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Legion Is Asked to Allow Him to
Sp Job Rather Be Shot Here
Than Return to Jiorway.
I 'A
AJrert Jenson. Norwegian, who with- j f)
drew hit citizenship application to A
escape the draft, now aaya ha loves 1 A
the United States and asks the Ameri- l Zt
can Legion to let him alone, J
Released from one lob after another
6 Grocery Specials
Breakfast Bacon, Armour's
fancy sliced, whole or half
strips, lb. 5of.
Flour, Olympic, Crown or
Royal Banquet, 49-Ib. sack
at $2.95
Sugar Peas, Del Monte Spe
cial, dor. $2.70, can.S3
Pearline Washing Powder, 3
large packages 80f
Parlor Matches, extra qual
ity, 5 boxes 2o
Brooms, special at 90 c
$1.20 and $1.40.
Meier & Frank's: Ninth Floor.
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New Store Hours:
9:15 to 5:45
Beginning Tomorrow and Continuing Until Satilrday (While Lots Last)
Try o - o Ti
Hill JCiXposiuon and
to C R. Peck, president or the fort
land post of the l-pton. to be let alone p
,and allowed to earn a living- for him- ,A
aelf and his wife. ,5
Jenson came to this country from K
Norm ay before the war started -In
Europe, and made his first application 'A
for citizenship here. When-America '
entered the etrujrcle. he withdrew his ,F
application for citizenship to escape
the draft, according to his statements A
to Mr. Feck. Since the conclusion ot Kl
hostilities. Jenson, like many another!'
of his kind, has found treat diffi
culty In retaining any kind of em
ployment because of the legion's de
termination to make life unpleaaant
for mil who acted as Jenson did In the
nation's time of need. A
-I have tried to enlist In the army." 5
Jenson told Mr. Peck, "but they won't K
take me without my first papers, and af
I can't get them again for five years. A
I am willing- to do anything to atone ;0
because I realize the mistake I made."
Upon Peck's sufffrestlon that he re
turn to his native country. Jenson re
plied that he would rather be shot
here than go back to Norway.
"I love the United Statea and I don't
want to leave Uncle Sam." said the
man without a country.
I am afraid your lo-ve for this
country has come to you Just a little
too late to do you any good," said
Peck, "but we will make a public
appeal of your case and see what the
aentiment of the people la concerning
den in your position.
Klght School Head Saya Too Few
Aro Studying English.
"Foreign resident In this city are
not taking advantage as they should
In attending the nlKht schools where,
among other branchea of education,
they can be taught to speak and write
In English." said A. M- Gray, super
intendent of night schools, yesterday.
"These schools were opened last
Monday night. We would ask that
the English-speaking people among
our population talk to their forelgn
languatre neighbors, telling them of
this opportunity and also to tell them
that thia Is the only method by which
a foreigner can become a real Amer
ican citizen. It Is stated that mem
ber of the American legion are urg
ing that all foreigners who cannot
and wilt not speak and writ English
should le deported."
Cla.ose of the kind described are
taught Monday. Tuesday and Thurs
day nights from 7:15-to :15 in these
three high schools: Lincoln, Jefferson
and the High School of Commerce at
Fifth and Harrison, two girls' schools.
Benson and the girls'
polytechnic, and the Ladd school.
Warriors Are,Orcliard Owners and
Wilt Study Methods of Pack.
HOOD IUVKR. Or, Oct. 4. (Spe
cial.) R. A. Clayton. E. T. Vaughan
and P. Val Kerr. Anzacs en route home
from service agalnzt Germany, arrived
here yesterday for a six weeks' visit
in the Hood River orchards. The re
turning warriors, owners of orchards
In Tasmania, state that they will
spend a year touring American and
Canadian fruit belts. learning meth
ods of cultivation and pack.
The soldiers are accompanied by
David H. Bundle, manager of the Co
operative Fruit Company of Nelson,
New Zealand, and J. A. Campbell, as
sistant director of the horticultural
division of the department of agri
culture of New Zealand.
