The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 13, 1921, SECTION THREE, Page 4, Image 46

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rrVntfrr Tiefl rom Part X V
tiio association does. Mrs. William
D. Wheelwright is chairman of the
Travelers Aid department of tho as
sociation, and Mrs. Sophia Allen is In
caarga. The work of this depart
ment alone Justifies all tho support
(he association can receive.
In the day rmraerr Lent wUl find
many prominent girls and women
helping to care for and entertain the
little children whose mothers are out
workinsr by the day. Mrs. Everett
Ames, chairman of the kindergarten
department of the nursery, has made
a appeal for trained klndergartners
-those with a certain amount of
training-, to assist at the nursery once
A week from 9 to 11 o'clock. This
(.-ork la most interesting but It re
quires "stick-to-ltiveness." several
society girls have volunteered to
kelp, bat more are needed. One must
have a little training and special
ability and a love of children to suc-
.eed In this work.
Some women ' of prominence tew
'.regularly for the orphanages and the
Albertina Kerr nursery, some visit
the sick in the hospitals, carrying
"With them dainty gifts, flowers and
Jellies. The war did a lot for many
f these society women. It gave
. them an opportunity to find them
selves, and tbey are keeping right on
fwlth their good works. Of course,
they worked for charity before, but
the human touch has made many of
tham realise more strongly the joy
r being a "big clster."
Lent will nold many of these deeds
of kindness, but there will be several
Social affairs of note, many Informal
teas and card parties to liven things
tip a bit, and there will be the festive
FL Valentine's and Interesting George
Washington's birthday events.
Hi. and Mrs. Warren A. Erwln will
jecctrriy the A. E. Jackson residence
st Mount Tabor while Mr. and Mrs.
Jackson are In Europe. The Jack
sons will leave tomorrow.
Mrs. U. F. Diteman has returned to
Jier home. Arbor Vitae stock farm,
near Ilarrisburg, after a visit with
iier daughter, Mrs. Warren Erwln.
Mrs. M. C. Banfield and Mrs. W. K.
Fl.iter cave a bridcre lnnphenn Sat-
nrday, February B. Ten prettily ap
pointed tables were laid for the
guests. Honors fell to Mrs. A. Tlch
ner and Mrs. . Daly.
The formal opening of the Anna
Mann cottage for women was an
event of the past week at Reed col
lege. The introduction was given In
the form of a tea by the Amanda Reed
association. Mrs. Helen Miller Senn
of the University of Oregon read se
lections from Myrtle Forthum's poems
followed by an address to the women
by Mrs. Elliott Corbett
Committees for the occasion In
cluded Misses Frieda Close, Julia"
Harrison, Ruth Harshbarger. Ellen
Gantenbeln. May Borqnlst. Julia Opp,
Ethel Cooper, Gertrude . Hodgson,
Alice Johnson. Lucile Murton and
Dorothy Stahl.
Miss Florence Tenneson was host
ess at luncheon at her home In Mount
Tabor yesterday for Miss Miriam Hil
ton, bride-elect, who plans to leave
soon for the orient. The guest list
Included Miss M. Lucile Murton, Melba
Peterson, Lillian Anderson, Myrtle
Jacobson. Josephine Felts, Ruth Crit
tenden, Mrs. Edgar Lindsay (Jeanette
Snedeker) and Mrs. Ward Holoomb
(Dorothy Neil).
Mr. and Mrs. John Kaseberg and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Powell enter
tained In Laurelhurst clubhouse on
February 9 for 90 couples. Pussy
willows, palms and spring flowers
were used in decorations. Mrs. Kase
berg wore a handsome gown of tur
quoise velvet trimmed In pearls and
Mrs. Powell wore coral pink taffeta.
Many attractive and lovely gowns
were noticed.
The 60th anniversary of the found
ing of the missionary society of the
First Presbyterian church-will be held
March 8 in the chursh house. The
original founders and those'who have
made the society such a success will
be honored. ' Old-fashioned gowns,
worn in the long ago, will be taken
from the garret and storeroom and
will be donned by the members. Some
Interesting costumes will be features
and the programme will recall the by
gone days of Portland's society and
church set.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Rosenblatt will
leave Monday for an extended east
ern trip to be gone about two months.
Before returning they will visit New
York, Palm Beach, New Orleans and
other eastern and southern cities.
