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    County Official Paper j Mel Hiatt, of Dilley, was a
. ; oil v caller yesterday.
j ' '
L. A. Long, Editor, j Newton Griftin, of above
' Hanks, was a caller vcstcrd.iv.
I '
Entered at the Post Office at ; We arc going to buy our Xmas
Ilillsboro, Oregon, as second-: tfifls at the M. E. Church Ba
class mail matter.
Subscription, $ 1.50 jwr annum.
Issued Every Thursday by E. C,
McKinney and L. A. Long.
It is fitting that the state dairy
association .should meet in Ilills
boro, where is found the center
of (lit greatest dairy county in
all the I'aeitie Northwest. We
will be able to show them a con
denser that has cost over a quar
ter of a million, and if built to
day would cost nearer a million
we will show them a stream of
milk wagons that will make their
cyo stiek out, ami, besides, we
will show them that Ilillsboro
knows how to entertain them. If
Mike Wisdom was alive, and he
were to be with us, he would as
sure them that for a hang-up
time the dairy association never
experienced anything like the
time he was here at a state meet
ing in years past when Hill Well
rung was a number of the State
l air Hoard 'the time the toasts
of the chairman at table made
more than one man bunt his hole.
Come on. boys, the county that
put the cream in the dairy business!
xaar. 81-40
K. S. Kalta sues Fred Kaltn for
divorce, alleging desertion. No
children to fight over.
Hoy McKuight, with the U. S
Marines at San Francisco,
home for a visit w ith relatives.
For Sab Hay horse, weight
1 150 lbs., S years; good driving
horse.--Harvev r'uqua, 1384
Main St., Ilillsboro. 39-41
S. .1. HalTety, of above Moim
taindale, was down Tuesday
shaking hands will) his numerous
county seat lillieuins.
v nas. I ticket lucr ami sons
tins and W in., were up from Ce
llar .Mill, vesterdav, on a hurried
trip. Mr. Iliekethier's son, Carl
is on the I'. S. Ship Pasadena.
Russell Frost, while working
at the mill, fell from a freight
car as a result of Jiis peavev slip
ping, and sustained a badly
Ionised arm. It was ex-raved in
Portland the first of the week.
V. F. Young, of near Slier
wood, one of the pioneers of the
nop growing game, was in ves
terdav, and called on the Argus
He plowed up his vines several
years ago. when the slump came
and says he doesn't regret it.
Robert Denny, a son-in-law of
Julius Asbahr. lost a part of the
thumb and a part of the index
linger on his left hand one day
last week, by getting into contact
with a gas engine, catching it in
the crank shaft while investigat
ing engine trouble. lie lives at
Rev. C. K. Cline, one of the
forcible orators of the Oregon
M. F.. Church, was out from
Portland Tuesday, greeting old-
time Ilillsboro friends. Rev
("line still writes stuff worth
reading; still knows how to han
dle the English language, and
works every day "just to keep
from rusting, as he expresses it
Mrs, Frank Imhrie, who went
to San Francisco to attend the
bedside of her son, .las., who is
with the Hospital Corps U. S. N.,
returned home Saturday night,
leaving the patient convalescent.
As soon as he is able to travel
with safety he will endeavor to
get a-furlough for a few days'
visit to his home near Orenco.
! .lames w as w orking overtime tak-
The special grand jury which
investigated the penitentiary
muddle has exonerated Warden
Murphy and throws the hooks in
to Keller, and incidentally, the
Governor. Parole Oliicer Keller,
w ell know n in Portland as having
the support of the oldtimc poli
ticians, evidently has Warden
-Murphy's goat, Murphy being
"tired" to make room for another
niun. Murphy "s retirement makes
the third man who has had a
chauoe at the wardenship during
the administration. He is a vet
eran of the Spanish-American
War, ami is a" man of attain
ments. The Governor says that
Murphy was too expensive, and
says that Keller can take "care
of liiins.lf" V- i (I,.. I..ti..
