The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 20, 1921, SECTION THREE, Page 9, Image 55

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City Editor Main 7070. IWMJ
sunlay realtor Main 7OT0. KWI-HS
Advertising- Department. ..Main 71170. 5i0-M
Superintendent of BldK. .Main 7070. 000-85
OBPHBUM (Broadway at Taylor) Vaude
ville. This afternoon anil tonllsht.
BAKKR Morrlon at Eleventh) Baker
Stock company In "Pollyanna." Thta aft
ernoon and tonight.
LTRIC (Broadway at Morrlson Musical
comedv, Pinched for Hpeedin-." Three
ahowa daily. li, 7 and 9 P. M.
H1PPODROUB (Broadway at- Tamhlll)
Vaudeville and movlnic pictures. 2 to 0.
6:45 to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays and
Mondays, continuoua. 1:15 to 11 P. M.
PAXTAOM (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Tare ahowa daily. 2. 1 and :0
P. M.
AUDITORIUM (Third at Clay) Municipal
concert. 8 P. M. .
Congress Asked to Recognize
"World's Path. Through the medium
of the Orefton delegation, to whose
members they will present personally
the appeal of the Atlantic-Pacific
Highways and Electrical exposition.
Gut W. Talbot and Franklin I . urn
fltb, now on their way to Washington,
will urge that congress officially rec
ognize the next great world's fair, to
be held in Portland during 1925. Sen
ator McNary, it Ib planned, will pre
ent to congress the memorial per
talninir to the exposition, and the tn-
tire delegation will support him In
requesting recognition. Mr. Talbot, as
president of the Gas Sc. Coke company,
and Mr. Griffith, as president of the
Portland Railway, Light & Power
company, will attend a conference of
the federal water power board with
the various public utilities of all sec
tions. Interested la hydro-electrlo de
velopment. Insurance Men to . Meet. J. E.
Dunne, manager of the Hazelwood
Tee Cream company, will be the
speaker of the day at the regular
monthly meeting of the Fire Insurance
Exchange of Portland, tomorrow at
the Benson hotel. He will talk on
"What I Think of Fire Insurance
Agents." C. L. Graden, secretary of
the Associated Retail Credit Men, will
also deliver an address relating to the
objects and scope of that organiza
tion. Several subjects of importance
to fire insurance agents will be dis
cussed. The newly elected president,
Howard L. White, will preside.
New Lacrelhurst Completely Fmt
jnsEEU Home. If yon are looking for
a home, all ready to move Into, see
ur artistically furnished home; very
highest grade of furniture and fur
nishings, all new; house absolutely
new and modern, consisting of five
rooms, bath and large floored attic;
large garage and solid cement drive;
beautiful lawn and shrubbery; choice
location; two blocks from park. For
ale by owner, terms. 1233 East
Pine street. Second house from the
northeast corner of East Pine and
Forty-first street. Adv.
Honor System Adopted. At the
last meeting held by the sophomore
class of the North Pacific Dental
college the honor system was adopted,
with approval of members of the
faculty, and a committee Is now busy
working out plans for putting the
system into practice. This committee
la composed of William Hurley, II. W.
Merrill, William Race, M. Mower, J.
A. Butler, L. P. Arthur and M. A.
Loug-hbon. The class numbers ISO
Grand Ball Slated. The Samari
tan Social club has announced that
It will give a grand ball Saturday,
May 7, to provide funds to send a
member to Hot Lake, Or., for his
health. The ball will be held at the
armory. Among the many features
avt the affair will be a county fair,
club drills by members of the Rebekah
lodges, singing by the Mignon chorus,
under direction of Mrs. Ella H. Tripp,
and other attractions.
Suit of Clothes Stolen. An un
identified Mexican broke into the
room of W. D. Bryan, 249 Va Holladay
avenue, and stole a suit of clothes,
bo me time Friday and disappeared
Into Sullivan's gulch, according to a
report made yesterday to the police
detective bureau. John Matheson,
landlord of the place, followed the
Mexican for several blocks but was
nnable to capture him. f
Private Garage Robbed. A man
and woman broke into the private
garage of Thomas Autzen, 1843 Wil
lamette boulevard. Friday night and
stole a blue dress which had been
placed In an automobile preparatory
to being taken to a cleaning estab
lishment. Several automobile tools
also were stolen. The pair left be
hind several important clews which
may lead to their capture.
