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Editorial, Doings in Realm of
Society and Letters
NO. 7
1 "Spring ' and the Wole Store Reflects the Spirit
Exhibit of New Fashions !
Revealing- the Spring Season's Smartest Modes in
Women's Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts and Waists
That magic 'worker, Spring, together with that other
spirit, "Lower Prices," has brought about new condi
tions in the matter of women's apparel. These changes
bring to the women of this city a wealth of beautiful
styles that will start the Spring season with a breath
less rush of excitement and admiration. Our Spring
exhibit is most interesting because it features modes
for every type and to please all tastes, i No selection
of exclusive outer apparel was ever selected with
greater discrimination, and we feel sure you will enjoy
viewing the many wonderful new Spring creations.
Visit the Garment Store at your first opportunity.
Featuring Women's Spring Suits
Garment Salons, Second Floor.
A Suit that is modish and fits properly gives one a striking appearance. If you
want a Teal smart, fashionable model, one which will be admired, come to this store.
No description or illustration can do justice to the wonderful styles, shades and
fabrics of the new garments. On display in the Suit Department, Second Floor.
Brief description of four attractive
models in Women's New Spring Suits.
AT $37.50 Suits of checked Velour
with flare peplum and tuxedo collar.
Trimmed with rows of buttons and bias
folds. Good colors. Best of tailoring.
AT $55.00 Smart Sport Suits of
checked material. Straight-line effect
with leather belt and leather trimmed
pockets. Coat finished with wide folds.
AT $49.50 Suits of navy blue Tric
otine. Full box coat trimmed with rows
of fancy stitching and tailored bands.
Bell sleeves. Lined with fancy silk.
AT $57.50 Suits of navy blue Tric
otine. Coat has inverted plaits down
back. Bell-shape sleeves, tuxedo collar.
Effectively trimmed with black braid.
Suits of the Better
AT $62.50 New Spring Suits of
Poiret Twill. Strictly tailored model
trimmed with folds, roll collar -and
narrow belt. One button fastens front.
AT $79.50 Suits of taupe color
Poiret Twill in a very smart new box
coat model trimmed with novelty
stitching. Heavy silk embroidered.
AT $110.00 Beautiful Suits of
navy blue Tricotine. Straight-line
model with narrow belt Two buttons
in front. Tuxedo collar. Several sizes.
AT $173.00 Handsome new Spring
Suit of navy Tricotine. Coat trimmed
with embroidered band, and with jet
beads. Finest of tailoring throughout.
Many other models on display at
practically any price you care to pay.
Stylish Stout Suits
Second Floor With our splendid collection of Stout Suits, we are ready to correctly
and fashionably fit stout women just as satisfactorily- as with a made-to-measure
garment. Perfect fit is assured. If your figure is above the average size this
announcement should interest ydu. MODERATE PRICES PREVAIL!
Monday morning at the Bargain
Circle, First Floor, we shaliplace on
sale a special lot of
at a very low price. Ginghams and
percales in plain colors, checks,
stripes and figures. Several styles.
Footwear of Distinction
4 Popular Styles for Spring -
WOMEN'S PUMPS in smart new last wi flat
heel, welt sole and saddle strap across vamp.
Fastens with two small buckles. (PI A ff
Also in laced effect. Priced, a pair DAl.Ulr
HAND-MADE SLIPPERS of soft calfskin
with covered full Louis heel and two straps over
instep. Also same last with one JTA
strap. Very dainty. Priced, a pair DAAt!U
BROWN KID Laced Oxfords with A r f
military heels and walking soles, at D--U.t)U
BLACK SUEDE, or Satin high - r Aft
heeled Slipper, w'ide strap. Pair Di.J-Ol
Electric Lamps at Notable Savings
February Sale
The home without an Electric Lamp can scarcely be said
to be up-to-date these days. No one article adds so much to
the cheerfulness of a room. Here is a great opportunity to
choose from our entire stock of Floor, Table, Boudoir, Desk,
Davenport and . Chair Lamps at substantial reductions.
$15 Lamps $9.98
Third Floor Electric Table Lamps in attractive design with
fancy decorated shade and metal stand. These have PQ QQ
sold heretofore at 15.00. February Sale; special wUmUO
"MAHOGANY Finish Table Lamps
with 2 Mazda lights and J? A A
extension cord. Special at tDU.Ul
Lamps with one Mazda QJP
light and silk cord. Special
BOUDOIR Lamp polychrome fin
ish. Equipped with one QO QQ
light. Priced special, at 50.t0
Art Metal Boudoir Lamps $4.08
Desk Lamps, complete, for $4.75
Chair Lamps, complete with light
and parchment shades, for $22.50
Davenport Lamps, special $14.00
Polychrome Candle Sticks $ 1.00
All Silk Shades
Unrestricted choice of any Silk
Lamp Shade in our splendid stock at
20 off regular prices. This also ap
plies to parchment and glass shades.
