The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 19, 1919, Section One, Page 17, Image 17

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Portland. Or.j J. R. Hunter. Island City.
shlraa H. K. Wirnir. Ft. Johns,
Wash.: D. A. Bra Iceman. Ontario. Or.: A.
C Ruby. Portland. Or- W
A. livelier.
Ajlcel. Or.: C A Brakeman. Ontario. Or.
Night bone show entries E. M. Elmp
son. Hood River, Or.
- Jacks and Jennets A. c Ruby. Port
land. Or,
Ebep Division.
Lincoln J. O S. Hubbary & Eons, Mon
roe, Or.; State College of Washington. Pull
man, Wash.; William Rlddell & Sons. Mon
mouth. Or.
Shropshire Oregon Agricultural college,
Corvallis, Or.
Cotswolds--O. T. Murphy A Boa, Hob
bard. Or.; Oregon Agricultural college, Cor
vallis. Or.; William Ridden A Eons, Mon
moutb. Or.
Romleya MeCaleb Bros, Monmouth. Or.
Hampshlres J. M. Moran. Starbuck,
Wash.: Ivor T. Edwards, Klmberley, Idaho;
Schmidt Bros, Huff. Or.; Edward Schoel,
Albany, Or.: J. G. S. Hubbard A 6ons. Mon
roe; State College of Washington. Pullman.
Nearly 2500 Animals Are In
Ban Lifted in Time to Fore
stall Move by Citizens. .
cluded in List.
Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona and
I Officials Say Child Welfare Com-
mission Reopened Institution,
British Columbia Represented
"With Coast States.
Evading Direct Appeal.
Entries far In excess of all expec
tations have been listed with the Pa
cific International Livestock exposi
tion for Its ninth annual show, which
is to be grlven under the roof of the
Pacific International's new $C50.000
pavilion at North Portland the week
of November 17-22.
Upward of 2500 pure-bred animals.
the finest livestock products of prac
tically all the Pacific slope states,
together with representations from
Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona and
British Columbia points, have been
orncially entered in the breeding
classes, which closed October 15. The
night horse show, fat stock and ju
venile livestock club classes are still
open, and entries in these will un
doubtedly bring the total up to the
3000 mark.
'or the accommodations of these
nimals, the management of the Pa
cific International is not only speed
ing up the corapletlqn and equipment
of its big 7-acre stock show build
ing, but is making plans for tempo
rary buildings to take care of the
overflow that Is now certain. With
the possible exception of the Panama
Pacific exposition at San Francisco,
no stock show of equal size and Im
portance has ever been assembled
west of the Mississippi as is now as
sured for Portland in November.
Entries in the breeding classes, par
tially complete, are announced as fol
lows: Bee' nivUlon.
' Shorthorn George Bertrant. Castls
Hock, WiiEti.; Day Rothrock. Spokane,
Wash.; Will M. Rhodes. Sheridan. Mont.;
Caledonia Farms, fan Francisco. Cal.; A.
1. Dunn. Wapato. Wash.; Frank Brown.
Carlton, Or.: James H. MeCroskey & S-'nm,
Sprague. Wash.: University of Idaho. Mos
cow. Idaho; T. 8. Glide. Davis. Cal.: A.
Chalmers. Forest Grove. or.; Schmidt
Bros., Hufr. Or. ; Oregon Agricultural col
lege, Corvallis, Or.; State College of
W ashinitton, Pullman, Wash.; G. V. Delay.
Hot Lake, Or.; William Henn, Kansas City,
Mo.; J. B. Cornett. fchedd. Or.: A. H. Tar
bell. Warren. Or.; Maxwell Mtlier Cattle
Co., Steamboat PprinRS, Colo.; Biblee
Farms, Santa Barbara, Ca.1.; Green A Son,
Union. Or.; SI. B. Wlialen. Woodland. Cal.
