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v Papers Ready to Ge Given
' American Draft Evader.
Teuton Naturalization Already
Granted Isaac Steelier, Chauf
feur for Fugitive.
EBERBACH. Baden. Jan. 29. Ger
, man citizenship papers for Grover C.
KerKdoll. American aral't evader, for
'" which he applied a number ot days
ago. are readv to be issued as soon
. as the technical state of war between
the United States and Germany has
been ended. His chaufteur. Isaac
Stecher. has already received citizen
ship papers.
The authorities and all the citizens
1 are friendly to Bergdoll and resent
ment against the Americans who par
ticipated in the recent attempted kid
, naping was intense. The fact that a
; woman was shot in the head during
the attempt has added to the excite
."' ment.
Carl Neuf and Frank Ztmmer. al
leged American detectives, who took
' part in the attempt against Bergdoll.
are being guarded carefully and no
one is permitted to see them. It is
' understood the charge against Zim-
' mer and Neuf of disturbing the peace
now has been changed to attempted
homocide. .
"WASHINGTON". Jan. 13. Depart
ment of Justice officials denied today
that the alleged American detectives
charged with having attempted to
Kidnap Grover C. Bergdoll, draft
1 evader, at Eberbach, Baden, were
agents of the bureau of Investigation.
Officials declared there were no
ttgents on duty in foreign countries.
Discussing the possible extradition
Of Bergdoll. officials said there was
Jio treaty under which the United
t-'tates could demand his return. The
prate department had given no con
sideration to the question, it was said.
BERLIN. Jan. 28. Carl Neuf and
I'rank Zimmer, alleged American de
tectives, who attempted to kidnap
drover Cleveland Bergdoll and Isaac
fcSteeher at Eberbach. Baden. Tuesday
l:ight and were arrested, were taken
to Mosbach today for a hearing. The
two men, who claimed to be connected
With the bureau of criminal investi
gation at Washington, did not carry
tredentials for entering the unoccu
pied zone of Germany, eaid the
.Frankfort Gazette.
Officers in the intelligence depart
ment of the American forces at
(,'oblen denied they had sent the
two men in pursuit of Bergdoll and
Btecher and an Investigation has been
(Continued From First rage.)
lature sat in the new halls for the
first time.
Growth Brats Kxpeetatlons.
The prevalent Idea then was that
Washington had a capitol that was
ample for 50 years to come. Yet in
ten years it had overflowed. The
supreme court and some other de
partments had moved into a still un
completed temple 6f justice. The
temple has now been finished and
there is a third new building which
houses the Industrial insurance de
partment and some other bureaus.
There is talk of an appropriation to
complete the ornate capitol to which
Governor Rogers objected and it is
apparent that if this be done that
which 20 years ago was thought to
be too big and wholly unnecessary
for a young state will not be any too
large even with departments cared for
in the temple of justice and in the,
insurance building.
Outside of the two new group Fall
buildings and the present capitol
ptoper, a department has naa to unu
quarters in the basement of the city
librarv. still another department is
in rented rooms and the fish commis
sioner is comfortably quartered in
Among the later commissions that
require large organizations are the
public service commission, the in
dustrial insurance commission, the
agricultural department, the high
way commissioner and on down the
Some Offices I'nkiiown Here.
There are orflces. commissions and
bureaus in Washington that certainiy
are not widely known about in Ore
gon, else Oregon would also have
them. Anion them are commissioner
of agriculture. 'a director of farm
markets, a bureau of Inspection and
supervision of public offices, a state
claim agent, a state hotel inspector.
state log scalers, a state iuuui.
safetv board, a state board of vot
ing machine examiners, state weigh
..... r.r i,imhr and shingles and i
v, i.inr ail of which have
strangely been overlooked by Oregon
i o,.i, r tnnviprin. however, can
k nioorieri a to the hotel inspec
tor. Some enterprising persons tried
to confer that office upon Oregon a
few sears ago. but the project went
Agreement by Allies Calls for
42 Installments.
Agreement on Reparations
Readied by Premiers France
Held Fully Satisfied.
jiractically the extent of government
and governmental accessories in 1901.
The biennial cost of them to the state
of Washington was less than $3,000,
001). The cost of all governmental func
tions as given in the Washington
budget for 1921 is about $40,000,000
for the ensuing biennium. By no
means all of this sum is to be raised
by direct taxation. Bureaus, boards,
commissions and supervisors have
been created whose duties require the
exiction of licenses and feej that meet
a large share of the cost, but the fact
remains that J20.000.000 cannot be ex
pended by the state in a year unless
the public or a large part of it puts up
the money.
