The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 20, 1921, SECTION TWO, Page 19, Image 39

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Apartu.e nth.
iSIRED to rnt modern unfunuaned
apt., o or 4 rovna all bed, built-in
features, for fami.y of 3, child 2 ar
Phone HUy 4HJ..
WANTED To rent 1 or J-room, and kitch
enette furnished apt. ; prefer on large
room and aieeplng porch. 11 413, Ore-
lUl'.N(J mn tie-urea rcom in private home
where he can uc butment work bench
and have privilege of erecting wireless
telegraph antenna in back yard: prefer
place with few tall trees cloae by; will
etay In desirable p ace at lea,t six
months, ran Main 7UU after 1 today.
Ak for Mr Wy:1-.
J.i.i'EItLY busiat man wants as a per
manent home, sleeping room, private
bat h and kitchenette; furnished or un
f'lrnished: in well-heated, auiet house;
could ua garage; references exchanged
answer with luil particulars ana pnono
number, t 4r.!. Oregonian.
LALiV vki.-hcs clean, nicely furnished room,
reasonable walking distance; would con
eidr tu luring children in grade or H. S.
subject a part payment. ' 404, Greg-man.
OKMl.KMAN uanrs furnished or light
hous-ke ping room In private family,
no other roomers preferred: state fully;
r f. rnres if wanted. J 4-7. Orefonian.
KANTK Urge cunfirtAbie room in mod
ern home. wst a;de, novate family,
must be walking: distance. E. BabiL.
liushne!) studio. Columbia bldg.
YOUNG man wants comfortable room
with good board, walking distance.
A" 4nj.
i'C.m; inn w lares room in private
f u m hy, weic ai le ; gi vo pries and par
tn uljra. BJ 4 Oregon tan.
Idl'NG lady wishes pleasant room with
ue of; C. S. preferred. Address
K UrfRonian.
liOOM and garage wanted la small pri
vate fniul.y Furuary -. A 4", Ore
mti With lloard.
r.EFTVEn yoi;ng udt. kmpt.oyed,
Tt'CNG man of goud rf fere nee wishes
I'oar.i and room in congenial private
h'Une with aii home privileges, starting
March I. State location and price. U. O.
Bi-ir. 7o E 7!'h st. N.
KM l'Lii Et youi.g woman aay from
home wilt pay liberally for pleasant
pia'd to board and room; be con
venient to E. I'd and Alder sts; Catholic
family pr-fi-rrrl. 1'hun-i Woixliawn 3Ji4.
W AMtli ut tiLt uian and wife want
roum and board in private family, room
on low er fioor; best of reftreucea. C
-1 1 1. Ort-gonmn.
WOMAN with one child wishes board and
room in refined home w here child can
be cari for while mother works.
Tahor ;Y..
VAN TED Ro m and board for mother
enip.'oed durii.g iav and -year-oM lain
v iiot'l boys; relvrencea furnished. A J
4o-. orK"i"an.
liAVE i.ict-.y turnislivd room with board
in private family; in walking distance;
fr 1 or 2 geiiUenieu. Phone Marshall
J;uoM and board by eiderly gentleman,
willing to pay $35 a month; German
fami.y preferred. Centrally located. W
-os. orsonian.
'KiiL. V lauv want a comiortaole plaoe
where slie can be cared for. Phone
A III O. 1 O-.r,
OENTLLM AN Want a room and board in
private family, wext side, close in, rea-
sonabln. HO 3i.. Oregoiilan.
for board ar.d room. X o
ent wanta aoik
Di. Ortgonian
Housekeeping Itoinih.
WANTED couple employe!, housekeep
ing rooms, east snie, aaiking distance to
t. Francis ciiurch; must be reasonable.
V rz niun.
Itumorsa PliM-es.
WA NT to rent small private office for
headquarters for small manufacturing
concern: will only be in a few hours a
week. I'hone Mam tW to.
TO LEASE Store space, with window
Spb-adni location for millinery or small
stock gowns. L 44n. oregonian.
WILL buy used Ra-Do gas heaters iu good
condition. V 311. oregonian
WILL buy used Ra-l'o gas healvra in good
condition. V 311, Oregonian.
WANTED. TO RENT An invalid wheel
chair. Tall Auto. 171-41.
WANTED Ntar Gienco school, partly lur
nithed lower flat or sniu.l house bv moth
er and tw. children; now or March 1.
Taho- "7!i:.
TW it
ADL'LTS aibii to r-nt dejjrable uij
ii.fic.1 Hat: itood neighborhood essen
AP 4-t, urcgonian.
IoK RENT 2 itreping rooms, furnished
or unfurnished, private home; men only,
wiilking diataacc. eat side. Phone East
1 NEATLY furniahed II. K. room, kitchen
ette, us of phone, bath; walking dis
tanne; sun. 4:1 j Market at., near 14th.
1 NEATLY furnished sleeping room, une
of phone, bath ; walking distance; $13.
Market M.. near 14th.
I urniditd iMMtms.
East Morrison st.. at East Sixth
The principal east side hotei. digni
fied and refined: $1.23 per day and up;
t per week and up
and up at the New American. 12 North
Third street; modern in every respect
and newiy furnished. F. D, Goddard,
ONE NICELY furnished room for H. K. ;
hot and cold water in room, furnace
nai: a.o one tieeptng room for gen
t .-man. Kingsbury Apta., i7 Trinity
I 1 at e urtmiuva y 71.
112 N Sixth 2 blocks of depot
$1 per day, $ per week and up.
Hot and cold water, at earn beat.
Free phone and ba:n.
'VRN'1SHKD sleeping room and living
room togetnee ; ciean ana comfortable;
fui table for 1 or 2 gentleman; reason
able rent. 801 Mississippi ave. Wood
It wn r.
Corner Twelfth and Sta.-k St a.
Modern, clean, all ouiside i-ooms. $ft-$l2
reek Peop.e of good character desired
Morrison and Park street a.
New, fireproof and modern.
Ppecml rat-s to permanent guests.
Cv" front s.eeping room with fireplace.
First f.oor. attic room. Clean and La: h and phone on same floor,
$:n 74.-. Hovt.
tta.-.uiia;n our Quiu. c.aa.
repectao. Washiogtoo at..
corner 17th
'oR RENT 2 furnished rooma in pleas
ant home near car line; ladies employed
preferred : r-f.rence. Auto. 223 -,1 H.
.itE. wij i;:rti, tirep ace. cneery. m;t
ab!e for 2 tmp.oyed ptrsuus. Main itoO
5i7 Yamh:.;.
PLEASANT room in private apartment
for 1 or 2 young Udlea employed, weat
side, walking dt a nee. M arsha II 139tf.
WASHINGTON. Clean, modern rooms.
KC RN I SHED sieeping room, walking dis
tance, every convenience, 401 East
Couch, fat B.
NICE. large front room. Warm and com
fortable, every convenience; rent reaaon-
able. East ti.'10, mornings.
FOR KENT- Everett sL, nice front
room with alcove, suitable for 2; walk
Ing distance.
6T. PAUL HOTEL. 130 Fourth st. Clean
respectable, modern ; transient. $i u
Rates to permanent guests.
2 NICELY furnished, well heated sleeping
rooms; walking distance. 715 Everett
at., cor. 22d. 2 blocks from Wash in g to n.
UuTbL OCKLEY. Morrison at Tentb-
Kates $1 day up; weekly $3.60 up; free
pnoue and baths, steam heat.
FURNISHED room, connecting bath, walk
ins distance; suitabie for two men or employed. Main SSS5.
CICELY frnijhed room in
apartment house, cloae in.
shall 4i.
Call Mar-
LALGE room with s.eeping porch in mod
ern home. priate family; beat location,
("a T.Kor 3."h!7.
NEWLY renovated H. K. rooms, one room
with kitchenette and aing. rooms. The
Alexander. 131 H 10th st.
II DAY $2.5U WEEK up; cieau. baths
free. Hotel Cadillac. 3d near Jefferson
DESIRABLE sleeping room, twin beds, fur-
l.ace iira;. iiv v-o.umuia 81
NICE fui niched room Iwr rent,
lumbia st
4 70 Co-
COSY warm mqm for rent, $20 per month.
rail Miin 4N4S.
FiRNk-HED room for. gentleman. biii
Cn . my at.
LAKGE sleeping or light housekeeping
room-", men only. 521 Johnson at.
J-Ko.T bedroom in good location; privi.
itre of getting own mral. Kast 3?.S.
bLKPINU ruom for renL 07 Johnaon
pi. I'h.n ProHdway 344.".
OH 4-BOOM modern unfurnished apt.
house or fiat, rood district. E. S713.
WARM, destrab!. ruoia for rent. 140 Co
lumbia st.
JjVHiiE. light, coxy room, first Toor.
hit k lui r use ot qiJinn. Ynt Mil,
Furnished Kuru.
Steara heat and hot and cold water in
room , 3 week and up; auttea for two
to four men or women at special rates:
newly furniahed and clean; splendid
lobby and iota of hatha; nice enough for
The New American. 02 North Ttird St.
Steam heat and running water; tran
sient., 50c and up; newly furniahed and
thoroughly Americanised.
THK AMERICAN. North Third.
Corner Third and Main Btm.