Censorship Hearino Friday. Con
sideration of the proposed motion pic
ture censorship ordinance will be
given by the city council next Friday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. The ordinance
was scheduled to come before the
council last Friday but because of the
presence of the Chicago city officials
on that day, the council deferred the
ordinance for one week.
Campbell's American Concert Band,
Ruth Gillespie, soprano, and Orpheus
Male ChTbrus. Inc., W. M. Wilder,
director, In concert at the auditorium'
Wednesday, March 30, 8:30 P. M Aus
pices Portland Co-operative Labor
Temple association. Admission, tn-
wuunig la-x, ouc. AUV.
Next Sunday Is Eastkr b.j
rheery greeting to each-of vnnr
friends. It will make the rtv
for you and for them. We -are show
tag a charming variety of Easter
greeting cards. The Irwin-Tlotison
Company, 387 Washington street. Pit
tock block. Adv.
Socialists to Celebrate Commune
The socialist party will celebrate the
15th anniversary of the Taris com
mune this evening in Alisky hall.
Third and Morrison streets. W R.
Snow of Chicago will be the speaker.
Do Not Forget to call up East 3088
when you want the Salvation Army
auto truck to call for cast-off cloth
ing, magazines, newspapers, furniture
etc. Address 24-26 Union ave Major
John Bree, district officer. Adv.
. For Sale. 7-room house, 4 bed
rooms, sleeping porch, furnace,
cement basement, fireplace. Overton
street, near 22d; J5500, J3000 cash
necessary. Immediate possession
Polndexter. Main 1S00. Adv.
Easter Speciai Our ,18 photo for
14, made with the same care that
give our photos that mark of dis
tinction. Hamilton (Grove studio)
839 Morgan bldg. Phone Main 339-1
Dissatisfied with your present po
sition, income or surroundings? If
so. write for "Looking Ahead ' Pa
cific Chiropractio college. Park and
Yamhill. Portland, Or Adv.
Rheumatism Too Fat No Pep'
Then , you need these famous treat
menu at Brown's Hydropathic Insti
tute, Stevens building-, downstairs
Bay City Market now located with
the Pacific market In New Central
market building, corner 4th and Xam
hllL Phone Marshall 10 Adv.
Gus H. Cramer, Jeweler, 712A Sell
ing bldg. M. 6028. Expert diamond
setting, manufacturing, repairing
Sripherd's Hot Springs. Carson,
Wash., cures rheumatism and stomach
trouble. John E. Kelly, manager.
Tired, aching feet can be relieved;
consult Dr. Ingalls, Knight Shoe Co-.
juornson, near iiroaa way Adv.
Perfection Plaster Wall Board.
cheapest and best. Timms. Cress A.
Co., 184 Second st. Adv.
Oriental Ruoi repaired, wash -clean-ad.
linlhanian. 465 Wash. st. Br. 2870.
Troutdaub Prepares for Smelt
Run. Troutdale residents are prepar
ing; for the annual event of the pretty
little hamlet on the Columbia river
highway or Sandy road, if you
choose to be particular. It is that
time of year when the myriad col
umns of smelt are expected to run
Into Sandy river, summoning fisher
men from all sections of the Willam
ette valley. In preparation for these
guests Troutdale has cleaned up the
big camping site above the wagon
bridge, and has otherwise manifested
Its desire to hang out the "welcome"
sign., The smelt run has not failed
for four years past, though previous
to that time it occasionally skipped
a year. But old-timers assert that the
signs are right for a record run.
Automobile Ownership in Doubt.
Did Mrs. Ada Powers give her ex-
husband, Charles Powers, a 12000 au
tomobile purchased with money left
her from the estate of her first hus
band? This was the question a Jury
in the court of Circuit Judge Tucker
could not decide yesterday, bringing
in a report of hopeless disagreement
in the case of Powers, oharged with
larceny by bailee. Mrs. Powers ac
cused her husband of stealing the
machine. Powers declared that his
wife had given It to him when they
were happily wedded, but had
changed her mind and wanted it back
after their recent divorce.
Special Rates Granted. Portland
delegates who attend ths national
foreign trade convention at Cleveland
May 4 to 9 will be granted special
rates of a fare and a half on round
trip tickets, according to advice re
ceived by Frank Ira White, of the
foreign trade department of the
Chamber of Commerce, from J. G.
