The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, December 26, 1868, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
NO. 16.
Ono Year
Six Months
Single Copies
Three Dollars
Two Dollars
Ten Cents
One Column per Year, $100; Half Column,
,561! ; Quarter Coluiin, $:55.
Trausiciit advertisements per Square of ten
tines or leys, first insertion, $; ; each subsequent
insertion, SI. j , "
AfjiiAKir bath iiousis:
M fully iuforia the citizens of Albany ami vi
cinity that lie has tukeu charge of this establish
ment, and, by keeping clean rooms aud paying
strict attiistion to business, expects to suit all
those who may favor him with their patronage.
Having heretofore carried on nothing but
First-Class XI air Dressing- Saloons,
lie expecs to give eutire satisfaction to all.
Children and Ladies' hair nentlv cut and
shampooed. JOSEPH WEBBER.
CEO. W. GRAY, X. X. S.,
TT tal College, would iuvitc'all persons desiring
artificial teeth, and first-class dental operations,
to pivo him a call.
Specimens of Vulcanite Base with gold-plate
linings, and other now styles of work, may be
seen at his office, in- Parrish, & Co.'s brick, (up
stairs) Albany, Oregon.
Residence Corner Second and Baker sts. 2
S. It. RICE, 35.
Albany, September 19, 6S-2tf
E. F. Russell,
Solid 'or in Chancery and Jiettl Emtate Afjcnt
Will practice in the Courts of the Second, Third,
and Fourth Judicial Districts, aud iu the Supreme
Court of Oregon.
Oflice in Parrish's Block, second story, third
door west of Ferry, north side of First st. II
."S-Speeial attention given to the collection of
Claims at all points in tbe above named Districts.
Powell & Flinn,
J and Solicitors in t hancery,
(Ii. Flinn, Notary Public,)
'Albany, Oregon. Collections and conveyances
promply attended to. 1
Hiltabidel & Co.,
visions, Wood and Willow Ware, Confec
tionery, Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Notions, etc.
Alain Btreet, adjoining the Express office, Albany,
Oregon. 1
W. W. Farrish & Co.,
in General Merchandise, Albany. Tbe
best Goods at the lowest market prices. Mer
chantable Produce taken in exchange. 1
E. A. Freeland,
School, Miscellaneous and Blank Books,
Stationery, Gold and Steel Pens, Ink, etc., Post
office Building, Albany, Oregon. Books ordered
from New York and San Francisco. - 1
S- II. Claughton, -
AGENT. Office in the Post Office building,
Lebanon, Oregon.
Will attend to making Deeds and other convey
ances, also to the prompt collection of debts en
trusted to my care. ; j . . ' 1
J. Barrows & Co., '
chants. Dealers in Staple, Dry and Fancy
Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Cutlery, Crockery,
Boots and Shoes ; Albany, Oregon. . '
Consignments solicited. 1
C. IVXealey & Co.,
in all kinds of Furniture and Cabinet
Ware, First street, Albany.
Albany Weekly Register
Finf street, opposite ParrWk & Co.'b store,)
Albany s s. s Oregon.
HAVING a very fair assortment of material
we are prepared to execute, with neatness
and dispatch, all kinds of
saeh as
Hand-hills, . .-.:.'
Ball Tickets,
- , Blanks
of all kinds,
ml as low figure I as a due regard to taste and good
work will allow. When you want anything in
th priatiof line, e&U at th BiaisTKB offioe.
College l,and Commissioners.