Lamp with 2 Mazda lights and
silk extension cord. (Ji A T A
Priced special at only wlUtJU
Lamp with 2 Mazda lights and
silk extension cord. (P"J O fT A
Extra value. Special Dl&0J
A Drop in Tea Pot Prices!
Choose Now and Pay Less
Third Floor English and Ameri
can Earthenware thai brews such
good tea! A few of the i many
good styles are here illustrated.
65c Tea Pots in 2 cup
size on special sale, at tlU.
11.00 Tea Pots in 3 cup CQf
size on special sale, at''''
$1.25 Pots 4 cup cize $ .85
$1.35 Pots 5 cup size $1.00
$1.50 Pots 6 cup size $1.15
$1.90 Tea Pots, decorated $1.25
$2.00 Tea Pots, decorated $1.38
$2.85 Tea Pots, decorated $1.85
$3.00 Tea Pots, decorated $1.98
$3.50 Tea Pots, decorated $2.48
We give S. & H. Trading Stamps.
China Department, Third Floor
The Right
is essential to the
correct fitting of
your new Spring
Apparel. Consult our
expert Corsetieres,
on the Second Floor.
The Standard Store of the Northwest
OldsWortman & King
Entire Block- Morrison. West Park, Alder and Tenth Sts.
Our new 1921
stock, of Morse's
Garden and Flower
Seeds is now on dis
play in Model Groc
ery, Fourth Floor.
Special Exhibition of
New Silk Luster Laces
For Spring Frocks
Saturday's Express brought us a large shipment of the new Silk Luster
Laces which are to play such a prominent part in the making of Milady's
Spring and Summer frocks. These are shown in the popular hexagon meshes
in a wide range of beautiful patterns. 18, 27 and 36 inches wide. Navy,
brown and black. Moderate prices ranging from $2.75 up to $4.75 a yard.
See Display of Model Froctfsl
jn Morrison Street Window
These show garments are made ty in the new Silk Luster Laces and are'
very beautiful. Dont fail to see attractive display at your earliest convenience.
Lace Department, 1st Floor
Spring Sale of Hosiery
I he low shoe season is
at hand! Get a good sup
ply of these high-grade Silk
Stockings on sale Monday
at Center Circle, First Floor.
Women's $3.95 Hose,
First-quality . Stockings from our
regular stock. Black and white with
embroidered" clocks and fancy em
broidered designs. Hose of standard
make selling heretofore at $3.05 the
pair. Lisle 6oles, garter CO OpT
trms. Pricd snecial. tiair lDd6dtJ
Every New and Pretty
Weave Is Here
The Aisle of Cottons resembles a Spring Fes
tival with its great piles of dainty new tub
fabrics! Walk through this department and
feast your eyes on the most attractive showing
of Wash Goods to be found in all Portland
Among the new arrivals are
Embroidered Mulls,
Dotted Swisses, Printed Voiles,
Embroidered Voiles,
Silk-Mixed Organdies
French Ginghams,
Now is the time to buy materials for Spring
sewing. The goods are all new and fresh, while
choosing is made easier when you can select from
unbroken lines. Plan your summer sewing and
buy what you need this week. The new Wash
Goods are marked to sell at much lower prices, too.
Mercerized Damask
At 98c Yd.
Main Floor Mercerized Cotton Damask of ex-.
cellent quality. Rich satin finish and very
attractive patterns. 64 inches wide. QQ
Specially priced for this sale at, the yard jO
various sizes, at M OFF. No napkins to match.
Heavy grade Crash Toweling plain white or
with colored border: Very absorbent. OPT
F.vtra vnlnp. Priced Knecial. the vard d3
-Hand Towels of good quality huck
material. Priced special, a dozen
Quilted Batts
At $1.25
Quilted, pure white Cotton Batts in the "full
comfort size. These are full 3 pounds (P"J Ofr
in weight. On special sale Monday at fDLiO
Fancy Striped Outing Flannels 36 Or n
inches wide. On sale Monday, the yard J-'
Prun6 Growers
we will assist by giving
Prunes away
In Our
Tea Room
During Prune Week, February 14
to 19, we will serve delicious evap
orated stewed prunes FREE with all
luncheons in our Tea Room, 4th Floor.
Prunes 10c Pound
We will sell excellent
Prunes at 10$ a lb.
We are doing our best to dispose
of the 22,000,000 pounds of prunes
unsold in the state of Oregon. Send
a box .to your friends back east and
encourage others to do likewise. Tel
ephone orders given prompt attention.
