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14,284,000 Persons Starving in Northern Districts Pastors to Plead for Peoples of Stricken Areas at Morning and Evening Services.
CHINA famine day will be observed
In many Portland churches today
In answer to the appeal for re
lief of millions of famine sufferers
recently Issued by the local federa
tion of churches through the national
organization, the Federal Council of
Churches. ,
China Is In the grip of a serious
famine. At the present time there
are more than J.4,284.000 persons In
th famine districts of northern Ohlna
who are totally dependent on outside
Although February ( was deaig-
nated as the special day for response
In the churches to the appeal, many
congregations are planning- extended
work on the matter, or have already
been active In support of the fund.
As an example of this, the First
Methodist Sunday school has "already
raised about 82-00 for the fund and
earpects to increase this figure to over
11004) today. Many churches are outlining-
a campaign which will last
until Easter.
A number of churches have received
messages frcm denominational head
quarters In New York expressing- the
hope that the work will be success
fully carried out la Portland. Pastors
of the city will make special an
nouncements from the pulpit at morn
ing and evening services today urging-
support of the cause.
The local committee in chare- of
the work as representatives of the (month; $5 will save one family one
xeaerauon oi enureses Is composed , month.
have been made by Vernon Monroe,
treasurer of the American Committee
for China Famine Fund, to handle
a tremendous contribution following
Famine Sunday.
Perhaps the saddest phase of the
suffering in China concerns the chil
dren. Ten million of them, according
to missionaries' reports, , are facing
death. Already harrowing reports
have come of the bodies of little ones
choking wells and waterways, cast
there by parents turned frantic and
unable longer to see them suffer In
the whole five provinces affected
there are 45,000.000 persons in danger.
and unless aid comes promptly from
the outside world, and particularly
from America, at least a third of this
number must die.
Such a mortality, Charles R. Crane,
United States minister to China, says,
would be the world's worstdisaster.
Less than 9,000,000 died during the
black death plague in Europe cen
turies ago, which calamity is now list
ed as the worst life-taking disaster
humanity has suffered.
Dr. Bible reports that responses
have come from the churches of all
denominations which indicate a tre
mendous outpouring of substantial
sympathy February 6. In particular
the young people's organizations are
Interested, their imaginations quick
ened by the following facts brought
to their attention by Dr. Bible:
"Three cents will, save one life for I
one day; fl will save one -life one
r Blsnop Sumner, chairman; Grant
rnegley and Robert M. Tuttla.
Ministers to Sleet Monday.
The Portland Ministerial associa
Hon will have an important meeting
monaay, eoruary 7, 1921, at 10:30
A. M, in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium.
The subject of the day will be
Evangelism." The conference will
turn on the problem of preparation
for Easter. There will be three ad
dresses; one by Dr. K. P. Gates of
Boston, general secretary of the"
United Societies of Christian En
deavor, who will speak on the sub
ject, "Evangelism and the Young
people." Dr. Arthur J. Sullens, sup
erintendent for Oregon and Idaho of
tno t-ongregatipnal churches, will
speak upon "The Family Altar," and
will make a special appeal for the
establishment of family altars In the
homes of the city. Dr. O. C Wright.
Baptist state secretary, will close the
morning- program with an address on
"Personal Evangelism."
This meeting has been arranged 'In
conjunction with the department of
Evangelism of the Portland Federa
tion of Churches, which will have
large supplies of "Family Altar"
materials and "Personal Evangelism"
pamphlets on hand for the free use
of the ministers. Dr. Byron J. Clark,
president of the association, will pre
side. Sunday Schools Give Liberally.
The following Sunday schools of
Oregon have contributed $50 or more
to near east relief through the
Christmas offering:
First Christian, Portland
First Methodist. Portland
Centenary Methodist. Portland
First Congregational, Portland. ...
First Presbyterian, Portland......
Central Presbyterian, Portland....
Mc Tabor PrtKbyterian, Portland..
Kist Side Baptiet. Portland
fcunnyside Congregational. Portland
Rose City Park Presbyterian. Port
land 2M84
First Friends, Portland I.M.ftO Methodist 31.00
Church of the Stramrers. United
Presbyterian, Portland 218. AO Methodist, Portland.... 214. S3
Lincoln Methodist, Portl-and 107.8S
Westminster Presbyterian. Portland 1N2.00
Grece Baptist, Portland
Anabel Presbyterian. Portland ...
Finet Baptist. McMinnvllle
Fourth Presbyterian, Portland ....
St. Jamei English Lutheran. Port
land Central Methodist. Portland
First United Presbyterian, Port
land Ft. David's Episcopal. Portland....
Rose City Park Methodist. Port
land Woodiawn Methodist. Portland ...
Beaver-ton Congregational ........
Third Baptist. Portland
Calvary Baptist, Portland 113.60
uorcas bocjety, Lnion ecnooi. aie-
tohue 11347
Lestine Union Li 2. 73
University Park Methodist, Port
land 101.00
fjheridan Method'. 100J3
Hood River Christian and Mission
ary Alliance lOO.oo
North Bend Christian MOW
.. 1236 00
.. 810 00
.. 72.05
. . 800.00
The co-operation of the Catholic 1
churches Is manifested in the an
nouncement from Baltimore that Car
dinal Gibbons, who was appointed a
member of the American Committee
for China Famine Fund by President I
Wilson, had named Bishop O. B. Corri-
gan of Baltimore to represent him
actively in the work.
