The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, September 14, 1919, SECTION FIVE, Page 5, Image 77

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'TPHE new Cleveland Six is here, the car that automobile dealers have been
waiting for and talking about for two years past. It is the 1919 achievement of
motordom, bringing new qualities, new ideals, new excellence into the light-car
field, and at a price which will please countless thousands who-care for the better, things of life.
You, will admire and wonder at this new car, for the industry has offered no other like it. You will be
delighted with its grace and style. You will marvel at its power and speed and quietness and comfort. Truly
here is the car that will dominate the whole light-car field.
Skill and Sincerity Are Built
Into This Car
The Cleveland Six is the product of men splendidly experi
enced in the design and making of fine cars, men who have
contributed their genius and skill and sincerity to the building
up of one of America's finest high-quality cars. So the Cleve
land is an expression of the best ideals for service to the world,
dependable service of transportation and recreation. It is a
really unusual car. It brings genuine motoring satisfaction
within reach of thousands who have wanted such a car. It
brings new motor-car quality at a low price. .
Test Cars on the Road
Three Years
The Cleveland is a finished product . There is no sugges
tion of the experimental about it. It is new to the public, but
to the men who conceived it and developed it the Cleveland is a
perfected car. . ' '
Cleveland Sixes have been on the road for three years,
undergoing every conceivable test for performance and endur
ance. Two years ago the car was ready for production. But
the war was coming, and the Cleveland waited.
Today, in a splendid new plant, the very last word in mod
ern equipment and method, this car' is. built for you. Manag
ing this great plant, directing all its various departments and
guarding every operation, is a group' of men whose sincerity
of purpose is a guarantee of excellence in their car.
, Powerful, Sturdy
and Simple
Mechanically, the Cleveland Six is of extraordinary sturdi
ness and simplicity throughout. It is distinctive. It has refine
ment of construction not commonly found in low-priced cars.
The wheel-base is more than ample to permit of the most
pleasing body designs and to provide seating capacity for five
adult persons in the very extreme of comfort, with proper
pitch of cushions and lots of leg-room. 1
Power? There is power to spare in the Cleveland Six.
'Power that takes the loaded car flying overthe hills, and at .
any speed that anyone would, wish over the pountry'road;and ,
open highway. Power so flexible, so responsive to the slight
est touch of the throttle, that those of us who have driven
many, cars know there are few motors indeed that compare
with it at all. '
And this motor is in no other car. It is the exclusive Cleve
land Six motor, designed by engineers of the Cleveland Com
pany and built under their supervision in. the Cleveland fac
tory. ' A .
Your Own Choice of Four
Beautiful Bodies
The Cleveland Six will please you. The body designs and
furnishings of the handsome- touring car, the snappy single
seat roadster, and the two splendid closed car models, are
worthy of the mechanical excellence of the car. In some one of
these four models you will find your car.
Motor Six-cylinder valve in head type; bore 3 inches, stroke 4 inches; six cylinder
cast en bloc separate from crank case; detachable cylinder head; valve mechanism
completely enclosed; three-bearing: crankshaft of larfre diameter. Cam ehaft and
f ' accessories driven by adjustable silent chain. Lubrication by gear pump positively
driven by spiral gear from cam shaft.
" Carburetor Stromberg vacuum system 16-gal. tank at rear.
Ignition Distributor and high tension coil, or Bosch magneto, $45 extra.
Starting; and Lighting Gray and Davis two unit system.
Cooling; By centrifugal pump, cellular radiator and adjustable eelf-oiling fan.
Tranamlasion Unit power Plant construction with center control. Three speeds and
reverse. Nickel steel gears and shafts. Main shaft mounted on annular ball
Clutch Disc type. , Propeller Shaft Fitted with double universal Joints.
' Rear Axle Floating type. Pressed steel, housing; spiral bevel gears; Timken bearings
throughout. Chrome nickel steel drive shafts.
. Front Axle Drop forged I Beam. Chrome nickel steel epindles and steering arms,
Timken Bearings in wheels.
Brakes Ample in, size and efficiency. - .
Springs Semi-elliptic front and rear, bronze bushed eyes. Hear underslung.
Steering- Gear Worm and sector type, irreversible, fitted with 18-inch Wlanut wheel.
Wheels Wood. Artillery type. Wire wheels (set of 6) $105 extra.
Rims Firestone, straight side demountable. Tires 32x4. Non-skid Rear.
Wheel Base -112 inches.
Top One man type, fitted with door opening curtains and beveled glass rear window.
Finish Body Cleveland Blue, upholstered in hand .buffed, bright finished, long grain
leather. Hood, fenders and running board shields, black enamel. Wheels and
chassis Mack.
Models and Prices Touring Car (Five Passentrers) $1385. Roadster (Three Passengers)
$1385. Sedan (Five Passengers), Coupe (Four Passengers).
Cleveland Automobile Company
Cleveland, Ohio
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