Herefords A. B. Cook. Townsend. Mont.;
TTnlversity of Idaho. Moscow. Idaho: Here
ford corporation. Cheyenne. Wyo. ; Chesney
Stock Farm. Kvanston. Wyo.: Henry Thies
s'n. Sweetwater, Idaho; P. W. Snvder, Loi
Mollnos. Cal.; A. B. Hall. Willowa, Or.;
luayro McKinney Turner, Or.; A. H. Bar
num. Moro, Or.: W. I.. Velie. Hlghwood,
Mont.; C. A. Hunter, Willowa. Or.: Piatt
Bros., Genesse. Idaho: Oreson Agricul
tural college. Corva'lis. Or.; William Head.
Kansas City. Mo.; Baldwin Sheep & I, and
Co., Hay Creek. Or.; William O. Emery,
Macleay. Or.: Charles Bull, Mabton. Or. ;
Herbert Chandler. Baker, Or.j Hill & tie
Clellan, Livingston, Mont.
Aberdeen Angus. Congdon & Battles,
Yakima, Wash.: state College of Washing
ton, Pullman, Wash. -
firv Iivlinn,
Jerseys Gus Peterson. Garibaldi. Or.: I
A. McCormlrk, Tillamook. Or.: Albert T.
Johnson, Bay City. Or.; F. K. But'er. Blind
Slough. Or.; D. C. Howard, Carlton, Or.;
Oregon Agricultural college, Corvallis. or.;
Frank Reed Sanders. Phoenix, Ariz.: Mor
rison Mills. Tillamook, Or. ; F. K. Blacka
der. Tllamook. Or.; William Robitsch.
Tillamook. Or.: noy fl. Jones, Tillamook,
Or,; Edwin Glad. Tillamook. Or.; Frank
I,onghary & Son, Monmouth. Or.; Mrs.
Theresa M. Ross. Tillamook. Or. Joe Don
aldson. Tillamook, or.; Alfred Zwald, Tilla
mook. Or.; Pickard Bros., Marion, or. ;
Iron Mine Farm. Oswego. Or.; University
of British Columbia, Vancouver. B. C. ,
W. S. Hare. Tillamook. Or.; John B. Stump
A Son, Monmouth, Or.; Waikikl Farm,
Spokane. Wash.
Miikinff Shorthorns Foorhllls Farm.
Carlton. Or.; Thomas Harrison, Santa Bar
bara. Cal.; Tlinman Farms, Denver. Colo.;
Alexander P. Kellogg. Suisun, Cal.
Ayreshires University of British Colum
bia. Vancouver, B. C.
fled Polleds Jean da L,utn arms. Jju- H-.ihh";nVtirwt
luth Minn.
Holsteins John Eblnger, Tillamook. Or.;
J. B. Honey, Tillamook. Or.; Bert A. Folk,
Tillamook, Or.; J. R. Windle. St. Johns,
Or.: Terminal Steam & Navigation com
pany, Vancouver, B. C; F. W. Cornell,
Hlllsboro. Or.; Frank Reed Sanders. Phoe
nix. Ariz.: Hollywood Farms. Seattle.
Wash.: I'. A. Frakes. Scapoose. Or.: louis
J. Simpson. North Bend, Or.; William
Dolps. .Portland; or.; J. M. tilimore,
Tillamook, Or.: J. J. Roup, Tilla
mook, Or.: Charles C. Card, White Salmon,
Wash. ; Albert K. Smith, Sumas, Wash.; S.
P. Muchart. Granger. Wash.; F. R. Veals,
Tillamook. Wash.: Carnations Stoekfarms.
Seattle, Wash.; Krnrst Werner, Aurora, Or.;
r R. Evans. Halfey, Or.: Clay Daniel,
Mohler, Or.: William Biahop, Chinacum.
Wash.: Roy Norval. Summervllle, Or.;
Mandiers Olsen F.state. Segers, Or.