EUGENE, Or., Feb. 5. (Special.:
Pr. D. IL Leech, pastor of the First
Methodist church of this oity, will
participate in the dedication of a
Wesley foundation at the site of the
University of Illinois. He expects to
leave Monday for Urbana, I1L. where
Csss Ay v4
2 iRj
Dr. McEIveen to Answer
Questions at Service.
Cousin of Robert I Stevenson to
Preach in Sunnyside.
he will attend a conference of Chris- 'T'HE services which Dr. McEIveen
tian workers associated with state I 1 has devised for Sunday evenings
universities ana win men atiena ine
dedication of the Wesley foundation.
at the First Congregational church
ere drawing large audiences. He calls
At the Methodist Episcopal church. It a question and answer service.
South, this morning at 11 o'clock. Dr. I So many questions have been sent him
Louis Albert Banks of Boston will
deliver his famous address, "World
wide Prohibition Coming and Ameri
ca Leads the Way." At 7:45 P. M.
the pastor will preach, taking for his
theme Piloted, a sermon on God s
methods of guiding- all who trust In
him. The church Is at the corner
Union avenue and Multnomah 1 street
and is reached by Woodlawn, Alberta
and Irvington cars.
Rev. Calvin B. Waller Will
Speak at White Temple.
Pastor Who Oecapled Pulpit for
Short Time Is Back Again.
iu oo
130 3S
122 00
Piltrrim Conicreeational. Portland.. I4.t0.00
Calvary Presbyterian. Portland.... 1M0
Mlipah Presbyterian, Portland.... 100.00
Vernon Prbvteriajj. Portland ... liHVOO
CorvaiHs Christian K6.81
McMinnvU'.e Christian ."
Hope Presbyterian, Portland SS OS
Albany United Presbyterian 83.29
Ock -ev Green Lnited Evangelical,
Marshall Street Presbyterian, Fort
land Glencoe Baptist, Portland ........
Orants Pass Christian
University Park Baptist, Portland
Fwediah Baptist. Portland ........
Fairmoant Christian. Eugene .....
Kenton United Presbyterian, Port
land Forest Orove Christian
Waltervilie Sunday school ........
Ontario Congregational ..........
Arieta Baptist, Portland .........
Astoria Church of Christ .........
Flret Baptist. Redtnond
Mallory Avenue Union of Rodney
avenue and Woodlawn) Christian
Mt. Tabor Methodist, Portland....
Reformed Presbyterian. Portland..
Hl:l-sda Union
Kenllworth Presbyterian. Portland
Millard Avenue Presbyterian, Port
land Gladstone Christian
First Christian, Salem
First Baptist, Roaetursr
First German Ba&tkst. Portland...
sent to- church board to be apportioned
between, near east relief and Kuropean
81. 00
64 75
62 28
60 00
Nation Observes Today as
"Famine Sunday."
Cbnrrhe I.annrh Greatest Char
itable Bffort Ever Undertaken.
the history of America can par
allel that now under way under aus
pices of the church branch of the
American Committee for China Fam
ine Fund, Bible house, Astor place.
New York city, with the Kev. F. W.
Bible, veteran missionary of the Pres
byterians, actively in charge. China,
where millions of the money of Amer
ican church members has been in
vested In work among the Chinese, is
In distress, famine threatening to
wipe out the population of the north
ern provinces of Shensi, Sbansi, Chihli,
Honan and Shantung the greatest
agricultural district, where Christian
ity has made its greatest headway.
The churches purpose to use the emer
gency to show China that America's
Interest is real and practical; that
saving lives goes with saving souls.
Today has been designated as
"China Famine Sunday" in the
churches throughout the nation.
Aside from the impetus naturally to
ensue for the campaign to aid the
Chinese famine victims, the day will
be eventful as marking the first real
concerted philanthropic effort of
American churches. There never has
been an occasion when responses have
shown so many willing to act simul
taneously. China's call for help awakens, as
perhaps that of no other nation could
do, a spirit of willingness on the part
of American churchmen. The need
for practical help in China Is regarded
as a challenge and February 6 will
come as a welcome test of American
missionary xeaX All preparations
T THE First Baptist church
(White Temple) the pulpit will
be occupied today by Rev. Calvin E.
Waller, D. D pastor of the Second
Baptist church of Little Rock. Ark.
It will be recalled that Dr. Waller
was formerly the Pastor of the White
Temple for a. short period, being com
pelled to leave Portland because of
to answer that he has plenty of ma
terial for the next half dozen Sun-1
days. The questions he will answer I
tonight are:
1. Why do sectarians oppose the!
Smith-Towner bill that would create I
a needed national department of edu- I
2. Is the supreme court's decision )
in the Duplex case against "secondary
boycotts Just?
3. Are Harold Bell Wright's novels
antagonistic to Christianity?
