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Final Touches on Broad Promenade at Popular Oregon feesort Obliterate All Material Evidence of Hotel That Once Was Rendezvous of Pioneer Families of Portland and Persons From Other Parts of World.
- ' - 1 , - - ... .. ' . . ;
SEASIDE, Or., July 8. (Special.)
From the rush and crirsh
which featured the Fourth of
July here, attention of vacationists
reverted to the passing of the fa
mous old Seaside house, a hotel that
brought fame to Seaside before Ore
gon's' sturdy pioneers were fairly
settled on donation land claims.
By a strange coincidence, the final
touches on Seaside's most modern
improvement, the broad promenade
an the ocean front, were made this
week, and just as the last boards
,wre torn out of what once was the
leading hostelry of the city the
"prom" in front of the hotel site
was thrown open for use. . -
Just as Seaside, with its many fa
cilities of today, attracts . Visitors
from all parts of the world, so did
the old Seaside house, back in the
seventies, bring famous men and
womenfrom everywhere to this pop
ular resort.
The, second register used at the
Seaside house is now on exhibit at
the Seaside land office. This regis
ter first was used in the old Claren
don hotel, which stood on the block
bounded by Front, First, Couch and
v Davis streets, in Portland, in the
earlji days. When this hotel was
burned the register was procured
by Ben Holliday an transferred to
his Seaside hotel for use there. As
a result the first half of the. reg
ister is filled with the names of
travelers who came to Portland dur
ing the seventies, while the latter
half is filled with the names of,
guests who stopped at the Seaside
house. , '
The register covers the period
from 1875 to 1881, and on the last
page of the book appear the rates,
which were $2.50 a day or$14'a
Week for room and "keep."
The majority of Portlanders who
stopped at the Seaside house and
there were many did not give their
home city the honor on the register.
Instead they registered from Ski-;
panon, which at that time was used
as the boat landing just below.
Young's bay. The -travelers Would j
be taken from Skipanoh to Seaside :
on stages.
The Seaside house was established i
and operated for many years by Ben
Holliday, who was indeed a famous
character. Before becoming "mine
host," Ben operated a pony express
between St. Louis and Sacramento.
Among the well-known pioneer i
Portland folk whose names appear
on the register are the following:
Mrs. Isam White, Philip Wasserman,
Catherine Therkelson, Mr. and Mrs.
, James Laidlaw, J. C. Hawthorne, !
John A. K. Cronini Levi White, B.
Goldsmith, Mr. andi Mrs. C. H. Lewis
and children, Mary, Sally, Elizabeth,
John, Lucian, Eva, Robert W. and
baby and nurse; J. Lowenburg,
Davis Burnside, Sallie Teal, James j
Gleason, John W. Holman, Julius
Haas, Gebrge H. Flanders and fam- !
ily. Allen Lewis, George W. Weidler,
George H. Chanee, George E. With- !
ington, John A. Foster, Dan Holton,
Donal Macleay, D. Zan, Ed Norton,
Mrs. Henry Hewitt, Miss May Fail
ing, Henry Failing, George Good
Theodore Wygant, L. Flelschner,
Joseph N. Teal, Martin Winch, F. S.
Akin, J. C. Flanders, H. F. Corbett,
F. Nicolai, P. D. W. Hardenbergh,
Wr. J. Van Schuyver, Sig Sichel, Mr.
and Mrs. Elijah Corbett, Mark W.
Gill, Wesley Ladd, Dave lewis, B.
Neustadter, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Scott
and children, Raleigh Stott, Miss
Alice Wasserman, Mrs. J. K. Gill
and daughters and Mark W. Gill.
Hotel Seaside, one of the finest
beach resort hotels on the coast, now
occupies the place with Portland
society and tourists of the world,
that was held by the Seaside house
in years gone by. The spacious lob
bies and sun rooms have been the
scene of many informal social gath
erings during the last week and
numerous dinner parties also have
been given.
Among the recent arrivals at the
Hotel Seaside 'are Mrs. W. C. Bristol,
Miss R. S. Howard, Marion Farr-ell,
Elise Bristol, Dorothy Shea' and
Leslie Kerns.
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Brooks enter
tained with a house party last week
end at their summer home here. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Tracy
Fairchild of Bend, Mrs. J. H. Stur
giss of Pendleton, A. M. Pringle, Ed
ward Lyons of Bend, Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Berg and Babe Clark.
Mrs. J. B. Bridges and daughter
Marie have taken the Oxford cottage
for the season.
, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gadsby and fam
ily are domiciled in Mandalay cot
tage in Third street.
Sherman Miles and family of St.
