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    SAT L' 11 DA 31 ARC LI 13, lSG.
Pa R a oiiapus A ifdy J oh nson
tUeWMvt, the telegraph Informed m on
the 9th, has declined the appointment cf'
Secretary of the Treasury, and the Fresi-
; dent has accepted the decliaatio::. Mr.
to have a reception and bancjuct ou the souted coulJ Le overcoJne by
11th ,n Laltuhore. able personal sacriSco, he would cheer-
Secretaries Lovie and Cox, and Post- i r.,11.. ,. i. , r, ? , , ., ,
.. lul0 "ie t- It is said uy those who
master Ocnera I Lieswell, took charire of ... ,n i .? . , ,
. ' . T w . are well mtoriiiel iu the matter, that, at
- i, tl.e very lowest estimate, six million of
,7.lf ifj V....... I ...t $ . .i
"u ut-c-ii rcasizeu iu me
charities of Xew York, by the means
Stewart proposed, within four years. A
law of Congress, passed in 1798, prohib
its any person engaged iu trade from act
ing as Secretary of the Treasury.
News from Havana to the 10th, states
that the insurgents were burinti'' the
plantations anil -scattering general ties-
truction iu the vleiuity vl" Mauzauillo :
and bantu Crux. j
-In the case of" Jas. Connolly, on trial ;
;Mu Portland for tLe murder ol V. it. I ' vo Jkths. The four Stages, New
".V'iim'r-'BuctsLm Uill'-S. thft ii.rv l.r.m..l.t i Yolk Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.
'" iu a verdict of "guilty of murder iu the I C3st a11 3SSrcgate vote of 2,470,527 at
eecoud degree. I thu liitc Presidential election. If the to-
: t t-'l population of these four States has
' i lncrea&cu in the usual vrorortion with
the New Ilamshire State election, show
; a smaller vote than, in Noverbcr, but i'u-
dicate aa.mereased Republican majority
. over last March. Sterns is most likely
elected Governor by 3,000 majority,
wkn a full llepublican delegatiou to Con
gress. The Republican majority iu tha
. Legislature is large. Ilor!
The Pollard Mirdeu. Grant, the
" person charged with the killing of Rives
Pollard, at Richmond, (Vu.), some time
ago, has been tried, a verdict of not
guilty rendered by the jury, and dis
charged from custody.
" .
Idlers not to be Tolerated.
President Grant says he will not tolerate
idlers in any department of the Govern
ment. The people are too poor to pay
salaries as a mere bonus to professional
politicians. u
their voters, thev now contain .1 mmnli.
tion uf 12,353,083 or one-third of the
total estimate for the whole Union, which
is 38,000,000. The increase in the ag
gregate vote in four years is put down at
1(51 per cent.
After the Officials. The Yol
'Mail seems to be after the Copperhead
Judge and District Attorney of Yolo
county. Iu its last issue, after alluding
to some convictions under the Gambling
Act, it says : "Wewill contiuue to expose
rillainy wherever we find it, no matter
whether concealed under the judicial
ermine, or cloaked under the garb of
religion, er other social prestige.
Hotel for Working Women.
Ni'.Vrii 1TI5MM,
-Mary D. Moss, cfG ran t eou.-.fv, from
much study of the Bible went crazy, and
has been sent to the Insane A?yluui at
East" Portland.
The Orejonian .f,ys Fred. Currier is
going to make the trip from Portland to
California ou a velocipede. There is a
wager of 1,000 depending ou the re
sult, j
They arc blessed with a velocipede iu
Salem. j .
The wife of V,', Vv. Chapman, of
Poitland, broke her right arm 'ouo night
last week, by falling over a barrel hi the
yard, which, owing to the-darkness, she
did not see in tin.e.