Hammond, secretary of the Cleveland
chamber of commerce. The lower
fare action was taken by the Central
Passenger association and the Trans
continental Passenger association to
facilitate attendance at a conference
which is of great importance in the
world of commerce.
Memorial Hospital Plans Filed.
Plans were filed yesterday by Law
rence & Holford, architects, for ths
proposed T. B. Wilcox Memorial hos
pital. This building, which will he. It
is said, one of the most modern of
hospital buildings on the Pacific coast
will be located adjacent to the Good
Samaritan hospital. It will be three
stories In heighth, 40 by 60 feet and
of fireproof construction. The cost
will be $100,000 according to esti
Buildtno Examine Rxsiana. Fred-
erick W. Eichenlaub, chief plan ex
aminer in the city bureau of building
yesterday submitted his resignation
to Commissioner Barbur to take effect
April 13. Mr. Eichenlaub is serving
his service with the city, which has
extended over a course of ten years,
to accept an important post with
Parker & Banfield, general contrac
tors. His sucatsaor has not yet been
Horse Stealing Reported. Fron
tier days were revived yesterday
when the police detective bureau re
ceived a report of horse staling. A.
McMillan of the National Laundry
company stables. East Ninth and
Hawthorne avenue, reported that a
horse thief had entered the stable
Friday night and stolen a "flea-bitten"
gray gelding, 12 years old and 1300
pounds in weight.
Bogus "Cop" Fined $10. Charles
Gardner bought himself a tin police
badge and was having the time of his
life bossing a dance at the Broadway
dance hall Friday night in the role of
a police Inspector. A genuine cop
caught the impostor and sent him to
Jail. He was found guirty in police
court yesterday of Impersonating an
officer and was fined 10 by Judge
Beggars Wear Police Stars. D. A.
Morris, 365 "Victoria street, reported
to the police yesterday that two dif
ferent men wearing faka police stars
had called at his home during the past
week begging for funds for a widow
with several destitute children. Morris
gave the first caller some money but
his suspicions became aroused when
he was approached for the second
Camouflaged Still Owner Fined
8200. William Selle, who won the ad
miration of arresting officers through
the ingenuity of a .disappearing still
in his rooms over a First-street "tin
shop, was fined 1200 by District Judge
Deich yesterday and admitted to pa
role on a Jail sentence of six months.
He was arrested by federal revenue
men on March 12.
City Clubs Receive Thanks. City
Commissioner Pier yesterday issued
a statement in which he thanked the
various organizations and the indi
viduals who assisted in entertaining
the Chicago aldermen while in the
city Thursday and Friday. He gave
especial mention to the Kiwanis club
of Portland and the Portland Cham
ber of Commerce.
City Attorney Files Opinion. A
formal opinion to the effect that the
public service commission lacks au
thority to grant applications for the
installation of spur tracks on Port
land streets, and that such permits
must be granted by the city council
was filed with the city auditor yes
terday by City Attorney Grant.
Youthful farmer Arrested.
Louis Beckner, 21 years old, a farmer
of Monroe,' Or., was arrested at the
Multnomah hotel early yesterday
morning by police detectives and is
being held on a statutory charge. His
eister ,ime, ugeu id, aim anumer gin,
janess Aiayes, aged la, are Deing neia
as material witnesses.
Suburban Home Robbed. Six eilk
shirts, a .38 caliber Smith & Weston
revolver and a pair of men's brown
shoes were stolen from the home of
Mrs. L. E. Mead at Taylor's Ferry
and Baird road during her absence on
Friday, she reported to Sheriff Hurl
burt yesterday morning. Deputies are
investigating the robbery.
City Bonds Sold Above Par. City
officials are enoouraged over the
oversubscription of the bond offering
Friday when, despite the present
bond condition, a block of (262,539.72
of improvement bonds were sold
above par. The oversubscription
amounted to practically 8200,000, it
was announced.
Plat Study Class to Meet. The
play study class of community service
will meet on Monday evening at room
C, Central library. The play "'here
But in America," will be read and dis
cussed. Mrs. Edwin A. Guiver will be
leader for the evening. The public is
invited and there is no charge.
Efficiency in Artificial Teeth.
Through improper arrangement and
sett'ng of the teeth many plates fail
to give the wearer the ability to thor
oughly masticate food. Dr. E. C.
Rossman, the Plate Specialist, gives
especial attention to this important
part. Journal Bldg. Adv.