Helens were visitors here last week
Mr. and Mrs. John Sharpstein of
Walla Walla have opened their cot
tage in. Hermosa park.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malarkey
are domiciled in the Bushong cot
Mrs. B. T. Soden is a summer
visitor. ,
Judge A. S. Bennet and daughter.
Mrs. Chauncey Butler of The Dalles
are visitors here.
Mr. .and Mrs. Alex Carlton and
children have opened their summer.
Baron and Baroness Von Eggels-
ton were the guests of Mrs. F. G.
Wilson at the Piper cottage; also
Major and Mrs, Andrews of Camp
Lewis, who will spend the remainder
of the month.
Anthony Stout is a, guest at the
Etout cottage on the 'Promenade.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Yeon and
family are domiciled in their cot
tage for the summer.
Mr. and Mts.. George West and
daughter Jane were visitors over the
Mrs. Marie Van Ness'-Newman ar
rived Monday and is occupying her
new summer home.
Mrs. A. W. Whitmore and . eon
'Aaron spent the Fourth at the.Whit
more cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brix will oc
cupy the Whitmore cottage for the
Colonel and, Mrs. David Dunn and
daughters, Dorothy and Lucile, are
In the Dunn cottage in Second ave
nue. - i
Mr. and Mrs. Lauterwtine and fam
ily are occupying a cottage In Tenth
Miss Effie C. Thompson is con
. ducting private classes at Union
high school, where summer visitors
may receive coaching on subject!
for high school and grammar grades.
Miss Elsa Berry is the guest of
Miss Dorothy Logan at the Dobso&
Mrs. Amy Dobson has gone to
- Portland for a short stay and will
return to the beach In about two
Guests at Hotel Seaside over the
week-end included Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Whelean, Miss Whelean, Mrs. J. H.
McSloy, Mrs. Burke Beeman, James
Beeman, S. C. Jaggar and family, Mr.
and -Mts. R. Keller, Mr. and ' Mrs.
W. L. Kincald, Harrison and Bud
Kincaid and Mr. and Mrs. Roland
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Liebe and Miss
Sue Fogherty were week-end guests
at the winfelde-r cottage.
Carl H. Mett spent several days
here last week.
E. Cole has been a guest at the
Ramona cottage.
Mrs. David Clay entertained a
group of Portland children and the'r
mothers, who are summering here,
pt her summer heme last Monday.
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r grrW " rvZ ' ' f' ' ' '' ' ' r ' ' ' 1 . , , ''?M4&L ' ' ' v ? r -rr r ,
afternoon. The occasion was the
fifth birthday anniversary of her son
David Jr. t ,
Mrs., A." McMinn and daughter
Alla-Mae, and son Frank have taken
a cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hugh and
family will spend the summer Here.
Mrs. F. Eichenlaub has opened her
cottage for the &eason.
Joseph Simmon is a visitor at
Seaside. '
Mr. and Mrs. Earling Sound and
ohildren are domiciled in a cottage
Among the guests at the Beacon
hotel are Mr." and Mrs. Carson, H. E.
Richards, W. H. Leadbetter and Mr.
and Afrs. T. B. Van Doren.
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Fenton
are occupying their cottage on the
south promenade.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Olson and
daughters Frances and Mary Louise
will occupy the Long cottage on tht
promenade during. July.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Jbnes and family
have taken a cottage in" Tenth ave
nue for the summer.
Mrs. Mary A. Heitkemper is vis
iting her daughter MJ3. A. . R.
Wascher. '
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Barbur are va
cationing with their daughter, Mrs.
L. Tallinger. . -
Misses Loretta Chapman and Pa
tricia Foley were week-end visitors.
E. H. James and familyMr. and
MrSk Newton Crossfield of Wasco,
Dorothy Reed, Dr. Paul Yates. E.
-King, J. H. Graham. Bob Stites, J.
Jacobs and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Free
man are among the guests at the
Rollins hotel. .
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bollinger ah'd
son Jack, Miss E)oise Alldredge and
jir. ana jars. w. w, Aua.rage, all
of Portland, motored to Seaside to
spend the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Latourette and
children Ann. Jean and Junior,
have opened their cottage in First
, Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Rowc are
domiciled in the Sunderland cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Pickard have
taken a cottage on the south prom
enade. The guest list at Hotel Seaside in
cluded: Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Shreve,
Mr.- and Mrs. J. C Mdntire and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Miller",
Mrs. and Mrs. O. Laurgaard and chil
dren. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Robinson,
Jerry Bronaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Hirsch, Miss E. Dittenhofer, H. E.
Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kuhn, Mr.
and Mrs.- K. K. Kubli. Charles B.
Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. D.
