The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, September 07, 1919, SECTION THREE, Page 2, Image 50

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WITH the return of Portland folk
from tbe beachea and moun
tains, entertaining to- the fall
eaxon Is commencing and the dinner
dance at the Waverley Country club
laat night ushered in the season of
formal entertaining. The officers of
the Pacific fleet are the center of in
terest this week-end and many delight
ful affairs have been planned in ther
Among (Ol Kliair ill mi w j v 1 kicai uwcs.
f the week, the most largely attended Mrs. Robert T
was the benefit tea given by the Kappa Prfding at th
Kappa Gamma sorority at Mrs. Ferdi
Band Smith's studio, as the last of
the series of arts and crafts leas which
save been so popular throughout the
Out-of-town visitors continue to be
the motif for much of the entertaining,
sharing honors with Portland women
who have returned . from overseas
service and the girls of the younger
set who will leave the middle of the
month for schools in the south and
east. The center of entertaining is
really In the younger set and many de
lightful house parties, dances, lunch
eons, teas and motor trips have- been
planned for the younger girls who are
going away.
September la also proving a popular
brides' month, one of the moat popular
of the bride-elects being Miss Dorothy
Parsons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin Seely Parsons. . Announcements
of engagements continue to furnish in
terest and several weddings originally
scheduled for the later fall have been
'changed to this month...
. ..
The- Waverlejr Country club was the
scene of a brilliant party last Higbt
honoring the naval officers of -the" Pa
cific fleet. -The -dinner . dance.- opened
the fall season of -dances at' the club
and was of particular interest both on
that account and because of the pres
ence of the violtlng officers. The
weekly dinner dances which have been
so popular were discontinued during
the summer season.
The officers of the fleet are being
extensively entertained during their
visit in Portland, the programme In
cluding also a reception for officers
today at the home of . Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Ladd Corbett at Dunthorpe.
Thoie who entertained for the offioers
Saturday night were' Mr. and Mrs. W.
D. Wheelwright." Mr. and Mrs. Henry
La rfd Corbett. Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Arer. the Misses railing. Dr. and Mrs.
George Whiteside and Colonel and Mrs.
Gordon Voorhles.
Others who had parties last night
were Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D.
Brunn. Miss Virginia McDonough. Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew R. Porter, Mr. and
Mrs. Allen Lewis and Mr. and Mrs,
Thomas Robertson.
e .
The most largely attended social
event in the early part of last week
was the tea given Tuesday for the
benefit of the University of Oregon
woman's building fund by the Kappa
Kappa Gamma sorority at tbe studio or
Mrs. Ferdinand Smith on the Barnes
road. Two hundred women called dur
ing the tea hour and the ideal weather
conditions aided in making the affair
Mrs. Robert Tucker was hostess and
e tea urns were Mrs.
William D. Wheelwright. Mrs. A. A.
Morrison. Mrs. Henry Ladd Corbett and
Mrs. Gordon Voorhies. Patronesses
were Mrs. Georgs T. Gerlinger, Mrs. R.
JU Donald. Mrs. Otis Wight. Mrs. J. B.
Montgomery and Mrs. Willis B.
Dunlway. Assisting in serving were
the Misses Ueorgine Mary Geisler,
Hasel Young, Georglana Gerlinger.
Evelyn Fitxgibbons, Emma Jane Gar
bade and Kathryn Hartley.
A feature which was much enjoyed
was the pantomime dancing of Miss
Jean Wold, who has just returned from
New York, where she studied with the
Morgan dancers. While Miss Hannah
G. Schloth read three emotional
sketches. Miss Wold Interpreted the
Much interest was also furnished by
the fortune tellers who were kept busy
throughout the afternoon. Mrs. Ellis
Vachon and Mrs. William Randall were
those who told the delights oi the fu
ture. Artistic ' hand-braided rugs were on
display in the studio and their sale
added to the building fu: . Beautiful
gladioli donated by the Crlssey glad
ioli farm were also iCj. The sorority
girls arranged an automobile service
which enabled many- reople to reach
the tea. About $100 was turned over
to the building fund as a result of the
afternoon entertainment.
For the benefit of the "Be-a-Brlck-Buy-a-Brick"
fund for the Pacific
Coast Rescue and Protective society's
nursery a large card party will be given
Wednesday in v omen of Woodcraft
hall, the women of Rotary as hostesses.
Plans for this event were made last
week at a tea given by Mrs. J. W. Hill i
of Irvlngton. Mrs. W. D. McWaters Is
colonel of ths Rotary women's forces.
Mrs. Samuel Jagger and Mrs. W. D.
Beaver will -have charge. of the tables.
Anyone wishing to reserve a table may
telephone East 5041 and Broadway 3370.
Among the women who will be host
esses and assist in the party are the
folio w.n matrons:
Mrs. G. L Shearer, Mrs. Howard
Weed. Mrs. W. O. Munsell. Mrs. W. D.
Deaver, Mrs. J. W. Willis, Mrs. F. M.
Kirsch. Mrs. C. A. Wolfgang. Mrs. Nel
son G. Pike, Mrs. G. F. White. Mrs. W. a
McGuire, Mrs. James M. Riley. Mrs.
