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Mile. A Ti?ie Stepahek, Called World's First Woman Diplomat, Recognized as Authority on European Politics,
Discusses Important Affairs With Brother in Washington.
Jtfins S?Jj?r SIS
of rr. Bedrick Stepanek, the
Czecho-SIovaklan mini st or to
th United States, is th worlds first
a-ctfve woman diplomat. A.Ithoug'h. not
fficJalTy credited to th state de
(partment as a member of the legation
Staff. h- is her brother's rlffht-hand
man, fitting- dally In his office and
discussing- with him all important
matters. She Is recognized among- the
diplomatic corps as a real authority
on European politics.
Pauline Floyd. 24, is acclaimed the
young-est woman attorney to practice
law before the supreme court of the
United States. When Miss Floyd start
ed out she intended to specialize In
divorces, but foundr the District of
Columbia a poor place to get tmsiness.
Mrs. John N. BaldJwin of Omaha was
gIven the honor of planting- fpr the
American Forestry association on Ar
bor day a memorial tree for J. Sterling-
Morton, who founded Arbor day
in Nebraska In 18-72.
Senorlta Felicidad Gonzales, head
of the normal school In Asuncion, the
capital of Paraguay, is one of the in
teresting women of South America
who came to this country to attend
the Fan-Arnerican conference of wom
en. She is a leader in her community
and a woman of unusual beauty and
Answors t Corf QSpotvdGnt?
by Lilian. Tingle
(Continuad From First Pa.Ro. )
Sor should have none), hence it Is only
Vaeful as a stiffening- for something
that tastes groodw With most fruit
fuleea that are to he made into des
Mrt or Jelly & little lemon juice is
helpful in heightening- their flavor.
A lemon Jelly may he made with
flttffar and lemon Juice as its only
Orange Juice might be sweetened,
BUuteo, slightly acidified) with lemon
IT neoessary, and stiffened with gel
cttine to make orange jelly. Orange
fuica could not be substituted for
lemon Juice In all oases.
2) There la no object In ma Icing
lilk. chocolate bans. You would have
to buy the milk chocolate anyway,
ftuora you would simply melt it over
ts-ot water and run it into bar moulds,
4rtth or without nuts. You save notbv-fc-g-
and 5"ou waste time. Or did you
gr.can e har with & milk fondant fiU)
(5) Baketfor softT "With or without
4) I have not space for this today.
ae the suggestions for kippered sal
Cnoo given above. Many of them
jsould apply to salt codfish.
6) If the meat was sound when
vanned and smells and- looksi perfectly
r.j.-r: .1 when opened. It will probably
fee U1 right- The sterilization period
you name ought to be enough unless
the Jars ar very large. Don't use
anything that smells or looks "doubt-
(8 and 7) I must ask you to wait
ffcrr these also, as your answer is such
, loner one.
CS) If only the yellow part Is dried
you can powder it and mix it with
nxgar for flavoring cakes. If It is the
Whole peel the only thing I can sug
erest Is trying if you can soak It back
to normal texture. If so, you could
sandy it, if you liked. If not, you
could use It to light the fire.
(6) You allow for the liquid in the
boney and use less liquid, not more
fionr. Better have a special recipe.
10) You can shave up the small
pieces of toilet soap and put them Into
a double boiler with two or three
tablespoons water to three or four
cups of soap shavings. Let melt, add
m few drops ot oil of lavender (or
tvny other preferred perfume) and run
fnXo suitable moulds. When cold, take
cut anA set In a cold, dry ?lace to
y out fcafove esing for toilet pur
'JSSjsmS Or adU a ltttle more water to make
M soap Jelly end add1 two or three
aeon or c.yoerae ana
lemon Juice (with the prefume, if you
like), put it Into a jar and use it for
washing your hands, or as 'bath soap
Or dilute the plain soap Jelly a little
more than in making the cake soap
(so that it remains of a thin consis
tency when cold) and put in a jar or
wide-mouth bottle (with a few drops
of ammonia if desired) to use as a
shampoo for the hair.
There is no need, to waste any good
toilet soap. It can also be used In
malting face cream as recently sug
gested in this column.