The Canadian Veterans' association,
assisted by the women's auxiliary,
will give the second' annual masquer
ade ball on Valentine's night (Mon
day) at the W. O. W. temple. Eleventh
and Alder streets. The following will
act as patronesses: Mrs. John Leader,
Mrs. J. Laidlaw, Mrs. E. T. C. Stevens?-
Mrs. Chipman, Mrs. Lea Barnes, Mrs.
F. C Malpas and Mrs. H. Kirk.
An engagement of interest to many
Portlanders is that of Miss Sue M.
Hicks to Walter J. Sheasgreen. Miss
Hicks is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Burt Hicks of 626 East Burnside
street. Mr. Sheasgreen is a son of
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Sheasgreen of 135
Nebraska street. The wedding will
be an event of the early spring.
Many interesting functions have been
planned for the bride-elect.
Mrs. William B. Clark entertained
In her home on Savler street on Tues
day afternoon, when she invited In a
few friends to meet Mrs. L. Martin
of Seattle, who is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. A. M. Guthrie of this city.
Among those present were Mrs. Edgar
Allen, Mrs. Robert McBrida. Mrs.
Amelia Nlelson, Mrs. E. H. Jeter, Mrs.
Belle Mitchell, Mrs. C. L. McKesson,
Mrs. John Jarvis, Mrs. E. A. Faulkner,
Mrs. A. M. Guthrie, Mrs. L. .Martin
and Mrs. Fred Wertz.
The spacious country home' of Mra.
L. Floss was the scene of a luncheon
given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. P. H.
Riblett (nee Florence Fisher) of
Altoona, Pa., who are visiting Mrs.
Riblett's mother, Mrs. E. Holly. Cov
ers were laid for eight.
Mr. "and Mrs. Frank E. Smith en
tertained on Monday night at a smart
dancing party at Waverley County
club. An elaborate dinner was seryed.
Among those present were Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Colt, Mr. and Mrs. B. C.
Darnall, D. C. Bruun, Eric V. Hauser,
Mr. and Mrs. P. Hetherton, Mrs. W. J.
Hofmann, E. S. Sammons, Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Mulder, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Krohn, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Mielke,
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Jackson, "Mr. and
Mrs. Dean Vincent, Dr. and Mrs.
Thomas Watts, Miss Holbrook, Mrs.
m sTaT E?sm
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shops. Massive spring
arms, back and comfy
spring cushions, covered
with denim.
See your own furniture
nnder construction. Have
the satisfaction of know
ing that absolutely noth
ing but the best work
man ship and materials
era used. Several styles
te select from.
Ckalm to Match M7.50.
Xerms if desired.
Ton can save by having
us make your draperies
from your own materials
at our special low labor
Sellwaod 3404.
Ca a Jf allOU
Deeaiatlvo Warkakopa.
Bsa-Sl-AtH MllwankJe
Midway Brtvrrrn Tows sad the
Waverley O'oll Club.
Facial Treatment Hair Dyeing
Scalp Treatment and Tinting
Marcel Waving Permanent Hair
Shampooing Waving
Manicuring Electrolysis
By oar eorps ef expert operator.
Open evenings by appointment.
203-4 Bdwy. Bldg. Marshall 2207.
& (D).
Jane Bleker, Mr. and Mrs. L. H.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Peet. Mrs. Emery,
Mr. Scott; Mr. and Mrs. . Barendrick,
Mayor and Mrs. Baker, Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph H. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs W. H.
Chatten, Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Martin,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Vog-in, Mrs. W. O.
Wiggins and others.
a a
The Portland Rowing club Is this
year Instituting its former policy of
holding a formal ball annually. The
grand ballroom of the Multnomah
hotel has been engaged for the 1921
ball, which will be held February 24,
with " the following committee In
charge: Floyd C. Lynch, Joseph F.
Riesch, Lawrence B. Edwards, A.
Harry Fischer and Edward C. Sam
mons. Amonc the patrons and patron
esses will be Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W.
Wilbur, 'Mr, and Mrs. William J.
Patton, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G.
Chickering. Mr. and Mrs. Harold C.
Howse, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Allen
and Mr. and .Mrs. Thomas C. Luke,
a a a
An attractive tea was given in the
church parlors of the First Presbyte
rian church Tuesday, when the women
of the Missionary society welcomed
new members, many of whom have
recently come from eastern cities.
A delightful programme added n-
juiiK9iit to the afternoon. Mrs. C R.
