The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 06, 1921, SECTION FOUR, Image 53

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Real Estate News
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Weather Monday:
Probably rain.
See our umbrella advertise
ment in column six in this page.
NOTICE! We are glad to announce to those women
who have been awaiting the arrival of the new Luxite
Hosiery, that it has arrived. Lisle Stockings are priced at
60c and 85c a pair; Silk-plated and Fiber-silk Stockings .
at $1 .25 a pair and Silk Stockings at $2 and $2.25 a pair.
Street Floof Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
For other Lipman, Wolfe & Co. news, treating of offerings of Women's Jersey Suits, Rugs,
Blankets, Lamps, Stemware, Tumblers and Hoover Sweepers, turn to page 3 of this section.
"Merchandise of c Merit Only"
Demonstrating the Fact That PRICES ARE DOWN by Giving Scores of Examples
Just Received I
New Spring and Summer Line of
Pacific Package Goods
Priced $1.40 to $3.65
The superiority of the garments contained in these pack
ages is unquestionable. Each package is complete con
taining one beautifully stamped made-up garment, finished
with veining, tucks and hemstitching when necessary, em
broidery cotton and directions.
This new line of packages include night gowns, combi
nations, kimonos, pajamas, blouses, infants and children's
dresses, rompers, boys suits, dresser scarfs and pin cushions.
Finished models of these New Package Goods will be
shown and free instruction will be given on all needlework
purchased in this department
Fourth Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
1 02 Women's Captivating Silk Dresses
Showing the Season's Most Advanced Styles
at an astonishingly low price
60 Delightfully
Quaint Models
Mostly One of a Kind
In Sizes 16 to 40
These are the prettiest Dresses we have seen this season, charming frocks with which women will surely
fall in love. Please note the quantity, because that means you must come early if you want one. We
wish we had ten times the number, for we know we could sell every one of them before noon Monday.
Taffeta dresses trimmed with embroidery gold and henna. Some ruffled, others with basque effect
or surplice. .In brown, navy and black only.
0 -
Third Floor Lipman, Wolfe 5" Co.
A Fine Offering of
Women's Mercerized Hose
Only 49c a Pair
This is a tremendous bargain! Women's fine Mercerized
Hose, semi-fashioned with double toes, heels and soles and
wide garter hem at this small sum are an exceptional offering.
They come in plain or drop stitch in all the most desirable
shades for spring.
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hose
Special at $1.00 Pair
Another matchless offering. Pure Thread Silk Hose for
women in semi-fashioned style with lisle toes, heels and hem
tops. Many are plain others made with the fancy drop
stitch extremely popular hose to be worn with low-cut
shoes. In black, gray and navy.
.Street Floor Lipman, Wolfe 6 Co.
Introducing the New
Blouses for 1921
(Exclusively Here in Portland)
THESE BLOUSES are as near perfect
as tailored and dress blouses can be.
These new styles are very handsome, crisp and
white and cs trim as the two here pictured show.
Those of white radium silk, crepe de chine and
white men's wear crepe are $12.00. Some are
Peter Pan models.
Those of dimity, striped or cross-bar are in Peter
Pan and flat collar styles. Their prices are $3.50
and $4.75. All have cuffs.
Third Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
' II 921 Petticoats
Very Reasonably Priced
$6.50 to $10.00
Here are extra-size Petticoats of all-taffeta, messaline
and some with jersey tops and messaline flounces.
Then there are regular sizes of all-jersey, taffeta and
peau de cygne.
Third Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Exquisitely Lovely Are the
New Organdy Corsages
$1.00 to $3.25
Every woman will be enamored of these dainty Or
gandy Flowers, so artistically made and exquisitely shaded.
They "hot only make the most adorable corsages for evening
gowns, for afternoon or street tailleurs, but are extremely
popular for trimming hats, for they may be had in any shade
If we have not the exact shades you desire, we shall be
glad to make these beautiful Organdy Flowers to your order.
Street Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
A Fine
Quality of
; 36-In.
Colored Madras
Very Special
98c Yd.
Madras of this high grade
is rarely obtainable at this
low price. It is indeed an
excellent value at 98c. In
blue, gold, brown, mulberry,
and rose.
Fifth Floor
Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Valentines! .
Select from stock any one.
For your love divine
Long before 1921 is done.
She vill be your Valentine.
Street Floor.
Lipman, W olfe 6r Co.
Featuring Some Very Extraordinary Values
Sale of White Petticoats
$1.35, $1.69, $1.95
We have regrouped part of our stock of White Petticoats, concentrating on a Spe
cial Selling Event
White Petticoats White Petticoats White Petticoats
Made of excellent quality
longcloth with deep ruffles of
fine embroideries in dots and
flowered patterns.
A splendid quality of soft
finished longcloth is used in
making these white petticoats.
They are finished with deep
flounces of dainty embroideries
in floral and open-work de
signs. Drawstring finish.
Of exceptionally fine quality
longcloth. All have deep
flounces; some lace trimmed,
others are finished with fine
embroidered ruffles in eyelet,
spray and floral designs, also
dust ruffles.
Fourth Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
An Unrivaled Selling Event!