D. L. Williams, Mrs. Edgar Higgins and
Mrs. J. Fred Staver. Each woman Is
working actively to make the party a
success. In addition to the social af
fair, the Women of Rotary will gather
subscriptions in ths downtown build
ings. The cause of the nursery for the res.
cue society is receiving hearty support
from prominent business and profes
sional men and women and from so
ciety leaders. Mrs. W. B. Ayer sent a
check for 1100 for a "brick." W. D.
Wheelwright subscribed 1100, and many
others showed their sincere interest
last week by sending checks with let
ters of Indorsement for the construc
tive work of tbe society.
Among the patronesses - are Mrs.
Henry Ladd Corbett, Mrs. W. B. Ayer,
Mrs. H. M. Haller, Mrs. John Regal,
Mrs. B. C. Griffin, Mrs. J. W. Hill. Mrs.
W. F. Still, Mrs. Julia Marquam, Mrs.
W. L. Block, Mrs. Frederick Schilke,
Mrs. A. Bayley, Mrs. C. H. Caetner, Mrs.
Lee Davenport, Mrs. Neva D. McFar
land, Mrs. Wynn Johnson of Dallas,
Mrs. H. A. Woods of Dallas. Mrs. Laura
C. Price of Monmouth, Mrs. B. Fer
guson, Mrs. Charlotte Rose, Mrs. G. L.
Buland, Mrs. R. ' E. Bondurant, Mrs.
Walter Taylor Sumner, Mrs. Lola M.
Mathews, Mrs. C W. Hhyhurst, Miss
Helen Stilz. Mrs. R. R. Giltner, Mrs.
W. B. Streeter, Miss Esther Maegly.
Miss Monta Maegly, Mrs. A. A. Morri
son, Mrs. Blaine Smith, Mrs. Helen Ekin
Starrett. Mrs. Jennie Richardson, Mrs.
W. N. Akers and Mrs. G. J. FrankeL
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Colt entertained
with a dinner dance at the Waverley
Country club Friday night honoring
Mr. Colt's brother, W. L. Colt of New
York, and Miss Katharine Colt, who
are their house guests. About 25
couples enjoyed their hospitality. Mr.
and Mrs. Coir w'll accompany their
guests to California this week for a
fortnight's trip.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Leonard enter
tained in honor of the visitors with a
dinner dance at the Benson hotel
Wednesday. Covers were placed for 40.
Miss Genevieve Thompson entertained
in honor of Miss Elizabeth Creadlck
with a motor party and luncheon Fri
day and the party stopped for tea later
at the homo of Miss Fay Nichols.
The many friends of Miss Ruth Small
will be glad to hear of her return to
Portland Tuesday after six months
service overseas as a "Y" canteen
worker. Miss Small was with the
army of occupation for four months
with headquarters at Coblenz and was
also around Le Mans in France. She
did what was known as "leave area"
work. . Her sister. Miss Louise Small,
went east to New York to meet her
and together they toured the Berkshire
hills and visited In St. Paul.
One of the most feted of recent
brides-elect is Miss Dorothy Parsons,
whose wedding to Thomas Foster Met
calf of Danville, Ky., will take place
September 17 at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Seely Par
sons. Bishop Walter Taylor Sumner
will officiate. Miss Parsons' attendants
will be Miss Gretchen Colton and Miss
Dorothy Dixon of Eugene. Stanford
Anderson will be best man.
The past week Miss Parsons shared
honors on Monday with a party for
which Mrs. Charles Curry was hostess.
Tuesday she was the honor guest at a
small party at the University of Ore
gon benefit tea with Mrs. Louis Rosen
berg (Mary Louise Allen) as hostess.
Mrs. Thomas H. Beverly was hostess
in her honor at an Alcazar theater
party Wednesday afternoon, followed
by tea. Her guests were Miss Par
sons, Miss Jean Skene. Mrs. Ernest
Willard and Mrs. Strong.
Mrs. T. H. Williams entertained In
her honor Thursday with luncheon at
Forest hall and a trip over the high
way. Mrs. Williams' guests were Mrs.
Charles E. Curry, "Vflss Parsons, Mrs.
George Colton (Helen McCormack) and
Miss Isabel Talmadge.
Miss Dorothy Sanford was hostess at
an informal tea on Friday, compli
menting Miss Parsons. Mrs. Raymond
Holman and Mrs. Robert Sharon, who
recently made her home in Oakland,
presided at the tea table. Miss
Gretchen Colton, Miss Genevieve But
terfield. Miss Maurlne and Miss Lucile
EIrod and Mrs. Harold Sanford as
sisted about the rooms.
This week's plans for Miss Parsons
include a dinner at Forest hall tomor
row night by Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Meyer,
luncheon at Forest hall Tuesday with
Miss Genevieve Thompson as hostess
a luncheon given by Miss Gretchet
Colton Wednesday and a tea forwhlel
the Misses Elrod will be hostesses of
Miss Elizabeth Creadlck has been tbt
honor guest at many informal affalrl
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