The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, January 30, 1921, SECTION TWO, Page 17, Image 35

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EDUCATED woman of culture and refine
ment desires position as companion.
Would give light Kfrvlc'i daily in ex
change for board and room In refined
home. Highest references ven as to
character and capabilities AK 364, Ore
gonian WANTED By March 1. by Competent
woman, alone, position as caretaker for
country or suburban horn; understands
car of cow, chickens, lawn. garden,
etc.; good housekeeper; references. AR
3"0. Orfyonian. .
RflMiU girl, employtd' wLhes to ex
cnange light services or take care of
children evenings lor room and reasona
ble board. References. AK 322, Ore
gonian. ItiDDLE-AGED woman of refinement and
experience wishes position ad msnafinK
housekeeper in apt. houf or refined
gentleman's home. fhone Sellwood luts.
204 k. fern st. s. .
HIGH SCHOOL g.rl wishes to stay with
children evenings or assist with tight
housework (.or room, board and smal!
-.ages; preferably near Girls' Polytechnic
t 'hooi. Rhone vv oouiawn wi
I'ftSf f It. N. housekeeping, in city or coun
t ry, near school, w here there are no
children: have child, school age. Ad
ln w HI) 312. Oregonian.
WIDOW Will take care of children or
make herself useful evenings In exchange-
for comfortable room. AK S06,
IWXC lady wishes dining room work or
any kind of work where she can have
hoy of 5 with her: state wages; must be
in city. T 311. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED laundress wishes to take
fine laundry home, also curtains, all
work guaranteed, called for and de
livered Sell. 3'V
WOMAN .-anM work by day or evenings,
raring fnr children or Invalid: will also
assiat with housework, Sellwood 20 or
write rt;irt 5Uh st. S. E.
AlIDDLH-AGEI Jady will care for child
ren afternoons and evenings while
mother is absent; best references.
V:ibor 1530. .
REPINED oung lady wishes place as
companion or lady's maid for room and
board ; can furnish best of references,
''all Tabor 2H44.
Mil DLE-AGEl w idow like position by
1 1st of Mav on farm to cook for 2 or 3
men. Mrs. A. McDonald, Sub Sia. 4,
A berdeen. Wash.
WORK wanted, light nursing, companion,
takin- rare children evenings, mending.
hand sewing, light housework. Ah. joy,
I Im.U keeper. Stenographers. Office.
YOlVi; unman with general office and
bookkeeper experience wishes position:
willing to start with moderate salary If
chance for advancement ; reierences. r.
O. F!ox 155. Trouulaie. Or.
YOUNG l.AL'Y wishes position as cashier
or clerical work; can use typewriter,
some bookkeeping: 3 years' experience
can give best of references. Call Mon
day Wdln. 35. .
YOUNG irtdv. competent stenographer,
wi)us po-ition as secretary or ttenogra
rdier: have had thorough training afl
confidential secretary to executives. Sell.
15,0 '
YOUNG lady d-sires bookkeeping position
with large firm; three years experience.
ledger work preferred : can give refer
nets. Call Marshall KH1. No. 5".
A 11 1 ; 1 1 school irl fishes a position as
a stenographer or general oft ice work
from 1 P. M. daily and all day Satur
days. Call Automatic 312-7S.
CAPABLE stenographer, experienced gen
eral office work in machinery, drugs
lumb.-r; consider out of town position.
I ;t.v.t. Oregonian.
Ll" M FiEU sir roc lai'h-T and invoice clerk,
familiar with all detail of lumber office,
will appreciate advice of prospective
opening W Oregonian.
Y'lNi woman dsires position as hook
ke.-ner or assistant, several years' ex
p.nencc, city references. AR ilW, Ore-
l'l UNi1 'LADY. iih experience and ability
desires posi lion where knowledge of
stnogi a phy and bookkeeping w ill be
useful ; references. D .".1. Oregonian.
Y(L;NO f..AlY with S years' experience m
business world desires position as gen
er 1 office assistant; best X references,
t til IMwy. :tT.".LV
U'ANTEI by lady going tn Chicago would
care for child or invalid person for part
expense, leaving February 3. Call
Men t goinery.
Y lN; lady wis hen position as stenog
rapher or assistant bookkeeper; also has
UiUmfi experience; small office preferred;
references. p 33. "t, (Jregonian.
yOLfNG woman with several years exeri-em-e
as private secretary and office man
ager wihes position in Puriland. & 3 til,
i Tegnnian.
AMEITI'iL'S giri wants position In office;
Via knowledge of bookkeeping and typ
ing; wages fio object. Plione Mar. 7o3
before 4 P. M.
ToL'NG lady with knowledge of bookkeep
ing and t vpmg, would like permanent
position. Bdwy. 2142.
STENUGRAPHER. two years legal expe
rience, wants position with law firm.
East 3331.
COM F 'ET fciNT experienced stenographer
w i sites any klrvd office work. R
RELIABLE girl wishes office work; have
knowledge of nhorthand and typewriting.
Ah" ; ft. uregonian.
WANTED By experienced accountant,
-small set of books to keep during lels
ure nours. a rt'1, iregonian.
VoUXtj lad v. , experienced In automobile
liability insurance and stenography. ast
EXPERIENCED etenograDher and book
keeper desires permanent position; ref
erences, warn, .hi i.
x.- rr,ujf,.Lu stenograpner aesirea po
sition, fiione croauway alter o or
in morning peiore
YoCN: lady, several years' experience
genera,! office work, wants clerical posi-
i him . fi-i i-i riK-i-w. lanor o.r.t.
lOLNG lady, experienced, wants
posting, iiung, general omcfc work. Ta
per .v
JEXI'ERiENCED bookkeeper and stenog-
xapner uesirea position at once. M 3U7
EXT EHIENCED office girl wishes work
evenings as cashier or set of books to
Keep. a.n (Jregot Ian.
"W ANTED Permanent stenographic po-
inon, na.i aays. very competent; refer
ence, per month. E. MKJt.
YOUNG LADY desires office work; expert
ijpig-i; iar stenograpner. beiiwood 41T.
BEG INN ER in stenography desires posi-
tion; general onice experience. Col. 1078.
STENOGRAPHER desi'ivs position fn
stirance experience. AF 3HQ, Oregonian.
4 years' exp.p ref. Tabor stenograpner wishes po-
ii ivii. y 'M, K.'i eKoiiian.
TYPIST wants permanent position.
East 3i22.
HOLfi dresses, children's dresses and on
uvr garuienis, camisoies. Dioomers, un-
aersauts, nignt dresses made, .iiic each;
under direction of flrst-clasa dressmaker
for limited tune only. Auto. 2Irt-i'l '
IISS COTTRELL at Hotel Caples spe
cializes In street and evening gowns for
business girls; dresses finished in a day
h vuui Hume, rate f. leiepnone Mar-
una ii :jiiu.
ALL KINDS of sweatera made to order,
si k or wooi. crocneting. knitting or
wing reasonao;e. last tflos.
PK1XG STYLES in afternoon and eve
ning gowns, original and becoming lines.
UoWNS made at your home or mine; sat
isfaction guaranteed; $4.50 day. Phone
LADIKri and children's dreemaking and
tailoring, also alterations; wiil go out
to grw. auio. Main 7173
W ITH material furnished, young lady will
i.i.i ir tuiiipifie uainty uaoy layettes rea-
soruthly. Call Fast i:3Ml.
iiN PERT dressmaker. Hyland Apta., 490
Morrison. Marshall a(U: evenings Kell
wood 1150.
ENGAGEMENTS by day. thoroughly expe
rienced dressmuker, remodeling reason'
able. Broadway l."67.
KXl'EKT Ures-maker, Hyiand Apis., 4i0
Morrison. Marsha.ll 200; evenings Seli-
w ood I 1 .".II.
wear made. linens hemmed,
ry. Sell. 1!i,m.
COMPETENT dressmaker will sew in your
home. Marshall 3 1!. .
HI Oil -CLASS dresMnakiug at reduced
rates, vork guarantei. Sellwood 6ol. '
BKING me your spring sewing. Marshall
2ol Uth. ApL No. 3.
RELIABLE dressmaker by day; refer
slices. Woodlawn 4411.
X PEFtlENCE-D dressmaker wants sewing
bv dav. Aut. 2-'3-5H.
DltESS MAKING, reasonable, work guar
anteed: out and home. Call Mar. 101S
DRESSMAKING r.d tailoring, also re-
mo d e :g.b y day. ClJT a bor 3213.
DRESSMAKING, plalk sewing. 215-05 44T
; East Ankey.
IjuA.ns. u.i4, coats mau tu orar.
Morgan bidg
li.PEf:IKN ED dressmaker. $3.."0 a day.
''all Tabor rt-'0" Sundays or evenings.
OLD SLITS made new; day engagements;
eir.i.y rat. M rs. Walker. Mam 3p7.
prices very reasonable.
. iU E. Hth N.
DRESSM A K ING. remodsllng, nioderate
prices and originality. Main 53M.
WANTED Plain sewing, children's clothes
or mending: S2.7-"i day. Woodlawn H30!l.
NL KSE w ants old person or mental case.
In h''r home. Woodlawn 334.
