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CLUBS of the Btt are preparing:
for their spring activities after
taking up the many legislative
natters that concern women and
In the isue of the Club 'Woman's
Fnlletin. the official oran of the
C.:on Federation of Women s clubs.
'ich is just off the press, there are
reports of the work of clubs from all
parts of the state and the following
tnosHaice from the stafo president.
Mrs. li;i Ft. Callahan:
"Dear Club Women of Orepon:
One of the greatest needs of the Ore-
icon Federation of Women's clubs Just
now Is a larser membership. If the
object and alms of federation were
ixiorc thoroughly understood, there
would be no shortage of members.
".Since the state federation is a link
between the individual club and the
treneral federation, it is a means of
unifying the work of club women.
The many can accomplish what the
few can not. The fceneral federation
Is the larsest body of organized
women In the United States, whose
aim is the putting of true Amer
icanism into our social, industrial
and political life. This common aim
Is greater than our differences of
party, creed and (reopraphy.
"As the federation, both etate and
national, has well regulated machin
ery, I am asking you to increase its
"Do yon know of some women who
Bilght like to join -your club? Ask
"Do yoli know of some clubs that
BiiKht join the federation?
"If so, waste no time; Bend the In
formation to Mrs. L. W. Hyde, chair
man of federation extension, Hills
boro. Or.
"Tours for service,
At the annual meetlnff of the wo
man's auxiliary of the diocese of Or
egon, held at Trinity church Tues
day, the following: officers were
elected: Mrs. Wilson Johnston, pres
ident. in charge of mission activities
Mrs. Thomas Kirby, vice-president, In
charge of religious education; Dr.
Kate Clary, third vice-president in
charge of social service activities;
Airs. Taul Cowgill, fourth vice-president,
in charge of little helpers; Mrs.
R. F. Arndt, corresponding secretary;
Mrs. Walter 3- Dennis, recording sec
retary, and Mrs. William H. liallam.
treasurer. The treasurer of united
thank offering is Mrs. W. J. Burns,
nd J. Horace Fisher is registrar.
The bishop made the following ap
pointmejits: Representative of spirit
of missions. Mrs. Mary A. Woodward:
representative of church periodical
club. Mrs. H. H. Thompson; secretary
of church league of isolated. Mrs. E.
E. Miller, box supply secretary.
At a recent meeting of the Keramlc
club, held at the home of Mrs. F. A.
Koutledge, Mrs. H. C. Varney was
elected president for the coming- year.
The club Is one of the oldest in the
city and is composed of workers In
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design and its application to keram-1 appointed.
bate on the subject was carried' on
by Mrs. F. H. Murphy and Mrs. Guy
Rogers. Guests at this meeting were
Mrs. Logan, state president; Mrs.
Herman. Mrs. Connaway, Mrs. Lager,
Mrs. Hornibrook and Mrs. Kinzell.
Section B of the Rose City Park
Parent-Teacher association met in
the assembly-room of the school
Tuesday, January 18.
A id was the first regular meeting
of this division the business session
was deferred until after the pro
gramme. Mr. Park of the Oregon Institute
of Technology repeated the resume of
his work given at the last meeting of
section A.
A most Interesting programme was
given by the school children under
the direction of Miss Meager.
The section voted to offer a picture
to the room having the largest num
ber of parents present at the regular
meetings, and a confidential council,
or grievance committee, constating of
the president, Mrs. Webb. Mrs. J. W.
Thacher and Mrs. II. M. Greene, was
Us. The annual exhibition at the
Central library Is an event of inter
est. The Oregon Keramic club will
Lmeet Wednesday at the home of Mrs.
Clyde Kellar. S12 East Fifty-fifth
treet North.
The parent-teacher association of
Creston echool held Its monthly meet
ing Monday, January 17. During the
programme Miss Turner's room gave
several musical selections. J. Guret
tarx delighted with a whistling solo
and Mrs. Verna Swann and Miss Olive
Collinge gave piano eolos. Refresh
ments were served during the social
Many girls and women are being
helped through the vocational em
ployment department of the Toung
Women's Christian association. The
girls are proving their honesty nd
dependability by repayment of loans
made them. The determination to get
an education at all costs, manifest in
many girla. Is a very encouraging
phase or the work. Everything pos
sible Is done to encourage and help
Tha Woman's Foreign Missionary
ociety of the Rose City Tark Metho
flist church will meet Friday, Febru
ary 4. at the home of Mrs. C Hansen,
672 East Fifty-first street North.
Mm 'WiUi Messinger will be host
ess on Tuesday from 10 A. M. to 4
P. M. to the members of the Wood-
wtock XV. C. T. U. at her home, 4238
Fifty-sixth avenue Southeast.
A pplendid programme has been ar
ranged for the next meeting of the
Coterie, to be held Tuesday at the
- home of Mrs. J. F. Kinder, 622 Over
ton street.
