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    VOL. 1.
NO. 43.
S 00
4 00
4 0
3 00
2 00
7 50
'o no
2 50
1 0
OF TUB . .
To le held nt the Fair Groxwl. -miteSnt j
vAlbany.on JWtfiy. T'dcday. Tknr: j
day and rr4i ,.S ple'br2ith, 29th, J
3Cr& Ocf6r 1, 1SB9. j
rt :: ! -CATTLE. !
Superintendent. N. G. CmmUtce-J.
Cogswell, W. M. Mr. Wyatt.
No. 1. Shout Horns.
Sot bull n year. old and unward.SlO S 5 ro
i. . x "
.. caif
rst c-w 1 vears otJ and upward.. J
., .. 2 " " " " 10 0,)
"heifer 1" " "
calf. - 3 00
No. 2. Devoss.
Same premium as o. 1. , -;
No. 3 Hermords. j
Same premiums as Xo. 1. j
No. 4 ATEsnin.ES.
Same premium as No. 1.
No. 5 -A lderneys.
Sao c premiums as Xn. 1.
Exhibitors in Kns. !, 2. 3, 4 and 5 mnst furn
ish satisfactory evidence of ageand pedigToe.
No. G. Graded Cattle, Cross
Kalis. ,.
Eest bull 3 rear t I and upward SS CO 4 CO
j " ' G fit) 3 on
. j .. .. .i 4 po 2 Of
Caltf 2 00 1 00
No. 4. Sweepstakes-.;'
Ecst running 3 year old and up. two inilo beats.
2 in 3. purse 25. Titree t enter. Entrance
$25, to l ad ded to the purse. ' '
C'-ASS V.-
Superintendent. A. -Owen. Committee W. J
Matthew, M. Payue, F. Healey.
Best Jack 10 00
Ucst span work mules, Oregou
I lost yearling muic
Rest suckling mule
Brt Jviiilelt
6 CO
... 6 00
... 4 t:0
...2 00
Eutry fee liU per ct. in this dcpaittceut
2 .' 0
2 10
1 CO
3 00
St or
2 00
.. 3 00
... 2 00
... 4 1,0
.. 3 00
4 CO
3 0
2 on
1 CO
4 00
B.-t cow 3 Tears old and upward S3 00
2 " " f f 0
-' heifer l " " 4 00
cair.... 2 00
milch cow of anv Mood S CO
TtCi.B. Exhibitors competing f.-r prem'ums f r
tlio hest ini'ch cow F nny blond shall furnish the
Fuper'n!mlenta c -rtified statement of ti e amount,
by weisht. of milk produced by the cow entered
bv tlirtn. during ten day of the feasn preecdi-iff
th exhibition, wi;h a statement f the nsojof the
p.alf at the time the uiilUis weighed, and kind and
amount of food. !
No, 7. Fat Cattle.
Cmpetitorj in thin department are required f
fi'e with the Corresnoniiins Sirrctary a statement
of the ace of tha animal, time, manner, kind.
jf?litv and cot of feeding, and all the expenses
connected with the fattening.!
Fat ox. 5 years old and upward S 8 00
cow 5 8 00
Tiull of any breed $10 00
Cow oi" any breed 10 00
2 00
1 50
1 00
2 00
1 SO
1 0
4 no
4 00
s on
5 00
Twenty per cent, cntra-nou in the above depart
tncnt. "
Superintendent, .Tason Wheeler. Committee J.
Thomas. Mr. Witham, S. Mansfield.
No. 1. Thorough bred.
Ecs' Stallitm 4 years oldsnd up $10 00
. .. 3 .. .. (5 (o
2 " "
j .
" Mseklinr eol.t
TJost mare 4 year old and up.
2 00
.... 2 00
.. 10 00
f. CO
4 CO
2 oft
.....2 ro
5 00
3 no
2 00
1 Oft
a oO
.1 on
2 no
1 00
1 00
" rucUtinx colt
In the departm nt .of 'tboroujrkhrc d animal.",
whether cattle or horse, none will be permitted to
caiupetc but such as have satisfactory pedigrees.
