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    Telegraphic Summary
Letter t'Vm . Ulmnivcrat "Au:i
S AT U K 1 ) A Y , I E li II U A 11 Y G, i860.
Albany Collegk. The next term
of the Albany College will open on Mon
day Sth inst. Rev. R 11. Geary, Pres
ident, and Mr. Finlayson ami Mrs.
BushnelL Assistants.
Latest Telegrams.
The House of Congress, on the 2d,
passed a bill giving pensions to the
widows of Generals Bid well and Hick
man. A bill to establish a bridge over
East river, between the cities of New
York and Brooklyn, passed.
The President has nominated Thomas
S. "Wilson, of California, Minister to
Th3 Secretary of the Interior states
that 23,000,000 acres of public lands
have been certiSed to, to States Territo
ries and corporations, for railroads, ca
nals, etc., to date.
Gen Grant is reported as strongly in
favor ci the constitutional amendment
granting impartial suffrage, which passed
the Honsa on the 30th of Jan.
The House Committee on Elections
have reputed adversely to the admission
of the ninth member from Tennessee.
Full particulars of the disaster ac Dan
bury, Connecticut, state that the .upper
reservoir, which was forced to give way,
is situated 250 feet above the level of
he river, which runs through the
town. Tlio distauce from it was about
five- miles.. The loss of property by
the torrent is estimated at $100,000.
Thirteen lives were lost. Only five bodies
have been recovered. Others are
supposed to be lodged under the cakes of
ice and timbers which swept down the
stream for a great distance. Three
dams and Sve bridges were swept away.
Danbury would now bothctpfees it case of
fire. r
"West passed through St. Albans on
the 2d, and reached House's Point on the
3d. lie seemed confident of his ability
to make up for lost time. He has lost
six pounds of flesh since leaving Bangor.
It is reported that the college building
at Adrian, Michigan, was partially de
stroyed by fireoa he
contents were saved.
building is $20,003 .
Craigville, Orange county, with 500
acres of land and a cotton factory, has
been sola lor lorty thousand dollars.
Ou - the 1st an engine cn the Ch'n'
division of the B. & O. 11. It. explode 1
near Barnsville, killing the engineer and
fireman and injuring three train men.
On the 29th January at Biersburg,
(Tcnn.), five notorious horse thieves were
taken from the jail and shot to death by
the citizens. Nearly all the citizens par
ticipated in the shooting, and no attempt
at disguise was made.
The stockholders of the Pan Handle
railroad have unanimously approved the
lease ot the Columbus, Chicago and Indi
ana Central to the Pan Handle road.
On Jan. 30th at South Petersburg
three laborers were killed aud five
wounded by the premature explosion of
Mj 1,
made any such
A Washington
on the 1st
2d. Most of the
The loss on the
The Jacksonville Sentinel of last
?rday contains the following items :
Since last week we have had seven
new cases of small pox, four in the
country and three in town the latter
are little Johnny Love, W. G- T'Vault
and John Brewer. The two last were
taken yesterday. Three of the former
are in, Ball's family, and the fourth is the
wife of David Stearns on Wagner Creek
her case is said to be serious. All the
patients at the two . hospitals have been
discharged as 'convalescent. Mrs. Hew
lett, Mary Balls, the Bryant family and
Johnny Love are out of danger. Maggie
Love and a half-breed woman at Brewer's
are not expected to recover. It is hard
to say when the terrible disease will dis
appear and we again urge vaccination
and every possible precaution against
contagion. Treat every ailment with
suspicion until' satisfied that it is not
small pox. -
We hear that a very laraa amount of
ground is being broken in the valley this
winter. The season has beetf particularly
favorable for farming but so far, very
disastrous' to our mining interests for
lack of water.
The new steam saw-mill of Patterson,
Thornton and Beeson- on Wagner creek
is nearly completed. - It is expected to
be in running order next week.
The Small pox case that was reported
near Yreka last Friday ended fatally on
Tuesday, The patient was a little girl
about six years ol age. ;
The expenses of the small por epi-
. demic to this county will bo about $2,-
500. People generally consider that we
got off cheap6"' " -
Three new cases of small pox were re
ported out on the California road this
., week. The patients are the wife aud two
children of Frank Ball.
Binea mtb. Juove's death there have
Been four cases of small pox in the
samlKM,ven the little infant child
only a few months old was attacked with
it. .