Police Chief to Speak.
New Cretonnes 80c to $1.50
Softer color effects such as give English living; rooms
their pleasantly comfortable air are noticed in these new
est cretonnes.
Delightful flower combinations appear on black, taupe
or beige grounds. One has a marvelous touch of jade
boughs and tangerine tinted petals on black with just
a touch of soft blue to make the composition an effective
whole. A burst of sunshine is a pattern of poppies,
roses and daisies. A gay yellow one portrays Chinese
landscapes and figures with grave dignity.
Many clever American artists are designing cretonnes nowadays
and the manufacturers ehow regard for their art by using the designs
on heavy worthwhile fabrics. Almost any of these new cretonnes
are heavy enough for furniture coverings and for winter draperies.
Hand-Blocked English Cretonnes 73c
Enough of a kind for curtaining one or two windows, for pillows,
bags, odd chair slips and holiday gifts.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Fervlce men and friends who visit
Everymen's club thi evening at 8
o'clock will hear a talk by Chief
Johnson of the Portland police flt-iji
partment. The chief has promised to IF
tell some of the inner workings of his A
public's attitude toward the police
system. Interesting happenings that
have come under his observation will
be related. The musical part of the
entertainment provided by the cluk
will consist of numbers by William La
Case and bis Hawaiian duo of singers I
and steel guitar players. Picture ol TA
the Hawaiian Islands and Other scenic I K
beauty spots will be sjiown. ,
Universal Asbestos-Insulated
The Universal Asbestos-Insulat
ed Pipeless Furnace' derives its
name "Pipeless" from the fact that
there are no overhead pipes to con
vey the heat to the different rooms.
Instead it has a single register
above the furnace which provides
both the outlet for warm air and
me intake lor cola air. When a
pipeless furnace is installed a cool
basement is always assured, due to
the fact that the entire furnace is
surrounded by a cold air chamber.
Perfect combustion and perfect
circulation greatly lessen the cost
of fuel.
Make Your Own
Terms in Reason
Fireplace Accessories
Enjoyment of the fireplace
is much enhanced by the addi
tion of carefully selected ac
cessories. Our assortments of
andirons, fire sets and screens
are very extensive the most
varied we have ever shown.
Plain black andirons. 3.!5 to
JS SO. Colonial brass finish
andirons. 15 to 112.50. Solid
brass brushed finish andirons.
flt.SO to (30.
Plain black fir sets. I to
$ 69. Colonial brass finish fire
sets. $5 to J 10.50. Solid brass
brushed finish fire sets. $17.50
to 130.
Folding fir screens. $4.35 to
--Meier ft Frank's: Sixth Floor. (Mail Orders r niea.)
L'pIFF la
1 PM. fat f4,
Didn't sleep well last night? Too bad.
Dreamed all night? Woke up with a start?
Indigestion? .Nerves? Or wasn't your bed
A comfortable, noiseless bed invites one
to relax completely. Complete relaxation
coaxes deep slumber. And it is deep, dream
less slumber which re-creates one from day
to day keeps one young-looking enables
the brain and hands to do quick, calm.
splendid work throughout the day.
Simmons Beds Built for Sleep
are to be had in wide variety in the Furniture Store. The Simmons organization for
more than two generations has been studying sleep-inducing beds arfd bedding. Sim
mons metal beds are strong and rigid in the corner locks where most beds are weakest.
Simmons beds are noiseless. Not a creak, a rattle or feeling of unsteadiness as one
turns in slumber. Nothing to disturb one's complete relaxation or to jar one into sud
den wakefulness. -
Simmons new three-piece beds are now on display the spring forming a single unit,
with the side rails.
Simmons single, three-quarter, full-size and twin beds simple, good-looking, well
made "sleepy" beds are all here. The regular prices are reasonable.
