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Editorial, Doings in Realm of
Society and Letters
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Every Express From the East Brings NEW Shipments of Spring Merchandise!
Our Tea Room ' Mailorders v ' ( S.&H. Stamps
serves the best lunch in Portland. Try filled by experienced shoppers and given with purchases amounting to
it and be convinced. Service 11:30-2:30. forwarded the same day as received. 10c or more. Always ask for them!
V I v ' ; ) V
' '
Authentic Easter Modes in Women's Apparel
Now Ready in the Garment Store
A presentation of Spring Wearables that is, we believe, the most comprehensive in the
citv. Everv new and lavored mode for the Easter season is embraced in the collection and,
even though you are not ready to buy, you will enjoy seeing the new creations. Coats,
Suits, Dresses, Blouses, Skirts garments chosen for .their superb style, workmanship and
quality. May we expect an early visit? ,
Suits Unusually Smart
The most striking Suit styles shown in many seasons await your inspection at this store.
Suits in all the desirable materials, including Serge, Velour, Tricotine, Covert and Wool
Jersey. Straight line, box, blouse and novelty effects trimmed with fancy stitching, braids,
folds, buttons, etc. AH the newest Spring shades. Prices range from $47.50 to $173.00
Four Attractive New Styles
nfA Jii
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
AT $39.50 Suits of navy blue Tricotine.
Tailored styles trimmed with inverted plaits
and pin tucks. Tuxedo collar. Embroidered
iesign at bottom of skirt.- Slightly flared
peplum. Very smart and splendid value.
AT $58.50 Tricotine Suit in popular box
model trimmed with plaits and rows of braid,
alternating with rows of white. Vestee of
white broadcloth. Good range wanted sizes.
AT $75.0ONew Spring Suits of high-
grade Tricotine. Flare coat trimmed with
belt and box plaits and embroidered roll col
lar. An exceedingly stylish model for Easter
wear. Good range of sizes. Great values!
AT $85.00 Brown Tricotine Suits in
popular boxstyle with Tuxedo collar and
narrow belt. Wide embroidered design at
bottom of coat. New bell-shape sleeves.
Women's Spring Coats
Second Floor Our Coat Section is the
mecca for fashionable women who seek the
newest modes. Recent shipments have
brought us many attractive new styles in
Spring Coats for street and motor wear.
Developed in the season's most wanted ma
terials and there isn't a desirable color missing.-
Exceptional values at $13.50-$47.50
Dressy Coats
Charming new Coats and Wraps in belted
and loose effects. Polo Cloth, Velour, Jer
sey, Serge and many other materials.
Some with large cape collars. Prices range
from $57.50 to $98.50. Second Floor.
-- r
New Spring
Wonderfully attractive are the new
Spring Wearables for girls and
misses. Youthful of line and most
becoming these fashions are sure to
appeal to both mother and daughter.
New Dresses
Second Floor Crepe de Chine, Taf
feta, S0rge, Satin, Tricotine, Voile
and Organdie Dresses in a wide range
of delightful styles, including M;ry
Mix-Up, Jack Tar and other famous
makes. Ages 6 to 16. $10 to $00.95
New Coats
Second Floor Cunning styles for the
little miss of 8 and 10 and the more
sedate models for older girls 14 to 16.
Velour, Polo Cloth, Burella, Serge and
novelty mixtures. $10 to $23.75
Junior Shop
2d Floor
Spring's Newest Dresses fl
New Silks for Easter Frocks
Beautiful Weaves
Moderately Priced
Women planning Easter apparel nave no time
to lose if they would have their garments ready
on time. Monday and following days we shall
feature a notable showing of 1jie new season's
favored Silks and we would appreciate your per
sonal inspection.
These Silks Are
Canton Crepe
Crepe Neuville
Satin Crepe
Crepe de Chine
Satin Francaise
Figured Foulards
Fancy Sport Silks
Satin Charmcuse
Checked Taffeta
Striped Taffeta
Plain Taffeta
Printed Radium
Pussy Willow
We also show a splendid stock of White Silks
for Dress and sport wear- in plain, checked and
striped effects. Many beautiful . new weaves.
Choose Now
while stocks are new and fresh and while the most
desirable patterns and shades are to be had. Re
member, we sell only Silks of dependable quality.
The kind that will give satisfactory service.
