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committees which Interviewed aspir
ants for the gubernatorial nomina
tions In the primaries.
Political Notes.
Grand Jury Does Its Part to
Remove Blot.
Preparations to organize a speak
ers' bureau for the fall campaign
are under war by the republican
state committee. Those who can
volunteer their services for a few
speeches are requested to notify
republican state headquarters In the
Imperial hotel.
Registration books are open un
til October 7. After that date the
county clerks shall refuse to regis
ter any elector preceding the gen
era) election.
State chairman Tooze and State
Secretary Ingalls, of the republican
committee, will return to Portland
from Pendleton today.
kb Tnitisj .Kit on watKins, democratic nom
rtepori, ouuw. Ine for consrress in the third dis
trict, favors bone-dry ( prohibition
am is opposed to a return to light
wine and beer. Mr. Watklns ex
plained his position' in answer to
an Inquiry from the Association
Against the Prohibition Amendment.
In replying to the letter Mr. wat
kins says he believes the slogan is
mere camouflage for the sole pur
Consumer Is Warned to Buy
but Little Now.
for Conspiracy, B8 for Riot
ing and 54 for Assault.
(By Chicago Tribune Leased Wire.)
"and Its resulting evil, including all
manner of crime Incident thereto.
. MARION, III.. Sept. 23. William- pose of getting beer, and legalized
son county's special farmer grano. beer means a return of the brewery
Jury has done Its part to remove tne
hint nincKri unon the county and
.iat kr fh Herrln massacre of
June 2.
Tn m. runort filed todav with Judge
Hart we 11 the grand Jury returned
six new Indictments for murder and
13 for assault to commit muraer.
Hnrh Willis of Herrln. member of
the state executive board of the T.TTT ANNOUNCED BT WASH-
iTnlte Mine Workers. ana wm
rmvls. secretary-treasurer or me
Herrln aubdistrlot, are named In the
murder bills. Willis also was in
dieted for assault to murder.
These are the first important of
flcials of the union reached by the
Investigation. Willis was on tne
state policy committee for the miners
in Cleveland, although technically on
recess. Four others indicted for mur
der todav are:
Enos Tates, town clerk of West
Marion township, miner, who re
fused to testify before the grand
James - Taylor. Alex Ray and
Charles Thomas, miners.
Those Indicted for assault to mur
Lower Assessed Valuation, How
ever, Means Taxpayers Will
Pay Less Than Last Year.
OLYMPIA, Wash., Sept. 23. (Spe
cial.) Washingtons' state tax levy
for 1923 will be 15.059 mills, an in
crease of .42 of one mill over the
levy for 1922, to raise $16,811,209, a
decrease of $422,406 from the total
raised for 1922; the state equaliza
tion besides Willis, are: A. L-. Stivers tion committee announced just be-
of Cartervilie. former constable and j fore noon today
supervisor; David Williams, Ed With the exception of the levy
Williams, Rollo Cravens, O. Price, for the state common school fund,
Lew Corbin, Charles Hancock, Ger- which accounts for the entire in
ald Bernard, Moody Fox, McKinley crease in millage, levies for all state
Beasley, Herbert Stokes and Cline funds are the same as last year, the
Gent. v decrease In the total to be raised be
Conrt Has Winter Job. ing due to a decrease of $60,882,973
Although technically on recess in the assessed valuation of real and
until October 23, the grand jury lias personal property in the state,
really concluded its labors. The "The reduction in operating ex
total result Is 44 murder indict- penses of other departments of - the
ments, 68 for conspiracy to murder.
58 for rioting and 64 for assault to
This will keep the county court
grinding all winter. The first trial
will begin about the middle of Octo
ber, under present plans.
Williamson county's rebels are be
ginning to think that something
may happen to them after all.
In its formal report the grand
jury declares that the rioting and
murders . at the Southern Illinois
Coal company mines were the result
of a conspiracy. This conspiracy, It
is said, originated among the mine I child.
state than the schools has enabled
the committee to renew the levies
of a year ago, notwithstanding the
reduction in assessed valuation,"
Governor Hart announced when the
committee had adjourned. '
"The increase in the number of
census school children, combined
with the reduction of assessed valu
ation, has necessitated an increase,
in the levy for common schools from
5.34 mills to 5.76 mills. The m-
mittee had no alternative in ihis
matter. The law required that the
state raise $20 for each censes
The assessed valuation of the
state as fixed by county assessors
for 1923 is $1,116,356,267, . as com
pared with $1,177,239,240 a year ago.