From the Eugeue Journal wo learn
that ou the 3d iust., Mr. Steventon ot
that place got his hand sc'vsrely totn by
a circular saw in the machine shop
ot Lherry !; Irving.
tons of freight
About four hundred
ene, await-
Alex. T. Stewart, of New York, has com
menced the erection of an immense hotel,
with a front of two hundred feet oa
Fourth Avenue, extending between
Thirty-second and Thirty-third streets.
The property will be managed in the in
terest of the working women, and board
bs furnished 33 cheaply as possible.
A hog, weighing 200 pounds, was killed
at Nevada, California, the other day, and
oa cleaaiajr him a circular bone from a
from a round steak was found deeply im
bedded iu the flesh around one of the
hind legs above the hoof. The hog
stepped through the bone when small,
and it remained there without being
noticed, though . the hog hag been
lame for some time from the effects cf
the pressure upon its leg.
A Good Lav,'. la orcfar to put au
end to the possibility of the many poison
ings now becoming so common, tha Lei--islature
of New Jersey propose to pass a
bill with the following provisions, viz :
That medical prescriptions shall be
prepared by none others than, first, those
who have studied and passed an examin
ation iu the art of compounding drugs;
second, or those who have graduated a3
physicians and had one year's experience
in a drag store; third, or those who have
passed an examination by a medical
society or a pharmaceutical college ;
fourth or those who have had ten year's
experience as apothecaries, without faults
of a serious nature.
V r Command of tub Army. la obedi-
enco to au order from the President,
&ea. SbermuulKis assumed command of
the armyj-lle lias-appointed Townsend,
Adjutant General ; Marey, ' Inspector
General ; Meigs, Quartermaster General;
-.Eaton, Commissary General.
V Tki Be- John, A. Scott, of West Vii
t gloia, has invented a camera fur taking
; photograph of the earth's surface from
oy desired height. It is sent up by a
Walloon, with a clock work" to open aud
. skat it at the right elevation, au4 when
i pulled &wa tho impression is done.
u muu-u t id wiii off 01 great use in
war. -
.The Lieutenant Gcneraley has been
A r 1 : .1 . T-vl - r-. .
wuicitru upou me gaiiant trau. fineri
dan,"who has successfully quelled the In
dLit difficulties on the plains, and has
been sent by President Grant, to take
command at r CXT Orleans. Ife will nnv?
- be in position to settle his account with
those red hot rebels of Louisiana.
' Nf Quorum. A telegram from In
dianopolis, Indiana, dated March 5th,
informs us that the Democratic members
of the Icdiana Legislature had resigned
in a body to prevent the passage of the
fifteenth amendment. The Governor
immediately issued a proclamation for a
special election in the vacant districts.
The twenty-three i Republican members
meet every day and adjourn, but tran
sact do business.
Governor Henry A. Wise, of Virginia,
in one of his recent long-winded letters
on the late rebellion, reconstruction, &c,
utters the following, which is very good
indeed, considering its source : "For
"Jjselt, I praise God for the war every
day, notwithstanding its disaster and
death, as special providence, indispensable
to free me andxny heirs forever from the
weakness, if not wickedness, of Africian
slavery' - s r
Wjbll Pot. A lady in Philadelphia
quotes a "notice," in the announcement
of a grand ball at the Academy of Music:
"Females of aa equivocal character will
.be rigidly excluded." Why not apply
the same rule, she asks, to males of an
equivocal character? The question i
well put.
Military Appointments. The fol
lowing appoiatmenU to heads of .Military
Fnue were made by the Presi
dent on March 6th : Gen. A. H. Terry,
department of the South ; Gen. Meade
Military Division of the Atlantic, with
headquarters at Philadelphia; Gen
PhU. Sheridan, Department of Louisi
ana ; Gab. Hancock, Department of Da
fcota -1 Gen. Canny, Pirst MUitary Dis
trict of Virginia, and Gen. Gilleni, bf
tb -24th . Infantry, is tranafftrr u
- - w A. iiC
Fifth District, according to Brevet rank
of Major General. v v
RlPKBT.--Seeretary.Washburne re
signed bis seat in the House oa the Oth
inst. - ; v 7ZZ- . .