No. 2. Graded.
Best stallion 4 yca:s old and up...$I0 00 5 00
P. 8 00 4 00
" 2 " fi 0(1 . 3 no
. 1 " f 00 I 2 M
" stallion colt 2 03 1 00
Ect mare 4 years old and up....- 8 M 4 00
. 3 6 CO 1 3 00
" 2 " " 4 00 '2 00
"1 . 3 00 1 50
' colt 2 00 1 00
No. 3. S WEErSTA KE3. ;
Best brood mare and colt 4 years
old ami upwards $10 00 5 00
Bjit gelding 4 years old and up'd 4 10 2 00
, No. 4.
Test span of match carriage border, or mares,
trotters, ownsd by one person $10 00 5 00
Bcstsinels horse or mare to buggy ...5 CO 2 50
3yTbo above to be tested.
.:";- ; No. 5. .. - -,-
Best span of horses fotall work .10 00 ' S CO
Best span of draft horses or mares 4
years old and upward 10 CO 5 00
jayTh above to be tested and owned hy one
prsn.' 20 percent, entrance in tbe above de
partment. ' -rf.
; Ja'lesA. Ilannoa Dr. Smith, P. Scott.
; .'-No.-' I. Tbottino. ,
Jile heats, two in three, Oreffon
raised howes that hare not made
' U tter time in public than 3J
$15 00 7 50
: . , No. 2. ,
Best trofter 4 years old and upward
two miles 20 CO 1(1 00
Best trotter 3 years old and upward
one mile...... M.: ...... 15 00 7 60
Best trotter 2 year old, ono mile. 10 CO -v & 00
No. 3.
TVst trotter one mile 10 00 4 00
Two mile beats, 7 in 3, parse $20.. Three to enter
and two to go. Entrance $-0, to be added to
the purse.
class nr.
No. 1. Eu.vNijrc. .i.
Best running, 2 i0 3, mile hcats.u $30 .00
Bjt rmnjiDg,4 yearoldi hii!e.. 25 (10
- S year old., 1 mile.; 20 AO
- 7 year olds, i mUo.. 13 9 '
o.. .2.,-.. '.
SMt i itnlht ilea ..1 30 00
. No. 3.-Paciwo.': :
Best sin yl, peeer ta haraeea, 2 miles 15 00
Best walker, I mile ... 50
15 00
12 00
10 0
7 GO
7 00
.3 50
Saporintendont, .)-sse 1' Committee Jiiha
( Mint... II. Uuudy, V. Churchill.-
No2 1. American "or Cross Bref.d
Cost buck 3 years old und up
T5et ewe.......
l'-st lamb
Be f cwo and lamb
i e tthreo lutubri .. ...... ......
Best sample w.iul. quality aud weight. 00
No. 2. French Merinos
Same premium as No. 1
No. 3. Spanish Merinos.
Same premiums a? Xo. 1.
Same premiums gs No. 1.
No.v.5. New Oxfordshire.
Same premiums as No. 1.
Same premiums as No. 1.
No. 7. Graded Sheep.
Same, premiums as No. 1. .
No. 8. Fat SnEEr. -
Cest wether..'.... 3 00
, buck fr wool and mutton, of
nnv breed 4 00
Entrance in this elass 15 per t ent.
? 1. Those exhibiting sheep for premiums
ofcred fr wool and mutton, shall cxh.bit the
sin rn Dece with the sheep, toccihcr with a siatc
me t of tlia time of its crowth. -
2 The committee shall take int consid-
ation the quality as we' 1 as the weight of the fl.ece,
and quality and ago as wuU as weight of the car
1 50
2 CO
Superintendent,. S- Frvman. Committee Thos.
Cr, ss, N. Price. II. Swank.
No. 1. Essex.
Dest boar 2 vears old and upward, 4 CO
.. 1 ' .. 3 09 :
' R m'thsand not 1 yr. old 2 00
Ecst sow 2 years old and upward, 4 00
1 ,... . 0.0
C m'ths and not 1 yr. old 2 00
Ecst litter of pigs, not less than 6,
uader C mouths old 2 CO
No. 2. Berkshire.
