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haust the adversaries. I wish to add
that It is often within the power of the
adversaries to prevent the ruff and
that It behooves them to be ever on
the alert and defeat it if possible. In
taking into account principles and
rules which govern the play of the de
clarer it should be borne in mind that
quite as important principles, though
of a somewhat different nature, gov
ern the play of the adversaries and
that if they properly observe them and
take advantage of developments, they
can often circumvent the best laid
plans of the declarer.
sees that game is impossible, he should
next bend his energies to the fulfill
ment of his contract, taking few
chances until this end is consummated.
If be sees that loss Is inevitable, he
should so conserve his forces as' to re
duce the loss to the minimum. By the
very nature of the case widely differ
ent principles govern his play, accord
ing to whether the declaration is no
trumps or a trump.
At a no trump declaration his aim
generally should be to establish a suit.
the suit which is longest in the two
hands. In his effort to do this he
should lead as far as possible from the
hand containing the lesser number of
the suit, to the hand containing the
greater number, should unblock in the
shorter hand and so arrange that the
lead on the last round will be in the
hand containing the greater number.
This is more than ever important if
this hand is without re-entry in some
other suit.
While endeavoring to establish
suit for himself he should guard
against the adversaries establising
suit and to this end should generally
hold up the command of their suit un
til such time as it seems expedient to
play it, or he is perhaps compelled to
play it. If he can hold up the com
mand until the partner of the holder
or the suit has no more cards of the
suit, he greatly lessens the chance of
the suit being brought in, it being
then dependent upon the holder having
re-entry in some other suit.
8 5 4 T
Q 10 8 A B
J 4 3 2 Z
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- rrcsreE
S THE vacation period draws to a
close the clubwomen are begin
ning to plan for the coming club
season. Calendars are being prepared
and are giving promise of Interesting
and attractive programmes.
Those who hope to be able to attend
the state federation convention In Cor
vallis in October are looking forward
to that event. While no political flur
ries of discordant type are anticipated
there always Is Just enough Interest
in the election, and will be this time,
to make the meeting noteworthy from
that standpoint.
It is rumored that Mrs. Harry E.
Chipman. chairman for the programme
committee of the Portland Woman's
club, will have an excellent programme
to present for this year. Mrs. Chipman
Is now in Yakima, Wash-, where she
is having a delightful visit and has
met some charming clubwomen. She
will be back In September, however,
ready to enter upon her duties. Mrs.
Chipman is interested In the plans for
a new nursery borne for homeless babies
i ported the flower mission work. Miss
S. Lyman reported 4661 pages of litera
ture distributed at the box In the
station at First and Alder streets and
spoke of press work for six months.
Mrs. G. Trimble told of the work done
Sundays in the county jail. Mrs. N.
Inman and Mrs. C. W. Barzee reported
for devotional-work and the musical
committee. Mrs. Dalgleish reported on
the corresponding secretary's work.
The president. Mrs. Horning, will
give her annual report next week.
Election of officers will take place at
that time and the women of the flying
squadren will be present and will
Twenty Polish girls, members of the
Polish Grey Samaritan unit which has
been trained in this country by the
Y. W. C. A. to fit girls of Polish birth
or parentage to do reconstruction work
in their own country, have sailed for
Warsaw as the advance guard of a
large group which will be sent If
funds for transportation can be pro
vided by the Polish reconstruction committee.
The unit was made up of girls from
and she will ask a representative of the I st Yjo Rochester. New York. De
Paciflo Coast Rescue and Protective I trolt Pltuburg. Milwaukee. Trenton,
society to present the cause at one of I Cleveland and other of the larger cities
the September meetings. She will also where Polish Grey Samaritans have
invite a pr w ten 01 me worn i oe, trained at local T. W. C. A.'S.
a meeting of the Order of Eastern Star,
f which she Is a leading spirit.
Miss Janet Pendegast. field worker
for the Pacific Coast Rescue and Pro
tective society, will speak at the meet
ing of the Portland Parent-Teacher
couacll September S in room A. library.
She will address the Progressive Wom
an's league the second Thursday in
September and speak before several
ether clubs. The Portland Ad club
will give the nursery cause a hearing
when Miss Pendegast will apeak.
The equipment used for the Belgian
bottle campaign by the Portland Rotary
club has been turned over to Mrs. Roy
Bishop for the use of the campaign
for funds for the woman' building
fund of the University of Oregon. Mrs.