The v asniugtoo . conty authorities
have signed the west side railroad bonds
to the amount of fifty thousand 41 nllnva
: One thousand dollars of the state tax
duo from Multnomah county was paid on
.Monday last ra nail-dollar pieces. They
made an extensive pile of metal.
The Unionist learns that there will r
a nev postoffice opened on Howell Prai-
e, as soon a tne oonas ot the P. M.
jshall be filed io Washington City and re
turns had, v. 1
will iu trod uce a proposition in
the House to-day that the territory be
longing to the Dominican government
shall, upon application by said BepubliCj
be admitted into the Union as territory,
of the United States, to be called the
Territory of St. Domingo, upon tsertain
terms and conditions: that the people
shall adopt a Republican form of Terri
torial government. Such action of the
people by and with the consent of the
existing government of sard Republic
aud such form of jrovemnicnt shall be
submitted to Congress for approval, and
the admission of such Territory shall be
with the view of the uhimate establish
ment of the State government, Republi
can in form, and that any other territory
in the West Indies whose people or gov
ernment shall apply far admission as ter
ritory shall be admitted upon the same
terms and conditions as stated. These
Republics arc knocking at our doors and
the question is no longer whether we
-hall buy them or protect them, whether
we will take them tor nothing-
In the House a uuaibor of bills and
resolutions were introduced, including
one by Elliot to prevent the collection of
illegal in: ports under color, of State au
thority, meaning the tax on railroad
passengers. One by Robinson for the
increase of the President's salary to $100,
000 j also to pay the sum of 75,000 to
the widow and children of President
Lincoln; by Shanks directing the Sec
retary of the Navy to deliver without cost
t the Greek Government, through its
Minister, the two monitors Juiantomah
and Aiaican; by Spaulding, a constitu
tional amendment changing the mode of
the choosing of Presidential electors, al
lowing each Congressional district to
choose an elector; by Iligby to aid the
construction of the San Diego Railroad;
also to regulate the interest of the United
States iu certain lands at San Francisco;
by Kerr allowing .ten per cent, additional
compensation to department clerks.
Tabled. By Worth a joint resolution
relating to the annexation of St. Domingo.
After a brief diseussion, tabled.
Chicago, Feb. 2. lhe Tune s special
says the transfer of the Indian Bureau
to the ar Department is likely to fail
this session, despite the wishes of Gen.
The contest for the Speakership of the
next House is becomingexciting. The
friendsof Dawes and Blain are conducting
a spirited canvass.
The House Committee of Ways and
Means will probably report favorably on
the subject ot renewing the reciprocity
treaty with Canada.
1 he Tribune s special says that not
withstanding the vote by which the reso
lution for the annexation of ban Domingo
was tabled yesterday, Judge Orth feels
confident that it can be carried through
before the close of the session.
New York, Feb. 2.- Investigations
by the revenue officers show that the
wealthy trustees of churches up town
have used money set apart exclusively
for religious purposes in investment in
stocks through their favorite brokers.
One revenue officer estimates at least
82,000,000 in church funds thus invested,
while the names of the real capitalists
never.appear public. A Baptist clergy
man is known to have speculated largely
in stocks and spends most of his time
among brokers. It is said numbers of
churches nave been mortgaged tor pur
poses of obtaining money to use in stock
The .English papers say Wen. Mix. has
succeeded in obtaining regulations dis
pensing with the necessity of passports
for Americans arriving in the South of
France. A circular from the Minister
of the Interior has been issued declaring
that 411 citizens of the A me r Lean Union
shall hereafter; be permitted to enter,
travel and sojourn in France eo the sim
ple declaration of their nationality. The
Times reccommends tnas arrangements
ha made about the proposed Alabama
treaty and that we remedy the- defect if
we are in earnest about preserving peiee.
If we want war let us be honest; if we
want peace let us embrace the opportu
nity to secure it, but let us do one or the
other and not keep the question open to
the exasperation ot the people or Doth
countries without doing good to either.
Bethel, Conn., Feb, 2. Fifteen lives
were lost yesterday by the flood and in
tense cold. Eleven bodies were recov
ered and four ara still missing. Three
men standing on the bridge watching
the water rushinz down, were carried
way before they could reach the shore
and all were drownea.
i i-tuioK- HiiC. Ti is ifl.ui iv lit;,,,, u uV
the FreucSi yuVei iimeht that the Minisi.eV
of the United States has
In the Corps Legislatif an opposition
member demanded restoration of diplo
matic relations with the Mexican Re
public, on the grjund that Freuch inter
ests suffer by their'interruption.
