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Trotsky Froths as Armies of
Enemy Close In.
Victory by Denikine Reported.
Letts Say Xcw German Troops
Arc Arriving. ,
PARIS. Oct. 18. The following no
tice was posted at the stock exchange
this afternoon:
"Official Petrosrad has been
LONDON, Oct. 18. (By the Asso
ciated Press.) Petrograd tonight was
bo closely Invested by the anti-bolshevik
forces, according to the latest of
ficial advices, that military experts
expressed the belief that little short
of a miracle could save the hard
pressed bolsheviki. Indeed, one news
paper dispatch reported General Yu
denltch's cavalry in the capital; but
there is no confirmation of this.
Neither had British official con
firmation been received of the report
ed surrender of Kronstadt, although
the war office states that the Esthon
lans on Friday, operating in con
Junction with Yudenitch. got within
four miles of the Krasnia Gorka,
facing Kronstadt. Thus, Kronstadt
would be in a dangerous position, as,
with the capture of Petrograd, it
would be cut off. Coincident with the
report comes an announcement by
Leon Trot3ky, the bolshevik war min
ister, referring to the anti-bolshevik
forces as a "pack of bourgeois curs
worrying the body of soviet Russia"
and declaring that Petrograd will not
In the meantime, in the south. Gen
eral Denikine has been pursuing his
successes. But he is meeting with
strenuous resistance in the Orel
region, where fierce fighting is go
ing on.
Trotsky Is Defiant.
The following description of the
situation in the Baltic is attributed
to Leon Trotzky, the bolshevik min
ister of war, by a wireless message
from Moscow:
"A pack of bourgeois curs Is worry
ing the body of soviet Russia on all
sides. Polish knights are gnashing
their teeth. The German general. Von
der Goltz, under instructions by the
stock exchange and the offscourings
of all lands, is seizing the Baltic
country with the help of monarchist
hands, in order to attack Moscow
from there.
"In the northwest, the blood
drunken trio, Yudenitch, Balakovitch
and Rodzianko, - are advancing on
Petrograd. The Esthonian peace
negotiations served as a means to
lull the red Petrograd troops and
as a soporific. The army defending
the approaches to Petrograd failed to
withstand the first blow and danger
has again come to Petrograd.
"The English and French radio
stations announce with joy the fact
of our failures on the road to Petro
grad. The stock exchange and the
press of the whole world are sharing
the joy and predicting the speedy fall
of Petrograd. But they are wrong
this time. Petrograd will not fall. It
will stand. We shall not surrender
Successes Only Cavalry Raid.
"For the defense of the first town
of the proletarian revolution suffi
cient strength will be found in the
peasants and the workers of the land.
Yudenitch's successes are those of a
cavalry raid. Troops are being sent
to the assistance of Petrograd and
the Petrograd workers, who rose first
of all. We must break the skulls of
Yudenitch's bands and the Anglo
French imperialists."
A bolshevik wireless communication
claims the capture of Fastov, a rail
way junction, 40 miles southwest of
Kiev on the road to Odessa.
An earlier bolshevist announcement
reported that Kiev itself was cap
tured Wednesday by an impetuous
surprise attack. General Denikine
has not reported the loss of this town,
one of the most important in south
ern Russia.
An account of the rapid success
gained by the army of General Deni
kine over the bolsheviki in central
Russia is given in an official com
munique published from the war of
fice today. A bolshevik offensive
campaign on an extensive scale
against Tsaritsyn on the lower Volga
was opened, it states, on October 11.
Operations were conducted on both
banks of the Volga and also to the
westward of the Volga as far as the
Don river.
For two days, it is stated, the bol
sheviki gained considerable ground.
The volunteers, under Generals Wran-
gel and Ulaggai, delivered a sharp
counter attack, recovering all the
ground which had been lost and .in
flicted severe losses on the bolshe
viki. Further to the west the Cos
sack forces crossed the Don on a
wide front, taking 1200 prisoners
with many guns.
Still further westward the Cos
sacks occupied the line of the Khoper
river, one of the northern tributaries
of the Don, taking the towns of
Kalatch and Pavlovsk. Prisoners to
the number of 2150, including a com
plete field battalion, were taken and
another regiment was destroyed.