Same premiums a No. 1.
No. -1 Chester Whites.
Same premiums as No. 1. .
No. 4. Cross Breeds.
Same premiums as No. 1.
No. 5. Graded
Same premium as No. 1.'
No. G. Swef.tst
Hcst fat hog 1 year old and up 4 00
Bct boar 1 year old and up 4 00
Untrancc 1 i per ctnt.
1 CO
To be grown by the person competing.
Superintendent, K. 11. Geary. Coinmit'ec It
, Willou'Lby, J. B. Lcfullctt, II. Davidson.
No. 1.
Best 5 acres cf fall wheat.. ....S10 00 $j
5 spring wheat 10 CO a
6 iats... 10 00 5
5 " corn 10 00 5
4 " broom corn 10 00 5
Best samp'c of broom corn 1 00
jJSsJ-Coinpetiiors for ths above pre Hums must
fu:nish certificates of thcinselves Fhowing tbe
method of cultivation, nnd that of two disinteres
ted persons as to the actual product. .
Best 1 bushel of fall wheat.......
1 : -. spring wbcat. .-
1 " oat
.1 " buckwheat
1 " ryc,.... ;
1 ' barley.. .-
i t . white corn. ....... i...
J " yellow corn...... ......
Best assortment of grains .............
Best peck of flax seed..'..:.'.
" timothy seed
' ",' ' clover seed
No. 2. Vegetables
Best peck of white beans........!....
" . - other varieties
' ! - peas.........
Best half bushel potatoes
t, ,1 , gweet potatoes.
Best pnmpkins and pquathes.......
onions ....i..V.. ......
1 CO
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 CO
3 00
2 00
1 00
1 CO
..2 00
. a 00
beets .....
carp ts....
parKnipe .
turnips .. .
tomatoes .
T(j plant..., ..
...... 1 no
00 ;
00 ,
- 60
2 00
1 00
exhibit of garden vtgeUMcs.,,2 CO
No. 3. Melons. , -
... To be grown by the exhibitor. .
Best specimen wlermelon..'vi.r.....l 60
i so a 00
No. 4. Floubj
Best fifty pounds of flour....... 12 " g
- - .:.- com merfl.'. ....... ......2 .1
" " buckwheat flour ..2 1
Class IX Domeatlc Manufacture. ,
. Exhibited by the manufacturer.
Moore, E. E. Wbeclcr, W. W, Parash, Com
. mittoe. ; " - " ... -
Beat fire pnand batter, four month -
old or over......... 3 00 1 50
Best five pounds butur. one year jld .:
and UDwards. with modj of mak
ing and patting up. ........ .........5 00
chi.ese-...... 00
: , - v - ten pooad of lrL., t Oft
'. . e '. -. 4 w pounds of candles- 60
,:. : ten pounds of 1 0I
pair of baoon Bsma.....,M .....2 00
, pair of bacon idos. . 0
...... thre brtjom..- fl0
" 'ITS-!' 1 M.l O
Best Oregon Jeans, fireytds......2 00 K 00
j socks, two paire... ...... 1 00 50
2 50
1 50
; 60
: 0i
1 ao
i 6ft
vw-' 60
v.- A u- A, cloth.all wool.firojards.2 00 1
yarn, two pounds 1 CO
" pair blaukt-t 3 08 1
. .: pair tuitdns ........I 00
pair buekskin gloves. U0 . .
' Class X. Home Work.
Exhibited by tbe tuaktr.
MPs. Dei.azox SjiiTn. SiiporintenOert
K. t. W heeler, Mrs. W. Uaistou, Mrs. Vv
Best uce.Ue work shirt .2 CO
reedl.; work quilt 4 00
iteetllo wojk, ilres-J 2 00
largo crotehit work 2 00
house-made rnrpat, Cve yard3...3 CO
(.'.jiiinen of faney kui.tiag......! 00
plain n cdlo wotk 1 CO
mtuw l.r.t.. 1 0
)flri?ts tmLroidcred cushion 2 00
cruuuittTital i.cedle work...
wo! kod collar
leather work...
h':r work
shcil wovk
feather work...
