The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 31, 1919, SECTION FIVE, Page 6, Image 74

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31, 1919.
.That Is, Good Driver With
Good Car Can Make It.
Portland Automobile Man In Search
of Good rishlnz. Which Ho Got,
Makes It In a Maxwell.
The 'Wilson river road to Tillamook,
vrhlch cut across the mountains from
Forest GroTi and C!ti creek. Is navl
a-abls to automobiles and In very fair
condition, all thins considered. Charles
J Kepple. Maxwell service manager
for the C. L. Boss Automobile com
pany, went oer it a week ago In I
Sfaxwell and declares U to be compara
lively eay sailing.
Mr. Kepple wasn't attempting- any
pathflndlnr feats. He was looking for
a good place to fish. That was how.
accompanied by his wife and their small
on. Charles, he came to take the Wil
son river road, and not from any desire
to find out whether It was passaoie to
1" i 1 1 m n n k
Hut ha found the road so rood, rela
tively speaking, that after three days
ef fishing at a plate Known as
(irrhird. he decided to round out his
u-iijon bv rolnz on to Tillamook,
from there up the coast to Seaside, and
then home through Astoria by way of
the Inland route. All ofwhich he did
-without the least trouble In the world.
The Wilson river road some- years
ago in the era of horse stages was the
main route to Tillamook. It Is much
shorter than the present traveled route
around bv way of McMinnville, bneri
dan. the Grand Hondo and Three Riv
era, beinsr only a little more than 80
miles, compared to about Hi for that
route. But for a good many seasons
not a lick of work has been done on
It, and It has gone pretty well to wraca
and ruin.
rilsake Right Over Kaa.
Instead of hunting around for an
aay grade through the mountains, this
road climbs right over them, so It has
some pretty stiff gradients. And as it
Is all dirt or natural rock. It is not to
be considered In wet weather. But now
In the dry season, says Mr. Kepple.
tnere Is no reason why any experienced
motorUt shouldn't get over it if he
As for Ashing to hear Mr. KeppK
tlk. the trout in the Wilson river put
on a regular track meet to get there
first any time a hook la dropped Into the
good holes. He caught specimens of
four varieties, salmon trout, cutthroat,
speckled and rainbow trout, and they
all fought to the bitter end. Some of
the salmon trout were of large siie,
the other varieties being about 10
Inches long. Spinners didn't seem to
tempt them at all. but they were right
after Hies and crawfish bait.
-We left Portland late on a Saturday
afternoon, drove to Forest Grove and
(Jales creek, where the Wilson river
turns to the left from the inland route
to Astoria, and cam red that night in
the mountains at what is called the
second spring." said Mr. Kepple. "This
la at mileage 40 from Portland.
Tlllaasoek Side Steeper.
"Nernt day we drove on to Old Or
chard, which la well over the divide, at
mileage '. and at the head or deep
water In the Wilon. From there up
the fishing Is grand, but that is the
lowest good point for the angler, as
the river becomes too deep. There's
one hole down there that has been
sounded to 00 feet, settlers In there
aay. without touching bottom.
"The road is of the mountain variety,
with the mountain emphasized, but
very fair at that. Just now. This side
of the econd spring it climbs up some
stiff grade, some of them probably as
much as Zi per cent, though they are
mostly comparatively short.
The road is narrow and has some
sharp turns that cars of long wheel
base would have trouble In rounding.
But except In a few spots It Is good.
It parses through some of the finest
timber I have ever seen. As no work
has been done on It for several years,
there are several places where trees
hve fallen across It. From a short
distance off the driver thinks this Is
where he Is out of luck and must stop,
but what travel there Is has turned
side Into the timber and thus dodges
the fallen log.
-The Tillamook side of the divide Is
teeper than that from Gales Creek, so
much so that no ears have even tried
to come over this road from Tillamook.
It Is pretty steep, all right, and the
grade is a long one, but I am convinced
that a good driver rould make it."
How to 1'rovlJo IIorce-Made Com
fort for the To or.
A family camping outfit Is provided
hy a telescope automobile body for
which the inventor has asked a patent
and an illustrated description In Popu
lar Mechanics Magazine for August
ehows it to be quite a practical affair.
By placing lean-to tents at the sides
and rear of the extension, considerable
more shelter may be obtained. The
extension slides Into a specially con
structed body, which in some particu
lar resembles .that of a limousine.
Two swinging d'oors at the rear admit
the telescoping part which runs on
rubber-tired rollers.
"Cobblestone" Formation Near
Oljmpla Worst Tart of Trip.
SEATTLE, Wash, Aug. 10. (To the
Automobile Editor.) To one used to
driving off the pavement, the Paclflo
highway from Portland to Seattle Is
generally good. We came up from
Portland last week In our Chevrolet
and had a good trip. The roads are
worst near Castle Kock, with much
"cobblestone" from there to Olympla.
Shipment Reaches Fortland for
Mortincr-Westcolt Motors.
