The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, January 09, 1921, SECTION SIX, Page 12, Image 80

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Profitable Tire Agency Open
Wells Are Going Dry and
We Want the Livest Tire Dealer of Portland to
Distribute Our Well-Established Brand of Tires
Canton Cords
Shortage Increasing.
American Deposits of Clay in Utah
and Colorado Give Ninety
Gallons to Ton.
The oil walla are going dry.
Half of the entire supply of the
great underground pools has bee
exhausted since the first commercial
well was driven In Pennsylvania In
Th crust of the earth has been
thoroughly explored, and there are,
In all probability, no more such great
continental fields as those of Call
Xornia and Texas.
That is the real fore behind th
Caring; words. "Gasoline Shortage:
Economically America has gotten
something of a shock, for the country
cannot run without oil, whatever the
rest of the world might do.
And with the oil wella going dry,
what a the answer?
Shale oil shale, reply the engi
seera of the United States geologies
Answer to Gas Problem.
While Henry Ford hsA been sowing
the world with fl'vvers and the 01
men have been pumping out the wells
at the rate of three or four hundred
million barrels a year to keep the
flivvers moving, the unheralded, un
sung but slightly remunerated field
men of the government's bureau have
been poking into the painted hills of
the Lintah desert of northeastern
Utah and northwestern Colorado, and
found the answer to the gasoline
They have explored and measured
and tested the oil shale beds of .the
nation and they have found, first, an
untouched oil supply that will guar
antee the nation an adequate supply
of gasoline and all its allies for the
next 600 years and, second, the ma
terials for a new industry certain in
years not far ahead to be one of the
greatest yet developed by man.
In the oil shale deposits of Utah
Colorado and Wyoming lies buried
the motorist's salvation, and a bed of
Unrealized wealth that Is destined to
add a new and brilliant chapter to the
romance of American development and
HW nearly exhausted Is the present
oil supply of the world may be seen
from a few round figures.
Since the underground pools were
first tapped some seven billion bar
rels have been taken out and it is es
timated that about as much remains
In the ground.
5000 Square 311 lea of It.
The consumption in America alone
la close to 400,000 barrels a year.
At the present rate the whole sup
ply will be exhausted in a few years.
It was this certainty that the oi
wella were giving out that sent the
government's geologists into the dea
crt to explore the shale beds.
Theae beds were found to cover
aome ouou square miles in the two
Kites of Utah and Colorado
Oil shale contains no oil aa such.
It la a consolidated mud or clay de
poait from which the petroleum is ob
tained by distillation. In appearance
the shale is black, or brownish black,
turning to a gray or ashy white
where exposed to the weather. Some
times it is mixed with lime and sand.
It is an argillaceous deposit from pre
historic ages, caused by animal and
plant life. The American deposits
there are many deposits besides the
known large ones in Utah and Colo
radoreturn from 20 to 90 gallons of
crude oil to the ton.
The extraction of oil from shale Is
an old Industry that was begun In
Scotland and has grown to consid
erable proportions there. At present
some S.000,000 tons of shale are
worked each year from the deposits
In Midlothian and other counties. Yet
the Scotch deposits are not as rich in
oil as the American. The Scotch
maintain this industry against the
competition of the oil from foreign
wells and make it pay as high as 18
per cent dividends.
Distillation Process Used.
France also maintains a shale oil
To extract the oil from shale the
rock Is heated in retorts, the fumes
driven off by the heat are condensed,
the ammonia Is separated from the
petroleum and both residues are
Among the products secured are
gasoline, illuminating and lubricat
ing oils, parafine wax and sulphate
of ammonia, which makes a very fine
Besides these products enough liq
uid fuel and gas is obtained to fur
nish all that is required by the shale
reduction plant.
The shale deposits of Colorado
alone are estimated to contain 58,000,
000,000 barrels of oil, enough to keep
100 large reduction plants, each hav
ing a capacity of 2000 barrels per day,
busy for the next 800 yeara.