Ross. Sol Harris and the Misses
Harris. -
. Mr. and Mrsi Abe Meier, Miss
Jeanette Meier, Allan Meier and Miss
Marion Brill of New York motored
to Hotel Seas!d for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs P. CWascher and
children, Leonard, Billy and Peter,
have opened their cottage in South
First street.
The C. J. B. Malarkey family are
vacationing at their pottage on Ave
nue G. . v,
Omer Mills Is occupying the Clif
ford cottage. -
Mxs. R. E.'Sewall and son Edward
are at the Four Winds cottage.
Among tne recent arrivals at Ne-
oanicum inn are: Mr. and Mrs. L. R.
Waters, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Wat.
kins, Dr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Men
2ies and daughters Jane and Helen,
L. H. Rossiter, Gladys Gulovson, Do
lores Kelsey, Mr. and Mrs. O. H.
Sehnerdman.-Mr. and Mrs. James B.
Rogers and son, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
McCorkle and daughter Virginia and
ir. ana x. Hayes and son..
A no-host supper party Was gives
on the beach en the night of the
Fourth. Attending i were Hpln
O'Donnell, Ben Wlnslow, Frances
Prudbomme, Gail Knowles, Leona
and Evelyn Prag, Bert Haynes,
Jimmy Englehart, BUI SDear. Ralhh
t-rag, jerome -Buckley and Martin
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Latourette of
Oregon City were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Prehn over the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Dooly. and
family have taken the Gunther home
on the promenade for the season.
Mrs. Warren- E, McCord and
grandson, J. S. O'Gorman Jr'., are
late arrivals at Hotel Seaside.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Brady and family
are summering in their cottage here
Miss Elrse Flelschner and Mr. and
Mrs. WJUlam Ehrman are guests at
tne l. n. Flelschner cottage.
Helen O'Donneil, Norris Sewall,
Ben Wtnslow and lev Huntington
were week-end guests at the J,A.
rrag summer nome.
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Guild, with
Master Donald and Miss Helen.! mo
tored to the beach and were guests
hi .noiei seaside.
Among the recent arrivals at the
Andora hotel Are: Mr. and Mrs. G. G.
Smith, . Harriet D. . Newland, Earl
Cash, E. Ordeman, Stuart Hopkins,
ti. MotcnKiss street, Mrs. J. E. Bridg
water, Kathryn Crysler Street, Dr.
and Mrs. R. M. Benjamin, Arthur
Harris, Frances M. Batson. Loraine
DinSmore and Mr. and Mrs. K. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sehn, Mrs.
Francis Cannard and Eileen and!
Mr. John Callag-han and llarjorie,
who motored flown & Seaside last
week' for the summer, are vacation
ing in their home on Twejftb, av
enue. -
Jason McCuhe was a guest of Miss
Veryl Blazier at the Biazler cottage
In Third street.
Mr, and Mrs. H. P. Burpee ah4
daughters motored to Seaside f of a
few days. . - . .
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ockwig and son
have taken a cottage on the sbutk
promenade for the summer months.
Mr. and Mrs! D. A. Kutor have
opened their cottage here.
Leslie Wellington spent the Fourth
with Mr. and Mrs. J. Wellington.
who are summering In their cottage
in Twelilh avenue.
Miss Esther Benson and mother.
Mrs. A. S. Benson, aTe among the
new arrivals.
Miss Veryl Blazier motored to
Portland yesterday to meet Miss
Marjory PaLmta of San Francisco,
who will be her house guest this
summer .at Seaside. They will re
turn on Monday. . . .
Mrs. A. Schumate ana daughter
Helen and Webster Corliss spent the
weeK-end nere.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Byrne and Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Yates are at' the Del
Mar apartments.
Mr. and Mi's. A. M. Drumm and
family are occupying the idavauna
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kinsr are oc
cupying their cottage on Avenue G.
i. Barde and family will occuDy
the Four Winds cottage this season.
Golf Links,, in Fine Condition, Is
Lure for Portlanders. '
GEARHART, Or.. July Soe-
cial.) The past week has seen the
arrival of many summer residents
at Gearhart. The weather here has
been delightfully cool and the ocean
breezes are most refreshing to those
who have come down to escape the
warm days In town.
This resort is particularly attrac
tive to golfers and over the week
end many of Portland's golf fans
were on the links. The course is in
splendid condition.
