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New Fall Styles
New Fall Arrivals
Colonel Davis' Name Stirs
Idaho Political Circles.
For Business Men
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Next Stale Election to Mark Change
Back to Convention Plan
of Nomination.
HOISK. Idaho. Oct 4. (Special.)
Th prospective arrival In Idaho of
Co!on-l K. U. Iavi. whose friends
say will enter the race for the Re
publican senatorial nomination, is
t'au.iinE some little speculation in
political cm-les. where he is well
known. Colonel Xavls left here a
captain shortly after the Cnited
Plates entered the war and entered
the Judee advocate's department at
"WashinBton. He has been there ever,
since and has beer promoted twice, i
He is a graduate of West Point, but
mma years ago was retired on a pen-,
lion because f injury that he re-1
reived to one of his feet. However,
he is a native son of this state, hav-
injr.received his appointment to West 1
Point whiia a resident of Malad
Colonel Davis is looked upon as a i
likely contender for the nomination
ti the race which ex-llovernor Frank .
It. ;oding says he. loo. will enter.'
Uoodlng. from the Republican stand
point, is considered the favorite in
the race so far. many Republicans
feeling they are in duty bound to
support him.
Major Kdsrlasrtosj Mentioned.
Another man whose name la being
freely linked with the senatorial nom
ination la Major Kdgington of Idaho
Kails, former mayor of that city. He
was closely identified with the affairs
of the republican party prior to en
tering the service. While mayor of
Idaho Kails he resigned to enter the
officers' training school and at Pre
sidio received a commission of cap
tain. He was later sent to the Uni
versity of Idaho at Moscow, where
ho took charge of the student train
ins; army corps. Later he was trans
ferred to Montana. Major Kdgington
represented Bonneville county in the
legislature as a member of the senate
and at one time was prominently
mentioned as congressional timber.
The fourth prospect Is Captain A- H.
Connor of Standpoint, who eince he
returned from Krance has also been
with the Judge advocate's department.
Captain Connor was wounded while In
the trenches but managed to assist
during the last victory loan drive. by
giving a number of speeches in this
state. He served In the house of rep
resentatives of the Idaho legislature
both as a member and speaker. His
friends, particularly in the north,
want to bring him out as a candi
date. Political Field Surveyed.
The situation will be entirely
changed in selecting candidates for
the senate, house and state offices
next year, due to the fact the last
lesjislature repealed the direct pri
mary law insofar as it applies to
them. Kor that reason there is early
fixing of political fences and the
making of surveys of the political
fl-ld. Instead of going directly to
the people with their respective cases,
candidates for these offices will have
to go before a slate convention.
The old state convention plan to
which Idaho is returning, came into
disrepute in 190S when Burton L
French was defeated for the congres
sional nomination after two-thirds of
the elected delegates who were
pledged to him violated their instruc
tions and nominated Colonel Hamer,
who was subsequently elected.
Reports have been In circulation
that Governor Davis might enter the
race for Lnited States senator but
the close friends of the state's chief
executive r inclined to the opinion
that he Is more likely to become a
candidate to succeed himself as gov
ernor especially after having given
the state a new system of state gov
ernment which so far has proved very
Another report that has politicians
peculating is that I.leutenant-Colo-nel
1. V. Patch, present adjutant
general of the state, will enter the
political arena either as a candidate
for United Slates senator or for governor.
Clackamas Schools Show Gain.
MOLALLA. Or.. Oct. . (Special.)
A monthly report, sent to the coun
ty superintendent of public schools,
hows a large gain in enrollment
over last year.
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fv'...,- 'Kyiir
I j ; .'4 " : ; :. ' -' 3 r . t ! 1
I ', . h . I
hi j f - il
Copyright 1918 Hart Schaffaer & Marx
Sam'l Rosenblatt & Go.
The Men's Store for
Quality and Service
Gas co Bldg.,
Fifth and Alder
Twelve From Each Club Will Be
Pitted on Links and Four-Man
Content Also Will Feature.
ABERDEEN. Wash., Oct. 4. (Spe
cial.) Twelve Jefferson Park, Seat
tle, golfers will arrive here tomorrow
morning to play the best 12 of the
Grays Harbor Country club. Play will
start about 12 o'clock Sunday morn
ing and will last through the day.
