The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 04, 1920, SECTION SIX, Page 10, Image 66

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Only Two Not Good After
Hard Winter.
Courtesy on Driver's Part
Would Save Trouble.
Steady Improvement Reported by
Aid oT State and Also by
Private Contributions.
SALT LAKE, July 3. Despite heavy
snows and abundant rains in the in
termountain territory adjacent to
Yellowstone national park, bulletins
compiled by automobile and highway
associations show that with possibly
route much easier than last year. The
big new tourist hotel-camp develop
ment at Broadwater. Helena, will ca
ter especially to interpark tourists.
The Yellowstone-Glacier Bee Line
highway. White Sulphur Springs and
Great Falls was ready for travel
July 1.
The road from Yellowstone park to
the west entrance of Glacier park
via Butte. Missoula and Kalispell is
reported to be In fine shape. Glacier
park roads are In improved condition
and are already being used by mo
torists. -
Only One Repair Needed on Tour
From Illinois to Los Angeles.
The Appe.-son car's performance
and economy are illustrated by a
rough 3 100-mile trip recently made
by one of our cars." says T. E. Jar
rard. vioe-pretident of the Apperson
Brothers' Automobile company.
G. J. Gollmar droVe his Apperson
2950 miles from Bloomington. 111., to
I.os Angeles. He was so delighted
with his car's showing that he wrote
to us about it.
"During three days he ran through
mud up to tha running board most of
the time. He had his car washed once
on the trip. When he arrived at Los
Angeles the car was again so mud
covered that it was hard to Rues'? Its
color.' It thei rest him $6.50 to get
Rights of Road and Even Common
Decency Sometimes Ig
nored In Stress. '
Nearly every automobile accident
is the result of somebody's careless
ness. Somebody taking a chance,
somebody reckless, somebody in a
frantic hurry when a few moments
extra would have made no material
I - - .
Ttr truck in the picture, 3',4-ton W lnlhfr, Mold by the Chumman-Statfr Motor company, has aboard It SAOO
fret of fir loss for the Burlington mill beyond I.lnnton. It haula dona several similar loads a day from the,
bills II miles out of I ortlind. Thl timber was practically out of the market for logging; purposes before the
day of motor trucks, for It comes for the most part from Isolated clumps of trees that would not justify con
struction of a logglns railroad.
two exceptions all roads approaching
the park are in excellent shape and
improving steadily through the aid of
stte and private contributions to
highway funds, according to the re
ports of the information bureau of
Yellowstone national park. The ex
ceptions noted are the roads lead
ing north and northwest from south
ern Wyoming points to the south en
trance to the Yellowstone by way of
the Wind River and Hoback canyon,
"which cannot be negotiated by cars
until some time in July.
The roads in the park itself are in
unusually good condition. All of the
passes have been cleared of snow,
except Dunraven, and it was open
for traffic June 2S. It was necessary
this year to clear most of the park
roads of snow, using a heavy snow
plow attached to a caterpillar tractor.
All entrances to Yellowstone nation
al park will be opened officially today.
Officials Makfe Inspection.
Officials of the great transconti
nental highways, the Yellowstone
trail and the National Parks highway,
have carefully inspected their routes
and have just announced that they
are in good condition for tourist trav
el. Special efforts are being brought
to bear by the associations to have
their roads in better condition this
year than ever before.
The main approach road to the park
from the Yellowstone trail and the
National Parks highway leaves Liv
ingston. Mont., and reaches the park
at Gardiner. Citizens of Gardiner
have rcgraded ten miles of this high
way and have placed cinders on the
surface of the road. This section is
In excellent condition and Park coun
ty officials and citizens of Livingston
are rapidly rounding the remainder of
this approach road in shape.
Other approach roads from the Yel-
lowstone trail and the National Parks
highway leave Butte and Billings, j
Mont., the former leading to the west;
entrance via the beautiful Ruby val-!
ley and Alder gulch, famous in the
old Montana placer mining days: the
latter leading from Billings to Cody,
Wye,,' the eastern gateway, are in
good condition for automobile travel.
The Billings-Cody road has been re
graded along numerous stretches,
which was open to travel June 20.
" Highway Xrwlj Marked.
The main approach to the Cody, or
east entrance to the park. Is the Yel
lowstone highway, leading north from
Cheyenne on the Lincoln highway and
running through the oil regions of
Wyoming and the famous Thermopo
li hot springs to the old home of
Buffalo Bill Cody. This road is re
ported to be in unusually good con
dition and has been newly marked bj
the Yellowstone Highway association
for the benefit of the tourists. . The
approach from Cody to themain park
system of roads has never been in as
good condition as it is today.
