The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, September 21, 1919, SECTION FIVE, Page 12, Image 84

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New Cleveland Six and Over
land Four Among 'Em.
Portland Dealers Enter for Total of
2 9 Different Passenger Cars
and Nine Trucks.
Portland automobile dealers will hold
an Interesting automobile and truck
show at the Salem state fair, which be
gins tomorrow and continues to next
Saturday, inclusive. The automobile
and truck exhibit will be in the old
an article on "'Valve Inspection and
Grinding," in August Motor. It is quite
well known by many motorists that
not all engines run better after the
valves have been ground, a fact which
is attribued to the unnecessary grind
ing which makes for leaky valves.
The writer points out how one may
distinguish a valve that leaks from
one that does not and tells how only
the faulty ones should be ground in.
He says: "On a properly cooled engine
and one where the valves are properly
timed, it may be accepted as a general
rule that valves which are evnly
sooted over and therefore have per
fectly black heads, are holding, while
those which are red or brownish on top
or show the metal plainly, without a
covering of soot or carbon. ar leaking.
By observing the tops of the valve
heads as soon as the' cylinder head is
removed and then carefully inspecting
the face of the valve and the seat, one
will quickly Learn to tell what Is
"The reason for the difference in
the looks of the tops is simple and
obvious upon a little thought. Dur
ing the power stroke of the piston
the burning gases are under high
pressure. If there is the slightest
leak at any point around'the face of
the valve, the gases will force their
way through at terrific speed and
carry away any carbon which may
have been formed on the top of the
valve near the leak, as well as on
the casting near the valve seat, leaving
Big Speed Card Arranged for
Next Saturday.
Six Races on the Programme, "With
Racers From Seattle and Other
Points Already Entered.
SALEM, Or.,' Sept. 20. An automo
bile race card on Saturday, September
27, will be one of the features of the
Salem state fair programme. Eleven
entries have been made by professional
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i iillr tam..
Prior to last June 1 there wasn't a Republic truck in the whole fleet of the Warren Construction company, road
construction and paving contractors. Then a one-ton model was purchased from the Roberts Motor Car company. It
proved so efficient that, one by one, additional Republic trucks of the same size were bought until now the company has
13 of them, all told, each one being assigned to a different road contract. -
machinery hall, which is the first
building the visitor to the fair grounds
reaches after passing through the turn
stiles. While of course not as large or elab
orate a show as the annual Portland
event each winter, this show will com
pare with any previous one held at the
state fair. It will be a good deal more
the metal around the leak entirely
clear of soot or carbon. Not only
will the escaping gas carry away all
carbon near the leak. . but will also
actually w-ear away the metal itself
if not attended to.
"A valve which Is allowed to leak
for a long time will frequently show
quite a path eroded by the hot gases
complete than the one of last year, I in rushing through the opening, in
which many dealers did not enter at all
because of war conditions.
Among the features of the show will
be the presence of two new motor car
models in which the public is greatly
interested. The new Model Four Over
land and the new Cleveland six, both
shown in public for the first time, will
be at the show. The Overland will be
shown by the Portland branch of
Willys-Overland Pacific company, and
the Cleveland six by the Twin States J
Motor Car company.
Jones Six to Be There.
Xor will these be the only new cars
hown. Among other automobiles new
to this . territory for which space has
been reserved to place Uiem on exhi
bition for the first time are the Jones
six, the agency for which has just been
taken by August Junge of the Diamond
T Truck Sales Agency of Oregon: the
Anderson six, by the Interstate Motor
Car company; the new 1920 Reo, by the
Northwest Auto company; the 1920
Dodge, received only this week, by the
Covey Motor Car company in conjunc
tion with B. F. Bonesteel, Salem agent;
the new Winton six model, by A. C.
Stevens, and the Stephens Salient six.
by the Hamilton-Leatherman Motor
All told, entries made with M. O.