4. Is world-wide disarmament poa- I
5. Does God ever violate bis own
6. Would yon declare an actor In
eligible to church membership, as thel
Methodist bishops recently did?
This "question and answer service
will be preceded by a brief organ re- I
cital at which Ethel Lynn Ross will
play the following: "Cavatina (Raff),
"Prayer" (Lemaigre), "Eventide"
The Congregational pastor is de
livering two sets of midweek lectures!
ne on "Dante, the 600th anni
versary of whose birth is being cele
brated this year, and the other on
The Life and Teachings of Jesus." I
his wife's healtn. Many of his friends I The "Dante" lectures
win ne giaa ot mis opportunity oi
hearing him and his messages.
At the morning service at 11 o'clock
he will speak on "That Worthy
iame, p and at 7:4a P. 21. his theme
will be "What Is the Matter With
the World?" The temple quartet will
furnish music. The celebration of
the Lord's supper will take Place at
the close of the morning service.
are given
Dr. S. J. Reld. superintendent of
evangelism, will preach both this
morning and tonight in the East Side
Baptist church. East Twentieth and
Salmon streets. This morning his
subject will be "A Habit That Pays."
At the close of the service the ordi
nance of the Lord's Supper will be
observed, and all new members will
receive t ie hand of fellowship.
Tonight Dr. Reld will take for his
theme "A Wonder in Heaven." This
pulpit will be filled by Dr. Reld
throughout the month of February.
Twenty-one new members were re
ceived into the church the Past month
and others are awaiting baptism.
The mid-week service, which Is
held on Wednesday night at 7:30, is
In charge of the deacons. Dr. Reid
will speak on the subject "A Stolen
"The Mountain Feast" will be the
theme of the morning sermon at the I year.
Third Baptist church today. Follow
ing the morning sermon the ordinance
of the Lord's Supper will be observed.
A baptismal service will open the
worship at night. This will be fol
lowed by a congregational song serv
ice led by Mrs. Lou Gray. The or
chestra, which recently has -been or
ganized, will assist. The pastor. Rev.
TL E. Close, will deliver the last In
Wednesday afternoons to the women's
association. This feature has added
to the numbers who attend the weekly
meetings of that association. The
special topic for next Wednesday is
Dante's 'Inferno. The lectures on
The Life of Christ" are gWen Thurs
day evenings. The topic for next
Thursday evening is "Christ's Idea
of Man."
TheAlumni Christian Endeavor Fel
lowship will hold a dinner tomorrow
evening in the Sunday school room.
E P. Gates, general secretary of the
Lnited Society of Christian Endeavor,
will deliver the principal address.
Tickets for this dinner can be had
from Miss Mattie Cleland or Allyn
Next Friday evening the Intermedi
ate Christian Endeavor society will
hold a St. Valentine's party in the
parlors of the church. C Jay Walker,
who has been carrying on the pub
lic'ty campaign for the Christian En
deavor convention at Corvallis, Feb-
bruary 11, 12 and 13. plans to take a
-w - . -... . ;.. i I
Above Chinese peasants doing the work of animals eaten In Chinese fam
ine. Right John D. Rockefeller Jr., generous contributor to the
famine fund, partaking of a typical famine district meal of bark,
roots and leaves at the China famine fund luncheon at the. Hotel
Blltmore, New York
scholar, with special ability along!
piophetic lines.
In the evening, in harmony with
the national Boy Scout week observ
ance, Dr. Staub will have for his
topic: "Knighthood of Christian
Character." The church troop, 67
' j.i ' .i , .'v,. -i will be in attendance, under Scout-
of First churcn to uorvains.
Last Thursday evening the officers
and chairmen of the many commit
tees of the Young People s association
enjoyed dinner together at the church
and planned the work for the new
Next Wednesday evening Mrs. H. A.
Roberts' class for business young
women will hold a dinner at the
At the brotherhood dinner Monday
evening, February 14, Dr. Basset, the
new professor of psychology at Reed
college, and John E. Gratke, secre
tary of the 1925 exposition, will De
the speakers. Charles Diamond, the
a series of New Tear talks to young Hawaiian musician, will give a pro-
people on "The Flower of Youth and
the Sua of Righteousness."
Rev. Oren T. Dav will epeak this
morning on "Jesus' Loyalty to His
Followers." This sermon will be par
ticularly to Christian people. At 7:30
P. M. there will be a service of song.
led by J. D. MacFall and the chorus
choir. Rev. Mr. Day will preach. He
will answer the question, "Is a Chris
tian Life Worth a Struggle?"
The subject of the midweek meet
ing will be "Faith." The chorus
meets for rehearsal every Thursday
at 8 P. M. Anyone who wishes to be
come a member will be welcomed at
any rehearsal.
Rev. Mr. Day s Bible class recently
was entertained at the home of Mrs.
Hartmus. Forty-five yourog people
enjoyed a sooial hour and refresh
ments. The class is being reorganized
and will be heard from In the future.
