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lie JVlIuing npsto-
SATU.HDAY, 31 AY S, 1869.
Late News
By telegrams to the Oregon ian we have
Eastern dates to the oth.
A snow storm occurred at Diwghatiip
ton (X. Y.), on the night of the 3J. auJ
it is feared that damage to vegetation
-will result.
On the evening of the 4th, a mass
meeting of the friends of Cuba w as held
at Cooper's Institute, New York, at
which Chas.'A. Iana presided and John
McKean, Henry Ward lieecher and
others delivered addresses. Resolutions
expressing sympathy with the struggling
putriota of Cuba, and demanding the
recognition of their rights as belligerents,
were adopted.
Jos. Holmes, colored, member of the
late Constitutional Convention, of Vir
srinia, was killed at Charlotte Court
House on the 3d inst., in a difficulty
with John Marshall, son of Judge Mar
shall, in whose family Holmes was form
erly a body servant.
In the trotting race on the Fashion
Course, New York, on the 4th, between
Iady Thorn and American dir, mile
iicats to harness for 2,000, the former
won the first, second and fourth heats,
the third beior a dead heat, lime,
2.29, 2.30, 2.29.
John Dorsy, an Irishman, of Williams
burg (Mass.), beat his wife's brains out
with a club on the 1st inst.
Ben. Campbell, a notorious horse thief,
-who has figured around Hickman (Ky.),
since the war, was arrested on the 3d
and after a preliminary examination, in
which he was found guilty, was taken
from the proper officers by the Ku KIux,
carried to the woods and hung.
The expedition which left for Cuba on
Monday, was larger than at first reported.
The steamer Arago carried nearly 1,000
men. Everything was done openly. Six
thousand rounds of ammunition, several
pieces of light artillery, a large quantity
of small arms, 1,000 breach loaders, uni
forms and a small quantity of marine
stores, completed the cargo.
Minister Washburne will not go di
Tectly to Paris, having received leave to
.go to Uamburg and the springs of Ger
many for the benefit of his health.
It is stated that Motley's written in
structions are being prepared at the State
Department. - Although he will be
allowed a large discretion in matters that
may come before him, the instructions
relative to the Alabama claims are known
to be based on Sumner's speech, which
seems to have been made our ultimatum.
Motley is directed to be in no hurry, but
to await a favorable opportunity for open
ing negotiations on the subject.
Good Selection. Nathaniel Niles,
of Belleville, Illinois, has been confirmed
as Consul at Victoria, Vancouver's Is
land. Judge Niles is an able lawyer,
nd for years a leading editor in Southern
Illinois. He held the rank of Captain
Jurin the Mexican war ; was Colonel
of one of the Illinois regiments during
the rebellion, and his selection as Consul
is an eminently fit one.
From Spain. A telegram from Mad
rid, says the debate in the Cortes on the
new Constitution is ended. All the
Amendments proposed were rejected. The
Cortes voted amnesty to all participants
in the insurrection at Cadiz, Malaga and
Xers. A motion by Costellar to extend
the amnesty to the Carlists implicated in
insurrectionary movements, failed.
1 t T .
I uv n r". r Mr ht u chi,mi
" . "Siuu
specials say that Secretary Boutwell is
about to inaugurate a sinking fund to pay
the public debt under the law of 1852,
which has never been enforced, owing to
tha increased expenditures and diminish
ed revenue. The contemplated reduc
tion of expenses gives reasonable assur
ance that a sinking fund will bo created
from Ju'y 1st.
Colored P. M. Jacob D. Enos, col
ored, has been appointed postmaster at
Yaiadostoga, Ga. This is the notorious
rebel town in which the Ku Klux tried
to blow up the court house with powder
while Republicans were holding a meet
ing there.
Telegraphic Suaimary.