Jersey Silk Camisoles
$1.75 Each
Beautiful Jersey Silk Camisoles made with fancy lace
yokes, elastic drawn at waist and ribbon shoulder straps. Pink
only. Several different patterns of lace to choose from. Sizes
36 to 42.
Kayser Knit Bloomers
Unusually Low Priced, $1.25
The popular Kayser Knit Bloomers, reinforced in crotch
with elastic at waist and knees. Pink only. Sizes 5 to 8.
Street Floor Lipman, Wolfe 6r Co.
The Season's BIG Event!
Our Yearly Sale of
600 Pairs of Women's
Finely Mended
98c Pair
Women's Gloves many have sold for many
times the sale price and they have been so expertly
repaired that you would probably never know
they had been mended unless your attention was
called to the fact Gloves that will give splendid
service Gloves that present a fine appearance
at 98c a pair. All shades, all sizes in short
Street Floor Lipman, W olfe & Co.
What Fashion Has Decreed Popular in
New Spring Oxfords for Women
Our new lines include the famous Red Cross make as welU
as the tremendously popular Garside. For fit, comfort and.
style these models are incomparable.
Red Cross
Brown Calf Oxfords
Fashioned on the new last,
short vamp; with imitation tip,
welt sole, Cuban heel, medium
wide toe. Dark shades. Widths
AAA to C Sizes 3 to 9. -
Chocolate Brown
' . Calf Oxfords
Welt sole style, military heels,
rather wide toe, medium vamp,
imitation tip: good , quality.
Widths AAA to C Sizes 3 "to 8.
Brown Kid Oxfords
. $10.00
A perfect fitting oxford, made
with welt soles and Cuban heels,
short vamp and medium narrow
toe, with tip. Widths A to C.
Sizes 3 to 8.
Red Cross
Brown Calf Oxfords
i $10.00
Made with medium narrow toe
and medium short vamp, Cuban
heel, imitation tip, in the- new
chocolate brown shade, which is
to' be very popular for spring.
Widths AAA to C. Sizes 22
to 9.
A New Garside
A perfect fitting oxford of
brown calfskin, made with
Cuban heel, welt ' sole, per
forated tip. A quality shoe,
strictly bench made, assuring
a fit and service unparalleled.
Widths AAA to C Sizes
3 to 9.
Second Floor
Lipman, Wolfe 6r Co.
The New Corsets for Spring
iTreo Girdles Designed
By the Foremost Corsetieres
$4.25 to $11.50
Exquisitely made a fit foundation for any gown, are these
new Corsets for Spring, made of satin, broche and plain coutil,
in 12, 14 and 16-inch lengths, with front clasps.
To Be Corseted and Yet to Appear Uncor
seted Achieves the Latest Feminine Mode!
The Treo Girdle accomplishes this result. As Spring ap
proaches milady discards winter's swaddling clothes for the
grace and freedom of the uncorseted appearance. There must
be the correct corset foundation, of course, for every figure,
' but the nearer the presentation of being uncorseted Is achieved, the
more truly in accord with the fashion does one become.
If you have not worn a Treo Girdle and are not acquainted with
its superior qualities, ask our expert Corsetieres to try one on you.
PARAKNIT BRASSIERES, to be worn with Treo Girdles,
$3.00 and $3.50.
Bandeaux at 50c
Hook-front and hook-back Bandeaus, made of heavy basket mesh
with elastic at back and tape shoulder straps. In all sizes.
Fourth Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Silk Umbrellas
That Are
Good Values
at $7.95
Women's Umbrellas - that
any woman will pronounce
an excellent bargain at Mon
day's price. The model has
paragon frame, wood or steel
shank, crook or ring handle.
The lot represents the prod
ucts of several well-known
manufacturers, grouped to
gether for sale purposes.
Street Floor.
Reductions on Little Folks' and
Infants' Dresses and Slips
Mothers who find iime a valuable asset, and many moth
ers do not have time to make all the clothes Little Folks
require, will be delighted with the savings
Gingham Dresses
For Little Folks 2 to 6
Made of ginghams in pret
ty plain and checked effects
trimmed with white or colors
and dainty pockets.
Gingham Dresses
' $2.45
Sizes 2 to 6 Years
Dainty Gingham Dresses
in plain blue, pink and tan
shades, prettily smocked and
finished with touches of hand
Fourth Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
The Newest and Most Fashionable Silks
Are Arriving Now and Prices Are Low
Compared With Those of 1920
Every day a large number of pieces of silks arrive. The new fabrics are amazing in
colorings and designs, some exquisitely beautiful and they will sell quickly, PARTIC
ULARLY AT THEIR NEW LOW PRICES, which are 'way below last year's.
36-In. White Crepe
Tussor, $2.50 Yard ,
For sports skirts, suits and dresses.
40-In. Crepe Charmant
at $3.50 a Yard
A beautiful, clinging heavy crepe in
pink and black.
35-In. White Wash
Satin, $1.50 Yd.
An extra-fine quality at this price.
36-In. Brocaded Satin
at $2.50 Yd.
Gorgeous color combinations such as
blue and silver, gold brocaded and rose
brocaded. A heavy quality.
36-In. Satin 35-In. Taffeta
at $1.95 Yd. . at $2.00 Yd.
Beautiful designs and light shadings for In Copenhagen,' duck, taupe and mid-spring-coat
linings. night.
Second Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co.