-BtTOBNE), Or., March l. Bear Miss
Tingle: la it possible to successfully can
greens for winter use? If so, what kinds
are best and what Is the best method of
canning- them? M. H. L.
Greens and salad plants, like other
vegetables which we use most abun
dantly In summer, are very commonly
canned for winter use. They may
be preserved in other ways also. A
recipe follows:
Cold - paok method of canning
greens Blanch In vessel with little
water 15 minutes. Remove and plunge
in cold water quickly. Cut in con
venient length. Season with slice of
bacon or chipped beef, a little for
each pint. Pack closely in glass jar.
Add hot water to fill and a level tea
spoon of salt to each quart. If using
a glass jar, place rubber and top in
place, partially sealed. Process SO
minutes in home-made or hot-water
bath outfit; 60 minutes commercial
canner with five pounds of steam, 40
minutes in pressure cooker canner
with from 10 to 20 pounds of steam.
After sterilization, remove from can
ner, tighten covers and invert to
cool. Put away in dark, cool room
All greens should be blanched in
an open kettle with but a little water
at the bottom for the purpose of
eliminating the excessive acids and
yet not destroy the volatile oils, and
also to reduce the bulk and make
possible a full pack. Blanching of
greens Is best accomplished, without
loss of volatile oils, in a steamer.
Green and salad plants are both
cultivated and wild. Some of the
best ones are often thought of only
as weeds. A list of some of both
sorts follows:
Cultivated greens and salad plants
Asparagus, beet tops, turnip tops,
cabbage sprouts, collards, Chinese
cabbage leaves, spinach, kale, Swiss
chard, endiv e dandelions, mustard
(native), Russian mustard, rape. New
Zealand spinach.
Wild greens and salad plants
Dandelion, chicory, marsh marigold
"cowslip," mustard, upland cress or
pepper grass, lambsquarter, poke
wfeed (very young sprouts only; omit
any of the root, as it is poisonous),
purslane or "pusley," sour dock,
smartwood sprouts, milkweed (young
sprouts and young leaves).
Young and tender leaves or sprouts
should always be chosen for greens
or salad, as they are more palatable
and in some cases more wholesome.
Most of us are familiar with a num
ber of wild and cultivated plants
which are used as greens and salads.
As we might suppose, there are many
other green plants which are also
wholesome and which might be used
with profit. Unfortunately there are
some plants which a person who did
not know about them might be tempt
ed to cook for greens which are un
wholesome or even very poisonous,
such as "maypops" or mayapple
leaves, skunk cabbage, hellibore, etc.,
so one should never use "greens" un
less it is kown that they are wholesome.
THE DALLES, Or. Dear Miss Tingle:
Would you please give me a recipe for
chili con came and chili beans and
oblig? MRS. T. P.
I am sorry you have had to wait
so long- for your reply, but your let
ter came very soon after the recipes
you ask for had been published.
Chili con carne can be varied con
siderably to suit personal taste. The
meat may be beef, mu'tton, pork or
chicken cut into small cubes, the sauce
may be flavored and seasoned with
soaked and scraped chili pulp or with
different kinds of chili powder to suit
personal taste. It may be with or
without onions, garlic or tomatoes.
A few raisins or ripe olives may be
added as garnish or may be omitted.
Use the red Mexican (beans. Plain,
dry, boiled rice, every grain separate,
I makes a good accompaniment for this
j dish.
Following is one typical recipe in
Chill con came and beans, No. 1
i I pound raw, lean meat cut In small
I cmbes. 2 thin slices bacon cut small,
1 2 tablespoons oil or beef marrow, 2
j to 6 dried Spanish peppers (to taste),
I 1 small onion, 1 tomato (or two or
(three tablespoons canned tomato), 2
I tablespoons flour, stock or water to
i moisten as need. A few ripe olives
1 seeded or seedless raisins may ba,
I added if liked. Season to taste with
i pepper, salt and a few drops of
! lemon juice.
The beans should be soaked over
(night and parboiled with a very tiny
pinch of soda until they are tender,
but not squashy. The peppers (dry)
are soaked in boiling water until soft.