. -. '! i
The Commissioners to Ideate lands
"donate J by Congrss to the Sjtato of Ore
gon for uii Agricultural College, 'aud to
establish such College," consisting of
Rous. J. F. Miller, J. II. . and
J. C. Avery, met in this city on Tues
day, December 15th, 18GS, tfy consult iu
relation to the policy to be followed. , It
was determined that . immediate and
prompt action should be had in the premises-
Good land' in the Willamette val
ley will bo taken wherever they can be
found in tracts or bodies of one hundred
and sixty acres. The Commissioners will
visit South-eastern Oregon as parly: in the
spring of 18G9 as may be, fjr the pur
pose of examining and appropriating' de
sirable lands in that qunrtej. Persons
who are informed of any suitable unoc
cupied lands in the valley,' are requested
to notify one of the Commissioners of
such fact, that steps may be taken by the
Commissioner so notified to feeure such
lands immediately. The College is now
ready for the reception of scholars. j
Section three of the law under which
these Commissioners, are acting, makes
provision for the selection of uch schol
ars, as follows : "Each State Senator is
hereby authorized aud empowered to se-j
lect one student, not less than sixteen
years of age, who shall be received by
the faculty of said college ancj instructed
by them in thc manner provided in this
act, for the space of two yeprs, unless
such student shall be discharged for mis
conduct; Provided, however , That this
act shall not be binding until the trustees
of said college shall adopt a; resolution
and file a certified copy,, thereof with the
Secretary of State, assenting to, and
agreeing on their part, to faithfully carry
out the provisions of this act.'
- We publish the law entire in other
place. Id the meantime let our Senators
miike the necessary appointments, that
the benefits intended to be "conferred by
the law mav be received.
v !
makes the
Locks at Willamette
The Oregon City Enterprise
following mention of this enterprise : Mr
G. II. Belden began the survey for the
locks, across the river at this eity, on
Thursday last. The company arc n!ow
fully organizej, stock all subscribed, offi
cers elected, assessment levied and paid
up to commence the work immediately.
We find such gentlemen as Messrs. Gold
smith Bros., Jos. Teal, Orlando illuma
son, John F. Miller, R. R. jThompson.
Jas. K. Kelly, et.', interested I in the
project, and while they are not very com
municative upon the subject to us what
we see leads us to suppose ) that they
mean business ; and that the canal alone
-is but a small part of their project, plans
of which will be developed by time. )
. i
Tue R. R. Bond Injunction Case.
On the 12th ins't., Judge Deady, of the
U. S. District Court,. announced his de
cision iu the case of II. C. Coulson and
wife vs. the City of Portland, and the de
cision ris published entire in Monday
(Dec. 14th) morning's Qregonian. This
was a suit brought by the plaintiffs to
enjoin the city authorities from Issuing
interest coupons to the West Side Rail
road bonds," and from levying and col
lecting taxes upon the property of plain
tiffs to pay such interest. The decision
is against the city and pronounces the
ordinances providing for the payment of
such interest void, by reason of being in
conflict with provisions both" of the State
constitution and the barter of the city.
Resolutions of , the Oregon Leg
islature. The resolutions of the Ore
gon Legislature, instructing Senators
Williams and Corbett to resign, were: in
troduced into the House of Congress on
the 8 th inst. After some discussion the
paper was read, when a resolution was
adopted directing that the document be
returned to the proper officers of both
branches of the Oregon Legislature, the
same -'being scandalous and impertin
ent.". I So much for the resolutions.
Resigned. rCurt. Whitson, late Co.
Judge j of Polk county, haying resigned
the office on account of insufficiency of
salary, Gor. Woods has appointed James
Collins Esq.; to fill the yacancy. .
' There remains bat three hundred miles
of the Pacific Railway to complete.
Written for tha Register.
Description of a Woman A Parody.
, - i ' "
1 Ahvoman is like but stay,
To ivbut is she unlike, pi-ay ?
And yet she-is useful in ber pliice3.
! She's proud and wasteful ;
Lhcks mind, but tasteful,
And is lull of sweetest graces !
' VTben She's pleased, I am hujrgod,
VTIiea she's not, 'I am snubbed,
And 1 can never d pcml on her "mind."
She is like an old shoe'
Worth little, it is true,
And dei-eitful when she is most kind 1
Ii'ahe wishes a bonnet,
Or the Iat new sonnet, !
She Will eome cooing r.round like- a dovo ;
As sweet as a saint,
Well bedauhbed with red paint,
She will call you my darling, my love I
But wben she is mad,
At mother or dad,
Or with fcusbnnd is ml'feil '.it, j,..
