The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 09, 1922, Section One, Image 15

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Study the people you see on
the streets everyday. One
third of them are under weight
and under nourished. Take
Yeast FoamTablets to correct
the causoof these conditions.
iteau worn out
Worn out, "all In" at 3 P.M.!
Yeast FoamTablets are extremely
rich in the energizing element
which so many foods lack.
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i inefficient?
"One hundred miltion people" says Herman NBunde
sen, M D, Health Commissioner of Chicago, "are ready
for health truths; ten million of these are sick and paying
in many ways for their ignorance of health funclamentalsr
Ten million sick people! - ; dance. Add this simple food accessory
How many other millions there are to your regular diet Note its remarkable
people we meet and see everywhere- corrective and tonic effect. "
who are not actually ill,but
Perhaps you, too, have lost your
appetite. One of the first and most
marked effects of Yeast Foam Tab'
lets is to increase the appetite.
who nevertheless lack vi
tality and energy;peoplehav
ing little or no endurance.
What is the real cause of
failing strength and endur
ance; premature old age?
Medical scientists
proclaim new truths
Leading physicians and
physiological experts now
know that many of these
so-called minor ailments
are directly and entirely
due to foods deficient in a
certain vital element! This
element is vitamin.
' :. ' ' v. -' .
Yeast Fpam Tablets
correct a
widespread condition
In Yeast FoamTablets -a
pure food made entirely
from whole .yeast cells,
vitamin B is found in abun-
Yeast Foam
are recommended for
loss of appetite
. indigestion
lack of energy x
pimples v boils
nervous troubles
run-do wA conditions
' 2 www u
Be sure to ask for this pure yeast by its
full name. It is sold by all druggists.
A remarkable,
natural tonic
Yeast Foam Tablets are an
accessory and corrective
food not a medicine.
Tney are equally good
for men, women and chil
dren. ,
Why Yeast Foam
Tablets are best
1 The only pure whole
yeast in easy-to-take tablet
form. 2 They contain no
drugs or other ingredients.
3 They, do not form gas
nor cause belching. 4
They are the only pure
whole yeast suitable for
children; they do notcause
fermentation. 5 Each lot V
is tested to insure high and
uniform vitamin potency.
Northwestern Yeast Co., Chicago
Maters of the famous bating yeatt, ,
Yeast Foam and Magic YuK
"You're looking so well, my dear."
"Oh, thafs on account of my new
health rule Tm taking Yeast
Leading medical scientists of
six famous universities and
hospitals helped us perfect
Yeast Foam Tablets: their ton
ic properties have been proved.
Yeast Foam Tablets are sold by the
following stores:
the only p
ure whole yeast in convenient tablet form
Arm Pharmacy, 3 N. Sd
Alberta Pharmacy, SOI Alberta
Alder-St. Pharmacy, 2d and Alder
Allen. A. W, 221 IV. 16th
Arbor Lodge Pharmacy, 1874 Greeley
Arnold Drag Co, 6th and Bornslde
Anaplnnd Drug Co., no N. 6th
Baker DrnK Co., 285 Bnrnside
Ball, E. W, 355 E. 7th
Berai, A., 381 Washington
Beaver Pharmacy. 661 Umatilla
Brink's Pharmacy, 13th and Wash.
Broadway Pharmacy, 810 E. Bdwy.
Brooke Drug Co, 67 N. 3d
Brooklyn Pharmacy, 504 HUwaukie
Bnah Pharmacy, 375 11th
Byerley, Fabian, 401 Jeff erson
City Ball Pharmacy, 275 5th
Clarke, J, C. Co, 660 E. Bornaide
Clemens on Drns Co, Front and Mor-
Coleman Drug Co., 395 E. Bnrnside
Cottell Drug Co., 585 1st
Couch Pharmacy, 817 Mississippi aT.
Crown Drns Co., 653 Mississippi av.
Currey'a Pharmaey, 82d and 60th
ave. S. B.
Currln'a For Drugs, Jersey and Phil
adelphia Dixon Drug Co., 71 E. 80th
Eacle Drug Co., 1375 Hawthorne av.
18-St. Pharmaey, 670 Alberta
Ever-Ready Pharmacy, 1210 Division
FtMrly. H. L 1834 Sandy blvd.
Fryer's pharmacy, 129 Killingswortb.
Foster Drug; Co., 1021 Belmont
Francis, K. J. 500 E. Broadway
Felvarg Bros.. 10th and Stark
Fellows Pharmacy, 692 Waahlngrton
Foster Road Pharmaey, 6146 Foster
Fisher, B. K 677 Walliams ave.
Fowler, W. E, 2003 E. Glisan
Graden A Koehler, 241 1st
Graham, Tom. 1581 Base Line road
Gllsan-St. Pharmacy. 120 E. 28th W.
Hawthorne Pharmacy, 1064 Haw
thorne ave. ..
Heldf oid Drns; Co, 220 Morrison
.Hospital Pharmacy, 231 N. 23d
Hippodrome Pharmacy, 261 If. 21st
Hagen'a Pharmacy, 760 Thurman
Hambo Pharmacy, 215 1st .