Baptist mass meetings and confer
ences will be held at White Temple
February 14 and 15. The principal
speakers will be Dr. C. A. Brooks of
New York, superintendent of city and
foreign-speaking Baptist churches of
America; Mrs. H. W. Peabody of Bos
ton, first vice-president of the Wom
en's Baptist Foreign Missionary so
ciety, and Rev. W. H. Bowler of the
department of promotion.
Dr. Brooks and Mrs. Peabody will
address a special mass meeting at
East Side Baptist church next Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Feb. 5. (Spe
cial.) A large delegation of Bap
tists will attend the missionary con
ference of that church, February 10,
in Chehalls. Reservations for the
event are being made for the Aber
deen people by Rev. Mumper of this
The Portland Bible ieague will hold
Its regular monthly meeting in the
parlor of the Sunnyside Congrega
tional church tomorrow afternoon at
2:30 o'clock. Dr. J. J. Staub -will speak
cn The Divine Programme for the
Present Age." A cordial Invitation to
attend is extended to all lovers of
HiM studr
gramme of music. Judge George Ross-
man will preside.
Friday evening, February 18, the
Pacific university alumni will hold a
rsllv in the Congregational church
parlors. A special train will bring
150 students from Forest Grove and
many residents of the town to boost
for the $2,000,000 endowment fund.
the campaign for which will begin on
March 1.
Walter S. Bakgr is the leader of
the senior tinaeavor meeting ana iee
Inmsn Is the leader of the intermedi
ate Endeavor meeting tonight.
Rev. Elbert E. Flint, pastor of At
kinson Memorial Congregational
church, will give St. Paul's message
this morning at 11 o clock, on safety
first, or "Poise in Radicalism."
Tonight the Boy Scouts of the
church, troop 84, will participate In
the services as part of the programme
of the national Boy Scout anniversary
week. The parents are invited to at
tend with the boys, and the pastor
will speak to them on the topic,
"Christian Boyhood" as exemplified in
the Scout oath. The sermon will be
Illustrated with a fine set of slides on
the Boy Scout work and with moving
pictures. .
The men's organization, known as
the Forum, will hold its monthly
meeting Wednesday evening with a
dinner at 6:45 o'clock. Addresses and
a good programme have been pro
vided. see
Friends and members of the Sunny
side Congregational church. East
Thirty-second and Taylor streets, will
have a special treat this morning in
the presence of Rev. R, M. Stevenson-,
S. R. G. S., pastor of the First Con
gregational church of Port Angeles,
Wash., who will speak on "Among
the Head-Hunters of the South Seas."
Mr. Stevenson is a cousin of the late
Robert Louis Stevenson, the writer,
and comes under the auspices of the
British Royal Geographic society. He
has done a large amount of exploring
and research work in Africa, In South
America and the South Sea islands.
Besides being a missionary of much,
experience and wide travel, Mr. Stev
enson is a great linguist and Bible
master John A. Read, as well as troop
40, under Scoutmaster W. W. Knight
The Ladies' Relief corps of Sunnyside
will present troop 67 with a Scout
flag, the first of its kind in the city.
Some of the features of the service
will be given by the scouts them
selves, such as declaration of the
scout laws, ecout-song, and soma of
the scout bustle calls.
The interdenominational Bible class
vlll meet as usual Wednesday at 7:45
P. M. Study will be the first chapter
cf Daniel, led by Dr. Staub.
Monday evening the monthly social
of the men's league will be held.
Dagna Berg will have charge of the
programme. May Lou'se Wilson will
be the reader of the evening and Mar
garet Hyatt and Mrs. R. B. Bull
winkle will be the instrumentalists.
One of Portland's prominent citizens
will give the address of the evening
on a live topic. All friends and mem
bers of the church are invited, both
men and women.
Before Easter the men's league is
planning to present the famous new
pictures on the life of Christ.
Unitarians Announce Plans
for Busy Week.
Time of Mornins; Service and Also
- School Is Changed.
'Spirit" Will Be Subject in
Science Churches Today.
Testimonies of Healing Will De
Given Wednesday Night.
THE bulletin of the Church of Our
Father (Unitar'an), Broadway at
Yamhill street, contains' announce
ments for a very active week, - The
most important announcement, how
eer. Is the change of hour for the
morning service and the church
school. The former will be at 10:80
o'clock, beginning today, and the lat
ter at 12 o'clock, after the morning
service. The subject of the morning
sermon will be "Heresy Toward
Christ, and Heresy Toward Man."
In the afternoon at 4:39 o'clock
there will - be an informal reception
and musicale held injthe chapel. The
general pudhc is coraiaiiy inviLeu:
and will enjoy a fine musical pro
gramme prepared by the quartet
choir, May Dearborn Sohwab (who
tskes Mrs. Hucke's place today, on
account of Mrs. Hucke's illness). Myt
ilene Fraker Stites, J. Robs' Farero
and Walter Hardwick. Ralph W.
Hoyt and Mrs. Walter Hardwick will
accompany at the piano. Mr. Fargo
and Mrs. Stites will each sing solos.
At the morning service the choir
will sing "Be Still. Then, and Know,"
Buck. The offertory solo will be
sung by May Dearborn Schwab.
The morning subject of Rev. J. C.