'Uespite the apparent increase in
millage, the lower assessed valua
tion really means that taxpayers
will pay less for state taxes in 1923
than they did in 1922," Governor
Hart said.
union officials. Willis is said to
have been the man who guaranteed
that "the union would pay" for the
guns and ammunition commandeered
from local hardware stores before
the march on the mine began.
The report incorporated a tele
gram which John L. Lewis, presi
dent of the United Mine Workers
of America, sent to State Senator
Sneed, concerning the "outlaws" at
work in the strip mine.. They were
to be treated as common strike
breakers. Mr. Lewis advised Mr.
Sneed, who is president of the Her
rln sub-district.
Massacre Story Told.
Following this telegram, the grand MR. AND MRS. HUGHES RE-
jury reports, the preparation for the
attack on the mine began. TCRJT FROM BRAZIL.
The grand jury made no attempt
to determine the eauities in the con-
test between the miners and the Both Deeply Impressed With Rio
strikebreakers, but declared that it
Recent Purchases Convince Man
ufacturer Winter's Supply Can
Be Had for Less Later.
DETROIT, Mich., Sept.' 23. Henry
Ford, In a newspaper Interview late
today advised the peop'e oi tne
(nnrtnr to "buy as little coal as
nndsiblA now." declaring "coal are tumbling."
Mr. Ford granted the Interview
shortlv after his return from soutn
ern Ohio, where he arranged for
an uninterrupted movement of coal
to his Detroit industries.
"Tell the people of the whole world
If you can," Mr. Ford said to his
Interviewer, 'that If they would
save money, they should not buy
coal in any. great amount now. -xen
them to buy only enough to get
along, for coal prices are tumbling
and they will go much lower. They
will have an opportunitly, later on.
tn eet their winter's coal mucn
more cheaply."
Mr. Ford, in company with his
son. 'Edsel. president of the Ford
Motor company, spent three days
along the Detroit, Toledo & iron
ton railroad, the manufacturer's
Droperty. and saw hundreds o
thousands of tons of coal moving
northward, he said. They arranged
for an ample supply of fuel for tne
Ford plants for the next 60 days, he
"There . is enough coal above
ground to run the country for
long time." Mr. Ford said. The
high prices were made because
the suDDly was held oacK rrom
the market. But the price is
falling rapidly. We bought 500 cars
of coal in Toledo for $5 a ton. mat,
of course. Includes the freight rate
from the mines to Toledo. At Cin
cinnati Edsel arranged for a 60-day
sudoIv of coal for approximately $3
a ton at the mines and that is $2
a ton less than wnat the DroKers
paid for it. The brokers have held
their coal so long that their profits
have been wiped out and now they
must unload at any price. Before
spring comes you'll fee coal sell for
a good deal below $3 a ton."
Asked as to his opinion regarding
the anthracite situation, Mr. Ford
"We saw a good deal of that mov
ing north, too. The price of that
will be fall'ng pretty quick at
least it ought to. For the price at
the mine is tumbling and the news
papers of the country should keep
everlastingly writing about it to
see that the fall in price at the
mine is passed on by the broker and
retailer in order that the home
owner and his family may get the
benefit of it.
was "foolhardy" for W. J. Lester
and his associates to attempt to
operate a nonunion mine in this lo
The story of the battle at the
mine, the surrender of the non-
vnion mine and their massacre is
told in graphic but restrained terms
in tne report. All questions as to
facts may be regarded as settled.
tor tne grand jury heard 300 wit
nesses and worked for three weeks
to get the truth.
(Continued1 From First Page.)
Hall as an independent but the klan velopments abroad.
de Janeiro Beauties and Mar
vels of Exposition.
NEW tXRK, Sept. 23. Secretary
of State Hughes returned aboard
the battleship Maryland today from
Rio de Janeiro, where he attended
the opening of the Brazilian cen
tennial exposition, and a few hours
after disembarking boarded a train
for Washington.
He declined to discuss the situa
tion In the near east. It was
learned, however, that on the voy
age from Rio he was in constant
communication with the state de
partment, keeping abreast with de
Storage Garage, and 13 Motor
Cars Destroyed.
