The Hillsboro argus. (Hillsboro, Or.) 1895-current, June 24, 1909, Image 3

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    ArgUitnJ Journal. MM.
,bo UurUml. of HU.Jy lr k
Jul 11 ''-"'
5Ij-.nJ w "HI htf. plenty .l
JUU lull' "
i0WiupUJ put und.r culti.
C JO rrNt dn nar Hchull-,
Cup MJy-
l.w.r fi, tu i,.
U.hmutt liofi !,, .tf Wl(()
lias. ... in ,,, Kn.Uy,
rallrd,,,, Urn ArKu .yB hifl
i...k.l,K lil.r, U,1M
J aera l.i hivKt,
I..!ikL, M.y.i.f iii,f ll)Wn U r.l...l,u atili lh
I urlUnd frr,, , , of
UwMlf !,(. i r.M..i,U,
OJWttf U,. roily ri,iMlt
of tua form.
A. t IMumsey
Can furnish you with Rough ,ind
Dressed Lumber
of all Kinds cut from Al limber
Now is a kk1 time to et that fciu
iiK am a time to y,ct your
lumber on the ground fr building.
Vc deliver if order is suflidctuly
large. Mill located one mile ;ilmc
the H. 1'. Cornelius ranch, and three
miles from Gleucoe. I'ostuilkc Ad
dress, Cornelius, Oreou, K. V. I), i.
Pacific States Telephone, Glcueocx.
forest Grove Monumental Works
IksiRtis and Stock, none letter. Quality and
Wurkiiiaushin unexcelled. PKICI S ToWISl mi
the coast. All work guaranteed. Orders and alt
coitiimtuications promptly attended to. Will call
and show designs and samples at any distance.
Main Street, N. of I. O. Mock.
North llillsWo Acres comprises a ntimU-r of ery fine
and within a mile from the Oregon Klectric, City Hall
and court house. Fourteen f these tracts arc in culti
vation; improvements ou two them. Beautiful projH-rly,
Sold on Easy Payment Plun
These tracts should appeal to alt warning small homes;
art especially attractive to city business jnen who want
outside property, and to professional men and retired
(farmers who waut suburban homes right at town, but
free of city taxes. Bound to roiae stm iu valuation.
C.I n i airsf
je rnce, cleared tracts, per acre.
IO per cent, down and $IO Monthly.
Deferred payments carry but seven per cent, interest.
A splendid chaucc, also, for a speculation. Address
J SCHAEFER, L1NNTON. OR.. or call on
Imbrie Land Co., Hillsboro.
BELGIUM No. 22735. AMERICN.2764
A, 8 vmr; bteil hv Kmmaiiuel Pumntit, of tallfiiyete.
Imported by A. C. Kuby k Co,, of rottlaml. A upl o.tully l.uilt hm-,
od one Hint gets girit duri mul farm aiilmatattoiM-a Hint sell.
the Henry
burn, l'r-
Mnti.1. .
Hoanf. V Ule " " Hoe "", I'rttmlnnton: Tuendiiyt t
neliur -ri. i M,00'Bi Wrdni(lyi at All)cit BuniiiiiK
. """1 ilHirnUv. n...i:.,.i i..n m ...i., Wri.1m.. M
ylm.. ' 01f"cw; SutnrdiiYi, t the Connfll-Kcdmtma tarn. Hiltaboro.
may wmn
t'...' y!u BKley9' Dudley Mill rnch; Fridays. Mny ltth
C. , HinK,e m l'0-o; Bmhoii, f U.ooi To insure,
uui wiu not ue rtupoufuuie ior Rcciucma n "7
Hillsboro Horse Co.
H. Deutschman, Manager
I'fiii. J..lKn.,.Thoa. A. Mc
'"". irh.,,, u n.klJ0Wn
hn twmi Vixml circuit
1 Ml who tmM u,nur, in
H -.iuoKt.M, Cunly.writ CJuuoty
. 7. , letl"M'ivK but
J'l l,u.lf,!in? tlong wrU
". IH Wt Ur with tbJ, oW
;rom .,ou,)( r,i-th MwcUlMof
11 y-.u-r.memWr mt to
"HII lov them."
ll lit thin human not in "ibo
Kery yr tho Argu hi-chr.m
rr Mmm IriKi frr.m fordt firw.