Suicide. Frank T. Cheney, a youth
of 15, son of highly respectable parents
in North Andover, (Mass.), on the 3d
inst., shot himself dead. His father had
required him to apologise to his school
teacher for truancy, which, it is supposed,
induced the rash act.
Grand Concert. Tho Philharmonic
Society of Portland intend giving one of
their grand vocal and instrumental con
certs on the evening of the 14th inst., in
that city.
Sheep Epidemic. An epidemic has
broken out among tho sheep of Vermont
and New Hampshire, and a large number
have died.
Indian Excitement. That little
breeze kicked up in relation to Indian
affairs in Idaho, recently, has subsided,
and icters are pronounced closh.
A young Countess, niece of M. de
Leeseps, of Suez Canal fame, lately died
from a fly-bite on her nose. She was out
riding when attacked, inflamation set ip
immediately, ler nose was amputated as
quickly as possible after her return
home, but it was ineffectual to stop the
spread of the poison, and the Countess
died within twelve hours from the time
she was bitten.
New Paper. The second number of
the Walla Walla Union has come to
hand. It is a neat seven column paper ;
looks well, reads well, displays ability in
tha editorial department, and deserves a
libera! support at the hands of that com
munity. Success to it.
Jtjick Time. From the Oregonian
ire learn that Mr. Burch, late a member
of the City Council of Portland, returned
to that city on the 3d, from a visit to the
States. Mr. Burch was only 7 days 21
hours making the trip from Chicago to
Sacramento. Of course he came by rail.
A distinguished divine, has recently
repudiated the old orthodox notion of a
literal hell, e,to- whereupon Figaro says :
"Should a few more of hell's old friends
give it the cold shoulder, it will soon
freeze over. We are rejoiced to see so
many ministers renouncing the devil and
all his works'
- Preparing foe War. Advices from
Paraguayan sources represent that Lope
with ten thousand men is preparing to
take the offensive. ,r -
The son of Rev. Mr. Montague, resid
ing at Whitewater, Wis , was delivering
a College valledictory address, a short
time ago, when, in taking his handker
chief from his pocket, he pulled out a
pack of cards which fell on the floor.
"Ilulloa," he exclaimed, 'Tve got on
my father's coit." The worthy father,
who sat in front of his promising son,
was more confused than his hopeful scion
A lady in Iowa county, Iowa, adver
tises herself as an "attorneyess at law."
We suppose we shall next have the farm
eress petitioning the "Presidentess for a
daughter as an officeress in the army.
Infidelity and Democracy. A
christian convention, in a bodv. lately
called at the White House to pay respect
to me president, ana the ,xammer an
nounces the fact in this wise: "We learn
from the New York Herald that recently
three hundred long-fieed, sanctimonious,
numble iollowers or the Lord called on
President Grant to congratulate him."
The Examiner's worldly comfort was
destroyed by the result of the war, and
it should try and find consolation, through
the good will of Ministers, in the future.
The Examiner, however, may be lookiug
that way, but it prefers to enter Paradise
by the southern route, or not at all. Ha?
Margsvillo A ppeal.
Immigration. Letters from Europe
say that the immigration from Ireland,
Germany and Norway, will be larger than
ever before.
I. S. Rosenbaum & Co. have removed
to No. 67 Front street, N. W. corner of
Stark street, Crees' buildins. store form
erly occupied by Blumauer & Rosenblatt
Portland, May 4, 18G9.
Does it follow because 'President Grant
has a Fish in his Cabinet that he intends
to give England a whaling?
The London Spectator says of Reverdy
Johnson, that "no man was ever vet
spoken or as tne representative ot a nation
who took so much pains not to deserve
tne name.
. Billiardists in New York, announce a
radical change in the system of counting
the game. All carom shots are to count
three, whether upon the two red's or
upon a red and white ball.
There are two establishments in Maine
for hatching fish artificially, one at Au
gusta and one at Alna.
John M. Lane, of New Hampshire,
has teen awarded a verdict of $1,150 33
against his mother-in-law and hereon for
enticing his wife away from him.
