " W .
CiAnvanJ the Uev. Sxvvkt. it. IavtXE, assist
ed by a corps, of competent teachers.
: Tha first term will embraco' 1 5 weeks of tuition.
ending February 4th, I80. : -,4i
Tho second term will embrace 20 wcrka of ta
ition, from Kobrnary 7th to July 1st, 1870.
(pen-(I.cartkr or wreics.) -
Prrx'aratory and comiton branches.. .... 00
Adranced Knlisli... ........................ ...... 1 OS
Aucit-nt and Modern Languages, Higher
Mathematics, Ac. -........-...... 9 00
Tuition charged from date of entrance to end
of quarter, and payable in advance. . '
Organization of College Classeo.
A Freshman clas will be formed and a conrao
of study prescribed at the opening of the tern.
Wilson's Readers, Clark's English Grammar.
Robinson's Mathematics,' Hooker's Katural
Sc-ieni e, Quaeken bos' -Rhetoric, : Abbott's Abe.
crombiV Mental and Moral Philosophy, Hark
ness' Latin Series, Fa.f(neli's French Series, anil
the most approved editions of tho Latin and Greek
Classics. ' , ' '
; A Record
Of every recitation will be made,. and an averago
given in Quarterly Reports' ; atso, of attendance
and deportment. " ;..'-:...-.'
The aim will be to develop In the student n
high sense of moral obligation, haoor and in teg.
rity, and thosa who caouot be gorerned by scfei
motives, will not remain in the school.
; '' Board
May bo bad in families at $t per week, and
roouii procured whore students axay board tbouv.
selves. Z .
By order of the Board Of Trustees.
Albany, Ang. 21, 'CJ-50 President.
Outstanding Accounts dno
of Albany, Orcg
I WIl.r. PAY-
I Seventy Cents Per Bushel
for all tho j
Wlilte, Merchantable 'Wheat,
Tht may be offered at my Warehouse Albany,
j , . . i Oregon, for the next V
! lO ivcc&s to come!
T will also, from this tnt ov..ln ).
hare in store for wheat, paying tberfor
I ...TO Cents per IXiikIicI.
I must hare what is dne me bv iti i-.t .r r-
tober next, as at that time I will move to San
Francisco, where I will carrv on a. mtiiorikl i.irfn
mission and produce business. -
Wilt have the supervision of my bnsiness in Al
bany,. Oregon, v : : i
I writ buy or sell all kimln nf PmlnM h.
bo ofibrcd. Bring on your -Produuo. .
By buying- WAGONS at "
IV. 13. ,
I nave consantly on hand the very best
Two-Horse , Wagons, :
. made in- Marlon county, Oregon, out of
' and warranted to bear up . , t ,, ' s
Forty Hundred Weight,
on good roads. , Can be had at - -
Por One XZnndred and S:kty-fivo Dollarm
Albany, Oregon; August 81, '69-50 ' ' """ ' 1
vf-v" - Notice Zyr siJjHf-.'H
Halted mates Internal Revenue Col-
lector's Office, District of Oregon. Notice l
hereby given that the Annnal lUt of Taxes for
1869, also monthly Hate for months of April and
Mayj, 1809, aaseesed in the county of Marion.hae
boen placed in my hands for collection. All pais
ties are hereby notified that I will bo '
At Albany, from Jnly 19th to 34th ;
CorvaUis. Benton eonntv. 28th to tha 5a
inclusive; . . ;
Dallas, Polk county, 3lst to 4th of Aogntt,
inclusive; . -"
Xiafayette, Yamhill eonnty, Anrust oth to 10th
inelnsive. . . " .. ..;
Oregon City, Clackamas eonnty. Angnst 12th"
to 16th inclusive, - - . , " ' -
to receive and receipt for taxes assessed on said
list, to wit : Special Taxes, (licenses) Income
taxes,' taxes on Carriages, Watobes and Gold and
Silver Plate.. Unless payment is made at tho
time and place above specified, collection will be.
made by distraint and sale of property. -
. w- CHAPMAN, .
Doputy Collector, District of Oregon J -!-
Dated, Albany, July 9th, 1869-45tf
10R SALE A very fair
Iucjuire at tie Rb gist;
5fo. 5 oook storo.