Large numbers of prisoners were also
taken at Orel and Chernigoff.
HELSIN'GFORS, Oct. IS. A wireless
message from Taganrog, Russia, on
the Sea of Azov, announces that the
Don Cossack troops captured 9000 bol
sheviki in the vicinity of Voronezh,
recently occupied by General Deni
kine, after hard fightnig. (A bolshevik
counter offensive in this vicinity was
reported this week.)
COPENHAGEN, Oct. 18. Premier
LTlmann of Letvia telegraphed today
from Riga announcing that the Letts
on Thursday afternoon recaptured
' Dunamunde, the port at the mouth
of the Duna, northwest of Riga, from
the Germano-Russian forces.
The capture was effected . after
fighting of the fiercest character. The
Letts also regained Bolederaa, south
of Dunamunde, and reached Ilgezeen
on the other bank of the river. They
took 500 prisoners.
Allied warships, the telegram re
ported, supported the Lettish attack.
Prisoners taken by the Letts, it was
added, declare that German troops
are continually arriving in the Baltic
from Germany.
LONDON, Oct. 18. The white flag
was hoisted over the bolshevik fort
ress of Kronstadt on Friday night,
according to a Helsingfors dispatch
quoting a Finnish general staff re
port. General Yudenitch has captured
Krasno Selo and Gatchina, south of
Petrograd, where he met workingmen
from the city who asked that the
Northwestern Russian army refrain
from shelling Petrograd and pledging
if this promise was given to join the
anti-bolsheviki, according to a Hel
singfors dispatch received here.
General Yudenitch in his advance
has drawn his troops into a rough
semi-circle from Krasnaia-Gorka, on
the northwest to Tsarskoe-Selo, wjiich
is almost due south of Petrograd.
Farther south, the Yudenitch army
is said to have reached a point neai
the city of Luga. 80 miles distant
from Petrograa. Reports have been
received, however, that further ad
vance has been held up along the rail
way line connecting Gatchina and
Pskov, on which Luga is situated.
Along this front severe fighting la
believed to be in progress.
Encircling Move Made.
General Denikine appears to be ad
vancing his left flank along the
Dnieper valley, taking Chernigoff and
moving northward toward Gomel,
where his Cossacks may join Polish
forces and present a compact front to
the soviet armies. If this junction is
made, the anti-bolshevik line from
Petrograd to Orel, south of Moscow,
would resemble a great horseshoe en
closing the bolsheviki.
East of Orel and in the Don region,
the bolsheviki are reported to be re
treating all along the front. Denikine
troops have crossed the Don over a
front 200 miles in length, it is claimed.
Germano-Russian forces are said to
be holding the left bank of the Lower
Ana river at Riga. Farther up the
stream indecisive fighting is reported.
The British war office today re
ceived confirmation of the news' of
the capture of Gatchina, 25 miles south
of Petrograd, by the northwestern
Russian army by General Yudenitch.
The bolsheviki were driven from the
town yesterday.
In the center of the advancing line
official information is that the anti
bolshevik forces on Thursday pushed
forward to a point three or four miles
below Luga, 80 miles south of Petro
grad. PARIS, Oct. 18. General Mangtn.
French member of the lnter-allied
commission to superintend 'evacua
tion of the Baltic states by the troops
of General von der Goltz, will leave
Paris immediately for the Baltic, it
was decided today by the supreme
council. Brigadier-General Sherwood
A. Cheney, United States army, and
representatives of the other great
powers will follow in a few days.
The peace conference has received
messages to the effect that General
Yudenitch was expected to take Petro
grad within two days. It has no ad
vices, however, regarding the reports
that his army nan actually entered
Investigators who have recently
been in the Baltic provinces have re
ported to the peace conference that
General Von der Goltz undoubtedly
has plans prepared for an eastward
movement if opportunity should offer
and probably is ready to give central
Russia a new government of German
making. For this reason members of
the peace conference are anxious that
the demobilization of the forces of
General Von der Goltz be effected im
mediately lest his troops move into
soviet Russia and greatly complicate
affairs should the Lenine government
be overturned.