A Californian. has built an "agricul
tural locomotive" that runs thirty-nine
plows at once.
The first printing press set ut in New
Hampshire was in .Portsmouth, in 1755,
by Sam Fowle, Esq.
Executor's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
have been appointed Executors of the es
tate of Hiram Alacey, deceased, by the Ccnnty
Court of Linn county, Oregon : That all claims
against said estate must be presented to the un
designed, at their residence in Linn connrv Ha-a
verified, within six months from" tho date hereof.
- . V. c. macey, -t
Powrr.L Flixs, Attys. Executors.
Linn County, Oregon, May 7, 1869-36w4
ASHlxaTON, May 2. It is reliably
ascertained that the instructions of the
Government to Minister Motley did not
suggest any mode of adjusting pending
questions between the United States and
England, nor do they require him ac
present to oppose the opening of negotia
tions for the settlement of the Alabama
and other claims. Tho government will
act with that deliberation due to the im
portance of the subject, careful of caus-ing
offence while firmly presenting the Amer
ican side of the question to the British
Government when occasion requires. No
ouo connected with the administration,
including the President nor the British
Minister apprehends anv injurious consn-
rtuences from the rejection of the treaty
by the Senate, and this is stated on the
assertion ot a gentleman who was fearful
ot serious dimcuhies, and made special
and private inquiries in official circles and
thus satisfied himself of the truth of 'this
Information is received hero that a
gentleman of Richmond., in conversation
with Gen. Can by received the impression
that tha vote on tho Constitution will not
take place on the 4th of May, but prob
ably between the 1st and 10th of July,
so as noc 10 uiteriere witn tne Harvest.
The General also desires tho rough regis
tration and is anxious that the citizens of
all parties shall interest themselves in se
curing a full and fair vote. The proba
bility is that the President will be gov
erned by Gen. Canby's suggestion.
Philadelphia, May. 2. The rain
storm which has prevailed for the last
two days was interrupted this morning
by a fall of snow which continued an
Minnesota produced seventeen million
bushels of Wheat last year, being an in
crease of five millions over the year,
previous. It is estimated that three mil
lion bushels are in store along the rivers
in Minnesota.
Chicago, May 2. The Tribune's
New York special says a ncrth-caster
prevailed yesterday, doing considerable
damage to shipping. Several vessels are
reported missicg.
Gen. Jones assumed tho duties of post
master yesterday.
The Associated Press meets on Tues
day to investigate the charires airainst
John Russell Youncr in relation to fur
nishing news to a paper outside ot' the
An advance in the coal market is ex
pected owing to the extensive 6trikes
among the Pennsylvania miners.
fcCRANTON, lv , May 2. The Miners'
Association notified the coal operators of
tnis county yesterday that no more coal
will be cut or loaded after the 8th.
On Friday night the safe of Schoen-
maker fc Son was blown open and robbed
ot 5,UUU in gold and railroad bonds and
3,000 in currency.
New Haven, Conn., May 2. The
printers ot this city are on a strike.
They demand 40 and 45 cents per thous
and, and the employers refuse to pay
that scale.
Rochester, May 2. This evening a
fire was discovered on- the tower of the
First Presbyterian Church. The tower
was destroyed and the interior of the
church badly damaged before the flumes
could be suppressed. The adjoining
chapel was also badly damaged by the
falling of the tower of the church. The
organ has been removed. The fire was
the work of an incendiary.
Omaiia, May 2. The steamer Nic7s
Wall, from St. Louis, bound to Fort
Benton, was snagged and sunk. The
cargo will be lost.