Templeton, the first speaker, de
lighted her hearers with her vivid and
humorous description of her journey
through the different countries of the
Orient and Russia. She wore a beau
tiful mandarin coat of the official
class In North China.
Miss Virginia Wells was dressed In
the native costume of a Corean gen
tleman and most charmingly gave a
speech In the Corean language and
also sang a Corean song. Miss Wells
Is a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J,
Hunter Wells, who have lived In
Corea for 23 years. Dr. Wells was a
missionary physician there. Mrs. C. M.
Barbae sang during the afternoon de
lightfully. -Mrs. T. W. Sullivan of Tenth street.
Oregon City, entertained a group of
friends at a line party at the Orpheum
Tuesday afternoon.
After the matinee Mrs. Sullivan dis
pensed hospitality at the Meter-Frank
tea room.
The guests Included Mrs. Theodore
Clark, Mrs. C. H. Meissner, Mrs. M. D.
Latourette, , Mrs. L. B. Jones, Mrs.
Hugh Hendry and Mrs. O; Welch.
Mr. and Mrs, Julius L. Meier and
their daughter, Jean, returned several
days ago from the east.' Miss Meier
was 111 In New York, and was oper
ated upon for appendicitis, but has
conoletoly recovered. She and her
sister, Elsa, were attending a fash
ionable school In the east and their
parents met them there during the
Miss Edith Camp and Theodore
Walker will be married In the middle
of March. .. Mrs. Hermes Wrightson
was hostess during the week at a
shower for Miss Camp.
Mrs. Charles L. Boss entertained
the Friday morning breakfast club at
a Valentine luncheon, on Friday. The
table was most artistic. In the center
was a large silver basket filled with
red carnations, this with silver can
delabra and red candles burning gave
a pleasing effect. At each place was
a red satin heart-shaped bos filled
with candies which were given as
souvenirs. The place cards were tn
the form of dainty valentines.
a a a
The marrlsVe of Miss Sue A Kara
and Charles Donald McCov took place
Wednesday at the bride s family home
on Wistaria drive. Rev. Oswuld Tay
lor officiated In the presence of a few
friends and relatives of the couple.
The bride was given In marriage by
her brother, Goorge Alters. Miss Ruth
Crittenden played the wedding march.
The couple went to British Columbia
for a trip. They will be at home at
435 East Forty-sixth street. North.
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Schalk en
tertained last Monday evening at the
Hotel Portland with a dinnrr party
for which eight covers wore placed.
Judge and Mra. George W. Staple
ton were hosts at an informal din
ner party last Tuesday evening at the
Hotel Portland. Covers were placed
for six. -
One of the biggest and most at
tractive dances of the year was the
Scottish Rite party given Thursday
in the Scottish Rite cathedral on Mor
rison street.
Following were among those who
Mrtsrs. and Mesdamna Edgar K. Sn-
Mnlch, N. R. Crounse. T. fc). Torkolnon.
Robert Martyn, w. o. Mnttern, uus ivunn.
J. Doody Jr., B. B. Wrlirhui, W. I. Pmver,
H, L. 1'aget, H. J. Hluesinn, A. A. Itucknr.
A. J. (Jrohn, John V. Haker, B. A. seliulz.
S. A. Murhard, R. R, Enstir, R. V. Slmnan,
Kraut, ueors v. nun, itoDrt l..
Smith, Kflla A. Itryan, Oscar W. Bryan.
W. B. Chamberlain. A. J. McPunial, L, A.
Harm, F. H. llrnwn, S. E. Klnch. Julius
A. Ullg. H. C. Rlnehart. Harry W. Kree
man. James M. M. Nauirhton, W. J. Kuhl,
V. H. Monroe. O. U. Wayman. Charles B.
Turliiy, A. A. Hnover, W. R. Arnsw, A. I..
Kraurte, J. I Qulnn. A. J. McOinn, H. A.
Sinclair, Graham tll, A. 8. Kohlnaon. C.
A. WolfganB. If. B. Mulholland, A. B.
Williams, C. P. Bork, Hubert Hull. C. V.
Plator, II. f- Carlson, Leonard Blakely,
Theo. L Splud, Will H. Hard. II. B. Cow
Clll Jr., O. H. Murch, C. fc). Canada. C. U
Hullard. Harry Hlniler, tieoricn kiunaar.
H. .1. navidsnn. Hurry O. Sm'th, O. B.
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