...2 00
...1 00
...2 0
....2 00
...2 00
...2 00
1 00
2 0.0
1 00
1 00
1 50
1 00
1 00
1 CO
1 00
1 00
1 00
tra4 at suen times as the Secretary , through the
Marshal, ksball designate. ; Premium animuls with
apprupriat badges. . "
.iAb -9. Any person having animals or stofk
cntereil for premium?, or eutered for speed, shall
hvu tho ri-;lit to object to any judgo up -n the
jfiitaa wherein that competitor is intercite l, and
the Superintendent bhall fill tLo vacancy for that
CtiSi.. '"'--'( ." '
, Class XI Flowers, Preserves, etc.
Mrs. JaMKS Kl.Kis, Superintendent. Mrs.
Clark, Mrs. Hiraiu Smith, Mrs. Hugh FiJds.
:.V. . No. 1. y i
Best exhibit of rare p'nt rt Pnts -2 f,
lloral design, 't 00 1 CO
roses ; 1 CO 50
bouquets.... .....1 00 1 60
- No. 2.
Best cucumber pVkl s, etc 1 CO 50
preserves of c:ub variety 1 CO" 60
bottle fruit 1 0.0 .60
wheat bread 1 00 60
je U 1 CO' 5
goid cake 1 00 50
silver cuke 1 00 60
fruit cake 1 CO 6'J
dried fruit of each k.n l 1 00 50
Class XII Fiulls aiiu WIsics.
The pruduc-j of tbe exhibitors.
J. Khtchuv, Sureriotentlcnt. N. Sprenger, J.
Hamilton, A. Cndra, Committee.
No. 1. Atples.-
Best twen'y of any t nc variety. ......... 2 00 1 CO
ten varieti.s, four Hpetimcas cath.2 CO 1 01)
Ecst twenty of any one variety 2 CO
10a varieties, four spcciinous cueh. 2 00
Etsi twonty of any one variety 2 03
ten varieties, four specimens each. 2 0'J
Best twenty of ary cue variety .2 00
ten varieties, four specimens each. 2 00
No. 2.
Best currant wine......
grape wine
Terms of iLtiaission to Fair Gronnd.
Season ticket for pcrst ns - - - $1 50
Day ticket for persons - - - - 75
Wcmen and children free, except loys over
' fuurieen years of aga. '
Season ticket lor double carriage - ' $1 60
T single - - - I 00
, .;;. . , -ridinij horse 1 00
Day ticket f-:r the above at half price.
1. Persons wishing day tickets will pur
chase a day ticket f..r Si 50, and return it to the
gats-kecper by six o'clock of the s;imo day, and
receive T5ets, tbe amount duo iu change, as no
day tu-keti will be provided. . ,
General Remarks.
"liny and oats will be provided on the grounds
at reasonable rates. ,
Good opportunities for camping, with plenty of
wooa ana water. i
The pcoplo of Linn county, and especial'y the
ladies, at-j requested to iuruish pictures and other
ornameuts for the pavilion. They will be well
cared fur,
A invitatirn is extcaele 1 to the citizens
of other coun'ice in Oregon to participate in and
compete f- r premiums at tha approaching Fair."
Ttie commit, e.s will be arranged and announced
on the Crst day f th Fair.
.1 00
1 00
1 o;t
1 no
1 00
Best jar of apple Im'ter
peach butter
' plum bu:t r
pear butter..
Class XIII. mechanical Department.
Exhibited by the maker.
J. E.Uftn. Superintendent. It. . Calnway, J. 7.
. Frouk, II. A. McCartney, Committee.
Ecst four-hor.e wagon
two-horse wag m
express wagon..
gan-j plow
se?d sowir
ultivator ,
1 caper.
Best pair it 1 c boots
coarse boot.-..
