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Planet in Some Respects
Favorable to Life.
Official of Smithsonian Institu
tion Gives Views on Habita
bllity of Other Worlds.
Whlla there may be many worlds
millions of them populated by be
ings and cultured civilizations, the
planet Venus, according to Dr. C. G.
Abbot, assistant secretary of the
Smithsonian Institution, is the only
one known to scientists whose con
ditions most nearly approximate
those under which life thrives.
Writing hi the annual report of
the institution, just made public. Dr.
Abbot, while he does not declare
Venue to be Inhabited, rejects the
possibility of other nearby planets
holding- Intelligent life.
Dr. Abbot does cite, however, the
chanoe that -there may be &ny num
ber of celestial bodies, yet invisible
through the most powerful tele
scope, on which there may thrive
some sort of life.
As is well kmwn, the scientist
states, stars Are suns like" our own,
end Just as Old Sol has his retinue
of satellites, of which one, at least.
Is Inhabited, so may the distant
ones have one or more, populous
followers. However, most of these
are so far from .us, he says, that
It is hardly conceivable that tele
scopes will ever be so perfected as
to detect their systems, if they have
them, or decide whether or not such
bodies do exist.
Moon Waterless Desert.
Tie probability is that they do
so," Dr. Abbot states, "and in such
Immense numbers that among them
there may well be many suitable
for abodes of intelligent life. This
subject, of course, opens the door
wide for speculation, but this field
lies so far from the realms of cer
tainty that it is not my purpose to
enter upon it here."
The moon, he continues, is known
to be a waterless, airless, mountain
ous desert. There is no probability
whatever that intelligent life can
be there. No living things, scarce
ly even the hardiest chemical com
pound, can exist upon the sun be
cause of the Intense heat. Water,
if it could reach the sun as steam,
would be Instantly separated Into
Its component gases oxygen and
Of the sun's outer planets, Nep
tune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter,
are considered to be composed of
gases of slight density. The theory
of life on these would be rejected
for that reason alone. Their tem
perature, however, also would ren
der them unfit for life, that of Nep
tune being estimated at minus 400
degrees Fahrenheit, Uranus minus
380 degrees, Saturn minus 330, and
Jupiter minus 270. However, their
density is another factor; the
density of Jupiter, which is the
greatest of the four, Is only 1.8 that
of water.
Mercury Torrid Waste.
As shown by its low reflecting
power, Mercury, Dr. Abbot declares,
like the moon, is an airless, water
less waste and, being besides baked
by a, torrid heat 12-fold that of our
own planet, there can be no thought
of lite there.
The main requisites of life are
light, certain Inorganic salts, car
bon compounds, water and warmth.
Plant and life requirements of light
are very elastic Plants grow and
animals thrive on earth where light
is a thousandfold less than day
light, and the full sun Is far from
being too strong for most of them.
As to Mars, the scientist declares,
thorough, researches have shown the
atmosphere of that body to contain
less than one-fifth the water vapor
found on the summit of Mount Ham
ilton in the coldest, clearest winter
nights. The solar radiation received
on Mars is only six-tenths of that on
the earth and, with no " moisture
blanket in the atmosphere to con
serve the heat. Mars' temperature is
estimated ito approximate 60 de
grees below zero, Fahrenheit. Tele
scopic studies reveal no clouds on
Mars, Dr. Abbot declares, In stating
that he oannot accept the views of
those who "claim great things for
Observer at Variance.
It has been shown by other scien
tlsts, he says, that descriptions of
the Martian markings observed by
many differ widely. As widely and
contradictorily as would be expect
ed of descriptions of the moon by
persons who had never ohserved
our satellite without a telescope.
The Martian polar caps, he believes.
may be thin deposits of hoar frost
or frozen carbonic acid gasi
The light on Venus is 1.1 that of
the earth; spectroscopid observa
tions of starlight and analysis of
star materials fallen upon the earth,
show that the stars are composed
of exactly the same components as
the earth. Therefore, two condi
tlons are fulfilled on Venus.