Bishop, who had charge of this work
in the Belgian campaign in part of the
state work, immediately secured this
privilege for the building fund when
notice came from the national head
Four counsellors, Martha Chtcker
Ing. Los Angeles, Cal.: Emily Grace,
Baltimore: Frances West. Chatta
nooga. Tenn.. and Stephanie Koslow
ska. New Tork City, accompanied the
nnlt which will proceed from Le
Havre, the landing port, to Paris and
thence to Warsaw, where they will be
guests of Mme. Paderewska, wife of
the famous pianist Ignace Paderew-
skl. who Is now president of Poland,
A hotel has been taken over as head
quarters for the Polish Grey Samari
tans who have been trained In social
work, first aid, home nursing and
elementary dietetics.
- e e
Lieutenant Lamar Tooxe. who la en
a tour of Oregon towns giving an Inti
mate story of his experiences In France,
is meeting with a cordial reception,
AH the proceeds of the tour will go
to the woman's building fund at the
University of Oregon. At the talk
given in Astoria during the week Lieu-
quarters that the work for the Belgians tenant Tooze was greeted by an audl-
was to oe aiscontinueo. Jirs. xisnop ,nce .., netted 175 for the fund. On
has already reorganized this work
throughout the state and the bottles
have been placed In 45 towns In Ore
gon, all of which have students in
the state university who are energetic
workers for the cause of the woman's
The Rotary club has given its equip
ment used In the Belgian campaign
to the woman's building campaign and
Mr. Bishop has secured the assistance
of Mrs. M. IL Lamond as chairman of
tbe Portland work. Mrs. Lamond is ar
ranging her committees and plans to
place about 123 bottles In the down
town district to receive contributions.
Desired Amendments Should
Be Presented at Once. Ckarlea H. Cutler Wane Fed.
eratlOB Clabs Time la korl.
dent of the Oregon Federation of
Women's clubs, who was In Portland
Friday, announced that all clubs or In
dividuals having amendments to pre
sent at the state federation In Corvallls,
October 1J-1S, should nave same In the
hands of the president at Hood River
by September 1, so that they may be
printed and go out In the official calL
The programme committee met In
Salem Thursday and arranged the ten
tative programme which will be printed
with the call.
This announcement gives the clubs
only this week In which to look into
the matter of amendments to the con
stitution and all are requested to take
note of this fact. .
Corvallls tVoman's club at a recent
meeting officially Indorsed Mrs. Ida
Callahan as their candidate for the
state presidency of the Oregon Federa
tion of Women's clubs, the indorsement
being signed officially by Mrs. Mary F.
Skelton. president, and Mrs. D. B.
Stuftrt, secretary.
The club sent the notice of Its action
to the state chairman of publicity.
Action was taken in recognition of
Hr. Callahan's ability and general
Central Woman's -"hrletian Temper
ance union held Its annual meeting
Wednesdsy at noon in room A of the
central library. Chairmen of com-
snltteea submitted their annnal reports.
Mrs. Louise Newt spoke of the Red
Cross work done, which came formerly
under the sailors' and soldiers' depart
ment of the union. The union has been
doing work for the refugees since the
close of the war. Mrs. M. Houston.
tate president of tbe Red Letter days,
told of her work. Mrs. Patterson re-
Monday he was in Dallas. Tuesday in
Falls City. Thursday In Newport. Fri
day In Eugene and Saturday in Cottage
Grove. Today he will talk In Rose
burg, tomorrow In Medford. Tuesday
In Salem. Wednesday In McMlnnville.
Thursday in Sheridan, and in Hood
River on Friday. On September 2 be
will go to Pendleton and from there to
La Grande.
This will conclude Lieutenant Tooze's
tour, in spite of the fact that many
other towns have asked for his serv
ices. Mr. Tooze is due In Ocean Falls.
B. C-. on September 11. where he will
marry Miss Marie Sheahan, an Oregon
City girl.
The Woman's Ad club will hold Its
monthly dinner Tuesday evening In the
Tyrolean room of the Benson hotel.
William P. Strandborg and Dean Col
lins will be the speakers. Mr. Strand
borg will tell of the organization of the
men's ad club, while Mr. Collins will
speak on advertising as a means for
promoting the motion-picture industry.
A musical programme will be under
the direction of Mrs. Bertha Shaw.
The Waverley bay home board has
appointed Mrs. L. M. Sheppard as field
secretary. Mrs. Sheppard has long
been associated with the baby home.
In her capacity as field secretary she
is expected to greet strangers through
out the state and acquaint them with
the needs of the Institution.