,. . ', ., . " I in care of Flu patients in the
those who know Keller kuow 1 i , i i i , i
j hospital w hen he was attacked
"darned" well that he will do;wjt, the malady, and he had a
that. i elose call.
j Sergenat John Peppard, of
.More than any other one per- j Second St., w ith the V. S. Army,
.sonage in the world means the j u;ls the first Ilillsboro man in the
presence of President Wilson at lr.-"1" rvi,t- hame with
. ,( . i . ,,,, I his honorable discharge. Pep-
the peace table in 1-ranee. I here , .
j panl was at aneouver liarracks
is today no man so able to pre-: itj, t. tM, Infantry until three
sent America's thought, Ameri-1 weeks ago, w hen he went to
ca's iiiHiieJiee. and America's pres-: Camp Grant, 111., to enter an of
tige al the session that must j fi, , rs' Training Camp. With
, , . i ii. peace established he was given
mean so much to the world at ,. , , ,
Ins discharge and will now re-
lare' 'main with his family. Mrs. Pcp-
; jnrd has been teaching up in the
Help out the Militia boys with Seoggin Valley country, 'and the
their dance Saturday night. j home-coming is a surprise to her.
With Sanction of Council of National Defense.
Comment in M outlay, Dec. 9, LOIS, the undersigned will es
tablish a regular Truck Line, with sanction of Council of
National Defense. Portland to Forest Grove and Interme
diate Points, l aving Portland about 8:30 A. AL, and Forest
Grove about 1 :.'i0 P. M.. daily, except Sunday. Ilillsboro of
fice, A. It. England, Main St. AH classes of freight will be
carried- nothing too large or too small.
li.ii. s reasonable, furnished upon application.
Plumes: Main 5205 A3I10 Hillisboro, I'.'lW 271 Taylor St.
Willard Battery
Service Station
M. P. CADY, Prop.
1050 Second St Oregon
Wc are in a position to correctly ad
vise you when you have battery trouble.
Our past battery experience together with
the Service Station Jiullelins issued by the
WTillard Battery Co. give the necessary in
Our allowance on exchange is quite
We can name the charge before we
start the job.
Bring your battery to us for WINTER
STORAGE and you will be urc that it
will be all right when you want to use it in
the Spring.
(By Arthur Reiling)
Now that the basket ball season
has arrived, the teams are begin
niug to get into shape, Uoth'hovs
and girls teams started their
practice this week, and judging
from the turn-outs yc will have
two teams this year which will be
hard to beat.
Marjorie Wells has been elect
ed manager for the girls and Karl
Carter for the boys, Leo Goar is
hoys' captain, and is a letter man,
having won his H. last season.
The other letter men who w ill be
seen on the lloor this season arc:
l'.arl Carter, Ernest StolYers and
Arthur Reiling. The girls also
have several experienced players
from last year. Miss Roche, an
old hand at the game, will coach
the girls, but as yet the boys have
no permanent coach.
The inter-class basket ball
games, both hovs ami girls, will
start next Monday. The first af
ternoon game will be called a
i:ia ami uie lirst evening ganu
at 7:15. Four games, two boys
and two girls, will be played on
Monday. 1 uesj ay ami Ihursdav
of the next two weeks. The pub
lie is cordially invited to witness
these games, which will taki
place in the gym at the foot o
Fourth Street.
A number of the bovs have de
cided to become pugilists, ami nc
cording! v have purchased two
sets of gloves. The noon hour is
now spent in listic combat, bv
Dumber of students. Oh, no; no
one has received a black eve vet
but almost.
The Senate Club held its first
meeting of the year Wcdncsdav
afternoon and the following olli
eers were elected: President, Ar
thur Roiling; vice president, Har
old Briggs; secretary-treasurer
Ernest StolTers; sergeant-at-arms
Edward Scheldt. The club is now-
ready to take in new members
and all male students who are in
tcrestetl in public speaking, de
bating, etc., should apply.