THE DALLES, Or., Sept. 23.
(Special.) A spectacular fire of
undetermined cause early this morn
ing destroyed a wooden building on
East Third street, near the heart of
the city, used as a storage garage
by the Walther Williams company.
Seven automobiles and six motor
trucks which were in the building
at the time were a total loss, as
was the building. Loss of the build
ing and machinery owned by the
company which was stored there,
was estimated at $6000 by W. E.
Walter. No estimate as to the
valuation of the privately owned
cars which were destroyed was
Secretary and Mrs. Hughes found
a great deal of amusement in the
pets the Maryland's crew gathered
In Brazil.
"In fact," said Admiral Jones.
we have a menagerie aboard
. -"o of all breeds, about 50 nar-
helped start and then controlled the rots and a like number of canaries.
new progrgessive party and also the parakeets and love birds, not to
Oregon Educational league. This mention the flock of goats.
managed to cause his withdrawal on
the showing that Hall would simply
split the vote of the school hill
forces with Pierce.
Mew Party Is Controlled.
latter was a group of men who met
after a klan meeting and nomi
nated several independents. Then
the klan had the progressives in
The secretary and his wife re
viewed the lot while at sea. It
took an extra long boat today to
move the menagerie ashore. The
chatter of the monkeys and screech-
dorse the candidates for labor com- in" of hirds could be heard above
missioner and state superintendent the putt-putt of the motor as the
. ... . ., , boat came ashore,
of public instruction which were secretary and Mrs. Hughes wero
nominated m me mass meeting or deeply Impressed with the beauties
the Oregon Educational league. of Rio and the marvels of the expo-
The progressives went down the sition,
line indorsing democratic candidates The United States building at the
for circuit Judges against republi- exposition, Secretary Hughes said.
cans, who had been nominated in would be a credit to our govern
opposition to the "orange ticket" of ment. He added he was sure that
the primaries. While it was in the I the exposition would be a great
lndo8ing mood the progressive party I success.
inaorsed nine republicans for rep
resentative and three democrats. It
did not indorse E. R. Campbell, Wal
ter G. Lynn or Mrs. C. B. Simmons.
who were on the orange ticket In
too primaries, nor was Herbert Gor-
Peacock Rock Springs coal. Dla
mond -Coal Co. Bdwy 8037. Adv.
KlnnM PT iriecV will fmn hp.r hiLlt
don indorsed. Gordon being the onlv school at Murlark hall. Saturday. Sept
' republican nominated for the lee-- I 0. Private and class lessons in ballet
. ... . 1 tn. u n it ... .. ria a
isiativ representative who was not ,,"" fcK, V Z inVLiitv.
Progressives Boost Pierce.
From its inception the progres
sive party apparently was designed
to keep Hall out as an independent
and to boost Pierce, democratic
candidate for governor; Elton Wat
klns, democratic candidate for con
gress from the Multnomah distriot,
and aid the school bill.
Taken by and large, the demo
cratic party appears to be in the
hands of the Ku Kluxers, that
organization actively supporting
.fierce, wattane, w. T. Vaughn and
Roscoe Hurst, the latter two candi-
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Orchestra Music
dates for Circuit judge, but more Private Lessons. All Honrs. Either Hall.
particularly The first two candidates
are being advocated.
In addition to the state and
' county election, the klan and federa
tion are preparing for the municipal
election and will have candidates.
There are two city commissioners
to elect. The klan is said to be
ready to indorse Alva Lee Stephens
("Big Steve") and Dr. T. L. Perkins,
who served a short term as city
commissioner. George B. Thomas,
school director, may have the back
ing of the federation. All -tentative
candidates for city commis
sioner have been interviewed by
committees from the federation or
klan, the personnel of these com
mittees being much the same as the
Japanese Mariners Entertained,
ABERDEEN, Wash., Sept. 23.
(Special.) Officers of the Japanese
freighters in the harbor and a
number of representatives of Jap
anese exporting firms were enter
tained . Saturday at the camps of
the Schafer Brothers Logging com
pany. The Japanese were served
an unusually fine menu at one of
the camps, with some national Jap
anese dishes on the side. After the
dinner the guests of the company
were given an insight into logging
methods used in the big timber in
harbor woods.
On Toast With Country
With Apple Sauce
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