Tha Utah deposit of shale Is fully
as lafge. and there are enormous de
posits In Wyoming, California and
east as far as Indiana.
The extraction of the oil from
shale, while not an expensive process,
since it is mostly a question of heat,
which the fuel in the shale supplies,
and machinery. nevertheless re
quires expensive equipment and la In
every respect a big business proposi
tion. Some experimental plants are
already in the field, and every mile
of the deposits are said to be located
by fortune hunters, prospectors and
corporations under the American
mining law.
The active development of these
shale deposits will begin, the geolog
ical survey estimates, as soon as the
demand for oil and gasoline and the
diminishing supplies of these have
reached the point where the shale
beds can compete economically
against the free-flowing oil wells.
Th reason there is a gasoline
shortage today Is because that point
has not been reached and big busi
ness has not as yet attacked the
Shale beds.
Simple Device Enables Amateur to
"Listen in" on Engine.
For locating a knock In the motor
a device Is constructed with a ten
Inch piece of brass or aluminum tub
ing approximately one inch in diam
eter and a pointed iron plug about
one and one-half Inches long fitted
snugly to one end of the tube. An
other two-inch piece of round iron is
required to act aa a sliding piston or
plunger inside the tube and a three-sixteenths-Inch
Iron rod ten Inches
long is threaded to the piston aa a
guide, also for the attaching of a
icgular telephone receiver with a
jfWjMMMBMjaaaaMaa,,, MMaSSwil SflS
' asrt
lackstone Fabric
We have an unusually attractive proposition to offer for 1921 to any dealer who can
demonstrate his ability to get the business. If you want a real profitable tire proposi
tion for 1921, backed up by one of the best tires on the market today, write us at once
and we will get in touch with you immediately. All communications treated strictly
The Canton-B lackstone Company
165 Second St, San Francisco, Cal.
-WUlrs-Knlght touring model. Below Overland sedan. A complete line of both cars, Including aome
special paint jobs, will be on dlsplny at the auditorium.
short length of solid wire, heavily In
sulated or covered cable.
To use: Touch the parts of the
motor from which it Is susplcloned
the noise arises, varying the air space
n the cylinder by means of the plun
ger inside the tube, which intensifies
and locates the exact place of the
sound. It must be understood that
the motor must be. running when
tests are made.
Worn main bearings are located by
running alternately the two cylinders
on each side of the main bearing,
irst testing, however, both the end
bearings. The sound produced by a
main bearing is a hard thump. Loose
connection rods produce a sharp
clanking sound. WoTn wrist pins, a
sharp, metallic knock and loose fly
wheels produce a heavy knock at
regular Intervals. A piston slap can
be distinguished by short, sharp
knocks. Loose tappets, worn cams
and camshafts are easily located by
the brisk tap produced and the close
proximity to the outside of the motor.
How to Face Valves.
When Valves are badly pitted the
operation of facing is beet carried out
n a lathe. Chuck the valve stem and
clean the center in the valve end and
support It In the dead center" of the
ail stock. If the valves are so hard
that facing with a tool is impossible,
they may be ground with a wheel
while in the lathe.
Radiator Repairs.
In making repairs on the Inside of
cellular radiator with the ordinary
type of soldering Iron an inexpert
orkman such as tne ordinary car
wner is likely to be is very likely to
tart more Joints leaking, so that the
radiator is worse after he gets
through than It was In the first place.
This ia a lob for an expert.
Regular Patrol Will Be on Dutj
During Winter but Xo Further
Programme Is Considered.
SEATTLE. Wash., Jan. 8. Unless
some campaign Is started both in
King county and Kittitas county,
there is no likelihood that any ef
fort will be made this winter to open
Snoqualime pass any earlier than
usual this spring.
Present plans of King county com
missioners, according to County Com
missioner Thomas Dobson, call for
just the regular patrol of three men.
"Although every year there Is talk
of keeping the pass open it is Impos
sible to do anything along these lines
under the present system," said Mr.