See Drs. Hartley. Kiesendahl and
Marshall for painless extraction of
teeth and better artificial teeth. Fill
ing and other dental operations also
without pain, by our nerve-blocking
method. 307 Journal Bldg. Adv.
Farmers. We havo an Invincible
argument. Our insurance costs less
The Old Reliable Farmers' Mutual
Fire Relief Assn., Stock Exch. bldg.
Lewis-Stenger, Morrison at Tenth,
grftid razors, scissors, knives perfectly.
Kemmerer Coal. Carbon Coal Co.,
mine agents. East 1188. Adv.
John T. Richardson, C. P. A., has
returned to Portland. Adv.
Safety Boxes, lc daily. 284 Oak.
Conspicuous Positions Held by
Many Professors In National
and State Organizations.
March 19. (Special.) Conspicuous
positions in public life ars held- by
19 university facultymen and wom
en, who are contributes; to the in
tellectual life of ths state of Oregon.
Eric W. Allen, dean of journalism,
is vice-president of the American
Association of Schools of Jounnallsm
and a member of the committee on
research. He is at present attending
the convention of the National Edi
torial association.
Miss Lilian Tingle of ths household
arts department is vice-president of
the national council of administrative
women in education, while Elizabeth
Fox, dean of women, is a member of
the executive council of this body.
Miss Mabel Cummlngs, head of the
school of physical education for wom
en, has been appointed by the State
Teachers' asosciatlon to make an
amendment to the state compulsory
physical education law and Is also
chairman of the committee on health
and physical education.
Dr. James E. Barnett, professor of
political science, la a member of the
board of editors of the American
Political Science Review and asso
ciate editor of the National Municipal
The Oregon Council of English
Teachers is headed by Dr. Ernest
Sutherland Bates, head of the depart
ments of rhetoric and philosophy.
Other positions held by Oregon fac
ulty members are:
Professor F. S. Dunn, head of the Latin
department, officer of American Institute
of College Professors and organizer and
secretary of the Classical Association of
the Paclflo Northwest; Dr. John F. Bo
vard, dean of the school of physical educa
tion, vice-president of the western division
of the American Physical Education so
ciety; Bills F. Lawrence, dean ef the
school of architecture, president of tha
Oregon chapter of tha American Institute
of Architects; Dr. Edmund Conklln. head
of tha department of psychology, member
of the committee of three to Investigate
delinquents In Oregon; Dr. John Lands
bury, dean of tha school of muslo, member
of the national oommlttee of publio school
music; R. C. Clark, professor of history,
member of coast branch of the American
Historical association; Timothy Cloran.
head of the department of romance lan
guages, local organizer of the American
Association of University Professors; Dr.
B. W. De Busk of the school of education,
member of the Oregon child welfare com
mission; Robert C. Hall of the school of
Journalism, vice-president of the North
western Association of Teachers of Jour
nalism; Dr. H. D. Sheldon, dean of the
school of education, organizer of the Ore
gon Teachers' association; Airs. W. F. G.
Thacher of the school of music, national
advisor to Mu Phi Epslllon; Professor F. G.
Young, dean of the school of sociology,
secretary of the American Historical so
ciety and seoretary of the Oregon conser
vation committee; Miss Grace Edgington
of the department of English, national or
ganizer of Theta Sigma Phi.
in Jewelry Designing
In the designing and manufacturing
of special mountings we offer a
service that is unusual. Individual
expression is attained in beautiful
and artistic fashion.
We are fortunate in having m our
employ one of the most skilled man
ufacturing jewelers on the coast.
Consultation Invited
Our $100 Diamond Ring Is
Portland's Best Value
Jaeger Bros.
Jexoelers Silversmiths
Portland's HALLMARK Jervelers
Dr. Koerning, Believed to Have
Found Only Deposit on Whole
Continent, May Visit.
Mining men of ths country are In
tensely interested in ths reported
discovery of gallium, one of the rarest
of metals, in the old mining district
of Lynn, 2 miles north of Carl in,
Kev. The discoverer is Dr. Ben R.
Koerning, metallurgist and chemist
of Bait Lake City, who has spent some
time In ths district and believes this
Is the first discovery of this metal
on the North American continent. An
Invitation has been extended to Dr.