Old Theory Nearly Abandoned.
The old theory that the cost of reg
ulating a particular industry or pro
fession or employment in return for
fees was not a general burden has1
been virtually abandoned by students.
In countless instances fees or license
costs are passed on to someone who
may or may not obtain real benefit
from the service rendered by the
Growth to the present extent of
Btate government was wholly unfore
seen 20 years ago. At that time the
state of Washington had no capitol.
It had begun the erection of an ornate
building, but only the foundation had
been completed. The then governor,
John It. Rogers, opposed capitol con
struction on the scale contemplated
as an extravagance. In J8S9 he rec
ommended, in Jieu thereof, the pur
chase for $150,000 of the Thurstoi
county courthouse. He repeated the
recommendation in 1901 and the pur
chase was accomplished. An addition
was constructed, which exceeded in
floor space and accommodations the
original structure. It was not fully
o''MT'efi until 1905. when the legis-
. .... t a r tti TieoDie miu a "
cisively defeated. Washington has
an Inspector and three deputies but
he who travels through Washington
and Oregon, stopping at hotels, could
not for the life of him tell wherein
i, i hnefited bv the $22,275 appro
priated by the 1919 legislature for
this rf fire.
There are county safety aid boards
as well as a state aid board which
have some sort of duties pertaining
to afety appliances in places of in
dustry. Possibly they are performing
a valuable function, but there never
has been invidious comparison of in
dustrial safetv in Oregon with that
of Washington.
More Contrasts Possible.
Contrasts might be elaborated at
lenirth as to the activities engagea
by the two states. In some instances
the balance would fall one- way. In
other instances it would fall on the
opposite side. In Wasnington. tne
coin doctor must oe examine ucm.
ho -an practice. DUt in uresun
take our lives or any way our feet
in our hands and go blithely to tne
unlicensed, unexamined chiropodist
and never know the difference. ven
in death the citizen s saiety is guara
ir. w.sihlne-ton. for no man can
embalm a body unless he has passed
or, examination and obtained a
t in the other hand, wasmngion nas
vet ventured to examine and li
cense automobile mechanics, as the
Oregon legislature required .in 1919
the law was later declared unconsti
tutional. In Washington the custom
ary mark of the automobile mechanic
a quart of medium spread over his
overalls has always been all the li
cense one requires.
70 Offices to Be AbolUhed.
As heretofore related, there are 70
of these boards, commissions, bureaus
and departments which are to be abol
ished by the new code. Not more
than ten of them existed 20 years
ago, when the present capitol was
deemed capable of caring for 50 years'
expansion. Yet very few of them are
abolished except in name. The duties
they performed are transferred to
some department or administrative
committee, some to have a supervisor
directly in charge.
In instances several departments
have been engaged in part along the
line of one another's activities. There
is the chance for retrenchment. There
is prospect there that overhead will
be lessened. It ought to be possible
to reduce clerical forces and to get
along with less space.
Bui a singular feature, of the pas
sage of the act is that no estimate
of the cost of government under the
new code has been given publicity.
The only assurance given by admin
istration supporters is that the lump
sum that would be needed if the pres
ent system were continued should be
more than ample to pay the cost of
the new system. Obviously somebody
has worked out the cost details. But
they are kept under cover perhaps
because they would disclose the loss
of a number of jobs whose holders
might exert influence against the
PARIS, Jan. 29. (By the Associated
Press.) Full agreement on repara
tions, German disarmament and all
other important questions before it
had been reached by the supreme
council when it adjourned this eve
ning to meet in London February 21.
The greatest result obtained was,
as . Premier Briand expressed it,
"maintenance by the allies of a front
as united in making peace as in wag
ing war." Count Sforza, Italian for
eign minister, and M. B-iand said
the conference had resulted to the
satisfaction of all concerned.
A protocol was signed approving j
the reparations scheme as agreed on
by the special committee and also the
report on the disarmament of Ger
many as presented by the military
committee.' Germany must disarm by
July 1, disbanding all her civic guards
not provided for In the peace treaty.
Germany will be called on to pay in
42 annuities on a sliding scale 226,
000,000.000 gold marks. Her exports,
in addition, bear an export duty of
12 per cent for the allies. On the
basis of last year's exports this would
give the allies 1.250,000,000 gold
marks or 12 per cent of whatever
money in which the exports are paid
for. Thus it is estimated the first
payment made-by Germany will be
3,250,000,000 gold marks, the export
tax being paid in cash. ,
Other States Protected.