The Y. C. A. camp here is again
in full swing with still more added
attractions for . the convenience,
comfort and happiness of the bust
ness girls Who come to spend their
vacations.. Among .the Improve
ments are a spacious sun porch and
electric lights,
Mother Larson is keeping up her
reputation as . cook and Miss Elsie
Wible is hostess In charge the
camp. The following Were camp
guests over the Fourth of July: Mr.
and Mrs. O. 9. Senger, Miss Selma
Flodine, Miss Elva Bufton, Miss
Grace Angus, Miss Helen Schroeder,
Mrs. Sue G. Doran, Jessie C. Bragg,
Hermina Keller, Margaret M. King,
Hyacinth M. King, Amy A. Snyder,
Mrs. E. B. Glover, Ethel Glover,
Florence Hall, Lena A. Bergef. Sig-
1 frid DahU Alma Swanson, Mrs. A. B.
Westell, -Miss Kathryn Westell nd
mrs. - w jl. vv inters.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Daly and family
are here for the summer.;
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Freidlander
have opened tyeir attractive summer
home on the ridge.
Judge nd Mrs.- 3. P. Kavahaugh
motored down for the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Frank are
domiciled in the Caswell home.
Mrs. E. Bu'rlingham Was the guest
of Miss Gretchen Tajdor last Thurs
day. . r
Dr. and Mrs. Tilzer and children
are spending the summer at the
Golf hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller
have takerf the McCracken - cottage.
Mrs. Jonah B. Wise and daughter
have returned to Portland. .
Matt G. Ennis and family arrived
last week. -
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Robenblatt and
children, Lena, Jean, Marian and
Louis Jr have opened their cottage
near the goif course.
Miss Ann Adams will -spend the
summer with her parents here.
Mrs. Chester Murphy is enjoying
the Gearhart golf course.
Dr. and Mrs. George Marshal! are
among the new arrivals.
Mr. and Mrs. George Black and
mother, Mrs. Charles Conn, are sum
mering at the Frohman cottage.
Mrs. James Murphy and Mrs. D.
Whitehouse are occupying the Kin
ney cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Sullivan are at
the Robinette cottage."
Mrs. Elliott Corbett arrived Fri
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Wolf and sons
are occupying their cottage on
Ocean avenue. ;
Mrs, Myrtle Wood and mother
have taken the Honeyman cottage,
for the season.
R. A. Stewart and daughter Isa
bella have opened their cottage here.
: Mr,- and Mrs. C. A. Hart and
daughter . Katherme have taken
Fairhuest 'cottage.
Elise Bristol is a house guest at
the Tevis summer home.''
Mrs. Lee Hoffman and 'children
are summering at the Burns home.
.Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Corbett
were week-end visitors. -
Mrs. H. W. Baies and daughter
Annabelle have opened their cot
tage. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Freeman
were week-end visitors at the Bates
cottage. ; . '
Mrs. E. J. Hopson and son are oc
cupying, their cottage here. Mrs.
Fred Lockley has been their' guest
Mr. and Mrs. Eliott Corbett have
taken the Smith cottage tor tne
L. Winters and iamfly are occupy
ing the Sweet cottage for the sum
Mrs. S. . C. Tevls and family are
spending the summer at the Mar-r
guerite cottag.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Hirsch and fam
lly will arrive tomorrow.
Mrs. Clark Simmond and family
arrived laBt week.
Among the recent arrivals at the
.Golf botel are Ireae , and Dorothy
Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. B. Ettelson,
Mrs. M. Sommers and son Edward.
Mr. alid Mrs. a. R. Zellar have
opened their cottage here. - .
Mrs. Henry Harkson is summering
R. A. Davis and family will oc
cupy the Paris cottage this season.
Mrs. B. M. -Lombard from Berke
ley. Cal., is visiting at the Lombard
Mrs. Clyde L. Burton has taken
the Fehrenbacher cottage.
Mrs. Ben Dey is occupying the
Lightner cottage.
I. L. Webster and family are domi
ciled in the Schmidt eottage.
Mrs. H. L. Powers and family have
taken the Robertson home for the
Mrs. K. E. Wright and" Barbara
Jean are Vacationing here.
Mrs. W. f. Denman and Geraldine
are occupying the fc'ewell cottage.
Mrs. J. Povey and daughter Dor
othy were guests at the Habekost
cottage over the week end.
T. W. Sullivan and family of Ore
gon City are -spending the summer
here. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. O'Shea will oc
cupy the Tilzer cottage this Season.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rothschild are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Blitz.
J. V. Mason of Portland has pur
chased the Chinkapin cottage-. Mrs.
Mason and children are domiciled
there for the summer months. - She
has as her house puest Miss Corinne
Powers of Reed college.
i. - -
Fourth of July Visitors Fill All
Lodgings in Resort.
NEWPORT, Or., July 8. (Special.)