Attractive- rales to discriminating per-
manent guests
Unfurnished Roomn.
NICE. clan room, in white enamel. 2
blocks from Montgomery Ward, walking
distance; rent S3 par month. Lady pre
ferred. Main 4477.
NICE 4 room a, water and light, cluse in;
adults tiKii t'nlon N.
a INKL'RMSHED rooms with bath, walk
ing distance. $10. N. 20th at.
Furnihbed Kooma In Private Family.
LARGE, aunny front room in beautiful
home; heat, bath, phone, use of living
room, piano: laundry orivllegee; for 1
or ' people. Close In. east aide. Auto.
LIGHT, pleasant room in attic for two
gentlemen : aso large, light and clean
room on second floor for to gentlemen
furnace heat, 1 block from library, x
Tnth st.
LARGE front room and nice single room
with 2 windows in newly furnished flat
lO minutpn from Broad wav and V asn
ington. Hli Ella st., near Washington
s' . or Broadway liMl.
Mi "ELY furnished, steam-heated room in
private residence. Nob Bill district;
business man preferred ; re le re nets ex
changed. Marshall 3S3
LIGHT ruum in urivate liuUee. cuinlorl
abiy furnisthed, furnace heat and home
privileges; breakfast ; man or woman
empiojed. Main ."T3'.t.
NEAR 1'od and Wash., on Lurretia s:..
modern home, a well-furnished room
with large enclosed sleeping porch, con
venient! o bath and phone. Mar
ATTRACTIVE room ' iu private steam
heated apt., for lady employed; walk
ing distance, weal aide; references.
Marshall -J.W2.
WIDOW would share modest home and
expense with lady of yuiet tastes; em
pioyed or unemployed. AF 440, Oie-
. gunian.
LADY and young daughter, alone, will
share close-in modern home with bus!
ne couple or two ladies; references re-
quirefi. Automatic ::m-m'.
LAittiK frnni room, furnace heat. 2 blks.
from Montgomery Ward Co.; warning
distance; married couple or luuy pre
ferred. Mam 4477.
ONE LAKGE. light, airy room, suitable
for one or two people, reasonable, j'hone,
bath, home privileges, breakfast If do-r:r-f;
nice neighborhood. Tabor S417.
liLi N ES mail or woman to re
bedroom in lovely new home;
fast if desired; g.-trsge. Auto,
FURNISHED room. with or without
board; ruiined home. 10 minutes irom
center of town. Phone East 4477.
IN MODERN home In Irvuigton. suitable
for gemleiuan or lady employed. I'hone
East S4I3.
Nll'ELY furnished ruuius in invate fam
ily. $2.50 to fb a week; uaiking uis
tsnce, 4 car lines. 10 E. 10th st. N.
huOM with private bath, gentleman only,
office man preterreu; $J0 per month.
7 Hoyt street, near 23d. Main 47til.
UocM lor a gentleman or ladv in sitictly
private Jewl&h lamily; references, lidwy.
FURNISHED front room reasonable,
walking distance. 4fl Montgomery, be
tween I4th and I5th sts.
ELEGANTLY furnished room in a swell
private home suitable fur two young
men : 71 Trinity Place
HANDSOM ELY furnished room In an ex
clusive home, men only ; ref. required.
T 132. Oregonian. .
ONE FURNISHED sleeping room for
young lady that will do her own work.
Kat 4!is.
LARGE, ligtit, well vciitHatea room, pri
vate bath, close1 in ; no other roomers.
East 8030. forenoons or after d.
FOR RENT Room privaie family, gentle
man; references required. Ho7 E. Yam
hil! st.
SLEEPING porch, lieu ted room, mou
home. La Wis addition; walking dis
tance. Call East Ho Monuay.
LOVELY furnished rooms in modern home
west side., close to business center. $12
per month up. 407 Harrison, near wtn,
ATTRACTIVE room in Irving ion home
for gentleman or business woman; break
fast if desired. East 4;;;;7.
FURNISHED rooms, uutet. plenty heat,
cloae in. 3N0 12th st. &o., west siue.
Phone Marshall 2024.
1KVINGTON Large furnished ruum. every
convenience. 1 piock 10 .uawy. car. J..
PLEASANT room in modern home, near
car line: gentlemen preierrea; i-. au
matic 321-24.
NICELY furnished steam heated room in
private family; home privileges; gentle
men only. H'lwy. :t2ii.
FoR RENT Two bedrooms in -newly fur
nished fiat, gentlemen preferred. 02
EHa st. Hroadway .! 1.
LARGE well furnished H. K. room, al
conveniences. Employed people pre
ferred. 74S1 Thurman, near 2-ld.
LIGHT, cheerful furnished room in fine
residential district for lady, ivelerencea.
Marshall 3214
aiEEPlNG rooms, lame, sunny, light anil
airy; reasonable. i0i jelieison, auio.
VACANT March 1. comfortable room
lad iea privileges, private homu. wedt
side, references. $23. Marshall 3
ATTRACTIVELY furniahed room, bath ad
joining, furnace heat, home privileges,
n"ar Hawthorne car. Tabor 132.
ATTRACTIVELY furnished room, warm,
homelike, walking distance. 00 Love
joy. Marshall ho. Reasonable.
FURNISHED sleeping room with bath In
apt. with private family, west- aide,
g.-ntieman preierren
TW LARGE furnished rooms, suitabie
for 4 people: west side; walking dis
tance. .V.O 4th St. Auto. 327-04.
CLOSE in. light." pleasant sleeping room.
1 or 2 people: free phone. 2J3 E. Gth at-,
cor. Main. Phone East 2040.
IJEAUTIFl'L large front room, private
family. Nob Hill district. ti27 Lovttjoy
at. Phone Broadway 4423.
PLEASANT room In modern, conveniently
located apartment; busim-vs woman only,
r e f v rences. Telephone Main 412.H.
GENTLEMEN, 2 in room. $; single, $10
per month; west side, walking uiaiance;
clean, homelike. i7 Sixth st.
COMFORTABLY furnished 2 front rooma
with or witnoui n. k., in amaii nome, 10
congenial ladles. 535 Madison st.
DESIRABLE room. h. k. privileges, walk
ing distance; gtrl employed; references-
Main ;m.y
N1CELY furnished room, everything new.
all conveniences, ureas last u desired.
gentleman preierrea. i auor moo.
NICELY furnished front bedroom for two
Catholic gins, $2U per montn. jiuu e-
mont st.
NICELY furnished rooms. In modern Rose
City FarK nome. unor m.v.
NICELY furnished room, close in. 545 Gth
;t.. bet. Jackson and iinco.n.
NICE, light front room, cloae in, Irving
ton. East iin.
CLEAN cosy h. k. room. 3tn Williams
ave., cor. Broadway.
2t0 14TH -CHOICE room, modern con
venience Sjivalkingdistanciiajn
ONE nice room with sleeping porch. Use
of living room, tw-i hoyt.
LARGE room for a gentleman: bath, fur
nace heat ; reasonable. 2: 13th st.
NICE, clean room, home privileges, west
aide, good neighborhood. .Marshall 4ol.
CLEAN, nicely furniahed sleeping room.
325 Broadway.
FURNISHED room in apartment with
k ltchen privileges. Phone Main 223 tt.
LARGE pleasant furnished room, heated,
$15. 401 Schuyler at. East OQ05.
NICE, sunny, clean, furnished rooms, rea
aonable. 701 Hoyt sL Marshall 8402.
1 FURNISHED room. 500 4th at. Auto.
FURNISHED room, with kitchen privi
leges if desired. East 333.
LARGE room, auitabl. for 2 ffantletnen.
west ld 7JO GliMn. Marshall Sll:)
NK-'ti H. K. room, waikine daaUiuca. Stil)
Uenton. EaJt 701.
CLEAN furnished keeping room: running
wnter in room. o04 MonLgamarv.
A SMALL desirable h. k. room. 110 mo.,
prefer employed Flanders.
FRONT room for 2 geirtlemen; walking
distance. East 7W)7.
FKO.NT room, furnished light h. k., 15.
near shipyards. K7 Kelly st.
KuOM in good home, for gentleman. 500
E. Madison st. Phone Auto. l'12-Dti.
NICELY furnished room; light, heat and
phone: cloae in. East 54Jrt.
FLKASANT downstairs room with board.
52d and Hoyt. Call Tabor 431.
FURNISHED room in home with mother
and daughter. Auto. 2J7-47.
CLEAN furnished room for gentleman, 10.
Automatic 237-U.
LIGHT outside -leeping rooms with bath,
for men. ti.SO per week. 031 Hood st.
FURNISHED room for rent, close to 2
CAXunes. 10 E, -ilh st. K. Cull h,
Furnished! Konm in 1-r.Tate Family.
S NEWLY furnished, light, airy rooms,
bath, phone, heat, electric light ; 569
Wain at., 1 block from Multnomah field.
10 minutes' walk from business center.
Each room for 1 or 2 gentlemen; 1 front
room with small sleeping room, $-; 2
sleeping rooms, $13 and $18 a month.
NEWLY furnished room, board If desired.
Furnace heat, beautiful view; home
privileges; 1 extra large room, S win
dows; fireplace, Suitable for 2 men;
also unfurnished h. k. room. Walking
distance Northwest Steel Co. N. and S.