Wilkins, president of the Dealers Motor
Car association of Oregon, under the
auspices of which the show will be
held, total 29 passenger cars of differ
ent makes and nine trucks. Following
Is the entry list:
C. L. Boss Automobile company Chalmers.
Taylor Motor Car company Day-Elder
truck. -
Auto Sales company Auburn Beauty alx.
C. H. S. company Dixie Flyer, Moon if
shipment arrives from factory in time for
Hamilton-Leatherman Motor company
Stephens Salient six, three models.
Northwest Auto company Reo. and farm
light exhibit, which will supply light for
the bulldinf?.
Oregon Motor Car. company Studebaker,
in conjunction with Marion Garage of
Balem and Master truck.
Wentworth & Irwin G. M. C. truck.
Koehring Machine company, N. W.
Sterling truck.
August Junge Jones six. Diamond T truck.
A. C. Stevens Winton, Haynes.
William L. Hughson company Federal
truck. '
Lee Gribert. Falem Elgin six.
Manley Auto company Probably new
Grant six. If it arrives in time from the fac
tory. Willys-Overland Pacific company New
Overland model four. Willys-Knight.
American Auto company, Salem Oakland
Mitchell. Lewis & Staver company Mitch
ell and Jordan, Jumbo truck.
Rubin Motor Car company King eight,
two models.
J. H. Graham Case six.
Marion Garage. Salem Oldsmobile eight,
Studebaker. Franklin.
Twin States Motor Car company Chan
dler, new Cleveland six.
Cook & Gill Paige.
Covey Motor -Car company Cadillac, and
In conjunction with 3. F. Bonesteel of
Salem, new Dodge.
Roberts Motor Car company Republic
truck, two models.
Charles A. Dowd. San FranciscoAshland
Products company's Ford power plant unit
for farm power purposes.
Apperson Motor Car company Apperson
Lambert Tire & Rubber comany Lambert
Multi-plus tires.
Interstate Motor company Anderson six,
Molitor six.
1-a L Gross Dayton Airleos tires.
Motor West of Los Angeles, the leading
Pacific coast automobile and truck publi
cation, will have an entry.
Champion Spark Plug company of Toledo,
O.. will make a display.
Vollum & Rodhelm. Acme truck distribu
tors, will probably have an Aame at the
I.f. O. Wilkins will be manager f ,the
BhSw. and the committee in charge is
composed of A. B. Manley, C. M. Men
lies, Bert Eling and H. M. Covey. For
the first time since automobile shows
have been held at the state fair, par
ticular pains are being taken with dec
Valuable Information by Writer in
August Motor.
It is just as Important to know when
not to grind a valve as to know when
grinding is necessary, is the sound
advice given by Arnold P. Yerkes in
much the same way as the gases from
the burning powder charges in a high
power rifle or "cannon gradually erode
the metal of the rifle or cannon barrel
by escaping past the projectile before
it gets fully under way. The paths
cut by thes gases in either case look
almost as though the metal had been
melted out and there is undoubtedly a
certain amount of melting of the metal
bronght about by the hot gases.
"The high temperature of the s
caping gases also causes a different
color of the metal around a leaky valve
in .many cases. Very frequently a
leaky valve will have a reddish appear
ance, like burned clay or like a furnace
grate often shows after being under
a very hot fire for some time. This is
not an infallible rule for detecting a
leaky valve, but on many engines it is
a very reliable indication."
Part to Be Repaired Should . Be
Brought tip to Temperature.
For any ordi-iary Job wire solder is
the easiest to handle and the most
convenient. It can be placed right on
the spot to be mended, and it melts
under comparatively slight heat. In
soldering anything it should be rigor
ously cleaned before the actual work is
begun. The temperature of the whole
Job should be -aised to the desired
point, after which it is easy to run a
whole seam with a single movement of
ths iron. In making a repair, the spot
desired to be treated should be brought
to tho proper temperature for melting
the solder. It is best to have the job
so placed that the molten solder will
not run to the other parts of the
mechanism, but will lie right in the
spot where it is needed.
race drivers and several are expected
from Portland.