Mergler, pastor of Vernon Presby
terian church, will be "Kingdom In
terests," and the evening topic "The
Solution to the World's Problem of
PIRIT" will be the subject of
the lesson in churches of Christ
Scientist today;.
All Christian Science churches will
hold regular services this morning at
II o'clock, and all but the Fim and
Seventh tonight at 8 o'clock.
The Wednesday night meetings,
which include testimonies of Chris
tian Science healing, will be held at
8 o'clock.
Free public reading rooms are
maintained at 1133 Northwestern
Bank building and at 266 Burnside
street, to which the public is invited.
Sunday school is held in all the
churches at 9:45 and 11 o'clock ex
cept Third and Fifth, which hold
sessions at 9:30 and 11.
The churches are as follows: -
First Nineteenth and Everett streets.
Second East Sixth street and Hoiladay
Third East Twelfth and Salmon streets.
Fourth Vancouver avenue and Emerson
Fifth Sixty-second avenue and Forty.
second street Southeast.
sixtn pythlan temple. 3S8. Yamhill
Seventh 10$ Smith avenue, St. Johns,
Rev. G. W. Gaertner of Seattle will
occupy the pulpit in the service for
the deaf at Rodney avenue and Ivy
street tnis aiternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
The sermon topic will be: "The Chris
tians' Duties as to God, the World
and Their Brethren."
All who are deaf are most cordially
invitea to auena.
W. W. Aber. pastor of the First
Church of Psychic Science, Eleventh
and Alder streets, will deliver a lec
ture upon the subject "The Seen and
the Unseen Worlds" and followed by
The Psychical Research center
meets Sunday at 7:45 P. M. In the
Portland hotel assembly room. Lec
ture and demonstrations will be given
by Robert Schmus and others. There
will be special music. All are wel
come. At the Realization league H. Ed
ward Mills will address the meeting
at 11 o'clock on "What the Compto
meter Teaches."
The First Spiritualist church. East
Seventh and Hassalo streets, will
hold regular Sunday meetings at S
and 8 P. M. Short addresses will be
made by C. W. Shaw, followed with
messages by Mrs. Downes and Mr.
Shaw, and solos by Mrs. Schneider
and Miss Fishburn. '
The First Spiritual Science church
will hold services Sunday at 3 P. M.
and 8 P. M. in Manchester hall, 85
Fifth street. Lectures will be made j
by Rev. Max Hoffman and Mrs. L. E.
Philips. The subject will be "Thel
Value of Prayer." The public Is cor
dially Invited to all meetings.
The lecture topic at the Independ
ent Bible Spiritualistic society and
church,- for tonight at 8 o'clock, will
be "The Harmony of All Church
Creeds." The success and health
circle meets Tuesday night at 8
o'clock. A publio demonstration
meeting will be held Thursday night
at 8 o'clock. Rev. J. C. and Ida M.
Schorl are the pastors.
"Know Thyself" will be the sub
ject of a lecture by Chas R. Miller,
at the Scientific Christian Spiritualist
church at Alisky hall on Morrison
street eiwn and an address at 7:30 P. M.
streets. This Is the third of a series .
of lectures on spirit development. At
Young People's society will present a
farce in two acts entitled "The
Fascinating Fanny Brown" at the
Lincoln high school auditorium with
the following cast: Misses M. Louise
Hays, Edna D. Moore. L. Claire Wil
son, Edith Burke, Mabelle McLay,
Hilda McLay. William F. Robertson,
Theo. E. Dittebrandt and Stephen D.
"The Symbolism of the Cross" will
be this morning's sermon theme at St.
Andrew's Episcopal church, Ports
mouth. Rev. John D. Rice is vicar.
The Ash Wednesday services will
consist of a celebration of the Holy
communion at 9 A. M. and the litany
3 P. M the mediums will
spirit messages and the pastor. Rev.
R. M. Singleton, will preach the ser
mon. Test circles will be held at 5
P. M. for messages and divine heal
ing. The evening services will be
held at 8 o'clock and a sermon on
Christ's healing and his promise to
those who believe, will be delivered
by Rev. R. M. Singleton.
Service for Boy Scouts Will
Be Conducted.
First MetbodiMt Church Troops to
Attend Exercises.
AT THE First Methodist church
today, at the evening service
hour, 7:45 o'clock, there will be a Boy
Scout service. Besides an address
by E. T. Gruwell and a special ser
mon to boys by Dr. Stansfield, mem
bers of scout troops 49 and 85, both
In First church, will give the fol
lowing exercises.
Bugle call Troop 49.
Flag salute Congregation stand
ing. Scout laws By a scout.
American Boy Scout yell Both
There also, w'll be special patriotic
music by the quartet and large choral
At the morning service at 10:30
o'clock. Dr. Stansfield, by request.
will preach on "Such Is Life. The
text will be from Deut. ii:ll "The
land whither ye go to possess it is a
land of hills and of valleys.
Rev. W. S. Gordon, pastor of the
Sellwood Methodist church, will
speak this morning at 11 o'clock on
The Guide of My Youth," a special
address to young folk and boys and
girls. At 7:30 o'clock the subject
will be "The Life of Love.
