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    SATURDAY, NOVEMiSEli 28, 1868.
Legal tenders in.-Sao Francisco, 73
(g73l, old in New York,. 134 J, .
1 Gram's official majority in California is
between five hundred.
'Kcw Knjrlaihd gives a Republican ma
jority of 148,500.
..... .......... .. . .
The Indians call the Central Pacific
trains a heap of wasjon. no hoss."
The fare from Portland to Iioisc City,
first c!a-, is $50 ; .cond class, S35.
. .
It is said-that the demand for passage
overland is so great, that ull scats arc en
gaged to December 1st.
The Demociata of Wintcrset, Iowa,
have elected a negro Justice of tho Peace.
It U their conception of a joke.
Snow fell to the depth of one foot in
Portland, Maine, on Saturday, October
18th, and sleitihnp: was lively.
In the U. S. District Court, Portland,
Judge Dead presiding, the case of E. G.
Randall, postmaster at Portlafcd, charg
ed with,, robbing the mail, his been en
gaging the attention of the court. U. S.
Postal Agent, Q. A. Brooks, J. II. Lew
is, clerk in Sacramento post-office, and
several' other P. M.'s. were examined in
regard to the matter on Tuesday. The
case was submitted to the jury Wednes
day evening.
II. T. Helmbold, the great patent
medicine man, advertised in the New
York papers, October 2Sth, that he would
wager one million dollars, in four wagers,
of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars
" each, as follows : 1st, that Grant would
not receive a majority of the electoral vote
of the United States, or a majority of the
votes cast by the people. 2d, that Indi
ana and Pennsylvania would, in Novem
ber, go for Seymour and Blair. 3d, that
New York State would go for Hoffman,
Seymour and Blair. 4th, that Seymour
and Blair would be elected President and
Vice President of the United States.
"A fool and his money is soon parted."
From Madrid, Spain, it is announced
officially that the election for Delegates
to the Constitutional Cortez will take
place on ths lbth of December. The
Cortez meets on the 1st of January. The
Monarchists and Republicans have sev
erally had large public' meetings, parad
ed the streets with bands ot music, and
other demonstrations. The Monarchists
are largely in the ascendancy, but the
Republicans were gaining strength daily.
From reports a lively canvass will be
tad. I 1 - '
Telegrams from the East state that
some of the Southern Governors arc go
ing after the Ku-Kluxes, with the de
termination of breaking up the organiza
tions, or declaring martial law. Since
the result of the election has become
"generally known, rrtfirder has become
much less frequent fa the South.
It i due to the purity of the ballot-box
that the outrageous naturalization frauds
perpetrated in New York city be ferited
but, and the scoundrels who instigated
them be punished. Hanging is not too
severe for the scamps, who turned out
voters there for weeks like sausages from
a machine, says the Marysville (Cal.) Ap
peal. -
The Portland He,
paper, was jsold (by
Beriah Brown's
the Sheriff ou
Wednesday last in that city, and was
bought by . the 'judgment creditor for
$3,000 something1 less than half the
amount of his judgment. It is announc
ed that there will bo no immediate
change in the editorial management.
Active preparations are being made
for a great Soldiers' Reunion at Chicago,
Dee. 15th. Gen. Sherman will deliver
the address of freedom. Gens. Thomas,
Sheridan, S locum, Schofield and others
will be present on the occasion.
The Princess Kozlosky, a beautiful
Russian lady, has opened a eigar store in
Moscow. Her father having lost his
fortune, the nobles of Moscow offered
them 2,000- roubles a year, but she pre
fers to make her own living.
A telegram dated Peoria, Illinois, Oc
tober 23d, says : "The Democracy had a
big time here to-day, with much noise,
yelling, and . fanfaronade. Frank Blair,
Sam. Gary and General McClernand were
here. Blair spoke about half an hour and
stopped abruptly, frequently stopped
daring bis speech. He was obliged to be
' supported by those around him, and did
finally fall or stumble on the stand. A
nice man for Vice President, wasn't he ?