JlADitii), Jan. 31. The French Min
ister and the Papal Nuncio are about to
withdraw from Madrid. All the foreign
Ministers, except the Russian, have pro
tested against insults offered the nuncio.
The first business of the Constitutional
Cortez, soon to assemble, will be to es
tablish a Directory to govern the country
until a Sovereign is chosen.
London, Feb. 1. A dispatch irom
Athens dated yesterday, announces that
the majority of the Greek Cabinet have
decided to agree to the proposition of the
Paris Conference. Four Ministers vote!
for signing the Protocol and three, inclu
ding Balgaris present Minister, against.
Vienna, Feb. 1. The Reiehrath has
adopted a" bill allowing trial by jury i:
all cases of violation of laws regulating
the press.
Constantinople, Feb. 1. A tele
gram asserts that Morris, American
minister, instructed by Secretary Seward,
offered the Sublime Porle mediation of
the United States in the Grecian trouble.
An Antediluvian Giant Exumku.
From the Sauk Rapids Sentinel of Dec.
18th we clip the following narration of
the finding, in the solid rock, the remains
of a human being of gigantic proportions
the body being ten feet nine pod a half
inches in length :
While the quarrymen employed by the
Sauk Rapids Power Company were en
gaged recently in quarrying roek for the
dam which is being erected across the
Mississippi at this place they found im
bedded in the solid granite roek the re
mains ot a human being ct gigantic
stature. About seven feet below the
surface of the ground, and about three
feet and a half beneath the upper stratum
of rock, the remains were found imbed
ded in the sand which had evidently been
placed iu the quadrangular grave which
had been dug -out ot the solid rock to
receive the last remains of this antedilu
vian giant. The grave was twelve fact
in length, four feet wide, and about three
feet in depth, and is to-day' at least two
feet below the present level of the river.
The remains are completely petrified, and
are of gigantic dimensions. The head
is massive, measures thirty-one and one
half inches in circumference, but low iu
the os J'rontis, and very flat on the top.
The -femur measures twenty-six and a
quarter inches, and the fibula twenty live
and a half, while the body i.s equally
long in proportion. From the crown
of the head to the sole of the foot
the length is ten feet nine and a half
inches. The measure around the- chest
is fifty-nine and a half inehes. Tha
giant must have weighed at least nine
hundred pounds when covered with a
reasonable amount of flesh. The petri
fied remains, and there is nothing left
but the naked bones, now weigh three
hundred andfour and a quarter pounds.
The-thumb and lingers ot the lefs hand,
and the left foot, from the ankle to the
toes, are gone; but all the other parts are
perfect. Over the epulchre of the un
known aeod was placed a large flat limestone-
rock that remained perfectly sepa-
Yr..;. 'i
dit'.on to
about to start ;
y.i-y.. f . '! : aii'.itii
. ii . . , i . - ii i; it it ..: ;j .. o -N.irth
P !c is ufc length
M. Gustave Lambert has
succeded in collecting the sum he requir
ed, namely, 20,000 francs, to defray its
expenses. He is now at Cherbourg, su
perintending the equipment of his ves
sel, significantly christened La Foi, and
will sail early in the spring for his ad
venturous voyage.
Powdered Hair and Highwaymen
in London. With the appearance of
powdered hair, Loudon seeius to be re
adopting some other of the fashions of a
hundred year's ago. According to the
English journtls the streets of London
are disgraced by outrages which a little
while ago would have been considered
impossible ; and the highwaymen on the
country roads is becoming an institution.
In the neighborhood of Reading, a
mounted rubber, with pistol and all com
plete, has made his appearance, to the
consternation of the wayfarer.1'.
- Owviiee ItEM3.-Froni the Wave of
January 221:
John Gray h d his shoulder broken
by a falling rock in the' Minnesota mine
two or three days ago, '
: A gymnasium is to be organized in
Silver City.
The Flint road over the mountain be
tween there and Silver was open again.
, GoUlen Chariot stock was command
ing 857 50 in the San Francisco market
at latest dates.
Dr. F. M. Denny aud family left Sil
ver for the Jlusteru States, ,on Tuesday
morning. They go to the northern part
of Indiana, where the familv will remain
while the Dr. further tries his luck iu
the White Pine country.
The Golden Chariot Company arc
taking out rock in large quantities. The
Owyhee mill was to start on Chariot ore
yesterday- Mr. Backiuinisier, the su
perintendent, says he expect3 to make a
better shipment of bullion for January
than has hitherto been made from the
mine, and every indication points to an
increasing yield iu the future.