Newport had the largest crowd
in years for the Fourth. For sev
eral days previous sq many had
been coming by train and automo
bile that the hotels and lodging
houses were well filled and the attto
park had an unusual number of
campers. Many reported driving in
from Corvallis in threo and one5
half boars. -!' - ' '.
Newport's celebration"" consisted
of a wrestling match, parade, ball
game, swimming contests and
races. Indian dances, fireworks, etc.
Newport's new $25,000 natatorium,
built upon the same ground as the
old one, will add much to the en
joyment of the summer - visitors.
The natatorium, besides , a large
swimming pool, has the added fea
tures of a grill with a dance hall
above, occupying the front jart of
the building overlooking the ocean.
At the- formal dpening . Saturday
night and during the entire week
the dance" hall has been crowded to
capacity. Everyone was delighted
with the excellent music furnished
by, the Bl-Ho-De-Mar orchestra,
which has been engaged by the
management for the afternooa and
night dances throughout the sum
mer. Mrs. mT S. Lane and Miss Bernic
Lane of Corvallis are visiting Mr.
and Mrs.- F. J. Scott.
Hlmer Butzs of Dallas is spending
the summer here.
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds of Leba
non were Fourth of July visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot of Salem are
occupying the Greenwood cottage.
Mrs. Jennie B. Higgins of Eu
gene, Mrs. Minnie Horseman, Mrs.
Cora McBride and Mrs. Nellie Fleck
of Portland, all past department
presidents of the Women's - Relief
corps, were housed at the, Old Play
Ground for severa-i- days.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Johnson are en
joying a few days at the beach.
Mr. Johnson Is president of the
Benton County bank at Corvallis.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodcock
are domiciled 'A a Nye beach cot
tage. Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Johnson have
taken one of the Rest cottages for
the summer. .
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bair enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Al
len of Portland for a few days.
After a brief outing, Miss Truth
Huston, returned to her home in
Salem. 1 -
The Misses Nina Ames and Mil
dred Frazer of Newberg ,are guests
at the Gumelius home' for two
The Misses Thelma and Margaret
Johnson of Santa Cruz, Cal., have
taken a cottage for the summer.
Mrs. Giffens of Portland is the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Harvey.
Mrs. Susan Hartzog and daugh
ter, Deiphine, motored to Newport
1 from Lakeview. They are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Scott.
Mrs. Knauf and sisters are -entertaining
their sister. Miss Emma
Jones, who is an instructor in the
schools of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Portland guests at the Copeland
are E. L- Lyons and J. C. Bradford.
Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Drake of Al-
j bany were among the Fourth of
JUiy arrivals.
Housed In one of the Rest cot
tages are Mrs. Elmer Conky and
Mrs. Peterson of Dallas.
Professor J. B. Horner is among
the recent arrivals. ,
Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Bosworth and
daughter are enjoying a few days
at the berch .
Walte? Schwienlng, Herbert Ed
mondson and Maurice May compose
a party at the Old Play Ground.
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Assmann of
Portland are vacationing for two
Recent arrivals at the Grand are
F. A. Krieger, Ridgefield, Wasru;
W. M. Grant and Mr. and Mrs. L.
Smith of Portland.
Fred Young of Portland is visit
ing his mother, Mrs. Parks.
Mr. and Mrs. Payne of McMinn
ville are domiciled at the Whitten
Mr.7and Mrs. John L. Waters of
Salem are guests at the Grand.
C. F. Breadley and family motored
in from The Dalles.
J. H.Ezell and family and Mrs.
Albin of Salem are recent arrivals.
Mrs. Owens of Portland is the
guest of Mrs.' Fred Brown.r
, Mr. and Mrs. Leach of junction
City are spending a few days at the
Mra. Harry Buxtom drove in from
Corvallis for a few flays' outing
at tne beach. She reports making
the trip in three and a half hours.
Mr. and Mrs. Drinkard of Halsey
will make a two weeks' sojourn
Rev. Mr. Snyder of the Presby
terian church is "among the Cor
vallis visitors.
Jennie Beeson, Callie Miller, Re
becca Campbell and Clara Craft
make up a Portland party , at the
uia piay Ground.
Recent arrivals are Mrs.. "Anne
Caley and Grace Norton of Eusrene
Mr. and Mrs w. W. Reed or of
Ashland are enjoying a vacation -at
Emil J. Vadjansky, the present
swimming instructor of the new
"nat," not only has a record as a
swimmer, but he has also won re
nown for courage and bravery. At
the time of the Alaska steamship
wreck he was the hero who rescued
a number of passengers from that
ill-fated ship. For a number of
years he has been a member of the
Oregon unit of the A. R. C.' Life
Saving corps at Portland. Formerly
ne was an instructor fn the United
States army.