Mew York, May 3. A correspondent
has interviewed Sumner on the Alabama
claims and the opinions of the British
press. 3Ir. Sumnorjihinks the assertions
of the British press should be received
with caution, for the reason that England
never likes to be told the truth, particu
larly when in the wrong. He did not
express surprise at the alarm which now
exists in that country, as the British
people have seen the unanimity with
which the Senate supported him in his
views and rejected the Johnson-Stanley
treaty to wnicn state ot facts they will
sojn have added despite the shifts of
tne Liondon limes the disagreeable
alternative that President Grant coin
cides completely with his views. Mr.
Sumner thinks the difficulty will not lead
to war, as he appears fully confident that
Jngiana win pay the amount of the bill
in preference to fighting. The Senator
declares there shail be no yielding on the
part of the American people after Mr.
Motley has made known their wishes to
the Lnglish Cabinet.
Chicago, May 4. A Republican
special says the action of SecreUry Cox
in referring the Atchison branch Pacific
railroad claim to the Cabinet for decision,
is regarded as a virtual defeat of scheme.
President Grant keeps a vigilant watch
The Grand Lodge of the I. O- O. F. is
to meet at Salem on the 18th inst.
The people of Southern Oregon are
already enjoying the luxury of new po
tatoes, j
There were nine divorces granted by
the circuit court for Lane county last
Mrs. C. M. Sawtelle is lecturing in the
Umpqua valley on the topic of women's
The citizens of Lane county are taking
the preliminary steps for a county fair to
be held next fall.
Hon. ;J. II. D. Henderson arrived
home from Washington last Thursday.
Mr. Pengra reached home a few days
sooner, j
The next session of the Teachers' As
sociation of Douglas county, will begin
on Friday, May 28th, and will continue
two days.
During the last month a great number
of horses have been taken from the Wil
lamette valley, overland, to the markets
of California and Nevada.
The Ensign says Hon. Rufus Mallory
and wife arrived at Roseburg on the 25th
ult., and spent the week in visiting their
friends in that locality. They left for
Salem on Saturday.
-the lugene Guard says the suit of
iVlulky vs, lunehcart, action for false im
prisonment, has beeu compromised, the
uetendant paying the plaintiff 200 and
the costs of the suit. The damages orig
inally claimed were 10,000.
The new paper at Jacksonville is to
be called the Democratic New.
A number of Jacksonville citizens have
gone to the Goose Lake country.
Mr. btuart, having bought out tho
Polk County Signal office, has com
menced the publication of a paper en
titled thc.j Polk county Times, the first
number oti which has reached us. Frank
will make a good paper if he keeps up
nis present jick.
Hie larmer says the Salem woolen
factory has suspended work temporarih',
having exhausted the supply of wool.
From 30,000 to 40,000 pounds of wool
was consumed monthly by this factory
wnen running.
The municipal election at Oregon City
on the 3d linst., resulted in the success
of the entire Republican ticket by an
average majority ot twenty.
Doubtful. A special dated New
York, May 4th, says that Sickles' appoint
ment, as Ministerto Spain, is doubtful.
President Grant says that the Spanish
authorities have acceded to every request
our government has made, where Ameri
can citizens had been interfered with, and
the Spanish government is very confident
of its ability to suppress the rebellion in
a short time. Advices from the other
side show that the insurgents are equally
confident in their ability to establish in
dependence. -
Silver Wedding. The celebration
of the silver wedding of Hon. Henry L.
Dawes took place at Pittifield (Mass.),
on the 4th inst. A large number of dis
tinguished guests were present.
' official.
Laws of the United States.
i ig Juno thirties b. eitbte;u hundred iu:d seventy,
and for other purposes," under the heading "Pub
lic Buildings und & rounds,'" before the item "For
pay of lamplighters, gas-tit-ring," &., insert "F r
lighting the Capitol and President's house ana
public grounds srouud ihem and around the ex
ecutive offices, thirty thousani.i dollars."
Approved, March 29, I860.