The feature of the card will be a four
man team contest, for which the line
up will be W. CJ. Povargue vs. Claire
Criswold. Uuy Martin vs. Clark
Spiers, 11. Schmidt vs. Bon Stein,
W. J. Patterson vs. Lee Steil. Oris
wold Is the northwest golf champion
and Spiers was the runner up in the
northwest match.
The names of the other eight men
coming from Seattle have not been
learned. They will be pitted against
Harry Phipps. W. S. Lindsell. Thorpe
Pahoock. E. T. Tsylor. Todd Oardner,
S. M. Anderson, H. P. Brown and
Charles Scurry.
Opening play in the annual league
golf matches began at the country
club links today. Rules governing
the contest, together with the assign
ment of club members to the various
teams, of which there are six In each
league with eight players to a team,
making a total of 96 participants,
have been mailed to all participating
members. A dinner will be the stake
of the contest.
settle insurance questions. Opinions
are still divided on the cause of the
fire of September 20.
31st Heavy Artillery Brigade AVI II
Be Located Permanently.
TACO.UA, Wash.. Oct. 4. Five hun
dred men of the 31st heavy artillery
brigade from Fort Winfield Scott,
Cal., reached Camp Lewis this morn
ing. The brigade will be filled to a
strength of 3500 officers and men and
will be located at Camp Lewis per
manently. Thirty airplanes will, be assigned
here, and the necessary hangers will
be built at once.
Adjuster Visits Cove.
COVE, Or.. Oct. 4 (Special.) A. B.
Everts- of the Pacific adjustment bu
reau, arrived in Cove yesterday to
Curfew Bars Parties on River.
Moonlight canoe parties on the
river and midnight bonfires on the
islands are to become a thing of the
past. Karl Prehn, chief harbor patrol
engineer and acting harbormaster,
has received Instructions from the
city hall through the chief of police
that the curfew law is to be en
forced on the water as well as the
land. All minors, meaning boys be
low the age of 21 and girls below 18,
are required to be off the river by
9 o'clock at night, and their elders
must be in by midnight or show law
fut business upon the river beyond
that hour. The order is to be en
forced immediately.
Sunday Schools Hold Parade.
SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 4. Approxi
mately 350 automobiles and floats
carrying more than 3000 men. women
and children, chiefly the latter, formed
a clty-wlde Sunday school parade
which passed over downtown streets
here this afternoon.' The parade was
intended as a demonstration of the
work of the local Sunday schools.
Booths for Buttons, fine hemstitch
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Marah Ellis
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The picture was filmed in
the very location where the
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grandeur of the mighty
Rockies scenes beyond de
scription. You can be a kid
again for a night the "In
juns," scouts, soldiers and
"squaw-man" will give
you more thrills than you ever
got out of the book when
you sat around the fire and
shivered while mother read
"Told in the Hills"
Ryan fe? A;! hi
- 'ify
- l ' 'Aw
5TTSpsSw" - j A magnificent reproduction in 12 acts, staged under the I f tllj
Rill II If I personal supervision of Mr. Wright, with his own company. I . ' - " ' ' : V '. fit II tfl f ill
11 1 -Jy' ''j t I I Preachln' Bill says: "I knovted a common, onery, old I t - SJj-' ' MVI fS'
n Ift Jrpv if houn' dorK onst what KOt ter th,nkin' he WB" a l.bWill ylfMiri'nA
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,11 VieS-. k I I the kind of a dorg be thought he was hlsself. Since I '.VVV'JLi. k' ir JnWl V&fsiil 3 llPyi
III v H 1 I ii'iu nu I -.-jrmr 'jeiossjii Urz-jt f
t'$ '.,W -Si I tf miMi M in Special Wurlitzerac-
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Jr-..- ..v- j Ss Jy:d-2 J Songs of Yesterday.. j
w.'.Vgs'i ' u''"wi'i"'" jimiin ms.m.huwwt.,-.-. u ssn m i-snMnMiK t- .TS-nsSjJ ..Arrg. by Cecil Teague
t , r -.'., ,n.i , -- - """""
I L. .in - .1 I
Also a
Briggs Boy
"S'prise party n'
Direction of Jensen & Von Herberg
And the
News and
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