1 J 1
I m a h H..MS) --M-tsii 'ill ill i in in' ? m: 'ww ,:.h ,
I The pulp i3 scraped away and saved,
; the skin and seeds rejected. If you
eannot get these peppers, or ao not
luce the trouble of preparing them,
almost the same flavor can be ob
tained from the "Spanish pepper," or
"chili con carne" powders. In any
case, use Spanish pepper powder
rather than paprika in seasoning.
Cut up the meat and bacon, try out
the bacon fat, remove the bacon, add
the oil or marrow (whichever is most
convenient), and brown in this mixed
fat first 'the onion, then the meat
cut in small cubes. Remove the onion
before adding the meat or you will
probably burn the former. Now add
to the meat and fat two tablespoons
flour, stir well, add the tomatoes,
cooked onion, cooked bacon, pepper
pulp and par-boiled beans ; season to
taste with salt and a few drops lemon
juice, adding cayenne or tabasc.-,
very cautiously, if it is not as hot
as you like H. Add a little stock or
water barely to cover.
Cook just below boiling point in a
double boiler or casserole over the
gas-fiimmerer, or on the back of the
stove, or pack in a tireless cooker
for three or four hours. Serve with
If the result is not what you
wanted, write to me again and I will
modify the recipe or give you anotner
one. For many tastes a crushea ciove
of garlic should be simmered- in the
mixture for a feW minutes and re
moved before the beans are added.
More beans than the above proportion
may, of course, be used if a cheaper
dish is wanted.
Following is a good way to use up
any left-over red beans. It also an
swers the question asked by Mrs.
MoC. some time ago.
Red bean sausage One and one
half cups cold cooked red beans, one
small tomato, one small onion, one
half cup dry bread crumbs, one-half
cup cooked rolled oats, one-fourth
cup shortening, one-ihalf teaspoon
sage, salt and pepper to taste. Slice
the tomato and -cook In the shorten
ing. Pass all the other Ingredients
twice through the food chopper, then
mix with the shortening and tomato
and one egg well beaten. A little
Spanish pepper may be added, If
liked; one teaspoon each vinegar and
sugar may also be approved. Form
into sausage shapes, roll in flou
and fry, or brush with grease and
bake in a loaX or put into sausage
skins and boil or serve as a loaf.
Serve in place of meat with cooked
greens or a green salad, with a good
brown tomato or Spanish sauce," if
INDEPENDENCE, Or.. March 16. Dear
Miss Tingle: Will you please give some
recipes for those who must avoid sweets
and starches, especially? I need some
thing to take the place of dessert. I
find your column very interesting. Sin
cerely yours, MRS. M. B.
I judge you are avoiding starches
and sugars not simply for reduction
purposes, but owing perhaps to dia
betes. In such a case, as I have said
above, general directions may prove
dangerous unless personal tests are
made, with careful weighings of the
food intake. If you apply to the
state library I think you will be able
to secure some helpful and reliable
books on diabetic diets, with many
Not knowing your special limita
tions, I can only suggest such things
as blanc mange made with dilute
cream and water, stiffened with agar
and sweetened with "sweetina." The
flavor could be varied a little. Strong
coffee is useful for such a purpose.
An "imitation tapioca" pudding
can be made by using semi-dissolved
agar with beaten egg yolk and water
with or without a little cream.
If you are allowed any milk you
could use that in junkets sweetened
with sweetina.
If you are allowed pumpkin or
squash, the pulp may be made into a
sugarless custard (similar to pie fil
ling) and baked In small buttered
There is also a similar kind of pud
ding to be made with well-washed
cottage cheese (instead of pumpkin)
enriched with egg yolk sweetened
with sweetina and flavored with lem
on juice. This also is baked in
Then you could make little sugar
less macaroons and custards with al
mond meal (if this is allowed) or
with gum gluten. Your doctor and
the books suggested above will be
able to help you more than I can for
your diet is necessarily an individual
matter. Instead of desserts you
should use often plain lettuce salads
with French dressing or mayonnaise.