Water vapor and water clouds are
responsible for maintaining equable
temperatures; the water vapor in
earth s atmosphere seemed to be re
sponsible for maintaining our tern
perature fully 50 degrees F. above
what it would be, if, notwithstand
ing the absence of clouds, the sun
shone no more intensely on the
earth. It remains to be proved by
scientists that moisture conditions
essential to life prevail on Venus.
Venus Cloud-Enveloped.
The only obstacle to deciding for
ever the habitability of Venus is her
. ever-surrounding envelope of cloud.
There has never been absolute proof
that the surface of Venus has ever
been seen by an earthly observer,
the article states. Many observers
have claimed to have penetrated to
the planet's surface, but no decisive
proofs have been offered. This fact
alone, says Dr. Abbot, seems1 suffi
cient to render disputative observa
tions tending to show that the rota
tion of Venus about its axis is equal
to her period of revolution about
the sun.
Were this a fact, scientists claim,
one face of the planet would ever be
turned toward the life-giving sun,
with the result that that half would
be constantly in blistering heat
while the other would be in extreme
However, Dr. Abbot declares, the
high reflecting power of Venus,
about 60 per cent, demands appar
ently the existence of clouds, and
these clouds can hardly be of other
substance than water. If it were a
fact that the rotation period of
Venus were equal to Its period of
revolution all the water would be
distilled from the hot side to the
cold, and these clouds would disap
pear. Deciding the period of rotation is
at present dependent upon spectro
scopic observations and they are not
competent to indicate more than
that the period of rotation is large
as compared to our day. They are
not accurate enough to show that
the period of rotation is 225 days,
equal to the year of Venus, but It
may be anything above ten terres
trial days. As for the reported ob
servation of markings upon the
planet, which are said to rotate in
225 days, this observation can only
be regarded with the greatest doubt
fulness, is Dr. Abbot's conclusion.
He notes that spectroscopic stu
dies by the scientist, St. John, tend
to throw doubt on the existence of
water vapor In the atmosphere of
Venus. His observations have
shown few, if any, water lines in the
spectrum of the planet. If th's
were so, and the clouds are not wa
ter clouds, habitability of Venus
would be an improbability, Dr. Ab
bot says. It is difficult, however,
he states, to understand the high
reflecting power if clouds are ab
sent. Dr. Abbot believes, however, that
the absence of water lines In the
spectra of St. John is the result of
the light being reflected from the
clouds, back to earth, through such
a thin envelope of water vapor- as
to render invisible the water vapor
lines. This possibility coincides
both views and further experiments
are to be conducted this summer to
that end.
If the clouds on Venus are water
clouds then, Dr. Abbot concludes,
conditions of temperature and mois
ture on Venus are very similar to
those upon this earth, and our sister
planet lacks no essential to habita
Paradise Park Is to Be Home of
Party July 1-4 and Glaciers
Will Be Visited.
Nestling well up on -the southwest
slope of Mt. Hood is Paradise park,
rivaling in beauty its namesake of
Mt. Rainier. Here the Mazamas and
their friends will be in camp July
1-4, their first visit to this section of
the mountain. On. Sunday, July 2,
It is planned to explore Yocum ridge,
which is the great hog-back leading
down from the summit of the moun
tain as viewed from Portland, and
Reid and Sandy glaciers. On Mon
day the mountain is to be climbed.
The route of ascent, in part, will be
a pioneer one.
Th Tiartv will leave shortly after
noon on Saturday, July 1, and will
be back in Portland the evening of
Tuesday, July 4. The commissary
will be in common and pack horses
will be used to transport commis
sary and dunnage, from Twin Bridges
(on the Government Camp roaaj to
the Mazama camp, six miles.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lee will be
the leaders of the trip. The trip is
open to non-memoers as wen a
members of the Mazamas, DUt me
number going will be limited to 60.