Bio Tuinq. A gentleman at Grass
Valley, furnished a friend with the means
to go to White Pine, and locate ground
for hiis. The Vv'hite Pine locator soon
after wrote to hisorreZ as follows :
This is certainly one of the richest
countries oa the globe, and were I to tell
you half of what have seen, you would
not believe it. I have made a number of
locations for you, all of which are sood.
and I think I will be able to get away
with at least S2,000,000 for you and me
in the SpriDg. Money is very scarce
and there is much suffering here. The
weather is extremely cold and but little
work is being done. Send me 8100, im
mediately by return express as I wish to
buy into a claim on Chloride Flat, which
is fabulously rich valued from 100,000
to $z,vuu,uuv.
Not Afraid. A correspondent of the
Sacramento Record writing from Carson
City concerning the doings of the Nevada
Legislature, says.
There have been Democrats who were
afraid negroes would marry their sisters
There are Democrats who are not afraid
Chinamen will. One of them has intro
duced a bill in the Legislature "To pro
vide for the carrying out of the provbions
of Section Seventeen of Article4 One of
the Constitution of the State of Nevada,"
which section reads : "Neither slavery
nor involuntary servitude, unless for the
punishment of crimes, shall ever be tol
erated in. this State." The object of his
bill, though not conceived in a spirit of
patriotism and humanity, is to destroy
the Collie system in this State among
Chinese. Just think of it a dyed-in
the-wool Democrat rushing to the van in
the advocacy of. Chinese equality. -Let
us pause, and reflect.
A disease similar to the "blind stag
gers" is making havoc among the cattle
in Los Aogelea eounty, California.,
There is now a force of one hundred
infantry at Fort Churchill. f . -
lie in the warehouse "at
iug shipment. V
Onc hundred aud sixty-two and a half
dollars was the result of a concert, given
ia behalf of the Episcopal Church, in
Eugene City, ou the i.ight of the 5th.
From the Jacksonville Snlinel we
learn that Dave Miller of that city has
made a velocipede, ou which the ladies
are offered a free Tide, if they can over-
j come their scruples against riding cs
meu do.
The same paper under date of March
Gth, ays : A week ago yesterday, J.
M. Mclntire, of Butte Creek, undertook
to lead two horses while mounted on a
third, and carrying a loaded rifle. One
of the horses became restive, and iu try
ing to subdue him the rifle was in some
way discharged, seriously wounding two
fingers of the rider's right baud. The
patient was doing well. The farmers
throughout Jacksonville county have
about finished putttng iu giain for this
teasou. A very large area has been
J. W. Johnson, cf the McMinuville
Courier, has issued a Democratic Review
of Democracy a pamphlet of 53 pages.
"Garden ttuek" has appeared iu the
markets of Salem.
Fifty deeds had beea filed in the
Clerk's ofaeo of Marion county between
the 1st and the Oth iustants. These
deeds pass the title to lands valued at
Two portions of the skcletoa of a
inastadon were f und near Campoeg, on
the Willamette river, last week. So says
the Vuiumst.
The Salem Caionist says : Oa Sun
day last Mr. Wilhby, of Bethel, Polk
count', was stauding- near his team,
which started to run off. 31 r. W. seized
the lines and wa3 dragged scuie distance,
and thrown against some obstructions, by
which his leg received a compound frac
ture below the knee. The lame tone
was broken in two places, and the smail
bone in one place. D'3. Carpenter and
Bond were called to the patient's assist
ance, who set the bones, and at last ac
counts he wa3 doing as well as could be
siaut during tha entire night and great
eon.-1 rna'irn prevailed. The weatlur
was iuNTii-ely cold and the wind blew a
gile. Fears were cntertaino 1 cf a general
conflagration. The fires were not con
fined to any particular place, but oe e-irred
at the same time at every dUtrict. The
firamen were coiup!etely exhausted with
cold aud fatigue. The bodies of four men
who fell with a roof into the fire ou (.'anal
street were c-xhumcd this morning, burn
ed out of the semblance of humanity.