Silk Dept. Main Floor
Beautiful to Look Upon
and Moderately Priced
Second Floor There are so many captivating
styles that detail description is out of the
question. Each individual model possesses a
style distinction all its own. Come look over
this superb collection of Dresses and note the
smartness of the styles and how well they are
made. Dresses of Taffeta, Canton Crepe,
Crepe de Chine, Roshanara Crepe, Poiret Twill,
Serge, Tricotine,' Satin and Georgette Crepe.
Prices range from $18.50 to $08.50
Favored Blouses
For Spring
Bewitching styles you won't look further
for your Easter Blouse when you see these
beautiful models. Georgette Crepe, Crepe de
Chine, Satin, Tricolette and the new hand
made models of lingerie. Tailored and fancy
styles galore. Prices range $5.5 to $23.75
Spring Skirts
If you would see the season's fashionable
style in Separate Skirts just take a peep at
the new ones on display at this store. Plaited
and tailored models. Plaids and plain colors.
$10.50 Hair Switches
Mixed gray Switches made up in three
separate .stems. Strictly first quality nat
ural wavy hair. Switches sell- ff
ing to $10.50. Now reduced to D
Special attention given to making up
combings and matching switches to extra
drab and red shades. Dept., Second Floor.
House Dresses
Center Circle, 1st Floor Women's
House Dresses and Aprons of percale
and gingham. Several attractive
styles. Collarless and short sleeves.
Stripes, checks and plain ryQ
cplors. Values to $3.75 at & J- I
We Give S. & H. Green Stamps
Very Smart
are the new Spring Fashions in Foot
wear! Pay a visit to the Shoe Section
and see the latest styles in Women's
Shoes, Pumps and Oxfords.
A Few of the New
XSOli Brown Suede Walking
Pumps with one strap. Medium
pointed toe with welt sole and Cuban
heel. Reasonably priced $10.50 pair.
S20 Black Suede one-strap Dress
Pump. Hand-turned sole, covered full
Louis heel. Priced at $1 1.50 a pair.
S4 Black Satin Pump, new Oriole
one-strap pattern. Just the right
toe and has covered full Louis heel.
Moderately priced at $12.50 pair.
Brown Suede Pump with welt sole
and leather Baby Louis heel. Two
straps over instep, fastened with
brass buckles. Priced at $11 pair.
Grover's Soft Shoes for tender feet
3 new styles in laced Oxfords just
received. Priced at $7.50 a pair.
Gray or Brown Suede Strap Pump
with covered French heel $12.50
Dainty New Tub
A surprisingly large number of women
are buying Spring Wash Goods these days,
especially those fabrics most used for chil
dren's school dresses, aprons, etc. Many
customers tell us ours is the best showing
in the entire city.
Popular Weaves
White Embroidered Organdie
Embroidered Voiles Printed Flaxons
Woven Flaxons Crepes
Imported Ginghams - Silk Mixtures
Plain Devonshire Cloth
Fancy Devonshire Cloth
Lingerie Crepes
and many other materials. See this at
tractive display at your first opportunity.
Aisle of Cottons
Main Floor
For the Lenten Season
Good Things to Eat!
The Delicatessen Shop is spkndidly prepared to supply Lenten specialties
at lowest dHl-es. KiDDered Salmon. Herrine. Cod. Sturgeon, Finnan
Haddie, Bloaters, Fish Paste (in tubes), Anchovy Sauce and other delicacies.
Holland Milchner Her- G1 OC
rinff special per keg only
35c Curtis' Kippered Sar
dines priced special per can
Boneless Codfish in 1-pound n
nnrk-acrps snpnal ner nkc. v
Experienced telephone clerks at your service from 8 A
Model Grocery 4th Floor
Codfish put up in 2-pound Or7
bricks special for Monday at
M. to 5:45 P. M.
Sale of 9x
Don't Overlook
-a,V.x Hi x.yl!lP
12 Ft. Rugs
These Great Savings!
If you can use a 9x12 Rug we ear
nestly advise you to come down town
first thing tomorrow morning and see
these wonderful values.
Special Purchase
Just Received
High-grade Velvet and Axminster
Rugs in an excellent assortment of pat
terns and best colorings.
9xl2-ft. Axminister Rug only $35.00
9xl2-ft. Axminster Rug only $45.50
9xl2-fi. Velvet Rug, special $29.75
9xl2-ft. Brussels Rug special $23.50
9xl2-ft. Wilton Velvet Rug $39.50
9xl2-ft. Wilton Velvet Rug $49.50
9xl2-ft. Wilton Velvety Rug $47.50
Make your selections early as pos
sible, as these are sure to sell quickly.