Portland or Fulton car. 40 Corbett st.
Two newly and very attractive fur
nished rooms for rent. All modern con
veniences. One suitable for lady, one
for gentleman. Beautiful mountain view,
walking dltsta-ce. &U4 Market it. Drive
above Chapman st. .
NT USES wanted at 254 N. 20th. corner
Northup; have made rooms for nurses
a specialty; nurses rooming here have
more calls for work than they can do;
modern; housekeeping and homa privl-
le gea; walking distance.
NOB HILL district, large front room,
beautifully furnished for 2, employed;
also nice front room for one ; beat.
bath and phone. See these today. One
block to 23d-at. or DM car. 106 22d I.
Main 2860.
NEWLY furnlsuvd. large, ngnt, airy front
corner room: quiet home; plenty of
ateatn heat, 8 nun u tea waiK zrom Busi
ness center; gentlemen only; references
exchangwd. 54 Flanders. One to pa apt
apt. 41. Phone Bdwy. 4040.
FOR RENT sieeolns room In steam heat
ed apt. with bath and balcony, giving
beautiful view of city. 8 minutes walk
from heart of c-itv. Call at Apt. Ol
Hanover apta., after 7 P. M. week days
ana all nay Mine ay.
SUNNY outside furniahed room for young
ladv emo loved, weat atae. l& minutes
walk from business center. private
family: $14 per month. I'hone Broad
way 3071.
FINE larire front room furnished attrac
tively ; modern, new house; piano; fine
location. 10-mlnute ride Hawthorne car.
Call today, 304 East 22d, pear Haw-
tnorne. i'hone .East oboo.
VERY comfortable bedroom, bath ad-
ioining; weat aide, walking distance;
reakiaat If desired; suitable man em
ployed. 303 lbih at. Auto. 526-oo. 16th
and Mo n t gomery.
DESIRABLE large room, windows,
steam -heated apt., west side, walking
distance; references. Marshall 24'2.
Kooma IV 1 lb Board.
Two of the beat-knowa resident!
hotels on the Pacific coast
American plan, with or without hath
bo a day up; rates by day or month.
Mea.'a served to transients.
NEWLY furniahed room, board if deeired.
furnace heat, beautiful view, tiome privi
leges; one extra large room, five win
dows and Hreplace. suitable for two men;
al.o unfurnished h. k. room ; walking
distance front Northwest Steel Co. North
and South Portland or Fulton car. U40
Corbet t st.
ONE CK TWO vacancies available in ex
clusive iamuy notei 10 Giifnmiimung
neonle looking for a real home. Good
home rooking, delightful surroundings,
ail conveniences. Just a little diiferent
from the rest. For appointment Call
JEANNE D'ARC Furnished rooms with
or without board tor business gins ana
lady tourists, permanent or transient.
Special (eat urea within the limitation
of the minimum wage earner; $2 per
week and up. 203 14th st. Main 4119
LIVE at Mllwaukle. 20 minutes from
First and Alder, c rare: rooms pei
week; steam heat, hot and cold water,
restaurant in connection, home cooking;
cars stop right at the door. Hotel
MiUvnukie. MilwauKle, Or.
Nbiau.MA HOTEL, furuanfl s dowciowa
high-class family noiei; rooms en aunv
or single, with or without board, for
families and business men and women
We give you all the com tort of a home,
"eat on able rates.
THE MOST exclusive and finest rooms
with board; aso sleeping porcn; quiet
and restful neighborhood; faultless cuis
ine; everything new; home privileges.
212 N. 20th st., corner Lovejoy. Broad
way ;urr.
Pleasant, airy rooms, with board, in
residential hotel; hot and cold water,
excellent cooking. 332 10th sL Main
BOARD and room for men employed espe
cially, all modern conveniences. 2 blks.
from Hroadway bridge; rates $!).50 and
up. 870 Ross st. I'hone Kast
j.uuii and OoarU lor business girla, all
modern conveniences, walking distance;
S3 per week. Auto. 219-74. 12 K. ithst
432 MORRISON, COK. 13TH Choice
rooms and board, modern conveniences,
walking distance. . .
SUNNY front suite, suitable for 2 or 3
people. Hereford hotel. 735 Hoyt street.
Room With Hoard in Private Family.
WILL give 2 small children mother's care,
on my small farm; plenty of fresh milk,
butter and eggs. 2 miles S. of Munta
viila. I'hone Tabor 6440
ItooM and board for two refined young
gentlemen, large front room, separate
beds. In private family, home privileges,
walking distance. 710 Eaat Burnside.
TWO YOUNG men to room and board;
small, congenial family of young people;
piano; modern; close in; $1 week. Tele
phone Main
LARGE front room, well furnished, suit
abie for two persons; excellent meals
served and all home privileges; no other
boarders. 041 E.- Hroadway. East 024:t.
WILL room and board and take best of
care of 2 little boys or girls in modern
private home, near school, weat aide.
Main 2iSS
ROOM and board in private family, all
comfort of home, $33 per month. 62a
E. 57th st. N. Phone Woodiawn 2230.
'ROOM and board in private family, 15
nuns, to ceiiter of city; all conveniences.
7m Kfciby
Woodlawn 5763.
ROOM and board, home privi ledges. $0 a
week or $30 a montn. uu am. -oi,
S04 Commercial street.
NICE clean room suitable for two men
will give board, with home privileges.
.Marshall ;;.
CORN Eli room aultauie for man and wife
ur 2 men; first-class Doara; tots or not
water, shower bath. 0M OUsan.
WANTED Infanta or small children
hoard in private home. I'hone Auto.
FURNISHED rooms, with or wthout
board; -eilnea home, jo minutes xrom
center of town. Fhone East 44m,
R00M and board for 2 men. Nob Hill dis
trict; home privileges and walking dis
tance. Marshall 44M(.
NICELY" furnished room with board, suit
able for one or two gentlemen, mjl
Main, corner 15th. i'none East o4iM.
PRIVATE home for children by the day
ur month. 1 14 r,vereu at. Ala rah all
2102. Mrs. Harkness.
WA.VTEU To Ret In touch with party
who Hill take a heipieaa woman in her
home. Atarnau 1:0,
WOULD like 2 or 4 men. with home priv
ileges. Close in on east siue. Furnace
heat. East 707!t.
FltuNT room, suitable for 2 men, excellent
meals and home privileges. Call Main
fiL'HL'KBA.V home; will give motherly care
to 2 cnnaren. o-l years; plenty ol rresn
milk: near wchool. labor f12.
NICK fruut room in modern home for Ken
tleman or lady employed, with good
board ana nome privileges. Kast B1N0.
UA.i'JiD-2 or 3 children to care for
good references and good home. Wood
iawn 414-'
Ftjt l..U, responsible, lady would like to
keep eiie or two small children; best of
relerenres. Automatic m-zv.
HooM and board for one employed; "home
privileges: Catholic, preferred. East
7 1 ,"0. IW4 Garfield.
W ILL board children near Shattuck school
very fond of children; good home with
best or care, t-none o.-iHi. neasonaoie.
UOAKD and room in private home in
Laurulhurst for business women; rea-
sonallo rates. Tabor 7107.
Si'fcX-lAL inrs given to littie boy between
2 and 0 years; nice home; no other chil
dren. Alain iwa.
ROOM und btaxxl. Kosa City Park. 1 blk.
from car line; home privileges; terms
reasonable, labor frooi.
PLEASANT rooms with board, furnace
heated, in quiet home. Marshall 2618.
BABY can have best of care In nice mod
ern home, reasonable. Woodlawn 1500.
CHOICE rooms with board, close in on
weat side. Auto. 61U-3tt.
PLEASANTLY furnished room with board,
No. 11 E. 10th St. S. Phone East 1108.
ROOM and board and best of care for
children from 6 to 8 years. Sellwood 228
FilitT-Cl.ASjS room and boaru by week in
nice, modern home. Call Woodlawn 4087.
A PLEASANT room with board.
Irving St.
ROOM and board for one adult la private
family Call ijellwood 2ti6.
WILL give best of care to littie girl; can
give best references. East 7216.
ROOM and board In good locality. Call
Woodlawn 3170.
BOARD and room, C. S. preferred.
Union ave. N. Woodlawn 23a3.
BOARD and room for children;
reasonable. Auto. 312-08,
BOOM and board in very desirable home.
reasonable. Tabor 4337.
WILL care for baby or two older children,
Margnail z-so.
ROOM, board private home, 871 Larch
i-anq apt. mat out'-.
CHILDREN cared for In suburban home by
rc-poij-le paw. e.liwood tS3, 'S-.
Hon ma M'Uh Inwri1 in TrTvate Family.
overlooking th
Willamette river, A wonderful place
for th aummpp "Real southern home
cook in if mH n;i th rl comDanionsh
you find in a genuine southern home
Piano and phonograph for fun an
music Two young business women wn
riflsim hm nni in at a board in
place, can make arrangements by call
Ing Woodlawn H31. ,.