J ;
Government Appeals to Soldiers to
Rid Land or Bolsheviki.
NEW YORK, Oct. 1. (Special.)
A. J. Sack, director of the Russian in
formation bureau in the United States,
issued the following statement:
"While the news of the fall of
Petrograd is not yet confirmed, the
fall of Petrograd and Moscow means
the downfall of bolshevism in Russia
is Imminent within a short time. At
this moment, when the northwestern
army, under General Yudenich, Is
nearing Petrograd If not already in
this city, and the volunteer army, un
der General Denikine, after capturing
Oriel, is approaching Tula about 100
miles from Moscow, and the Siberian
army is on full offensive and is mov
ing toward the Urals, the bolsheviki
find themselves within s(n iron ring
from which there is no escape.
" 'But in order to obtain this new
life we must first of all rid our coun
try of the bolsheviki who have been
plaguing and mutilating our unfortu
nate Russia for the past two years.
As long as the bolsheviki remain in
Russia we shall have neither peace
nor bread' nor freedom nor laws.
Only by armed force can we save
Russia from the bolsheviki. We know
that you are tired of campaigning and
fighting; we know that you have fre
quently suffered from hunger and
want; that ytu have been poorly clad
and shod in the past, and that you
were poorly armed.
" 'But now all this is ended. We
have plentiful supplies for yo- Make
your greatest effort, citizens, soldiers,
and your last and final sacrifice at
this hour. March bravely to fight the
enemies of the people and of freedom
and fulfill to the last your duty, thus
winning peace and happiness for
yourselves and for our unfortunate
motherland.' "
Removal of Restrictions Does
Not Revive Pre-War Life.
More Drinking Is Indulged In by
Some Who Fear That Influenza
Will Break Out Again.
(Copyright by the New York World. Pub
lished by Arrangement.)
PARIS, Oct. 18. (Special Cable.)
Peace has followed war practically
unperceived in France, possibly in
Paris. It has brought no material
change to the country, despite the fact
that several war institutions have dis
appeared. Martial law Is withdrawn.
French general headquarters are on
the point of being disbanded and sev
eral war time restrictions have been
lifted, but everybody got so used to
the restrictions that an era without
any finds Paris indifferent.
Cafes, restaurants, music halls,
dancing halls and theaters are now
allowed to remain open later, but none
shows any eagerness to do so. For
one thing, the lack of coal for heating
purposes would keep customers away,
and then the labor situation is too
precarious to try to compel waiters
and theater attendants to work more
than eight hours a day.
Spirits XJaed mm Medicine.
Demobilization is complete but none
notice it. But one change that most
people are anxious for is the removal
of the ban on drinking spiritual
liquors so that they may be absorbed
any time in the day. Those who fear
a new epidemic of influenza partake
freely of spirits at all times a day.
Temperance societies are powerless to
There is one ray of gladness. It
was found among people in custody of
various crimes under martial law
who, had peace been longer delayed,
would have had to face court mar
tial, now will appear before civilian
tribunals where the sentences are
often lighter. But this does not ef
fect political crimes and with' the
peace comes welcome news for for
eigners wishing to visit or establish
themselves in France. Identification
cards will soon be extinct and the
traveling restrictions in the country
lifted. Passports, however, are still
Toy Trade Reviewed.
There is a day in the French week
which, by the new regulations and
laws passed since the armistice,, has
become very dull compared with, what
it. used to be; it is Sunday. In pre
war days Sunday was much the same
as an ordinary week day in France.
Many business houses remained open,
partially if not altogether; one could
use the telegraph or telephone and
could enjoy oneself, but now the
eight-hour day has upset all that. To
day Sunday is considered the day on
which one pays more for food and
more for theater seats. It is the day
when there is no room in the sub
ways, trains or buses.
Before the war Germany had a big
toy trade, which completely smoth
ered French goods. Not only were
German articles better made, but they
were cheaper, despite the cost of
transportation. But today France has
decided that no German toys shall
again be handled by French children.
Since the armistice the French toy
trade, with the help of mutilated sol
diers, is again coming into its own.
The Dalles to Entertain 300 Odd
fellows Tomorrow.