Ernest Rannow. 20. is confined
to bis home, with an attack of tin:
Flu. Wc all hope to sec him back
in school tietore long.
Louie luipeii, IS, who is in
the navy, has been looking up old
friends the past week. lit- will
soon sail for Trance. Inrp was
a shining light on the basket ball
earn last year and we sure wish
he was back for the coming sea
I he managers ot the class
teams for this year arc as follows.
Seniors liirls. Atariorie Well
bovs. Arthur Reiling. Juniors
Girls, Tinah Bechcn: boys, Leo
Goar. Sophs Girls. Violet We b
ber: boys, Edward Wall. Fresh
ies Girls. Alycc Moore; boys.
Herman Sehoen.
Born, to Mr,, and Mrs. Sam Stein
. below Newton, Nov. 2!, 1918,
daughter. .
To Sergeant and Mrs. Carl
Carlson. Laurel, Dec. 1, 19 IS, a
i lighter. The father is in
To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mc
Knight, Orenco, Nov. 28, 1918, a
son. " x!
To Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller,
North Plains, Nov. 29. 1918, a
Wm. F. Owens and Miss Ilattie
B. West, of Banks, were united
m marriage hv Judge ), 5. Kea-
soner. in Court Chambers. Hill
boro. November ISO, 1918. The
happy couple have the best
es of their count v friends.
Coffee Club Meeting
The Coffee Club will meet at the
home of Mrs. L. W. Hyde, Satur
day afternoon, December 7, at
2:30 o clock. Members cordially
invited to attend.
Dr. E. II. Smith the past week
operated on Miss Kate Taylor, of
lieaverton, for appendicitis, with
iscess; and Lloyd Harper, son
of Newton Harper, Gales Creek,
ippendix removed.
Miss Margaret Mann, who is
taking a course at the State. Nor
mal at Monmouth, stunt the
riiariksgiving holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant
Mann, near Cornelius, and other
J. 15. Imlav, of Reedville, was
ip yesterday. He says that win
ter wheat is looking fine down
his way, and the acreage is vast
ly increased over that of last sea
son. Winter oats, however, have
not been seeded so heavily owing
to the shortage of seed.
The. Banks Red Cross Auxili-
iry will give a Kazaar Dee. 1.1
and 14, at their Red Cross head
quarters. Chicken dinner on Fri
day the l.'ilh. A special invita-
ion is given nil Red Cross nuxil-
j iaries. Everybody invited to at-
tend and do their bit for this
j great cause.
j Mrs. D. B. Emrick attended
'the twentieth wedding anniver
j Nary of Mr. and Mrs. C. Cable, in
; Portland, Saturday evening. Mr.
1 and Mrs. Cable entertained sev
etity five of their friends with a
program, dancing and refresh
' mi nts. Host and hostess were,
i former residents of this city, and
i both wore the clothes worn at
Ilillsboro, are the only authorised
dealers selling Cleveland tractors
in Yamhill and Washington conn
ties. Oregon. Others representing
themselves either authorix
etl dealers or agents for Cleve
land tractors are mis-representing
the facts,
MeNcfV Tractor - Auto Co.,
Distributors Cleveland Tractors
for the Stales of Oregon ami
OthVinl county budget for Washing
ton County, Oregon, containing esti
mates of public expenditure for the
year I1H0.
