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VOL.. XXi.
NO. 0
Mary Garden Is Sensation
In Gotham as Impresario.
Invasion of Kew York by Chicago
Opcrm Organisation la llaihcr
Coolly Accrpted, but the Svaaon
Promiaea to Be Brilliant.
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Last Week
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Last Week
A Mighty Sale That Should Bring Every Bargain Seeker Here
Positively the Most Remarkable Demonstration of
Furniture Merchandising Ever Given Portland People
A value-giving event that brought thousands here the opening week of this sale now we swing into the finish just six more
days in which to take advantage of these remarkable offerings. We are determined to make this sale stand out in your memory
we have gone all the way and have prepared such remarkable bargains that no one can afford to let them pass.
This Is a Sale of Quality Merchandise
It provides the kind of house furnishings YOU want at a lower price than
you ever expected to pay furniture, carpets, rugs, linoleums, bedding,
ranges, drapery materials, juvenile goods are all included in this remark
able clearance. It is a disposal that embraces goods of all grades from the
Bargains Beyond
$14.50 roll-edge 40-lb. layer felt C 7 AC
mattresses w . '
$52.50 quartered oak high-back C O A QA
adjusto chairs J? Llt.j3
$373.00 three-piece cane and ma- 5J9 9 C H 0
hogany living room suite $LLj,j3
$26.75 quartered oak leather- Q 19 1C
seat rockers V m.L,OD
$62.75 quartered oak colonial G OQ QA
buffet with mirror...' 4
$115.00 tapestry davenports, CQ 7C
loose-cushion seats w jjmD
$17.25 William and Mary dining jjj 8 95
$44.50 ivory enamel wood bed, 9 1 A(
heavy paneled i? aI.tIU
$65.00 mahogany davenport flj '50 QA
table, period design w dUJJ
$39.75 quartered oak Morris CJ 10 CO
chairs with reversible cushions. $ sDJ
$150.00 large tapestry daven- fl O'l TA
ports loose-cushion spring seats r Ox.OU
$99.00 Louis XVI Chifferettes, C Al nc
now B xl. D
$150.00 50-inch walnut dining -O 7 C
table, period design w OeJ
Ll IK "71 O 1
For Less Than You Ever Paid
Our big bedding department contributes to this sale some of the most unusual val
ues ever offered on equal merchandise. Come and select blankets now buy them for
present needs for next year for prices never will be lower.
$14.85 high-grade plaidable blankets in blue, tan, gray, pink, wool mixture $5.95
$ 9.85 double blankets in white with blue or pink border, wool nap 3.95
$ 7.85 plaid blankets with check patterns in blue, tan and pink 3.15
$10.50 blankets in five colors all bound '. 4.20
$17.50 blankets, 65 per cent wool, choice of colors 7.00
$22.50 wool blankets in blue or pink 9.00
$26.85 wool blankets in three colors 10.75
$12.50 plaid blankets, all bound, choice of three colors 5.00
$ 8.35 blankets, choice of five colors 3.55
A Few Examples of Rugs and Carpet Values
$2.25 velvet stair carpet, special, per yard $1.53
$3.00 velvet carpet, per yard 1.57
$2.45 velvet carpet, per yard , 1.58
$1.10 tapestry stair and hall carpet, per yard 73
$10.50 6x9 wool and fiber rugs 6.85
3 patterns 9x12 tapestry Brussels rugs, extreme value 17.95
$3.50 and $3.75 tapestry Brussels rugs, 27x54 inches ' 2.35
Hugro carpet sweepers, to close. .' .. 3.38
medium to the very finest. Everyone can come and save do not let this
opportunity slip by see our show windows see what we are doing and
then come in and get your share of the bargains.
That Will Utterly
Astound You
$23.75 walnut finish tea wagons, C Q Q C
now $ J JO
$3.95 oak, leather -top foot- fl 1 z;C
stools v l.UO
$28.50 silk floss 35-lb. art tick C 11 HC
mattresses, Rummage price. . .'.
$95.00 period wood beds, Rum- O 1A Cfi
...age Sale price w Ot.JU
"tored oak plank top C 'IC
pedestal dining tables v
$13.00 quartered oak, leather- C A QC
seat box diners. w
$95.00 William and Mary 48-inch Q Af) nC
Jacobean dining table J
$47.50 compartment felt, high- tf OA
grade art tick mattresses w 41 O
$159.00 William and Mary wal- Q 7Q CO
nut buffet $ V
$28.50 round pedestal dining fl 1f QA
table, oak finish
$148.50 walnut Queen Anne Q 1L Cf
dressers iU.JV
$929.00 9-piece Queen Anne wal- CCIA 00
nut dining room suite p J U V. V V
$40.00 full-size satin brass beds, gj 27 65
This Advertisement Is Merely an Index to Values
We list but a few of the hundreds of rummage bargains here,
but the variety of things you can get for home comforts is
simply amazing come often,for each day new pieces are added.
Please Shop in the Morning
Better service can be given and you will avoid the rush of the
afternoon crowds come early shop comfortably and get
first choice of the bargains we offer.
NEW YORK, Feb. 5. (Special.)
