The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 09, 1922, Section One, Page 20, Image 20

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1 ability
I You can depend on
E Meier & Frank's. 5
E QYou can depend on what
jE you get at Meier Frank's.
5 IThis store's reputation for E
E dependability has been built E
E not on promise only but on E
E performance. E
E JIt is a great thing from
E the customers' viewpoint. E
5 I01d customers trust in it E
E implicitly and their trust is E
E not deceived. E
E J New customers quickly find E
E it and, finding it, become E
s lasting friends. E
Spanish Peanuts
Pound 17c
For tomorrow we have 3000 pounds of these finest
selected small Spanish peanuts, freshly roasted and
salted. We offer them in all candy sections while
the quantity lasts at 17c pound box. None delivered
at this price. -
Main and Ninth Floors, Basement Balcony
The Quality Store
of Portland, Oregon
There's Safety for Furs
in our modern stor
age Ta u 1 1 s where
the funlformly low
temperature keeps
furs in perfect
Restyling and re
pairing at sum
mer rates now.x
Fourth Floor.
- i
For Tomorrow We Announce An Extraordinary Sale
. .
Swimming and picnic parties
offer many opportunities to take
good pictures. Bring your films
hero for the best developing.
We use none but Velox papers.
Prints tinted for 5c and 6c.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
The headaches that annoy you
during the brilliant summer days
may be caused by some defect in
your eyesight. A wise precaution
is to have your eyes examined by
one of our expert optometrists.
' Meier & Frank's: Mezzanine.
We are headquarters for Girl
Reserve Uniforms. The complete
Paul Jones girl reserve uniforms
middy, skirt, hat and tie are
here in a splendid assortment.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Summer travels demand luggage
that is distinctive looking that
affords protection to your light,
filmy apparel that offers in a
compact space room for every
thing you need. We have it,
Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
Sheer Curtains for the
Summer Home
Here Are the Materials From
Which to Fashion Them
Filet Nets 33c
We are offering 1000 yards of
regular 50c filet net in tones
of white, cream and ecru. The
patterns are exceptionally
dainty and desirable and the
quality of the net marks this
as a splendid value.
Marquisette 27
2000 yards of fancy bordered
marquisettes, showing a good
selection of designs in 'white,
cream and ecru.
Curtains $2.49
2000 pairs of scrim and voile
curtains that regularly would
be $3.50 to $5 the pair. Lace
trimmed, several styles.
Mercerized Marquisette 53 v
An assortment that includes a special lot of more than 1200, yards
of good quality 50-inch mercerized marquisette in white, cream
and ecru, and about 800 yards of fancy colored, figured marquisette
designed for summer use. -......
Voiles 45$
1000 yards of white and plaid
voiles that will prove unusually
attractive for bedroom and sum
mer kitchen curtains.
Cretonnes 33$
1000 yards of good weight ere
tonnes in a wide variety. They
will do wonders to brighten
beach or town homes.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
9x12 Grass Rugs $3.95
We have just 100 grass rugs, 9x12 and 8x10 feet, at
this moderate price. The stenciled borders come in the
colors of green, tan, blue and rose. Limited quantity.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Sale of Fruit Juicers
A summer convenience that every kitch
en should have.
Regular 25c glass orange juicers,
Regular 15c - glass lemon juicers, "I ftp
Two Demonstrations
that will prove of unusual interest to Portland housewives
will be given here this week. .
Waterless and Grit
Two new soaps that offer un
usual benefits. Featuring cocoa
nut oil as their chief ingre
dient, these soaps have special
uses and qualities that will be
demonstrated in this depart
ment. In two sizes, they are
15c and 25c the can.
Economy and Kerr
Fruit Jars
An expert demonstrator will
give much practical advice to
persons interested in summer
canning. Prices are: Economy
jars, pt. $1.25, qt. $1.50, -gal.
$2. Kerr jars, -pt. 95c, pt.
$1, qt. $1.20, -gal. $1.50.
Meier & Frank's: Basement. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Beautify Your Summer
Porch or Garden '
and at the same time make it the most inviting place
about your home. Take advantage of this sale of
Finest Chinese Grass
Offered in a Complete Assortment
We are glad to announce the arrival of a new ship
ment of this splendid grass furniture from the
Orient. The various pieces show splendid work
manship and beauty of line. Prices on this furni
ture are noticeably lower than those of a year ago-
and the variety of pieces is greater than usual.
Rockers as Illustrated .
Priced at $6.95
Other attractively priced pieces comprise
$8.95 '
Meier & Frank's: Eighth Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Seasonable Chosen From Our Regular Summer Stocks
The Very Things You Need and Want for July Days
$75.00 Coats Now $37.50
$45.00 Dress Now $22.50 $95.00 Cape Dress Now $47.50 $67.50 Suit Now $33.75
A half price sale here is always an event. The apparel offered is of the best, most strikingly at
tractive, and most wanted character. Discriminating buyers will find many opportunities in this
sale to purchase modish apparel for early fall wear at the- smallest expenditure. .
