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Fee Increases Recommend
, ed to Council.
tTse of Large Reserve Funds to
j Repair Municipal Pave
ments Held Alarming.
Reduction of tax burdens through
the provision of additional sources
of revenue and increase in license
and other fees by the city council
Is urged by the tax supervision and
conservation commission in its of
ficial budget report, submitted to
city officials yesterday.
The report, in addition to this
recommendation, carried the obser
vations of the tax commission on
the conduct of all the municipal de
partments, praised city officials for
presenting a budget that, showed
painstaking supervision, and chided
the city council and individual- com
missioners for deviations from rec
ommendations made by the tax com
mission a year ago.
Fee Short of Costs.
The assertion Is made by the tax
commission that, while increases
have been made in fees charged by
the building bureau, such increases
still fail to meet the cost of main
taining an inspection force.
An additional inspector in the bu
reau of licenses was allowed by the
commission for the sole purpose of
permitting that department' to col
lect licenses from persons who have
succeeded in avoiding payment of
fees because of the small force in
this department.
A review of the entire license
Echedule with the object o attain
ing a better classification, making
addition of rtems and raising the
fees wherever these may seem to
fall short of meeting the coat of
supervision, is strongly recommend
ed by the commission. '
Pees for the viewing of. motion
picture reels, the inspection ot meat
carcasses, the inspection of elevators
and increase of fees for the issuance
of certificates to' food handlers are
among the specific recommendations.
The report calls attention to the
fact that recommendations made to
the city council by the commission
a year ago were not generally made
known to officials charged with the
administration of funds and the
council was urged to correct this
condition this year.
While the commission took pleas
Tire in commending the council for
the intelligent budget presented, it
suggested that the budget discus
sion be made an order of business
throughout the year and not merely
at the time estimates are being re
Mewed in preparation for submis
sion to the tax commission.
Cost Accounting Ured.
Lack of cost accounting in city
departments caused the tax commis
sion to urge the city council to give
some attention to this important
euDjeci. jrarticuiar stress was laid
on the lack of cost-accounting sys
tems in the department of public
works and in the street-cleaning
To care for the department of
public works the tax commission
made allowance for the employment
of a cost Cierk, while officials in
the street-cleaning bureau were
urged to work out- a less compli
cated accounting system than is
now in vogue.
While criticism was directed at
the street-cleaning bureau because
the commission could not ascertain
definitely the cost of the operation
of this bureau, the general ef
ficiency of the bureau was praised.
An average balance o $263,762.80
throughout the year in the assess
ment collection fund, on deposit in
banks on open accounts at 2 per cent
interest, while the bonds bear from
i to per cent interest, caused
the commission to impose a rebuke
on the city auditor's office.
"It appears that the city treasurer
is not in position to invest any of
this large balance to better ad
vantage." the report reads', "inas
much as the auditor's office does
not give him sufficient advance
notice of the probable total amount
of improvement liens to be put up
for sale, for this reason virtually
forcing the treasurer to hold for
immediate purchase of liens the en
tire amount of the balance."
The commission notes that a
fairly large balance In this fund is
necessary but recommends the
establishment of closer relations
between the auditor's office and the
treasurer's office, so as to permit
the investment of a part of the
balance in ehort-term securities.
Jfeed Held Not Pressing.
A constant balance in the fire
department construction fund
throughout the year led the tax
commission to assert that the neces
sity for construction of additional
fire stations was not considered
pressing. Recommendation is made
in this connection that further sale3
of bonds under this authorization be
not made until existing balances
have been practically utilized.
Establishment of a central point
at which all records of automobile
costs and service may Jje consulted
is urged in the report. A partial
record of automobile operation is
now on file in the auditor's office.
but the city council is urged to em
power the property custodian to
gather the additional facts neces
sary to complete this record and
turn such facts over to the audi
tor's office at stated intervals.
Continuation of the booth system
urged by the commission for the
police bureau a year ago is recom
mended. The commission states in
its report that continuous strikes on
the waterfront and in the railroad
shops made it impossible for the
police officials to give the booth
system a trial that would be con
vincing. However, ten extra patrol
men were allowed by the commis
sion to be assigned to existing
booths and to the manning of an
additional booth in 1923.
Consolidation of the bureau of
purchases, stationery department,
bureau of stores and property cus
todian was recommended by the
commission. Elimination of the sta
tionery clerk was made by the com
mission, to be offset by an Increase
in the salary of the chief clerk in
the bureau of purchases who, under
the commission's ruling, is to as
sume the duties now held by this
clerk after the reorganization sug
gested has been carried out.