Discontinued Models of
Simmons Beds Specially Priced
for standard $10.75 steel
beds in vernis martin fin
ish, full size.
for standard $9.60 steel -beds
in vernis martin finish,
full size.
for standard $11.25 steel
beds in ivory enamel or ver
nis martin finish, full size.
for standard $13 steel beds
in vernis martin finish,
full size.
Two Carload Purchases of Springs
at Advantageous Prices
Reed to Hear Dr. Thompson.
Tkw Tfc S ThAmniAti .f t Vi 1 . ! f v ! I
will be the speaker at the Keed co-A
leg. vesper services this afternoon. A
at 4 o'clock, in the chapeL Dr. , T.
Thompson recently returned from
Franc, where he won three gold!
stripes doing valiant service for the'
Y. M. C A. in the great base hospital
of Bordeaux. His talk today will be
based on his experiences overseas.
Special organ and vocal music are the
vesper specialties. The meeting is
open to the public
1614 Would llont Birds.
TAKIMA. Wash.. Oct . (Special.)
Yakima sportsmen are preparing to
take full advantage of the abbrevi
ated pheasant season. October J-15.
Sixtren hundred and forty-four hunt
ing licenses have been issued, by the
county auditor since September 1 and
it Is expected that about the same
number will be issued the first 10
days of this month. Scarcity of shot
guns, particularly the popular sixes.
1 smid bv dealer hr to be acute.
Established firm requires serv
ices of high-class book sales
man. Commission only. New
proposition. Roycroft Shop.
Card leads. Western territory.'
If you think you have selling
ability and capable of earning
,100 to J 300 a week, our propo
sition will interest you. Adress
405-6 White Bids;, Seattle.
"S. O. S." The Magic Kitchen
Cleaner 25c
Beginning tomorrow and continuing until Satur
day we shall hold a special demonstration of
"S. 0. S." the new magic kitchen cleaner.
"S. O. S." cleans and polishes aluminum ware,
granite ware and all kinds of pots and pans no
matter how badly burned or stained they may be.
"S. O. S." is a steel wool base thoroughly satur
ated with soap and oils it does not rust. It is
the most economical cleanser you can buy.
See the demonstration tomorrow.
Meier Frank's: Basement. (Mail Orders Filled.)
: . Tun? .
Belated arrival of bed springs ordered ten months ago.
to benefit by the particularly low prices.
for standard $20 double-deck coil
springs with 99 oil-tempered
springs; all sizes for wood or
metal beds.
for standard $12.50 heavy single
coil springs; all sizes for wood
or metal beds.
for standard $9.75 all-steel sanitary couches;
into a pleasant sitting room.
Householders will be glad
for standard $12.00 wire fabric
springs; rust - proof finish; all
sizes for wood or metal beds.
for standard $9.75 wire fabric
springs for metal beds only;
rust-proof finish.
rust-proof finish; they make the bedroom
All-Linen Huck Towels
$2 to $6
Not only all linen but particularly fine
linen. All hand scalloped and with more or
less elaborate embroideries, many wth me
dallions for monogram.
Guest sizes, $2; large sizes, $4 to $6.
Effective Monday, October 13,
Our New Store Hours Will Be 2
Great Sale of Sheets,
Cases and Spreads
Here are five extraordinarily good offerings in sheets,
pillow cases and bedspreads. Some quantities limited.
$1.50 Muslin Sheets 90
Good quality seamless muslin sheets in size 54x90 inches.
$1.75 Muslin Sheets $1.50
Serviceable round-thread seamless muslin sheets in size 81x90.
50c Pillow Cases, Each 35
Excellent quality muslin pillow cases in size 42x36 inches.
$6.00 Bed Spreads $5
Marseilles or satin-finished bed spreads in size 80x90 inches.
$4.00 Bed Spreads $3.50
Crocheted or honeycomb plain hemmed spVeads in full size.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
A Special Purchase of a Prominent Importer's
Sample Lines of Real Hand-Embroidered
Madeira Napkins, Towels
and Centerpieces
l4 to 13 Off
All these household treasures are exquisitely hand-em
broidered on very fine linens. Some show slight marks of
handling, but pressing or one trip through soapsuds and
not water will make them fresh and new. Any of them
will make beautiful gifts for the holidays.