New York, Mareh 7. The IIcruM'
correspondent at Fort Hays s,y 3 : "The
ludian war is ended. Sheridan .and stuff
arrived this' afternoon from Medicine
Bluff creek. Custar with the 7ih cavalry
and 19th Kansas volunteer!, will remain,
with orders to move to Camp .Supply
and form a junction with Beaver. At
Wolf river an.iirs are highly satisfactory;
the condition of the Indians h is convinc
ed ' they can find protection at
any season of the year. The campaign
has proved a salutary lessoa. There "is
not a hostile Indian in the Department of
Missouri. The refractory tribos are en
tirety subdued. The troops aro in fine
health. The General, before reaching
there, met a courier sent l.iui with a
telegraphic announcement of his promo
tion to the Lieutenant Generalcy. IIo
leaves to r.iorf ow for Washington, where
ho has been summoned by telegraph.
It is stated that several "boxes of
guineas of the coin of Geo-ge III. have
been recovered froia the wreck of the
British frigate Jfiuisa,; sunk iu the East
river iu 178 i.
Akron, Ohi.i, March 7. A conflagra
tion has destroyed all the buildings on
the south side of Market street, between
Canal and High streets. Loss, 8100.-
'xhe report prevails that Gen. Scho NEW TO HAY
held will be assigned to the command f j ; . z:..:::. zr:zcrz.:-
Washington, March S. Among the
appropriations secured were 3175,000
for Pacific Coast Surveys, S13,00 for
North-westera Boundary Commission,
8159,000 for the San Francisco Mint,
550,000 for rcpairsof Custom House, S10,
000 for the Hayden geological survey of
the Territories, 810,000 for Raymond's
mhiinf stfititii' Si OOU f
O J " - v w 1 UlU VI .
the surveyors of California and Arizona. .i
i-nn:-i 1- 1 anil
the PaciScj coast in place of Gc-ncrul Ila!-
Atlanta, March ' 11. The Govern
or's message strongly ures the latiSea
tion of the amendment, a the best moan.?
to secure full recognition us a State.
The amendment was made the special
order in the House to day, and iu the
Senate on Friday.
General Sherman's first oid. r absorb
ing all the heads of bureaus of the War
Department into his (the General's) staff,
causes great commotion iu tho War De
partment. This greatly simplifies mili
tary operations and enables commanders
of departments to control tho operations
of quartermasters aud the other staff offi
cers of their commands. The order also
proposes economy. "
Chicago, March 10 A man named
Jas. Finn, his wife and two children, were
found locked up in their house yesterday.
The three latter were dead, aud they
were already beginning to decompose.
Finn, also, was in the" agouies of death,
and it is supposed that ail were poisoned
by arsenic, but by whom or for what
reason, is a complete mystery. j'
Bosto.v, March 10. A real prize
fight between two women, according to
the rules of tho pi ize ring, except that
hair pulling and biting were allowed, oc
curred at Komeville, Massachusetts, early
Monday morning. The womeu were clad
iu garters, stockings and drawers. It
was only until after the twenty-first round
that one of them begged her seconds iu
God's name to take her away.
Stearns' majority in tho State of New
Hampshire will probably be 4,000.
Chicago, March, 9. Dr. Christian
Porshey, one of the most highly respected
citizens of Muscatine, Iowa, was mur
dered to-day by a German named Mowry,
with whom Pershey had some lawsuits.
Public excitement is very great aud
threats are made to lynch Mowry.
Small Foot. Mrs. President Grant
is said to have the daintiest fojt of auy
lady ia Washington. She wears one
J.'ows & 0.,
cmuinue the uusims", and they in vita all ta
give tlioiu a i-iili. .JTher wilt b conxtantl re
ceiving 5.o(li from San Francisco, nl will twp
ft general assortment of
JDry CIooiI--,
Hard ware,
And offer inducement to itK.inr rr cujtoner.