Koerning to attend the international
mining convention here April 6 to 9,
and it is probable that at this session
the public will be informed, for the
first time, in regard to the details of
the new discovery. Henry M. Parks,
director of the Oregon Bureau of
Mines and Geology, is very much in
terested in the discovery because of
the rare qualities of the element, and
has Invited the discoverer to attend.
According to the information from
Salt Lake City, the mineral causes a
reddish slain, that has been regarded
locally in the Lynn district for many
years as iron stain. This was ac
cepted also by mining engineers who
did not analyze for the presence of
the little known metal. Thorough
test has revealed that it is a mer
cury stain which carries not only
gold, tin and vanadium in extensive
quantities, but the rare element, gal
lium, and in smaller quantities, bis
muth, platinum, ruthenium, selenium,
tellurium, thorium and uranium. Gal
lium was first discovered in a zinc'
plant of the Purrifite mine in the
Argiles valley, Pyrennes, France, and
its name Is derived from Gallia, the
Latin name for France. It is also
found to occur in the zinc ores of
Westphalia, Germany and a few other
places in Europe. It is the only metal
that gives a white precipitate in an
acid solution upon the Introduction
of hydrogen sulphite gas. Its most
remarkable property Is its low fusing
point, 30 per cent centigrade, which
means that it melts with the heat of
the hand.
Portland and the North
west's finest hostelry.
Rates 52-50 and Up
Splendid grill and fa
cilities for entertaining
private parties.
Portland, Oregon
. 'l&Z L& - i -J
t. A
Tuesday, April 5,
Prices 2. $1.(50, 1, TSc. SOc
No Tax.
Sale opens April 2d. Orders with
checks mailed now to 615 Abington
building, filled In order of receipt
and before public sale.
Our brows busses meet all trains.
and we believe our
Cl.m BKEAKFA8TS and onr
I.TNCHKOMS, 40c. SOc, and our
DINNfcKS. 60r, ?Sc, 11.00, and ear
KEB, (1.00, are nnequaled.
We have finished our new dining room,
which almost doubles our former ca
pacity, and -we are now able to take
excellent care of small banquets and
W. C. CULBERTSON. Proprietor.
roe uT-l
C :
your mark
IT is most important that your product have
your trademark, name or some means of
identification upon it. You are not taking
advantage of a wonderful means of adver
tising. . WE manufacture
"Everything for
the Office"
Printing- and
Fifth and Oak Sts.
Mar. 6080, Auto. 565-43
' il; (Sim
Gas, Wood
or Coal
Heats This
East Indians use butter made from
the milk of buffaloes- and stored in
Jars, where it keeps for years.
Advertising Campaign Results in
Travelers Returning Through
the Aorthwcst.
There are as many as 50 replies a
day coming from California to the
Pacific Northwest Tourist association
as the result of a short spring adver
tising campaign carried on by the
association designed to direct tour
ists now in California to return bosne
through Oregon, Washington and
British Columbia.
The association this spring, as far
as funds would allow, has carried out
a very Incisive campaign. Through
its agencies it has been able to secure
the names of a large number of people
going to California for the winter I
before they left home, and has written
to each one asking them to make the
trip to or from California via the
Pacific northwest, and has sent them
each one of its handsome illustrated
books on the Pacific northwest.
It has 'had a copy of one of Its
folders, "Vacation Suggestions." with
an excellent map, distributed to these
tourists after they have arrived in j
California, and is now carrying three
or four-column advertisements occa
sionally in the principal newspapers.
The officers of the association say
that it is hard to estimate just how
many winter tourists this campaign
will induce to visit the Pacific north
west while on the coast, but, apart
from the direct object of the cam
paign! it is having a wonderful effect
on the people of California them
selves. "The California people have been
attracted by this advertising to such
an extent that inquiries are pouring
in every day asking for all kinds of
information about the Pacific north
west, and stating that they will, not
may. but will, make the trip this com
ing summer," says a statement from
the association.
"We need now four things: First.
to put our highways into splendid !
condition; second, to make our hotel
and restaurant facilities of the very
best and as extensive as possible;
third, to establish auto camps and to
improve those now established, to
provide ordinary conveniences for
camping automobilists, and last, but
not least, excellent local information
Store is at 213 Pittock block. Every
woman in Oregon should have one of
the wonderful skirts that I am mak
ing from my elegant tailor cloth.
Made not outlandish, but what a sen
sible woman wants and will wear. I
also have a lot of splendid coats and
suits. Adv.