TheOfon Hi B'id of Kurt-xiry
of which It. 0. HirvcriiMj (irr.
HriJen, f rurMt (, in a muii
hr h .i,t out to th uf a tir
culr, kfkiiK it iublicalion, ifi
coofcrrvation of our lirnhr, and t
avoid attendant hwv,j Grn !
i climated that ll3MX),0i) in
limlwr ia burnt in Or(?on facb
yar. WaRhinton County yet ban
million of dollar wortb of timber.
The circular aaya, in taking to
eampera, woodmen and thoae living
in the mountain or timber o'ia
uiete: "Don't t(w away burning
ruatchea or tobacco; Don't make a
camp tire of Uavra, rotten wood, or
again! Inga, where it may apread,
or where you can not be aure it it
out; Never lave a Gre until it it
out; Neve burn your alar-bing in
the dry teatnn without permit;
I'ut out any fire you find if you
om if you can't, no ify a fire
wardn, Home other pub io officer,
or the land owner; JU)tLmW il'a
the little lire you can put out which
may later becime a big one." Thia
in fine advice and Ibat which might
wII m followed, with a little
Born, to Mr. anl Mn. G. L.
Kand-M.of HillHile, K iday, June
18, 1:, a 131b. bv.
25 per cent, discount
On all sizes of screen doors -we will allow a
special discount of 25 per cent. This is your
last chance this season to buy screen doors at
such a sacrifice don't wait, as the stock will
not lost lonj.
Granite Ware
(Specially Priced)
We are ofl'criuK some big
values iu triple coated blue
and white granite ware,
ff)c '0c 75c values, for
33 cents
The pieces iu this lot are
fine colTee pots, preserving
kettles, dishpaus, Berlin
sauce pans, pudding pans,
covered buckets, etc,
the New Perfection Oil
Stoves, in one, two and
three burner styles.
Camping Outfits
Camp stoves, tents, ham
mocks, etc. We are Head
quarters for everything for
Campers' uses.
Special Special
. hole camp stove, $2.25
With Pipe
Japanese porch Shades
Made in natural and green
6 foot, $1 50
7 foot, $1 75
foot, $1 95
IO foot, $2 50
Complete with ropes aud
The celebrated Century
Line of Refrigerators is
added to our stock, aud as a
special inducement to buy
ers we will give away free
200 Pounds of Ice
to each purchaser. If you
contemplate buying, call
aud look at our line. We
will explain the advantages
of a good refrigerator over
a cheap ice Ihx. Prices are
$14.50 up
According to the size.
Old Hichory Porch
Furnish your porch with
Old Hickory and you will
never regret it.
See our window for
There is no porch furniture
on the market that will af
you as much comfort as a
few pieces of this grand old
furniture. Rockers priced
From $3.50 up.
Call in and see the finest
stock of furniture in the
The House Furnisher.
old mm," an the boy a oU him,
that endeared Jw'g McBride to
hia fellows Judge McBride was
recently appointed to the Supreme
lUnidi. and while the honor wa
long nverdu, hp very much regret
ted leaving m haunts nis oiii
frjH,Hard the old seenr. in the
r,nr RMiniieH ovHr which be was so
long prwided, first as di-triot at
torney ana tuen as uircun juug.
r a A n.Wson. merohant farmer
of ltedvill, for years, and now in
the mercantile business at Ballston.
was down t uillnrmro rrinay, on
MtdneM. P. B. is the iane "old
Jasper Ktffr, of Olenooe, was in
FaUinlay. Us Bays that the saw
mill with which he has been con
nscted is sold to Wnhlschlegel
Bros , of near Soholls, who moved
it down there the first of the week.