KAl'KKlIi.N'i'EU nurs will care for pa
neot by ha,'-ir. clay or week. at 47i9,
TRAINKD nurse ooen for en agements
terms reasonable; some housework- Call
East 220U.
I'RACTICAL nurse wishes case, women
and children, only some bouse work.
Alain .'.
WANTED By practical nurse, any kind
of nursing, prefer maternity. Woodlawn
GOOD, practical nurse would like care of
sick, el v iauv- or maternity cases,
Call Fast 5374. . .
YOU CAN have a competent registered
nure go to your home for one hour or
more. r'none laoor
EXPERIENCED undergraduate wishes po
sition. Institutional preterreu Ah. o
PRACTICAL nuw, conf iMc-nieiityHud pri
vate or contagion case la-ken. iii
J25. 3p:irment
TRAINED efficient nurse ttakca all kinds
of cases, day or week, at reasonable
terms. Marshall 340.
M'R.SK, practical, reasonable, careful, open
for engagement. Phone Main 4S3. Edison
hotel. -
DRESSMAKING, house dress-s. alterations,
relintng. reasonable. l'J5 11th. st. Mar
shall 3040. .
PRACTICAL, nurse wishes case; terms rea
sonable. Marshall 4410.
GRADUATE nurse wishes case of
kind, rates reasonable, fcast jsoi.
PRACTICAL NL'KSh! wiil care for invalid
patient In her home. Auto, 021-21.
POSITION In linen room hospital or hole!
LI 350, Oregonian. '
TRAINED nurse will take medical case, in
valid or as companion. O 311. Oregonian
WANTED By practical nurse, invalid or
chronic case, reasonapie. ooamn p
WILL. for chronic case; moderate sal
ary; refereneea TaborJ330.
PATIENTS cared fur in my private home.
Phnne East 4flf
i'uU.N'G girl greatly in need of employ
ment wishes to astdst with housework
wnere there is no children. K. 303, Ore
gonian; Housekeepers.
NEAT woman, t years, would like to
keep house for workirg penpUor wid
ower for elf and husband's rrom and
board, or where both could do same
thing; we ate not down find out. but
want to save a little; are reliable people;
would go out of city. A 3.. Oregonian.
a 1 1 1 .i i i .v.. a c'.Ki) .hitman wishes position
as housekeeper in faintly of adults or
w.aower wun smau inmitj . i c.. t.--
chanired. Address' Jjayton avo
Newberg. UT.
LADY. .V. wishes a place as h. k. for cou
rr omnlnvpil or assist and care of chl
iron, give address, no phone calls. AR
(. Oregonian. ;
REFINED widow with 3 children school
age will keep house for refined, wealthy
widower: home mainly. u ure
POSITION by middle-aged woman as
honsekeener for two business men
aged couple; will care for semi-Invalid.
Marshall 'S.
WANT housekeeping on ranch where there
are a few 'men too cook lor or kitchen
lieip iu camp; experienced. W b7. Orego
nian. .
WANTED By re?p--ctaMe widow, (sition
a housekeeper for "tlfman between
and i with good home, ore
REFINED elderlv woman wants house
keeninir for refined elderly man with
modern home, city preferred. Address
A 3f,;. Oregonian.
WIDOW, child ti. wants housekeeping, cit)
or ranch life ; distance no object. AG
WOMAN with experience wants situation
as housekeeper, rancn preierrca. Air
Lenora Molrler, Astoria. Or.
WIDiW with boy. 2 years, wishes posi
tion as housekeeper In town; c to. pre
f erred. Aut. 3Jo-'.!.
LA DY wishs posit inn as housekeeper for
gentleman wun children. Aiar. i .
tK"P OF CITY. N. 3"X. fiRKOt NI.N
Hot SEE KEl'l G oa a farm or camp work
WilMed. K 3.:l, OiegolllHTI
WOM AN wants housekeeping. can
best of reference. Phone i ol. 1K4.
VVUmiW ALONE wish housekeeping. r:
table and refined. AM 31V. Oregonian.
House cleaning, window ' washing,
carpJt gleaning by expert workmen,
floors waxed, furniture polished.
INS Chapman st. Phone Main 11R7.
WOMAN wants work cleaning, etc..
days. Phone Main 523 1.. Apt. 3.
Information and
Rental Bureau.
Reliable, up-to-date lists of 'desirable
vacant houses, apartments and flats
with definite information pertaining to
Newcomers to Portland will find this
bureau of great value in helping them
get properly and quickly located.
Sixth Floor.
TO PARTY leaving city desiring proper
care taken of their property, clergyman
with best references wants to lease 7
or 8-roonied empty or partly furnished
house, chicken house and ground; will
pay $30; west Hide preferred. AR 324.
WANTED Modern unfurnished house, 7
or 8 rooms, in good district, with or
without option of purchasing within
year. Mr. Harw ood . Bdwy. 0'. , Satur
day or Monday, Mallory hotel, room
Mn Sunday.
RESPONSIBLE business man desires to
rent 7 to lo-room house, must be mod
ern, in good condition and in best resi
dence district ; will pay good rent and
take long lease. Telephone Bruadway
411, Hotel Henson. ask for room 77.
MAN AND wife, no children, want to rent
furnished home. Will take lease for 1
year and guarantee proper care, furnish
ing unquestionable references. Must be
modern and good neighborhood. Phone
Tabor 3M4.
WANTED Reliable party - without chil
dren want a modern house, unfurnished,
"with garage, not far from carllne; Irv
lngton or Laurelhuist. Tabor 51-0 after
S:o A. M. today.
WANTED L'urnished 4 or 5-roomed house
with large garden space. Mt. Scott dis
trict preferred. Phone Mr. Morris.
Broadway 4 251, Sunday but ween 10
and 5.
ANY TIM E within tt w eeks 7 or 8-iooiu
modern house, with 4 bedrooms, by re
sponsible party, who will pay a fair
rent for a desirable house. Call Tabor
7tWi or Marshall 3351.
WANT to rent 4 to 6-room hosse with
bath and garage, on paved street: pre
fer furnished house. Call Mr. Thornton
ct Marshall 30,i Sunday between 10 and
12 A. M.. or anytime weekdays.
FURNISHED 4-room house by family with
2 children; lr you don t like children
don't bother me. Call Broadway S273
between 10 and noon today only
WANTED To lease or rent for long time.
a or "-room modern unrurntshed house
in good district, near can line. Adults
only. Phone Tabor Ssf7.
RESPONSIBLE adults want, ti mo.
longer, or 1 -room modern furnished
home, west side or walking distance
east p:fiA. -rabor t3i.
BY RESPONSIBLE married coUDla. atrict
iy modern unrurnisned or o-roorn bun
galow: Rose City, Beaumont or Irving-
ion. B.ast rtH'j.
WANTED To rent unfurnished house by
reD. iv or j.i, auuii; state rent. R
31, Oregon ian.
WANTED- Modern houxe with garage on
paved street ; hawinorne or Richmond
district preferred. Aut c 04 2-1 iti.
WANT to rent 3 or 4-room jinfurnished
Dungaiow. west siue; win . give refer
ences. Phone Bdwy. 213!'.
WANTED 3 or 4-room furnished house.
no cm inren ; ease sine, close to &. p,
shops preferred. O 300. Oregonian.
5 OR 6-ROOM modern unfurnished house
by February 5; east sldo preferred. Call
East TiW'rf.
WANTED By Feb. I, furnished 4 to G-
room house. Marshall 3 tt. Call be
tween 11-1.
WANTED At once, a furnished 6 or 7-
room house or apartment; close In pre-
ferred by adults. Call East OToft.
OR 5-ROOM bungalow or cottage; wiil
lease for a year. Call Marshall 100,
room 3'2.
OTtOOM MODERN bungalow-; Rose City
aistricr; win jhsp 1 ear; pay a mos.
rent advance. P 344, Oregonian.
WANTED By small fam.Iy 6-rootn mod
ern unfurnished home by February 15
O 302. Oreg.mian.
5 -room unfurnished flat or
3 adults; references. Call
apartment ;
LCnst 2140.
W A .N T KD V aca n t house.
10 rooms or
more. Phone hast .7.
RELIABLE family wants house in Rose
rtty park. call Tabor 370.
M iDEKN 5 or 6-room house; will leas
lor year or two. .'hone Columbia ttJtf.
I am looking for a house of 12 to
14 rooms and will pay the price, but
It must be as follows:
Close-In on the west aide, and with
rood aurroundincs: 12 to 14 rooms, fur-
nisTied if possible, however this will
not conflict with the deal: would p:
fer between 5th st.r 14th St., Montgomery
and Kearney ata. V ill act quicKiy,
so let me know Just what you nave
AG 34". Orefioniam
S-lu-ROO.U furnished house; rent must
reasonable. Mar. 477.
WANTED A 2 or 3-room furnisned
apartment, grfod location. In wa!
distance, by Pel. 1. Reply O 34 1. Ore
WANT to least? or buy direct from owner
hotel, rooming house or apartment
house, in or out of city. AB ore
SMALL apt. or h. k. rooms, young married
counle- no children: reference! ex
changed Tabor 4N4L
KLL1ABLB and resnons-ibit party wan
furnished apartment or housekeeping
rooms by Feb. 1. All S2, Oregonian.