No. 6. Joint resolution to facilitate the con
struction of the custom-house nt, Bant;or, .Maine.
lie it revolved by the Senate and House of Repn-
scntatires of the United States of America in
Congress aisrtnbled, ,
That tho Secretary of the Treasury be author
ized to make a present application of the tweuty
five thousand dollars appropriated at tho last ses
sion of tlie fortieth Congress for the Bangor custom-house
and public buildings, the same to be
applied to tho use provided iu said appropriation,
not hereby increasing the said appropriation as
heretoforo made.
Approved, April 3, 1809.
.Lost or Stolen.
Tne forty-
No. 5. An act to abolish the office of chief of
statf to the General of the army.
De it enacted by the Senate and House of Iiepreten
tativee of the United Slates of America in Con
gress assembled,
That tho office of chief of staff with the rank of
brigadier general to tho General commanding the
army be, and the same is hereby, abolished.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That all
laws and parts of laws inconsistent with the pro
visions of this act be, and the same aro hereby,
Approved, April 3, 1S69.
over tno anairs ot Uuba. Although
Government officials havo indicated a
willingness to sell all kinds of war mate
rial to any parties who desire to purchase,
no sale has been made. The President
stated substantially that he believes the
Spaniards have exhausted their strength
in Cuba, while the insurgents have much
latent strength which will show itself in
an effective manner. . , J. ,
Purchasing Wae Matekial. The
Cuban insurgent government,' it is re
ported from Washington, have negotia
tions in progress for tho purchase of
the Peruvian monitors now at St Thomas.
A typographical mistake of a "o" for
an "h" made a paper say: "A locomotive
ran into a cow and cut it into calves."
Public Resolutions.
No. 3. A resolution relative to consular fees.
He it enacted by the Senate and JTonne of Repre
sentatives of , the United States of America in
Congress assembled,
That section three of chapter two hundred anil
thirty-three of the public acts of the thirty-ninth
Congress, approved July twentv-fivn. (.irW,n
hundred and sixty-six, be, and is hereby, declared
w laite eneci irora ana alter January first,
eighteen hundred sixty-seven. And all fees which
have been paid into the treasury in obedience to
the provision of said section, and which accrued
prior to said first day of January, eighteen hund
red and sixty-seven, shall be refunded out of
-consular receipts.
Approved, March 26, 1SC9.
No. 4. A resolution in relation to light-houses
on tho coast of Oregon.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Conyress assembled,
That the erection of the light-house at Aquinni
bay, and of other houses on the cnit. nf r,
for which appropriations have been or may" be
made, shall not bo delaved for want, of th..
of tho legislature of tho State to tho purchase of
Approved, March 26, 1809.
No. 5. Joint resolution to supply omissions in
the enrollment of certain appropriation acts ap
proved March third, eighteen hundred and eixtv
nine. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America, in
Congress assembled,
That the following items, omitted in the enrol
ment of appropriation acta approved March third,
eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, be, and the
same are hereby, as amended, made valid portions
of the acts from which they were omitted, viz:
In the "act making appropriations for the leg
islative, executive, and judicial expenses of the
government for the year ending the thirtieth of
June, eighteen hundred and seventy," after the
proviso to the paragraph commencing "For sala
ries and expenses of collectors, assessors, assistant
assessors, revenue agents," Ac., insert : "Provid
ed further. That after the passage of this act the
proprietors of all internal revenue bonded ware
nouses shall reimburse to the United States the
expense and salary of all storekeepers or other
offioers in charge of uch warehouses, and the
Same shall be naid into tha treasurr a.nri unnni.
ed for like other public moneys." , .
In the "act making appropriations for sundry
civil expenses of the government for the year end-
I not to purchase any of the following notes
of hand, executed to Samuel Wilson, at a sale
near Brownsville, Linn county, Oregon, on the
21st day of October, 1868, signed and secured as
T. P. Dinwiddie .
Win. C. Baird ....
J. II. Wilson
Ely Davis
T. X. Foster ,
Win. Wigle..