All per.'ons owing the firm of J. Barrow
Co., will p7eaif call and settle. Either member
or tho firm ia authorized t j ssttU any acoount ef
tho C.
Albany. March C, 1S59-26
New 15iscovcry.
m luastJirnus can be cored by ninr Dr.
MJ J. v. .Hurray's Lung and Liver
Halsam. if taken in time. It i a snro remedy
for all chronic diseases of this cst aud Female
complaints no prevalent in this climate.
ben tcst:momuld and circulars
each bottle.
S 12,000 for machinery and S74,0C0
wages j.r Carson Jim t.
Cuk-aoo, March, f?. The Rcm1,U
can's Washington special says iu the
organization committee it is agreed that
the report will be submitted to the lie
publican Senatorial Caucus to-day.
The Foreiga Committee remains un
changed except that young IJayard takes
the place of hi!) father.
In the Committee on Finance Feutou
succeeds Morgan and a Democrat suc
ceeds Henderson.
Fessenden succeeds Morrill 33 Chair
man of the .Appropriation Committee,
with Grimes, liowe, Wilson, Conkling
and a Democrat associate.
Trumbull remains Chairman of the
Judiciary Committee, Carpenter succeeds
Froliughuysen, Thurman succeeds Hen-
Telegrahlc Summary.
New York, March C There i3 a
general disappointment about the Cabinet,
accompanied with the hope that it will
prove efficient.
Washburne, it is believed, will resign
soon for the French mission.; ' Hamilton
Fish, it is thought, will succeed him.
BtWie's health will probably compel a
declination. Conness wants a foreign
mission, i I '
The announcement in Wall street of
the Cabinet appointment of Stewart, oc
casioned a fall of one per cent, on gold
and an advance on Government bonds,
owing to his well known views of con
traction and resumption of spceie pay
.meats. The Cabinet, otherwise, wa3 re
ceived with surprise. ( .
Baltimore, JMarcb, b.-y-About one
hundred Cuban refugees arrived on the
steamer Cuba yesterday. , - t ' . -.
Chicago, March 5. A terrible acci
dent happened at the fire to-night in' a
large planing mill. Eleven firemen were
on the roof managing the hose, when the
roof fell precipitating four into the burn
ing mass below. The rest clung to the
edge of the building and were rescued.
The weather is intensely cold.
The Times says the country will be
disappointed at the Cabinet, and is not
equal in point of capacity to Johnson's at
the close of his term, and is much weaker
than Lincoln's at any time.
The Republican criticises the Cabinet
unfavorably. It cannot find that all
possess character for competency and
faithfulness, notwithstanding the prompt
endorsement of the Senate. It particu
larly deplores the appointment of Stewart.
There is nothing in his history to show
success as a finance minister. . It doubts
the wisdom of the selection of Wash
burne. v
The Tribune commends the appoint
ments generally, particularly of Stewart,
Washburne and Cox. It thinks they
will be received with general satisfaction.
Chicago, March 6. -There were nine
different fires in , this- city during last
night, ' involving an aggregate loss of
9100.00'J. ino alarms were almost oon-
driehs. The Chairmanship of the Com
mittee on Territories has been given to
Nye, in place of Yates. Fowler ha3 been
thrown out and Howard substituted in
the Pacific Railroad Committee, Howard
retains the Chair. Fcnton replaces Coa
ness. Sherman, Ramsey. Stewart, liar
Ian and Drake are Mining Committee.
vvuiu lakus pusiiiun 01 ,na. r owler
has been removed from the Chairmanship
of Jingrossed Bills, and the place assigned
to Mr. Ross. KdmuDds succeeds ran
Winkle us Chairman of Pensions, Fowler
being no longer considered a Republican.