This race meet has the official sanc
tion of the American Automobile asso
ciation, generally known as the A. A. A.
Frank K. Watkins of Portland is Ore
gon representative of the A. A. A., and
has been named referee for the races.
Six races will be on the afternoon's
card. The conditions for the six events
Event No. 1 Class "V" Nonstock Free
For All. Mile asainst time to qualify for
event No. 6. Australian Pursuit Race. The
four cars making the fastest time are quali
fied. No prizes.
Event No. 2 Class "C Nonstock. For
cars of 2 IK) cubic inch piston displacement
or over. Prizes $2.10. First $125, second
$B2..-.0. third $.17.50. fourth $25. Six miles.
Event No. 3 Class "C" Nonstock. For
cars of 230 cubic inch piston displacement
or under. Prizes $2O0. First $100, second
$o0. third $30. fourth $20. Seven miles.
Event No. 4. Class "D" Oregon Auto Der
by. Nonstock Free For .All. Prizes $600.
First $300. second $1.10. third $00. fourth
$8. Twenty-five miles.
Event No. 5 Class "C" Nonstock. For
cars of 230 cubic inch piston displacement
or under. . Prizes $250. First $125, frond
$62.50, third $37.50. fourth $25. Eight
Event No. 6. Australian Pursuit. Dis
tance limited to ten miles. Decision of ref
eree to govern winners. Prizes $200. First
$125, second $75.
The various classes are ooen to all
A. A. A. licensed drivers. Official en
tries do not close until next Thursday
at the fair grounds. So local cars have
plenty of time to make their nominations.
Among the cars to be entered from
Seattle, with their drivers, are: Lott
special. Walter Blume: Ross sneclal.
Jack Ross; Stutz special, Gus Duray;
xiomano special, Menry North; McDon
nell special, William McDonnell: Max
well special. Bill Giddlngs; Comet spe-
ciai, james cutters. Ira Hayes will
enter the Hayes special from Auburn,
Wash., and George Stacey the Marvel
special irom Yakima, Wash. Lloyd
Bulger of Vancouver, Wash., will also
be a nominator.
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During all the years the Ford Model T One Ton Track has been on the market, we have never had one
complaint of rear axle trouble. We have had no complaints of motor trouble. As the motor and the rear
axle are the vital fundamentals in a motor truck, we have the right to conclude that the Ford One Ton Truck
has not only met the demands of business, but has done so in a satisfactory and economic way There is no
other evidence so convincing as that which comes from long practical experience. Ford One Ton Trucks
are serving along all industrial and commercial line. You will find them everywhere. If these statements
were not facts, the demand for the Ford One Ton Truck would not be as large as it is, because people are
not buying trucks which do not give service. Coupled with the dependability of the Ford One Ton Truck
in all classes of usage, comes the economy in operation and maintenance. On the farm, in factory delivery,
for the merchant, manufacturer, and contractor, in these days of modern business methods, this worm
drive One Ton Ford Truck has become an actual necessity. Leave your orders with any of the Authorized
Dealers mentioned below, and you will be assured of prompt attention.
Francis Motor Car Co.
. E. Thirteenth and Hawthorne
Palace Garage Co.
Twelfth and Stark
Wm. L. Hughson Co.
Broadway and Davis
Robinson-Smith Co.
Sixth and Madison
Rushlight & Penny
E. Third and Broadway
Talbot & Casey
E. Ankeny and Grand
Vermont Town Maintains Roads by
Its Own Motor Track.
Although It has only 700 inhabitants,
the town of Barre, Vt., is setting a
worthy example for larger municipal!
ties in the building of highways. This
village recently demonstrated its en
terprise by purchasing a motor truck
for use In maintaining the roads in
Its district. The truck' is a Garford
two-ton model equipped with a steel
dump body and a hydraulic hoist. That
a town of this size has proved itself
so keenly alive to the advantages of
proper highway facilities speaks well
for the spirit of its taxpayers. It is
evident from this and other recent
sales that the good roads movement
has opened a new and fertile field
for the motor truck dealer.