The vote of Chieago stAnds : Grant,
22,420, Seymour, 17,250. Ia 1864,
Lincoln, ; 14i575 ; - McClelTen, 12,724.
Thia comparison shows -the wonderful
growth of Chicago as a city, and also a
-very large comparative increase of the
. Ryblion inajority. .
It is thought that the next Congress
will make some changes in the natural
ization laws. Theatteution of the whole
country has been drawn to the manner in
which the manufacture of citizens has
been carried on in the great metropolis
of "the nation, New York city, for the
past few years.. She attracts the greater
attention because of the wholesale char
acter of her business. No honest man
of either party but condemns the wicked
frauds. that are annually perpetrated, not
only in New York, but in all our large
cities. If the naturalization laws now
on our statute books were honestly ad
ministered, there would' be no necessity
or wish for a change by the majority of
our people. But it is notorious, and
cannot be successfully' denied, .that they
are n so administered, and herce the
agitation of the question at this time.
The New York Tribune commits itself
to what might be called radical changes.
It proposes to take naturalization from
the State courts and give it to the Fed
eral j to extend suffrage, in eighteen
months residence, to all who will make
oath that they are and intend to remain
citizens of the United States, and that
they have committed no crime other
than treason or rebellion, and that they
give true allegiance to the Constitution
and the laws. Frauds can be com
mitted before Federal courts as easily as
in the State courts, and an eighteen
months test is too much or too little. If
there is a change made? it should be for
the better and not for the, worse.
The Marysville Appeal, in remarking
on this subject, has the following :
We think the people would be pleased
to see a change, but not for the worse.
They would favor a law making an in
telligent test something like this : Every
foreigner who can read the Constitution,
and si"n his name to a declaration of in
tention, shall be admitted to citizenship,
and be entitled to franchise rights in any
State on acquiring the time of residence
required of every qualified voter. Such
a law would hold out no inducements to
parties to perpetrate fraud, witnesses to
commit perjury, and judges to stain the
ermine of the bench. It would give
the most intelligent foreigners the right
of suffrage immediately, and stimulate
the ignorant to fit themselves for the
same privilege. We do not think any
one can say this proposition smacks of
Know rotbuigism. Ir it points any way
the index holds out towards a Know
Something party.
Congress wnl undoubtedly make some
changes in our naturalization laws.
Something must be done to "stay the
frauds committed uuuer ythe old law.
e cannot go buck and renjitlien the
time requisite to acquire eitizcltship, but
we think that it is incumbent upon the
people of the Republic, who desire to see
it successful over the aristocratic govern
ments of Europe, to see that it is not
overwhelmed by the desperation or rival
parties in acquiring new votes. Were it
possible to obtain an intelligent test for
Fall, native as well as naturalized, we be
lieve much good would come if not at
present, surely in the future. Our gov
ernment cannot survive a yearly flood of
ignorance, fortified by religious supersti
tion. It being true that a Republican
government cannot be maintained only
by an intelligent people, it behooves all
to keep in view the great principle co
equal with that which ensures life, lib
erty and the pursuit ot happiness.
Should not Grumble. The follow
ing remarks from the S. F. Alfa, are quite
as applicable to Oregon as to Califor
nia: I
Whoever else may grumble about "the
heavy expenditures of the Federal Gov
ernment, Californians should keep still.
Their mouths ought to be closed. Con
gress gives ten dollars to California for
every one that it takes. It has given
about 60,000,000 acres of land to the
Pacific Railroad, loaned 60,000,000
for thirty years to the Middle Pacific
Road, offered 100,000,000 acres of land
on this coast as a free gift to homestead
settlers, established steamer lines to China
and Honolulu, and given the mines to
the people in possession of them. Is it
not rather steep in the recipients of all I
these favors to howl about the . extrava
gance of. Congress and about the evils of
Radical rule ? . .