American War Mothers. Portland unit
No. 1. will give a picnic at Council
Crest park Wednesday morning. All
mothers and ex-soldiers and their
friends are invited. A silver offering
will be taken. The women are asked
to meet at the park entrance.
A club of a different sort Is The
Oasis, formed recently in New Tork
city as a national center and club head
quarters where women living in New
Tork, as well ss those from all parts
of the United States, may meet to ex
change Ideas, professionally, artistic
ally and socially. "Tbe Oasis" Is doing
everything possible, say its members.
to foster a new sense of democracy
which the war has given to women.
The clubrooms are In the Commodore
hotel and here women from all over the
country who are members may "meet
Teas, muslcales. talks and discussions
on political reconstruction topics are
being planned. Membership in tbe club
includes also shopping service. The
membership is limited. A branch has
been opened in Paris and there Is also
one In London. Among the members
are Gertrude Atherton. Miss Mabel
Beardsley. Mrs. Frances Hodgson Bur
nett. Miss Helen Dickinson, Mrs. J.
Hartley Milburn. Miss Ruth St Denis,
Miss Keith Wakeman. Miss Martha
Hedman and many othera.
On Saturday, August IS, the soldiers
of company F, l2d Infantry, were ten
dered an entertainment by the wom
en's auxiliary of F company at Crystal
Lake park. From noon until midnight
fun and frolic prevailed. At 7 P. M. a
banquet was served. Colonel John L.
May gave an interesting talk.
George Wright Women's Relief
Corps No. 3 will, meet at the courthouse
Wednesday for sewing. In the evening
a large class will be initiated. Th
meeting starts at 7:30. A reception will
Committees from the American Legion
auxiliary visit all the service men in the
hospitals of the city every Wednesday.
Last week there were about 60 men in
the hospitals, but tbe number varie
from week to week. The women tak
Ulirerent delicacies to the men, trying
eacn week to get something new as
surprise. The auxiliary asks that an
women who care to donate "sweets" for
the men telephone the Liberty temnl
The women have been taking fruit.
eny, conserves, cakes and ice cream.
Final plans for the work were made at
the last meeting of the auxiliary Mon
day evening. All wives, mothers, sis
ters and daughters of men who were
in the service are eligible to member
ship in the auxiliary. Mrs. F. C. Morris,
the president, has Just returned from
three weeks' trip.
a e
The arrival of Miss Elisabeth Free
man Fox as dean of women at the Unl
versity of Oregon this au-tumn will
mark the completed end of the war
period for the women of the school.
Dean Fox has spent the last year an
a half In France under the services
of the T. W. C. A. In one of the larger
cities of France she was put in charge
of all American women and had under
her direction a large force of assist
ants. She returned to her home In New
York early in the summer. Miss Fox
was formerly northwest student secre
tary for the northwest district of the
X. W. U. A.
Savenay, for two months a huge em
barkation camp for American army
nurses, holding as many as 6000 nurses
at a time, is closed.
The camp was to remain open until
aepiemDer. waen suddenly word came
to move Into new barracks. Twelve
hundred nurses and their baggage
movea in one air. By the next div
aiibs r iora wurtiss, nead ox the Y. W,
a., nastily packed and left, six
workers had knocked down several
partitions to make a huge recreation
room, bad hung curtains and moved
furniture so that the nurses might
have their usual cup of tea that after
noon and a party that evening.
ine aay following word came that
Savenay waa to be completely evacu
aiea ana everytning hospitals, nurses,
units, convalescents and Y. W. C. A.
hastily packed and left. At the end of
tbe second day after evacuation or
aers were received savenay was
again a quiet French village desnite
the fact that a train load of patients
ana sua nurses came in that night and
had to be sent out and on to Brest as
they were.
Miss Mary Therkelsen. who Is
graduate of Stanford university, left
yesterday for New York to enter
teacher's college, Columbia university,
where she will continue her study of
languages and playground work. Miss
Therkelsen Is a member of Kappa
K.appa uamma sorority.