The Coterie club will meet Wednes
day. February I, at the University
club with Mrs. Winthrop Perry as
hostess. An interesting programme
has been arranged, which will In
e.ude a talk by Mrs. A. J. Fanno on
"The White Shield .Home," and Mrs.
JT. G. Rice will have as her topic
'"The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society."
Miss Mildred Root will be presented
la a piano eolo.
Mrs. F. Elmo Robinson was elected
second vice-president; Miss Anna
Peebles assistant treasurer and Miss
Enid Switzer assistant secretary.
Miss Elizabeth Carothers was ap
pointed on the press committee.
There was a.good attendance and it
Is believed that the plan of two sec
tions will prove a great success.
Monday. February 7, section A will
hold its regular monthly meeting.
Superintendent Frost of the Frazer
detention home will speak. His sub
ject will be "Methods of Handling
Children." A good musical programme
is also being prepared.
appreciate the splendid local talent in
our midst as do the other cities, and
this is one of the occasions when the
audience which will gather at the
auditorium April 1 will have ample
cause to be proud of Its wonderful re
sources along artistic lines. All clubs
are entitled to compete.
'Managing Comm'ttee."
Chapter A, P. E. O. sisterhood, will
have a guest day at the home of Mrs.
J. P. Jaeger, S10 East Twenty-fourth
street north, Monday, February 14.
Miss Woodbury will have charge of
the programme.
Business Woman's Club Has
Profit of $520.
Seat and Candy Sale at Baker Is
Financial Success.
Chapter A. P. E. O. sisterhood. en-
Joyed a pleasant meeting at the home
f Mrs. w. f. joncs Monday, jurs. v.
Hull read a splendid paper on "Cine
taa," alter whicii aa intetestins aa-
Presidents' Club to Give
Grand Entertainment..
Amateor Talent Will Appear In
Elaborate Vaudeville.
THE Presidents' club, Mrs. Eldon J.
Steele, president, will sponsor an
elaborate entertainment at the mu
nicipal auditorium Friday evening,
April 1. Ths vice-president, Mrs. Ed
ward Preble, presided at the club's
last luncheon Wednesday, when the
matteT was proposed.
The committee in charge Issued the
following announcement:
'In behalf of the Presidents' club,
which proposes to stage an elaborate
club vaudeville, the proceeds of which
will assist the club in its preliminary
expenses for the woman's building
campaign, we herewith extend a cor
dial Invitation to each and every club
in Portland and vicinity to partici
pate. "A prize, of K5 Is offered and will
be awarded to the club presenting fhe
most attractive number on the pro
gramme. All suggestions for the pro
gramme will be submitted to a com
mittee of prominent critics, who will
act as a nominating committee, se
lecting the best numbers for the final
"Friday evening, April 1. has been
chosen as the time and the auditorium
engaged at the place best qualified
in which to stage such a perform
ance. "Members of various chibs already
have expressed their enthusiasm over
the plan, and the small Incentive Is
creating a wholesome rivalry, which
will spur local organisations to outdo
all their former efforts.
"Va do not encourage, suatala ttd
"pHE members of the Business
1 Women's club are being congratu
lated upon their first attempt to raise
funds. The officers of the organiza
tion chose well when they selected
the Baker Stock company In "Civilian
Clothes" for their club night.
The members, who have , worked
strenuously during the past month to
raise funds for the establishment of
club rooms, felt amply repaid for
their efforts Tuesday night when
they viewed the crowded theater. en-
Joyed the comedy, and learned that
they had cleared 1520 from the seat
and candy sale.
Enthusiastic applause greeted Miss
Adelia Pritchard, president of the
club, when she appeared on the stage
during the intermission between the
first and second acts. Miss Pritchard
spoke briefly of the object of the
club, and graciously expressed appre
ciation for the co-Operation of the
Baker management and others who
assisted to make the undertaking; a
Seventy women in attendance at
the Business Women's dub luncheon
Thursday had the privilege of listen
ing to a most entertaining address
by William D. Wheelwright on "Our
Relations with the Orient." Mr.
Wheelwright dwelt particularly upon
the necessity of friendly relations
with the nations.
Miss Anna Murphy will address the
club at next Thursday's meeting on
"Salvaging Delinquent Girls." Miss
Eva M. Brandberg will preside.
Members of the physical culture
class and their friends are invited to
attend tho "Spring Carnival" to be
given at the hall in the Pacific States
Fire Insurance company's building,
Eleventh and Alder streets, February
3. Tbe programme will begin at 7:30.
Chapter E, P. E. O. sisterhood, will
meet at the home ef Mrs. Harold
Heath. 123 East Fifteenth street.
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs.