The commission has given the of
ficials approximately three months
. to consolidate these departments.
Lack of co-ordination under the old
ciency under the merger is given
by th commission as its reason for
this recommendation.
Passage of an ordinance granting
Itodlan is urged. The commission
states that heretofore the property
custodian has been little more than
j a registrar of personal property.
Under the suggestion the property
custodian will have general respon
sibility for the proper use and care
of public personal property and also
be in control of ail automobile
equipment belonging to the city.
Gentry Tates, formerly in the city
auditor's office, was recently ap
pointed to take charge of the prop
erty custodian's office. -
One of the outstanding commenda
tions contained in the report' was
given to Sylvester C. Simmons, vet
eran superintendent of the city. The
commission observed that estimates
for operation of the city hall in
1923 were appreciably less than the
allowance for the past year.
"It believes that this saving has
been attained through the careful
and efficient work of the superin
tendent of the building. The only
decrease made in his budget was in
the item of fuel oil, following re
duction in the market price."
Increased use of the muflicipal
golf course i anticipated by the
tax commission, and city officials
are urged to complete early the
purchase of the south nine holes
of Eastmoreland links in order that
the trusteeship now existing may
be early dissolved and the transfer
of the clubhouse and site agreed to
by th Ladd Estate company and the
trustees may be effected.
The present plan of inspections
carried on by the fire prevention
bureau did not met with the ap
proval of the tax commission, nor
did the failure of city officials to
follow the reorganization, recom
mendations for this bureau made a
year ago please the tax commis
sioners. As a result the commission made
Loans to Preserve Europe
Held Unwarranted.
Aid From United States to Per
petuate Existing Conditions
,' Held Not to Be Expected.
Germany's Foremost Publicist.
(Copyright, 1922. by The Oregonian.)
(Reciting the dialogue of an imagin
ary conversation between Mrs. Europe
and Uncle Sam, Mr. Harden emphasizes
the Justice of the American position that
until Europe has systematized her entire
trde she has no right to expect a loan
from the United States to perpetuate ex
isting conditions.)
BERLIN, Dec. 30. (Special Ca
ble.) Mrs. Europe today Is making
Uncle Sam a New Year's visit. It
is both material and social in char
acter, and the dialogue between
Wrappers of the New Year's Edition of The Morn
ing Oregonian issued MONDAY, JAN. 1,
will bear this label:
New Year's Edition
Price will be S cents a copy- postage. 8 cents in the United States
and possessions. All other foreign postage will be 12 cents.
provision for two captains and nine
hosemen to work permanently in the
fire prevention bureau in place of
the present plan of drafting com
pany officers to make such inspec
tions. Success of the plan of transporting
inspectors of the bureau of build
ings in their own automobiles as in
augurated a year ago led the com
mission to recommend a study of the
plan by other departments as a
means of economy.
Expenditure of large sums from
the maintenance reserve of the mu
nicipal paving plant to make repairs
in pavements laid by the plant dur
ing the first, second and third years
of the pavement life should give
cause for real alarm, in the opinion
of the tax commission. The report
points out that the repairs thus far
made on pavement with an. average
of 16 months have consumed about
41 per cent of the plant's reserve,
although only 27 per cent of the
maintenance period has expired.
1,1,10 UMEl
you can expect It Is going to have
any effect. You know the story of
Rothschild who, when the poor
Russian told his sorrow to him for
a long time, rang for his servant
and said: 'Throw this man out; he
is breaking my heart.'
"That's how we feel about you.
I have given more charity to your
children than ever before was given
on earth. I never ask thanks but
I don't want to hear any more about
your debts, reparations, low stand
ards of living and depressed ex
change. Your constant begging Is
almost worse than your old mili
tary trumpets and soldier play. You
imagine you are indispensable and
believe Almighty God insured you
first place in the, universe until the
end of time and reckon we are
going to help you with our money
every time you do something
stupid, which Is very often. You
want us to throw bur people's
wealth into the bottomless pit..
Some Guarantee Desired.
"We have claims for gold which
are being paid, not in gold but in
goods which we don't want, because
we are exporters ourselves and
must protect our industries with a
tariff. For this reason we are most
interested in- the younger industrial
countries. Consequently what in
terests us in Russia is not the sup
posed change of front but the faot
that under communist rule many
millions of new farms and small
holdings have sprung up.