Notice is hereby given that on Sat
urday, Deecmtcr 2 1st 19 IS, nt 10 o'
clock . in. of suit! day in the County
Cwut room in the City of Hillslmro,
Oregon, a Meeting of. the County
Court, of the State of Oregon, for
Washington County, will be hold for
tlu pui-H!sc of levying taxes to meet
the expenses of Washington County
for the year 1919. and that at such
time ami place, any taxpayer subject
to such levy when matte, may bo
heard in favor or against any pro
posed levies as shown by the itcmiztsl
estimates of contemplated expendi
tures to he raised hy taxation as
made by the County Court as follows:
Salary Sheriff $ 1,800.00
Salary Deputy Sheriff 1.200.00
Expense 2,800.00
Tux collections ' 1,800.00
Stamps, stationery, print
ing ' 1,500.00
Hoard of prisoners ami jail
expense 1,087.70
Total 10,187.70
Salary Clerk $ 1,800.00
Salary Deputy Clerk 1,200.00
Salary Bookkeeper and Ac
countant 900.00
Striingrnihcr and Ricord
Writer 720.00
Suit iuiiery ami supplies... 7!i0.00
Total G.S70.00
Salary Recorder 1,200.00
Salary Deputy Recorder... 900.00
Salary Asa't Deputy 720.00
Five record books (5) 150.00
Typewriter ribhons l.r.00
Stationery 50.00
Registration supplies 5.00
Postage, stumps, etc 120.00
Ink 5.00
Two sets of counter indexes 150.00
Repair work on machine. , 35.00
Sundries 6.00
Book machine ribbons .... 20.00
Total $ 3,1175.00
Salary Treasurer $ 900.00
Clerk hire 250.00
Stationery, etc 150.00
Total $ 1 ,300.00
Expenses, supplies, etc. ...$ 300.00
Salary Assessor $ 1,200.00
Salary Deputy Assessor .. 900.00
Extending Uix wIIh .'164.00
Copying field men's slips.
index, etc 310.00
Copying tax rolls 595.00
Salaries held deputies .... 1,700.00
Stationery and printing... 466.00
Otliee supplies 76.00
Total $ 6.CG9.00
Salary County Judge f 1,200.00 imaled salary commis
sioner 700.00
Estimated salary commis
sioner 700.00
Expenses of commissioner. 350.00
Expenses nt commissioner. 850.00
Kxitenseg of county judge. . 350.00
Clerical help 300.00
Stationery and nUunps .... 60.00
Total 4,000.00
Janitor's salaries, fuel,
linht, repairs, etc :t 4,600.00
Witnesses, jurors, bailiffs,
reporters, etc ? 6,000.00
Juvenile court 600.00
Justice courts 400.00
Coroner's otliee 700.00
Insane 350.00
Salary of County Superin
tendent S 1,200.00
Salary of Clerk 720.00
Supt s traveling expenses 200.00
Postage ' 375.00
Express, freight and dray-
aire 30.00
Printing and stationery... 200.00
Blank books 100.00
Truant officer 150.00
Teachers' examinations . . . 25.00
Eighth grade examinations 150.00
Institutes . 150.00
Furniture and repairs .... 200.00
Industrial work and fairs.. 150.00
Library fund 825.00
School levy, 8 per capita. . 05,000.00
High school tuition IBJjUZ.YZ
Total $87,977.72
Widows' pensions 3,500.00
Health officers 484.40
Local registrars of births
and deaths 100.00
Fruit inspector 100.00
Care of poor and poor farm 8,000.00
Indigent soldiers relief fund 70(1.38
Tax rebates 400.00
Bounties 2,000.00
District sealer of weights
and measure 303.40
Street and sewer assess
ments (City of Ilillsboro 1,270.00
Roudmaxters, patrolmen,
etc 10,000.00
Veterinary surgeon and
slock inspector iro.oi
County agricultural agent. 1,000.00
Cattle indemnity 1,000.00
Miscellaneous and unfor-
peen contingencies 6,500.00
Advertising and publishing
rounty court proceedings (lOO.Otl
AiulitiniT county books .... 400.00
State fair appropriation... 400.00
County fair appropriation. 200.00
Expense of district attor
ney's office : . 350.00
Estimate of state tax for ,
the year 1919 89,000.00
County roads $96,800.00
Bridge 20,000.00
Koud machinery and auto
trucks, etc 20,000.00 ' 393,693.60
Special Ijocal Road Improvements
ror improvement of portions of
County Roads No. A. 135, A. 10 and
"Kn fifll T?pcrinntnr ftt a luilnl in Cix
their wedding twenty years ago. i;oad No. A. 135 being known a the
Hillshoro-MountuindiuV Road, at the'
end. of the present rock in front of
the farm of Coo, llarnta in Sec. 35 T.