Among the singers recently added
to the choir is Mrs. Bessie Carson,
a mezzo soprano. Professor F. C.
Streyfeller is director. There will be
a reception of members at the close
of the morning service.
The Sunday school will meet at 8:45
A. M, the Junior league at 2:30
P. M. and the Epworth league at
6:30 P. M. Mrs. Alice Alexander will
have charge of the Epworth meetng
for a few weeks, and in a very real-
lstio way will make a tour of the
world, visiting different mission sta
tions and studying conditions there.
The use of large charts adds much
to the interest of these studies. All
are Invited to join the class.
A mid-week service is held every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
The church is located at East Fif
teenth street and Tacoma avenue.
The community surrounding Ep
worth Methodist church is appreciat
ing the service being given in a mu
sical way by O. F. Herse, who Is
conducting the chorus choir.
The pastor of the Clinton Kelly
Memorial Methodist Episcopal church,
Powell and East Fortieth streets, has
been speaking about "The Man In
side" and "The Unfinished Man.
This morning he will speak on man's
assets and obligations or "Am I in
Debt?" The Epworth league will
hold its young people's service at
6:45 P. M. There will be no evening
preaching service.
At the First Norwegian Danish
Methodist Episcopal church. Eigh
teenth and Hoyt streets, C. Aug.
Peterson, the pastor, will preach at
11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M. His subject
will be "Waters From the Old' Wells"
and "What Must We Do to Be Lost?
The birthday of Mrs. Cranston,
widow of Bishop Cranston, will be
honored by the Methodist Women's
Foreign Missionary society of the
Portland district in services of prayer
and short addresses on missions at
the First Methodist church tomorrow.
Services will be at 10 A. M. and 1
P. M.
At the Rose City Park Methodist
Episcopal church today Dr. C. W.
Huett, the pastor, will speak In the
morning at 11 o clock, taking as his
ubject '"Conscription." JJr. Huett will
show the relation that conscription
has to the religious life, as revealed
in both the Old and New Testaments.
In the evening Rev. Abel Eklund,
soon to go as a missionary to Singa
pore, will speak. It will be worth
Mr. .tJKiuna ana nis
At Central Presbyterian, church,
East Thirteenth and Pine streets. Dr.
Nugent will preach this morning from
the topic, "The Treasure Unsur
passed," this being the fourth sermon
in a series on the kingdom of heaven,
and in the evening the subject of
the discourse will be, "Asleep in a
Storm." The evening sermons during
the month of February will be taken
from the book of John.
At the morning service there will
be a reception of new members; also
the sacrament of baptism will be ad
ministered. There will be special music at both
services by the chorus choir, con
ducted by William Belcher.
The choir and the Sohubert, which
is also directed by Mr. BelcbeT, went
to Forest Grove last Thursday eve-nJng-
anj gave a sacred concert at
the First Congregational church.
They were enthusiastically received
by a large audience.
Revival services conducted at the
church of the Brethren, corner Borth-
wick and Brainard streets, are still In
progress. with interest growing.
Baptismal services are being held at
the close of the evening services.
evangelistic talks by discussing "The
Heed Versus Heart in the Experience
of Religion."
The quartet under Professor Hutchi
son's direction will have special music.
In the morning J. p. Mulder and lom
Zan will sing a duet, "Come Unto
Him" (Faure), while in the evening
Mrs. F. Beagles will sing a contralto
solo, '"The Evening Prayer" (Costa).
The Woman's association through
it's industrial branch will meet Tues
day from 10 A. M. to 5 1". M. to rush
their sewing for the lted Cross. At
the last meeting there was a splendid
attendance and the work accom
plished was very gratifying. .
Pastor to Speak on Divine
Occulist Today.
Rrv. William . K. llrlnkmnn Will
lie Speaker at Sit. James' t surra.
'Education," Topic Today
at Brethren Churches.
Flrtlntc Sen-Ices Arranged for AU
Congrearatlons in City.
"HE United Brethren churches of
A the city will observe denomina
tional education day with appropriate
services today. At 11 A. M. Dr. Byron
J. Clark will speak on "Education, a
Blessing or a Curse," In the First
church, at Fifteenth and East Morri
son streets. Special music will add
to the interest. At 7:30 P. M. the
Whitney boys' chorus will give a con
cert. At the 11 A. M. service In Second
United Brethren church. Twenty-seventh
and Sumner streets, of which
Rev. Ira Hawley Is pastor. Dr. L. L.
Epley, president of the denomina
tional college at Philomath, Or., will
give an address on "Religious Educa
tion." The service at 7:30 P. M. will
mark the beginning of a special series
of meetings to be conducted every
evening. Rev. E. O. Shepherd will as
sist the pastor. The Sunday evening
service will be a union meeting of
three troops of Boy Scouts and a spe
cial address by Kev. Mr. Shepherd.
The chorus will assist by rendering
special music
At 11 A. M. Rev. E. O. Shepherd,
pastor of the Third United Brethren
church. Sixty-seventh street and
Thirty-second avenue Southeast, will.
speak on "God, the Greater Power."