Chas. Wagoner, one of the men so bad-
suffbeated by the burmns of giaut
powder ou Sunday, is still suffering from
the effects, though recovering slowly.
The others are all able to resume their
regular employment.
It is believed that two thirds of the
lunatic asylums are perfectly sane.
When a person becomes too much in the
way, it is not uncommon to- apply for a
certificate of insanity, which is usually
obtained with little difficulty. And
when once confined in the asylum, a per
son is, as it wore dead; there is Jittie
hopo ot relief.'
The yellow fever continues its ravages
in Peru, and cholera still exist3 among
Brazilian troops.
The Yreka (Cal.) Union says that the
lakes in Siskiyou county are rising from
year to year. An old road traveled in
1842 is now 18 feet under water.
rated from the surrounding granite rock.
Paris, Jan. 31 The Russian gov
ernment, through its Minister at Athens,
urges Greece to accede to the proposition
the Conference of Paris.
It is rumored hero to-day, that the
government has yielded and will sign
the Protocol. n .
Paris, Feb. 1. Gen. Dix yesterday
received Hon. Anson Burlingame and
The Princess Clotilda gave a reception
this week to the Chinese Embassy.
A report is current that Gen. Dix has
i protested against the unusual honor with
Clear. Some of the Southern jour
nals have a clear understanding of the
situation, and are honest enough to tell
their readers the truth. The following
from the Alabama State Journal is brief
and pointed
Andrew Johnson did not try to restore
peace to the South. He simply joined
one party in an effort to destroy the other
which had elevated him to" power. In
stead of making peace, he aroused the
bitterest passions of the human heart.
Gen. Garnt will not be guilty of such
criminal folly. He will stitrk to the
party that elected him, and will deal
generously with the one he has defeated
if they will let him.
The Springfield Jtentiblican says of
Tucker's life of Mark M. Pomeroy:
" 'Keep what you get, ond got what you can.
That's what I call the chief end of maa.'
This maxim and 'his mother's Bible' are
the guides of Brick Pomeroy ; the native
generosity ot his c.-.aracter has. taught
him also to hate negroes, and all white
men whx began life with two suits of
clothes. lie is now thirty-five years did
the middle age of life when Dante, as he
has told us, visited hell. . That journey
Pomeroy has not yet made, but he need
not despair, nor come back to tell us the
The other day a handsome lacy, a resi
dent of Belleville (M-i) wishing to reach
home from the depot, a bachelor banter-
ingly offered to carry her home on
wheelbarrow. The maiden took him at
his word, ar.d the youth had to trundle
out a wheelbarrow and carry her home,
to the infinite amusement of. a
crowd of people.
Ashley, of Ohio, has introduced a bill
to annex the greater part of Utah Ter
ritory to Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and
Nevada. : .
A West Virginian whipped his wife,
recently, for unexampled extravagance
in eating both butter and molasses on her
In Nashville, Tenn., forty-four ladies
each got a valuable Christmas present
a husband.
A "Gay Youno Lady." "Jessie
Grant," the San Francisco correspondent
of the San Jose Mercury, thus "does up"
a noted character ot the metropolis :
"Miss Lillie Hitchcock has capped the
climax ofj her excentricities by uniting
herself in marriage with Mr. Coit and
departing for Europe the next day with
out her liesre lord. The gentleman has
white hands and no visible means of sup
port ; but the day she left Mrs. Lillie
mortaged property in her maiden name
to the value of 5,000 (so says good
athority). All of this she gave to him.
Three thousand to buy him a seat in the
Board of Biokers, and two thousand to
take him to New York, whither he has
now gone. I believe her parents were
norant ot her marriage, lhe eveut
caused several vocal exclamation points
in circles polite, but it is generally pro
nounced to be 'just like Lame Hitchcock
and there the matter ends. One of
her intimate friends says it ' is a 'mar
riage du convenianeej because in Paris
she can co where she pleases, unattend
ed, as 'Madame, but must submit to a
'chaperon' as 'Mademoiselle.' This is
hardly probable ; first, because she went
in company with her parents, and sec
ond, because she would do as she pleased
The reported salo of
mine for 3,000,000,
the Eberhart
is contradicted.
The owners could realize almost any sum
if disposed to sell. '"- '
Twenty-four thousand bushels of castor
beans were raised in Napa county, Cali
fornia, last year.