W. R. Kirk up will speak on "Cratei
Lake," and there will be other num
bers on the programme.
m m m
The women's auxiliary to the Trav
elers' Protective association will meet
Thursday, February 3, at 10:30 A. M.,
at the home of Mrs. Loq Fuller, 761
East Twenty-eighth street north. The
dav will be devoted to sewing for the
babies at the Albertina Kerr nursery.
and all members are urged to be
Take Broadwav car to East Twen-
.ty-sUUi street. Icleclione .Woodlawa
698. Members of theeommittee In
charge are Mrs. Lou Tuller. chair
man; Mrs. W. J. Jones and Mrs. G. N.
Members of the Pennsylvania Wom
en's club will meet for luncheon at
the Washington-street Hazelwood
Dutch room Saturday, February 5, at
12:30 o'clock. -Dr. Mae Cardwell will
tell about a trip to Japan. All Penn
sylvania women and Pennsylvania
men's wives and daughters are cor
dially Invited to attend.
The play study class under the aus
pices of the Portland Community
Service association will read and
study the representative one r act
American plays. This class meets
every Monday night in room C Port
land library. Miss Kathleen Cock
burn of the local staff is in charge,
and Miss Roma G. Stafford of the
Hawthorne school Is temporary chair
man. All men and women interested
in the study of plays are cordially
invited to attend these classes.
The woman's auxiliary to the
American 'Legion will entertain with
another of their delightful card
parties, given to raise funds to aid
the ex-service men and their families,
on Wednesday, February 2, at 2:30
o'clock sharp. The party will be held
in the assembly room of the Hotel
A meeting of the State Woman's
Press club will be held In room F,
Central library at 7:30 P. M. Wednes
day night.
W. C T. U. Teaches English
in Chicago Homes.
Mothers of Families Americanized
In Slavic District.
SKEAT interest is being taken In
VJT the monthly circle meetings of
the women of thevFirst Presbyterian
church, which will be held this week.
Circle G, which Is composed of all
residents on th-e west side of the
river, east of Stout street, between
Washington and Jefferson streets,
have "Planned a reception for the pas
tor and his wife. Dr. and Mrs. Harold
Leonard Bowman, which will be held
at the church bouse Friday evening,
February 4. at o clock.
Other circle announcements wbrcn
appear on the cllurch calendar are
as follows:
Circle. A and B (Portland freights)
Mrs. W. A. Uvans and Mrs. James A.
Brockway, leaders, will meet at the home
of Mrs. Brockway, Twcniy-aecona
Ktreet drive, Tuesday, February 1, at 2 P.
M There will be sewing lor U. jiauua
Allen's hospital in India.
Ctrele C Botworn WashinBton and
Xjovejby au-eels. west of Twenty-third
street, Mrs. A. K. Butterf ield, leader, will
meet with Mrs. J. A. Martin, aia .orm
Twenty-fourth street. Tuesday, February
21. at Z P. M., and will do sewing (or tha
Women's association.
Circle D North of Glisan street, be
tween Ninetentmnd Twenty-third streets.
Mrs. W. P. Magill, leader, will meet with
Mrs. J. J. Rosa, 212 North Nineteenth
street, Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
There will be sewing for Dr. Mauds Al
ton's hospital in India
Circle K Willamette Heients, north of
Ixvejoy and west of Twenty-third streets.
Mrs. K. E. Cooper, leader, will meet at the
home of Mrs. J. Vanduyn, 75 Lovejoy
street, and will do sewing tor the Women's
association of the chureh.
Cireles F and J, which embraces all that
section of the city east of Twenty-third
street, betwen Washington and Glisan
streets, and north of Glisan and east of
Nineteenth streets, Mrs. R. U. Greer, lead
er, will nieet Tuesday night at 8 o'clock
with Mrs. A. M. Bock, 64 North King
Circle H South of Jefferson street, from
the river to the hills, Mrs. Walter B.
Preston, leader, will meet at the home of
Mrs. Emma Riggs, A32 Market street, near
Eleventh, Tuesday, at 2 P. M., to sew for
Dr. Maude Allen's hospital.
Circles J and W East side , from Haw
thorne avenue to Sullivan s gulch, from
the river to East Thirty first street, Mrs.
Ralph V. Uunlway and Mrs. Levi John
son, leaders, will nave a joint meeiin
secretary's report, read by Mrs. Lou
Sonaman. the club was favored with
several beautiful solos rendered by
Mrs. Charles W. RlckarcTS, a guest of
the club.
The study department of the Port
land Woman's Research club will hold
Its next meeting on February 23 at
the home of Mrs. J. Coulson Hare.
The directors of the department wish
to call the attention of research mem
bers to the fact that all members of
the club are entitled to loin this de
partment with no additional fee.
Those wishing benefit by membership
in this department are requested to
telephone their names to Mrs. A. L.
Rush, Main 1033, secretary. Each
member is requested to respond to
rollcall with some item in regard to
Americanization or legislation. A
most interesting programme has been
arranged for the February meeting.