LARGE front room, heater, suitable f
two B-pntle-men .ith or without board
uIm nri isim-i- i--. uMfh board in real
home for boy; walking distance. .S5
mn st.. cor, jeiierson. .uam
FOR RENT In private family, nice room
with board to two gentlemen who would
appreciate a real home; one block south
hanav hotivrrt K. cj. car line.
r.Hnt n-r n at. ,"ortn
CLOSE-IN', cosy, warm room in modern
home for one or two persons; use of
piano, breakfast if preferred. Marshall
iH Sunday and Monday.
FURNISHED room with or without board
fumacA hm urfthin 10 minutes' walM
of business section; men preferred. Mar.
NICK cUan Himnv ronm with-board for
man and wife, or one man omployed
nome privileges. Kast jma.
Furnished Apartments.,
vifth biH pniiimhu ctreta
Vtv mlnnt.u' malli In Mir A Frank'
tore; good surroundings, strictly mod
em. 2 and X-rnnm furnished aptS., OUt-
side, with French aoora and balcony.
Permanent and transient.
WANTED- Rv a businea woman, a reli;
able, congenial woman to share pleaaant
five-room apartment and assist in work.
Lower Portland Heights. Wonderful view
01 ciiy anu mountaiim. n -
Sunday or evenings.
JoO PLEASE investigate this newly fur
nfhrf ltlrarllvA 5 -room 8Dt all OUt'
aide rooms: walking distance: location
not fanhinnflble. but O. K .1 nice place
ntca tenants. 504 1st at., Hawthorne
apts. Come and see.
uivcmki'ii v apt; Ixii VISTA AVE.
Well-furnished a-room apartment, old
Tos rusra and wicker furniture; 2 dis
flnnrinir bdn and an outside balcony;
adults only. Call Main ilSbt; prica $73
and up.
WANTKD--Refined lady ahare beautiful
apt. May nave private room 11 ueneu.
Inferences required. Call at 211 Hallway
Exchange bldic. after 12. AH 3l)U, Ore
gonian. '
4-KOOM furnished apartment at 21)i Til
lamook at.; not water neat; a umi.
Inquire janitor, on the premises, or the
office of Wakefield,- Fries Ol Co., 83
4th st.
Tll'AITTIiriTI.T.Y furnished 6-room flat,
close In. Vlctrola. 7t E. Alaaison.
Take Hawthorne car to 23d sL Sunday
or evenings. Reasonable
vh'MV iU.ruhiA :i.r,mm modern aDartineiit,
walking dlatance. weat side; must sen
furniture; will vacate March 1; price
$400; references Hroadway 4Ui
COMPLETELY furnished 4-room apart
ment, lower floor; large bedroom ana
kitchenette; three furnished rooms up-
HiairK. j.i 1 i lacKamaa il., ri. ibi h"
MODERN 3-room apt., ground floor. adultB.
$U3; between Columbia and Clay. 30. 1
14th, west side; 10 minutes' walk to
heart of city.
2-ROOM apL and 3 single h. k. rooms;
also 1 sleeping room, gas and electric
lights furnished; reasonable rent. 107
N. 22d st.
3 VERY large rooms, furnished apartment,
dandy place : hot-water heat. Come
early; no children. Mti Albina, Missis
sippl car.
4-room furnished apt.. hardwood
floors, fireplace, etc., $63. 353 Harrieon.
Marshall lXi.
HEN SON apt., 203 N. 20th st. 3-room
furnished apt., including linen and sil
ver, $05 per month. Adults only. Man
ager. Phone Hroadway 4448.
FOR RENT 4-room apartment, ill 4 Co
lumbia street, corner 0th; running wa
ter and bath; arranged for three or
small family. John Hart on, prop.
KOSE CITY PARK, attractive 2-roum apt
In fine modern home, well furnished
well heated, electricity, phone, garace
Included: adults; $.'(. O H. Oregotilnn,
FURNISHED 3-room apartment, clean
and comfortable; working women pre
ferred; $25. 861 Mississippi ave. Wood
lawn B,
CLEAN 1, 2 and 3-room apartments, fur
nished and partly furnished; conven
iences; reasonable; near S. F shops.
Se.ll wood 8103.
FOR RENT 2-room furniahed apt., elec
tricity, heat and phone furnished. Call
East 6430. $35 ,
CLEAN, deiirable apt., sleeping porch; ga
rage, bath, electricity. 854 South 1st,
near Curry.
FURNISHED 2-room apt.: hardwood floors.
The Cheltenham, 253 N. I'Jlh st. Phone
Broadway 2333,
A THREE-ROOM apartment beautifully
furnished, one block from car, $00. S18
Patton ave.. corner Failing.
NEWLY furnished apts. for H. K., 2 and
3 rooms, facing street, near Wash. High
school. 20 E. 15th st., corner Ash.
FURNISHED 2-room front apt.; will be
vacant Feb. 22. The Belknap apts,, 187
17th 9t.
4 ROOMS, furnished, private bath, phone,
heat, lights furnished ; ideal for two
couples. 200 Hall st. Marshall 8410.
CLEAN, cosy, 2-room apt., near Willam
ette Steel and American Can. Bachelors
or couple. $13-$1S 412 N. 19th- st
THREE-ROOM furnished apt. with pri
vate bath and hem. 304 Guild, bet. 23d
and 24-th. off Thurman.
FURNISHED apt., 1 3-room apt., with
private bath, newly tinted. Woodlawn
fb2, 242 Killlngsworth.
WANTED Refined lady to share three
room apartment, west side, close in, ref
er e n c e sex chsuigedAJ4420rc
2 OH 3-ROOM turniahed apt. In modern
private home on Portland Heights. Main
FOUR-ROOM unfurnished. March 1. Or
monde atNt rtnienu. OoO Flanders. Broad
w a v 38 i.l.
POKT.N'O.M AH. 3 and 4 rooms, hardwood
floors, sleeping porch, adults. 200 East
13th st.
TO SUB-RENT 3-room furnished .apt-
strictly modern: immediate possession
. no children. Phone Marshall 2888.
TWO. THREE four and five-room apts
furnished and unfurnished: under new
management: renovated. Bdwy. 1245
2-ROOM apt., overytning furnished two
girls or cduple employed preferred. 427
Main st. Phone Main 4IMIII.
j sublet
Hill district, strictly modern; piano. Call
after 1 a; .Main 4.i7ti.
COLLEGE!, 3 rooms, modern, steam heat,
free phone, newly furnished .adults only
X47 oil, tmrq anq louege. jiar.
NICE corner, east front apt., 3 rooms and
bath and balcony, on carline; rent 855.
East ootl'.i
1 LARGE, attractive, room with kitch
enette or a rooms ana Kitcnenette, Main
TWO WARM room, hot and cold water.
very convenient; adults. 655 Flanders
TWO ROOMS, bath, kitchen and diaan
pearing bed. two or three months. Royal
Arms, api, ti. nun anq i.ovejoy.
4-ROOM corner, furnished apt., 800, Lucile
Court apt., --a -utn.
NICELY furnished 2-room apartment for
rent. sot v est rarK. Main 1842.
FOR KENT --room Iurnished II. K apt.
St. jonns car. vooaiawn 4-ia.
NICELY" furnished housekeeping apt., clean
and convenient. i:;ay street.
4 ROOMS, modern, 2 bedrooms, kitchen,
bath, parlor ana teiepnone. 561 Ulisan.
FURNISHED housekeeping apartments;
close in, ai 1 si.
SINGLE modern H. K. room, heated, rea
sonable. Main ni'-'o.
.NloN AVE and Killlngsworth. $23.50;
ill complete; concrete puiiaing.
NICELY furnished 3-room apartment- 205
14th st.. Apt. 31. r
LARGE 2-room modern apt., close in.
mone cw. , ..i.
VERY desirable 2-room apt.,
tlons for 3. 325 Broadway.
LARGE pleasant room with kitchenette;
steam neat, im i-ttt st. aiain 4lo.
VACANT March 1, modern 5-room fur
nished Main 4124.
DENNISON apartments, 1027 Belmont;
1 3-room apartment, lurnisned.
3-ROOM apt. Biel Apta, 700 E. Ankeny
t. ; rent ai. Apt. 34.
CLEAN housekeeping apartment for rent
reasonanie. .uu t-iay st.
4-ROOM apt., $00. Haddon Hall, Marshall
3 AND 4-ROOM apartment. 1578 E. Gll-
pan. tannr i " '.
APT. 2 ROOMS and private bath.
THREE-ROOM furnished apartment, run.
nine water. Mam 0520.
FOK RENT Two-room furnished h. k.
apt. St. jonns car, wnm. 4210.
SUNNY front apt..
reasonable. 547 Mor.
2-ROOM apartment, also sleeping room.
raasonaoi, oawy. onv. po wash, st.
Unfurnished Apartments.
IONIAN Court, 18th and Couch, 4-room
modern xront apt., aoi.ou; aaults; ref.
Phone Bdwy. 2701.
AMERICAN apartment. A rooms, unfur.
nished, every convenience. Broadway
MORTON APT., 3-room furnished.
Washington, atain ion..
ROOMS, toilet and bath. 129 20th st.
i;ooi ouisiuv, aw a, iuu sh. 117s.
Cnfurniwhed Apartments.
Very beautifully furnished apt., all
oatslde rooms on top floor, sleeping
porch. In the most handsomely furnished
apt. in the city:, also 2-room auite and
, bath, top floor, ery choice, 6 windows,
for refined bachelors; reference required.