All-Linen Tea Napkins
4S, 69S 75cS 89S $1.25
One, two, three, four, five and occasion
ally six of a kind. 7, 12, 14 and 16-inch
squares. All with the difficult rose scallop
and nearly all have an elaborate hand-embroidered
Wide variety of designs on the rare linen
of pre-war days. May be used for doilies.
All-Linen Centerpieces
$2.25) $2.50, $3) $3.75
24-inch all-linen centerpieces, hand scal
loped and embroidered. Such things are
scarce even at the regular higher prices.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
(Mail Orders f illed.)
Blanketsand Comforters
in a Very Special Sale
$9.00 Wool "Mixed Blankets, gray
or white with pink or blue bor
ders, 72x80 inches, pair $7.65.
$9.00 Wool Mixed Blankets, in
pink, blue, gray and tan plaids,
full bed size, pair $7.65.
$12.00 Wool Filled Comforters,
sateen cover, full bed size, spe
cial at $10.15.
$2.25 Emmerich Feather Bed-Pillows,
21x27 inches, special at,
each $1.85.
New Beacon bathrobe blan
kets, Indian blankets and com
fortables just received.
Meier & Frank's: Second Flcor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Why waste your time winding bobbins
when you can enjoy the pleasure of sewing
.directly from two spool of thread one
above, one below? The
two-spool rotary sewing machine is the
only home sewing machine made on which
you can sew directly from two spools. Here
only in Portland. If desired pay only
$8.25 for Our $16.50 Grade
40-pound felftd cotton mattresses with blue
figured covering; 3 ft., 3 ft. 6 and 4 ft. 4 sizes.
IMPORTANT: We expect these half price mattresses to be gone by 10 o'clock
come early.
$1 Down
Liberal allowance for your old machine.
Used Machines at Special Prices
Our Dress Form Club
Join our dress form club tomorrow and
enjoy the use of a new dress form while
paying for the same. We have a new ship
ment of Model dress forms. Pay only
$1 Down 50c Week
Meier ac Frank's: Second Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
for standard $27.00 wood beds,
ivory finish; well proportioned;
full size.
for standard $15.00 wood cribs
with steel springs; ivory finish.
The M. & F. Victory Mattress $23.50
is of felted cotton, weighs 50 pounds and has the best triple-stitched rolled edge. De
signed by and made to the express order of the Meier & Frank bedding expert.
for a Limited Number New Mattresses That Are Slightly Damaged
$9.75 for Our $19.50 Grade
45-pound felted cotton mattresses with blue and
white A. C. A. ticking. Three-quarter size only.
De Luxe Springs
Have Arrived
All sizes can now be had in these famously
fine springs for which customers have been
asking. '.
Finest Hair Mattresses
and Box Springs
will be made to order in our own Bedding Fac
tory on the premises. Samples can be seen in
the Furniture Store.
Meier & Frank's: Eighth Floor. (Mail Orders Filled) L
The Eden Electric Washer
will finish un the wash in short order. . It works while the
mistress of the house looks after her other duties. It does
not rub the clothes. ,It operates on the principles of the
best laundries. The dirt is
pushed out from the clothes .
by constant dropping of the
garments against the hot
soapy water. Priced $133.
Any terms in reason.
Western Electric
are by far the most practical that
we have seen. They really wash
dishes clean and they dry them
selves. Priced $185. Any terms
in reason.
Majestic Electric Heaters, $11
Move them to any part of the home. No odor, no danger and
plenty of heat. Large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery.
Electric Wedding Gifts
Electric lamps, waffle irons, percolators, toasters, grills, irons and
many other 20th century conveniences for modern people.
Electric experts who have actually tested them will tell you all
about them in the new electric kitchen and laundry.
Meier & Frank's: Basement Balcony. (Mail Orders Filled.)