AG RHEA RLE, jolly young lady wants a
or fiat with lady same disposition,
a ppointment phone Sunday Bdwy
WANTED 3-room aoarimont, not over
t. close in, west side. phone Mar
shall O.ViS today between 3 and 6 o'clock
DRESSMAKER, late of Maison de Paris,
Frisco: 13.50 day to introduce. auio
2-10. .
ON E-RlKJM an tment bv a Vwung ua'J
eior; best or references : siaie iocai.iuii
and price, w 341, Oregonian
WANTED to rent small apartment or flat
February I: adults. Woodlawn .
WANTED By business man, well-heated
sleeping room, kitchenette ana Dam in
nni.-t hmiw with or near earace. Refer
ences. Answer with particulars and
phone number. AR 37. Oregonian.
WANTED Funiish'-d room with kitchen
ette or enuivHlent. walking distance
Flanders and llih N. AB 330. Ore
WANTED to rent furnish-id room, east
s;de near Northern Pacific college, room
bv employed, quiet man. reasonable
price. F 3S7. Oregonian.
Dfil'ENDABLB young man employe
w lsues to worn evenings lor room
3H. Oregonian.
WANTED Small modern furnished apt
flat or bungalow hy couple without chil
dren. L'hte Automatic si'O-io.
BL'SlNI-iSS man wants nice room, in strict
ly private home, or room wilh kitchen
ette. west s;tle. A r 3H. Oregonian.
REFINED young lady desires room with
use of piano for practicing eve., west
side. Cnll Sunday only. Main 4'.2t.
YoL'NG woman, employed, will -work
hour? daily for aood room. Address
V2. Ore-gen ian.
YOl'NG man, out of town a great deal
wants room; must be reasonable, to 6
Oregon lan
MAN wants II. K. or sleeping romi in ex.
change for services. D 320, Oregonian.
Rooms With Board.
EDUCATED woman of culture and refine
ment desires position as companion,
Would cive light service daily in ox
change for hoard and' room in refined
home. Highest references given as to
character and capabilities. AR 5u6. Ore
ROOMS and board, or 1 largo or house
keeping suite for 3. in private family
clone walking distance Mills Open-A
school, E. 0th and Sark. Ilushuml
aw ay most of time. Mot her and littl
boy in .school. Call Mrs. L.y. M.ain-2228.
BL'SI NESS woman wants to bo paying
guest at good honift table one or two
evenings each week;-state price and car
service. Bl 3'J1, Oregoi'.ian.
ROOM a tid board or ktl hen priviiej;
for working woman with child; will
care for child while mother works. AB
"27. Orei-'oniatl.
WANTED tiood home fur girls, agC 5
and 0; references required; price no ob
ject ; give phono number. J 314. Ore
W A NTE D Room and board with use of
bath, by. young man of plain type
private family, west side. AF 343, Ore
MoTHEll -iLtid daughter would like room
and boa rd in a respectable place, wes
side; some place where mother could
do some light work. AG ,'!:;4, Oregonian
EM I'LO VKD couple wish room and boa,rd
in re tinea private family. 1110110 up to
1 o clock. Fast l.tH.
WANTED In private family, located near
E. 14ih and Oak, breakfast and dinner
by W. H. S. student. Call E. 4M7.
COl'PLE dsi res plain reasonable board
French, Italian, Spanish language pre
lerren. .Main Mill.
YOUNG man wishes board and room with
some private family near Jefferson high.
i a.. 1 Droadway 1443.
Housekeeping Rooms.
WANT LI. K. rooms furnished that S100
will handle and balance monthly pay
ments, for old women. Eastern Ex
change. H7,.i Washington, room 302.
WAN"PKD Unfurnished rooms, close in
no children; references. Cali Alain 768J
Mrs- Brad-?n.
WANT furnished housekeeping room near
public garage. w jj.i, Uregonian.
WANTED Unfurnished flat, west side,
walking distance, 4 adults and year-old
cm if J, south of Washington, east of ltfth.
H 311s, oregonian.
Business Places.
WANTED Half 01 store space and win
dow for hitihII bu-lnesa, west side. E
31 Mi, oregonian.
WANTED Warehouse space.
What have
you? A .ii4, Oregonian.
SL'ACE in good location for ladies' ex
change on street. Phone . Broad way .
.Need storage for six old cars, any old
barn or shed wl do. just so it is dry
and can be locked up. Call Broadway
41S4 it you nave it
WANTED Hall for private gym classes,
good floor and piano; day time use only.
o sis, oregonian.
SINGLE room. Tots of air and light.
the Sheffield apartments. Close down
town, for a desirable party. Rent 30.
H. B. Gustaff. Broadway 4175. 400
Henry hie
1 urnNUed Rooms.
FOR KENT Well furnished warm room.
private home, for l or 2 businew? women
or married couple; excellent transporta
tion. 1497 Belmont st. at 55th. Phone
Tabor 04xW.
LARG E w ell-fur rushed room, with bath,
steam heat: four blocks from post-
ofiice; C. 8. preferred. Main 7U1 week
days. MnrshaM lOtt.i Sunday.
LARGE sleeping room, private entrance,
bath, disappearing bed, exclusive west
eifle apts. ; employed gentleman or lady;
references. Main ItH'S.
Corner Twelfth and Stark 81b.
Modern, clean, all outside rooms. $-fl3
reek. Leople of good character desired.
Morrison and Park streets.
New, fireproof and modern.
Fpec. al ratea to permanent gn c s ts.
HOTEL OCKLEY. Morrison at Tenth
Rates Si day up; weekly. $5. 50 up; free
phone and baths: steam heat.
ST. PAUL HOTEL 130 Fourth st. Clean
respectable, modern; transient. $1 up.
RattA to permanent guests.
FRONT room with hot and coid water
. and kitchen privileges. Walking dis
tance. 57 Trinity Piace.
Transient and permanent rooms; pri
vate phones and baths.
TH K EE-ROOM furnished upper Hat for
rent: heat and lights free. 1009 K. ISth
N ort h. Adults only.
CLEAN, warm sleeping rooms. Quiet
place, west side, walking distance to
b 1 1 s i n e s see n ter. . 20S 17th s t .
TWO SLEEPING rooms, clean and new;
particularly suitable lor men, $20-115.
Auto. 52-5L
NICE, clean, well furnished sleeping rooms
for 2 or 3 persons; talking distance.
414 Mill st.
1 GOOD room for two young men or two
young ladies; one sleeping mom for a
man at 4.2.50 a week. 203 13th St.
LA KG E front room suitable for 2
25 Cloy st.
FURNISHED sleeping room.
1 stret't.
535 Couch
NEVVLY furnished, steam-heated rooms,
geirtlemen preferred. Phone 529-53.
THE ALEXANDER. 131 Tenth street.
A p ts. and transient, steam heat.
$1 DAY, $2,511 WEEK, up; clean; baths
free. Hotel Cadillac. 3d near Jefferson.
PLEASANT front room, heated, walking
d i stance; also sma li room, $10, 410 2d
LARGE, 'ell furnished room, downtown
Broadway 1420.
CLEAN room,
i:A) S. JOlU st. Broadway
FRONT room with kiichunette.
st. Business people.
LARGE front room and furnace hea.t, fire-
place; walking distance. o'.'3 Davis st.
WELL-FURNISHKD room fop gentlemau,
central Call Broadway 54&,
Furnished hwnn.
GENTLEMAN will share private living
room and adjoining bedroom with clean
quiet gentleman. Magnificently fur
nished : phonograph with 4 records,
large double bed. located In a bachelor
hall seven minutes walk from Broadwny
and Washington. References required.
AL 331, Oregon ia n.
Pitting room, bedroom and adjoining
bath in close-in west side' apartment
house. Private entrance, steam heat.
attractiveJv furnished. No carfare. Fine
for t-wo business girls, $50. Mn. 2M44
after! ft a. M. .
Brosdway and Ankeny St, t
TRANSIENT ROOMS, ail new end
modern, single or en suite, with or with
out private bath; rates to permanent
TERJ22.?ii p. M TOlArtY.
Rast Morrison st. at Bast 81xth.
The principal east side hotel, digni
fied and refined; $1.25 per day and up.
per week and up.
112 X. Sixth, 2 blocks of depot.
$1 per day, $5 per week and up.
Hot and cold water, steam heat.
Free phone and bath.
Unfurnished Rooms.
FOR RENT Nice front room suitable for
office -or sleeping room, unfurnished.
Fee Violin Maker Wiseman, room 8, 14
First st.
Ftirnfhhrd Rooms in Private Family.
LARE front room with magnificent view;
walking distance, west siue; for business
man; new ly furnished aDd decorated ;
Auto. 5-U-5H. 3i)3 10th St., 10th and
Montgomery. -
W'ipOW- lady has front rooms for rent;
home privileges ; will arrange to suit
- tenants; want reliable couple. Call to
day at 5404 37th ave. S. E.
LA KG E, beautiful ly furnished sleeping
room, suitable for 2; alo nice room for
1; heat, bath, phone, I block 23d st. car.
1 1 m d north. Main 2S!.