Guernsevs Albion S. Gile. Chinook,
Wash.: flu Luth Farms, Duluth.
Minn.; W. A. Goodin. Cornelius Or.; A. L.
Boattie. Oregon City, Or.; A. I. A J.
Hughes. Oregon City. Or.; Hawley A Son,
McCoy. Or.; Octav Voget. Hubbard. Or.;
John T. Whallay. Portland. Or.; John J.
Burns. Tillamook. Or.: Caribou Farms,
Saginaw, Minn.; Larkdale Farms, Salem,
r" Ilorne Division.
Clydesdales E. M. Simpson. Aeea, CaL;
J E. Reynolds. I.a Grande. Or.; Oregon
Agricultural college. Corvallis. Or.
Belgians A. C. Ruby. Portland. Or.; 8.
K WatPon, Portland. Or.
'Perohrons D. L. Burge, Albany, Or.;
Oregon Agricultural college, Corvallis. Or.;
A C Rnhv. Portland, dr.: S. K. Watson.
Corporal Caariea M. Dalby.
Citation which told of bis son
remaining with his g-un during
three days' exposure to the en
emy was received recently by
C E. Dalby. 935 East Ankeny
street, and father of Corporal
Charles M. Dalby. It was the
first Intimation to The father
of the danger his son had un
dergone. Corporal Dalby left Portland
with the 147th field artillery.
He was constantly at the front
after reaching Europe, being
transferred Into several differ
ent organizations and having
In a year and a half only four
days off. He returned to the
United States with the 3d divi.
sion and is now at Camp DIx.
Upon his return he enlisted
again for the term of one year
that. he might learn a trade. He
is expected to be mustered out
next spring and then will come
to Portland.
Corporal Dalby ts the brother
. of Miss Harriet Dalby of Port
land and of William Dalby, who
recently returned from overseas
Common-Sense for
Corns, "Gets-It"
The Great Painless Corn Loosener.
Simple as A. B. C. Never Fails.
If you have ever tried to get rid of
a corn by bundling up your toe with
bandages, or by using salve that made
our toe red and almost raw, or tried
Takes Out
the "Ouch
and the
TVash.; Selway A Gorrlen, Anaconda, Mont.
Do nets w. H. Cleveland. Gresham, Or.;
Carl Needham, Albany, Or.
Rambouiilet -Billiard Bros., Woodland,
ai. , j. ai. jHoran. -Star buck. Wash.: Ed
ward Fchoel, Albany, Or.
Southdowns J. G. S. Hubbard & Bona,
Monroe, Or. T
Oxfordo C. P. Klzer. HarrUburg, Or.;
J. G. a. Hubbard A Sons. Monroe, Or.
R. W. HoRg. Salem, Or.; William Rlddell
& Sons, Monmouth. Or.
Swine. -
Poland Chinas O. T. Murphy A Sons,
Hubbard. Or.; Kay J. Fox, Lyons. Or.; C. K.
I.oe. Silverton, Or.; Emi! A. Loe, Hilverton,
Or.; Tl. W. Hogg. Salem. Or.; Hugh Walter,
Townsend, Or.; Herbert Willaru, Dayton,
Or. - - -
Duroc L. 6. Otto, Filer, .Idaho; K. W.
Dalton, Filer. Idaho; Rlchards-OIsen Live
stock Co., Virginia, Idaho; R. E. Fisher.
Lincoln, Neb.; V. S.. fc heard. Chlnacum.
Poland Chinas A. L. Wilson A 6ons,
Creenleal, Idaho; Herbert Willard, Dayton,
O. ,T. O. TT. L. Fletcher. McMlnnvllle. Or.
Berkshire M. Haskell. Warren. Or.;
Hush Nlsbit, Chinacum. Wash.
Chester White T. Brown, Yankton, Or.;
H. I. Curtis, Garfield. Wash.; JEd Schoel,
Albany, Or.
Romley McCaleb Bros., Monmouth. Or.