Registrations are being received at
the Mazama clubrooms, Chamber of
Commerce building, and at the of
fice of John A. Lee, 1219 Spalding
building. Registrations will close
the evening of Tuesday, June 27.
Composition on Health Will Be
Entered in National Test for
School Children.
, After having defeated 40 com
petitors in an essay-writing con
test, in MalheuT county, Fred E.
Lees, 11 years old,
son of Mr. and
Mrs. William B.
Lees of Ontario,
has received the
first prize offered
by the Woman's
Christian Temper
ence Union for
grammar-s c h ool
Each year the
union offers coun
ty and state prizes
for school chil
dren who will
participate in the
essay-writing contest The com
positions must be not less than 500
nor more than 600 words in length.
The subject of young Leas' essay
was "Habits That Injure the
Health," and it was of such merit
that H captured the Malheur county
prize. In the state contest It also
won first honors and is now eligible
for national competition. The au
thor of the essay recently was grad
uated from the sixth grade in the
Ontario public school.
If I tol? you
that I cure
Piles and
other Rectal
without a
surgical op
eration; and
then to sub
stantiate that
stateme n t,
referred you
to one. of your own relatives or
close . friends. If you are an
Oregonian it is an even chance
that I can.
My methods are painless d not
confine you to bed; do net require
an anesthetic and are permanent,
If you are interested and wish to
know more about my methods,
call or write for my free booklet.
2d and Morrison St., Portland, Or.
Mention Oregonian when writing.
Pittsburg Instantan
eous Water-Heaters.
Come and see.
188 Fourth St.
To get to our store, take a D-M
or N-S car to 27th and Thurman
streets. Plenty of parking space
for autoists and no parking
Satis f action Guaranteed or "Ybur Money Sack )
Store hours, 8:30 A. M. to 5 P. M.
every day.
Cafeteria. Fourth Floor, open to
visitors, 11 A. M. to 1 P. M.
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of this favorite summer l
mafprinl is vffprpH 1T1 .hi ' I
one-day sale. Monday, 5
$1.38 Scotch Gingh. Val.
This popular, seasonable
A. KJ i- AtJ VlfcH V,11V1J W . A
The Wardway makes big
savings for you. 2 yards
$1.66 Men's U. Suit VaL
Fine quality nainsook,
a i !-ofi cvl witTi Hrnn.
seat. In sizes of 44, 46 l
an A A Q wilir TT.-vf Ta crtoial I
value for this sale. Mon
day, 2 for
$1.20 Bucilla Cot'n VaL
Fine quality crochet cot
ton in a wide variety ot s
colors. Ample quantities
1 1 A U. T
iaj i:iiuuoc 11U111. i. Ulg
value at this price. Mon
day, 12 balls
$1.25 Boy's Hat Value
A special assortment of
boys' hats and caps in
good colors, desirable Jf
styles and plenty of sizes. V f
Unusual values in boys' I
headwear. Monday ...... mJm
$1.40 Huck Towel VaL
Extra quality, bleached,
part linen huck towels. 36
inches long. Finished with
.1.:. i -,.1 vj
jjiaiii auu. tuiviui uuiucid.
An unusual towel value.
4 for
$1.17 Gabardine Value
t ine quality, good Iin- gn
ish, white gabardine Thi
fabric. 36 inches wide.
An appreciated summer E
costume cloth at a low 5
Drice. Mondav. 3 vards. .
$1.33 Cambric Value
Fine quality, full bleached, 'm
lonsdale cambric in the Tfi
36-inch width. A general M
use fabric at a money- M
saving price. Dollar Day, fci
7 yards
$1.18 Child's Comb. Val.
Children's nainsook combi
nations in neatly finished,
well made garments.
Have waist bands, drop
seats and some have col
ored bloomers. 2 for. . . .
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