Best carriage harness
t-aui harness
bej house
sample leather
flofa :
lot of photographs
Wagons and plows to 1 e tcsied.J
Best cabinet organ cr melode.m
Best cquestiienne
Be t toot-rare, one-fourth mile (in-
tnmrn fiftv PCMittz toitapi-
Premiums will b? awar led on all articles
rot here enumerated that may bethought wort'ay,
manufactured in tha Stale, and diplomas on
articles not manufactured in the State. , .
... S 00
S 00
... 3 0.1
... 5 00
...10 0-0
. 5 00
... 5 'CO
... 5 00
...15 00
... 3 0;)
... 3 :
.3 00 1 50
..S10 00
Rules for Racing Trotting: & Running-.
Rule 1. No person shall act as judge in any.
race on which he may have bet, or iu which he
may be intere.-ted. . s Ir
Jiu'e 2 Tbe person entering for a ra-c (orhis
proxy) will draw for pesit on on the track, under
the supervision of the judges.
Rule '3. In all trials of speed, only thre starts
will be allowed, and ay person who sha 1 fail on
the third trial f hall 1 ruled off by the judges,
but may have the privilege of going against tbo
time of the race.
Hale 4. In trotting and pacing rarei, all ani
mals to carry ICQ pounds in addition to tbe
vch cle.
, Rule 5. -The premium will be withheld from
ore or both of the parties in any rae. if in the
opinion of the judg it is ta fair contest, as no
jockeying or foul riding or driving will be allow
ed. Jiule 0. No competitor in any race will be
allowed any advantage by the break of hi ani
mal. The judges are required to ba particular on
thi point. -t
Rale 7. Any animal cr animals entered in a
race may go against tbe time of the rice, provid
ed the intention aa to do is st'ted to the judges
before any of tbe animals start.' Any animal
bolting or flying the track may have tho same
Rule 8 Any animal thut is not in rendincsa
at the precite time appointed, shall forfeit all
claims to the con.est.
Rule 9. The usual time between heats will be
allowed. The freight for tunning, will bc-three
year olds, 75 pounds ; four years old, 85 pounds ;
five years old, 95 pounds ; six years old, 105
pounds ; seven years old. 1 1 1 pounds.
Oenoral SuUs ; ;
Rale I An articles on exhibition! mnst remain
throughout tbe fair, and no premium will bo paid
n any article or sn'mal taken away before the
close of tbe same, without a written permit by tbo
it res men
by the
of the second rtavj
RhU a. Articles entrad for premiums in the
pavilion, including saacoiarye 15 per cent, entr
fee. and tho same rate for sstaep and Vogs at tho
pons.- All oth r entries of stoelc 34 per rent.,
except for speed, embraced in Class IlL whkk
ball bo 25 per coot. , . 7. -
- Rule 4.-W-AU auimela cotapetiag for premiums,
and all premium animeJs, must bo paraded on the
, ana sua perm.t must be claeed on filj
Bocordioe EoeKeWv.n t?.rr Eid
2. All f n trios to ha m.-vdn 1ii il a'tIvV
: " - -rf -
By request we publi&h tho following
2ic"lutSoHs of the Owjon Pres. of the
L umberland I'rcsbyt -r nn ( hvrch.
1. Whereas, a pamphlet has recently
I appoatvd in our midst entitled '-Protea-
tauK-iiu m Uiciron, pubusneu by oue u.
B. A. Brouillett, a priest of the sect of
Home, dated at New York, 1853, and
ptirportiiio; tu CJPtain a detailed account
uf the Whittnan n.Ubacre and its cause!1.
2. Arid wheoeas, the said pamphlet
contains many statements reflccfiti": irreat
discredit upon the early I'rotcstant Mis
slonaries iu Oregon, ami particularly up
on the lamented Dr. Whitman, llev. II.
II. Spauldinjr, and their Painted wives.
3. And whereas, it is attempted to be
shown in said pamphlet that the massacre
of the Whitmau family and others was
the result of the improper bearing of Dr.
Whitman and llev. II. II. Spaulding
atuon the Indians. ; ; ;
4. And whereas, to our astonishment
we find Paid pamp'et published in Kx.