Auction Bridge
IN 1
N a recent paper I tried to Impress
pon the player who plays the two
hands (the declarer) the irapor-
It is a well-known fact that one of
ten wins not because of his own good
play, but because of extremely bad
play on the part of one's adversaries,
by their failure to take advantage of
situations and turn them to their ben
efit rather than to the benefit of the
declarer. In auction far more than In
whist, where at the beginning trumps
are a negligible quantity and as apt to
develop on one side as the other, there
is generally an attacking or offensive
side and a defensive side, the offensive
side being represented by the declarer.
the defensive by the adversaries. Dis
tinct rules govern the play of each
' see
The first and chief object of the de
clarer should be to make game, and the
more surely ; to accomplish this he
should know the existing state of the
score, the value of his declaration and
the precise number of tricks he needs
for game. If as the play develops he
tance when otherwise expedient of giv
ing his weak hand, the dummy, a
chance to make one or more trumps
by ruffing before endeavoring to ex-
At a trump declaration if his side
holds the majority of trumps, he will
usually find it to his advantage to lead
and exhaust the opponents unless, as
has been explained, he can first give
the dummy hand a chance to ruff, or he
may establish a cross ruff, than which
there are few things more trick win
ning. Lacking these possibilities, it is
more than ever important to exhaust
the adversaries, if his side holds an es
tablished suit, or one which may be
easily established or high or command
ing cards which it is important to pro
tect. Should it develop, as it occa
sionally does, that an adversary has
as many or more trumps than himself,
he should adopt the expedient usually
adopted by the adversary and endeavor
to force the strong adverse hand,
guarding always against allowing the
weak adversary to ruff.
While, broadly speaking, these are
the principles guiding the play of the
declarer, the adversaries should be con
stantly on the alert, and as far as pos
sible endeavor to circumvent his plans
and bring in counter schemes of their
own. At a no trump declaration they,
too. should endeavor to establish a suit
in the hope that eventually it may be
brought in. The lead therefore is usu
ally from the longest suit, either the
suit which is longest in the hand of the
leader or the suit which his partner has
indicated by his bid.
It should here be explained that the
two players should concentrate their
efforts upon one suit. It is difficult as
a rule to establish one suit and to en
deavor to establish two is the height of
folly and usually results in neither
being established. In the effort to es
tablish a suit care should be taken as
in the case of the declarer to unblock in
the shorter hand, as. far as possible to
lead a strengthening card from the
weak hand to the strong, and to so ar
range that the lead at the last may be
in the hand of the player whose suit
it is.
The rule applying to the holding up
of the command of the opponents' suit
by declarer applies equally to the ad
versaries as regards declarer's suit, and
when it is seen that declarer is trying
to establish a suit in the dummy hand
and this hand Is short In re-entries,
care should be taken by the adversaries
to deprive it of re-entries before the
suit becomes established. Such policy
will often completely annihilate the de
clarer's plans and prevent the suit from
being brought in.
At a trump declaration the adver
saries' chance of bringing in a suit even
though established Is practically nil
and they should direct their efforts
rather to making high or commanding
principles stated as applying to the
adversaries are exemplified in the play.
9 7
J7 4 3 2
10 8 7 6
Q 10
A J 2
K 9 5
J 10 7 2
'',48542 " .
It Is the second game and Z is the
dealer. ZY are 10 to the adversaries'
love. Z bids a heart and the others
pass so hearts is the declaration, with
A to lead. He correctly leads the king
of spades and follows with the spade
ace. As these two leads establish a
ruff In the hand of dummy which the
declarer will undoubtedly take advan
tage of as soon as he gets a chance.
A's only course now is to lead the
trump, though it be a lead to the de
clarer, who is strong, in the hope to
deprive dummy of his two trumps and
thus destroy his ruffing ability. Any
other lead, be it a spade, a diamond or
a club enables Z to make three by
cards, or 24, which added to 10, gives
him game. This is the way the hand
should be played:
Busy Times Out-of-Doors Are Likely to Result in Neglect of This Impor-
tant Toilet Duty Closely Trimmed Nails Are Advisable.
Trick. I A I Y I B I Z
1 j Ke 9 2 Ti
2 A Q 7 4
3 S 9 A 6
4 .'. -4 7 3 10
6 S. 64 2 J
6 8 2 . 5 A
7 10 - J K
8 ' 6 ' 74 J 6 .
9 24 84 ; 10 8
10 Q 3 i Q
11 34 104 ' 64 K
12 ' 44 - 4 94 A4
13 J4 7 K4 Q4
Denotes winner of trick.
Z falls down by one trick, or 50,
though as his honor score is 64, he
gets 64 above the line. There is a dif
ference, however, between three ' by
cards or 24 (and game) plus 64 (the
Donor score), a total of 88, and 14 only.
Trick 1 A leads the king of spades
and follows at
Trick 2 with the ace of spades.