Information from the Utah State
Automobile association is to the effect
that the main approach to the west
entrance of Yellowstone park from
the south and west, particularly from
Salt Lakei is in a condition for motor
ing that far surpasses that of pre
vious years. Almost the entire dis
tance between Salt Lake and Ashton,
Idaho, is paved or graveled and north
of Ashton the bad pieces of road that
gave trouble last year have been im
proved considerably.
Idaho parties already in the park
report that the road across the Teton
mountains through Teton pass into
the Jackson's Hole and thence north
to the south entrance of the park is
In good condition.
The two roads from southern Wyo
ming via the Wind river and Hoback
canyon leading into the Jackson's
Hole, as already stated, will not be
available until some time in July.
Gallatin Road Closed.
The Gallatin Valley highway from
Bozeman to Yellowstone park will be
closed for the season at the request
of forestry officials. New stretches
of road and other construction" work
In progress is responsible for the re
quest. Automobile tourists contem
plating the use of this road should ad
just plans to use the north approach
road to Gardiner.
Reports of interpark highways indi
cate that the Geysers-to-Glaciers trial
via Helena connecting Yellowstone
and Glacier national parks is ready
for travel. Work Just being completed
on the Blackfeet Indian reservation
will make trips over the Interpark
the car'washei again and. polished.
Notwithstanding this and the fact
that he ran through a two-days' sand
storm, he reported tTie finish looked
a3 good as it had when he started.
"Mr. Gollmar had one repair. Dar
in? some rojgh going he punctured
a hole in th3 gas tank by slamming
it on a railroad spike. He got one
tire puncture from a woodscrew.
Aside from that his tires showed lit
tle wear. He made all hills on high.
With all this rough work he aver
aged 13 miles per gallon through
out the trio."
McKenzie Highway "ot Vet Open
to Summit, and Santiam Road
Irs as Yet Inaccessible.
Here is the latest road information
compiled by field men. of the United
States forest service on Oregon and
Washington roads in and near na
tional forests:
Western Oregon:
Santiam wagon road Open, Cascadia to
Seven-Mile hill cabin: good.' Seven-Mile
hill to Fish lake, inaccessible for autos.
Should be open July 4.
McKenzie highway Open, Eupene to Al
der springs. Eugene to Blue river, good.
Blue river to Alder springs, passable. Al
der springs to W4ndy point, closed.
Willamette highway Engene to Ritcdon
ranger station, open. Kugene to Oak
ridge, good. Oakrldge to Rigdon. fair.
Rigdon to summit, closed . permanent. y. .
Cottage G rove-Disston-Lund park Open.
Cottage Grove to four miles above Dlsston,
good. To Lundpark from here, rouah.
Crescent City-Port Orford Open. Brook
ings to Crescent City, excellent. Brookings
to Port Orford, poor. ,
Grants Pass-Crescent City Open. Good
except over Oregon mountain.
Western Washington:
White Salmon-Trout. Lake-Glenwood
open, rd-atr.
Little White Salmon road Open. Cooks
to Oklahoma ranger station. . Good.. . .
McClellan pass highway Enumclaw to
The Dalles, open: good. The Dalles to
park entrance, closed for summer by con
struction: no detours. Camp grounds avail
able. ' r '
Spirit lake road Open from Castle Rock;
fair. Good camp grounds.
William M. Burns and George Irv
ine With Fields Company.
Announcement was made last week
by LeRoy R. Fields of the Fields Mo
tor Car company, Chevrolet distribu
tors here, that George J. Irvine and
William M. Burns have, been added to
nis saies zorce. irvine was tormerly
with Rushlight & Penney, Ford deal
ers. He will sell Chevrolet passen
ger cars. Burns was with the North
west Auto company and will devote
his time to Chevrolet-commercial cars.
The first four-cylinder car
brought out in 1990.
difference to the driver, but would
have saved many bad .smashups and
several lives.
At the moment the accident occurs
is a poor time to get the true facts
of the cause of the accident. Drivers
are 'nervous and excited and usually
confused in arguments as to which
car was to blame. As a rule no two
spectators can be found who will give
the same description of the accident
The man who gets the most accurate
information is the automobile service
manager. The damaged car must be
taken to the garage for repair-and
by the time it reaches the shop the
driver has had time to cool off and
recover his composure and seeks a
confidant in the service manager. He
relates details overlooked in the heat
of discussion immediately following
the accident.
The cause of many accidents, par
ticularly in collisions and other mix
ups between two or more cars, can
nearly always be traced to one thing.
lack of courtesy by one of the J
drivers. At least, this is the opinion
of S. E. Waluor.t, service manager of
the Northwest Auto company, who
makes a hobby of gathering details
of accidents that bring cars to him
for repairs..