Dorset ts Carl Need ham, Albany. Or.
Cotswold J. E. Smith Livestock Co., Pi
lot Ruck, Or.; David A. Kirby, AIcMinn vllle.
Oxfords C. P. Klaer, Harrishurgr, Or.;
Eelway Sc Garden. Anaconda, Mont.
Boys and Girls Clubs.
Thse entries are still Incomplete, and
number and breed of entries are not speci
fied, except in t he case of the first Indi
vidual entry. The county teams named will
compete in juvenile judging contest ana
aiFo enter animals In various classes.
Donald Grant, Fairview. Or Chester
White swine.
County teams of two boys or girls each
from the following:
Jackson, Josephine, Coos, 10 hogs; Doug
las, two calves and four other animals;
Iane. Linn, 10 hops and 12 calves; Ben
ton, Polk. Marion, 15 hogs; Clackamas. ITi
hogs, five calves, six goata; MuUnomuh. 20
Ington. 4 &0h r,
boss, three calves, eight sheep, 15 goats:
Washington, four hogs, three calves, five
goats: Clatsop, six calves: Wasco, Des
chutes, Umatilla. Union, Wallowa. Baker.
t?lx teams are entered from Washington
and two have entered from Idaho.
Tha following exhibitors from Portland
have entered goats: Clayton Quigly. Davis
Laughltn, Mary Falting, Norma Fitajohn;
Lewis Howard, Helen Novas, Ernest Hilsen
berg, Ruth Melendy, Marjorie Melendy,
Marion Swank. Harry Taylor. Klsworth
Only Chambers of Commerce Said
to Oppose Orchardists' Work.
HOOD RIVER. Or., Oct. 18. (Spe
cial.) Oeorgre M. Aneell of Seattle, a
representative of the Washington
Farmer, here yesterday "eeekinff data
on activities of a recently organized
league of orchardists, whose members
have pledged against sale or leasing
of real estate to Japanese, says that
a strong anti-Japanese movement has
originated in Tacoma and Seattle.
"Both of these cities." says Mr. An
gell, "have strong organizations. They
are going to carry the movement
throughout the state.
"While general public sentiment is
supporting the movement, the cham
bers of commerce, wooing the Japan
ese steamship lines, are expressing
That a group of prominent citizen
of Portland were ready to take up
the fight for the opening of the
Waverly Baby home by appealing
directly to the child welfare commis
sion, and that their action was fore
stalled by the action of the commis
sion in granting the desired certifi
cate Friday, was the declaration of
officials of the baby home yesterday,
who disclosed a petition which had
been circulated and signed by a num
ber of prominent business men asking
for the opening of the home, but
which was never presented to the
commission, as the certificate was
granted before the petition was ready.
The petition follows:
To the Child Welfare Commission of the
State of Oregon
We the underxigned citizen of the city
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state
of Oregon, respectfully represent and show
your honorable body that we have been
acquainted with the baby home for years
past and with the citizens who have had
charge of said Institution. - .
Sincerity Is Emphasized.
That we are convinced of the tntesrlrv
and sincerity of purpose of the managers
o" nra institution and of the quality of
service It la rendering this community,
and that the withholding of a certificate
of approval authorizing their work Is
working a great Injustice to the Institution
and to the children to be cared for by
them, and respectfully urge that such
certificate be Issued without further delay.
(Signed) A. F. Flegel, J. F. Powers. John
M. Lane. Bertha 8. Stuart, M. D., Adolphe
Wolfe. A. L. Mills. Edward Cookingham,
George W. Hoyt, A. W. Moore, M. D W.
P. Olds, William McMaster, J. I Meier.
B. J. Jaeger, Thomas Roberta, William F.
Woodward, Louis G. Clarke, R. L. Sabln.
Nathan Strauss,
The statement of Mrs. Millie R.