A act changing the capital from Vir
ginia City, to Colorado, has passed the
Colorado Legislature.
i By the Dozen. Cows are said to be
worth $40 per dozcu in Texas. "
A Chicago skater peforms his evolu
tions on a 200 pair of skates.
New York thieves now steal large glass
show cases from store doors.
Foot passengers now cross the Hudson
river on the ice at Albany. !
The Memphis press are discussing
whether it is felony tu be impudent to a
policeman. ' '
I A horse thief in ArkansasAwas cap
tured one day, and tried, convicted and
sentenced to the Penitentiary the next..
C.tAUi.(H-a;!i if iu the i-.rr ) - '
- vfitse S:iiit;K). tate rOr--':
; t-on, It. iil, lS6f- J
Mb. Editor: '
Polly-tick3 raged. The di.zo rolled cn.
The States Writes Dimmycrat and Poke
County Sig-Nell reached us weakly ; nnd
we occasionally borrowed a copy of tho
Lay Cros3 Dimmycrat from son.e Al
bany confederate, .which, cheered hour
depressed oues, strengthened hour fee
ble ones and reassure 1 hjur jubilant
As a criticism from a distinguished
iiidividuallike myself will doubtless bene
fit the papers just spoken of, I will con
descend to give it.
Brother Abbott, yew're too prosy. I
have many a time paitently waded
through a column and a J of your leather
pated sophistry without gettiu 1 new
idea. Yew evidently pride yewerself on
yewer Diiumycratic record. Yew
needn't. 'Taint worth a taste of toe-back-owe.
Yewer heavy on the nigger !
He's your stock inn trade. Stick two
him, and keep out of finance. Yewer
not worth a pewter dollar their. Any
school marm can beet yew at figures.
Brother Upton has become pie-us aud
wc look for improvement inn the Sig
Nell. His Democracy is gmnine. No
Whig ante-cedents their. True it con
tains many articles that air unfit too
read inn a family jcirele butt they air
mostly Dimuiyeratic ; and that's what
we want inn a noose-paper. If the deer
editor could only sea the lively joy with
which wc read his glowin' accounts of
nigger out-rages upon unoffending south
ern white folks my I wouldu't he bee
happy ? Brother Upton, take courage.
Its all the same; know matter whether
these things air true or falls ; they're
Diiumycratic ; and that's glory enough
for any paper.
Ah, Mr. EJitor : liru-Tc Pomeroy is
the Dimmycrat for us! Stu-h pictures !
Who for a moment wood look upon his
nigger likenesses without a swclhu' pride
at the glorious thought of bein' white '(
Then his pictures take sew well among
sew many of the faith-full who can't
read : Let his paper circulate among
us, and we'll have know fear butt hour
voters will stand buy us ! '-Glory halle
lujah !" (That's a coat-ation from 1 of
my nephew's letters, and of coarse it
aiut original.) Butt, too return two my
narative. The papers told us that every
thing was going Dimuiyeratic, and we be
lieved and took courage. The Mane elec
tion startled us at 1st, butt a stray copy
of the Oregonian (the Kernel brought it
two me, inclosing a bran new pipe as a
present, for which 1 hear thank him)
containing a letter from my distinguished
relative full of facts and figures, satisfied
us that Mane was awl write. Squire
No-Land couldn't sea it clearly, butt the
Kernel called him a "thick headed old
fogy," and that silenced him. Then
followed other States elections. Yew
air posted, Mr. Editor, I needn't enu
merate them. Suffice it two sav, that
things looked gloomy. If I had only bin
a man I Butt it was know use wishiu'.
I was compelled to accept the situation.
So I kep kniting socks and buying
whisky, for Jedcdiah Spooks two guzzle,
when had he bin inn my place and I
inn his, Dimmocracy might yet rain.
At least if I had bin a m:n these
Black Re-Public-Anns wouldn't crow inn
You remember that I told yew inn a
former letter that I dreamed we wear
harborin' a Judas ! Well sure enough
we wear I Won of the nameless vet
rans I told yew of inn the beginin' proved
a traitor two hour trust ; and goin'
about proselytin' for the Re-Public-Anns,
he injured us alarmingly. It was well
for him that he decamped when the
noose of hour de-fect and his perjury
came two Canada. lie maid up a big
club for the New York Tribune bee-4
he left us ; and got us two subscribe for
it buy declarin' it had changed Polly
ticks. The rascal I Wouldn't I like two
thrash him ? Their is won consolation,
however. The Tribune contains know
pictures and the voters 9-10 of them
can't read anything else.