You cat bet she is rough,
!Aud it'you'r not "up to sauff,"
You had bi-ttcr "git up and git 1"
iShe'll cry aud she'll bluster,
iAtid make sueli a fuss, sir,
You'll thiuk pandemonium is let loose t
she'll pull down her hair,
Aud round the house tear.
Just like a crazy wild gooso !
In short, as a v.'ife,
She's the baue of man's life,
Seldom holds the same humor a day I
Like an angel when civil.
But worse than the d eil
When thwarted in any pet display !
She's loving and eros,
Bhe's silver and dross
A mixture you'll find in nothing else human 1
Sbe leads man a life
Of vexation aud strife.
And is like nothing ou earth but a woman 1
Timely Conversion. We are in
formed that Bro. Upton, editor of the
Dallas Signal, (Copper), has lately pro
fessed religion and joiued the Southern
Grecian Bend. We have been re
quested j to give a description of the
"Grecian Bend," by a number of our
lady readers. We are compelled to the
humiliating actnowledgment that we
have never seen the "new style," and
therefore couldn't very well comply with
the request. A poetic genius who has
seen it defines it thus :
Throw up the chin, and out the chest.
Assume the form of the letter S,
Like a Kangaroo your arms extend.
And then you'll htivo the "Grecian Bend."
Severely Hurt. Mr. Wm. Web
ster, packer at the Magnolia Mills, one
morning last week received severe in
juries from a fall. He had been attach
ing a belt to a shaft to start the mill ma
chinery and iu returning made a mis
step at the head of tho stairs, and was
precipitated to the floor below, falling on
his back, 11a was taken up insensible,
but soon revived with proper treatment.
Happily no bones were broken, and he
will be able to resume his usual labors
again in a few days. Mr. W. is reputed
to be the best and fastest packer in the
State. i
Large Hogs. On Friday the 18th,
the P. T. Co.'s steamer, Reliance, brought
down two monster swine, one alive and
the other deceased. Tho dressed ani-
- f r . l J flan i ,
mat weignea oou pounas, ana was
a huge mass of fat; the other would
probably not weigh quite so heavy, but
he was " all hog " and no mistake. Capt
Pratt had them down on the freight list
as "elephants." They were shipped at
Corvallis, and we suppose were the prod
uct of Benton county. They were the
largest swine we have yet seen on the
coast, and are hard to beat anywhere.
Good Stage of Water. The Wil
lamette river at the present writing, is
in good stage, and scarcely a day passes
without tho arrival of from one to three
steamers at oar city. An immense
amount or Frpight Kn nncnmnlated at
our mills and warehouses, which will
give employment to all the steamers that
come for sometime yet. Steamers are
now running as high up as Eugene, and
find plenty of water in the channel.
i '
- Mistake in the Tiire. We are inr
formed by a note received from J. V.
Crawford, President of the Linn Co.
Teachers' Institute, that the Institute
adjourned to meet at North Brownsville
on the 29th of December, and therefore
the advertisement in the Register ap
pointing the 24th as the day for conven
ing is incorrect just five days too early.
Teachers and others interested will please
take notice of the change, and act ac
cordingly , New. Goods. -John Barrows, . Esq.,
of the firm of J. Barrows h Co., returned
the other day from Portland, where he
has been tio secure a lot of new style
goods, dress patters, &c, and those who
visit their establishment first will get the
first choice. That's what's the matter.
. Telegraphic Summary.
Dispatches from "ashington, Doc.
!th, to the Oregonian say that the till
introduced by Sumner was to resume, to
a certain extent, the power of Congress
over Georgia, in consequence of the Leg
islature of that State haying been illegally
Mr. Drake's resolution in regard to the
grades of General and Lieutenant Gen
eral, Admiral and Vice Admiral, is in
tend to reserve those grades for extraor
dinary public service, and not leave them
open to be reached by regular promotion.
The House bill to transfer the Indian.
of the War De-
to the Committee
Affairs to to tho contro
pdrtment, was referred
on Indian affairs."
Wilson introduced a joint resolution,
submitting a 'constitutional amendment
forbidding the States from making dis
tinctions between citizens in civil or po
litical rights on accouut of color; also, a
bill to regulate election! franchise in the
United States. j
Conness introduced a bill giving full
day's pay for eight hour's labor.