It is pointed out that besides being
a sure method of collection, it will
act as a protective tariff in countries
near Germany which are likely to be
flooded with goods made in Germanr
at low cost.
Penalties agreed on foi violations
will apply to all agreements alike
reparations, disarmament and coal de
liveries. A feature of the reparation
plan, from the French point of view,
in that it associates the allies in the
benefits of Germany's prosperity.
Seizure of German customs was
added as fourth of the penalties
adopted. The other three are: Ex
tension of the area of occupation; oc
cupation of the Ruhr district; refusal
to admit Germany to the league of
The proposal to apply penalties was
presented by Premier Lloyd George.
According to the arrangement- the
annuities and export taxes are pay
able semi-annually. Discount for
advance payments will be 8 per cent
the first two years. 6 the third
and fourth years and 5 thereafter.
Germany is forbidden to establish
foreign credits without approval of
the reparations commission.
Germans Are Informed.
The decisions were communicated
to Germany tonight. As to Austria
it was agreed that the allies should
forego reparations, the cost of the
army of occupation and certain other
Austrian debts to enable Austria to
obtain aid more easily. It was also
decided to convene a conference of
Austria and adjoining countries to
endeavor to improve relations be
tween central European states.
Approval was given M. Loucheur's
proposal for a 200.000,000 franc cor
poration to assist Austrian industries,
in which the different governments
may participate. A commission will
be appointed to inquire into the con
duct of the Austrian administration.
Great resistance is expected from
Germany over reparations. The allies
will hear the Germans at a conference
in London, February 28.
While this solution of the knotty
reparations problem did not appear
to arouse entnusiasm here todav. it
at least satisfied French opinion. The
text of the agreement was reported
lot late topermit of an extended
analysis, but Paris newspapers were
generaiy agreed that it satisfied all
viewpoints without sacrificing the
aesires oi any nation.
Methods Yet Undecided.
Methods to be followed in the ex
ecution of the plan submitted to the
council today will be decided upon
by the commission of exDerts ap
pointed at Brussels, which will re
sume Its task shortly. It will also
settle different questions raised by
5nusn delegates at a meeting be
tween the allies and Germans noon
It is understood the conference will
not be held at Geneva, but at London
after the allied-Turkish-Greek con
ference which is scheduled to begin
r eDruary 21.
(The total of 226,000.000,000 gold
marxs or uerman reparation pay
ments called for by the plan would
equal approximately 156,000,000,000 at
normal exchange rates.)
Roseburg to Slaughter Dogs.
ROSEBURG. Or., Jan. 29. (Spe
cial.) According to the city marshal
of this city, there will be a whole
sale slaughter of dogs the coming
week. He has been very active gath
ering up stray dogs, impounding
them and giving notice to bhe own
ers. Few persons have called for
their property, and unless licenses
are remitted within the next few days
by the various owners, the marshal
will proceed to do away with his big
herd of canines.
Method of Framing Appropri
ation Measures Angers.
11 -Pound Bby Is 11. th Child.
BEND. Or., Jan. 29. (Special.) An
11-pound baby, the 11th child to be
born to Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Cosner of
Tumalo, arrived at the home at 11
o'clock this morning. Nine of the
Cosner children are living.
Phone yonr want ads to The Ore
gonian. Main 7070. Automatic 5B0-95
Enlargement of Committee Reduces
ex-Clialrmen in Rank and III ,
Feeling Is Result.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 29. Growing
discontent over the new system of
framing big appropriation measures
broke in the house today with unex
pected fury.
The upshot was the riddling of the
$8,000,000 diplomatic and consul bills
on points of order.
There was no general attempt to
wreck the bill, members simply seek
ing to register violent opposition to
the manner of its framing. One mem
ber, however, attacked item after
item and they went out as without
authority of law.
The attack served as a warning of
what may be expected next week
when the house begins consideration
of the army and the naval appropria
tion bills. It gave leaders cause for
serious thought as to whether the
supply bill could be put through be
fore March 3.
Heretofore the diplomatic bill has
been prepared by the foreign affairs
committee. In touch with needs of the
service. Under the new system rank
ing republican and democratic mem
bers of the foreign affairs committee
were transferred to a consolidated
appropriation committee of 35 mem
bers. This method virtually eliminated
the chairman of the committee so far
as he was authorized to take any
personal part in a supply bill's prepa
ration. The republican member trans
ferred became head of the particular
sub-committee on appropriation,
which tended to make him a more
powerful figure on the floor than his
former chairman. Jealous of their
old powers, some chairmen and com
mitteemen. It was said, made no .at
tempt to conceal animostiy or desire
to take a whack at the bill.