"I will help you as soon as I have
a guarantee that you won't begin
new wars which, as fxperienca
shows, ruin both victors' and van
quished; that you will not regard
new paper money as income wealth,
and that your business will be
guided by economic reasoning in
stead of national jealousy. That is
all we ask in exchange for our
help. Don't pout. Do you think
we have been spending weeks on
councils of bankers and diplomats
for nothing?- France and England
agreed under Christmas mistletoe
to accept any reasonable repara
tions proposal from Germany and
they know about what to expect.
That was our doing. Now see what
you can co alone. .Happy New
Mrs. Europe, slightly disappointed
but full of hope, turns slowly and
(Continued From First Page.)
Officials Reported to Have De
cided to Hang Edith Thomp
son and Bywaters.
(Chicago Tribune Foreign News Service.)
(By Chicago Tribune Leased Wire.)
LONDON, Dec. 30. An extraordi
nary light on modern British psy
chology has been thrown by the ex
citement over the fate of Edith
Thompson and Frederick Bywaters,
both sentenced to death for the mur
der of the woman's husband. The
trial attracted enormous newspaper
attention, and then a petition came
to the home secretary for a reprieve,
which had been signed by over
1,000,000 persons.
So far no decision on the petition
has been published, but it is re
ported that the matter has even
been discussed by the cabinet, the
home secretary being unwilling in
the face of the public excitement to
take the responsibility for the ex
ecutions, and it is said that it has
been decided to refuse the petition.
If this is the case both will be
executed January 9.
The case Is a particularly sordid
one, and the authorities are influ
enced by the theory that it tney oo
not hang these two they never
should hang anyone. Bywaters, a
ship's steward, a youth of 22, was a
lover of Mrs. Thompson. He way
laid the husband while the latter
was returning from a theater with
his wife, stabbing him. At the trial
it was proved that Bywaters and
the wife had plotted for months to
poison her husband.
them is well worth the attention of
the whole world. ,
"What a terrible year 1922 was,"
she groans. "At the beginning it
seemed that the sky over my house
waa brighter. Threads of hope were
spun at Washington, at Cannes and
at Genoa, but they soon broke like
cobwebs. Only from Washington
was there something remaining, and
while it seems about to be ratified
after long hesitation, it does me no
good. From all other summer and
winter resorts no useful plan has
emerged despite noisy enthusiasm.
"I had thought the worst was
over and I imagined that the world,
which must realize our worth,
would help us back to our old posi
tion and wealth. But today is almost
darker than a year ago. John Bull
complains of unemployment and
Increased taxation. Marianne Paris
bemoans her money scarcity and the
impossibility of rebuilding her dev
astated regions. Where the Roman
Caesars fed the people with bread
and entertained them with circuses
stands a civilian Caesar, who sud
denly has changed his red shirt for
a black one and is endeavoring to
force the imagination of the masses
back into a clean but narrow bed
of patriotic anti-foreign emotion.
. End Apparently Near.
"People are trying to convince me
that things are getting better in
the east, where the bolshevik ter
ror, has .reigned for four years.
Property rights now are recognized
and trade is permitted. This sounds
scarcely credible only a few months
arter tire reports! famine and can
nibalism, but even if this is true,
what is the good to me? My old
carcass, covered with the scars of
the surgeon's knife, won't hold to
gether until order is restored be
tween the Black and White seas.
"New state are busy arranging
themselves while the old people can
not buy or sell. Germany, with a
great industrial organization, could
sell for a long time, because she
offers goods cheaper than her com
petitors, and can buy because she
produces a means of payment on a
printing press and pays her work
ing men one-fourth of what they
would get in America for the same
work. But even this beggar pros
perity is fading fast and there is a
decline in all industries, and, where
formerly Germany had much to ex
port now she is compelled to im
port. How much longer will this
be possible?
"The German harvest is below the
average. Cattle cannot exist through
the winter without foreign fodder.
The dollar a year ago bought 200
marks. Last July it bought BOO;
now it is 7000. Honest trade . is
impossible with such fluctuations,
which, within a year, have varied
from 168 to 9174. The soundest and
most respectable business men are
forced to speculate.
Uncle Sam Only Hope. V
"Now, Uncle Sam, this is a picture
of our conditions. You are the only
one who can help us. . Has your
tender heart turned into hard metal
amidst your heaps of gold? Nobody
here understands how you have
stood the sight of this misery so
A short, mocking laugh comes
from the mouth which releases the
pipe and then comes the answer:
"You have learned your lesson
very well. The only wonder is that
Separate Peace by Turks
and Greeks Probable.