Sixty Oregon Agricultural college
summer scnooi stuaents. chaperoned
by Miss Mary A. Ro'lfe. dean of
Women, ' invaded Newport and vt
clnity during the Fourth. , While
here they enjoyed'the hospitality of
tne Agate ueacn inn, Agate beach
.Frank Cobbs and family and
George S. Nevln and family were
guests at Agate Beach inn, over the
Recent arrivals at the Gilmbre In
clude. Mr. and Mrs, F. J. Girux.
Lolita Lough, R. C. Rehberg, J. W.
Smith, Corvallis; Mrs. John W&od
Miss' Howe. Portland ;" Mrs. S. M.
Mcaimin, wasco; nr.-1. u. Snaff,
Independence: Mr. and Mrs. F. T
Vehnlng, Blair Lomno, Mr. and Mrs.
O. Giebisch, Mr. and Mrs. C. V.
Stoak, Gordon Giebisch, "John Gie
bisch, Toledo; Velma Stone, Roy E.
Mitchell, Lebanon: Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Johnson, Independence; P. S.
Rye and family, Corvallis; Mr. and
Mrs. B. J. Snow, Portland; Lester C.
Newton, Salem, and Mr. and Mrs.
j Paul C. GloVer, Blodgett.
Professor "Snow and family of Cor
vallis are occupying "a cottage at
Nye beach.
- Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Blakely ere re
cent arrivals from Corvallis.
O. J. Blackledge and family have
opened their cottage at Nye beach.
An Order of tlie Eastern Star, re
cently instituted in Newport, initi
ated its first candidates Wednesday
evening. Refreshments were served;
and all reported a pleasant time.
Portland guests at the Damon are
Mrs. G. E. Fargo, Mrs. S. C. East
man and Mrs." Frances H. Lamb.
A. K. Berman of Corvallis spent
the Fourth with his family, who
are sojourning, at the beach.
Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Miss R.
Wilson, ,Miss H. Wilson, Miss M.
Wilson, D.-Wilson and Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Wilson compose a party who
motored in from Aberdeen, , Wash.
While here they were guests at the
Gilmore. . .
Ira'F. Powers of Portland was a
beach, visitor over the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. McKenna and
daughter of Corvallis and Virginia
Coke, daughter of Judge Coke, of
Coos county, were week-end guests
at the Abbey.
. Mr. and Mrs. 3. P. Vaughn and son
and Dwight Kessey of Springfield
are domiciled at Sunny Bide lodge.
After a brief sojourn at the Gil-
more hotel Noble W. Bond left for
Housed at Sea Crest cottages over
the Fourth were G. C. Skinner and
daughters Alice and Kathleen of
Independence and Dtr. and Mrs. Ward
Wisecarver and daughter of Mc1
MinnvlHe. '
Mrs. U. G: McAlexander and Mrs.
Caum are summer guests at the Gil-
more. Mrs. McAlexander will be
joined by her husband In August.
Mr. and "Mrs. J. B. Hudson Of
Portland are beach visitors.
B. W. Bates of Roseburg spent
the Fourth with his family, who are
domiciled in a Cherry City cottage
for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Henderson, who
are sojourning at Tent City. . have
as their guests Mrs. H. E. Mason and
son of Hillsdale, Mich.
Judge and Mrs. Fowler and daugh
ter of Condon are among the new
comers at Tent City.
Joseph Paterson has been a guest
at the Gilmore the past week.
A party composed of Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Scott and family and Mr ftn.d
Mrs. P. H. Spencer and baby are va
cationing at Tent City for , two
Mr. and Mrs. G. Olson and children
of Portland and Mr. and Mrs. Vic
tor Olson of Los Angeles are at the
beach for a weekv
Mr. and Mrs. Guy ana Mrs. feiton
of Portland are domiciled at Cherry
Among those registered at the
Abbey are Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Jef
fery and son. Helen Langhary, S. A.
Church, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Palmer,
T. A. Spencer, Henry C. Judd, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. White, Mr. and Mrs.
P. W. Doyle. Ray M. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. George Deen, Mr. and Mrs.
John W. Bak'er, G. W. Phillips, all
of Portland; 'Mr. and Mrs. M. M.
Porterfleld, Independenee; Mr. and
Mrs. William T. Branch, H. G. Neb
ergall, M. G. Reed, Albany, Robert
Johnson. W. H. Kurtz, P. H. Straub,
G. W. Corbett. F. E. McKenna, Mr.
and Mrs. G. V. Copson, Corvallis;
H. E. Peterson, Toledo; Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Hill, Eugene, and George
Barnes, Lincoln; Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C- Rogers have as
their guest Mrs. A. Michael of Stark,
Kan. .