A visitor in Portland last week was
C. C. Smith, who is the new Pacific
coast manager for the Amazon Tire &
Rubber company, makers of the well
known Amazon super-tires. These are
now made in cord, as well as fabrics,
and are going fast in this territory. J.
H. Ainscough is Oregon distributor. Mr.
Smith is a brother of Frank V. Smith.
Buick salesman here. He has had long
experience in the tire business, having
formerly been northwestern representa
tive for the Savage Tire company.
Straightened and
Burness & Martin
Fifteenth and Alder Streets
Modern Equipment
Skilled Workmen
per hour in any closely built-up terri
tory that is. residence territory.
4. It is unlawful to exceed IS miles
per hour in any business district.
5. It is unlawful to exceed 15 miles
per hour in approaching railroad
crossings at grade, or approaching or
crossing an intersecting highway or
in roinir Kmnnd curvi vhn In r-ny
of thse cases the driver's view is
7. The highway commission rr.av es
tablish lower speed limits on high
ways or bridges, providing siins are
erected to notify the public of such
limits. anJ provided, that the limit on
bridges shall not be less than 10 miles
r r hour nnd th limit on i.lPhwnvs
not less than IS miles per hour.
Cities and towns are prohibited bl
the state law from enforcing any speed
regulations different from thjse pre
scril-ed by the state, but may regu
late, subject to the state law. the Uf
of highways for processions or by ve
hicles offered for hire, and may exclude
vehicles from cemeteries or imrk.
Faster Than 2 0. Miles Unlawful In
Residence Territory, 15 Miles In
Business Districts.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 20. There
has been much confusion about the
new state speed law. as a maucr ui
fact, the provisions regulating speed
are exactly the same as they were
before the amendments were adopted,
except that a new rate of speed of 35
miles per hour is allowed under certain
All vehicles must at all times be
operated in a careful and prudent
manner and at a speed not greater
than reasonable and proper, having re
gard for traffic and use of the high
way, and no person shall operate a
vehicle in the highway at such a speed
as to endanger life, limb or property
of anyone. Subject to this rule, the
speed limits are as follows:
1. It. is always ulawful to exceed 35
miles per hour.
2. It is unlawful to exceed 30 miles
per hour, except in the day time and
except when the driver has a clear
view of the highway ahead of him
end cf all highways intersecting it
wi.hln 400 feet ahead of him to a dis
tance of at least 400 feet from the
highway on which he is traveling, and
there is no person, vehicle or other
object ahead of him within 400 feet of
tne center line of the highway on
which he Is traveling.
3. Tt is unlawful to exceed 20 miles
Special on Factory
ew Stoek
Folly Guaranteed.
Standard Makes
32x3 Non-Skid 817.50
32x4 Non-Skid : 24.75
33x4 Non-Skid 25.75
35x4 Non-Skid 35.00
28x3 Non-Skid S11.45
30x3 Non-Skid 11. 70
30x3 V Non-Skid 14.95
32x3 Non-Skid 17.95
31x4 Non-Skid 20.50
32x4 Non-Skid 23.35
33x4 Non-Skid 23. SO
34x4 Non-Skid 24.95
34x4 Non-Skid .' 33.45
35x4 Non-Skid 34.75
36x4 Non-Skid 35.50
37x4 Non-Skid 43. SO
Get Our Price On
Fllt Tires
and Service Station
Malcom Tire Co.
63 Kortfc Broadway at Everett
Portland, Orrion
One of 40 Branches.
There are now more than 100,000 Fordson Tractors in
use. 1300 of these are in Oregon.
"There's a Reason"
should see our special Fordson Tractor exhibit and daily
demonstrations at the State Fair, September 22-29.
State Distributors Salem, Oregon.