Postage on Letters. Many persons
pat letters into the post without attach
fug stamps, not knowing, .perhaps, that
fetters so put in will not be sent to the
directions on the letter, but will be mail
d to the dead letter office at Washington,
irhere it is opened, the name of the writer
Seamed, when it is re-sealed and mailed
the person writing the letter; Others,
through carelessness or a want of knowl
edge, put "revenue" stamps on their let
ters; as revenue stamps do not pay post
age, the letter might just as well, for all
practical puposcs, havd no stamp on it,
and will, in the course of time, return
to the original writer. The only plan
td pursue to insure the reception, by your
friend, relative or business firm, of any
lbtter you may write, is to pre pay postage
remembering that "'revenue" stamps
are not "postage" stamps. Revenue
stamps on the backs of letters are worth
lessthey aro not intended to pay post
age, and will not bo received by the
postal department in payment of postage
Oregon State Fair. On. Wednes
day (16th) we had the pleasure of a visit
from Hon. J. II. DouthitJ" a member of
the Committee appointed to locate lands
for the benefit of the State Agricultural
College, and a general worker irf all that
is calculated to promote the growth and
prosperity of our State,' who presented us
with a copy of the report of the eighth
annual Oregon State Fair for 1868, con
taining the award of premiums.address of
the President and doings of the Society.
We have been too busy during tho week
to examine the work will pay our at
tention to it next week.
Pertinent. We heard a gentleman
of reliable business qualifications assert,
the other day, that thel close of the year
was a very proper timejto pay up all lit
tle outstanding liabilities, and start fair
and square with the world on the first of
the new year! His tact in mentioning
this matter we at once acknowledged.
Our Little News Hoy.
Slow Time.- The California
I are now running on slow timo, and the
mail now don't eret in nntil tha "next
Jday!" ! . - . -
Wealthy lady in Buffalo lost her pocket-book,
containing a j large amount of
money. Honest boy found and returned
it to her. Benevolent; and grateful fe
male generously rewarded his honesty
by the magnanimous presentation of an
apple. -
A cotemporary says jtbat since the flat
tering vote which Seymour and Blair re
ceived of the negro States, Grass Valley
(Cal.) Democrats have! become so .polite
to the darkies that a locality in that town,
formerly called Nigger Hill, is now de
signated as Colored Eminence.
.. " .J
Massachusetts does not appear to be a
very good State for Democrats. Only
six towns Southwick, Cheshire, LenoXj
Pittsfield, Burlington and Blackstone
gave majorities for Seymour and Blair.
There was a tie vote in the town of Car
ver. " 1
A Boston paper asks: "If the May
Flower had landed at Plymouth Church
Instead of lymouth Rock, what would
iave heen the proper command for the
Captain to give? Bea$h Tier, of course."
The famous Howard; will ense, of Bos
l on, has been settled, and Mrs. ; Green,
ee Hetty R. Robinson has been left to
' face a frowning 'world" with only $3,
500,000. Her case is a sad one, and she
has the sympathies of the American peo
ple. '
Hurrying to catch a certain car, at n
certain corner, late one stormy night,
was suddenly arrested by the sight ot ;a
queer-looking bundle in a door-way. - I
lles3 my heart, it s a child ! Oh Johfi :
I'm afraid he's frozen !" I exclaimed to
my brother,, as we both bent over tie
Such a little fellow- as ho was, in the
big, ragged coat, such a tired, baby fafe,
uuder the tuzzy cap; such a purple little
nana stilt holding fast a few papers; huch
a pathetic sight, altogether ; was the boy.
lying on the stone step, with the enow
drifting over him that it was impossible
to go Dy. ..... ,
'lie is asleep, hut he 11. freeze... left
so long. - Here, wake up, my boy ; and
go home as fast as you can, cried John,
with a gentle shake, and a very gentle
voice; for the memory of a dear little lad,
safely tucked up at home, made him
fatherly-kind to the small vagabond.