Var. 2830.
WE HAVE for rent one of the finest deco
rated apartments In th city; I reran,
unfurnished; "rates reasonable; adults
only: references required. Main 7387. The
Arbor Court. 205 14th St.
UNFURNISHED 2-room apartment, cen
trally located, cheap rent, contingent
upon sale of furniture, nearly new, at
great sacrifice: cash only; no dealers.
C 4.10. Oregonian.
T01 Washington street; one three-room
unfurnished apartment.
630 Montgomery drive; very attract
ive unfurnished 5 -room corner apart
ment, beautiful view of city and moun
B'OR RENT Unfurnished apartment in
private home, 2 rooms and kitchenette;
also garage. Phone after 1 Sunday or
evenings. - Sellwood 3777.
WELLINGTON COURT. 15th and Everett
One 4-room unfurnished front apt. 1st
floor, large sunny airy room. Telephone
Included, till). Newly renovated,
STRICTLY modern S-room apt. Leeds Apt.,
10 Market St. Vacant today.
ROOMS, unfurnished, and bath. 857.50.
Phone Main 7375. Cor. Park anq nan.
ONE LARGE 2-room apt., unfurnished.
Ta ke woodlawn car, god xjea u m a ;
2-ROOM apt., with sleeping porch.
12th st., cor. Harrison.
4-KOO.M apartment; water and lights fur-
nisnen. i,v ungn. iauor iv-n.
80 ACREM timber, 18 miles Irom Portland.
Tualatin valley. D 3SH, uregonian.
FumUhed or Vnfurnlshed Apartments.
FURNISHED and unfurnished 4-room apt.
Highland Court Apta
Apartment house service, rent 8C0,
Including hot-water heal. Janitor serv
ice, etc Entire floor, porch, yard;
something nice for nice people: rent 815.
Prefer to lease. Phone Tabor 6188 or
call today at 126 East 34th mu, near h,.
-ROOM strictly modern flat, svllh sleep
ing porch, to Darty buying furniture;
practically new; real bargain. 210 Knott
st., apt B. Between Williams and Van
couver aves. Auto. 317-40.
CLKAN, close-in fiat for rent, furniture
for sale, cheap. Phone sunuay ana
evenings, Marshall 2o77, week days E.
8-ROOM flat for rent at 820 Vaughn st
near Montgomery ward; adults only,
Call 74oij Roosevelt, or phone Marshall
a i ut .
NEWLY tinted 4 rooms, hall, bath, sep
arate entrance. 15 minutes from pus!
ness center. D78& Commercial St., near
Smdmore. Key at OHO.
5-HOOM flat for rent, Sandy blvd. Rent
825. Furniture lur sale. Just like new,
except the price. For further informa
tlon phone Tabor 01184.
MODERN 3-roum flat in private home,
separate bath, water, lignt, f-u; witn
heat 830; adults. 1085 Williams ave.
4-ROOM Irvington flat for rent; adults
only. Call 340 E. 16th st, wortn.
4-ROOM flat.
soma furniture for
404 Hall.
UPSTAIRS, 5-room modern flat, including
ga rage. Sellwood 1011.
4-ROOM Irvington flat for rent.
340 K 16th n.
FURNITURE of U-room flat for sale.
bedrooms. Main J4.4.
NICE 5-room flat, 820. 4-room flat 818.
474 E. Yamhill and att
NEW 6-ROOM flat,
olose in. on car line.
481 East 11th st.
Furnished Flat.
FOR RENT 4-room furnished flat on
paved street and car line. uullt-in
cupboards and wash tray, private bath,
toilet and hall, all clean; no children.
Phone Tabor 208 or call 118 E. 47th SL
N., cor. E. Gliaan.
2!)8 TILLAMOOK ST. 4-room furnished
riat, modern conveniences, not-water
heat, 845. inquire Wakefield, Fries &
Co., 85 4th su, or Janitor on the prem
ises. OH RENT A furnished 6-room flat. 10
minutes' walk to Meier & Frank's. Will
sell furniture if desired. Apply 427 Co
lumbia at.
S rooms, f.10; modern. 1)08 E. Alder,
phone 220-45. Punnyside car.
ItOOM furnished flat with bath;
only. Eaat 3070.
OR RENT Furnished 4-rooo flat.
E. Main St.
URNISHED 4-room flat, adults only, ref
erences. 353 Sacramento St. Phone 311-60.
FOUR-ROOM furnished flat for rent. Call
at 273 V Broadway.
-ROOM furnished flat, private bath; re
sponsible adult. ,2', E. 8th St.
LARGE, light corner room, with kitchen,
employed couple onlyj Call 402 Park.
Honsckeeplng Rooms.
OR RENT Housekeeping rooms: 2 fur
nished rooms with kitchenette, furnace
heat, hot and cold water in rooms,' ren
835 montn: l nousekeeping room an
kitchenette, cooking gas furnished, ren
825 month. 550 Hoyt st. Bdwy. 3011
193 ST. CLAIR.
Nicely furnished large clean H. K.
rooms, big closets, electric lights, tele
phone and good heat. 818. This room
has light on two sides and beautiful
view. Main 8i6.
85 WEEK UP, completely furnished H. K
suites; absolutely ciean: not water
all hours; every convenience; save car
fare. The Cadillac, Third St., near Jet
LARGE front H. K. room, nicely fur
nished. everything clean and new. phone,
electricity, gas and heat. Call after
12 Sunday, 084 Thurman street.
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms, steam
heat, running hot and cold water, close
in. 141k rsroaaway, notei Stewart,
between Morrison and Alder.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall Fur
nished H. K. rooms, 815 up, Including
not water, electric ngnts. launary room.
Trunks, baggage delivered downtown
district. 25c. Sun, service. Bdwy. 2445.
ONE LARGE furnished and one unfur
nished h. k. room, furnish heat; fire-
place 6.11 Hoyt St.
2 HOUSEKEEPING rooms for 2 or
working people. 168 N. 18th. Call 1 to 8
P. M. Mrs. Blacky
NICE front room, suitable for 2, hot and
cold water, also housekeeping room close
In. 321 8tn st., cor. Liay.
ELDERLY lady wishes to rent part of her
home furnished to adults. Tabor 5401,
202O r-ast iayior. at, iaoor car.
SINGLE housekeeping room, well fur
nished, elec. and gas furnished, reason
- able. 652 Thurman at.
1-ROOM kitchenette, sleeping porch
walking distance. 59 N. 20th st-, off
COMPLETELY furnished apt., suitable
for 4 aaults. close in, 8-4 u. 320 ilont-
gomery St.
NICE housekeeping room and kitchenette
In private home; light and gaa. 071
Rodney ave. East 4144.
CHEAP housekeeping room, furnished or
unfurnished, corner or Clackamas and
Benton sts
NEATLY furnished housekeeping and
sleeping room, a montn. oo Williams
WILL rent nicely furnished 2-room apt.
for $r8; party must take care of house
while landlady is away. ;t84 park.
NICELY furnished H. K. rooms; walk.
Inir distance. 384 Park.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, steam heat.
19th st. west siqe. aqwy. iP48.
NICE 2-room h. k. apt., fuel, gas, lights,
phone. $;iQ. .ast oa-u. walking distance.
TWO NICE warm rooms, hot water always
for bath.ano launory. uoo r tanaers.
CLEAN H. K. rooms, heated; walking dis
tance. 4iu ao st.. near Harrison.
2 HOUSEKEEPING front rooms; no chil
dren., loo rvortn ltitn.
SINGLE H. K. room, steam heat, 82
Todd apts.. w m. l-tn, cor, atark.
NICE housekeeping room.
centrally lo-
cated. 2H -Morrison.
2 LARGE, nicely furnisneu H. K, rooma
412 l"tn St., weat Biqe. AQUIta only.
HOUSEKEEPING or offOica rooms. 107 44
2-ROOM apartments, nicely furnished;
reasonanie. oot Ji... Jiorrison.
CLEAN, sunny 2-room housekeeping apart-
ment. 8-u: aiso narase room, tn st.
2 SINOLE furnished H. K. rooms. , 253 44
W ashington St.. corner i njrq sc.
CLEAN H. K, room, no chlldrren. 872 44
2 LIGHT housekeeping rooms in private
family. 710 k. 5urn3iae.
FURNISHED housekeeping room. 85 N.
lbtn Street, cor. r lanue-
SINGLE H. K. room for gentleman. 306
l,!th otreet.
ONE LARGE modern h. 1- room with
TWO LARGE housekeeping rooma.
Aider st.
TWO H. K. rooms, also single with kitch
en eUreasonabJeSSOCoj
FURNISHED H. K. room, close in. 4S
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, clean and light.
quiet, very re Monauie, p.a otn s..
FURNISHED H. K. room for oa or Xwo
PCOPiO. mtv j.ouiuuivi su
Hoiisekeepblg Rooms.
CLEAN, single h. k. rooms for men or
women, IS, $12 per mo., suites $lo-i8
Bath and lobby privileges. 412 N. lth
street .
Housekeeping Koonis in fnvate Family.
FURNISHED housekeeping room and
kitchenette, suitable for 2 or 3 nurses
or working girls; everything furnished.