Mrs. Philip Gevurtz will be chairman
of the day. .
The annual meeting of the hiking
committee of the Portland Community
Service met on Thursday night. Miss
Kosa Kpann was elected to succeea
Miss Winifred Evans, who has been
the chairman for the past year. A
very Interesting hike, to which all
young people of Portland are invited,
has been planned for Sunday, Febru
ary 6. Hikers will meet at the en
trance of Council Crest Park at 1:30
P. M. The walk will be along the
Dosch road, and possibly returning
via Terwiuigcr boulevard. The dis
tance is about five miles, and the re
turn will not be later than 5:30
The ladies' auxiliary of the Trav
elers' Protective association will give
a 'Valentine dance Friday evening,
February 11, at Chriatcnsen's hall.
Service circle. Neighbors of Wood
craft, held publin installation last
Monday evening, when the following
officers were installed by the rand
adviser, Minnie Hiner: Past guardian,
Nellie Starr; guardian neighbor.
Myretta Little; adviser. Sarah Nelson;
magician, Ethel Julian; attendant,
Eunice Ross; banker, Minnie Mc
Gregor; clerk, coral Hemmclgarn;
captain of guards, Sybil Gillllan;
inner sentinel, Ida Wood; musician,
Laura McKenzie; managers, Annie
Dclury, Isabella Harris and C. C. Van
Portland ex-service physio-therapy
reconstruction aides are now a. unit
of the national organization, the
American Women's Physical Thera
peutic association. The first meeting
was held recently and plans were
made for the regular monthly meet
ing set for Thursday, February 3, at
7:30 P. M. in the offices of Misses
Goldsmith and Phillips, Central build-lus-
Important phases of physio
therapy will be discussed.
First Presbyterian Church
Circle to Meet.
Monthly Catherine Will Do Sew
ing; for Charitable Purposes.
Moores Wednesday to sew for the
Albertina Kerr nursery, and will meet
again Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. W. H. Mettler, 1033 East Six
teenth street North. The next regu
lar meeting of the council will be
held at 2 o'clock Tuesday In the
story-hour room of the central
At a recent meeting Oregon's First
Hive No. 9S1, Ladies of the Macca
bees,, passed a resolution extending
sincere and heartfelt sympathy to
I. M. Bates, widower of the late Mrs.
Liva Bates, a member of the lodge.
WHITE SALMON, Wash.. Jan. 29.
(Special.) The local Women's club
was hostess at a card party Wednes
day evening at Odnfellowa hall.
"500" was played at 20 tables until
II. o'clock. A short programme, which
included singing by Mrs. O. R. Cam
eron of Portland, accompanied by
Mrs. Paul McKercher; singing by Miss
Dorothy Jane Hall, who accompanied
herself on tho ukulele, and humorous
recitations by Mrs. A. C. Keefhaver
were given, after which reireshmonts
were served. The second of this
series of informal affairs will bo held
in February.
The Fortnightly club meets tomor
row at the T. W. C. A. with. Mesdames
V. J. Williams and M. V. Andre host
esses. A paper on the life of Robert
Scott will be given by Mrs. Stro
meyer: Mrs. R. R. Hamilton will dis
cuss Crater lake, Including its ac
cessibility from Portland.
Council of Jewish Women
to Meet Wednesday.
Mrs. T. Snrlt Ha Progrnntme for
AfternfMin'a Hnf crtalntnent.
MONG the active and effective or
ganizations doing Amcrlcaniza-
t the home of Mrs. Frederick Hiram
Strong, 70i East Duruslde street, Tuesday
at At., and will do sewing.
Circle K East side, south of Mawtnorne
avenue, from the river to iuast wenty
fourth street,. Mrs. Franklin A. Kenney,
leader, will meet at her home, i27 Haw
thorne avenue. Tuesday at 2 P. M. There
will be sewing from the Woman's aesocia
don ox the church. Please bring tnlmbles.
Circle L East side, south or Hawthorne
avenue, east of Twenty-fourth street, Mrs.
Henry Waller, leader, will meet at th
home of Mrs. C. S. Arnold. 302 East Thir
ty-slxth street, Tuesday at 2 P. M. to
sew for the Waverly Baby home. Tak
either Hawthorne avenue or MoUDt Scott
Circle M East side, from Hawthorne
avenue to Washington street, between East
Thirty-first street and Bast Sixtieth street,
Mrs. I. M. Walker, leader, win meet Tues
day at 2 P. M. at the home ef Mrs. I G.
McConncll. 184 East FiCty-Iirth street, to
sew for the Woman's association of the
church. Take Sunnyslde or Mount Tabor
car and walk one and one-hall blocks
Circle N East side, north ef Sullivan'
gulch to Going street, from Union avenue
to East Twenty-second street, airs. n. ...