L. Hasbrook
James Keruey
Robert Crawford..
as said notes of hand have been lost br. or stolen
from, the undersigned, and he will proceed to col
lect tno amounts ot the said several notes when
A liberal reward will be paid to the person re
turning any one or all of said notes to the under
signed at Brownsville, Oregon.
Brownsville, April 30, 18fi9-3ati
John Wilson.
J. II. Wilson.
Wm. C. Baird.
T P. Dinwiddie.
T. P. Dinwiddio.
IV. 33.
Twenty-five Cents Per Dozen
Paid for fre3h Eggs, for the next thirty days,
TSTo. 1 Butter
In good demand, at tho CASH STOKE, at
Twcnty-fivo Cents Per Pound. -
Albany, May 1st, 1863-34
Old Opthalmic Doctor, S. C. Or olden.
Dr. GOLDEN has had experience in treating
the various diseases to which tb mye and ear arn
subject, and feels confident of giving entiro satis
faction to those who may place tnemselves under
his care.
Albany, AprU 30, 1369-31y
not to trust or harbor my wifo, Martha M.,
on my account, as she has. left me and eloped
witn a scounarei oy tne namo ot j. j. ueid.
Brownsville, April 25, 1869-34ml
House, Sign & Carriage Painter, More tfian 1,090,000 Persons
I : RporlAllhninnv ti ttin WiiirI(irii1 rinpnttva
n i r - .. . . I "
raiFciuaiigia, uiazing-, uaisomxne, etc.
Country orders punctually attended to.
First street, next door to Twecdale t Co.'s.
May 8, 1869-35tf
Effects of
ill &ry 7 Us
S,3 u
-3 a
- h3
-3 o
o a a
Washing- Clothes Without Labor.
Automatic Clothes-Washer
Does this without any wear and tear, and does the
work in from
Twenty to Thirty IVIinntes!
and will fit any stove or range. They are ueed
extensively in the East, and the following will
show how they are regarded :
From the Toledo Commercial, April 22d. 1S69 :
.iTl 4 . - ... 1 . i ... . . . .
-jLuo Auioniano glomes- w asaer. Tne new
method of washing clothes without labor as done
by tho "Automatic Clothes Washer and Boiler.'
n attracting, as might naturally be sunno-ed. a
good deal of attention. This remnrkable machine
continues to show to astonished visitors, whose
numbers are daily increasing, how simply and
easuy a large ciays warning can be ettcctually ac
complished in comparatively short time by thil
From the Cleveland Plaindealcr, March 12th,
isoi : -xne Automatic Clothes Washer. Noth
ing in tne way 01 a patent has for a lonir time
awakened such a general interest, as tho above
named invention. Washing without Jaborbv the
meic lurcu ui iicai, is a s:cp so important and new
that it naturally excites a great deal of inouirvJ
The genuine merit, the cheapness and simplicity, j pies. Eruptions, or Sores ; cleanse it when you
must make it an article of universal use, and those find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins :
seeding an investment caunot do better than to
look into it.
For sale by
6 a inanuracuirea irom tho native -! m
M .2 -neros anu noots of California, are -5,5
The Great Blood Purifier.
For Inflammatory and Chronic Rheumatism and
Crout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bilious, Re
mittent and Intermittent Fevers, diseases of tho
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bit
ters have been most successful. Such diseased
are caused by vitiated blood, which is gener
ally produced by derangement of the Digestive
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever toc find
its impurities bursting through the skin in Pim-
May 8, '69-3m35 First street, Albany.
Manhattan Life Insurance Co.,
Assetts $6,000,000
Annual Income 2,500,000
Surplus over Liabilities
la nr. k a than ,
Any other Company doing Business
Advantages to Insurers.
Smallest liatio of mortality.
Expenses less than anu Cash Company.
Liberal modes of Payment of Premiums.