Cheese balls made with well-washed
cottage cheese could sometimes be
added or use a combination salad
with any of the vegetables that are
included in your special diet list.
over" or specially cooked. Chop the
meat very fine, add to one cup meat
one tablespoon grated Parmesan
cheese, one tablespoon butter, one
beaten egg, a few grains mace or nut
meg and a "hint" of grated lemon
rind. The mixing bowl may be
rubbed with garlic if desired. Season
with pepper and salt and moisten
with a little concentrated gravy if
the meat is very dry. A little chopped
cooked vegetable may be used with
the meat if desired, the whole being
seasoned and flavored rather highly.
Have ready fresh rolled noodle paste,
rolled as thin as possible in a large
square. Take a teaspoon of the pre
pared filling and put it on the paste
about two inches from the edge. Take
other spoonfuls arranging about two
inches apart across the paste. Brush
between and round each with beaten
egg. Fold over the edge of the paste
so as to cover the filling, press down
the edge and cut across the paste.
Then press down and cut between
each spoonful so that you have a
number of little squares filled with
meat, with the edges well pressed to
gether. Repeat until all is used up.
Put the little squares, a few at a time,
into boiling salted water or stock.
Boil about ten minutes or until the
paste is cooked, and remove with a
skimmer. Keep hot and sprinkle with
dry grated Parmesan or other dry
cheese. Serve In rich brown gravy
or in tomato sauce, or In a combina
tion of brown gravy and tomato sauce,
or brush with melted butter. Sprinkle
rather generously with dry grated
cheese, place in a fireproof baking
dish and brown in the oven before
serving, either with or without the
Other fillings may be used.
AMITY, Or., April 10. Dear Miss Tin
gle: I have watched your space in The
Oregonlan for an angel food cake made
by using syrup over the eggs instead of
the sugar. I think It has just recently
been put out at some college. Could you
give me the recipe for such a cake ?
Many thanks for your past help to me.
MRS. R. C. M.
Following is a 'boiled angel cake,"
but I do not know whether it is the
one you want. I have not tried it
personally, so cannot vouch for its
Boiled angel cake One and one
fourth cups sugar, one-half cup water,
grated rind and juice of one - half
lemon, one cup cake flour, whites of
seven eggs, a few grains salt. Boil
the sugar water and lemon juice to
the soft ball. Pour gradually on one
half of the stiff-beaten whites, beat
ing until nearly cold, add the flavor
ing, fold in the remaining whites
alternately with sifted flour. Bake
in an ungreased tube pan 40 to 50
minutes, according to thickness, and
let cool in the inverted pan. Cover
with a thin icing made of confec
tioner's sugar and water, stirred to
gether, and let etand overnight be
fore cutting.
COQIHLXE, Or.. March 23. Dear Miss
Tingle: "Will you please insert in The
Sunday Oregonlan a recipe in the coaking
department for making raviolaa Italian
style, and oblige? Tours truly, W. W.
Ravioli are little dumplings made
of noodle paste or of potato paste,
with different kinds of fillings and
different sauces. There are sweet
ravioli, as well as savory ravioli. In
fact, there are as many kinds of
Italian ravioli as there are of Ameri
can pie.
Following is one kind obtained
from Italian sources. If it is not
what you had in mind, please write
again describing as closely as possi
ble what you want. Let me know if
you need a noodle recipe.
Italian ravioli with meat Any
cooked meat may be used, chicken or
veal being best. It may be "left
WOLF CREEK. March 26- Dear Miss
Tingle: I want to thank you very kindly
for the advice you gave me in bread-mak
ing, some time ago, through The Orego-
nian. It was very simple when I had
working formula as plain as you made It
I would be very much pleased indeed
to ihave tire formula for "Denver bread
as ynu mentioned in your letter of the
same date. I do not think It advisable
undertake the yeast -making, for I am able
to get compressed yeast as you suggested
by mall, at any time.
I am very grateful also for the advice
given with reference to "bacon fat as it
has proved very much of a saving, like
wise convenience, and I find it does all
you said and is just splendid in seasoning
Now another favor, please. Some time
in the future I wish you would publish
a formula for chili con earn. Make it
as plain as you are capable of doing,
and I am sure I can handle It fine. Thank
ing you again for it
I trust I have not taken too much of
your time. Miss Tingle, and again thank
ing you for all the help you have given
me, -which has been very much, I remain,
yours very truly. "BACHELOR."