Ewing, 'eader. will meet Tuesday at 2
P M. at the home of Mrs., t,. K. Moore.
281 East Fourteenth street North. This
circle is making aprons. Please bring
Ctrele P East side, Beaumont and Rose
City Park. Mrs. V. E. Grtgsby, leader,
wtll meet at the nome or Mrs. K. B. jmc
Kibbin. 500 East Thirty-eighth stree
North. Tuesday at 2 P. M. Mrs. William
Piepenbrink and Mrs. McKibbln will be
joint hostesses. There will be sewing from
the WomVn's association of the church.
Circle Q East side, north of Going street,
between the river and East Twenty-sec
ond street, and Circle T, east side, river to
Union avenue. Sullivan's gulch to Going
street, .Mrs. H. L. Moreland. leader, win
meet at 1:30 P. M. at the Waverly Baby
home. 1364 Woodward avenue, to sew for
the babies. Take Richmond car on bee
ond and Morrison' streets.
Circle 8 East side (Laarelhurst), Mrs.
J, C. Stevens, leader, will meet at the
home of Mrs. Kate V. Wendllng, 1084
East Flanders street, Thursday. February
3. at 2 P. M. to sew for ne woman a
soclatlon of this church.
Auxiliary to Give Party for
Benefit of Sick.
Proceeds From Valentine Affair to
, Go to ex-service Men.
a VALENTINE party to be given
XX at the Multnomah hotel on Frl
diy night, February 1L promises to
be one of the most popular of the sea
son. More than 600 invitations have
been sent out by the women's auxil
iary to the American Legion. The
members of the auxiliary will act as
hostesses at the party. Air proceeds
will be used for service men in need,
and the men confined in the different
hospitals. All service men and their
friends are especially Invited to at
tend and help with this very neces
sary work.
Columbia Anchor No. 3, ladies' aux
iliary to Masters', Mates' and Pilots'
association, initiated 20 new members
Wednesday night.. Following the pro
gramme, tables for 600 were ar
ranged, and the men of the associa
tion served a delicious luncheon.
Honors in "."00" went to Captain F.
M. Ring, Mrs. A. Antonsen, Captain
S. Scammon and Mrs. I. Turrca. The
next meeting of the auxiliary will be
held Tuesday afternoon. February 8,
at room 633 Chamber of Commerce
The Women's New" Thought c!ub
will hold its next regular meeting at
the home of Mrs. George Bruce, it
West Wlnchell street, Wednesday
afternoon, February 2, at 3 o'clock.
The subject for the afternoon will
be "Oriental Healing." Mrs. Edith
Bruce will bo leader. The love offer
ing wtll be sent to the Dr. Anna
Howard Shaw memorial fund.
Ths Amecas elub was most gra
ciously entertained at the home of
Mrs. Sutherland at Tremont place,
Thursday afternoon. Following ths
tlon work In Chicago Is the Woman's
Christian Temperance union in a cen
ter which recently has been estab
lished In the heart of a foreign dis
trict, the residents of which are main
ly from south central Europe, repre
senting nearly all the Slavic peoples
from that district. Teaching English
and the fundamentals of American
citizenship is done here, but in a way
that is quite different in its method
of approach from the practices in
other Americanization centers.
Home teaching of the women of
tbe household is the basis of the
plan adopted by the Woman's Chris
t!an Temperance union. Visiting
teachers who go into the bouses of
the foreign-speaking women teach
them English Birch as they need to
do their marketing and for commu
nication with the trades people in tbe
neighborhood. As the lessons pro
cted, the knowledge of English grows
until the mother arrives at that point
in speaking and understanding that
she stands on an equal plane with
the husband and 'father, who has
learned or is being taught in the fac
tory or shop where he works, and the
children, who are rapidly being
Americanized in the public schools.
In this contribution to the Ameri
canization work of the nation, the
Woman's Christian Temperance union
is meeting in an effective way a .con
dition that is not being so success
fully met by any other organization
or the public schools. Mrs. Lee Dav
enport is the Americanization chair
man for Oregon.
After tho regular business meeting
of the Portland Woman's club on
Friday, John Gratke of Astoria out
lined plans for an exposition for
Portland In 1925, sponsored by the
Columbia Hydro-Electric league. Res
olutions presented to the club bearing
on the promotion of such an exposi
tion were unanimously adopted, and
the club's hearty support was pledged
Following Mr. Gratke's talk Mr.
Weisendangcr of the United States
forestry service gave a very interest
ing talk on tbe "Conservation of. Our
Natural Scenery."
Stereopticon slides of many points
of Interest and beauty were shown
and a pica made that camping
grounds be left clean and that de
struction of accommodations and
conveniences along forest trails be
Announcement was made that
Jenabl Fazel Mazandarain, professor
of philosophy of the Imperial univer
sity of Teheran, Persia, will deliver
a lecture before tbe cliib February
11 on the "Old and the New Persia."