Highland Pharmacy, 1000 Union av.X.
Irvtngton Pharmaey, E. 15th If, and
Broadway '
Imperial Pharmacy, 48 jr. 6th
Janeke Prug Co, 280 Grand ave.
King's Pharmaey, Bdwy, and .Wash,
Knight Drns; Co, 10th and Wash,
Knight Drna: Co, 5th and Wash.
Knight Draft Co, IBS Glbbs
Katskya Pharmacy, 6808 724 B. E.
Kali Drug Co. 1296 Belmont
Kaesta Pharmaey. 1405 Sandy blvd.
Knox Pharmacy, 27th and Sandy bd.
Kenton Drns: Co., 1733 Derby
Killtnsvworth-Ave. Pharmacy, 131
Kllllns-sworth are. -Koch
Chemteal Co, 682 Spokane ave.
Iceland Drns; Co, 384 Morrison -Lee's
Pharmacy, Stevens bids.
Iilpman, Wolfe Co, 6th and Alder
Lane-Davla Drns Co, 176 3d
Lane-Davis Pharmacy, 630 Wash.
Lents Pharmacy, 8201 Foster road
Lanrelhnrst Pharmacy, 1161 Belmont
Leach's Pharmacy, 674 E. Broadway
Meier & Frank Co, 6th and Alder
Model Drna; Co, 565 Waaklnftvton
Mans, F. N, 34 6th
Montgomery Pharmaey, 380 3d
Maplewood Pharmaey, 1221 Hola-ate
Millard-Ave. Pharmacy, 7140 65th
i ave. i, js,
Mt. Scott Drnic Co, 8332 82 S. E.
Meyers Drag Co, 609 E. Morrison
Morrison-Grand Drug Co., 384 E.
Myers Bros, 136 Grand ave.
Mathlen Drna; Co, 275 Rnssell
Marqnardt Bros, 1150 Union ave. N.
Multnomah Hotel Pharmacy, 3d and
Kichols Drns; Co., 43d and Sandy Dd.
Nan, Frank, 6th and Alder
Nob Hill Pharmacy, 680 Gllsan
Nichols Drns; Co., 454 E. Burnaide
Northern Pacific Pharmacy, 3d and
Olds, Wortman & Ktnir, 10th and
Owl Drnjr Co., Broadway and Wash.
Oregon Hotel Pharmaey, Broadway
and Stark
Osburn Pharmaey, 1810 Sandy blvd.
Oregon Drug Co, 264 Burnaide
Portland Hotel Pharmacy, 6th and
Powers & Estes, 129 6th
Perkins Hotel Pharmacy, 5th and
Pioneer Drns; Co, 21 N. Sd
Palm Drna; Co, 3d and Davis
Postoffice Pharmacy. Broadway and
Gliaan s
Portland Heights Pharmacy, 664
Vlata ave.
Plummer Drug Co.. Sd and Madison
Phoenix Pharmacy, 6619 Fester road
Porter'a Pharmaey, 721 Powell
Park Rose Pharmaey. Park Rose
Piedmont Pharmacy, 1050 Union ,,
Pnulaen's Pharmacy, 355 I'nion av. H.
Poasl Pharmacy, 1260 Greeley
Portsmouth Drug Co., 820 Lombard
Reed's Pharmacy, 184 Broadway
Roberta Bros, 3d and Morrlaoa
Robison. E. A., 755 Washington
Rleen, Joseph, 265 1st
Roseaof f, Henry K, 701 Hawthorn
Rlchmoad Pharmacy, 1089 Division
Rose City pharmacy, 1531 Sandy bd.
Russell Drug Co, 528 Union ave.
Ray, G. H, 401 3d
Roaeway Pharmacy, 1142 Sandy blvd.
Stipe-Foster Drug Co, 143 4th
Skidmore Drug Co, 151 3d
Spokane-Ave. Pharmacy, 1621 E. 13th
Sellwood Pharmacy, 1631 E. 18th
Bchwarts, R. H, 320 Holladay ave.
St; Johns Pharmacy, 105 N. Jersey
Scott, T. W, 012 E. Gliaan
Simmons A Heppner, 128 Russell
University Drug Co, 864 Lombard
Woodard, Clarke A Co, West Park
aad Alder.
Winkler's Pharmacy. 64 N. 6th
WU.on Drug Co., 1054 Glbbs
Westmoreland Drug tO.
Woodstock Pharmacy, 4160 Wood- .
stock ave. .
Waverley Pharmaey, 814 Clinton
Wallace Drug Co, 1084 Hawthorne "
Walnut Park Pharmacy, 1043 WU-.
Woodlawn Drug Co., 435 Durham '
Wasser Pharmacy, 1580 Peninsular
Vernon Drag Co, 650 Alberta
Victory Drug Co, 1058 Belmont '
Huntley-Draper Drug Co, Oregon
City, Or.
joncs urtu t;o, wregon city, ur.
Chumasero, A. C, Vancouver, "Waah.
Alquiat, J. A, Vancouver, Wash.
Curran A Gardner,' ancoaver, Waah. -RHorich
A H1i.affer. V.nMmTff.
Smith & Rcder, Vanconvar, Wash. '