The morning after election the Virgin
ia (Nev.) Safeguard, a Democratic jour
nal, said :
There is no use disguising the fact
that we are beaten in this county worse
than we ever were before. In the dark
est days of the rebellion the Democracy
never sustained as bad a defeat as they
did at the polls yesterday.
Edwin M. Stanton and John Lothrop
Motley are the principal names men
tioned for the head of the Department
of State under the coming Adminsitra
tion. Robert E. Le,e has a Bible class of 150
members in his College. Ue should se
lect some Bible precepts against perjurers,
and enforce them by illustrations drawn
from his own conduct.
Lou tea Aluhlach'a daughter, an actress
in Berlin, "was recently hissed on the
stage. She sat down and cried, when
the audience good-naturedly dried her
tears by substituting applause for hisses.
- A person named Porter, being very
drunk, a friend asked him what he hud
been about. " Only turning a little gin
into Porter," replied he.
"Figurative" Gains. Sufficient of
ficial returns ""have been received from
the - coast of Oregon, of which we are
w homy to make it evident that quite a
number of staunch Seymour and Blair
men are "gone in " on all the thousand
majority wagers on this itate ; and that
even 'one hundred majority wouldn't
have much show to win and this is
abont'ail that is certain with regard to
the figures. We are inclined to believe
that it was pretty generally known
throughout the State, that' Seymour and
lilair were the Democratic candidates for
President and Vice President, and that
the unterrificd wcut to the polls on the
3d, and flung in their votes, perfectly
reckless as to the probable cost, although
there are instances on record, where par
ties who were wedded to the "time-honored
principles" didn't get to the polls
until the next day, owing to the amount
of befunglenicnt taken into their "ali
mentary canals" the day previous'. These
littlo befunglcnients on the part of about
eleven hundred of the "unwashed" only
proves (according to Feeble Brown and
his satellites), that the party that -runs
the Legislature has increased unprcce
dentedly since J une, and that at the same
ratio of increase, in yearly installments,
the Black licpuHicans will not be able
to carry Oregon for Grant, or any other
man they may nominate, by much over
four or five thousand votes, in 1872.
This thought is very consoling to those
who ventured and lost several two dollar
gold and a half pieces, on the assurance
of these Democratic ink-slingers, that
Oregon would, give Seymour and Blair
fifteen hundred majority ; and it encour
ages these self same ink-slingers to renew
tho battle against the "bloody abolition
ists," assured by the result of the late
election, of a "bright and glorious future
for Democracy." What a luxury it is
to be always on the winning side some
sides ! What happy and contented dis
positions! What unanimity in figures!
All gains and no losses; and yet these
"bloody minded, aiietocratic mongrels,"
insist on "taking in" the stakes. Their
figures (these "mongrels') are undoubt
edly wrong, radically wrong, but they
can't be made to "see it in that light."
Well, now we feel like hurrahing for
such unprecedented Democratic gains,
and we hope they vill meet just such
"gains" forevermore. And while the
valiant inkslinger is "preparing," like the
hero of Chickahominy, to give his most
"terrible blows in the dark hour of de
feat," let the brethren sing that stirring
nulorfy, a fit accompaniment to the
" heavy leader :"
"Hark from tbo tombs a doleful sound 1"
The Gold Hill yews is responsible for
the following; "Someone has estimated
the population of the world at 1,350,200,
000. Of that number the Democrats
have about 1,347,000,000 to colonize
from, yet they lost Pennsylvania by a
Kaudsome majority.
The; several Odd Fellows Lodges of
Portland have determined to build a
targe and commodious hall, on the corner
of Alder and First streets, for the gener
al use of the order. Work will be com
menced on the building early in the
spring. J.
The following romance, in the deer
killing' fine, is from the Oregnnian r
Messrs. Jones, Button, Col. West and
Quiraby; armed and equipped with guns,
dfgs, etc., went into the mountains in
quest of deer meat a few 'days since.