111 "
t r ; 7"
i ll : - .'
certain legislation crops up. A
similar situation exists in t'je
senate. This adds to the uncer
tainty of what may happen at
Salem and prevents a pre-sesslon
forecast of the actual lineup.
Klan Sentiment Factor.
Gossip among eastern Oregon sen
ators is to the effect that no dis
position exists to punish the mem
bers of the Eddy camp in commit
tee appointments, and that Senator
Eddy and his 13 signed supporters
are likely to be as well taken care
of as if Senator Eddy himself was
selected for president. The idea
back of this Is promotion of har
mony. All Is not serene in the east
ern Oregon bloc, because the klan
influenced senators are with Sen
ator Upton, and there are some
strong anti-klan men also pledged
to Senator Upton. The - two ele-
only sentiment in common Is the
election of Senator Upton. This is
one reason why Senator Upton may
have trouble holding his organiza
tion together. But, after all, the
line of cleavage in house and sen
ate will depend on the character of
Inasmuch as Mr. Pierce has been
advocating a reduction of expenses
and taxes, a bill is to be introduced
in the house proposing to reduce the
salary of the governor to $5000 a
year. No such recommendation will
be in the message of the governor,
however. Also Mr. Pierce's proposal
to create salaried Jobs for highway
commissioners will be opposed, not
only because it is inconsistent with
his promise of economy, but for the
reason that non-salaried commis
sioners have been found heretofore.
Some Opposition Certain.
On Mr. Pierce's proposed sever
ance tax ne will also run up against
opposition and he will, find opposi
tion on his nnrtl pillar, ulnn fn. a
state income tax the difference of
(.pinion in the latter being as to a
graduated tax or a flat tax.
On the menaiiroa mnnt,r,n,4 t u ....
is an honest difference of opinion
and politics is not involved.
Mr. jfierce is expected to recom
mend a number of economies and
where these are workable he will
have the legislature with him, for
the general feeling is to make re
ductions where efficiency will not
De impairea. iow far consolidation
of boards and commissions can be
carried out is for the future to de
termine. Mr. Pierce will advocate
consolidation and it is reported that
he favors a super-commission, to be
appointed by the governor, this super-commission
to handle all fctate
affairs except .those especially dele
gated to ths state treasurer and
secretary of state.
As the matter of salary cuts and
reduced appropriations rests largely
with the ways and means commit
tee, there Is a scramble among sen
ators and representatives to be as
signed to this committee. There is
almost as great a demand for places
on the committee on taxation and
assessment and the third popular
committee is roads and highways.
Lawyers, of course, want to be on
the Judiciary and revision of laws
Haggling at Conference la Re
garded as Hampering Work
to End Hostilities.
(Chicago Tribune Foreien News Service
Copyright, 1822, by the Chicago Tribune.) I
ATHENS, Dec 30. The same re
sentful bewilderment found in Tur
key is shown' here over the failure
of the Lausanne conference to ac
complish anything.
At the close of the Greco-Turk
struggle, marked with the eviction
of the Hellenic forces from Ana
tolia, the allies stepped in and pro
posed to frame peace between them
selves and the belligerents, using as
the basis recognition of the Turkish
nationalist aims. We are well aware
of the provisions of the Turkish na
tional pact and the Turks consented,
believing the offer to be in good
faith. With the relinquishment of
ideas of Anatolian territorial acaui-
sition the TuVk pact contained little
in conflict with Greek interests and
undoubtedly peace could easily have
been arranged between the belliger
ent nations. ;
Mutual Agreement Prevented.
However, the interference of the
allies prevented such a mutual
agreement and has operated solely
to delay matters during the course
of endless haggling at Lausanne,
which apparently is getting further
from peace and closer to the re
sumption of hostilities daily, while
the two war-weary countries are
forced to maintain comparatively
huge armies to guard against even
tualities, although both can ill af
ford such drains on their respective
Had the conference proceeded
promptly and arranged a treaty on
the basis of the principles involved.
leaving the details to be arranged
later, Greece and Turkey could have
disbanded their military forces which
are proving such a heavy burden and
devoted their energies to reconstruc
tion problems.
Future Seems Hopeless.