Doc. No. 3$, 35th Congress, 1st session,
House of Representative, accompanying
a letter from: J. Ross Browne, special
aent.of Treasury Department, to the
Commissioner ol Indian A fTjiir., datcd'at
Sau Frane!sco, Dee. 4th, ISoT.
Now, there lore, it is resolved by this
Presbytery : , :
1st. That it is the opinion of this Pres
bytery, from a multitude of most reliable
testimony, now before us on the subjectt
that the unfavorable statements,, made in
the pamphlet referred to in ihe precctd
io preamble concerning tho early Prot
estant Missionaries in Oregon, are in the
highest degree, false and slanderous.
2d. That this Presbytery regtrda it,
not only as a duty, but as an esteemed
privilege to express her confidence in tho
c I) a rue cr of the late Dr. Marcus, Whit
man, possessing, ia a laro degree, the
element of a: true Christian eha-ae.tor
and native goutiness of heart, nud. purity
of life. s And, that, to his labors more
than to any other one man we arc indebt
ed for preventing, what is now the State
of Oregon and Territory of Washington,
from failing into the hands of the British
Government. To render which nerrice.
to our Government and the caue of Pnt
estanism, Dr. Whitman performed a
jouruey across iho continent in midwinter.5-
: : ;''" :..;'".i ; ' v.".- i ''.. '--' ':---
3d. That what has been said of the
merits of Dr. Whitman as a man and t
christian of high moral worth is affirmed,
a'so, and with equal pleasure, of llev. II.
H. -Spaulding,, who, iu the order, of a kind
providence, is now speuding tho evening
of his life in our midst, happily surroun
ded by his children and his children's
children. '.. , , v f
And further, it affords us great pleas
ure to endorse what has been ' often af
firmol by others that r Bev. U. 'Hj
Spaulding, and his ? amlJable and accoui
plishcd wife, now in llevon, have doce
umro through their labors Uis-i M issiona
rics, to civilize and;christi:inuo;aho Ne
Perces tribe, of Indians than tho Govern.
n.eut has ever been able to aceomplisn by
an outlay oE.vttst ums of uionfy.i j-And
further, that to tfceir influenee w vuiainiy
attribtrted the steadfast friendship of the
Nez Pcrces,uncl4r all crrcumsfanees.Ift tho
white poplatj6n, even when all tho ear-'
rounding tribes---u odor lloman influence
were at war with tbo . Amcricao veo
plo. ' Wfc ' , ' .
4th ThatjL from what Jsrenrdcd ns
videncp of tha Pst .rciablo character,
thif Presbytery ,19 fully; convinced that
the Koman clergy 'then" bcenpying t he.
country, were the principle iavestigators
of tbo " WhiiinanTtragedy." " ' . T
' W K-'BlSHOPIoderator. '
C. A. W6trx.T; Clerk. '''
Horace Greeley' Private Hblta. s
Mr.-Grccle; gets up at 3 o'clock -in
the morning ; foi it is one of his favorite
maxims thaj only early trisiug can keep
tho health unimpaired and , the brain
vigorous.,, lie then wakes up the whole
household and assembles them in the
library by candlelight, and after qvuting
the beautiful lines :
- - - - -- --j - -.
"Eaily to bed and early to riso
s Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wlna,'
he appoints each iwlividual's task for the
day, 'and sets him at it with encouraging
words, and goes back to bed again. I
mention here, in no faultfinding spirit,
"trill with the deflerctico due to a man who
is older and worthier and wiser than 'I,
that he snores awfully. Iu a momept of
irritation, once, I; was rash enough t to
say that I never would sleep with
until he broke himself of this uufortunate
habit.'; I have kept my word with; big
oted and uuwaveriog determination.! -
At half past 11; o'clock' M r. Greeley
rises again. He considers that there is
great virtue and economy in shaving
himself. He docs it with a dull razor,
sometimes humming a part of a tune, (lie
knows pait of a tune, and takes an inno
cent delight io regarding it as the first
half uf Old Hundred; but parties famil
iar with that hymn have felt obliged to
confess that they don't recogB'ZJ it, and
therefore the noise he makes is doubtless
an original composition of Mr. Greeley's),
and sometimes when the razor is es
pecially dull, he accompanies himself
with a formula like this: "Datua the
d d razor and tha d d outcast who
made it I" . : -
He then goes out into his model garden
and applies his vast store of agricultural
knowledge to the amelior .tion . of his
cabbages;- after which he ?writc an ag
ricultural article for, the instruction of
American farmers, his soul cheered the
while by the reflection that if cabbages
were worth 11 a piece, his model iarm
would pay. , - ..