N ICE front parlor, good heat, congenial
pi opie, $la a month lor room, or u a
week for room and 2 meals. 667 Glisan
and 20th. Bdwy. 2i48.
LARGE, ilght sleeping room, business dis
trict, walking distance. rTivate resi
dence. Gentlemen preferred. 554 Ever
ett. Corner of 17th.
DESI KABLE room in modern steam-
heated apartment, walking distance, west
sifie, for lady or gentleman employed.
Mar. 24o2.
TWO ATTRACTIVE rooms, exclusive
family, delightful surroundings. Council
Crest. Refined couple or business ladies.
References requirva. Main 7S05.
LAUCiS well-furnished front room, suit
able for two; walking distance, heat,
bath and phone. Very desirable and
reasonable. 3KI 14th. Auto. 521-04.
FURMKNT Front sleeping room in pri
vate family to woman or girl employed,
$H a month. Call 54S W. Hoyt St.,
after 10 A. M.
FRONT parlor room, good heat. $15 a ino.
or room with 2 meals, fit week: congenial
penple, walking distance. 007 Gilsan and
2Mh. Bdwy. 204K.
ATTRACTIVE, light, cheery room; modern
phower hath : good location in Irvlnp
ton; a good home for right party. Phone
K. - .
RELIAltLE woman can have- room and
home privileges in comfortable homelike
place; very reasonable . Inquire 053
Commercial street.
LARGE, light. Weil heatod. furnished
front room, overlooking mountains, river
and aviation field, Willamette Heights.
Auto. 5J2-!8.
WEST SIDE, newly furnished, extra nice
rooms; plenty of heat, lignt. phone, elec
tilc grill, privilege for breakfast; to re
fined people. 3M 1 1 th St. '
YOUNG married lady wishes young lady
employed to share nicely furnished iive
room flat. Husband away. Exchange
rcferiMtccs. Auto. 3-5-22.
Mi'E room and breakfast to business girr
or vwoman for staving with children
evenings- References required. Tabor
PORTLAND HEIGHTS Several furnished
rooms for rent In private home, modern
and desirable; please phone after 4 P. M
.Mi E ' large front room, warm and com-
ro.pfahie. running water, near hatn; rent
reasonable: pleasant family. Phono East
O.tlO mornings. '
URNLSHED room with bath in steam
heated apartment, close tn, suitable for
1 or a business women; $J0 month.
Broadway 4 4a.
IRVINGTON Nicely furnished, well-heat
ed room., every convenience. . Hiock to
Broad way car. Phone East iti.'iO.
NICELY furnished room lor business man
or woman. Private home in Irvington.
References. Phone E, .422.
LEASA-NT room, privaU; family; f urnuce
heat, hath privilege, irvington. f wo
carlines. East 72S 1 . 610 Weidler.
COMFORTABLY furnished room, suitable
lor two mep; close to garages on Wash.
st. Mar. 20iy. or 3 L'lst ..
ROOMS With or without board, for em
ployed couple. Phone Wdln. 3238. Call
TWO ROOMS with sinail kitchen, com
pletely furnished, in Irvington. East 4So2
LARGE, cheerful front room, suitable two,
quiet, refined home, west sme, close in.
Marshall 3735.
ROOM and board for two with congenial
yoitngfiHople. Home privileges. jo2 E.
Planners. Aut. 22.-2.t.
RONT room, lovely home, congenial fam
ily, west side, furnace heat Marshall
CLOSE in. comfortable, well-heated room
and breakfast; a real home. 400 Clay
st. Main 2228
LARGE room for 1 or 2 working men;
close in, east side; reasonable. Phone
E. 3217.
IRVINGTON. suitable for ladv and
gentleman or lady employed; reasonable.
Phone East 8413.
r ELL-FURNISH ED room in private
home; business people preferred ; will
serve Dreanrast. 1 1 -t uverton st.
LA KG ', beautifully furnished room; heat.
hath and phone; close to 23d -st. car.
Main 000.
COMFORTABLE, clean furnished room for
men employed, $10; reierences. o4tt Jei
ferson st.
LARGE room, close in, iurnace heat.
rent reasonable; for a gentleman. East
TTR ACTIVE furnished room for wom
an without board. rvob Hill district.
Refere-nces. Marshall 3204.
NICELY furnishetl room, all new and mod-
ern, use of garage, reference, gentlemen
preferred. Tabor S405.
EL EG A NTLY, furnished room in a svveil
private home, suitable tor young man.
1 Trinity Fijce.
ROOM and board for two with congenial
young people; home privileges. 4UO2 E.
Flanders. Aut. 223-23.
LARGE front room, modern, suitable for 2
young men, with good board; congenial
private family. 5M2 K. Broadway.
LARGE, wght room; private lavatory;
quiet home; garage if aesirea. labor
ELL-FURNISHED clean room with light.
heat, bath and cooking privileges. b&3
E. Salmon. East 7HK.
CLEAN front nicely furnished room, $4.50
per week. 32 -N. lotn st
FURNISHED front room for business
woman. Feb. 1. 434 10th. Main 32.
ROOM, gentleman only: pleasant outside
room, heat, phone, batn. Alar. 200.
12TH ST., large front room, running
water: nice; to three men only.
AKGE outside room, one or two gentle-
m en. west side apartment. .Marshall 243i.
NICE large room, close in, for gentleman.
OS E. COUCn. 4Ht
iBAANT warm room In private modern
home; 2 carlines. 2o7 E. 32u Tabor i)s-.
THREE furnished rooms. $15. 6S02 44th
. s. k. Automatic 02q-2H.
NICELY furnished room, close In. reason
ab'e. Marshall ;;4"j. 701 '1 noyt st.
NICE room for gentleman.
Reasonable. 2vt t-ttn st.
LA RGE room, furnace Iwal. bath, with
;a rage. 330 Ciitton. near rarK.
ROOM In private family. Close in. Wti
ide. -T,ady oniy. broanway i.
$30 ROOM, furnished In ivory, high-class
apt., WaiKing HIST." h:p. moauway oni.
NEW' l.Y furnished convenient rooms to
people emp!oyeu. mn,
KAN, pleasant sleeping room for gen
tleman. 204 13th st. I'fione 031-37.
NfCKLY furnished room, west side.J
good district. Jiarsnrin ni
ROOM for gentleman In atrlrtiy private
Jew Uh family; references. Bdwy, 17x2.
E AN coay room for working giri at 34S
C,Iumbia St.: Phone Mar. 2a.
URN1SII ED room In home with mothor
and daughter ; automatic ?2i-4i.
LARG E front room with fireplace, for
young men. jdu is. sl si. uuwy. o(.
ROOM for gentleman, 3d floor, $10. 84 N.
21st.. cor. Everett.
LARGE, single!, clean, furnished H. K.
room ; phone, bath, lights free. 3?ft Clay.
1 EASANT room for one or two men. rea
sonable. 410 Salmon. Marshall 1020
NICELY-FURNISHED, warm front room,
suitable for 1 or 2. 404 Taylor st.
NICELY furnished front room for 2. close
In. 2" 14th st Phone Main 2533.
DFSIRACLE warm mom in private home,
home privileges. E. 3131.
DOUBLE rou-ia for gentleman.. Alar. ova.
Furnished Rooms in Private Family.
ROOM for gentleman in apartment, all
conveniences. Chetopa Apts., Broadway
Rooms With Board.
Twi of the best-known residential
note's on the Pacific coast.
American olan. with or without bath.
$2.50 a day up; rates by day or month.
Meals served to transients.
TWO VACANCIES One of the finest
homes ifi itv now being utilized to pro
vide home accommodations for discrim
inating people; couples and young peo
ple employed preferred; for appointment
telephone Kaat
JEANNE D'aRC Furnished rooms with
or without board for busine.s gir.'s ana
lady tourists, permanent or transient
HDeciaJ features within the HoiitAtioa
of the minimum wage earner; $2 pa
week and up. 2ki 14th st. Main 4ii.
NORTON I A HOTEL, Portland's downtown
high-class family bote'; rooms en suite
or single, with or without board, for
families ana business men and women
We give you all the comforts of a home.
reasonable rates.
JAEGER apartments, 701 Washington; one
4 and one 3-room unfurnished apart
ROOM and board for Dusiness girls: all
modern convenience, walking distance;
$5 per week. Auto. 219-74. 12 E. 7th st.
BOARD and room, $35 a month and up.
a good home and excellent cooking.
Marshall 3374. .
452 MORRISON, corner 13th, choice rooms
and board; modern convenience; walk
ing distance. - '
BOARDINU place lor young girls, two
me;s. monm. t wio.
TABLE board, good home cooking, 215-65,
447 East Aniceny.
WANT to board and room a child, $20
month. Phone Sellwood Z.)y.
Rooms Willi Hoard in Private Family.
IRVINGTON home 2 nicely furnished
front rooms in home of roilnement wun
home comforts, including excellent table
board, a home to be appreciates ..
minutes to city. 5-3 K. 25th st. X
East M127. S. '
Will room and board and give mother
ly care to little boy or girl- 5 to 10 years
-in retined home near school. Tauur
5 1 26.