I am glad to hear of your success
in bread making and was much in
terested by your enclosure. Good luck
to you!
You might try the recipe for Chili
con carne given above. It is a fine
dish for a fireless cooker (home
made) as It can be started early and
eaten In the evening Ii; necessary, for
long cooking greatly Improves It.
Following is a recipe for Denver
biscuit. Probably it would be best for
you to make only half the amount
given below when you make your
first attempt. This would be equiva
lent to two loaves or about four
small batches of b.iscuit. You could
then judge of its practicality for
your purposes.
Everlasting bread or Denver bis
cuit One quart milk, one cup smooth,
warm mashed potato, one cup sugar,
one cup lard or otiher shortening, one
yeast cake, softened In one-quarter
cup lukewarm water, two teaspoons
salt, one teaspoon soda, two tea
spoons phosphate baking powder,
flour to make a rather stiff dough.
Mix in the usual way for bread and
knead thoroughly. Keep in the Ice
box. When needed for biscuits vou
cut off a suitable portion, shape into
rolls and let rise in a warm place
one hour or until double in bulk.
Brush with milk or beaten egg and
milk and bake in a rather quick
A portion of the same mixture may
be used for snails or for coffee cakes
by the use of a little spice, sugar,
butter and a few raisins to make a
filling or trimming.
ALBANY, Or. Dear Miss Tingle: Now
that eggs are bo cheap, would you give
me a recipe for angel food cake, telling
how long it should be baked and if the
pan should be greased, and if it should be
removed from the pan while warm or let
cool first? Could you also tell me some
way to use the yolks of the eggs ?
MRS. B. B. B.
Angel cake One cup egg whites,
one cup flour, one and one-fourth
cups fine granulated sugar, one tea
spoon cream of tartar, vanilla or
other preferred flavoring. Beat the
egg whites until foamy. Add the
cream of tartar and beat until stiff.
Add one-half of the sugar (sifting it
in gradually) and beat until glossy.
Add gradually the remaining sugar
and flavoring. Sift and fold In the
flour previously sifted,1 both before
and after measuring. Bake in an un
greased tube pan 40 to 50 minutes
according to thickness. Be sure it no
longer "whispers" when you take it
from the oven. The oven may be
about the same as for loaf bread. Let
cool in the tin, inverted and support
ed to allow passage of air under
neath. Cover with plain confec
tioner's icing, as above, and do not
cut until the second day.
The yolks may be used for custards,
cream pies or similar desserts, for
sweet or savory sauces (such as
sweet, foamy sauce or "Hollandaise"),
for mayonnaise or other salad dress
ings for either immediate use or for
keeping, for lemon honey (for keep
ing), for golden pound cake or Vene
tian cakes or other small cakes or
cookies where more yolks than
whites are needed. Cakes made with
yolks only are not usually very de
sirable. The yolks may also be hard-
boiled for use In potato salad or in
remoulade or for garnishing curries,
vegetable dishes or chafing dish mixture.
In reply to an "anxiously
waiting" correspondent who asked
for a menu for an anniversary party,
I have to say that she allowed too
little time for an answer. It is never
possible for me to promise publica
tion of a menu by any given imme
diate date. There are several ex
cellent books on table service to be
obtained in the Public library which
would be helpful in planning any fu
ture entertainment.
The Safer Conrne.
The Young Thing "What kind of
husband would you advise me to look
out for?"
Weil-Meaning Friend "You let hus
bands alone, my dear; it's asking for
trouble. You get a single man."
Each package of "Diamond Dyes"
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woman can dye or tint her old, worn,
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sweaters, coverings, draperies, hang
ings, everything! Buy Diamond Dyea
no other kind then perfect home
dyeing is guaranteed. Just tell your
druggist whether the material you
wish to dye is wool or silk, or wheth
er it is linen, cotton or mixed goods.
Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,
fade or run.
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Some Travelers Always
Trouble Other People.
Obnoxious Person Is Sel fish, but
Not Always Consciously Kb.
ARE you the sort of person who
never in any way adds to the dis
comfort of other people when travel
ing:; or are you one of the other kind?