Some have decided to request his absence
from the llepublican caucuses, as he is
no longer recognized- as a Republican
Speaker Blaine is arrangingthe House
Tho 2'ribune's special says Adolph
Bovie is a member of the firm of McKean,
Bovie & Co., importers and shipping mer
chants. Ho is a native of Philadelphia,
of French extraction, rnd, 50 years old.
Ho had been engaged for thirty years in
the China silk trade, importing for Cuba
and Mexico as well as for Philadelphia.
He is out of active business aud is uni
versally esteemed for purity and integrity
of character. It is doubtful if he wi I
accept the office.
Since the President's message was
sent to the I Senate asking tho repeal of
the law relative to the Secretaryship,
there has been much consultation "of
members of Congress upon the subject.
Some Republicans declare they will vote
for tha resolution asked. Others express
reluctance, but will do nothing to embar
rass the President at the commencement
of his administration. Stewart had a
consultation with various Senators to-day.
Probably the President will withdraw
his message and Stewart will resign and
leavo the President free to make another
appointment. On account of the amount
ot' business before Congress, the session
is unlikely to be short.
Johnson and wife are still here. It is
expected ho will, by invitation of the
authorities of Baltimore, visit that oity
on Wednesday, and return to Washing
ton and then leave for his hotne in Ten
nessee. Washington, March 11. Binkley,
Deputy Commissioner of Internal Reve
nue, resigned. 1 Binkley attempted to as
sault Rollins in the streets this morning,
but the latter escaped. Binkley. soon
afterwards knocked Mr. Harlan down and
beat him, but tho crowd interrupted him.
The President has sent the following
nominations to the Senate to-day, nil of
which are confirmed: Hamilton Fish,
Secretary of State; Mr. Boutwell, Secre
tary of the Treasury; Gen. Rawlings,
Secretary of ' War i E. B. Washburne.
'Minister to France; D.- C. Curtain, Min-
lster to uussia. . . ,
a-half caiters.
The Honolulu Advertiser recently iu
speaking of American affairs says :
''Grsnts utterances arc as eagerly watched
a3 ever were those of Napoleon' the
A Portland mechanic has made a fine
cambric needle, which can be unscrewed,
and which contains, in a hollow within,
another similar needle.
Alaska has a base ball club. Frocopi
Kiokak is the first base and Mr. Komoi-
pcehusattr!gco is pitchc".
Sun Francisco market- quotations re
main about tho same as at our last: -
Flour Superfine, 4 G2J4 25; ex
tra, 85 50((i)o 62 J.
Wheat Food milling, 81 62(;1 65 :
dan fa tiara, fel 00; . common to fair.
81 50l 50; best sample, 81 G01
Barley Quoted at 82(2 15.
O-its range from 81 75, for 1-srht, to
10 ior cnoi.e; Oregon, 3 lo(g2 20.
JLI3T Of I.ETTIiKS Keumining in the
Post Oilko at Bcio, Linu county, Oregon. March
2d, 1860 : .
Drure, Mrs A L
lirasCeld, T A
Btelf-r, John X
Ucllingcr, H
Bostwii-k, Ifcwton
Cole, WD
Carpenter, J
Cmlfc, C T
Chas?, Sidney
Crabtrce, George
Carey, Elsia
Dclaucy, UaTii.1
Darby, Wm II
Dicker, Francis M 2
Frrdcn burgh, Eli M
FoJlif, II J
Frost, G T
Holinin, Miiis Marth.i
Higgins, Elijah
McDonalJ, Boa
Mullen, Alexin
King. Samuel
Phillips. Uonry
Pottt-r, Vt'ut "
Ri'.ej-, John .
Ray, Ym
Sampler, Jliss A 3
Simons, Sirs A K
Smith, Lncioas
Toler, Thomas
Tarplcy, James
Weston, George
William, A B 2
Williams, Miss Martha
Wooil, Da-iJ
Wilson, John
Young:, Miss Lucy
leonwii, Amaada E
Flax Seed Agency.
Sole Agent for Orcg-on.