The chorus will sing an anthem. In
the evening at 8 o'clock Dr. L. L
Epley of Philomath United Brethren
college will speak on "Religious Edu
cation.". A special solo will be ren
dered., A Bible class has been organ
ized in the Sunday school and all in
terested in Bible study are asked to
Rev. Leila Luckley, pastor of the
Fourth United Brethren church, Tre-
mont station, will preach at 11 A. M.
op "Preparedness. At s P. M. tne
brotherhood will hold Its regular
monthly meeting and a special speak
er will give an address. At 7:30 P. M.
the pastor will speak on "The Tal
ents." The choir will sing at all
services. 1
James English Lutheran church. West
Park and Jefferson streets, at 11
A. M by Rev. William K. Brlnkman,
pastor. This sermon will deal with
the proper outlook the Christian
wrld should have in anticipation of
the coming lenten season, which opens
Ash Wednesday, February 9.
Tonight at 7:45 the address will be
"Is the Christian Church Merely a
Humanly Organized and Directed In
stitution?" The Sunday school will hold It
session In the church chapel at 9:50
A. M. The Young Peoples' Luther
league will hold its Sunday night de
votions at 6:43.
"Want and Plenty" will be the topio
for discussion. The meeting will be
led by Foster Blake. Lenten services
will be conducted Ash Wednesday
night at 7:45 in the church chapel.
The pastor will give a Lenten so.rmon
on the subject "Companionship in
The Sunday school of the Clay
Street Evangelical church at Tenth
and Clay streets, west side, will be-N
e.m o-i ana win oe in cnarge ot i
the superintendent. E. J. Keller. Atl
10:45 the pastor will preach a mis
sionary sermon on the subject "What
Is the Purpose of This Dlsvensatloii?"
At 3 o'clock the pastor will conduct
a service at the Altenheim at Division
street. E.ra Graher will condm-t the
Young People's meeting at ti:30 and
at 7:30 the pastor will preach an
other missionary sermon on the sub
ject "The Church of God."
Revival meetings will be held at
the Swedish Tabernacle, Gllsan and
North Seventeenth street, beginning
Tuesday, February S, at 7:30 P. M.
nd continuing every da-y, except
Saturday, over February 20. The
Rev. Frank Lindblad, evangelist of
the Young People's Covenant, of the
Northwest, a popular revival preach
er, will speak in English every even
ing and Sundays at 3:30 and 7:30
P. M. At 11 A. M. Kev. C. J. Ledin
will preach in Swedish Sundays.
There will be good powerful singing
at all the meetings. Everybody who
understands English is cordially in
vited to attend.
Sacrament to Be Observed
at Presbyterian Church.
Brief Address This Morning: by
Dr. Rowman Uuartet to Sing;
and Contralto Solo to He Given.
First Christian Church
Elects New Officers.
Mr. C riff l Will I'rrarh
Mornlnir and Mlibt.
whilA tn hear
plans and ideals for his new field of , a Bpeciai musical feature of a gospel
AT the First Presbyterian church,
corner of Twelfth and Alder
streets, the sacrament of the Lord's
supper will be observed at the morn
ing service with reception of new
members. A brief address will be
given by the pastor. Dr. Harold
Leonard Bowman, in connection with
this service. In the evening at 7:30
o'clock. Dr. Bowman will preach on
"The Glory of the Commonplace."
The quartet will sing at both serv
ices and there will be a contralto
solo at the morning service by Mrs.
Virginia Spencer Hutchinson, "Be
fore the Crucifix" (La Forge). Also
at the evening service there will be
Ash Wednesday Services to
Be Held at Trinity.
Dr. A. A. Morrison to Deliver Short
Sermon at 11 A. 31.
T ENTEN services at Trinity church
as announced will be Interesting.
On Ash Wednesday there will be a
service at 11 o'clock with a short ser-
on by the rector. Dr. A. A. Morri
On Monday. W ednesday and Friday
at 4:30 o'clock in the chapel there will
be a short service with a brief talk
bv the rector.
Trinity Women's guild meets each
week on Wednesdays from 10 until 4
o'clock to sew for the Good Samaritan
hosnital. Persons interested are cor
dially Invited to "assist in this work
and will be most welcome.
The Mission guild of Trinity church
meets each Monday from 2 until 5
o'clock and Is busy this Lent sewing
for several of the charitable organ
izations of the city.
Old English traditions of Shrove
Tuesday will be revived at the parish
hall of St. Andrew's Episcopal church,
Portsmouth, next Tuesday night. A
pancake supper will be served by the
women of the guild to the guests who
line the festive board. The follow
ing will serve: Mesdames S. D. Niles,'
Earl Hoyt. Forest L. Dille, Howard
Smith, H. B. Allen, Mary Hawkins.
Mary I. Allen, R. Huston, Jane Otter
stedt, E. C. Fazaackerly, George A.
Thomas, Paul Thyng and Alfred
Hutchinson. They will be assisted by
members of the Girls' Friendly so
ciety. The Young People's society of St. I
Stephen's pro-cathedral will hold
their regular meeting today at 6:30
P. M. In the parish house at the cor
ner of xmrteentn ana uiay streets.