. He next goe3 to breakfast, which is a
frugal abstemious meal . with : him, and
consisis or nowuon out. lustsucti intnirs
as the market affords, nothing more.
He drinks nothing but water, and tea,
arid Scotch ale, and lager beer, and lem
onade with a flj iii it sometimes a house
fly and sometimes a horsefly, according
to the amount of inspiration required to
warm him up to his daily duties. " Dur
ing breakfast he- reads "the Tribune all
through, and enjoys the- satisfaction of
knowing that 'all the best things1 in if,
written - by' Cooke, and Hassan, and
mjself, are attributed to him by a confid
ing and infernal public. ?
After breakfast he writes a short edi
torial, aud puts a large dash - at the be-
, which is the
Greeley spends two hours on his toilet
He is the most painstaking and elaborate
man about getting up his dress that lives
in America. . This is his rhiefest and
pleasantest foible. He puts on his old '
white overcoat, and turns up the collar.
He puts on a soiled shirt saved from thr .
wash, and leaves ono end of the collar
uiiuuuuueu. lie cyuca wu 111.1 mock uiiap
idatcd J,iat, turuit wrong side before,
antl cants it on to the back of his head, .
and jams an extra dent in the side, of it.
He puts on his most atrocious boots, and . ,
spends fifteen minutes tucking the" left
leg of his pauts iutJ his bpottcp jo what
shall seem : lie most careless anu onstua-
ied manner. But ' his cravat it isin(o ,
the arrangement of his cravat that 1:0
throws his whole soul, ali the powers of
a rr 1 1 lliltlfl A ftLf fllfinff it hpf.lVO
" O - C, , ,
the glass fur forty minutes, it is perfect
it is askew eveiy way it overflows his
collar oir one side, and sinks into oblivion -on
tho olher it climbs and it dives
around his neck the knot is conspicu- '
ously displayed under his left ear, and it
stretches oue of its long ends straight
out horizontally, and the other goes after
h .3 eye in the gjjd old Toodlca fashion-
a;;d then, completely and marvelously. 1
appareled, ho strides f'oith, rolling like a
sailor, 1 miracle of astounding costumery,
the awe and wonder of the nation 1 '
But I haven't time to tell tho rest of
his private habits. Suffice it that he it '
an upright and honest man a practical,
great-brained uian--a useful man to his
nation and It is generation a famous man
who has justly earned his celebrity and T
withal, the worst dressed inau in this ct '
any other country, even though he does
take so thundering much pains and puts '
on so many frills about it. Mark Tain"
of the Tribune's staff. V . ,7
ginning of it, thus
same as if ho put H. G.1 after' it," and
takes a savage delight in reflecting that
none of u. understrappers can use that
dash except in profane conversation when
chafiog-over the outrage.' He writes his
own editorial iu his own - handwriting,
lie docs it because he is so 'rain of his
penmanship. Ho always did take an in
ordinate pride in his penmanship." He
hired out once, in his 'young days, as a
writing master, but the enterprise failed.
... . . . . .