Jones, in his peregrinatious through the
woods, came across a deer ; deer and Jones
mutually astonished. Jones, however,
less astonished, drew a bead on deer and
let flicker. This only added to the! as
tonishment of his deership, and the ani
mal turned to leave the presence. jbut
was so overcome with bashful timidity nt
this uolooked for introduction, that its
neck was broken on the turn. . Others
of the party came np, and after a careful
examination, were unable to find a bul
let hole, or even a scratch, to account for
this neck-breaking, on he part of the
deer. It seems to be a case of klonas.
The Unionist reports the robbery of
Mr. Hendrick's store, at Wheatland, on
tho night of the "23d. A quantity of
clothing was taken. The thief effected
an entrance with a bar of iron obtained
at a blacksmith shop. The safe was
tampered with, but was not opened, j
Says the same paper, under date of
25th :
The Grand Jury yesterday indicted
Thos. Greenwood, familiarly known as
"Dixie," for an assult with intent to kill
Jas. Coffee. The prisoner was arraigned
and plead ,rnot guilty." The trial was
set forj this hiornnig at nine o'clock.
Powell attorney for the State, and Bon
ham & La wson for the defense.
On Monday evening while the P. T.
Co's steamer Albany, it is learned - from
a passenger, was grounded on the Ma-i
theny's bar about 14 miles below Salem,
the opposition steamer, Success,. steamed
up by the side of the Albany and groun
ded also. She immediately reversed her
machinery . and started to back ont. . In
doing which the prow of the Success
came in contact with the wheel "of the
Albany, which was in motion. The result
was the break-up of about one-third of the
wheel, j The boats finally got over ; ther
Albany: lay at Wheatland over night, i
where the wheel was temporarily men
ded. The boat will be laid up for a few
Mrs. A. L. Grnbbs, for several years a
teacher in the Willamette University,
has resigned her situation in the institu
tion. With her resignation the school
has lost a preceptress which it will be dif
ficult to replace.
County Court has levied a county tax of
oj nails on the dollar, on all taxable prop
erty in this county. The State, School
and County tax, this year, amounts to 14
mills on the dollar.
A frorseTwilonging to Mr.- Jackson
Barton, of Lewis county, was smothered
to death on Wednesday night in a pecu
liar manner. IHic animal was tied by a
halter, in a stall at the stable of Charles
Grainger, which, by some means, got
across his nose, frightened him, causing
him to pull the harder, drawing the IihI
ter so tightly across the nostrils as to en
tirely stop his breathing. Jle was a stub
born animal, and he hung on to the halter
till it killed him. " '
The Roscburg Ensign gets off the fol
lowing good one :
The following was told to us for a fact,
and we do not doubt it. There was
a citizen in one of the precincts of this
couuty, who could not read a Demo
crat of course.' It was agreed by both
parties, to let him alone on election day.
and not read his ticket for hin. After
a while he concluded that the ticket with
a picture of a flag on it was the Demo
cratic ticket, and he would vote it any
how, because he could see the " picture"
and handed it in. One of the Judges
asked if that was the ticket he intended
to vote, and received an eirphatie answer
"that the ticket he handed in 'was the
ticket he voted." He did not fiud out
his mistake until the polls were closed,
and his vote stands recorded for Grant
and Colfax, an ait he should be proud of
even if it was a mistake.
Five Indians, ariested near Rnseburg,
accused of stealing twohorses near
Eugene City, had made "their escape
from the custody of deputy sheriff Miller
of Lane county.
The Ensign says that the rich surface
diggings, known as the Randolph Claim,
in Coos county, are attracting considera
ble attention. There are at present three
wealthy companies organized and at work,
with great profit. Streaks of sand have
been found, so rich in the precious metal
that one man could take out 40 to 50
rer daw" r
Froiii a Dallas Sional extra, dated h
24th, we learn that Thos. Smith and
Wm. E." Glaze were badly wounded, on
morninir of the 23d. Thos. Smith, bother
of Sheriff Smith, of Polk county, and Mr.
