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Operators Hide Profits From
. Uncle Sam, Is Charged.
Cargo, in Roslon, Harbor, Sells for
$18.50 a Ton More Than
Pre-War Price. '
BOSTON. July 10. The most serious
steam coal crisis in its history con
fronts New England unless there is
quick and effective relief, according
to a report to governors of the New
Knuland state's today by their rep
resentatives at a recent conference
with the interstate commerce com
mission. The representatives included the
lieutenant-governors, public utilities
commissioners or fuel administrators
of all six states.
.'ot only New England, but much of
the country is suffering from the in
ordinate and extraordinary export de
mands and "the present plight of the
northwestern states is quite as bad
and perhaps today even worse than
that'of New England," the report as
serted. Continuing, it said that although
"the operators have been sending the
larger part of their coal to the four
corners of the earth. Instead of to
their regular customers in New Eng
land and elsewhere,"' the problem was
eventually one of transportation.
The report charged that "the Na
tional Coal association has been en
deavoring to aid its members to hide
from Uncle Sam the tremendous prof
its which they have been making, in
the sale of coal for both, domestic
and foreign purposes." '
A cargo of coal, afloat in Boston
harbor, eold last week for $23,3. ton,
it was stated, whereas before the war
a fair price for such a cargo was $4.50
a ton.
The report declared that "the word
baa been paased around among the
coal operators that If the attorney
general should show an interest in
their abnormal profits they will be in
a stronger or safer legal position if
they let American citizens go without
their coal and profiteer on the foreigner."
Shipment to Northwest, via Great
Lakes, Fall Ofr.
WASHINGTON. July 10. Bltumin
us coal production in the United
States from the first of the year to
July 4 totaled 262.272.000 tons, an in
crease of 44,173,000 tons over the pro
duction figures for the same period in
1919. the geological survey announced
Production, however, has not
equaled the amount mined in 1918
or 1917. In which years, on July 4,
288.000.000 tons and 27S.000.000 tons,
respectively had been produced.
The geological survey's figures bear
out recent statements at interstate
commerce commission hearings as to
an alarming decrease in shipments
via the Great Lakes for the north
west. "Total lake shipments since the be
ginning of the season," the survey
said, "now amount to 4.130,000 tons
as compared . with 8,561,000 tons in
1918 and 10.053.000 tons in 1919."
co-operation between the executive
and legislative departments.
"Senator Harding believes." the
statement said, "the country would
greatly profit through this partici
pation by the vice-president in the
cabinet conferences of the administra
tion. It not only would elevate the
office of the vice-president, but would
give to the president the sound ad
vice and able assistance of his chief
partner In handling the nation's af
fairs." "I sincerely believe," said Senator
Harding later to the newspaper cor
respondents, referring to his earlier
statement, "tnat the sort of govern
ment I have 'n mind ought to take
Into consideration the ability of the
vice-president in the cabinet councils.
I think it is a fine thing to do and I
wonder why it has not been done
Announcement was made, today
that the first delegation from out
side of Marion to greet Senator Har
ding would be the Richland county
Harding and Coolidge club of Mans
field, which -vlll be received here
July 31. The delegation will be re
ceived on the front porch of the
Harding home.
Eastmoreland Clubhouse Construc
tion to Begin This Week.
.Work of leveling off the site for
the new clubhouse at the municipal
golf course in Eastmoreland' will be
gin this week and actual construction
will start within two weeks or as
soon as contracts can be let, accord
ing to C. P. Keyser, city park super
intendent. M. Keyser, together with
Folger Johnson, architect who has
drawn up plans for the building, vis
ited the golf course yesterday and
selected the site for the structure.
It will be on the island in Crystal
Springs lake, a short distance east of
Reed college.
The clubhouse will be of colonial
architecture, two stories in height. It
will be 92x46 feet and will contain
clubrooms, lockers and shower rooms
for both men and women. The 'cost
Is estimated at $12,000.
More Than 300,000 Cars Handled
so Far During Season.
WASHINGTON, July 10. Shipment
of truck crops and fruits thus far
this season has exceeded 300,000 cars
and has reached almost the .same
total . for the corresponding ' period
last year, it was announced nod ay by
the department of agriculture. Owing
to the good demand, the department
said, prices on almost everything ex
cept onions have been high.
Potato prices are working down
ward but still are twice as high as a
year ago. Tomato shipments are
heavier than last year. Peaches are
coming mostly from Georgia and
prices are slightly higher than last
BERSHIP OF 130,000.
New Jersey Clubs Pledge Fnll Sup
port to Harding and Gov
ernor Coolidge.
TRENTON, N. J.. July 10. The New
Jersey state league of republican
clubs, with a membership roll of more
than 130,000, formally opened the
Harding and Coolidge campaign in
this state at the league's annual con
vention here today.