"King county, for instance, might
put a crew of a hundred men up
there all winter and those men might
keep the pass clear to the Kittitas
county line. But unless Kittitas
county should do the same our work
would be in vain.
"The only sort of action that would
accomplish any real results toward
keeping the pass open would be con
certed action on the part of the state
and King and Kittitas counties. It
is too much to ask the two counties
to bear all the burden of keeping the
pass open, as the whole state would
benefit by It. i
The state development bureau of
the Seattle chamber of commerce
last fall held a series of meetings
with the view of starting a campaign
to keep the pass open longer in the
fall and opening it earlier in the
spring. A plan was advanced for the
building of a big tracto.- type rotary
snowplow, but as the cost of such a
machine would be very large it was
deemed inadvisable to attempt It at
this time. The combination of early
warm weather and concerted action
on the part of Kittitas and King
counties resulted last spring In the
pass being opened on May 8, one of
the earliest dates on record.
Corvallis Motorist Says Salt and
Glycerine Does Trick.
George K. Abraham, carpenter, tried
out the recipe for keeping a wind
shield free from rain and fog, as pub
lished recently in the Gazette-Times
at the suggestion of a woman who
had found it a great help, and Mr.
Abraham demonstrated its worth to
perfection. With a little of this prep
aration on his windshield, he drove
his car to this office through the
hardest rain of recent days and his
shield was almost as clear as in sunny
weather. That portion of the wind
shield lacking the preparation could
scarcely be seen through. He says he
has tried it under varying conditions
of the weather and found it'all that
the Gazette-Times Informant had said
for it. The recipe is as follows:
Take 'one ounce of water, two
ounces of glycerine, one dfachm of
salt, mix wall, use mixture to wipe
off windshield, stroking downward.
Georgia has four motor vehicles to
every inhabitant in that state.
Service Station for
' tjhenre "McretSian Accessories'
Stewart Speedometers
Motor Horns
Hand Horns
Vacuum Tanks
Spark Plugs
Curtain Lights
On display at our Show Rooms
We maintain a competent corps of skilled workmen thoroughly acquainted
with Stewart products and maintain a large stock of parts of the genuine
Stewart Brand.
Stewart Product Service Station
94 North Broadway at Flanders
ELEVEN years of earnest, suc
cessful endeavor in the build
ing of high-grade motor trucks have
given the Federal an enviable repu
tation in almost every country of the
world. Wherever motor trucks are
known and used, the Federal has be
come the accepted measure of their
A Size for Every Business
60 N. Broadway at Davis St.
Phone Bdw'y. 321 i
Branches at
San Francisco Oakland Los Angeles
San Diego Seattle Portland
64-66 Broadway Phone Broadway 3223
Automotive Wholesale
Equipment Retail
Distributer in Oregon and
Southern Washington for
10,000 Springs Carried in Stock.
Let Us Repair Yonr Springs
Where You Get Service.
Tenth and Davis Streets
Ccrfumbia Storage Battery
TW aT .
All makes oP Jd&&fiftii
or renaired '
. - nawb'MBtaaV w i w m m, t n W V .
PlKjne Broadwao 546 Mill II Ml n.ri.wiMH,"S"
New Light Six,
Mitchell, Seven-Passenger Jordan
Broadway at Everett
use a cold
test oil
A low cold test oil is a vital
factor in the winter lubrication
of your engine. A poor cold test
oil does not flow freely in cold
weather and makes starting
difficult It may even. entirely
congeal. Your batteries are
weakened trying to start your
' engine. Until your engine
warms the lubricating oil,
there is wear and tear from
excessive friction on bearing
The use of Zerolene as recom
mended for winter use in the Zero
lene Correct Lubrication Chart
solves cold weather lubrication
problems. Zerolene No. 1, No. 3 and
No. 5 are low cold test oils. They
remain fluid and feed properly even
when the temperature is below
freezing. They eliminate starting
troubles, give flexibility to your en
gine and quick acceleration right
from the start.
Drain your crankcase and fill
with Zerolene.
For sale by dealers everywhere
and at our stations.