March 13, '69-27 . Albast, Oon.
the U. S. Internal Revenue Law, for Divis
ion No. 5, consisting of Linn, Lane and Benton
counties in the District of Oregon, will be open
for public examination and correction at my office,
in Eugene City, from the 12th day of March to
the 22d day of March. 1869 where all persona
claiming deductions or abatement of taxes, in
consequence of erroneous assessment, must d so
in writing before the expiration of this notice, as
no deduction will bo allowed after the list is closed
and turned over to the collector.
Eugene City, tho 10th day of Mareh, 1869.
. ; U. S. Assistant Assessor,
ml3n27 5th Div., Dist. of Ogn.
Such as Chairs, Table., Bedsteads, Wash
stands, etc. ; Crockery, Carpets, Bedding, Looking-glasses.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, and in Ft any
thing in the line of house-keeping, are invited to
caU at the residence of J. B. Sprenger, and make
your selection, as he will sell every thln aaed
from the fire that destroyed the Pacifie Hotel at
tho very lowest rates, fop a few days. 'Call early
and get the first choice. . :. -t : : f
Residence on Seeond Street, 'West of Washing
ton, Albany, Oregon. .. .. J. B. SPRENGER.
For Eradicating Pain,
Dr. J. W. Murray's
It cures Rheumatism, Paralysis, Neuralgia,
Gout, Headache, Tooth;u be. Sore Throat. Dip
thcria. Colic, Cronp, CboU ro. Pains in Uie Brasf,
Fcllons, Corns and Chilblains.
Can bo obtained of Draggiots generally on this
coast, put op iu half and dollar bottles.
All orlcrs addressed to Dn. J. W. MURRAY.
Portland, Oregon.
MediCAt Depot 106 Front street. '
Medicines sent everywhere by Express.
March 6, 1S69-25
(Successors to L. B. Bcachlcy k Co.)
Mo. 3 anl 5 Front Street, near OXarfeet,
- . f
' i
American, English and German J
Agricultural and Micing Tools, j
Rope, Steel, Powder, Ftaee, Snot.
Lead, Etc., Etc.
-- Xj & o-.
nZsAntacturers and Proprietors of tn
Submerged DovMe-Actliip
force ' Finn PS,
Patented by J. A. Morrefl,
October 29, 1S67.
Agents wanted for this coast. County ruth'
for sale.
March 6, '65-Cm2 1 -:
at -i.. . ? :
Pbiladelpnia Boot Store,
No. II Pront Streets -Opposite
McCormiek'a Book Store,
Jan 9-09-18 Portland rw-.I
, " -wawgWM.
NOTIC&., ;
Ouardian's Sale.
.1. Vu Co,lntJ Courtof Polk county, Oregon,
at the February term, 1869. 1 will, on
luesaay, 30lh day of March. 186ft.
at 10 o clock A. M. of said day, at the door of
the Court House in Albany, Linn eounty, Oregon.
"'I f pubsli0 ucU. following de-
1. n?ITWd one-tenth part of the donation
land claim of John Ingram and Larris' Ann In-
ueceasea, claim .Mo. being part of e
uons 1, 2, 11 and 12. townshin is south nM a
west j also part of sections I and 12, township 18
south range 4 west, commencing at Henry Hays'
uuu iauu tiMia Boum-flui corner, uieaoereaet
81 rods, thence north 2041 rods, than ina
rods, thence south 71 rods,' thence east "48 rods,
thence south 1331 rods to the place of lMginninr ,
mv.d v. tuo ouuura 294 acres, 160 aerei of -this
it. subject to the life estate. r jLv-
leaving 193 aewselear of nyinembiwne. '
ur --unneaBtategoldeolni
A- s- ttXLTONOnardiin.
of Frascis M, Hahiltok. ;
'Brnosr W. HAirn-Toy,
V x. ", i - " MetMfA Jf. H AHI1.TOX.
Febnary 15, lS63-24w4 , ' N: r