Glaze had been deputized to take Chas.
Sutton, sentenced to penitentiary for the
term of five years, for house-breaking,
etc. On the morning mentioned, as they
were awaiting the approach of the Sher
iff with his prisoner, standing in the rear
of the vehicle piepared to convey them
and the prison :r to Salem, a shot gun,
loaded with twenty-four .buckt-hot, was
accidentally discharged, the shot going
entirely through the "tailboard" f the
wagon, and taking effect in the bodies
and limbs of Messrs. Smith and Glaze.
Glaze was wounded in tho shoulder
thigh and abdomen, and is in a critical
condition. Smith was hit in various pla
ces about the body, head and arms, one
shot passing through his right arm, frac
turing the bone and lodging in the oppo
site side. His wounds arc not deemed
serious. Drs. Sites arid McAfee were to
make an effort to extract the bullets from
the shoulder and abdomen of tho unfor
tunate Glaze, Wednesday last.
Mrs. Hubbard, says the Signal of t he
24th, who has lingered in great agonv
for near three weeks from the effects of
the burns she received from her clothes
taking fire, and who was brought to this
place soon after' the occurrence of the ac
cident for the greater convenience of
medical treatment, expired last niirht be
tween eight and nine o'clock. Tho body
will be removed to Bridgeport to day for
interment. Deceased endured her pro
tracted and intense suffering with great
fortitude throughout. The location and
nature of her injuries made it necessary
for her to lie on her face during the tryinu
period of her illness, which mut have
contributed materially to the aggravation
of her distress.
Telegraphic Summary.
The total vote of Connecticut is 08,
947 of which Grant received 50.995;
Seymour, 42,952. The town of Brook
lyn, which gave Grant 109 majority,
failed to' return its vote to the office of
the Secretary of State, leaving'out" this
town Grants official majority is 7,934.
-. On the night of the eighteenth a fire
broke out in the Central Lunatic Asylum,
at Columbus, .Ohio, and before thy
could be removed, several patients were
burned to death.
Gov. Ilolden's message shows that the
tax ad valorem on the property of tho
State would pay the interest on the State
debt, lie recommends such a levy and
to advertise various i"tcrnal improve
ments. Ho congratuiates the State upon
the suppression of the rebellion; upon
the reconstruction, on a basis pf suffrage
'for all, updh the election of Grant.
. Specials say that Secretary Seward
pronounces, as an entire fabrication, the
statement that the British Government
agreed to withdraw her joint occupancy
of the Island of San Juan.
f The State Deputy has received no in
telligence which would subject the con
dVuct?of Minister Washburn to ceusure.
On the contrary the Standard, a lead
ing English Journal at Beuns Ayres,
finally defends his conduct as governed
by the highest considerations of courage
and humanity.
Grant's ofnciaj majority in Illinois, is
51,1 50. Total vote of the State 450,000.
Grant's official majority in South Caro
lina is 79.;- ; The Mercury has been dis
continued. ; ... : ,:., v , .
Grant's official majority in New Hamp
shire is 7,153. Proposition for calling
a Constitutional Covention was defeated
by 1,572 votes.
Government officials have been unable
to discover any evidence that there is a
fiilibustering movement against Cuba.
Several individuals who have been men
tioned iu connection with affairs of State,
say that the story is an entire fabrication.
It is said that immediately on receiv
ing Minister Washburn's report on his
transactions in Paraguay, it was de
cided and effective instructions were given
to the new .Minister, j Gen. McMahon,
who, with Rear -Admiral Davis, is in
readiness to proceed, with an adequate
naval force, to assist to vindicate the na
tional honor, and to redress the wrongs
said to have been committed by Lopez
upon American citizens.