The convention enthusiastically ac
cepted the republican attitude toward
the league of nations, indorsed Hard
ing and Coolidge and pledged them
support; approved the Chicago plat
form and congratulated the women of
New Jersey upon the near prospect of
their getting the ballot. - Great ap
plause greeted the names of the na
tional candidates.
United States Senator Frellnghuy
sen attacked the league of nations, de
claring that the issue before the peo
ple was whether they wanted their
givernment at Washington or Geneva.
State Chairman Stokes paid a tribute
to the women workers and said if
the men worked with the same en
thusiasm the republican party would
roll up a majority of 100,000 for Hard
ing in New Jersey.
with having killed a fellowman to
gain his wife. This crime .waa al
leged to have been committed near
Chesterfield inlet. Keewatin, deep in
tne land or endless tee and snow.
Ouangwak 'is now in Ottawa on his
way to Montreal, whence he will sail
or the scene of the murder, the
rial to be staged for the benefit of the
natives. With him' will sail Ser
geant Douglas Of the Royal Canadian
mounted police, the man who hunted
him .down, arrested him -and is
a king him "home" as evidence that
the northwestern mounted policemen
never lose their man."
Germans Averse to Confiscating
Hohenzollern Wealth.
BERLIN. July 10. The Judicial
council of the Prussian assembly to
day rejected a motion presented by
the independent socialists providing
for state confiscation of the fortune
of the Hohenzollern family in Ger
many. '
The value of the fortune, is esti
mated at between 350,000.000 and 300,
000,000 marks.
Iowa Cornfields- Destroyed and
Fruit Stripped From Trees.
DAVENPORT. Iowa, July 10 A ter
rific hail storm swept through the
northern end of Scott and the south
ern part of Clinton counties late yes
terday afternoon and did $250,000
damage to growing crops.
Large fields of corn were virtually
destroyed and wherever the storm
struck orchards the fruit was stripped
from the trees.
Continued From First Pae.
blood because 1 decided that was the
only way 1 could do it and get away
with it," he said. "The thought of
killing a person wasn't so repugnant
to me as it might be to most persons
because of my experience in my fath
er's butcher shop.
"Then in the army I had practiced
a great deal at target shooting and
became too well acquainted with fire
arms and I learned to love army life
above everything else in the world.
"In addition to these things my name
nets me forth correctly I am a wan
derer and a rover by nature. I hate
to be tied down. I was not intended
for married life. With these influ
ences working in me, the step from
'discontent to what I did was a short
one. Of course. I am Borry for what
I did; any sane man would be. I am
sane .but that doesn't help matters
"I loved my wife in spite of what I
have done; I loved her too well to
desert her and leave her with mem
ories of a ruined romance to keep her
company during the rest of her life."
Speedy Domination of Entire Cau
casus Is .Expected.
menian representatives in Constan
tinople have been advised that peace
will be concluded at Moscow between
the bolsheviki and the Armenians and
that consular and diplomatic relations
will be resumed Immediately.
With the bolsheviki dominating
Azerbaijan, the British evacuating
Datum and bolshevik ministers in
both Tlflis and Erivan, speedy domi
nation of the entire Caucasus by the
bolsheviki seems Inevitable.
Land in France is divided in rather
small parcels and for this reason is
available to the small buyer.
Peruvian Ambassador Expected to
Reach Portland Today.
Frederico Alfonzo Pezet, Peruvian
ambassador at Washington, will ar
rive in Portland early this morning,
according to a telegram received yea-
terday by H. R. Vejar, acting consul
for Peru and director of the Latin
American affairs bureau for Oregon,
The ambassador's purpose in visit
ing Portland is to confer with Mr
Vejar on matters pertaining to diplo
matic work. He Is a personal friend of
the local representatibe of the Pe
ruvian government.
. A luncheon will .be given in his
honor today at the Arlington club.
Prominent Portland business men, in
cluding Max Houser, H. B. Van Duzen,
C. E. Dant and W. D. Wheelwright
will be on .the reception coir.mitt-?ei
12 Cents More Each Barrel Offered
at Well by Company.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. July 10.
Current prices offered by the Stand
ard Oil company of California for
crude oil at the well were advanced
12 cents a barrel today over the prices
announced Marcnu.
The announcement was made today.
Sailors Favor Regular Hours
While on Voyage.
GENOA, July 10 All articles of the
convention relating to hours of work
at sea were adopted by the interna
tional seamen's conference at yester
day's plenary sitting.
Two projects, one fixing 14 years
as the minimum age for workers
aboard ships and the other assuring
sailors of an indemnity amounting to
two months' salary in case of loss or
shipwreck, were adopted.
Other drafts adopted included the
establishment of a seamen's code,
limitation of working hours, inland
navigation and unemployment in
Canada to Send Court Into .North
to Try Alleged Murderer.
OTTAWA,' Ont., July 10 A white
man's judge is to be sent 2000 miles
into Hudson Bay territory to impres
on the Eskimo the relentless Justice
of the white man s law.