Trick 3. Now in order to destroy the
impending ruff in the dummy hand he
leads a heart (trump) which B wins
with ace, and, the object of the trump
lead being so palpable, at
Trick 4, takes a second round of
trumps. Declarer wins with the 10 and
Trick 5 leads trumps a third time.
exhausting his adversaries.- He can do
nothing now but lead a club, so at
Trick 6 he comes out with the ace
and follows at
Trick 7 with the 9. A covers with 10,
Y puts up the jack and B wins with
king. A
Tricks 8 and 9 B makes his two good
spades and leads at
Trick 10 a club which declarer
trumps, leading at
Trick 11 his last trump and being
compelled at
Trick 12 to lead ace of his ace, queen
suit in diamonds.
Trick 13 goes to B with the diamond
This is but one of numberless bands
where the declarer makes his con
tract, and at times comes off with a
sweeping score, because of the fail
ure of the adversaries to take advan
tage of developments. It is not ex
tremely good play on the part of the
declarer that gives him a score of 24 if
the adversaries fail to lea trumps,
but extremely bad play on their part.
Unless In such case the declarer is so
short-sighted as not to give his dum
my hand the two ruffs of which it is
capable, nothing can prevent his mak
ing three by cards.
v r $ N -V&
i ' s,v v " 1 1 M
I V. j I si
r v I.'-;
t "? , I
1 ' - 4
mim i in iiuBoiiMjjiMIMBMj8IIIIIIIIIISIIIIlllllll!illil 1 1' win nil' III ill Illlllll I Ml i . I I liliilVMiiliniliil'liIl
Spring Is Season Best Suited
for Dieting.
Figure May Be Improved and Com
plexion Cleared by Following Sim
ple Rule.
HETHER you want io reduce your
waistline or improve your com
plexion, there is no better time in the
year to undergo a treatment of dieting
than right now. The spring vegetables
are very beneficial to the complexion,
and few of them are fattening like the
root vegetables which abound in win-
cards early before declarer gets in the ) ter time. And with plenty of fresh
NOT let swiftly occurring good
times of vacation season make
you neglect your hands. With
something Jolly to do every moment
from breakfast to bedtime, it is hard
to find space for the little duties of
good grooming; hair, skin and hands
are all apt to suffer from neglect, but
the hands are particularly hard to get
back to good condition if one lets them
go awhile.
For one thing, there is less hot water
In summer. Many country cottage
rooms and hotel bedrooms afford only
cold water for bathing purposes. One
must go down the hall to a bathroom
in the hotel or downstairs to the
kitchen in a bungalow to fetch hot
water;, and since the summer tempera
ture makes cool water comfortable to
use, there is temptation to neglect the
warm bath for the hands and to wash
them continually in' cold water. This
makes .the- nails- tougher in texture
and leaves a very visible white crescent
at the tips where the nail stick is used
Soak the hands at least once a day
in warm water ancf afterward press
back the cuticle around each nail care
fully. Keep the nails trimmed a little
closer in summer, for they are apt to
break off more easily through con
stant contact with canoe paddles, row
boat oars, sailboat tillers and sheets,
the edges of docks and so on; and ten
well-trimmed nails look better than
seven long-tapering nails and three
blunt, broken-off ones!
Cold cream the hands occasionally
say once a week even If there is no
fear of chapping or roughening of the
skin in summer. The cold cream keeps
the flesh soft and fine and helps to
keep it white through the days of tan
and freckles. Apply lemon juice often
to assist the whitening process. The
nails may be given an extra amount
of polishing In summer time for outr
door sports and constant immersion In
water, fresh or salt, makes them look
dull and lifeless and gray, instead -of
rosy and slightly gleaming as they
should be.
lead and often from then on practically
controls the situation. They should
studiously avoid giving the weak trump
hand a chance to ruff but should sys
tematically force the declarer, at any
rate until such time as it is seen he is
so strong that the force does not ap
preciably weaken him, and that he can
take the force and still go on with the
trump lead. On the other hand each
adversary should give the other
chance to ruff and they should estab
lish a cross ruff if possible.
If the declarer has been In the lead
and has refused to lead trumps it is evi
dent he expects to win more tricks In
some other way and the adversaries
should endeavor to sense just what his
plans are and circumvent them If pos
sible. When these are the conditions
the adversaries as a rule can do nothing
better than themselves to lead trumps,
especially when the lead can be made
through the strong hand up to the
weak; that is, by the player who sits
to the right of the declarer.