Including use of piano and sewing ma
chine; 140 a month. 8 blocks from Wash
Ington on 16th St. Broadway 1584.
(-ROOM old house, barn, chicken houses,
il acrea ground, on good road and high
way. 4 miles from courthouse. S mile
from car; all cleared and In good neigh
borhood; .25 per month. Woodlawn 3.m
Hunrtayt or evenings.
l.V BEAUTIFUL irvlngton home, large.
light, welt-heated room, two exposures.
garage, perpetual hot water; one block
from Broadway ; adult family. East
AT KENTON. 3 modern housekeeping
rooms, nicely furnished, heat, light and
phone furnished, good location. Vs block
to car, references exchanged. iS W.
Schof leld street. Woodlawn 812.
LARGE, beautifully furnished corner room
in Irvlngton home, gas and running
water, ror light cooking; auuiu; jo.
East 4852.
WANT lady employed to share clean,
close-In flat with congenial widow. 815
per month, everything furnished.
LARGE pretty sleeping porch with two
eozy ri. rooms, well rurnisneu, ciean,
walking distance; refined couple; 8 -'5.
4liS Hall st.
2 FURNISHED H. K. rooms, private lam
ily. up stairs, lights, fuel, use of bath.
Adults. Half block of 2 car lines. t)62
Miss, ave. Wdln. 1072.
THREE furnished downstairs h. k. rooms
In every respect; garage; references; no
children. 744 Multnomah. .
in private home, Irvington: desirable
ATTRACTIVE room for lady employed;
cooking and laundry privileges; every
thing furnished. Call Sunday or eve
nlngs. East 0174.
THREE furnished rooms tor liKht house
keeping in refined home; water, lights.
use of bath and phone, can wai. -u.
2 LARGE front rooms for light house
keeping; very desirable; adults only.
J4B n. 2th st.
FURNISHED outside housekeeping rooms.
private family: walking distance. 40
Union ave. N.
2 LARGE housekeeping rooms at 504 East
Oak. Call any time Wednesday; rent
at 810 per month. East 2536.
TWO NICELY furnished housekeeping
rooms, modern conveniences, private en
trance. Hnone .Mar. 84.
ONE LARGE room and kitchenette, steam
heat, nice location; adults; rent reason-
anle. 4I3 4 12th St.
NEW 1 or 2 H. K. roo. is. furnished, walk
ing distance: adults. 253 Hancock el-
Automatic 325-28.
2 LARGE front rooms, gas, phone, hot
water, laundry privileges. East 6145.
78H East Salmon St.
HOUSEKEEPING room, sultuble for lady
employed: modern home; all conven
iences; close in. East 37fi3.
NICE larce room suitable for housekeep
ing or sleeping, water, sink, good bed.
clean, at 201 W. Park.
14 ROOMS, h. k.. rent 865: income 8172.
Furnace, electrloity. Price 8 00. Own-
er. 470 Clay st.
NICE front suite by widow: running water.
heat, closet. 2 or 3 employed adults
only. 4IM Taylor at.
2 SINGLE housekeeping rooms for rent.
328 8th St. Phone Main 0II20!
TWO FURNISHED h. k. rooms: adults. All
conveniences. 13 E 7th. East 1020.
2 HOUSEKEEPING rooms for rent and
1 sloeplng room, at 334 Hall st.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms for rent.
Roosevelt. Phone Marshall 4110.
H. K. ROOMS, walking distance; take
children. East Dil'7. Mrs, wucox.
2 OR 3 CLEAN" furnished housekeeping
rooms. 540 E. Stark St., cor. 12th
VERY nice suite of 3 h. k. rooms, free
phone. 2 beds, laundry prlv. Wdln. 38t3.
2 HOUSEKEEPING rooms for rent.
!52 Williams ave.
8 FURNISHED housekeeping rooms for
rent. 266 Cook ave.
FOUR nartlv furnished housekeeping mis..
private bath. Main 2302. 4117 Columbia.
for housekeeping;
men only.
824 V, First st.
TWO FURNI.S11ED H. K. rooms;
only. AR ;,74, oregonian.
SINGLE furnished light housekeeping
room. Modern. 665 Northmp st.
CLEAN 2 and 3-room housekeeping apts.
31H) salmon.
TWO FRONT H. K. rooms, furnace heat.
walking distance; adults. 95 E. 12th S.
LARGE, airy II. K. room, small kitch-
ette, $5 per week. 206 13th st.
family. $22.50.
rooms, private
Tabor 2720
LA RG E front room and kitchen, furnace
heat and electric light. 384 Taylor.
NEW 4-KOOM. unfurnished, cement ga
rage, basement, high-class bungalow, flat
style, with grand pagoda view; East
26th. Usual furnace and lawn work not
required of tenant; suitable for family
of two only. Careful, permanent, sub.
stantlal tenant desired; possession March
1. Call today. Marshall 5404-K or 610-10.
5-room bungalow, nice lot. 1 block to
car. eood condition, easy first pay
ment, balance $20 per month, including
Interest at 6 per cent; a fine buy. Call
Automatic 640-19 for further Informa
RENT, sell or trade, dandy 7-room bouse.
vacant. Must have money, see It to
day, make offer for equity. Walking
distance. Take Union avenue car north
to Fargo st. West to No. 342: owner
. there. $1000 cash will handle. Balance
like rent.
Sunday liros. ' Transfer & Storage Co.
Bdwy. 4220.
Long. Distance Hauling.
Storage. Packing and Shipping.
Sollday Bros. Transfer & Shipping Co.
MODERN HOUSE, 6 rooms, now available,
or March 1. near O.-W. R. & N. car-
shnna $25. and interest, will buy. and
price is reasonable. See owner at 606
Mississippi ave.. cor. Knott.
8-ROOM bunaalow. will be finished like
new at once. Deautixui rumiture tor saie.
in lot or by piece, party renting house
doesn't have to buy furniture. Main
For RENT Will share furnished bun
galow, 2 ladles and young couple; nome
den. 1.VI1 E. Everett. I'hone Ta. 1283.
FOR RENT Modern 7-room Willamette
Heights home, hardwood floors, bulit-
lns. sleeping porch, ate Call Sunday.
1005 Vaughn st.
FOK RENT Modern 5-room bungalow
with earare. located Waldemere addi
tion, Ltnnlon. Inqulro Clark ae Wilson
uumner to. l
$2.50 GROUND rental, modern 4-room cot
tage, partly lurnisnea. garage, etc.. tor
sale. $750. 21 Mile st. RJvervlew car or
fjlton station.
WILL lease for one year, a beautiful 7-
room modern nome in irvington; Ameri
can Radiator heat. Herlden, 326 Artl-
aans bldg.
FOR RENT Small house, corner 80x100.
fruit, berries, water ana gas. 64ii into.
S. E., cor. 64th avenue. 816. Call Sun-
da yorevenings.
2tt4fc Porter, near 4th, west side. Call
foner ror Key.
MODERN tt-room bungalow, 510 E, 4Sth
street Iv, best location nose uity, o
doors off Pandy; open today, la to 4.
7-ROOM house, 311 Larrabee, 2 months
In advance. Aiier seeing it come 10 iwi
Fron-t St.
SI.!. AO COMFORTABLE 4-room cottage.
eiec. itKnciv cut w loi , uoat ui uuiuuiu.
Phone Broadway 47118.
FOR RENT 5-room bungalow, lot 80x100,
fruit. Mt. Scott district; rent $30; adults.
Phone Automatic oio-wa.
for RENT 6-roora houee and iraraKe.
s :.-: oatn; rum-cure j.ur wo reason
able. Seil. 2sr.
mklin'i; Piano, furniture and long-dis
tance hauling a specialty, u. & vv. Truck
Service Co., 4U aa st. rnone xsavrj. aii.
MODERN 8-room house in Overlook,
beautiful view; rent six monins or more,
unfurmsnea. Auto, sj. -.-; Derore i . ai.
OR 8-ROOM house in MontavlUa, rea
sonable, near Gliaan ; adults. Tabor
UNFURNISHED house, 5 rooms. 2 blocks
from aumtonum. 31111 sr..
RoOM house for rent 10 party buying
furniture, cheap, rnone Main otui.
FOR RENT Six-room bungalow, quarter
acre of grouna. la dot 1 1.
SMALL house for rent, cheap; some Xur-
niture ror saie. : wooua at.
Furnished Housea.
FURNITURE of 5 rooms, almost new, for
sale at sacrifice and house for rent 448
E. 8th st.
FURNISHED 7-room house on Irving. ntr
23d. Phone Main V.a.V
4-ROOM furnished house, modern.
Market, near 16th st.
2 HOUSES, furnished; 1 flat, partly fur
nished .231HiIorriso n!iro.l81Monday.
4-ROOM modern furnished duplex house.
417 Russell, near Union ave. Eaat 5235.
FOUR rooms in a widow's home: adults I
only. 539 E. 3Qth t. x
tQd uKAxlAJa AVL. lake .VVpoaiawa car I
FURNISHED or unfurnished 6-roora house HALF interest cieaniiig.-yeir snop; we i cham. Com.
In good condition: fine basement. 1 blk. equipped witn oeiivery cars, w in leacn ;i77Vnu rher sho
to car. I. R. G.l.lsan, 805 Oak St. you bj business you - pnc. com. and up
7-room house. handy to shipyards. -eL-,u eoms Xerms. 837 C
Furnished HttuMie.