Butt my letter grows long, Why
continue the sad retrospect? We air
beet again ; arid that write thoroughly.
Grant may die or bee assasinared butt
what hope have we inn Coldfacts ?
None ! A-lass. mv bretheren nun ! We
must work and weight. 5 Ado. ; ,
which is Ant to the illustrious '
Pastor Petroleum Verdigris Nasby.
A Pittsburgh dancing' master is ac
cused of ruining three girls.
Lexington (Ky.) is struggling to be
come the State Capital. I
Several admired .New York blonds
wear wigs or else dye their hair.
Wi Parrish- & Co,,
Corner Ferry and First Streets,
will sell their entire stock of
. and
XI .A. RD iW.A.B
-commencing on
Monday, February 29, 1869.
JAMES SHIELDS, Auctioneer.
Sale will commence on Monday morning, Feb.
rnory 22d, t 10 oV-lock, and every day thereafter
at the same hour until all lhe good are dipos.l
f. ;W. W. PAKltlSH A CO.
February 6 1869- 22
- '-.
Front and Washington Streets,
Is. P. W. Quimby, '- - - Proprietor.
(Late of the "Western Hotel.)
THIS HOUSE is the most commodioua In the
State, newly furnished, nnd it will be ths
endeavor of the Proprietor to make his guestv
coinfurtable. Nearest Hotel to the tteambout
! The Concord Coach will always be foun
at the landing, on the arrival of steamships and
river boats, carrying passengers and their bag'
gap-e to and from the boats free of charge.
HnMne supplied with I'alenl Fire KxtingHhert,
j dissolution ot Co-PartuersMp.
NOTICE is hereby given that the co-partner.
Bhip heretofore existing between J. E. Bent
ivy & Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
J. K. Uentley, Sr., will continue the. business,
nssunsing all debts outstanding against the late
frrw, and collecting all accounts due the same. -J.
Albany, January 9, 1869-18ml ..
Steamship Landing. The Hotel Coach will
be in attendance at all the Landings to convey
pasen;crs and has'gae to and from the House
JL JJrownsville, have for sale or rent
Photograph Gallery!
with all that pertains to a Gallery of ordinary sise
This is a good location for a eallerr. there be.
ing no other Gallery within fifteen miles of this
piace. ine Uallery is in good running order.
ZQ- Terms of sale or rent eay!
Apply by letter or in person to
Brownsville, February 1, 18693m22.
Flax Seed! Flax Seed!
PERSONS wishing to engage in the cultiva
tion of FLAX tho coming season, upon ap
plication at the office of Beach A Monteith, Al-
banv. Oreeon. will be fnraished with the best
variety of flax seed, on advantageous and easy
terms. .
Messrs. Beach A Monteith will contract with
parties for all the seed raised by them next season
' Tebmary 8, 1889-22
at '.!-'-'
Philadelphia Boot Store,
No. 112 Front Street,"
Opposite MeCormick's Book Storey
Jan 9-C9-1S Portland, Oregon.
all who have used them to be the
We refer with confidence to ail who have tried
them. Read the following
Ebbitt Ifoute, Washington, Den. 6, 1869.
Taos. J. Fish BR, Esq., Pre: Tucker Af a nil-
facturing Co. Dear Sir : I have now in con
stant use your ".Tucker' Patent Spring Bed ' ro,
nearly all my rooms, and am gratified to write to yoi
mat notning couia ie Detter.
Very truly your obedient servant,
C. C. WILLaRD. -
Metropolitan Hotet, '
WaehinttoH, Dee. 8, 1866,
Thos. J. Flsnr.Rp Pre. Tucker Manufacture
tno uo. jdear i-iR : come two year ago toe
beds of this establishment were thoroughly refiu
ted with your superior "Tucker Patent Spring
Bed," which, since then and now, have given the
patrons of this Hotel universal satisfaction.
4 - very truly,
These beds are now manufactured, by pcrmir--sion
of Patentee, at Albany, Oregon, and are for
sale at all the principal furniture stores in Port-,
land, Salem, Albany, eto. ' "!
For particulars address, .
E. CARTER & SOI.., f
Dec. 2fi, 1863-16. V J
h. E. BLAIS.
Fresh Supplies of ,
San Francisco,
which they will sell .
General Commission Business)
Albany, Oct. 84, '8-7. . -