The realization of these truths and
the seeming hopelessness of the fu
ture is causing a swelling indigna
tion among the two peoples, who
feel that they are puppet nations
whose blood is being wantonly
spilled to satisfy the rivalries and
ambitions of England, France and
If a breakdown of the Lausanne
conference forces a resumption of
warfare in the near east, it probably
will be marked with greater ferocity
and brutality than is usually marked
by the traditionally savage conflicts
out here, but on the other hand sep
arate peace between Greece and Tur
key is within the realms of possi
bility. Greece could probably se
cure better terms without allied
help, for the latter have shown a
tendency to sacrifice the Greek in
terests for their own while bargain
ing with the Turks. Mustapha Ke
mal Pasha's demands probably would
be most moderate in order to re
move the menace of the Hellenic
frontiers, while leaving free for talk
between Turkey and England the
questions of Mosul and the straits.
Objections of Salem Caterers on
Unfair Competition Basis
Are Ignored.
SALEM, Or., Dec. 30 (Special.)
A restaurant will be conducted in
the basement of the statehouse dur
ing the coming session of the .legis
lature despite the protests of per
sons engaged in this business in Sa
lem. A committee of restaurant own
ers conferred with the secretary of
state today and offered objection on
grounds of unfair competition
The secretary of state informed
his .callers that In installing the
restaurant, he merely had followed
the instructions of the legislature
The resolution was adopted at the
1919 session of the legislature and
the restaurant was Installed prior
to the 1921 meeting of the legisla
ture. It has been enlarged recently
and will now accommodate 75 per
sons at a sitting.
It is operated as a concession and
not at the expense of the state. -
Whether the restaurant owners
will launch legal action to enjoin
operation of the capitol eating con
Babeock &Peets
aeuary Sale
Furniture and Fabrics
We buy no merchandise whatsoever for sale purposes, neither do we buy
seasonal or holiday goods. Oar stock is parchased uniformly the year
round to the end that we may supply the demand for DISTINCTION
Postmastershlp Tests Slated.
TACOMA, Wash.. Dec. 30. (Spe
cial.) An open competitive exami
nation for the position of post
master at Tacoma will be held Jan
uary 23. C. J. Backus, acting post
master; George Smitley, secretary
of the Tacoma Elks lodge, and Ed
ward Meath. ex-state treasurer, have
announced their candidacies and are
sure to take the examination.'
Commissioner Handley Pays High
Compliment to Assistant Who
Retires From Position.
SALEM, Or., Dec. 30. (Special.)
Ford E. Shaw, for the last 2 yearo
examiner and auditor for the state
corporation department, has sub
mitted his resignation to T. B.
Handley, state corporation commis
sioner, to become effective at onc.
Mr. Shaw will depart early next
week for New York city on private
business, but will return to the
coast later to accept a responsible
position not yet announced.
' "Mr. Shaw's resignation was filed
with me more than a year ago," said
a statement issued by Mr. Handley.
"Since then he frequently has In
sisted upon being relieved of hl
duties, tut-realizing the importance
of the - position to which he had
been assigned I was reluctant to ac-
cept his resignation. Mr. Shaw has
made considerable sacrifice in re
maining with the department in
that the salary is low when com
pared with the duties performed."
Mr. Shaw is a resident -of Tilla
mook county. Before entering the
employ of the department he was
connected with the Ladd & Tilton
bank in Salem and other financial
rendered a decision today holding
that the election in September, 1921,
when the bonds were voted, was
valid and that the city can proceed
with the sale of the bonds. A bond
ing company asserted that the bond
sale was not legal. Proceeds of the
bonds go toward Kelso's share of
the new steel bridge in course of
Clatsop Budget Adopted.
ASTORIA, Or., Dec. 30.-(Special.)
More than BOO taxpayers this aft
ernoon, by almost unanimous vote,
adopted the county tax budget, as
reported by the budget committee
and levied a total tax of $429,742. 64.
Kelso Bond Election Valid.
KELSO, Wash., Dec 30. (Special.)
Kelso will not have to hold an
other election to make valid an issue
of $26,000 of bonds. Judge Klrby
Experienced man for
high-class men's wear es
tablishment ; capable, pol
ished and a real salesman.
W 40, Oregonian
cession had not been determined to-
and promise of greater effi-1) night.
The Oregonian is the medium
through which many people supply
their wants by using its classified
Every Piece Reduced ;
J. G. MACK & CO.
Bet. Alder and Morrison -
1 ' AMD . . '
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