Insurers receive the Largest Bonus ever
ill kinds of Non-Forfeiting Life and
Xsiutoicment I'oltctes Issued.
Policies Incontestible.
All Endowment Policies and the Non-
Forfeit'tng Life Policies. Non-Forfeit-
able after one fayment.
The following are examnles of the nnerationa
01 me last dividend: Policies issued in IS60,
only lour years ago :
Age at Amount Premium Added to Total Ain't
Issue. Insured. Paid. Policy. Policy.
This is an entirely new plan, giving Insurers
the largest return ever made by any Company in
the same period.
The Company give credit when desired, of from
33 to 50 per cent, of premiums. ;
An illustration of the advantages of the credit
system as practiced by this Company, is the case
of II. C. Coe, of Yonkers, who insured his life in
this Company for $5,000, in February, 1857, pay
ing tbe whole premium in cash, $118 ; at the end
of the first year it was impossible for him to raise
the amount of the premium then due, in cash, and
he came to the office prepared to surrender the
policy. Being told that he could give his note
tor the premium, he did so. His death occurred
cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will
tell you when. Keep the blood healthy, and all
will be well.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers.
r. 11. Mcdonald & co.,
Corner Pine and Sansome streets, San Franciseo,
Ual. and aacramento, Cal., and 31 Piatt
aprl7-69 street, N. Y. 32m8
Willamette Valley and Cascade
Mountain Wagon Road.
To Deschuttes River :
Four Horso or Mulo team..'. $t 50
Two " ' " 3 0t
One " ' " 2 00
Ox teams, three yoke 4 50
For every additional yoke 50
Loose horses, per head ........ 25
" cattle, per bead 15
" sheep or hogs 3
Teams returning empty, half price.
Pack animals, loaled. 50
unloaded ... 25
Horso and rider- 1 00
To Fish Lake :
Four horse or mule team, each way.......... 2 00
Two " ".-.." 1 50 .
One " " 1 00
Pack animals, loaded 50
unloaded......... , 25
Horse and rider 75
Ox team, three yoke 2 00
To Upper Soda Springy:
Four horse or mule team, out aud back...... 2 50
Two "..- " . 2 00
One " ' " - ' . j oo
Horse and rider, " ...i. 50
Loose animals, " . 25
Ox teams the same as horso teams. (
W. W". Parrisit, Pres.
See.' ' ' '.:;':. j.-
March 20, 1869-28 . , ,
For Sale. -:
IN this city, a good new dwelling witj '11 the
necessary outbuildings, and four lots, about
in less than seven months. His family are now I twenty minutes walk from the steamboat landing,
in the enjoyment of the amount insured, nad I For particulars inquire at the office of tha P.
he insured in an "all cash" Company, they would I T. Company, ot J. B. MONTEITH.
havo been left unprovided for.
This is, in itself, a complete refutation of the
absurd statement f all cash" Companies, that
it is injurious for the insurer to havo the power to
give a note under any circumstances.
CP. FERRY, Gen. Agent.
A. J. GROSS, Special Agnt. ma8m3 -
Albany, January 30, 1869-21
I City, Oregon. Charles W. Richardson vs.
John C. Norman. To the said John C. Norman:
You are hereby notified that under date of May
9th, 1868, the Commissioner of the General Land
office affirmed the decision of this office allowing
the Homestead Entry of said Richardson upon
the S i of N W i and N i of S W i of Section 15
T. 10 S. R. 1 E., embraced in your pre-emption
filing of Sept. 20, 1859, and that you will be al
lowed thirty days from service hereof in which to
take an appeal.
OWEN WADE, Register.
Jan. 23, 1869-my8w435
$50.00 I I:
at - . i . . : ; m .--s,.,?-;. vif-v vr :.'
Philadelphia Boot Store, (. I , - ,
No. iw Front Street.
Opposite MoConaick's Book Slot, i? .31
Jan 9-69-18 ; PorUand. Owo. ,'