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aldrich of
Eus-ene are entertaining Mrs. Al-
drich's parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. E.
Guthrie of Athens, O.
E. O. Steen and family of Port
land are occupying a Cherry City
Recent arrivals from corvallis
are Mrs. J. W. Hayes? Mrs. P. A.
Hayes and son Weldon and Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Hayes.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Harris of Cor
vallis were visitors for a few days.
W. B. Berry and family of Port
land are Nye beach vacationists.
Miss Bertha Weber of Brownsville
is the guest of "C. R. Michael and
family, who are housed at Tent
Miss Ruth Scott, of the university
of Oregon school of music is spend
ing the summer at the Criimore.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mardis left for
thier home in McMinrtvilJe. '
Roy McDonald and family and
A. F. Courter and .family are Fails
CMy vacationists, domiciled at Sunny
side- lodcet
Out-of-state guests at Tent City
are Mr. Kingtworth and family.
Kalamazoo. Mich.; M. A. Ezzell,
Petersburg. Va.j William P. Mulli
gan, Seattle. Wash., and Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Burke, with Arthur
and Allen Burke, Billings, Mont.
C. R- Chapin and family and Dr.
E. H. Utter and family motored in
from Newberg. They are enjoying
the hospitality of the Gilmore.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Cosby of Ore
gon Agricultural college, are en
ioyine: a two weeks' outing.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Roberts of
Portland are sea coast visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Epperly of Cor
vallis are at the Borden for the
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Jarinin were
guests at the Nicolai.
Mrs. Flora Conger and party of
Salem arrived for a two weeks out
ine at Cherry City.
Ted Cochran and Mr. Cochran of
Yoncalla are Newport vacationists.
Dr. and Mrs. F. .L. Fugit and fam
ily, with their guest, Maxine Hall,
are here on their vacation. They
are housed at Sunny Side lodge.
Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Richmond left
for their home in Eugene.
A. E. Baker, Alia Baker of Eu
gene and J. A. Waters of Vancouver
comnose a narty at Sunny Side
31rs. E. E. Arthur of Cottage Grove
if at the Gilmore indefinitely.
Dr. and Mrs. ThornUn and Dr. and
Mrs. owell are among the visitors
reiristered at the Nicolai hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. F. -O. Breckenridge
of Salem are having a ten days" out
iner. '
Mrs. W. J. Slmklns and children of
McMinhviHe are housed at Sea Crest
Mr. Kinman and family of Walla
Walla are at Sunny Side lodge.
Mr. "and Mrs. 3. C. Mcleed and son
have been guests at the -Abbey for
a few days. Mr. Mcleod is the high
way engineer in charge of the Cor
vaHis-Newport , highway.
Mr. and Mrs. ' P. M. Tallman of
Newberg arrived recently.
Mr. and Mrs. G. 8. Goshon, O. J.
Bates and Mrs. V. H. Smith of Bea
verton are housed at Sunny Side
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Porter have
been, spending a few days in New
port. -
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Palmer of
Portland are guests at the Cud Play
. Mayor Baker, not of Portland, but'
of Grass Valley, is enjoying Tent
City life with his family. Additional
members of the party are P. N. Lem
mon and family of Portland.
Cannon Beach so Popular Hotels
Can't Supply RoomSj
CANNON BEACH,-Or., July 8.
(SpeciaL)-T-Hundreds et visitors and
tourists have arrived at Cannon
Beach during the past week. Auto
mabile parties started arriving Sat
urday and continued over the entire
week end. There was not a bed to be
had and many were forced to sleep
In the open.
. Bonfire parties were never more
popular and the vacationists have
seen many beautiful sunsets and
moonlight nights.
Miss i Jane Honeyman is here for
two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Umbdenstock
and daughters Lucile, Mary and Vir
ginia, Mr. and Mrs. .Harry Sale, Mr.
and Mrs.. L. Johnson made up a
motor party to this beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wells and
daughter Roberta will Bpend the
month of July at Woodmere cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. J. .R. Dodson spent
the week end here. '
Mrs. W. A. story and little grand
daughter from Pendleton will occupy
Thistledown cottage this month.
Mr. and Mrs. Orvilie Reeves of
Pendleton motored here for a few
days. .
One ef the attractive stopping
places at Cannon Beach is Jack and
Jill's Tumble Inn, where lunches are
served by Mrs. C. T. Warren.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Stevens, Mrs.
Afice Brown and Mr. and Mrs. H. L.
Stevens Jr. anddaughter Ruth are
among the new arrivals
Mary Lane, Freda Comport and
Mae Comport are vacationing at
Tolevana park.