It looks now as though the
peak of the musical season would
be reached within the next aix
weeks, which means that In addition
to everything that Is part and parcel
of New York the Chicago Opera asso
ciation at the Manhattan will be
added.. One of the pen-wleldcrs of
musical events In New York says,
either In the form of a threat or a
promise, that a season as brilliant as
the present one never will be wit
nessed again to which the veritable
army of this fraternity adds "Let us
Just what psychological, logical or
political reasons will cause things to
be different cannot be divined, but
It Is to lie hoped that they will be
different. No one can believe that
this 19 a healthy state of musical af
faris when the week following the
concert few persona can remember
the names of the artists who ap
peared. Debut concerts during this
season have been nothing short of
tragical, and few have left the slight
est impression upon the minds of the
overworked public.
Mary la Whole Garden.
The all-engrossing feature is Mary
Garden, impresaria, and there seems
to be no one anywhere who doubts
that she can crown herself and the
company with glory. No one knows
exactly how to designate her, as the
"diva" is not sufficiently encompass
ing and the' "lmpressaria" Is equally
Inefficient so far as jvord values are
concerned. However, those who have
seen her In her new capacity are will
ing to call her Just Mary Garden,
believing that this expresses every
thing. "It is most singular." said Miss
Garden, "to think that I should come
back to New York in a new role in
the old house which is fraught with
so many beautiful memories for me,
and which seems like an inspiration.
I am not superstitious, but It seems
as though success must come to my
effort in that house, because atep by
step I loved my work by the side of
those two great figures In the oper
atic history of this country, Oscar
Hammersteln and Cleofante Campa
nini, and they were gracious enough
to talk plans and productions over
with me.
"I had had a great amount of ex
perience In the French opera houses,
and in addition to that I think that
executive ability is not an endowment
of men only. I always have said that
an artist should know the carpentery
of a production just as well as her
arias, and I think I have Justified
my position.
Rolra Muat Be Perfectrd.
"I never accepted a role that I did
not know beforehand that It was my
intention to do my best by it whether
I liked it or not. I would not say
that only the roles which were sym
pathetic were the ones that I was
willing to do, but I always brought
myself into the frame of mind which
made me eventually like them. So It
is with this new role. I am only
undertaking It In the spirit of doing
the very best with it that I know
and giving my best efforts."
The first week will open with
"Norma," with Marinuzzi conducting
and Rosa Raisa In the title part.
With her will be Hesanzonl, as Adal
glsa; Forrest Lament, as I'ollione,
and Virglllo Lazzari, as Oroveso.
"Monna Vanna" will be the opera
In which Miss Garden will make her
first appearance as prima donna, and
with her will be Lucien Muratore,
who will be welcomed back by a large
and enthusiastic following. Georges
Baklanoff, the Russian baritone, will
sing the part of Guido. It may be
noted that Muratore created the role
of Prinzivalle when the Fevrier
Maeterlinck opera had its first per
formance in Paris at the National
Academy of Music January 13, 1909.
At that time Marcoux sang the role
of Guido as he did In New York at
its first performance In this county,
and the title role was sung by
L-ucicnne Breval.
Other Operas on Programme,
Henri Morin, the new French con
ductor, will direct the performance.
"Jacquerie." Gino Marinuzzl's opera
scheduled for last season, will have
its premiere Wednesday evening with
the composer conducting and a cast
that includes Yvonne Gall, Olga Car
rara, Edward Johnson and Carlo
"Jewels of the Madonna," which
has become one of the most popular
operas in the repertory of the Chi
cago Opera association, and which
owes much of this popularity to the
presence of Rosa Raisa, as Malliela,
will be heard Thursday evening, with
Forrest Lamont and Giacomo Rimini,
conducted by the new Italian con
ductor, LJetro Clmlnl.
"Carmen" Friday evening again
will bring forward Mary Garden and
Muratore, with Baklanoff as the tor
eador, Marinuzzi conducting.
"Le Chemlneau," one of the most
delightful of the French works, as
well as one of the finest given last
season in New York, will be given
Saturday af'ernoon, with most of the
original cast under Henri Morln.
"Rigoletto," with Florence Macbeth
and Tito Schipa, will be heard Sat
urday night.
Mme. Galll-Curcl. who has been
spending her honeymoon following
her recent marriage to Homer Sam
uels, "off the stage," will return to
her season's activities Monday night
of the second week, when "Lucia" has
been selected as the medium for the
Italian colorature, with Tito Schipa
and Rimini. Cimlnl conducting.
American Commercial Intere&ts in
China Seek Relief.
SHANGHAI. American commercial
bodies here and American commercial
interests generally In China are en
gaged in a campaign to Induce the
United States congress to pass a law
relieving them from the payment of
Income tax to the United States
They have appealed to legislators
and members of commercial bodies in
the United States to aid them in
bringing about the passage by con
gress of a federal Incorporation act
for American companies In China,
which is expected to come before con
gress in December. n
The American business men here
have claimed that they are at a dis
advantage, owing to the fact that the
British doing business in China are
exempt from payment of an income
tax. The Shanghai chamber of com
merce has sent representatives to
Washington to present data to mem
bers of congress in support of their