FOR RENT Front room suitable for two
persons; well furnished, with extra large
closet; excellent board furnished (two
meals), home privileges, with no other
boarders. 141 E. Broadway. East 0243.
LARGE, comfortable, well furnished room
with board, suitable for two people, in
private home; ail home privileges
given. Phone 213-7!. ,
NICE warm room in modern home with
good board for one or two gentlemen,
$35 per month. B2M E. 57th st. North.
Phone Woodlawn 3
PLAIN, comfortable room, suitable for
working man or couple employed; excel
lent meais, rwisonabl to young working
men. 127 East 32d st. Tabor 675.
NEW ivory furnished room with board,
very convenient, 7-miuute car service,
Mt. Tabor car, home privileges. Tabor
00: n;
PLEASANT room; board if desired: use of
plione and pianos good locality; furnace
heat; not far out: convenient car ser
vice; phone Wdln. 3170.
LADY having large, weil-f urnwhed, com
fortable home w ith all conveniences
wouid like one. or two business people to
room and hoard. Wood! awn .
LARGE room in modern home of young
couple; ise of piano: breakfast if de
sired; west sid;. Marshall 1370, 10
A. M. to 5 P. M.
WIDOW with two crown children will pew
and care for small boy or girl; very best
of references. Write to AG 337, Orego
BEFORE you make up your mind to settle
down to room tv r. cn.11 v. on t-'
prices a nd specia Ity on meals; lovely
home, home privileges.
.NICELY furnished rooms with garage for
ladv or gentlemen. Will board. Tabor
7173. 335 East 3Mh. near Hawthorne.
BOARD and room lor cnildren under
school age, prices reasonable. Phone
Automatic 312-i6.
$9 WEEK for clean, warm room. 2 meals
daily, ail nome . privileges, .young tuu
pie or. girl. Tabor 103.1.
CLOSE in. comfortable, well-heated room
and breakfast; a real home. 409 Clay
st. Main 222S.
ROOM and board all modern conveniences,
for 2 or 3 men; close to Sunnyside car.
4X0 M ontgomery. Phone Mar. 17o2.
BOARD and room in modern home. 326 E
32d st.. 1 blocks from Hawthorne car.
Tabor 51J5. '
LAIYGE front room, suitable for two, and
board, very reasonable. 4U Adams st.
near Steel bridge.
:tu if and hoard with home privileges
genUeman preferred. East SODti. 400
Monroe, st. : -
WILL care for small child or baby in
comfortable home oy the month. Phone
GENTLEMAN can have nice room with
board In private family. Irvington and
Broadway car lines. none casi
WANTED LltLle girl over 4 years to room
and board. Good home. Broadway
ROOM and board in private family, home
privileges, good board, 30 minutes walk
from business cen ter. 2 1 j mn st. r
WANTED Gh-I to care for. age 2 to
good home, neAr station. Home phone.
i an by 33.
WILL room and board and give motherly
care to 2 little boys or giris in modern
home near school. Main 0as.
FURNISHED room in private homo; roftin
suited for one or two men. two oeis.
with or without board. East Si27.
REFINTD woman will give room and
board and best of care to two babies.
Marshall 1582.
RAJOM and board, room suitable for two
men ; breakfast ana ainner at nignt.
Phone Main 7103. 2
EXCLUSIVE home offers room and board;
nome-maae pies anu urenu. -t .
Broadway 4314.
GOOD HOME cooking, board and room,
ciose in. 2X." I4tn! .nam -oj.r
WILL ROOM and. board lady employed
reasonable. Tabor 31 1 1.
IF YOU want first-class table board, call
6ti Gilsan st.
ROOM and board for gentleman m private
family. Call Automatic 32-iw
FURNISHED room with board for 2. 40'
ciay st. Main 3s::4.
BOARD and room in private laml.
Irvington. ca;i Kast 2vp.
ROOM and board for young mant Catholic
preferred. 004 oarneiu. iv 1 100:
BOARD and room: modern: close to car;
near Sandy on i2U. can taoor vAitt.
LARGE room for two; single beds; mod
ern home: walking distance. Mam 1M2Ji
BOARD and room in private family. 271
X. 2 1st; Mar. 2000.
BOARD and room or board alone for gen-
tlemen. 020 fc.ast coucn. near iotn at.
ELDERLY lady wants board with private
family. Main 31101; nay, w.
BOARD and room, home privileges;
Ington district. Frtone Kast tooo.
HOME FREE to dark-eyed baby girt Au
tomatic 312-oh.
ELIXjANT large room for genLieman, west
side Nob Hill Mar. 3613.
Furnished Apartments.
COM FORT A BLE front apartment, electric
lights, running water; suitable for 1 or
gentlemen. - .ioriison i,
FURNISHED apt., private bath, phone,
steam heat, $50 per mo; adults pnly.
Todd apts.. 30 K. '12th St.. cor Stark.
3-ROOM furnished apartment, heat, light,
phone, $45; suitable lor couple; private
home. 175 Vista ave. Main 421 ft.
VERY desirable furnished room, down
towrv apartment house. Rent $30. Mar
LARGE, completely furnished 4-room mod
em apt., $'' month. "The Columbian
j 1 th and Columbia. Main ItHl.
5 ROOMS a-nd bath completely furnished
apt.; no children. 680 Irving st., apt.
1; sari. Phone Mar. 2814.
FOR SALE Furniture of a a-rm. exclusive
apt.; 2 sunnv porches; all outside rooms;
Nob Hill dist. Mar. 1758.
BUSINESS girl will share modern apt.,,
very reasonable; closc-in. AR 323, Ore
2 ROOMS and kitchenette, steam heated,
. phone, lights, adults only; lady pre
ferred. 234 E. 18th st.. corner Main.
FOR RENT 3-room furnished apartment,
middle-aged couple preferred. HhjQ E.
22d st. N. Alberta car.
2 ROOMS and kitchenette, close in, 527
Taylor st.
3-POOM furnished apt for renL Grandesta
Apt., S Grand ave.
a AND 3-loom apu. with bath.
UNION AVE. and Killlngsworth, $23.50;
all complete; concrete punamg.
2 AND S-ROOM apartment, 15784 ast
GHsan. Tabor 7Q2rj. .
4-ROOM furnished apartment. $0. South
ampton apts. Phone Mar. 2205.
WILL rent 8 rooms, furniuhed flat, respon
sible adults. East 2201).
2-ROOAI apartment to rent, nice front
rooms, wen iurnisnea. rtroaqway i-n.
3. 4 OR 5 ROOMS; 3-room, $25. 1259
Kelly st. Take Fulton car to Flower st.
CI ASSY apartment. 662 Glisan, S-rooitr
' oiodern, $U5, ildwy.
Furnished Apartments.
"Beautiful ROOF APARTMENT, com
mandiug a view of city; 5 spacious, airy
rooms, suitable for large family; rent
$00. includes heat, water and telephone.
Inquire the Meda Apts.. 377 Vancouver
avo.. one-half block north of E. Bdwy.,
just across the bridge; adults only; lease
for one year. -
Fifth and Columbia streets. t
Five minutes' walk to Meier & Frank s
store; good surroundings, strictly mod
ern, 2 and 3-room furnished apts., out
side, with French doors and balcony.
Permanent and transient.
Parties leaving city will spII furnish
ings and sublet nicely furnished 3-rootn
bath and dressing room apt. All mod
rn conveniences. Price $700. Rent of
Apt. is $50. or to desirable couple, no
children, would rent furnished for 4
months for $75 month. Apt. 12. Lucre
tia Court apts. Phone Marshall 151
Elegantly furnished 2-room. 3-room and
sleeping porch, in exclusive apartment
houae, very clean and lots of heat; also
room and bath for gentleman or. iady em
ployed; references required, Marshall
GENTLEMAN ha.- small steam-hoated
apartment with piano down town; will
share with steady young man, one inter
ested in C. S. preferred; no jazz boys;
give phone and particulars. AP 30S,
$45-$50 IMMACULATE, newly renovated
pleasant five-room apartment, pain, out
side rooms; don't let the address scare
you, but investigate; location not fash
ionable, but alright and walking dis
tance. Hawthorne Apartments. ;H4 ls
FURNISHED apartment, Wamut Park;
living - room, bedroom, nam, Kwcneu,
with all modern conveniences. Will con
sider two .dults only. Call Sunday, 1054
Cleveland ave.. cor. Alfferta.
Elegantly, completely furnished 5 rms.,
corner apt.; mu.-t be seen to, be appre
ciated; piano. $115 per month. Auto.
WILL sell beautiful furnishings i-room
duplex apartment, Including choice an
tiques, in most exclusive apartment
building in city. Apt. can be sut;L
Marshall 5!I.
YOUNG lady centrally located m one of
best apt. houses desires someone to
share apt. with her. References re
quired. Call Bdwy. 3752.
IF YOU buy furniture, may rent houe.
rms. complete; rent price .?-ju, .
rms complete, rent $4: use 4 rms. and
have $05 income. AJ 352. Oregonian.