J he moment that he was touched, the
boy tumbled up, and before; he was half
awake, began his usual cry: with an eye
to business. ' .
'Paper sir?' Herald !rTranskipt!
liast , a great gap swallowed up the
'last edition;' and he stood blinking at us
like a very chilly young owl.
'1 11 buy em all, it you II go home my
little chap; its high time you were abed,
said John, whisfcing tue damp papers
into one pocket, and his purse out of
another, as he spoke.
'All of 'em? why there's six!' croak
ed the boy, for he was as hoarse as a
raven. .
'Never mind, I can kindle a fire with
them. Put that in your pocket; and trot
home as last as possible.
.. j ' 7 f a
J.1 A . 1- I T I 1 A 1
up tue miy emits tuac ten iruia tue iiiuc
fingers, too benumbecrfo hold it.
'Mills Court; out of Hanover. Cold,
ain't it?' said the boy, blowing on his
purple hands, and hopping feebly from
one leg to the other, 'to take the stiffness
He can't go all that way in this storm
such a mite and so used up with cold
and sleep, John.'
'Of course Jie can't; we'll put him in
a car,' began John; wheu the boy
wheezed out ,
'No; I've got ter wait for Sam. He'l
be alone: as soon as the theater's done
Ho said he would, and so I'm waiting.
'Who is Sam?' I asked. J
'He's the feller I lives with. I ain
got any folks, and he takes care of meJ
Nice care indeed leaviug a baby like
you to wait for him here, such a night as
this, 1 said, crossly.
'Oh, he's good to. me Sam is; -though
he does knock me round sometime when
I ain't spry. The big fellers shoves me
back, you see, and I gets cold, and can't
sing out loud; so I don't sell my papers
and has to work em oft late.
'Hear the child ! One would think he
was sixteen, instead of six I said, half
'I'm most ten. Hi! ain't that
oner?' cried tho boy as a gust of snow
slapped hiiujin the face, when he peeped
to see if Sam was coming, i 'Hullo! the
lights is out I - Why, the play's done, and
the folks gono; and bam s forgot me. :
It was very evident that Sam had for
gotten his little protege ; and a strong de
sire to shake bam possessed me.
'No use waitin' any longer: and now
my papers is sold, I ain't afraid to go
home, said the boy, stepping down, like
a little old man with the rheumatism
and preparing to trudge away through
the storm. '
'Stop a bit, "my little Casabianca; a car
will be along in fifteen minutes, and while
waiting you can warm yourself over
there,' said John, with the purple hand
in his.
'My name's Jack Hill not Cassy Bunks
please sir,' said the little party-with dig
nity. -. - i
Have you had your supper, Mr. Hill?
asked John laughing. S
'I had some peanuts, and two sucks of
Joe s orange; but it warn t very film , he
said graveiy. j r
I en nn Id f hinlr nnf Y-fara " etaw
and be quick, please cried John, as we
sat down in a warm corner Oi the con
fectioner's opposite.' ' !
While little Jack shoveled in the hot
oysters- with his eyes shutting up 'now
and then, in spite ol himself--we looked
at him, and thought again of the little
rosy lace at home safe in his warm nest,
with mother-love watcliing over him
Nodding toward the ragged, grimy for
lorn little creaturedropping asleep over
his supper, like a tired baby, 1 said
Can you imagine our Freddy, out alone
at this nour, trymg to 'work ofr his pa.
pers. because afraid to go home till he
has?' j.--. , ;. . .. 1 :-';a:
'I had rather not try answered brother
John, winking hard, as he stroked the
little head beside him, .which, by tho
way looked very much like a ragged vel
low door mat. I think brother John
winked hard, but I can t be sure for
know I did ; and for a minute there seem
ed to be a dozen newsboys! dancing bo
lore my eyes. I
. 'There goes our car; and it's the last
said John, looking at me. :
'Let it go, but don't leave the boy : and
I frowned at John for hinting such a
'Here is bis car. Now, my lad. bolt .
your last oyster, and come on." -.
'Good-mimt ma-am I Thankee, air v.
croaked the grateful little voice, as the
child was caught up in John's strong
hands and set down , on the car step.