THE DALLES, Or., Oct. 18. (Spe
cial.) The local Oddfellows' lodge is
making plans for the entertainment
of about 300 lodgemen who Will come
to The Dalles Monday to attend the
district convention of the order.
The convention, which is an annual
event, will be one of the liveliest held
in a number of years. The district
comprises Wasco, Sherman and Hood
River counties, and members of the
various lodges of the three counties
will come to The Dalles to attend the
Degree work will be conferred in
the Elks temple and a banquet, one
of the features of the entertainment
programme, will be piven in the Odd
fellows' hall.
Fair Secretary Is Held on Charge
of Manslaughter.
BOISE. Idaho, Oct.' 18. (Special.)
O. P. Hendershot, secretary of the
State Fair association, today was
bound over to stand trial in district
court on the charge of manslaughter
for the alleged killing of Michael
Morris, who died October 8 at a Boise
hospital, supposedly from the effects
of a blow struck by Hendershot at the
fair grounds September 24. '
No evidence was taken at the pre
liminary examination. A stipulation
was entered into by the attorneys
that the evidence given at the coro
ner's inquest would be the same as
would be ' given at the preliminary
Judge Anderson announced that the
$10,000 bond furnished at the time of
Hendershot's arrest, would be a con
tinued bond.
Washington State Christian Tem
perance Workers Select Leaders.
CHEHALIS, Wash., Oct. 18. Offi
cers re-elected today by the Wash
irgton state convention of the Wom
an's Christian Temperance union were
Vary E. Brown, Seattle, president;
Mrs. C. Bell French, Elma, vice
president! Mrs. Lillian Vincent, Seat-
tie, corresponding secretary; Mrs.
Ella H Booker. Seattle, recording
secretary; Mrs. Adeline Mann. Ever-
Peace Ratification Will Cut Navy
to 50,0 00 Men, Report Says.
PORTSMOUTH, England, Oct. 18.
The personnel of the British navy
will be reduced to 50.000 men when
the United States ratifies the peace
treaty, it is said by the Evening News
today, on what it declares to be au
thoritative information. The num
ber of marines, it declares, will be
cut to 10,000.
The pre-war strength of the British
naval personnel, as shown by the
figures of 1914, was 114,236 officers
and men. The number of marines in
the same year was 18,042.
Brazil Signs Money Order Treaty.
RIO JANEIRO, Oct. 18. The postal
money order convention between
Brazil and the. United States, which
has been pending for years, was
signed yesterday.
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413 Whales Caught.
SEATTLE, Wash., Oct. 18. Four
whaling vessels, the Kodiak, Unlmak,
Patterson and Tanginak, returning
here today from the season's work In
Alaska waters, reported a total catch
of 412 whales, an nnuiusl season. The
fleet made headquarters at Akutan
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'Railway stations In Sweden at
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cated by the simple but suggestive
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Every One a
Splendid Value
Tricolette and Paulette
are the favorite materials,
but there are many others
from which to select.
Models are fascinating
and in generous variety to
suit every taste and occa
sion. Don't fail to see this
special display.
A Height of the Season Sell
ing of Exceptionally Styled
Fall and Winter
$19.95 to $180
This Is a most unusual opportunity to
obtain the very finest selection of the
season's most desired styles in faehion-
able women's coats women of all ages.
Some models are fur-trimmed others
come with belt still others have con
vertible collar, etc.. etc. In fact there '
is an attractive trim and finish to each
and every coat that is quite absent
from the rest and we feel confident
you'll find here just the desired gar
ment to suit your individual require
PLEASED TO PAY. All fashionable
materials are included and every coat
has been most carefully tailored
throughout. No trouble to show goods
at this store. Come, If only to look.
New Models
in Guaranteed
The Henderson and
La Princesse
Comfortable and perfect
fitting models suitable for
any and all figures.
Both front and back
lace styles in fine coutils
and fancy brocades all
sizes, and a generous price
2.00, $2.50, $3.00, .
$4.00 and to $6.00.
I I OUKNoTvEB JlJlW cs0eEsEat I i
NOW 5Jici) 5:30 P.M.
9 A.M. if7'J V- 'JltMa&iVX AT 6 P.M.