Model Grocery,
4th Floor
Gorgeous New Silks
For Springtime
It's going to be a great Silk Season and
no wonder, for never were the weaves and
colorings so beautiful. Pay a visit to the
Silk Section and see-the many new arrivals,
among them the following
All the newest shades, including Jade,
Begonia, Peach, Mocha, Seafoan, Cerulean
Blue, Styx Gray, Orient and New Yellow.
Prices are much lower 'than last season.
Special Sale of
36-Inch Fancy Habutine for (PI AA
skirts and linings. Special, yard tOX.Ulf
36-Inch Habutine in all wanted fiftr.
plain colors. Priced special, a yard UUl
Fireless Cookers
At $37.45
Regular selling
price $48.30. This is
the famous Ther
matic Cooker you
hear so much about!
Buy now and take
advantage of our
$1 Down
and $1 A WEEK;
style as sketched
(without legs).
Saves time, labor,
fuel and expense.
Our entire line of
Detroit Jewel Stoves
and Ranges now on
sale at special prides. All Fire Screens and
Andirons reduced. All Heaters at reduced prices.
Tremendous Cut in Prices of High-Grade
Upholstered Furniture
$385 Davenport, $228
Long low model luxuriously upholstered in best
grade tapestry. Former selling price CJOOQ ft ft
$385.00. Priced special for this sale tDJO.UU
$178 Upholstered Arm Chair to match $110.00
$ 62. Upholstered Ottoman to match $ 40.00
DAVENPORT upholstered in blue (l0-j O ftft
and taupe Velour. $310.00 piece for Dl.lU
DAVENPORT, upholstered in tapestry. High
back. Pillow arms. Regular $260.00 Qrt r A
value. Priced special for this sale at D-I-0 UJ
BED DAVENPORT with loose cushions, upho!-.
stered in tapestry. Regular $257.50 CJ"I Q9 Kft
value. Priced special for this sale at JJi-iO.UU
Upholstered Davenports, Rockers
and Chairs are included in this .ex
traordinary sale. A great oppor
tunity to buy at a big saving.
. Covered with high-grade tapestry
in pleasing colors. Regular price
$480.00. Priced special fl?OCft ftft
for this sale, at only D60J,)V
$270.00 Arm Chair P j f(
to match. Special at tDlOU.UU
$400 Davenport, $235
Davenport and Chair two pieces in this set
Covered in tan colored poplin, rull spring arms;
highest grade workmanship. Regu- CJOOCI AA
lar $400.00 value. Priced special at D600JJ
BED DAVENPORT with loose cushions in genu
ir.e Spanish leather. Regular $246.50 fl?1CFJ f)fl
value. Pricedispecial for this sale at tUJ-OU.UU
DAY BED, mahogany frame, cane J1 Or ff
ends, covered in damask. $175 value 3Xitl.Ul
BED DAVENPORT with cane back and velour
covering. 3 pillows. Regular sell- fl-! QQ pTfJ
ing price $266.00 reduced to only DLiJO0J
And S. & H. Stamps will add to your saving!
Chairs and Rockers
At i2 Price
Overstuffed Chairs and Rock
ers on sale at HALF PRICE.
$114.00 Arm Chair at $o7.00
$120.00 Arm Chair at $60.00
$65.00 Arm Chair at $32.50
$130.00 Arm Chair at $65.00
$120.00 Arm Chair at $60.00
$112.00 Tapestry Rocker $56
$130.00 Tapestry Rocker $80
Upholstered Chairs covered in
black sateen, at special prices.
$81.60 Arm Chair at $60.00
$75.00 Arm Chair at $56.50
$55.00 Arm Chair at $41.95
-$96.00 Fireside Chair $72.00
$60.50 Arm Chair at $45.00
$80.00 Arm Chair at $59.50
Ask for your S. & H. Stamps.
Leather Rockers V4 Off
Genuine No. 1 Leather and Craftsman Leather Rockers roomy and
comfortable pieces that would be an ornament to any home. High
grade Rockers from famous makers. On sale at 25 off regular prices.
Dining Chairs About y Regular Price
Many Diiierent styles to select from
$12.50 Waxed Oak Dining Chairs with
genuine leather box seat priced special
$11.75 Waxed Oak . Dining Chairs with
box . seat of genuine leather special at
$10.95 Waxed Oak Dining Chairs, with
box seat of genuine leather special at
$10.50 Fumed Oak Dining Chairs with (Jjr QP
box seat of genuine leather special at Otl.Otl
$11.50 Jacobean Oak Dining Chairs Off fTf
in William and Mary design special at I ej
$12.75 Jacobean Oak Dining Chairs in PA
William and Mary design, priced special OU.tll