Miss Edith Burke will lead, and Mrs.
T. W. Kirby will be the principal
speaker. Special muslo has been ar
ranged. On Monday evening the
song service led by Walter Jenkins.
The Sunday school of the First
Presbyterian church is held at noon.
Immediately after the morning church
service. This school has a variety of
Bible classes and departments which
are suitable to all and a cordial wel
come is given to all who wish to
engage In serious Bible study.
The Warren Bible class for young
women and the vesper class of the
First Presbyterian church will wel
come 19 of their members who are to
unite with the church at the morning
communion. At 12 o'clock the War
ren Bible class will hear a lesson
especially adapted to new church
The 4 o'clock vesper service has a
mixed audience of more than 100 anJ
the lesson will be "The Life of
Joseph," which will be discussed after
the presentation in lecture form.
Young people away from home will
find, this service attractive. The or
chestra will give two overtures ani
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Curtis will sing
several numbers. The doors will be
open to the public. A song service,
led by Clinton O. Bay, will begin
promply at 4:15 o'clock. Entrance ll
to the lecture room at 454 Alder
Westminster Presbyterian church.
East Seventeenth and Schuyler
streets, will be the mecca for the
Christian endeavorers of this city
Monday evening. At 6:15 the Inter
mediates will have a banquet and
about 200 will be there. At 8 In the
church auditorium will be the rally
for all endeavorers of the city. The
main speakers will be national lead
ers, Paul Brown and E. P. Gates. This
Is a "pep" rally preceding the great
state convention at Corvallis, Febru
ary 11-13.
Next Sunday the renowned mis
sionary and statesman of India, Sam
Higginbottom. is expected. He has
revolutionized agricultural conditions
in certain sections of that country as
well as bringing the people the gospel
of Christianity.
Today Dr. Pence will speak in the
morning on "The Delights of God,"
while in the evening he continues his
AT THE annual election of officers
held recently at the First Chris
tian church, the following members
were chosen for the leadership uf the
congregation during the ensuing
year: Elders J. F. Faust, M. D.
Owens, W. L. McFarling, Dr. A. Skip
pen, O. M. Murphey and J. M. Wells;
deacons, George F. Alexander, A IL
Averill, G. Billingsley, Carl 11. Prown,
B. C. Darnell, F. A. Douty, L D. Fer
guson, F. A. Grldley, HiiKh Hall. A. S.
Hawk. F. G. King and C. O. McKeyn
olds. The pastor, the Rev. Harold H.
Griffis. will have for his sermon t-ub-ject
this morning at 11 o'clock, "The
Supreme Spiritual Dynamic." The
evening worship at 7:45 o'clock will
begin with the administration of the
ordinance of baptism, following which
the pastor will speak on "The Gospel
in Nature."
Appropriate music for these serv
ices will be given by the church quar
tet under the direction of Mrs. Fred
h. Newton, the musical programme
including the contralto solo, "Beyond
the Dawn" (Sanderson), by Beatrice
rainier, and the duet, "Bethel" (I'ro
theroe), by W. G. Mannan and Miss
The young people of the church will
have entire charge of the evening
programme at the Church of Christ.
Four Christian Endeavdrers will
sneak on the Keneral theme of "Fel
lowship." Music will be furnished by
an intermediate and senior endeavor ,
choir, with a special number by the J
Junior endeavorers. r
The laymen committee of the Chris
tian churches, consisting of two mem
bers from each congregation, will
meet next Wednesday in the churi-h
building at Rodney and Knott streets.
Today is the day of prayer or all
the churches of the Evangelical asso
ciation in America, where the entire
membership is urged to especially
pray for home and for foreign mis
sions and for the forward movement.
Conference on Unification
of Churches Begins.
Prominent Churchmen of I'nlted
States at Gatbrrlnic In St. I.ouls.
Other Meetings to lie Held.
LOUIS, Mo., Feb. 5. The first of
conferences, looking toward unifica
tion of all Christian denominations,
opened here Thursday, with promi
nent churchmen present from various
sections of the country.
Similar conferences are scheduled
to be held at Dallas. Tex., February
5 to 7. and at Cleveland and Balti
more, respectively, in Easter week.
Methods of effecting harmony and
co-operation among the Christian
sects will be the paramount lssne be
fore all the conferences, according to
Rt. Rev. F. F. Johnson of this city,
coadjutor bishop of the Episcopal
diocese of Missouri, chairman of the
arrangements committee.
"It is expected," Bishop Johnson ex
plained, "that the conference will is
sue a strong appeal to the churches
of America for co-operation and unity
of fellowship, with ultimate union ot
all denominations as the end to be
desired and rained."
The conferences were called by the
Association for the Promotion of
Christian Unity, the president ot
which is Rev. Peter Ainslie of Balti
local conference continued
Jhrough Friday. Among the speakers.
were: Bishop Ethelbert Talbot of V
Bethlehem, Ta., of the commission on 1
i ..:., n Ka 1.'..!.. ...1
church; Rev. Francis K. Clark of
Boston, founder of the Christian En
deavor society; Robert H. Gardiner of
(Concluded on rage 6.)