We have for sals Irvtngton four
family apartment. Finest Income
property in the city.
2X0 C. OF C. BLDG. MAIN 802.
in monthly Installments and really
own your home. See us about your
renewal. Special proposition. Port
land Trust Co., Sixf and Morrison
streets. Adv.
Commerce Safe Deposit Vaalta.
II Third street. Both phonea Adv.
S. & H. green stamps for cash.
Bolman Fuel Co., coal and wood. Main
153 660-21 Adv.
ci7ntilic Optical Service
Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted. Trur
particular case will recelv the Individ
ual attention of one of our exprt
Satisfaction assured. Modera'a ajiarsea
165 Morrison bt. Main S3S7. Portland Or.
Served 11:00 to BiOO P. M.
Cream of Chicken Corn Soup or
Chicken Broth in Cup.
Ripe Olives.
Head Lettuce, Roquefort Dressing or Shrimp Salad.
Choice of
Roast Tounjr Turkey, Cranberry Sauce.
Iveg of Lamb, Mint Sauce. Roast Prime Beef au Jus
Roast Leg of Veal With Dressing,
Stewed Chicken and Noodles.
Choice of
Baked or Mashed Potatoes.
Lima Beans. . Baked Hubbard Squash.
Cream Corn. Creamed Cauliflower.
Rolls or Bread and Butter.
French Pastry, Pudding. Ice Cream or Choice of PI.
Tea. Coffee. Hot Chocolate. Milk.
Hazelwood Sunday Plate Dinner 75c
Sample Mrn.
Cream of Chicken Corn Soup.
Choice of
Salmon, Halibut or Chicken Fricassee With Noodles, or
Roast Veal With Dressing.
Creamed Cauliflower, Lima Beans,
Mashed or Baked Potatoes.
Choice of
Pie. Pudding or lea Cream.
Coffee. Milk or Buttermilk-
Vegetable Dinner 40c
Baked Sweet Potatoes, .
Creamed Cauliflower. Lima Beans,
Baked Squash,
Bread and Butter.
Tea, Coffee or Milk.
388 Washington Street 127 Broadway
Music at the Washington St. Hazelwood
6:00 to 8:30-9:30 to 11:30
On Geary St, just off Union Square,
Close to everything worth while. Good
accommodations at moderate rntes.
Breakfast, 60c, 60c, 76c; Lunch, 75c;
Dinner, 11.85 (Sundays, $1.50). Muni
cipal car passes the door. Stewart
Motor Bus meets principal trains and
steamers. It is advisable to make res
ervations in advance of arrival.
tja-aWW-S-STiWi-'-"'' -J.ISX.
Office Furniture
Complete Outfits ia
Dependable Grades
We Will Take Old
Desks in Trade.
Pacific Stationery
& Printing Co.
107 3d St., kt- Waak. Sad Stark St a.
One gas burner does the same work as wood or
coal. No moisture or odor from the gas burned
in this range. Have it demonstrated.
Your Old Range Taken in Exchange
F.S.Lang Mfg.Co.
191 Fourth Street, Near Yamhill
f "Limp In- ' j m AS" HimTHA
('V Walk Out" C0AL
4 C. Leave Yoar Foot , ICE DELIVERY CO.
ff Troubles at
1115 Selllag Building. Bdwy. 4280. B33-4S.
L KJ D. W. Elrod IT Z , A , .
"viC- Mulm 433 Phone Your Want Ads to
u ' Main 7070 Automatic 560-93
1 jtfl mr-t.-HSfrS
sSO TO 13
If You Appreciate
Refined and comfortable sur
roundings with metropolitan serv
ice and unexcelled cuisine
You Will Enjoy
Tour evening; dinner or after-theater
supper at
One of the largest and most at
tractive restaurants In ths west.
MI.LK, ALB.VE M At FIN In clas
sical dances Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday evenings.
top the Waste Motion
The Needless Words Continual Instructions
and Questions Button Pushing and
Running Around
The Auto-Desk
All Executive Busy Business
and Professional Men can pro
fitably use this combination.
Use It
It is easier, quicker
and more convenient
to reach in this file
than to call, wait and
delay you save the
time of others.
.1 ft S-5
Furniture Department, 391 Stark St (Near Tenth St.)
Stationery Department, 387 Washington Street, Mfg. Plant, 15th and Glisan
Phone Broadway 434