Sports and Afternoon Dresses Half Price
Dresses that have heretofore sold for $29.50 to $98.50 will be half these prices tomorrow. Along sports lines are
these of English tweed, two-piece knit dresses and one-piece crepe knit, velette and flannel dresses. Many of the
afternoon dresses are charmingly fashioned of soft hanging canton crepe.
Sports and Tailored Suits Half Price
Model suits in plain and fancy, weaves for afternoon wear, novelty suits developed along the very latest lines of
fashion heretofore $35 to $85. We also include some striking sports suits patterned with striped flannel jackets
and white skirts. An exceptionally complete variety of choice.
Coats, Capes and Wraps Half Price
Every type of coat and wrap that has been featured in summer fashions appears in this" extensive assortment.
Many of the capes are collared with caracul fur. Materials include canton crepe, veldyne, spongeen and tricotine.
The colors are navy, black, brown, tan, rose,blue, copen and gray. These have been priced $39.50 to $75.
Among the many different
styles at this remarkably low
price are full silk-lined tweed
suits in all the newest shades
of tan, gray, brown and rose ;
trelaine suits in fancy heath
er mixtures; lovely jersey
suits in heather mixtures
jand plain shades a group of
suits that possess lines of ex
ceeding smartness and repre
senting the very best values
obtainable at this price.
A final showing and a
greatly .reduced price on
150 model gowns of striking
beauty and originality of de
sign. Filmy lace gowns for
summer dinners and dancing
are noticeable for their ex
quisite charm. Other after
noon gowns are of softly
draped and hung silk. Quite
as desirable but entirely dif
ferent are the sports frocks
shown at this price.
Summer Voile
Blouses $7.50
Blouses that have been
priced $8.50 to $15 prior to
this sale.
Made entirely by hand, these
are blouses that will appeal to
the most discriminating women.
Some have square necks and
Tuxedo collars. Some are hajid-
embroidered or embellished
with drawn work and hand-run
tucks. . Banded with real Baby
Irish and Filet laces. v Sizes 36
to 44 in the collection.
Meier & Frank's: Fourth Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Radium All-Overs $L49
The newest designs in 36-inch radium all-overs are
shown in this, assortment in shades of brown, navy,
pink, black, white. Included at the same low price are
novelty lace bands and edgings in evening and street
shades, 9 to 36-inch widths.
Imitation Filet
1 Bands
Imitation filet lace bands and
edgings that are wonderfully
effective when used on table
runners, buffet scarves, door
panels, pillows, etc. In widths
varying from 11 to 18 inches,
these laces are excellent val
ues at 39c, 49c, 59c and 79c yd. .
Summer Flouncings
Cambric and lawn embroid
ered flouncings, 12 to 17
inches wide, showing dainty
patterns that suggest a use
for baby garments. Some with
floral and eyelet designs
will make up into attractive
underthings for women.
-Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
"Rolette" -the Smart New
Silk Hose
Made popular by reason of the cool
comfort they afford one, "Rolette"
silk hose are in great demand. Of
all-silk net with shirred garter top,
these half hose have full-fashioned
glove silk feet and POINTED
heels. Colors are brown, seal, nude
and black. Pair $3.
Chiffon Hose
Sheer and delicate are these
chiffon hose. They are unusu
ally well woven and come in
shades of nude, fawn, rose,
beige, taupe, polo, silver, grey,
new suede, gun metal and black.
Pair 3.25.
Meier & Frank';
Special $2.45
Regularly $3.50. A splendid as
sortment of full-fashioned silk
hose with lisle tops and soles
and hand embroidered clocks.
Navy, cordovan and black may
be chosen.
s: Main Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Sale! Summer Needlework
Children's Dresses '2 Price
Exquisite, hand-embroidered dresses models from the Art
Needlework department to be sold at just half their regular
prices. Materials are voiles, ginghams, dotted swiss and other
summer fabrics. While the sizes range from 2 to 10 year,
there is only one of- most styles. Were $2.25 to $11.
Stamped Gowns $1
Full length fine cambric gowns, stamped for embroidering in
attractive, easy-to-make patterns. Regularly $1.50.
New "Royal Society" Packages
for Fall Are In
Meier & Frank's. Second Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Ribbons at Half Price
Our Finest Taffeta Satins
2650 yards of ribbon, in an exten
sive assortment of colors which in
clude pink, blue, old rose, coral,
maize, orange, chin chin, etc., also
white and black. The ribbons which
if sold regularly would be double
the price consist of loom ends, all
perfect materials but in lengths that
are broken. 4 to 214-in. widths.
Regularly Width Sale
10c yd. No. 1 5c yd.
12c yd. -No. 1 7c yd. '
15c yd. No. 2 8c yd.
20c yd. No. 3 10c yd.
25c yd. No. 5 13c yd.
. 35c yd. No. 7 18c yd.
- 45c yd. No. 9 23c yd.
55c yd. No. 12 28c yd.
. 65c yd. . No. 16 33c yd.
75c yd. No. 22 38c yd.
Meier & Frank's: Fourth FlooT. (Mail Orders Filled.)
-Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)