The pupils could not translate his remark
with any certainty. Ilia, first copy was,
"Virtue is its, own reward," rand they got
it,, Washing with 'soap is , wholly ' ab
surd," and so the trustees 'discharged
him for attempting to convey bad morals
through the medium of worse penman
ship. But, as I was saying, ho writes
his morning editorial. ' Then he tries to
read it over and can't do it, aud so sends
it (0 the printers, and they try 'to read it,
and can't do it; and so they set' It up at
random, as you uiay soyj putting in what
words they can make' out,1 arid when1 they
get aground on a long, word,' they put in
Vweons:truotbn" oif ''universirl Buffrage,"
and spar off, and paddle ahead ; and next
morning ii the. degraded public can . tell
what il is labour they ;-ay .U. O. wrot
it jund if they-can1: they say that it is
one ot those imhecile understrappers, and
Oi thro-u.9n.jOQd cf:bitT mja.-itik'
Oa i Sundays, Mr. Greeley sits , in a.
prominent place in Mr. Chajia'aohorch,
anc lets on tat he is "asloop, and the con
il iWnf nktv, of
cent as.
When he" is to appear in public Mr.
Showman Kloquence. The follow
ing is the latest piece' of showman e'o
quence: "Gentlemen this is the cele--bra
ted boa 1 constrictor; . the. fioestr
largest, longest, stron. est, and prettiest i
animal of its ppecies oh exhibition , in
this country. He was caitght in ' South
Afiica (as he lay torpid after swtulowin'
two oxen and a diove tf heep) io a wire
net, his capture affording a beautiful iU
lustration of successful wire pulling. .ltt
w-as supposed that the sand where ' he
was found was hot enough to boil eggs,
and that his skin was at least well done,
this is proved by his highly-fini-hed ap
pearance. ; His color is supposed to com. 1
bine all the hues of all tho snakes' that 1
ever hissed or bit from the 'old serpent
t a conger cel. - His size is variable, as t
like most other jobjects in nature, he
expands with heat and contracts with
cold. ' For every vUo of five degrees ' in '
the thcrmoiiieterj he gets-a foot in longi-
tulc. In his native sands he's a htt
died and fifty feet long .Tha warirr.
season of our own country stretches him
twenty-five : feet.' ' Iitist 'January when '
the thermometer fell M sixteen degrees,
he shrunk into such trifling, dimensions-
as to be invisible through a microscope.
His present length, you I can ec - for
yourselves. His temperance principles?
nra Cif tCi fjnno-h !st Lirirl fl. j n
- . y- - q -- - - - ( - m -
dozen cold water societies' rolled into
ono. His drink at his present vdinien- '
sion is three gallons of Water per "weeky
his food three gallons. ; He has : great
natural talent for politics, ..which ;; ho .
shows by changing his coat, four times
year." Price of admission twenty-five
If Solomon ' wcro Tiving to day, "he
could not write, at least in reference ji Uy
the modes of travel tu 1 couiiuanicatiHis
between distant parts of the earth,' what,
he once wrote in reference to huiMaii;1,uf-'
fair : "The thing that hu-th been, it is tltui 1
which shall be; and that which is dono:
is tliar which shall" bo .done, ; and . there-
is j no."ueur ' Uiiug under the .'ami.;. Hd '
surely never saw or heard of a steamboat
or railroad, a n d li is' m essagoi to t h e Qtieen.r'
bheba and to King liiram wero ooirans4
uiitted by magnetic j telegraph, ., f
-.. t - ' ...
An Idaho paper says : There is baTy5
one spot in the whole O wyhee , wnjp, pf
mountains where perpetual snow' ean bo
found. That is in a little wg oh War '
Eagle mountain,, a few - yards from ' the
Poorwan mine. Th iiwucnseamnuutof .
snow falling iu, that region during tho
winter season generally disappears about -the
middle of July or first of August, '
We hare, however, ' seen more or less
snow, fall there every month is tbo ycary
but,Ujsa raro occurrcnco.a ;gl & s-
' Ccbiot?s Tkci'rrXv lai a urio6sr 'fact'"!
that fifteen diamonds, each wci'ghittg1 nno :
carat, can bo bought for $1,500,' troiloi
one diamond weighing fifteen carats ia
lated at S12.QO0 to $16,000. i '
' loonlight immersions are bccoiaiDg;
popular in Indiana. ;; ' -''