2, and 4 rooms. The Wheeldon An
il e x, -orner itu "
N EAT L Y-F U RN I S 1 1 E D 1 -room apt. with
kitchenette; reasonable; wamms "'f
lance on west side. Mar. 2N54. 710
FOR RENT A to-room apartment nicely
furnished and clean, iurnace nvai.
trie lights a-nd hath, ciose in. Phone
Sellwood HX1S. .
APT. 4- unusually large and convenient
rooms personally and wen iurnisinu 10
sublet 'to 2 careful adults only. West
stde; $70. A 372. Oregonian. m
WEST side; have small apartment In I'jR"-
grade apartment nouw . want remieu
woman to share home with me. Sepa
rate bedrooms. Main 4103 a tut 2 P. M.
GOOD room, with breakfast and ri inner.
for 2 people em ploy en uunng me ux? .
home privileges; walking didtanco. Maiu
NICE furnished 2-rooin front apartment.
finished in white, lacing pars. uio
Miiin 7013.
3-ROOM furnished apt., 305 E. 2Xth-Haw-thorne
streets; Murraymead car to 28th
and Harrison; $" -V ,
LA RGE, nicely furnished room ; nrepun t
and priva to entrance ; suitable for two,
in irvincum home. East 4m.i2. .
1 TiniKE-ROOM modern apartment, two
disappearing beds; adults only. $0o.
Main 2."00. .
PARTLY furnisher!. 2 rooms, kitchen and
bath. $02.50. Corner Park and Hall sts.
Can be seen Monday.
4-room furnished apartment wrth sleep
ing porch. 200 E. 13th st. Adults only.
ONE FURNISHED 3-room apaj-tmenl. $0.;
I 2-room apartment, $45. Zumbro Court,
2iLh an-d Washington.
THE STAN-FIELD, 204 Porter St.. modern
2-room apt., light, heat, phone, laundry
facilities. $22. Main 71W2.
MODERN 4-room apt. 42') E. Couch.
I' n f 11 ni 1 Hiied A purtmentw.
ery drive. Beautiful new unfurnished
5-room corner apartment, 2 bedrooms,
living room, dining room, kitchen and
bath. These are very attractive apart
ments. White enamel woodwork; hard
wood floor, French doors. There is no
finer view of city and mountains in
Portland. '
UNFURNISHED apartment, three rooms
and bath wifh sleeping porch on first
floor, light, heat, phone., furnished; aiso
garage if desired. L'hone Eat 2i3.j
3:)2 E.' 15th st. North, corner of Han
rock. '
4-room modern outside apt., 1st floor;
hardwood floors, gas range, elec. wash
ing machine, steam heat and janitor ser
vice: $75. East Uti'.O.
UNFURNISHED 4-ria. apt. witn private
bath, heat and gas range. Guild apt-.
3! J Guild St., between 23d and 24th, ort
Thurman. 1
LORENZ apts., 427 Salmon st., phone
Main 8078; uniurnisneu -iumn ium.
apt. ; water, light, phone; adults.
TWO-ROOM apt., unfurnished, with pri
vate bath, heat, ngni auu yuuuc
nished. Phone East 273.
3 rooms, unfurnished apartment.
E. 13th st. ' Amilts only.
IONIAN COURT. 18 Couch st.. 4-room
modern front apt., anuus. ji.j,
e r e n c es. Bioadwa y 2bT
4-ROOM apartment .Bath and dressing
room, uiiturnisiiea. inoTua ..--.
Etna apartments. E. 20th and Burnside.
MODERN 4-room flat, near Jefferson bjgh
nehnol. S30 Per monin. a t wo.
MODERN 3-rni. apt., uiiiurmshed; rei. uoi
1.- rifW V 11to 320-34.
UNFURNISHED 4-room apt. The HighAnd
5-ROOM flat for rent, furniture for sale;
west side; an goou iumuuic, i-w v.iij
$12.50 per month. Think of it. Noth
ing in Portland like it before. Hurrjr,
hurry. Price $40.
305 OAK ST.
FOR RENT tf-room upper ilat, iiardwood
floors, living room, umhur ....,
kitchen, gas range and linoleum, fur
nace; adults, preferably couple, $3.;
none but responsible parties need apply.
Call Sellwood 3a3Q .Mnnnay.
i t n-,f unfurnished flat, clean, cheer
ful rooms, nam joinnj, hiuh,
furnished, a aauus oniy. jiitiaBwi
1111 Kerby st.
FOR RENT Store building with upstairs
6-room fiat; nam. uuicu ifcccu, e.c--tricity,
gas; 2 blocks from Oimtoa Keliy
school. Inquire b3 oth st
FLAT for rent, furniture for sale 5 rooms
...j ; -o e-oft aah hal u v - 1
auu yinu, e i iu, " -.1
to 4. today, t iivs v II3QQ i-
5-ROOM lower flat, walking distance of
city, modern auu us uuij. i.o.av
MftnRRN corner upper flat of o rooms,
adults oniyA inquire 101 ttuuuuv-i
MODERN Six-room flat, best location; In
outre n. Jnin. mr, laiiiiu.i
FLAT for rent, furniture tor sale.
after noon. 3ti',i rum
ROOM fia-t for tent, furniture for sale.
Call Monday. b-W Kverert si
TO BE VACATED MU.xpa i a o-rooni
unfurnished flat, ivcy at - omin.
s MODERN 4-room lower flat, builable
for two; walking distance, o-o r,. mn.
Furnished. Flats.
FURNISHINGS of beautiful 5-room flat
with hardwooa iioors nu oicij-;".
sale reasonable; rent whihk uim-
e. 1 room rented $25 per month;
esslon at once. Phone Bdwy. 5770.
7-ROOM up-to-date Hats for rent, fur
niture tor sale, in jod iiiuiiiu, vun
sisting of mahogany, oak. wicker and
Ivory ets can be bought for $2650. Alain
4;;77 0O2'b Everett st.
rTeatlv furnished four-rm. flat, with
alcove, sleeping porch, ivory finish, close
in 55. Main S730.
AND 5 lovely rooms, furnished and un
furnished, bath, modern ; adults. 4S1
Chapman, cor. Clifton, Portland Heights,
Council crest car.
NICELY furnished wpper flat, walking
distance, one DIOCK io morriMuii car line,
adults only. 542 Belmont st.
3 ROOAIS and sleeping porch in furnished
. Mr,- nlh WuItmHaIH Vr' X,
nai, oo per inu.... , , v. v.. . ,
cn "Broadway 20S0.
FLAT for rent and furniture for sale.
Main 7117,
FURNISHED flat for rent. 68fl E. Mor
rison st. Take S. S. car, get oft at 2oth.
THREE and 4 rooms, sleeping porcti; ga
rage; ga-. electricity, s.vm l?t st. S.
H o u sckeeping Rooms.
2 LARGE, clean housekeeping rooms, fur
nished, for rent reasonably. K. 0tio3.
TWO N ICE rooms, 1 person, gas range ;
electric light: phone, $23. 3Q" Fourth.
NI"E h. k. rooms, centraily located.
Morrison st.
Ul Vi
ONE VERY largo modern h. k. room wuh
kitchenette, 49 13th ,
Housekeeping Rooms.
TWO LARGE front apts., first floor, fur
nished housekeeping; also large front
rooms, kitchenette, second floor, fur
nace heat, phone, bath. 53 North 23d
st. Main ,io.
SINGLE H. K. rooms, lobby and bath
privilege, $S to i 12 per month ; 2 and
S-room suites, $1S to $25; clean, quiet
establishment. 414 North HRli t-t.
CLEAN, furnished h. k, room, light, hot
water, gas, furnisher!, $25 a month. 57
Buchanan bidg.. Wash. sr.. bet. 5:h and
6th. Ajtpiy Sunday bet. 10 and 12.
2 WELL-FURNISHED, clean, cozy H. K.
rooms with kitchenette, running water,
electric light. and gas furnisned. 4".
West Broadway. $35 a month.
HOUSEKEEPING and kitchenette;
also basement room, suitable lor man
employed. i:31 Hoyt. cor. 20th. Phone
Hioanway 4010
LARGE 3-rojpm furnished housekeeping
apartm-nt. $45 month. 320 Montgomery.
This apartment h:t.s accommodations for
2 to 4 adults. Call 12 to 5 P. M.
1, 2 AND 3 ROOM'S for housekeeping:
steam heai. hot and cold water In each
room, west side; rent reasonable. Bdwy.
LARGE silting rWun, also bedroom;
housekeeping privilege; terms moderate.
3IH Tillnmook.
THE BEAVER, 12th and Marshall Fur
nished H. K. rooms, $ 15 up. Including
hot water, eiect rlc lights, lau n d ry ro o n
SINGLE furnished it. K. and sleeping"
room, walking distance; $15 per mouth.
57 Trinity PI. tee.
Trunks, baggage deliverd downtown
d: strict. 2-"c. Sun, service. Rd w y 2445.
FINE furnished H. K. and sleeping rooms,
reasonable ; telephone, electric lights
and gas. 773 1 Savier street.
FOR KENT 2-room housekecp.i:
ment; also single sleeping room.
54 Washington st. Northwest Apart men ts.
FINE furnished H. K. and sb-epiug room,
reasonable ; telephone ; elect no li gilts
and gas. 73.". l-j Snvier street.
FOR RENT -2-room furnished house
keeping apartment; St. Johns car.