Another shipment of the Westcott
lighter six five-passenger touring cars
has been received by Moltzner-Westcott
Motors. Washington and Burnside at
Sixteenth street, and late advices from
the Westcott factory In Springfield. Cl
are to the effect that a consignment
of closed cars, which Includes a five-
passenger sedan and a three-passenger
straight-seat cabriolet coupe, started
forward on August 14. This should
Pointer for Owners of Hotch
kiss Drive Cars.
Propulsion Being Through the Rear
Springs, They Mast Xot Be
Allowed to Shift,
A good majority of the cars now pro
duced employ what is commonly known
as Hotchklss drive, which is rather a
system or method of directing. certain
forces acting on the rear axle and other
parts. In the Hotchklss. torque rods.
peculiar and annoying sound m!tted.
which often sounds like a loose fender
or other metal part. This is because
the sound originates In a wheelhouse,
the spaoe Inside the fenders, and there
Is magnified.
Tightness I Essential.
In eome of the first designs of cars
using Hotchklss drive it was noticed by
the drivers that the car would tend to
hold back or brake itself under oertain
This was because the springs allowed
too much movement of the rear axle
when the car was started or when an
abrupt change in sreed was made. In
the cars in question no change was
made in the brake layout, so that every
time the rear axle turned slightly the
brakes were automatically applied.
One is likely to get the same result
In some of the recent designs, if the
springs are not tightly in place or if
they tr-e weak and allow too much
freedom of movement to the rear axle.
The average owner of a car whether
it uses Hotchklss drive or not rarely
pays any attention to the members that
have to do the important work of
transmitting the propulsive force. In
the case of a torque member It is
constantly moving at Its forward end
even if the road Is only slightly rough.
There is provision for lubricating
the joint at the front nd, but being
hidden it makes It hard for the owner
to give it the necessary attention. If
not attended to wear Is very rapid,
the Joint becomes noisy and in light
4 vl 1-4, . S.
" - . i
v- aVi y I - tit I -t-vl I I t 1 3
M. S-j f ' ' ; .'.. i ii HI r-r V " ' "' .o .-.-v- - -r.--.- . w sj tjw
Sri...-':"- jii.AHK. j ;. r',.l-:-;,;:i :.;
s w Jf i5jltsSiKS
Tfcia particular ear w Immediately seized, grabbed and forcibly taken from the W. H. 'Walllngford company by A. M.
IlraTrr, Liberty dealer at 1 ne uailrs. so 1'oriiana is out 01 idck. nowcKr, . . . hwiuhwu bm c VA
mmy sere. The enclosed ear la becoming Increasingly popular In this territory.
bring these closed cars, the first West
cotts of these modela to invade the Pa
cific northwest, to Fortland on or about
September 4.
-The lighter wlxej now In hand." said
Jay S. Moltzner, "will remain on the
floor only a few days. Just long enough
to remind us In these aays 01 oe-
moraltzed deliveries that we are still
in the business. Then we will have
another breathing epell" until, the In
closed cars arrive. When they go we
will have but what I was going to say
depends on railway transportation. The
Westratt factory tells us Its production
schedule Is ranidly becoming normal
and now we are up against freight-car
At Least That's Claim Made for It
by Tom X. Monks, Former
Portland Councilman.
Kenln' "em new" Is a favorite
pastime with thousands of motorists
these days, and as its contribution to
the cause th Brite Products company,
a recently-organized Portland concern.
Is placing upon the mantel an auio
polish called "Auto Brite."
Tom N. Monks, former councilman
and well-known young business man,
is president of the Brite products com
pany. Associated wan mm in tne en
terprise are: R. W. Orewiler. as secretary-treasurer;
Sherrill Smith, vloe-
president. and George A. r.eison. sales
anager. nr. smiin is a cnemicai tnsi-
neer who has twen laenmiea im
various polish products for IS years.
The Sunshine of lour Car is tne
advertising slogan adopted for Auto
Brite and it Is being used by the Couche
Advertising Ijervioe, Inc., in its cam
paign of exploitation. The poiisn is a
non-wax. vegetable-ingredient prepara
tion, which may be applied "in rain or
shine, on hot or com suriace. ana us
boosters predict big things for it and
national distribution within a year.
The Brite Products company has its
office and plant at 667 Pettygrove
- " - .' ' ,, .?Z-'IX-'- - .rV ' ' t
- '
-J-.--, l&frr lc, VTl M"?.:,
radius rods and other members are
dispensed with and the work usually
done by these members is given over
to the rear springs.
These springs therefore must be
strong enough to take the rear axle
torque and also are the means through
which the car Is propelled or pushed
In order that the springs be able to
do this work in addition to supporting
the usual load, it Is customary to make
the main leaf of each spring of an alloy
steel so as to be better able to take the
added stresses without falling down
Certain other points also are taken into
consideration in the design of & car
with Hotchklss drive, but the change in
spring sturdiness and strength is the
most Important.
Spring Does Torque Work.