Judges Harland and Wescott, of the
Supreme Court, ordered a rule. visa re
turnable on Tuesday . next, calling on
Lieut. Gov. Gleason to show cause why
a writ of quo warranto should not be
issued on application. The Time's
brings the whole case before the Supreme
Court. !
The Augusta (Ga. Republican has re
ports purporting to be detailed accounts
of Ku Klux outrages in Warren; and
adjoining counties. It says negroes were
intimidated frqiu voting the Republican
ticket. i
The official vote from all ' counties in
the State of New York, except' Kings
county, which is reported, shows Sey
mour's m-jority to be 9,458.
Grant's official majority in Minnesota
is 15.440. Majority for negro suffrage
is 9,416.
A dispatch from Alabama says that
Grant's majority will reach 4,000.
Negro Suffrage is defeated in Missouri
by 18,000.
The Senatorial fight in Minnesota is
highly exciting. Wilkinson will have
some strength, and may secure his elec
tion. From Florida, under date of the 18th,
we have the following: Lieutf. Gov. Glea
son has issued a proclamation" setting
forth that the government has recognized
both branches of the Legislature, by
transacting busines with themfJ"that the
Constitution declares any officer, wheiji
inij cached, shall be deemed under arrest,
and disqualified from discharging any
duties of his office tiil acquitted by the
Senate lie further proclaims tho order
that Harrison Reed, .Governor of Florida,
is deemed by the constitution under ar
mrest ; he is disqualified from performing
the duties of his office until acquitted by
the Senate; his powers have devolved
on him by the constitution to put down
lawlessness, and anarchy will inevitably
ensue if a man when impeached, however
elected to his station, ictuses submission
to arrest imposed by the constitution.
The document is signed by WT. H. Glea
son, Lieut.-Gov., Acting-Governor, and
countersigned by Geo. Alden, Secretary
of State. It bears the impression of the
seal of State. Gov. Reed has also a
State seal, said to 'be a duplicate of the
original. -
Gov. Reed arrogates to himself the
right to pronounce impeachment void,
and proceeds in office as though no im
peachment had been prc&trred.
A New York telegram of the 21st
says :
Stories are afloat which seem authorita
tive, that Vundeibilt and the English
stockholders iu the Erie Company have
been using the cable for a week past in
the interest of a new collossal combina
tion of stockholders to send sin agent
here with all their proxies and Vander
bilt and other shareholders in tliis coun
try to get possession of the Erie Railroad
and also to Consolidate the Atlantic and
Great Western with the Erie and secure
a monopoly ol the New Jersey Central
Railroad Company as well as a controlling
interest in the Pennsylvania Central,
making such a monopoly with the Hud
son River, Harlem and New York Cen
tral, already in the hands of ,Vandetbilt,
as has nver been known on this continent.
Vandeibilt claims that he can raise here
and abroad over one hundred millions for
the purpose He has in project this step;
he long contemplated and has been induc
ed by the efforts of Jay Cooke & Co, to
get possession of the New York Central.
He holds that his safety and the public
interest demand this, though all who know
him are aware of his acting entirely for
his own interest. Such is the substance
of reports in Wall street. . A movement
of a concerted character is being made to
demand an official statement of the affairs
of the Erie Company, with an official
Register of all shares issued not complied
with. Both board brokers .will take off
the Erie froir their list.
NOTICE, is hereby given, that ihe undersigned
at the November term of the County C'turt
of .Linn couuty, was appointed Administratrix of
the estate of J. II. Lines, deceased. AU' persons
having claims against said estate, aro re jucsted
to present them, duly verified to the ussderoind,
at ber residence, wilhia six months from the data
hereof. MARTHA M. LINES,
N(.v. 21, 1S3-12wt
lInn Couuty Teachers' Institute,
WILL bold its seren'.h semi-annual session
at Crownsvil c, commencing on
December 211U. 18C8.