Dept. 3d Floor
New Spring
Millinery Ribbons, Hair Bow
Ribbons, Bag Ribbons,- Lingerie
Ribbons Picot Edge Ribbons a
wonderful range of beautiful new
'Spring colorings.
Late Novelties in
Veilings by the yard in plain
and novelty meshes with chenille
dots in various sizes and colors.
Prices range 650 to $1.95 yard.
New Drape Veils and Slip-on
Veils in wanted styles and colors.
You will find here the very lat
est New York and Paris creations.
New Bag Tops
Beautiful new oriental effects in
Bag Tops and Domes. Mahogany,
pearl, sapphire, bronze, etc. Prices
range from $5.50 up to $8.95
Fancy Georgette Crepes
Special $1.49 Yd.
Our lace buyer picked up this lot of Georgette Crepes at a sacrifice
price, that's how it happens you can buy them for so little money.
They are all of standard quality and there is a large selection of new
est printed designs in about every conceivable color combi- (31 Ak
nation. Much used for Spring frocks and blouses. Yard DJ-"Xt7
Spanish Lustre Laces
New Organdie Flouncings -in
many pretty styles tucked, ruf
fled and plaited. Also new Net
Flouncings in several different
styles. All are moderately priced.
Have you seen them ? the
new Spanish Lustre Laces that
are to be worn so' extensively the
coming season? Beautiful pat
terns. Special at $2.49 yard.
A Week of Rare Savings
In the Domestic Aisle
Home needs of many kinds are included in this
sale, and it will be to your great advantage to
attend. Note following bargains for this week:
50c Towels 35c
Main Floor Hemstitched Towels of birdseye
material. Good heavy quality and stand- Q(Tx
ard 50c grade. Priced special each ttil
Damask Remnants
At y4 off
Good useful lengths in Table Damask (1 to
3 yards). Many beautiful patterns to select
from. On sale tomorrow off regular prices.
Bedspreads $6
English Satin Bed Spreads in good, full size.
Light- weight. Attractive patterns. ff
d sDecial VJU
Longcloth, Special $4.50
Main Floor This cloth has a fine,
beautiful finish and is especially
adapted for underwear. For-tfM f?A
mer price $710 yards for H0J
Regular $8.00 values. Triced special
Large Comfort Batts
Main Floor Only a limited, number
of these good Batts left.' Wool finish,
soft and downy. Flenty in fl " HQ
each for a large comforter tDAlO
New Prices on
All Electric
Floor Lamps, Davenport Floor
Lamps, Desk Lamps, Boudoir
Lamps, Table Lamps the largest
and most complete showing in the
city. Choose any Electric Lamp in
our entire stock at savings rang
ing from 20 to 40. Third Floor.
Regular $4
Safety Cookers
Third Floor Made of finished cast iron.
Equipped with safety cover device which
permits draining off of liquid without re
moving cover. Cannot tip or fl0 AO
snill $4 0(1 values SDecial at 0A(xO
Flour Boxes $1.68
Like Illustration
Every housewife should have one of these in her
kitchen. ' Made of good, heavy tin with hinged cover.
Shown in several different colors. 25 fl"l ?0
lbs. capacity. Priced special for Monday DAUO
Dept. Third Floor
Great February Sale of
All pieces 'sketched abovey are in
cluded in the sale and many mom be
sides. Here is a splendid opportunity
to replenish your needs at great saving.
Syrup Pitchers, Vinegar Bottles,
Sauce Dishes, Water Tumblers, etc.
Goblets, Thin Tumblers, Grape
Juice Glasses, Ice Cream Dishes,
Creamers and many other articles.
Handled Custard Cups, large Syrup
Jugs, Engraved Tumblers, Vinegar
Bottles, Water Glasses, etc.
Finger Bowls, Decorated Handled
Tumblers, Smelling Salts Bottles,
Glass Plates, Sauce Dishes, etc., etc.
Glassware Dept., 3d Floor j
Dinnerware Reduced
In addition to the many special lines of Dinnerware offered in the February
Sale we offer 3 more discontinued patterns Nos. 67507, A10, 57007. Customers
who have these patterns will do. well to fill in their sets at once. Third Floor.