An Invitation to the club was ex-'
tended by Montgomery Ward & Co. to
visit their building on Wednesday
afternoon. February 2, at 2 P. M.
This building is reached by the De
pot and Morrison car, getting off at
Twenty-seventh andThurman streets.
Following are the resolutions pre
sented to the club and adopted:
The Columbia Hydro-Electric league is
the sponsor for a great exposition in Port
land In iy3, to he calico xne AUanuc
Paclfh: Highway and Electrical Exposi
tion, and the l-'adin-g commercial, civic
and' social organizations of Portland and
the etate sre now backing the project in
tbe firm belief that this exposition, car
ried out as now planned, will be of benefit
to Portland and the Northwest; now there
fore be it recolved by the Portland Wom
an's club that the general plan for this
fair b heartily indorsed and rhat this or
ganization otters its service to further the
There Is a bIM before the legislature to
appropriate H000 for the benefit of the
Oregon . Humane eocieiy, tn-reiore oe it
rerolved that the Portland woman's olub
indorse said bilL .
At the conclusion of the programme
dainty refreshments wee eerved by
the social committee.
X LARGE attendance is expected at
" the regular meeting of the Coun
cil of Jewish Women, which will be
held next Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock at B'nai B'rith hall on Thir
teenth street, near Market street.
Mrs. Z. Swett has arranged a de
lightful programme. Mrs. Grant
Thomas will be soloist,, accompanied
by Mrs. Jacob Linterstcin at the
piano. As an "echo of the triennial
convention Mrs. Isaac Swett will read
one of the interesting papers given
there on Judaism and Our Totlth.
written by Mrs. Max Margolis of
Mrs. Ben Neustadter, assisted by
Mrs. Harry Lang, Mrs. Clarence Sa
tiels, Mrs. Julius Friendly, Mrs. Harry
Holzman, Mrs. I. Kappstein. Mrs. M
Klapner, Mrs. Roscoe Nelson, Mrs.
Max Politz. Mrs, J. F. Robertson and
Mrs. M. Reingold, will servo during
the social hour.
The Tuesday Afternoon club licH
its regular meeting at the home of
Mrs. J. Sherman Taylor. Following
tho business meeting, the programme
was given by Mrs. A. M. Webster
a review of the "Twenty Years at
Hull House" of Jane Addams and a
paper touching on the immigration
question. Mrs. Amos gave readings
from "The Fat of the Land'' by Amvia
Mrs. Edward Harvey was a guest
of the club. Refreshments were
served at the conclusion of the programme.
The next meeting will be at the
home of the president, Mrs. J. B.
Laber, 955 First street, at 10:30
Portland Parent-Teacher council
will meet in room A. Central library,
Friday at 1:30 P. M. Mrs. Lola G.
Baldwin will be the speaker. The
social service department of the
council will meet the same day in
room G at 10:30 A. M.
The Portland Progress clr.b will
meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock at the home of Mrs. H. H.
Robinson on East Pine street.
American War Mothers will hold
their regular meeting Wednesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock in room 625,
court house.
Miss Hilda Roes, a Portland girl,
has been chosen to represent the
northwest at a Young Women's
Christian association conference in
New York city from February 6 to 10.
Miss Rocs will leave today as a dele
gate from the Portland Young Wom
en's Christian association industrial
clubs. She will represent the indus
trial department and is the only in
dustrial club member being sent to
represent Washington, Montana, Ore
gon and Idaho. Each of the 11 Young
Women's Christian association fields
in the United States will send four
representatives to this joint ctudent
and industrial conference, tho first
of its kind to be called. From each
field a student secretary, ansindus
trial secretary, a student Young
Women's Christian association mem
ber and an industrial club member
will be present.
The Progressive Woman's league
will hold its regular meeting in the
assembly room. Hotel Portland, Tues
day, February 5, at 2 o clock sharp.
After a short business meeting a
programme has been arranged to
cover the subject, "Resolved, that a
woman has a right to her own indi
viduality, after marriage." Mrs. Ocean
Jolly will lead the discussion. Mrs.
Louise Palmer Weber will speak. Mr.
Berry, baritone, will sing, accom
panied by Miss Ruth Agnew. The
public is invited to the programme,
which will be promptly at 3 o'clock.
Mrs. Alice M. McNaught will preside.
f ..ti.- ,:v'j
The Instrument of the ImmortaU
rl those homes where the com
positions of the Immortals
are known and loved and kept
Jiving where fine music is daily
food for the soul there you will
find the Steinway. It is buti
natural that this, the piano of
the Immortals the choice of
such men as Liszt and Wagner
and Gounod should be also
the choice of those who know
. and love and cherish their music.
.Whenever you are ready to
choose your Steinway, whether
today or next year.jve shall be
here to serve you
. -111..-7 r-i1"
21 I
Sherman jGlay& Co.