WILL sell or rent mv nicely furnished R-
room nous., with sleeping porco. i,e
furnace, white enamel Dutch kitchen,
fireplace, French doors, tapestry paper,
near car and stheoi, walkuig distance;
good terms. Apply 528 Last Ash st.
East 7032.
A little cash, a few months' rent wl
buy & furnished houseboat with Bull
Run water, gas and electricity Oregon
Yacht club. 12 minutes- ride en o-ceut
fare. Sellwood 2141.
LARGE -room hous. for rent to party
whA .1)1 h.iv furnltiir. for Slo4H) casn.
worth I2.MMI. 1131 E. Slst N.. Alberts
car to Emerson street. Fhone auio,
SI 4 - 88;
HERE'S a snap: Free house rent, grocer,
les and everything furnished to couple
who will look after invalid lady living
in tent In yard; husband takes care eve
nings. 4025 33d ave.' a. E. Ml. Scott car.
FURNISHED sis-room house. Nothing
fill borate hut elf.H7i. homelike. Irvillg-
ton. on Broadway car line. Two months
or possibly elht- Rent 8o5. At" 4U0.
PITRMSHKn i-room basement suite;
built-in conveniences, sink ana pni
entrance, suitable for 2 adults, close in.
Inquire Columbia Stamp Co., t4 N. 18th
st. open Sundays.
5-RoO.M completely furnished bungalow
and garage. Rose city, t mou.- lease, -curlty
last 2 mcs." rent; rent 875; imme
diate possession. Phone Tabor 741.
FOR RENT or sale, pretty S-room modern
bunsa ow. all turn i hen. s.w a monm.
must be able to furnish references; no
umall children. Call Sellwooq -an
FURNISHED 6-room modern house; rent
S'2a to Dartv buving furniture; waiains
distance. 314 Graham. Wllllama-av
FIVE-ROOM cottage to parly buying 8-JJ
worth of furniture for cash. Rent .u
a montn. walking distance. .u-
ton street.
FOR RENT 5-room bungalow partly fur-
nlahe.l- 8 h n.'kl from end or w oou-
stock carline; acre ground with fruit
and berries, trees. No. HMO O'-d st. S. E.
CHEAP rent and 5 furnished rooms to
some good people who will lei gin hi
14 and boy of 12 stay with them. Phone
Woodlawn 3058.
FOR RENT First-class, well furnished -
room house. J75; adults only; reierence.
722 E. Davis st. Call Sunday 10 A. M.
to 5 P. M.
ii. i. ,-i m ,,ne huvina furniture, i-rooill
modern house. 5 rooms furnished. GoU
Market St.
f-ROOM house, furnished, 1 acre, Vi gar
den, M orchard, rent or lease. Owner,
"Marshal! 1344.
Rlv.ttniiM furnished modern house. 407 I
Beech st.. near Union ave. Phone East
isn. $:t5 .10.
FOR RENT Modern furnished six-room
house, price 840. 887 E. Franklin su
Sellwood 24110.
FOR RalNT Furnished house. 2 rooms.
Innulre 317 Willamette Blvd., cor.
FOK RENT 7-roorn nicely furnished
bungalow. 1100 per month. Call Auto.
223-118, after 1 o'clock.
S ROOMS, garden, garage, some fruit. 2
blocks car, good scnooi. in wm
04th st.
RENT 6-room cottage with furniture for
sale cheap, close in, near Broadway.
East 857d.
Nutiimer Kesorts.
SEASIDE Attractive 5-room cottase, mod
ern. rurnlsnennear ocea2ol
Mores and ItUHines. Places.
Storage space. 100x100. with trackage,
suitable for canned goods or mechandiae
of like nature.
Third and Hoyt Ptl.
NICE light, steam-heated basement siace
In Hotel Cllllora witn entrance on caai
Morrison St., suitable for printing, bil
liards, bowling, storage, baths, etc. Rent
825 Inquire Fred II. Strong. Hotel
Kh:vl:ilA. small stores for lease, down
town location; prices ranging iruiii i.-i
020 HENRY BI.IlG. HI'WY. 4880.
WANT to rent small private office for
headquarters for small manuiactuons
concern; will only be in a few hours a I
week. Phone Main 04,5.
FOR RENT or sale, concrete bldg., 2800
square feet floor apace, tor siame. ma
chine snop or manuiHi-iui.ns.
31188. bet. 9 and 5 o'clock
LARGE basement for rent on Broadway;
elevator service, uesa space it ue.ncu.
Sunday phone Kast 7346; Monday
Broadway 425. Reasonable.
HANDSOM ELY furnished reception room.
t.hona and private onice, to rename
chiropodist. Fine location. P 444, Ore
pull DESIRABLE space n fireproof ware
house phone uuwy ooo. oecuinr dwi
a8e A Transfer Co., 53 Fourth St.. cor.
STOREROOM fur rent, 2U1 N. 14tU St..
810 per mo.
201 -:l..-.-7 Board of Trade hldg.
A STORE suitable for auto or sign-palnl
Ins. Large doors; $10. Wdln.
SMALL store with room at back; rent $20.
324 1st St.
SPACB for barber shop. 222 Mnrrlion St.
BUSINESS office for rent; large eastern
cornorallon. having branch offices. In
Portland, la desirous of reducing Its
overhead expense by sub-leasing or rent
ing a portion of office space lo reliable
firm or Individual. Telephone and ex
pert stenographic service Included 1 de
sired. Offices are exceptionally larca
and exceptionally well lighted, with good
service. In reply state definitely nature
of your business. References required.
A.T 378. Oregonian.
TO RENT Splendid large store on Port
land s best anopping street. contains
8000 sq. feet floor area, large basement,
may be had for 10 years at 8100 per
month. Only nign-grane tenant win
be considered. J. F. Slaver, Macleay
Office rooms for rent. 820 per mo. This
Is a splendid location for a dentist. Call
Tabor 610:1.
DESK room, with telephone and
graphrc service, i-non. nuwjr. ouo db
curlty Storage A Transfer Co.. 88 .4th
street, corner Pine.
DESK In finely fitted office with tele
phone service. pnone iiroauway oao.
506 Artisans bldg.
FitUN l" onice. modern, in italiway a..
change n.dg Apply room oi.
FURNISHED small office for rent at
cheap rate. 13i'3 N. vt . nana oiug
FOR RENT Furnished office
room. Call Marshall 4-'-'.
OFFICES for rent l-'4iedner bliipr.
TO RENT Warehouse on track, close In,
west side, so enuid tor manutacturing.
storage motor cars, machine shopa
Staver, Macleay bios.
BrsrvKss oproRTrxrTTFa.
GROCERY, ice cream, cigars, doing $01)
day besides income irom o apartments;
TtiMre S5000.
Grocery and light lunch, good busi
ness, $1850. See Gulbert, 5utf McKay
24 ROOMS, brick apartment bargain;
clearing over $iu per montn; s-ouu
handles, pay balance out of business;
price 84250; no agent- AP 373, Orego
man. . A
..-.i-vr. T) VIVll oloa - nnrl fnn f.-ltin. I
i.,rf n" h. r f i h
CIJ '--' . - 1
and Washington sts.; must sell on ac
count of health. Broadway il'Stf. 5:0
Washington st.
FOR SAL-E Restaurant and lunch coun
ter; good equipmeiu ; live ytrura esiti u
lish'ed business; reasonable rent; living
room. Rainier, ur.. pox i
i.w.ich miIa totiav. 10 A. M.. ctfmolete I
nut tit fixture for confectionery store. alsoUv.iTri oil-! Oouoriunity look In for
candy - making tools. Central market. 14
4th at. Ashbaugh A Mason.
OR BILLIARD, pool taoies, card tables,
bar fixtures, showcases, cash registers
and store fixtures, see W. J. Quigley,
S66 Hawthorne ave. Phone East 1S3. f
FOR SALE Cash and carry grocery; 1
jiving room, wu " wmiiu
Ing. Deal direct with owner. Save agent
f?e. T 4I8, Oregonian.
i' a v vaii tmnai.
mortgage : .ray me
jSO ana i will iv ,uu u,u tut an
two houses Owner, phono Tabor 577U
after 6:30 P. M.
fci.-ioO CASH-AND-CARRY grocery, doing
T IO J.W" ""J" -u-i-v--, ,,.n V'UH ,
rent, including neat, eea iieipper,
410 Rv. Fych. hldg.
ivivTK.l) Partner with $3ooo in profiLab.e
manuiaciuriiiB iu-iii-w. o -ru ut
WANTED Partner In building bufineas
bv experienc-a iumi--8. .iu unuueu.
Secured. G 444. Oregonian,
STV'LISH confertionery, beat location, val
uable lease, uvu, t-mo iciuii. uuv axe
Kay bldg.
SMALL store with room at back; rent
4!0. s-4 lsi su ,
VULCANIZING plant, good location, right
price, cheap rent, wo ne.n.uni.
RESTAURANT cheap if taken at once;
owner at - 1 uh-ii. ,
LADY of good appearance to Join another j
in llgnt DUflirirw. " vi --Boiii-ni.
XIMBERLAND. $10 acre, or will trade for
going business.