Of course, the obnoxious traveler Is
selfish but not always consciously
so. The fat man 'r. the seat behind
you may not realize at all that he Is
annoying1 because he crackles peanut
shells or rattles his newspaper and
scrapes the back of your head with
it, occasionally. The tired little
mother who lets the children suck
oranges or peel bananas during a hot
and dusty journey may not dream
anybody nearby objects to the per
vasive aroma of the fruit that Is
keeping the youngsters quiet. The
young chap who slouches down in his
seat and drives annoying feet into the
yielding velvet seat-back in front a
most annoying performance to the
person in the next seat may not
know that he Is being obnoxious.
But all these people contribute to the
discomfort and perhaps actual misery
of high-strung, nervous travelers.
Then there is the woman who, hav
ing secured the inside seat near the
window, will not move up when some
one crowds Into the other third of
the seat. And the man who spreads
his newspaper or his knees into the
space which rightfully belongs to his
seatmate. And the fussy woman who
will not quiet down In her berth and
wraps and unwraps paper parcels or
does other audible things when near
by sufferers are trying to get to
sleep. And the fresh-air hog who
flings up the window regardless of
the neuralgic Lady huddled down In
her coat in the seat behind. And th
individual who spreads his dishes and
utensils about in the dining car,
crowding up his table-mats.
There are a hundred ways in which
people can be annoying and obnoxious
travelers, and most of the ways are
thoughtless ways rather than delib
erately disagreeable and selfish ways.
The perfect traveler is the one who
sinks her own personality so thor
oughly that her neighbors never
realize she Is there. She can sit for
two hours in a train in perfect quiet
and this Is more of a proof of breed
ing than poorly bred people ever seem
to realise. Breeding Is control of
natural impulse and restraint of
movement; it is the courtesy that ex
presses unselfishness, though It does
not always prove unselfishness. The
more inconspicuous you are among
strangers, the more perfect is the ex-
,pression of your good breeding.
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Woman's Case
Amazes Portland
A business man's wife suffered for
two years with sore, wmtsry syss.
which pained day and night Finally
she tried slmpl camphor, hydraatla.
witchhaxel, etc., as mixed In Ivoptlk
eye wash. This helped her AT ONCE
Another lady reports "It leaves eyss
cool and fresh.' One small Uottl
L,avoptik usually hslps ANY CASE
weak, strained or Inflamed eyea. Alu
minum eye cup FREE. Rkldmore OrusT
Co. and all leading druggists Av.
This is the way
Cuban housewives
We give you here a simple, easy way
to prepare pineapples for serving.
Cuban women have used it for years.
Done this way it is no trouble at all to
peel, core and remove the eyes from this
delicious fruit
So many women who would like to
serve fresh pineapple, because they enjoy
this most delicious of all tropical fruits,
hesitate to do so because they find it hard
to peel, core and free of the "eyes." This
way is easy, quick and efficient. A Cuban
housewife will prepare a fruit for serving
in this way in less than a minute.
You should serve pineapple more often
during the season when this luxurious
fruit is abundant and inexpensive. A pine
apple will serve six to eight people. It is
really more ecqnomical than many other
fruits or berries you can serve.
There are scores of delicious ways to
prepare this wonderful fruit when fresh.
We have compiled a little book of
proven recipes. Send for it. It is FREE.
Order a pineapple from your grocer
today. Try it for breakfast, sliced.
Grasp th
firm) r In
one hand,
than taka
hald of fo
Ma,gn With
tha other
baud aad twist It off.
3J Patssllca
-s-2--! Then run &
r sharp knlfa
gy around tha
OtSXr adjfeoftha
sllea. Inside tha peel. It then
comes off, with eyes, easily
- tha frult
9l frnn In
f yBBLP thlrksllope
SS than tbree-
crnartere of an Inch thlek.
4 CSt armti
Jr-W shown In
tCji diagram.
four cuta.
aids of th core. The ror will
be out without any- waste.
This Book Free
Our book of more than sixty tester! recipes
for serving fresh pineapple will be sent
FREE to anyone who writes for it. Sixty -two
delicious ways to serve it, and recipes
for home canning and preserving. Address
West Indies Fnrit Importing Co., 2J6 N.
Clark St, Chicago, I1L