Trumbull, secretary pro tern, of the
child welfare commission. In which
she declared that she left Portland on
Monday and up to that time had no
knowledge to the contrary that the
baby home was not accepting babies,,
was vigorously assailed by members
of the board of directors of the
Waverly Baby home yesterday, who
produced letters signed by Mrs. Trum
bull and dated August 23. In which
Mrs. Trumbull as secretary of the
board notified the baby home that no
cnuuren could be received until a
license had been issued.
Letters Are Presented.
The letters which the Waverly
home officers presented to refute the
statement of Mrs. Trumbull follow:
Child Welfare commission, state of Ore
gon, August. 23. 1919. Mr. F S Alrln
retary Waverly Baby home. Broadway
building. Portland. Or. Mr. dear Mr. Akin.
Enclosed please find copy of a letter
which the commission has instructed me
to send to the Baby home officials. Tours
very sincerely,
Secretary pro tern.
August 23. Mrs. D. C. Burns, president
Waverly Baby home. 603 Mill street. Port
land. Or. My dear Mrs. Burns. Referring
to the matter of admitting babies to your
home, may I advise that until a license
from the commission has been filed, that
no other children may be received. Tours
very sincerely,
Secretary pro tern.
Harvest Hands Drink I'p Supplies
From Many Orchardists.
HOOD RIVER, Or, Oct. 18. (Spe
cial.) Receipts of cream at the Hood
River creamery have been cut 60 per
cent the past three weeks, orchardlst
patrons of the concern keening back
their dairy product to supply harvest
The cream receipts have also been
curtailed as the result of an Increase
in express rates from White Salmon
and Underwood, Wash. Increased 40
cents over the old rate, the cost of
shipping a can of cream here from the
Washington points now reaches $1.
1 WT3TT5?:?ttY3ri
to drag your corn out with a knife,
there will be a surprise waiting for
vou when you use "Gets-It." Imaelna
I peeling your corn off gloriously, eas-
lly ana pa.ime.-5.iy, jusi use peeling
off a banana skin. Well, that is what
happens when you use "Gets-It."
There is nothing else that will give
you this same result. Millions of
folks have had the same blessed ex
perience. Why putter and suffer,
limp, and spoil a good time for your
self and your friends, or your peace
of mind while-, trying to attend to
iiusiness? Use "Get-It," the. simple,
Tommon sense way.
"Gets-It," the only sure, guaranteeu,
money-back corn-remover, costs but
a trifle at any drug store. M'f'd by
hi. Lawrence oi Co., Chicago, 111.
Sold in Portland by Owl Drug- Co.
tl stores on the Pacific Coast. Adv.
Pendleton lias 1 6 Cases.
PENDLETON, Or., Oct. 18. (Spe
cial.) Sixteen cases will be ready for
the state supreme court when it con
venes in Pendleton October 27 for the
semi-annual session here. Two of
these only are from Umatilla county.
One Is a personal injury case, the
other a civil suit to determine the
title and disposition of the S. P. Stur
gis library fund, sought by the Pen
dleton Commercial association to aid
the Umatilla county library.
Rata In Britain Do Great Damage.
LONDON. Rats do a yearly damage
in the United Kingdom of 1200,000.
000, or nearly $5 per head of the pop
ulation, according to generally ac
cepted figures. The pre-war estimate
of this damage was $75,000,000. The
seriousness of the situation has re
sulted in the iauguration of a -country-wide
campaign, headed by the
board of agriculture, for the destruc
tion of the pests.
"Sir "'n lift ow j
VlfilL I Does Not
i V Blister. f A
Vfzl Contains si- f"i
IsgijJ licious earth
' IvWS and anil- iC K
ISWsl septics of llljf
lijtil known value fJjLLf
I t 1 Cans, 3of j i J
1 i and 75! Iff.
' I At all f
1x1 Drug 11
LL1 Stores LU
VS I !