Elizabeth Seller, Robert Dodson
and Dr. and. Mrs. P. S. Hallor en
joyed a short stay here.
Mrs.- T. Galbrairh has opened her
home here for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Lincoln and son
Fred were week-end visitors.
Mrs. W. S. Wade and son Billy
spent a feV days here. . - ,
Mr. and Mrs. T. Watts have had as
their guests Mr. and Mrs. Smith and
family from Ohio.
Olga Westergard. Oliver Mclntee
and P. O. Allen motored here for a
short stay.
A lumber mill is now operating on
the site of the old government
spruce camp. This is the first in
dustry of any kind on the beach.
Miss Roberta Wells entertained
the following guests over the week
end: Harriet Sarajeht, Helena Hern
and Edna Van Horn.
Mr. and Mrs. F.-A. Lewis and chil
dren. Mack and Imogene; are guests
at the Cannon Beach hotel.
Arthur Peavey o Twin Falls.
Idaho, s tbe house guest of Robert
Dodson. '
Harold -Durham is visiting his
parents here.
Among the recent arrivals at the
Warren hotel are: Mr. and Mrs.
George Guild and Donold and Helen
Guild, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Elliott,
Mr. and Mrs. L.Burke, Mr. and Mrs.
O. S. Fiver, Mr. ahd Mrs. A. D. Leach.
Miss K. BranUis. Robert Smith and
family, .Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kendall
and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Chester A.
Moores, Mr. and Mrs. W, F. Backus
and sons. Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Cantril,
Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Sommer and Mr.
and Mrs. F. Richardson.
Mr. and Mrs. Oswald West and
daughter Helen are In their cottage.
Mrs. R. W. Parks and children
have taken a cottage for the sum
mer. Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Sommer have
opened their cottage.
Mrs. E. A. Gardner is domiciled in
her summer home.
The guest list of the Hotel Ecoia
included: E. T. Gage, Mr. and Mrs.
J. S. Ball and son, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Gram. Mrs. J. C. Pritchard,
Mrs. W. B. Teasdale, Margaret A.
Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Mills.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Hammer .
Marie Guthro of Butte, Mont, and
Mae Rotramel of Evansville, Ind..
Jre visitors at the beach.
The housewarmlng of the new
summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter
J. Holohan held over the week-end
was, without a doubt, the most
unique and elaborate affair ever
held on the beach. Mr. Holohan had
been invited to come to the beaph to
be the guest of friends and did not
know that it was his own new home
whica had been built and furnished
by his wife without his knowledge.
Guests at the affair were Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Wells, Mr. and Mrs.
George Powls, Mr. and Mrs. Hollls
Alger, Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott.
Dr. and Mrs. N. O. Elliott, Mr. and
Mrs. George Weatherly, Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Prentiss, Mr. and Mrs. James
W. Ball and son Stewart, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Gramm and daughter
Doris, Mrs. S. Gumm, Mr. and Mrs.
Morton Alger, Mrs. F. A. Jackson,
Howard Gavlord. Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Dodson and the hosts.' An elaborate
dinner was served Saturday night
and ,the festivities continued all day
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hayner and
Flavei Hayner are newcomers:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inderbitzel
and daughter Carol have opened
their cottage for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Poppleton and
daughter Grace and Mrs. Lincoln
have taken a cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Morden, Mrs.
Robert F. Hall, Mrs. Millard-Johnson
and A. W. Cochran motored to
the Warren for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Shacklin and
Helen Donnly spent a few days here.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dewart have
taken a eottage for the season.
, H. E. Burdette and family will
spend the season here.
G. H. Sherrett, J. H. Bryant and
Mrs. Lonergan are building attrac
tive new homes on Hogan s alley, a
new street just opened.
Mr. ana Mrs. Harry Dakin and
daughter celebrated the Fourth here.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bryan and Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Hartman are vaca
tioning at Schreibers.
Elmer Price and William Giles ar
rived Monday.
Fourth of July Visitors Fill Vp
' All Accommodations.
LONG BEACH, Wash'., July 8
(Special.) Many flocked to Long
Beach for the Fourth, arriving Sat
urday and remaining until Wednes
day. The auto park, newly lighted
and with many improvements, was
taxed to acommodate the cars de
manding space, and was the center
of much gaiety. The? hotels were
crowded and not a house was to be
had. Although many have returned
to their homes, many will spend the
summer here.
An enjoyable event of Monday
was the inauguration of the daily
swimming classes by the supervisors
of the Hill military summer camp
at the Natatorium.
Cadets ranging in ages from 4 to
18 disported themselves. This fea
ture of the recreation programme
of the -camp is compulsory, as it
(Continued on Pace t .J