This was the decision reached today
by the department of justice in the
case of Ouangwak, an Eskimo charged
(Continued From First Pe.
Iowa, was to have arrived at the
same time, but it was announced he
had postponed his visit until tomor
row night. Mr. Hays is also expected
early tomorrow to spend the day with
the senator.
The senator today received a letter
from the president of the national
Italian-American republican league.
composed of more than 500,000 voters,
in which it was declared the organi
sation would support him unani
mously: ' ,
In order to benefit by the judgment
of his "chief partner," Senator Hard
ing announced today that if he is
elected president on the republican
ticket the vice-president would be in
vited to participate in all cabinet
meetings. It is the senator's view
that this would bring about greater
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Arrival of Tanker Drake) With
$1,250,000 Gallons Is Ex
pected to Bring Relief.
Portland was experiencing: Its
worst gasoline shortage yesterday
afternoon but the prospect of the
arrival of the tanker Drake gave
hope to thousands of automobile
owners counting on pleasure epins
The famine came unexpectedly to
many motorists who were under the
impression that the situation would
not be acute and that they would face
nothing: worse than the rationing: of
Vancouver was" also reported prac
tically without gasoline.
One filling station after another
rapidly exhausted its supply yes
terday. Motorists became frantic
searchers for fuel and many found
it impossible to locate a supply. Some
visited as many as IS filling stations.
Tanker Drake is bringing 1,250,000
gallons of gasoline from San Fran
cisco. The tanker was expected to
dock at the Wlllbridge tanks of the
Standard company around 2 A. M.
Officials of the company said last
night that early deliveries would be
started and that every effort will be
made to suppy the filling stations
early in the day. It seemed certain
last night that stations of the rival
concerns, in many cases at 'least,
would be without gasoline today.
A shipment of 250,000 gallons of
gasoline from Texas is coming by
rail, but when it will arrive Is un
certain. Throughout the state, according to
reports, the situation was not as
acute as in Portland. An average of
1C0 cars a day were reported passing
through Roseburg
Trouble From "Un-American Docu
ment" Is Foreseen.
KNOXVILLE. Ter.n., July 10. Gov
ernor Harding of Iowa, opening the
republican national campaign in Ten
nessee tonight, declared that the
league of nationa covenant was an
un-American document which would
carry the American flag Into "Euro
pean kitchens' and get this country
into untold trouble.
He- scored the Wilson administra
tion, asserting that he "kept us out
of war, but he is now keeping us out
of peace."
George Junior Movement Held 'to
Have Reclaimed 4000.
KREEVILLE, N. Y.. July 10. The
25th anniversary of the George Junior
republic was celebrated today. So
ciologists from all parts of the coun
try attended.
Reports showed that nearly 4000
young Americans had been citizens of
the Junior republic and had bene
fitted by the training.
Virtually All Turks, Except Old
Men, Women and Children, Bolt
or Hide From Troops.
BRUSSA. Asia Minor, July S. (By
the Associated Press.) Formal entry
into ihis city by the Greek troops was
effected at 11 o clock today. No re
sistance was offered except by a few
nationalist snipers.
Virtually all Turks, except old men,
women and children, bolted or hid.
and the aged Modems knelt before
the historic mosques and lowered
their foreheads into the dust as the
invading army passed. The same at
titude of - submission greeted the
Greek cavalry which pushed on from
Brussa to Mudania, where it arrived
this afternoon.
British marines who landed at
Geumek Wednesday arrested 11 prom
inent nationalists. The remainder of
the band bolted, but were intercepted
and killed by Armenians.
All available approaches to Brussa
from the sea are controlled by the
ureeKs ana written.
Chile Teachers to Get Rise.
SANTIAGO, Chile. July 10. The
chamber of deputies has approved the
primary instruction bill passed by the
senate in June. This carries an an
nual appropriation of 20.000.000 pesos
for new schools and general increases
in leacners salaries.
Nationalist Band.-) Occasionally
Threaten British Outposts.
ISM1D, Asia Minor, July 8. (By the
Associated Press.) There has been
little actual fighting in this vicinity
for the last week although national
ist bands occasionally threaten the
British outposts.
The American committee for relief
in the near east has a big warehouse
containing $2,000,000 worth of sup
plies at Derindje, six miles west of
here. Although the British have evac
uated Derindje and nationalists con
trol the adjacent hills, the nationalist
leaders daily send couriers to the 10
American, relief workers assuring
them they are perfectly safe and that
the forces of Mustapha Kemal Pasha
will not harm them.
Rear-Admiral Bristol is keeping
American naval craft in constant
touch with Derindje and Mudania.
Mayors Express Joy of People at
Reunion With Mother Country.
COPENHAGEN, July 10. King
Christian was enthusiastically re
ceived in all towns he visited today
in his tour through North Schleswig.
The mayors expressed the Joy of the
populations oyer reunion with the
mother country and the king thanked
them for their fidelity to Denmark.
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