Sixth and Morrison Streets
Opposite Postoffice
Programme Will Be Given
at Y. W. C. A. Friday.
Mrs. M. I.. T. Hidden Will Speak
on Rotcd Prohibitionist.
s( ulptors her own, and tho art class,
after hearing Sir. Fairbanks' talk,
feels that Oregon is particularly for
tunate in having a man of such fine
ideals and modern methods at the
university to develop talent which
may be latent in some of her
e e
The Gleaners of the Piedmont
Presbyterian church will meet at the
home of Frances Blumenauer. 1133
Rodney avenue, Friday. AlUmembers
re asked to be present and each gin
to bring a new member, if possible.
Last Thursday afternoon an Im
portant meeting was held by the
women of the Centenary-Wilbur
church, at which time a constitution
was adopted and other business
transacted. Hereafter this organiza
tion will meet regularly on the second
Tuesday of each month and will be
known as the Centcnary-W llbur
Woman's organization, with every
woman in the church a member. Its
purpose will be to promote business,
social and welfare work In the church
and community, and plans to this end
Iready are under way. An inter
esting feature is the loan rund, cre
ated to help persons who need small
sums to help tide over an emergency.
A benevolent fund also has been
started for the purpose of helping
worthy cases. The need of funds to
carry on this work was discussed and
plans for raising money were adopted.
Mrs. Maguire of the court of domestic
relations gave ai Inspiring talk on
the work of the court, and the part
the church may take in promoting
Christian social service.
Lavender club. Branch No. 2, held
a very enjoyable meeting on Tuesday
at the central library. Mrs. B.
Wheeler, was chairman of the pro
gramme, which included numbers by
Mrs, Recken. Mrs. Elinor Davis told
of her travels to India. - and Mrs.
Morgan sang two eolos.
At the regular meeting of the
Housewives' council Mrs. E. C. Frost
crave an Interesting talk on her work
at the Frazer Detention home. Let
ters were read that had been received
by the council from the house and
enate of tne legislature, eonie oi
which stated that tbey were not in
harmony with some of the decisions
of "the public service commission.
The council voted unanimously in I
favor of the widows pension, the tax
commission bill and also the bill al
lowing women to fit on a jury.
Some of the members or tne coun
cil mei at the home of ilrs. R. V.
TtLta x. w. u. a. -open evening" on
Friday, February 4, at 7.-45 will
be an unusually attractive one this
week. Miss Helen Harper, accom
panied by her sister. Miss Jean Har
per, will give two violin selections.
Mies Blanch Cohen will sing several
solos. This will be followed by a
short talk on Frances E. Wlllard by
Mrs. M. L. T. Hidden.
The physical department of the
Y. W. C. A. will start new classes In
physical training and aesthetic danc
ing on February 1. A special fca
ture will be a new class for email
children under Miss Georgia Wcy.
This will be a class in boginning
aesthetic dancing. The present aes
thetic class will continue during the
next term.
Especial stress will be laid upon
the work for business girls. A gen
eral gvmnasium class for adults will
be given. This class will include
matrons who wish special physical
Avard Fairbanks of the faculty of
the University of Oregon, talked to
the Business Women's art class
Wednesday evening on "Ghiberti's
Bronze Doors of the Baptistry at
Florence and the New Impetus Given
to Painting."
Mr. Fairbanks is one of America's
younger sculptors, having won recog
nition for his work exhibited in tho
Paris salon and elsewhere. He has
some very original and fine ideas,
prophesying for America great
achievements In art, but he lays par
ticular stress upon the necessity
of correlation between architecture,
sculpture and painting which, was so
complete. In Italy during the 15th
The west calls many noted modern
Tho current literature department
of the Portland Woman's club will be
entertained at the home of Mrs.
Charles 15. Dant on Twenty-sixth
street, Thursday. February 3. Lunch
eon will be served at 1 o'clock. As
sisting the hostess will be Mrs. Ches"
ter Hopkins, Mrs. U. G. Smith, Mrs.
D. L. Povey, Mrs. J. B. Coffey. Mrs.
W. S. Hubbard and Mrs. W. F.
Higrgins. Mrs. Alva Leo Stephens will
read "The Great Hunger," by John
Bojer. Miss Ruth Agnew will be so
loist, accompanied by Miss Dorothy
Cox at the piano.
Orphia temple. No. 18, Pythian Sis
ters, enjoyed a splendid meeting
Thursday night. Following the short
business session tho grand keeper of
records and seals, Walter Gleeson.
and the grand chancellor. W. J. H.
Clark, gave short talks. The second
Thursday in February will be initia
tory night.
Xlie general sewing bee of the
George Wright corps will be held
Friday, February 4, at the home of
Mrs. Anna Savage, 746 Belmont street.