The weak spot in the new system,
according to those opposing it, was
in fact that many appropriations were
authorized which had not been au
thorized before and which were thus
open to points of order.
There are ways by which the items
eliminated may be put back, either by
the senate, in conference, or by spe
cial rule, giving them legislative
(Continued From First Page.)
000, becomes a mountain which Ger
many's lame legs arc unable to climb.
German Labor Rejected.
There is no consideration of the
fact that Alsace-Lorraine today,
thanks to German industry, is much
more valuable than when it was
taken in 1871.
Finally, afraid of mixing French
blood with German and afraid of the
infection of "poison bacilli" of the
German socialistic ideas of Karl Marx,
which, however, were long represented
in France by Jules Gues de la Fargue
and Marx's grandson, Jean Longuet.
France rejects the best thing we could
give her. namely, German labor. A
million well-disciplined German work
men with building materials and en
gineers' tools would soon reconstruct
the ruined towns and villages and
mines and factories. 'If these men
were used, not in the form of coloni
zation, our municipal finances would
be relieved, as would our unemploy
ment burdens. Thus would bo in
creased our paying capacity.
Germany's Faults Limed.
Germany's chief faults are:
1. She gives a false impression of
her conditions by present inappropri
ate political economy and by import
ing great quantities of luxuries. These
make distress eccm hypocritical to the
allies, though they would be dissatis
fied if Germany did not buy their
wines, chani-pagnes. liquors, cloth,
silks, laces, perfumery, soup, tea, co
coa, dresses and hats.
2. Instead of making positive sug
gestions which, through their just
ness, would meet the approval of all
impartial people, she tries to prove
by diplomatic notes the impossibility
of the conditions imposed.
3. Last, but not least, the govern
ment shows repeatedly the old unde
feated enthusiasm of the Hohenzol
lerns by glorifying the lies and trick
ery of Von Bethniann-Hollweg, deny
ing Germany's guilt for the beginning
of the war, and by defending the crim
inals of the war.
Occupation font Cited.
It is the return of this Germany to
strength that her neighbors fear and
which makes them refuse to relin
quish the occupied territory. This oc
cupation still takes the major part of
what Germany is able to pay. Jf
more bank notes are printed the mark
will sink still lower and not only
Germany's creditors but her customers
will suffer.
The biggest cause of Germany's
malady today still is within the Ger
man people. Every month shows an
increase, both north and south, of : le
waste of monarchist and nationalist
sentiment, to which the Prussian elec
tions in February will bring a great
triumph unless an unmistakable warn
ing from the outside assures eciual
rights in the world and the league of
nations and speedy liberation from the
costly and hateful occupation of the
foreigner to : really 'democratic and
honestly republican Germany.
Road Tc Orrffonia n classified nd
Moiion Filed for Change ot Venue
Alleging Taxpayers Pi-qualified
for Jury Service.
MKIH-'OUD, Or.. Jan. (Special.)
That the- Hank of Jacksonville
eases will be tried in sonio other
county than Jackson was 'i.dicated
in circuit court at jack son file to
day, when a motion was fil.M for a
'fhaiigc of viiiui! in the cuso ut K. 1.
Hines, vice-president of tlu bank.
This motion declarer! that th" entire
community is prejudiced, bur navn
as chief reason fur abkiiiK h. change
of venue the assertion that every
taxpayer of Jackson county is di
rectly interested In tho cases because
of county money lost through the
failure. It was held, t heref oe. that
every ta puyer is d initial if led for
jury duty in tin bank eases.
Cou nt y Prosi'i'iilur .Mimrfi en t c red
perfunctory objection to the p"anlin
of I lie motion and asked t h at he bo
allowed until next Tuesday to deter
mine whether he desired To nuiko
further objection. A change In the
Jlines rase, would mean that of the
haul; indictment eases would te tried
elsewhere, probably at thi tame
Jud;o Calkins intimated that ho
would Brant the motion and that if
he did would assign the case for
trial either in Klamath or lKmirlas
county. Attornes in the eases of tho
other indicted persons and I'rostcu
tor Moore linn declared if there wa
a change of venue they w-f erred
Josephine county. JudBe Calkins' de
cision is expected next Tuesvluy and
he informed the lawyers that !f tin
motion was granted and Jo.-ephtne
county chosen, the trial of the case
would have to ko over un'.ii next
April and that he would appoint
.Indue Hamilton to try it.
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