With a word to the conductor, and a small"
business transaction, we left Jack, coiled
up in a corner, to finish his nap as tran
quilly as if it wasn't midnight, and a
'knocking around': migl t not await him
at hi3 jourtiey's end. v! - .
We didn t mind the storm mucn as we
plodded home; and when I told the story
to Rosy-face, next day, bis interest quite
reconciled me to the sniffs and sneezes of
a bad cold.
'If 1 saw that poor, little boy, I d love
im lots. Aun't Weedy!' said Freddy,
with a world of pity ; in his beautiful
child' eyes. . ' r:-.,, .
And, believing tnat others wouia oe
kind to little Jack, and such as he," I tell .
the story. - . - , . m f . , , r
When busy fathers hurry borne at
night I hope they will buy their papers
of the small boys, who gets 'shoved back ;'
the feeble ones who grow hoarse ana .
can't sing out';' the shabby, ones, who,,
evidently have only forgetful Sams to
n -. 1.1. 1
care lor tnetn ; ana ine nungry looking
ones, who don't get what is 'filin'.' For
love of the little sons and daughters safo
at home say a kind word, buy a paper
even if y m don't want it; and never pass
by leaving them to sleep torgotten in tue
streets at' midnight, with no pillow but a
stone, no coverlid but the pitiless snow,
and not even a tender-hearted robin to.
drop leaves over them. Aferrg's Must?
urn. -'V . - ...', . i ' ;
Toe- Best Pun.t Hero1 is the best
pun of the century-; and by these presents "
we confer on its unknown, author, who
ever he may be, the Grand Cross of tbe
Legion of Honor which every fool wears
no'wa-days : "Brigham Young is indeed
a pillar of Salt Lake. 'His idea of a wife
is Lots." MarysvUle Appeal. .' ',
The Bee says : "The eight mobbed
newspapers of San Francisco claimed
187,000 damages they .were offered
$23,500, which they refused, sueiog, won
31,000. ; - ; .
The Virginia Enterprise eays, "During
the past week not a single accident of
any kind happened on the Central Pa
cific Railroad. It was Thanksgiving
week, too."
Houseman, Harbor Master- of San
Francisco, has paid into the city treasury
$2,427 for November collections, making
a total of $27,519 for the twelve months
he held the office.
Judge Lamar, of Mendocino county,
Cal., adjourned the County Court till next
March on account of small pox in tbe
neighborhood of Ukiah City.. -
" i , I,,
Mr. D. O. McCarty is arranging for
tho appearance of his American Flag, at
San Francisco. It is understood that
the typographical work will be done by
ladies. .. . : " : ' . -
Miss Cossa Haines, of Alleghany, died
recently from the effects of injuries re
ceived from a sky-rocket, which, in, de
scending hit her in the face. ;. j
In compliment to the Chinese, the last
locomotive put on the Central Pactfie
Railroad has been named "Confucius."
Stockton Gazette, -j i . t -
After getting along down the scale the
Company intend to call one "Copperhead."-
MarysvUle Appeal.
Gen., Grant will have control of 53,000
offices and officers, whose annual . com
pensation amounts to thirty millions of
dollars. ....... . ;
A wild boy has been" discovered by a
party of hunters between Cholame Valley
and the Buena Vista oil wells.. ' '
One can go from San Francisco to New
York now in eleven days. ... Fare, about
$220, gold.
Dan De Hpune, the tight rope walker,
broke his leg the other day at Carson
the wooden one.
The loser of an election . bet at New
York has the f choice, of wheeling in a
wheelbarrow a colored woman, weighing
not more than 150 lbs., from tbe corner
of South and Roosevelt streets to Wall
street, attending by four torch-bearers
and a band of music, or pay 9100 and s
basket of wine. -
- The Unite States has 5,000,000 school
population; who require 20,000,000 books,
at a cost of $18,750,000.
New Orleans and St. Louis are to be
connected by a Railroad to run on the
west bank of the Mississippi.
: It is estimated that one ihoutand live
have been lost, and three million dollaxa
worth of, property destroyed by li-htiiis-
this season, - - "