(Special.) The Independence Civic
club held an Interesting session at
the home of Mrs. O. A. Kreanicr
Wednesday afternoon. Miss Made
leine Kreamer presented a paper on
"Japanese Music." and Japanese and
American compositions were rendered
with pleasing contrast. Miss Kreamer
was assisted in her illustrations by
Mrs. E. Davis on the violin.
Mrs. Clyde Ecker gave an Illus
trated paper on "Japanese Art."
Prints of Hirshige and Hokusai were
displayed; also several choice pieces
of pottery. About . 50 guests were
present. Tea was served and inrense
was burning about the rooms. At tbe
next regular meeting the club will
hold a reception for the pioneer resi
dents of the town. Following this
break the study of Japan will be con
tinued. Mrs. Clyde Ecker, president
of the club, presided. .
The Democratic Woman's club will
be hostesses at a dancing party Fri
day evening, February 4. In the as
sembly of the Hotel Multnomah. Mem
bers of the committee in charge 'are
Mrs. Fred Vogler, Mrs! William Mc
Magcr, Mrs. Millie Hughes, Mrs. W. H.
Braeger, Mrs. John Mann, Mrs. J. C.
.Smith, Mrs. K. J. Woods. Mrs. Carrie
Hoover, Mrs. Sarah Moore, Mrs. Q. C.
English, Mrs. W. E. Belt add Mrs. Red
mond Marshall. Assisting th4 women
will be W. D. Bennett, G. L". Harry,
Dr. J. W. Morrow. Milton Miller and
K. J. Woods. Mrs. llirtlia Cook in
chairman of arrangements.
The Democratic "Woman's club w ill
hold its regular meeting Tuesdiiy at
'i P. M., in room A. central library.
Marshall lna will spek to the mem
bers on "The Community Chest ami
the Employment of Marriof. Women."
Mrs. Edith Tozier Weathered will
tpeak on "The Sliephcrd-Towncr bill"
and Miss Ruth Aynew will be soloisL
Tho President's club has changed
its meeting day frvui Wednesday to
Tuesday. The next nieili.ig of the
club will he held Tuesday at noon at
the Cat'n Fddle. An interesting fea
ture of the meeting will be Miss
Aileen Brong's account of her visit
to the battlefields of France.
The Woman's Missionary society of
the White Temple will meet at the
home of Mrs. O. P. M. Jamison,
Main street, Wednesday, February ,
i at 2:30 P. M. The subject for the aft
ernoon will be "China."
Members of the parent -teacher
association of the Joseph Kellogg
school were inspired by n n-vel and
profitable programme last week,
which gave them a glimpsii of the
educational vuhiu and method of
teaching music appreciation in the
modern way.
Miss Worrell, a teacher of the pri
mary grades, attended this summer
and fall the Evelyn .MeFurlane Mc
Clusky teachers' classes in music ap
preciation, and became so Interested
that through Miss Worrell an invita
tion was extended to Mrs. McClui-ky
to give a series of sample lessons for
the parent-tcaciifcr association pro
gramme. Four groups of 12 rach, beg nning
with primary and concluding with
upper classes, camo forward to be in
the classroom work conducted by Mrs.
AlcClusky, who has made a study of
this In the east.
Rhythm drills, coneentrat ton les
sons and recognition of orchestral in
struments were the main points pre
sented. Each group of children paid
keen attention and cave remarkably
definite response by the use of signals,
suggested by .Mrs. M-Cluiky.
The regional conferences and field
days of the national Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union, at which five
prominent officers and superintend
ents visit K leading cities of tho
I'niled States, started January IS at
New York city. They already have
visited Pittsburg, Pa., Cincinnati, O..
and Chattanooffa, Tenn., and nre now
el Lexington, Ky. They are due to
arrive in Portland Friday afternoon.
February 11, liaving visited in the
meantime Chiao, Cheyenne snd
Bo'se. The programme for their en
tertainment here will inelu'lu a re
ception given by the I'ortland teach
ers to the superintendent of sc'enllfie
teniperanco instruction, a luneheon at
the Benson hotel in union with the
Oregon Civic league, a trip over the
Columbia highway, and mei tings in
the various churches Sunday, wimi'iis
up with a ma.tH nieelinii at the. First
Congregational church at niiflit, at
which all five women will be heard
Grain Klcvatur to Uc Built.
WIIJOWi5, Cal. Preliminary ac
tion toward construction of a graii
elevator here has been taken b
Glenn county farmers. J.oeal capita
will finance the construe! ion, it is he.
lieved. When the elevator is ready.
Glenn farmers will handle their grain
In bulk instead of in sacks.
Manila to Have Xtw Wharf.
MANILA, P. I. Permission to en
large docking facilities hire foi
United States army transports hni
been requested of the r '";:no gov
ernment by American .noiy uttthori
ties. It is proposed to erect a whar
B00 feet long by 200 feet wide to cos
approximately $750,000.