Woodlawn 42 !!'.
SMALL sleeping room with use of kitchen,
y 40 Mallory ave. Upstairs, handy to 2
ear lines; also space for auto. '
LARGE front hoii'-ckct
heat, walking d'staii'
for rnadsier. 303 W.
ping loom, lui'tidce.
:e. 120; also gamge
Park. Mar. 50V
Fi,R RENT Cit an ai.d nicely
2-rnoOi housekeeping apt. 41
furnish d
E. 0th N
TV ) lit ki.IS. Nob Hill, very desi r:ihle,
west side, walking distance. O-'tOGlisan.
FURNISH ED housekeeping room. 253 Va
Washington ft., corner Third.
FURNISHKD housekeeping room, near car
line. S. E Mth st., Mt. Scott line.
NEWLY fiiriushtd
I urtiaep T'e.i t :
h. k. room;
Call 72 N
TWO II. K. rooms ,$." a week. $10 a ino.
1 00 X. H'th. No children over 1 year.
CtMPI.ETELY furnisned clean H. K. nil,
lo-isii Shcrninn. near Shf)yards.
CLEAN tin uished huusi. kc
Columbia, .
TWO NICE rooms, hot and cold water,
very convenient, OaTi Flanders st. rooms, (urge and small
at fi!2 East Ash Si., cor. of 2l h.
EXTRA large soul h front, with kitchen
ette and sink. Well equipped. 10:: 1st.
3-RooM 11.
pt r week.
K. flat, gaa and wate
3(2 Front.
TIIU EE unfurnished rooms,
not modern; lower A Ihina.
F U iv N I S H E D H . K. rooms,
ne:ir shtpynrds.
? per mo.;
Tabor 571.
200 Hail St.,
Hou-ekecp'ng Room- in Private Family.
2 ATTRACTIVELY Turnlshed front rooms,
connecting, in private home, with kitch
en privileges, im-ludjng light and heat;
aio use of parlor. Location Piedmont.
Wfodlawn 1 o.
TH UEE cosy sunny outside V f urnisln d
H. K. rooniK. with br.Th. in private lam
ily. clone
car lines.
udults on iy.
Wood l-t wn 412X3.
FOR RENT One or two run 111 for I
ligli t ho ii.- keeping-, w ell w arim-d, Zi
light, pitonc included. Mam lb0,
A M. to 3 P M
EXTRA well furnished 2-room a pt., al.o
1 room and kitchenette, sleeping rooms,
every convenience, walking distance.
121 X. 23d st.
LARGE f urui.-hed housekeeping rooms
for people employed; light, w.uer. phone
gas for conking f urnUhttd; $24 per ino.
343 loth. cor. Market.
1 RUO.M and kitchenette; nurse or busine.-.
lady preterred ; heat, phone, lights, etc.,
in. 'lined, close in. t r.;ifr !,
PLEASANT room with H. K. pivileg
walking distance, everything furnished.
SK5 Enst 51am st.
TWt) FURNiSIiED outside housekeeping
roomy, private lantlly. for 4 men; al-o
front room. 40 Union ave. North.
Full 2 mos. 4 comfortable, rooms, 10 min
utes from business center. Including
light, file I, phon c. r20 Yarn It ill st.
LA RGE light housekeeping room ;. ev ery
thing attractive and new; light and heat;
S2H. Automatic ;24-;I.
LARGE downstairs room with kitchen and
large double sleeping room, close in.
321 0th, cor. of Clay.
FRONT room with kitchenette for pt
pie employed during day; $15 a mouth.
East i I 2 . 31 F : 1 rgo st.
TWO NEATLY furnished h. k. rooms,
central. 1S7 Chapman, near Multnomah
FOUR nice, clean rooms, private home,
first floor, nice location, reasonable.
00 Ella st.
2 CR 3-ROOM suite for houseKeeping. 57
E. 20th st. S., Woodstock and Liichmond
TWO CLEAN, neatly furnished housekeep
ing front rooms with bath, on car line;
iniu Its only, i'23 Belmont, S. S. car.
LARGE bay window room for sleeping or
light housekeeping, or 1 or 2 men. 204
TWO LA RGE f rf.ilt dow n
rooms for $35 a month.
'f!iiiis h. k.
5oo Jefft-rson
st.. near 1 4:h mt
TWO LARGE, clean furni.shed housekeep
ing rooms with furnace heat ; adults
only; references required
70 E. P.tth N.
NEATLY furnished light housekeeping
room, running water, walking distance.
Phone ButH'd way .VUN.
TWO LARGE modern newly furnished out
side housekeeping rooms ; adult a only.
2..i 13th st.
NICELY FURNISHED 2 front suite of
rooms, L. H. K., for working couple;
walking distance. 5-"5 Madison st.
TWO FURNISHED H. K. rooms, ail mod
ern, in private home. .r)lj Rudney ave.
Call Monday. 0-12 A. M. East 132tl.
TWO RtiOMS furnished
housekeepiim ; walking
East Mth North.
coin pto
NICELY furnished II. K. and sieepiug
rooms, adults only. 5 N. 10th st., cor
ner nf L'l indiTs
FURNISHED hous-ekeeping rooms, $12 for
3 rooms ; $8 for 2 rooms. 22S E. 00th
st. North.
THIiEE unfurnished H. K. rooms, walking
distance. Call on week days. C03 East
Market st.
LIGHT h. k. room in private family,
Ren ton St. East 70S1.
$15 FOR FOUR H. K. rooms, private fam
ily. tou uranu ave.
1 FURNISHED H. K. room in private fam
ily, walking distance. 440 Montgomery.
H K. APT. and rooms, cluo in, rcabona
'ble. 550 Couch st,
H. K. RooMS, clean and comfortable. 572
Fifth street.
FURNISHED housekeeping room for rent.
434 Jefferson, corner of 12th.
FfToNT H. K. rms., furnace heat, walk
ing distance, adults. 05 E. 12th at.
WELL f urnllied house se,- ping rooms
modern home. Ffi.-t 23 "5.
TWU-HOuM fruite h,
and Willi.-ints ave.
e.i r E. Hi uad Wdy
S3 SI.
dui neat. 170 N 22-i
mov INC Piano, furniture and long-d
tance hauling a specialty. O. & W. Truck
Service Co., 40 2d st. i-none linwy. oi-i
MODERN s'-ven-room house. Inquire 405
ln ion ave. North. I'hone Eat 820.
Rent $40 y
7wi"iOl hous-'. to in e furniture for tale.
275 2Lst st. N. Call AIan 5701, between
ft A. AL and 0 P. Ai.
fl ROfiAIS, sleeping porch, hardwood floors,
fireplace, furnace, fine location, $00. 502
Dekum bldg
4-ROOM house for rent, free pas and elec
tricity, near the Q.-W. R.& N. car shops,
Sia per inontii.
Cali Woodlawn 231.
LARGE tent house, and shed, 1244 Kerby
st. All conveniences, at per mo.
Key at 12 is Kerby.
MOl'ERN ti-room house, west Bice. 33
11th. No Cliii'ueti. an 'i uesciay.
FOR liK.N'T-
-0-room houe. Call Tabor
10-R 00 At. on car line, Irvington, -team
heat, $ii0. Automatic .2-an.
WEST SIDE modorn
-room house. N. 2 1st.
$75. t all 'ipso.
FOR RENT 7-room house, close in. In
quire 3IW luylc 1st n.j.i.
12-ROOM furniture for sale
$1500 cash.
Mam 31K
HOUSE fer rent, furniture for sale.
120 CorbPTt.
6-ROOAI houye and 2 Iota. 1524 Olympia,
rent ? 2 1 ca n w oonia wn 2nw i.
12 ROOMS and furniture for sale, $IbH)
sh: immediate po'-sesion. iam ;14
Fl V E-RoOM bungalow, all conveniences,
Sellwood 112:
4-ROOM cottage, plumbing, lights, gas,
$17.50. 1 o to iei.y st., ruiar nanerort.
FOR RENT 5-rooin. cottage.
02tt Petty-
MNIO-ROOM HOUSE, modern, central, fine
condition; wut tease. 00a su
Soliduy Bros' Transfer & Storage Co.
Bdwv 4222.
Long Distance Hauling.
Storage. Packing And Shipping.
S oMria vB roa.' Trans fhj p pjn gC o.
FOR LEASE One year or longer, 2 adults
only; modern 5-room bungalow, full base
ment, house iu first -class shape, new l
tinted: floors painted, etc. Price $35
per mnntli, Mt. Scott car to 54 1 h st.,
2f,v blocks to car. 5422 37th ave. s. E.
3-HooM old house, barn, chicken houses,
11 acres ground, on good road and high
way, 4 miles from courthouse. S 111 1
from car, all cleared and in good neigh
borhood, $25 per month. Woodlawn 3241
Sundavs or evenings. ,
WILL rent my ti-room hoi:s to party
buying my furniture, $."n0 cash, in
cluding February rent ; 2 blocks from,
school, near Montgomery Ward. Mar
shall :iy:.;(. .