J 0. Sohulmerloh, of Bnka, ac
companied by wifa and child, were
down Saturday evening, guest at
the El Schulmrioh,and attending
the reception at the home of Mr.
and Mrs (Jeo. Bohulmerich.
A. A. Phillips, of Camas, WaBh.,
whre he is engaged in running a
store, is in town this week. A. A
is an oldtime Cornelius reeident.
J. T. Morrifon, of Farmington,
and who pome time sinoe bought
lh W. H. Miller place, was io Sat
urday. He ix preparing to put in
a pipe line snd irrignte shout 40
acres from the Tualatin river, by
titans t f a pumping station. Hi
may add a rft-ervoir and tn g'avi
ty, if he concludes this wi'l be th
more practical. Mr. Morrison
lived for a t umle- of years in the
(i ants Pass section, where he
raised fruit on irriga ed lands, and
is therefore familiar with the work
of watering lands. After 19 yes"
ol experience in that part of the
state handing water he is in s
pocition to make the best of Sum
msr irrigation down in thia tnd ( I
the state.
The J. Millar place, below Reed
ville, has a bUck callalily plant in
its garden that this year raited
nine blooms. The bloom is a pu
Die. and the center pieoe Is as
blaok as the much mooted bUck
tulip. The black caiias are very
rare in this Bection. The Millars
sent up a beautiful specimen to
Prof. Powell, and ths stamen was
about eight inches in length.
Seth Seeley, pioneer of 1852, and
who has resided at Soholls for 40
years, was up to the count; seat
1776 - 1909
mi n-
Shute Park,
Three Hands - Three Bands -- 'Three Bands.
Hillsboro R. h C. band, Bethany Band, Banhs Band.
Dr. A. F. Bailey. Orator of the Day.
Series of ball games between Hillsboro and leading amateur
teams. Continuous vaudeville by best company on
A $4,000 Steam Merry-Go-Round for the Young Folhs.
Geo. Gibson, Bronco Buster
Will ride two of the worst outlaw horses west of the Rockies.
Shute Park has plenty of Shade, plenty of Water, aud Klectric Lights.
Spectacular Fire Works.
Hillsboro's Fireworks always Elipse. Better in 1909 than ever.
Everybody invited to come and enjoy THREE DAYS of
Patriotism and Jollification.
A Beautiful
Has Splendid
Superb action.
3295-46596. Imported J 908. Dark Chestnut.
Coming 4 years; weighs 1900; Beit Conformation for Draft Gets.
Pedigree Sire, Jatnuc, 10838; Sire LaHy Goyck 35J4, Dam Marie 36S1. Dai, Use tie Voor
de, 4jc 07, Sire Gaston de Gboy 10820, Dam Pau ine llauterne 32S07.
S7v .... -n t - ' s; t- (
St- 1
.7 y . K
I I 1 "
- J ft. . rti.-
To see this Stallion is to see the Finest in County
Season of 1909-: Monday, Gordon & Mistier barn, Forest Grove;
Tuesday, Hillsboro; Wednesday, Mountaindale; Thursday, Glencoe!
Friday noon, H. M. Vanderzanden's; Friday night, Banlcs; Saturday
Henry Peterson's barn, Manning; Saturday evening to Monday a. m.
at John Herb's, Greenville. W. F. Hoffman, Groom.
'I K RMS: Siiurle Service, 12.50; Season, $ 18: when mare U known to be in foal
$22.50: Insurance, 125. Care to prevent, but not responsible lor accidents.
The Banks Belgian Horse Company.
Fred Bishup, the Helvetia car- Brick ready for sale, or delivery, Henry . Scheuermann, who has
penter, and who has put lip many at yard one voU north of HiuVbo- spent 26 years in the Blooming
a structure down in the northeast ro, on P. U. & N.. on Saturday, section, and seen hundredn of acres
partof the oonnty, was io Saturday, June 26 Kiineman Bros., Hills- cleared up In his vicinity, wae io
taking a day's rest. boro. 14 5 the city Tuesday, ......