In a car using no separate members
to take torque and propulsion It is ab
solutely essential that the spring clips
be kept always tight. If they become
loose the spring is allowed to shift its
position at will, and having to take the
stresses mentioned, under such condi
tions the spring will usually break.
As a matter of fact, where there Is
persistent spring breakage on a car
using the Hotchklss method, one can
almost be oertain that It is due to
loose clips. A brand new car is likely
to develop loose spring clips in a few
hundred miles of running because the
spring metal is such that it can stretch
Tlw owner should therefore tighten
the nuts which hold the clips 6ecurely
in place. This should be done after
the first 500 miles' and as often after
that as Is convenient.
The spring shackles and shackle bolts
should receive more than the usual at
tention. Where grease lubrication Is
provided one should make certain that
e-nease gets to the bearing surfaces.
Turn down the cup until grease oozes
out around the ends of the bolt.
Side play in shackles is no uncom
mon complaint In cars of this type.
This Is at once noticed because of the
cars is likely to rattle like a loose
brake rod. It also does not perform
its function properly when it Is badly
Kerosene-Soaked Rag Should ' Be
Applied. at Intervals.
Car owners should not forget that
one part of the battery system which
needs attention Is the distributor head.
When soot forms on this it often en
ables the current to pass across from
one terminal to another, with preigni
tion as a result.
The track of the distributor head
should be kept clean and be touched up
from time to time with a kerosene
soaked rag.
This will prevent Its becoming dirty
and will keep the rotor button from
sticking and cutting.
Cars Above Spokane Stalled at Co
lumbia Daring Layoff.
SPOKANE. Wash., Aug. 2J. After re
maining closed to traffic for more than
a week, while hundreds of automobile
tourists were stalled there, the Vantage
ferry crossing over the Columbia river
west of Spokane again has been opened,
according to word received today by
Frank W. Guilbert of the Spokane
County Good Roads association from
E. L Huffman, chairman of the board
of county commissioners of Grant
Scratches in Bodywork.
While a deep gouge In the car's
body work will usually call for the at
tention of the coach builder, still the
la the party are Csarles R. Kepple. Maxwell service manager for tke C. I- Bsea
twtssMthlle rsmpanyi Mrs. Kepple asd their energetic small son. Charles
r. jr. They hsvs Jsst rrtwrsed Irsm a vsestlos ramplag trip h (heir
Maxwell, mm aktok they fished several dsys la the Vttisos. vtltk mighty
satlsfyiaa; ressltsi ewatlswed mm tm Tlllsmaok. from there ts Seaside and
them bach. ts Astoria sad PsrUss via the tolas d roata.
The Car That
Has Made Good
When you buy an Elgin Six you get a motor car that
Holds several world's records.
Has EARNED the title of the 'World's Champion
Light Six."
Has won scores of contests for endurance, reliability,
Has registered a perfect score in every contest it
has entered.
Performance is one way and an important one of
measuring a car's value. By that standard the Elgin
SLx merits consideration and favor as the car that has
made good. .
Let us tell you more of Elgin performance.
Moltzner-Westcott Motors
Washington and Burnside at Sixteenth St., Portland
IV.T&H 'Wtv--.- .-Tfftl-M 1
r a
1 f - 4 F.
Are There
Better Tires than
Those You Are Using?
How lid yon find out what were good tires? By
test. Yes, and that's the only way. We went to
Akron to see tires made and then we tested them
right here on onr own roads. And we found that
STAR TIRES were better than our previous idea
of best. And we can emphatically assure you
that yoa don't know just how good a. tire can be
until you have tried
STAR Hand Made Extra Ply TIRES.
Go to the nearest STAR DEALER and ask him
to show you a Star Tire. Notice how big and
heavy it. is that's the extra ply of fabric ; the
extra-heavy rubber cushion; the extra-heavy
tread. And notice
that non-skid
it's a real non-skid
on country roads
or city.
Made in Both Cord
and Fabric
Waterhouse & Lester Co.
53 Fifth St., at Davis St.
Portland, Oregon
Sellim Tires is building a bminess-when the fire s consts
tently right. Pin your faith to STARS and you re safe to
succeed. Wire or write for details -of exclusive dealership.
Not Accidentally Good, But
roallv skillful owner may be abla. by
running into the scratch beeswax and
resin melted together, and then ins; to accomplish a satisfactory re-smoothlng-
off the surface and repaint- I pair.
A visit just now to our show-rooms will be
time well spent for the Moon "Victory"
Model is here. The possibility of owning
such a motor car is well worthy of your
immediate investigation.
With such standardized parts as Red Seal
Continental Motors, Timken Axles and
Bearings, Brown-Lipe Transmission with
coach work and upholstery in the finest .
taste and being a genuinely good car to
look at, the price of the . Moon Car is an
appeal, to your reason. ,
Built ly MOON MOTOR CAR CO.. SuUui.
State Distributors
65 Twenty-third St Marshall 1128
Territory Open
The "Victory" Model
New Light-Six
$2145 Portland