BARGAIN; laundry route and car tori
3JS, caay icrnuu mourn ; a, 0000, 4
m siNKw.q or rrottT r xitiks.
Oolng concern with established clien
tele, worth 85"0; EXCLUSIVE) terri
tory, Oregon. Washington and I-iaho;
fully equipped office suiie in god build
ing; Oregon corporation incorporated
for 810OO; manufactured stork to
retail at 8t'0, ALL fur ONLY 827.VI;
will accept Portland vacant, acreage or
ranch up to 815"". balance cai.h; propo
sition handled through branch offices In
northwest cities, and trav.-ling salesmen
and correspondence. ACT yl'lCKLY.
No BROKERS Address E. 8. W, 1'. O.
Box M14. Portland.
Here are some good ones:
A nice little suburban place, doing
good: 8850 buys it; worth the money;
living rooms.
?20fl Right down town, stock at In
voice; fixtures, 5uo; rent, 80, doing 140
dally. (
l2.MKM-.In a large office building lobby.
This is a cood one; rent 8-"''1-
S1MMS. lll Henry King
We own a basic patent on a power
driven hammer for splltttng timber into
cordwood. Machine has b-en tested out
and la satisfactory. We own the machine
shop in which to manufaclur.. Will re
duce your cost of splitting conlwond
more than half. Want to ell our In
terest for money to start manufacture.
Chance for big profits. 837 Chamber of
Commerce bldir.
Strictly modern and best ventilated
cafeteria In city; best equipped, with
Northwestern steam connection and elec
tric bake oven; averaging 85 per riav;
83'U0 will handle; good lease. Sue F. C.
Marshall, with
205 Ablnston BMg Main loo.
Third, bet. Washington and Ktsrk f
One of cleanest anil best equipped
little places In downtown district; big
noon business, cheap rent, good lease,
this Is a little beauty and yu couldn't
spend a nlrkel on improvements; it's
good for 84011 to Kii'0 net profit month
ly. Price $2."0ll. 81;.imi cash will handle.
SIMMS. HI Henry Hldg.
Pool hall, east side I..I1J51
Drug store, suburban corner ;17."0
Machine shop, west side 2.lon
Confectionery, west side lltliio
Flour and feed, outside town ItTMtl
Confectlnnerv, west side 2100
405 Pnnnma HMt Main W4"4.
88( 8) t IKOCKKY STOKE 8 00.
Free heat and rent $2n per month,
good lease, fresh stock, brick building,
living room all furnished, stuck and $:')
pair of scales, counter, shelves, nil goes
for 8806. Good business. Fine fur a
man and wife.
311.1 OAK ST.
BEAUTIFUL 8-rooin modern li'ime. all
conveniences. 3 with 8"'l")
square feet of glass, anil slock: all ready
for business; will work villi buyer two
months If Inexperienced In flowers, etc.
Real bargain: sell at once. Call
Von Marshall 1H76.
Good set of fixtures, doing a nice
business, living room In the rear. This
Place can be made to do considerable
more business. Price fnr all
,'ln.l OAK ST.
cery buy In the city; cash receipts Mono
month; stock turned 15 limes last year;
rent $65. Including 5 good living rooms;
Invoice about $.tsi!0
SIMMS. 61" Henry Ttldg
GROCERY Good location, doing $140
day, fixtures under value; Invoice $3ilMl.
approximately 84000; 5 living rooms,
rent reasonable, with lease.
Grocery, no fixtures lo buy, $1.10
Smlthpeter. with INTERSTATE LAND
CO.. 248 Stark st.
Swell up-to-date place, doing a fine
business, a swell equipped piacu; 11
year lease; 87h up on lease. All goes
for $200(1. A give away.
.'101 OAK" ST
Located In live valley town of 8500;
did 810.1100 last year, $17ou buys stock,
tools and Chevrolet car.
SIM MS, inn IT.-nrv BMg
FlYK-ltooM modern bunsalow. lull aitic.
cttinent basement, h w. f'oors. huill-ins.
large lot; 2 biks. of car. l7.".o. $.S8)
cash, a cosv home. See J P. McKentta,
Belmont at 3m Ii. Tabor Hll'.'l
BY OWNER Fine location. 10 2 and 3
room furnished spt.: gross Income over
$400 a month; ptlce $linl; rent $Mo;
lease. Also modern Ill-room furnished
ant : rrlei 2immi: rent II"1, .'I'.i"
WANTED Orocery
nt lo
order tailor-made suit, 8-5 to ''. and
pay part In groceries: mall card, will
call with samples. Fulton Tailoring
Co . 21H1 E. 47th St.. Portland. .
LEAVING city, will sell this week, stock
groceries, confectmriery ano nousenoin
goods: good for $50 a day; living rooms: $2.1. Only 81100. Hushue, 618
f'hiipi Com.
GOOD money-making restaurant. west
side. Income i per flay, rent .i--n per
month with lease; price $371111 This Is
In a good location. 837 Chamber of
Comtnei, -e hid s
Sells accessories, tires, etc. owner
wants active, reliable man as partner,
guarantees good wages and profits. $1500
renulrcd. Room 111 ltnilw;iy Fr'hnng''.
POOL room snap. Very busv corner,
clearing $500 a month real money; good
equipment and plenty of It. $:l.",oo.
SIMMS. 810 Henry Hldg.
PICTURE and vaudeville theater at great
bargain lo energetic and experienced
. parties; newest equipment, low rent.
Inquire box 03.1, Itoseburg, Or.
FOR SA 1. 10 Suburban picture house, very
reasonable: good returns: small Invest
ment. Owner, Broadway 108M, 8 A. M.
to 12 M
CAPITAL In substantial amounts desires
good Investments outside Europe.
st., London. Kn Kland.
Located where you eaten, the (raffle.
A busy piece for only $700. Room 401.
llekuni bldg - t
THREE-CHA1K barber shoo In good loca
tion, with lease; cheap rent ;' stands
rl,,est investigation. 80 ttih St., near
FOR SALE Grocery and cunfeetlonery;
will sacrifice casn. oeo inin i-me.
for bargain.
open sunnily. in xiaw-
thorne ave., corn
r E. I'th.
WANTED Partner Willi $.'toq to Join me in
good opportunity lor luncn siaini in
neighboring city: a perfectly sule busl
ness. A'l 43.1. Oregonian.
TIRE SHOP. We have two vulcanizing
equipments, will sell one Bt a bargain
Weaver Tire Co., East Broadway and
Williams ave.
DANDY corner gr ;ry, nice business.
Must sell this week. Oood for $I0) a
day; living rooms! Bushue, 618 Cham.
Transfer and slorage business. Clesrs
$2.10 month for each partner. 81'XX)
handles It. Room 4'll Deknm hldg.
Large steady storage KHis ac-cewnrtes.
tires oils, etc. Price JI0. some terms.
Room Ml Hallway Exchange.
ONB OK the best groceries tn rortland.
doing $125 to l-'oO business; Invoice; rent
nnlv StiO. Buy corner. ltushue. Mtf
o on busy street. In
ner day: prire 11075:
Chamber of Commerce
CASH and carry grocery
f HUM) Bin. k,
partment district. Owner, T 4-1. Or-
ftonlan. , ,
CARNIVAL outfit. - rid"; will take part
ner that can Invest $250 to ."ou. Ul
V. Prfadwav, room 14. affr l A. M.
DANDY going grocery store, verv llitlo
competition; owner goinjt east, l-uii an-
wankle 'J J.
man or woman with small capital. Par-
tirulnrw by mall. W 4rt. Orfgonlan.
j MEONE that will build a medlum-alx
Dt house; I can .pas from to 10
years AH S7, irf gnnlan.
It" SALE-OooJ going all nwr and
paint ouaineiw.f irivuice f iwu. Auurw
box 314. The Dulles. Of.
ELECTRIC and niarhjne impair liop.
worth JS.VV) will st-ll for I-'OOo. cash omy
i.v-o. .t v rgorna
KCRMTUKK store, doing a b.g business;
r"VolCe about $.10.(mu, fine location.
K. n
Mad i.ton. Oregon City. Or,
FIRST-t'LASS location for fruit stand,
pool hall, candy maker or drug store;
stork inventory. A'MS Was h In gt o n t
A RAUIATOU and fender shoo for
Profits S-00 month clear of all expenses.
Room 4Q1. P'kiim b dg.
A. PAINTING and deroratlnr business at
invoite. Did $li.7io work last year.
r, ood profits. Room ffllIekum b!fl g
AUTO repair sliop, clearing f-H'fl month,
good district; low rent. Prlr $i'400.
T erm s. Room fill Railway Kxhnngw,
XHIGH-CLASS going business in a spe-
claity line at a bargain; lack of funds
to push the buiflnpas C 4Ht. Oregonian.
GRtiCERY, confccllonery. 3 living rooms,
doing good business; close In wst aids;
ir,i0 Mr. liraml. 420 Henry hldg
DANDY retail bakery, rent mr for
2 years. Mu.-t be sold this week. Bun hue,
MR rhnm. Com.
U or half pho(iKt"
Hi extra rooms iff. Kl'sr.
VARTNIbR. an'o radiator shop, 4J0; taa
Jcarn. jJi so. vreuoiaa.