The following branches are expected to be in
troduced by the following named teachers :
Grammar It. N. Thompson and A. J. 01 in.
Reading J. V. Crawford. u
Practical Arithmetic Mrs. Oi'ilba Bradsbaw.
Penmanship Mr. Bradsbaw.
Mental Arithmetic Peter Wcigle and Hender
son. . '
Algcbri Jas. Dennison.
Ocojirapiiy N. Hendry.
Family Government : Its Influence on School
Government A. E. KKis.
Orthography W. II. Amidon.
Lectures may be expected.
Nor. 2S7lSG8-12t4
ALL PERSONS indebted to the estate of J.
LEVY, Bankrupt, must settle their said in
debtedness on or beforj the loth day of December
next, at tho office of Powell & Flinn, in Albany,
Oregon, with whom all books, notes and accounts
of said estate are left for settlement, or suit will
be brought against them in tho United States
District Court, AtPortland, Oregon.
Assignee in Bankruptcy.
: Albany, Oregon, Not. 21, 1868-1 2 w3
Executor's Notice.
Entate of Jf. Hr. Mack, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned,
Executors of tba above estate, t the credit
ors of, and all persons having claims against said
deceased, to present the same, with neu.ssary.
vouchers, within fix months from date of this
notice, to the undersigned at Albany, Oregon.
; Nov. 21, 1868-1 26 w Executors.
: Rcs8ell & Elkiss, Attys.
Executor's Notice.
Eitate of Robert Zntl, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned.
Executors of the above estate, to the credit
ors of, and all persons having claims against do-,
ceased, to present the same, with proper vouchers',
within six months from date of this notion to tbo
undersigned at Albany, Oregon.
Nov. 23, 1868-I2w8 """"Xxecntorsj.
. : Hciuu 4 Kuans, Atty.
I ke p on hand and make tocrdc-r
. Spinning1 Wheels.!
JUS Shop near the "Masnolia Mills."
Albany, Nov.
18, 1SBS-I2
P. W. SPINK & CO.,
(successors to m. w. mack,)
Dealers in
Tin, Sheet-Iron, Coppcrwarc,
First, between Washington & l"errj-sts.
HE undersigned having purchased the stork
formerly owned by M. W, Mack, and havinir
made large additions thereto, now offer to the -public
trie fullest nnd comptetest assortment of
first-class roods in our lino, yet offered in this
market, consisting of
... and ...
of the following patterns :
Black Knight.
Golden Utc. '
lien i y Clay.
New Nation,
Buckeye State.
&c, &c, &c.
from the best manufactories, which tbey are offer
ing at'loweht rales. ,
A!s , a largo stock of
h'rench Saucepans. Ladles & Shimmers t
Iron, Enameled and Dram Kettles,
Iron Tet fctflc ami Ovens,
Iron aitd Lead Pipe,
force d: Lift I'umps,
and a full assortment of
Wo will continue to keep on band a large stock
which wo will dispose of t dcalersat the lowest
mnrkct rates. ;
Wo are better prepared than ever to do all
kind of
Jin a neat nnd workmanlike short notice.
Persons from tlie country will find it to their
advantage to give us a call, as our facilities fer
manufacturing enaldu us to give a liberal discount.
Term Caeh, or marketable Product)
Nov. 28. '63-12
give notice to the public in general,
.- that they will sell their
toots c3 Sboes!
from and after this date
Those desiring to make purchases will do well to
Call ImmecliixtolyI
1L8 we desire to close ont
Out Entire Stool I L
on the above terms, j -
9 - ' i
AU persons knowing themselves indebted to the
undersigned, are requested to come forward with
out delay, and settle their indebtedness, aa we
are determined to close our mercantile bu&ines,
and eelleet oar dues.
; w. w. parrisii a co.
Albany, Nor. 28, 18W-11 ' --,.' 7e;,':; '