SMALL 5-room )iouT-e and hath, m-vi'tn
conveniences, family orchard, chicken
house, winter w 00. 1 in. l? block Court
ney station. Call Oak Grovn 1.V2-.T. $20.
n7;: 5-ROOM buTigalow In Rose City
Park; reasonn hie rent to couple willing
to show houe to prospective buers.
Owner. 1133 Senate. i
W ILL take ou r U ase if rental is right
on tl or 7-rnom modern house; mu-t bi
with in 3 blocks of grammar school.
.1. H. S.. loo loth st.. Monday. .
Fr R RENT i rooms by Keh. 4. east 1
hardwood floors, fireplace, furnac
biks. to SunnyAido or Hawthorne
$0o. East 3!2.
F.R RENT 7-rooin modern cottage, gar
den space, chicken-house and yard, fruit;
noe yard and wonderful view. Tabor
Ft li i; EN T 7 -room in. ui er 11 cottage . g n'
ticri spaoe. chicken house and yard, fruit;
ti ice J ai d and w ouderful view. Tabor
FOR KENT Strictly modern Jt-rontu house
iu fine condll ion, hard w ood f in Is hum,
garage, nice ard and flowers, near Je(
fersun high school. Phone jL
sHiTioM corn.-r house, frvington. double,
garage. Huud heater, rent $100. 7'.'2
Hancock st. Marshall ti70, room 710.
Main S.'tii I.
biXVTItC'AL lu-u.-e witil Karate: almost
new; no furna'-e.: buM-in effevts; mod
em in other rtspects. Rent $40. 30.1
Dckum h!dg.
$-lifc MODERN 4-room flat with a.coie
and s;pg. porch.. Haw. nve., close In;
vacant; like new. Main 3"3u.
BEST equipped for local and long-d .sialic J
hauling ar.d moving, ilreeri Truiisler Co.,
20JI3 Alder st lI-,iL .
7 " 1 ; M iM house for rent, modern. Call Ta
bor '1177 between hours 10 to 12, fore
noon. " .
W ILL share 5-loom modern bungalow
with collide, no objection to ctitlu. i.all
Sunday ati30 Albina ave.
7-ROOM house, closo in. reHsonabie. 314
liniham ave. Tak " W illia ips ave. fitr.
1' unlimited H oliscs.
Beautiful R00F APARTMENT, t 1-
ntandiug a view of city; 5 spacious, jury
rooms, hip table for lit rgo f ,1 mily ; rent
$00. includes heat, water and id- photic.
Inouire the Meda apts.. 377 Vancouver
ave., ' -j block north of E. Broadway,
juvt across the bridgu. Adults olil ;
cne for one yc;ir. .
524 Heights Terrace.
2 and 3 room,; most delightful view of
mountains and city: 20 minutes' walk
to heart of chv or Hull st. car. on Mor
rison to !3th st.; 2 B. W. S.e to appre
ciate; you don't know what you are.
missing; spring willsoon be hen-.
Rent $3:1; b-auliful furniture, leather
chairs ami davenport, refrigerator, range,
etc.; huge garden, chh-ken yard; ono
block from c;r line; price $7u(; $3.d
dow n. A dajnlv Iminc and c:t n rent out
five rooms if wanted. J. H. Ely, Broad
way 2.'0n.
LEA VI Ni J CITY Will sublet beautifully
furnishe.I 7-looiu house, every modern
I in prov einenl, I nuiiuie to st reel car
line; Nob II ill, west mIp; coupie only ;
rent rcasoiiiihle. I'hine Main 2211 or
a d d r e ? sC :i."3. trcgoinan.
i"'(.)R R."T for three months. $ I r0 per
mont ii, U-room house, comiiietely fur
lushed, gas I urnace. hot-wn ter heater.
earage; Cortland tteignts; r terences m-
( Hired.
Phone room 0, Norionl Uo-
from U to 12 o'clock Sunday.
ACCOUNT leaving city for iiol-flniit! Bins
wttnld rent large Portland Heights ex
clusive residence for a year, privlkgo
of extension or would seii); bond ic
qu i red. AH 301, iregonian.
STTilcT'LY iiKKieni fi-rootu house, hot
water heat, garage, completely furnished,
for rent for 3 or 4 months at $lno p-r
mo. Call Tabor 3253 or 1007 Senate at..
Ln ure! hu rat.
FU R N I TU R E w ortli $ 1 50, will sell for
$HHt; house rents $10 month; 5 rooms
and bath; no objection to children. 225
Montgomery. ,
MoDE UN 5-room bungalow, nicely fur
nished, to couple without children.
Phono Tabor 3i70 or call 6150 40tU
ave. S. E. ,
5 ROOMS, furnished, with gas, sink, elec
tric lights. 2 lots. 14-fruit trees, garage,
fi mo. base. 03U3 l4lh st., Lenta sta
tion. Jacobs. .
FOR R EN f Seven -room f urni-hcd house,
sleeping porch and garage, LuureihursC
diMi'h-t. l3!i E. Everett si., or tele
phone 021-23.
WILL share our Laureinurst nome wuu
young congenial coupie. v,.n uu-
stred. Rejerei
I'hone 227-20.
FOR RENT 4-room furnished bungalow-,
with garage, 3.-.. Call after 10 AL
Monday. Om k Grove, 120-Y.
"WILL hare large, nicely furnished huuse.
gaTage. young couple. Tabor 7173. 33 J
E;st 3Sih st., near Hawthorne.
COM PLKTELY Xiirnisln-d b-iooin house,
nice home, a bedrooms, roiucu , pru.
fl.'.oO. tl 303. iregonian.
FOR RENT -Furnished ." rooms in private
home; fine location, close to car, $45.
Sell. 2" 15.
FOR REN T 7 -room housw, f urn is bed ;
good supplv of wood; prico $50.- 710 Sec
ond st. Mar.
FU iiN 1H ED 4-room bungalow, upper
flat; modern; no ennuren; cast mud,
I 'Ii ones A u t i nat.c 0-.H.t-. "). Ma 1 n 01 2.
FURNISHED 3-room cottage, adults only;
references. 3.3 tacramenio. iiione
311-Wt. .
NEWLY furnished 5-room bungalow, piano.
new furnace: adults only, tu. v aver
leigh His. 020 East 2Mb S. Sell. 2253.
FOR RENT ti-room cottage, 2. per mo.
Furniture for sale, 4..; by owner. La. i
between II anil ., -1341 Hall, corner f2t h.
FOR RENT Small 3-room houe, fur
nished, at 1271) Gay St., closo to Pied
mont car barn. i
Wl LL hhare our
Lu ur. Iliuisf home w it a
young congenial coup I
garage if du-
sfred : refer
Phone Aut. 227-20.
FURNISHED 7-room house and garage on
paved street. 20 E. 32d st. S.. Wood
stock car line: open from 1 Q to 4.
tt-ROOM furnialied house, $25 mo. 114 4
Tenmo ave. Phone Sellwood 250.
IRVLNGToN 7 rooms, $00, 4 mos.; nd
boys. R. T. Street, agent. .
FOR RENT 4-room furnished house. Za
' 1 u ire Air. Pointer, 808 Colleg e st. m
3-RM. FUR. H.. $20. oil2 sl'th ave. S. Kt
W. S. car. Call Sun. and Mon.
FOR RENT 0-room furnished hooue, 310
San Rafael. Inquire at 3.vO Hancock t.
AluDERN hve-room furnished bungalow;
rent 1 55 Phone f.ast
AH'KLV furnished
adults only. 7".1
home, 5 rooms, $x;
K. Salmon.
FURNISHED 5-room house, two lots, near
station. C. K. Aiple, Oak Grove. ,
5-RiioAI furnished house for rent,
went side. Marshall 4 131.
5-P.ooM COTTAGE $10 per mouth. Tabor
1 7 1 0.
5- R OM furnished house. Tabor 22P3.
Ntires Mini llusiiiest Plai-es.
5070 SECOND-STORV, brck building, m
the center of the city; on corner; fin ,
light and airy room; good leaie; chea
rent See ATr. Ps trick.
3u."i OA K ST.
MCE Ugh stcain-heatcd basement space
in Hotel Clifford with entrance on Last
Morrison st., sullablo for printing, bii-
liaids, bowling, storage, baths, etc Rent
$25. Inquire Fred U. btrong. Hotel
Store 20x50, central location; rent $105,
Stnre40x.50, gnod location; right rent
Ptorsg or light manufacturing -nts:
aprox. J 2.0oo square fuel; elevator, i?
340. Oregonian.
UA SEME NT Suitable for storage; space
30x00 In fireproof building, East Yam
hill and Water sts. Weo-X-L Garagr
FR' NT-ST. warehouse for rent. 3750 ft,
fioor space with elevator aud other fa
cilities. Apply 44 Front at. Phons
Hruadway 103-S.
SToREROtJAI with full bHsement ani
balcony on Broadway; desirable location
for tire and accessory business. Inquirs
at 26 North Broadway.
FOR DESlRAP.LE space in fireproof are
houae phone Hdwy. 3715. Security Stor- .
bko - Transfer Co., 53 Fourth bt, cor,
PljV ,
BARBER SHOP space for rent. 222 Mor-
rison st. i
DESK space In nicely furnished office,
reasonable, 326 Chamber of Cooun ere