2 N. K. 3 W. W. M. and running
southerly and easterly along said
road A. t:i3 and A. 10 to the intornee
tion of Rond A. 10 with Rtuul No. tUil
thence following Road No. (KU to the
Enst toi minus of said road, $6,000.00
For improvement with Standard
Macadam Portions of County Kuutls i
No. :U-I and 404. beginning at a
point in Co. Road No. iU4. known lis
the Seholls-llillslKiro Road at North1
end of bridge at the foot of Crosby i
hill and running Westerly and Nor
therly along saitl roinlit No. !U4 and i
No. 404 as far as funds will build., j
; $6,000.00,
For improvement with Standard
macadam or Itiluiuinoiis bound ma
cadam, liuxton-Hunks-borisst Ciovo
Road, ' North of Hanks on Road A.
Ia5 and No. 5!S and ' South of :
Ranks on Ranks-Forest tirove Road ;
For Improvement with Standard I
macadam the lieaverton- Progrons '
and Creenherg Road, hcginuiiur at '
the O. E. R. R. on Co. Road No, 179 !
ami running northerly on said roinl
to Intersection of Co. Road No. 370, '
thence Westerly on saitl Co. Road No.
:)70 ami also westerly on Co. Road !
No. 179 $6,000.00 !
For improvement with ltituminous '
hound macadam on Forest drove- j
tilde Creek Road No. 192, beginning
at present ltituminous macadam ami
building as far as funds will reach.. :
$2,500.00 :
. . For improvement with macadam :
Thatcher road, beginning at North
end of present bituminous maciulnm
and bail, ling as fur as funds will
reach $2,500.00
For improvement of tiuston-Dillev
Road (Slate Highway) ... $3,000.00
For improvement with standard
ituteadam, Luurcl-Mountuinsido road,
Roads No. 44(1 mid No, 61, beginning
ut north end of Homier Hritijie. ,.
For improvement of llolj-Walker
road No. 215, in Rood Dist. No. 26.
C. i and total $133,69:1,60
Estimated fss and line
from Clerk' and Record- i
er's otliee $ $ .000.00
Interest on deposits 3,000.00
Sec!al school, city and rond taxes ;
to lie levied, not ready for puhlica- ;
t ion.
l!y order of the County Court of
Washington County.Orcgim inndo and :
dated this November 27th, 1918. j
D. R. Rcasoner, County Judge. t
R. Matteson, County ( oinmiKsioncr
II. T. Hesse, County Conuuistdoncr.
For Economical Transportation
Tin n- has been but otic building ideal in the iiianii
f uture of Chevrolet Automobiles. Ami thai has been, to
build thoroughly and well, to build to last. This organ!
.alien appreciates its responsibility In the man who has
sew ra! hundred dollars In invest, lie waul Ihe amount
be has In spend to bring him full value iu return. He
wauls that alue to last until he feels satisfied that It has
t ndercd him sen ice in proportion to the amount ex
pended. The valve In head motor with which the Chevrolet is
etpiippetl is designed on the principle of tlireet applica
tion of power. There is no wade fuel, no waste power.
They are built In endure, lit stand up ami render sat
isf ing st ri it-e under the most exacting conditions. bell
tine buys a Chevrob I. they pun base a car that will take
tin in to Portland and return in high gear. It possesses
the power that iitects all needs with constant ceouiimy,
Wiles Auto Co., Forest Grove
M. P. Cad.v
Rcrnard Stipe
Hanks Oarage
II inks
I hst ributnrs Wasliiiii-ton County, Ore,
Company A
Oregon Guard
of Hillsboro
..Will Give u
On Evening of
Come Out and Give the Boys the
Glad Hand