Others Have Rights, Too..
"If all drivers would be as cour
teous on the city streets or country
roads as they are in their own homes
there would be far fewer accidents."
says Mr. Walcott, who has compiled
a few reminders in courtesy for motor
"Courtesy in motor driving is the
recognition of the rights of all others,
either motorists or pedestrians. It
is that and even more: it is the will
ingness to yield certain recognized
rights of your own. Do not hog the
middle of the road. Give the other
fellow room to pass, and when he
attempts to pass you do not speed
up and .perhaps crowd him off the
road into the ditch. This -was the
cause of a serious accident on the
Columbia River highway only a few
weeks ago when several persons were
badly injured.
"When another driver comes In
from a side street give him plenty of
room . to turn the corner. Do not
crowd. When you park behind an
other car remember that its owner
may want to move out before .you
do: give him room to get out. If you
expect to Stop or turn a corner do
not keep your intentions a secret.
Think of the fellow behind and sig
nal him.
"Do not dodge in and around cars.
Keep in the line of traffic. Remem
ber that those ahead of you were
there first and have just as great a
desire to get through as you have.
Don't presume too much when you
have the right of way. Perhaps the
other fellow does not know it. Avoid
cutting in front of a street car. The
motorman is human and may not
slacken speed quickly enough to avoid
hitting you.
Look Ont for Pedestrians.
"When you get the 'go' signal from
a traffic officer, give the pedestrian
time to get out of the way. When
you see people trying to reach
I street car, or getting off. slow up a
reasonable distance behind the car.
fT'if, tt W; J I
1- I1 VAT AW- ' 1
CHEVROLET is' certain to be oversold. The
very grave question is will you get yours?
CHEVROLET satisfaction is universal; in all
countries, under all conditions,- in all
branches of light car service, it has more
than made good the various promises made
by all who have to do with its manufacture,
distribution and sale.
CHEVROLET in mileage and years of useful
ness holds an enviable place in the world-
field of motor cars just as in the Pacific
Northwest its popularity has been earned
wherever it has entered competitive service.
CHEVROLET Four Ninety Model is the low
est priced completely equipped car on the
CHEVROLET is manufactured by the Gen
eral Motors Corporation, which accounts
for its sturdy construction and low selling
- "i
Ci "flsv f m" "' J!y o-t "S o-srCTitr, -rstv- .MJSSJE3
Touring ..$ 936.20 Eou"nS
r , , ' ... Roadster 1468.0.
Roadster 91o.00 gedan ..2102.70
Sedan 1453.90 Coupe 2102.70
Coupe 1377.60 Delivery ...... 918.05
1-Ton Truck. .... .$1515.50
Distributors for Multnomah County
Alder at Fourteenth Street
Broadway 240
Don't crawl up to wi.thin a few inches
of the car step. When a pedestrian
does not or will not pay attention to
your horn, remember that the deaf,
hundreds of them, use the streets as
well as you. - .
"When you have an insane desire
to speed, remember that the drivers
you are passing have as much right
to break the law as you have. Think
of the sentiment you are thus creat
ing and of the accidents that may hap
pen by your hitting some other driver
coming In from a side street, or a
pedestrian who does not see you
coming, and think of the people in
your own car who, perhaps, have a
fear of speeding and are just trying
These tracks Include four of one-ton, three of 1 V4-ton and one of 3Vi-toq
rapacity. This creamery purchased Its first Republic truck three years
to from the Roberts Motor Car company and now has Increased Its.
fleet to eight, all Republic trucks.
Now Is the Time to
Your Automobile
Robinson-Smith Go.
Sixth at Mndlaon. ,
Main 110O.
to be game by not letting you know
it. "It is not sport to drive fast in
the city. On the contrary, it is a
rank discourtesy to your fellow
motorists and fellow citizens.
"Do not open your cutout in fhe
city. Remember, there are many ill
persons whom such sounds greatly
disturb. If you are Inclined to open
the cutout at nlgnt just ininK 01
some night when you were disturbed
when trying to sleep by someone who
drove by with tie cutout open.
Finally, when in doubt, be courteous
enough to give the other fellow the
benefit of the doubt."
Make Motor Truck operation profitable be
cause they carry the "pay load." All capacities
for all work.
AutJwrizcd Salcj and Service - Sine 1903.
60 N. Broadway at Davis
Broadway 321
Oldest Motor Car Organization on the
Pacific Coast
San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles
San Diego, Seattle, Portland