Footwear Starts Tomorrow
Morning Demonstrating the
efficiency of the Baker Organ
ization by Giving Shoe Values
that Challenge Comparison.
Do Your Shoe Buying at
BAKER'S This Week.
D-666Soft black kid lace boot with black
cloth top, welt sole, leather military heel.
A-666--Genaine black kid vamp, toith
black Merge top of excellent quality. Made
in tvelt sole with leather LXV heel.
J 01 9 Patent colt pump, with tongue and
buckle. Turn sole and celluloid covered
wood LXV heel.
D-1204 Black kid opera pump. A Brook
lyn made shoe of quality. Made with turn
sole and kid covered French heel.
These special shoe values
include boots, pumps, and
oxfords full and complete
lines all leathers.
A'1206 Brown kid plain pump with nar
row toe and long vamp. Turn sole and kid
covered wood LXV heel.
Sole Agent for Dr. A. Reed
Cushion Shoe for Men
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Agent for the Netlleton Shoe
The Best for Men
380 Washington Street
308 Washington Street
Largest Retailer of Shoes West of Chicago
270 Washington Street
270 Morrison Street
Two girls working side by side in a
5 and 10-cent store in Chicago dis
covered one day that they are sisters,
who were separated 17 years ago.
A (.onvemeut. enjoysbit
home for the Seattle vis
ltor. Location excep
tion ally convenient to
trans portation and to
wholesale and shopping
olstrlcts. Refined social
entertainment evenings;
one of Paotflo Coaat's
famous cafes.
Portland. Oregon. Oct. l.191t.
Hjr Dear Non-Catholic Neighbors.
Too are cordially Invited to
attend a course of lectures to
Non-Catholics on the. principles
and teachings of the Catholic
religion. The lectures will be
given at St. Mary's cathedral.
Fifteenth and Davis streets,
Portland, Or- by Rt. Orison
McMullen, C 3. P.. and will be
gin Sunday. October 19. 1919.
The evening" discourses will be-
f in at 8:00 P. M. A special fea
urt will be the Question Box
placed near the door, wherein
questions concerning the Catho
lic religion may b left for the
lecturer to answer.
This lecture course ts protect
ed In a spirit of sincere Chris
tian charity and Is designed to
acquaint those who differ with
us with the teaching and prac
tices of the Catholic church in
order to promote concord among
Christian people. Very sincerely
yours. fcDWIN V. O'HARA.
Pastor. St. Mary's Cathedral
i rAintn rnCMULLtN X NrH-
fclffl TOPICS
ISta and Davis Stab, Perrtlan. Or.
Sunday. Oct. 19, 11 A. M. -TflTS
Monday, Oct. 20, 8 P. M.
Ttresday. Oct. II. S P. M. "DOES
Wednesday. Oct. it. 8 P. M.
Thursday. Oct IS. 8 P. M. "THK
3 Friday. Oct. t. 8 P. M. "THE
EllHAKiSTi is ii a nca
Sunday, Oct. 26. P. M "WHf
THE Initial payment that brings you the Thor Is
like s first deposit in s savings bank. Subsequent
payments only sdd to your savings account, for not
s single wash day can go by without the Thor bring
ing sn actual saving.
Clothes last
six tint
long w
The Thor has'' no belts to break snd slip ot
catch. The Thor Is self-cleanable.
The atalog eliminates all over losding danger,
washing in an hour with the Thor.
Yon can do a big
We can make immediate deliveries. 'Place your order and be sure
of getting: a
first payment and balance
easy monthly payments.
Smith McCoy Electric Co,
104 5th SU, between Washington and Stark
571 Washington St-, between 17th and 18th
Phone Main 8011
,f v ;
Tlie Wife
The husband was a matrimonial
flivver and the wife was well,
on't Change Your Husband
A Cecil B. DeMille Production
with an all-star cast
Elliot Dexter Gloria Swanson
Sylvia Ashton Lew Cody
Theodore Roberts James Neil
Playing Now