When, however, it is evident that the
declarer is working for a ruff In the
dummy hand, or, more deadly still, a
cross ruff, it is imperative that the ad
versary who is in the lead should lead
the trump though it be in defiance of
the well-known principles of a lead
through strength and up to weakness.
and be a lead directly up to the de
clarer. And when under these condi
tions one's partner secures the lead he
should unhesitatingly continue the
trump lead until it becomes evident de
clarer's plans are frustrated.
Under ordinary conditions it is not
obligatory that one's partner reurn his
trumo lead: in fact it is lar netter as a
rule that he should not, but should di
rect his efforts rather to putting his
partner again in the lead that he may
go on with them if he thinks it ex
pedient this is assuming cases where
the lead is through strength up to
weakness, and is not made because of
an impending ruff.
There are some players who seem to
think the declarer alone has the right
to lead trumps and that to do so them-
elves would be to arrogate to them
selves rights and privileges to which
they are in no sense entitled. Flayers
of so considerate a type are generally
players who are failures. While to be
sure the declarer is generally the play
er who leads the trumps this is not be
cause of any objection to the adver
saries' leading them, but because it is
the declarer, not the adversaries who
benefits thereby.
The adversaries surely have equal
rights with the declarer, and when it
Is evident the adoption of a certain
form of play, even though it be them
selves to lead trumps, insures them ap
parently greater benefit than another
form, who Is tnere to gainsay tneir
right to adopt it? Each and every
hand is entitled surely to all the tricks
which it is capable, and If the ad
versary at times successfully employ
the tactics usually employed by the de
clarer, it but proves them players of
high type of intuition and intelli
gence whom it wouia Denoove otner
players to endeavor to imitate.
vegetables and a generous supply of
fruits, some of the heavier, more harm
ful foods may be dispensed with with
out any danger of going hungry.
Best of all, the same sort of spring
diet that makes your skin clearer and
finer, makes your figure trimmer, too.
Everybody, whether thin or fat, is bet
ter for a light diet in springtime
after over-indulgence during the win
ter in rich dishes, gravies, pancakes, the
fried foods that are so appetizing in
snappy cold weather, and pounds and
pounds of candy. If you will follow
the appended diet for a few weeks your
figure will be lighter by a number of
pounds and some of the winter sallow
ness will fade out of your skin.
For breakfast: The juice of an orange
or half a grapefruit, one or more eggs,
boiled or poached, a crusty roll or toast
(unbuttered) and coffee without cream
or sugar.
For dinner: All the green vegetables
you want, any meat, except pork or
ham (leaving out gravy and crisp bits
of fat), salad, whole wheat or gluten
bread without butter. You may have
a few spoonfuls of cleaf soup, but not
a whole platefuL For dessert, a light
custard, or egg-and-railk pudding, but
no pastry or pie. Ice cream may be
taken If the supply is not over-gen
As a general rule cut out from the
diet all white bread, potatoes, hot bis
cults or muffins, all cakes and pies, all
fat meats and gravies, all . thickened
soups. Eat plenty of salads, green
vegetables, all the meat, fowl and fish
you want, all the unbuttered toast you
want. If you positively pine for some
thing sweet, buy a little hard candy
and let it dissolve in your mouth. But
avoid rich bonbons, especially choco
lates and sternly resist cake and pastry.
visitors at tbe free auto camp in Lithia
park here. Mr. Borglum shipped his
car across the Atlantic and drove it
as far as Detroit, where he purchased
i an American-made car. He and his
wife ordinarily stay at hotels along
the way, but have found sleeping in
their car most comfortable during-the
warm weather.
Among the Portland residents who
have enjoyed the conveniences of Lithia
park auto-camp and the beauties of
Ashland the last four days are: Mrs.
Luther Hicks, who is traveling with F.
B. Bowman, R. T. Bowman and Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs.: Russell
I. Wenger, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Roberts,
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bymhold, P. E. Gar
rison and A.
fill the ranks of the profession this
year and next unless the present con- -ditions
are relieved, according to'. Pro
fessor Philip Soulen, head of the de
partment of education at the University
of Idaho. He has been unable to fill
the calls he has received for thoroughly
equipped school masters and school-ma'ams.
General Order No. 1 Important.
"General Order No. 1" is the one most
frequently Issued through the Pacific,
fleet. One hears it chiefly at mess. . ft .
is translated into the positive request
to "put the salt and pepper shakers in
E. Mollesworth and fam-1 the middle of the table and leave them .
ily, and O. M. Wheeler and family.
Trained Teachers Scarce.
MOSCOW, Idaho, Aug. 28. It will b
necessary to call untrained teachers to
This Is Great for Tired
Wilted, Wrinkled Faces
An effective warm weather treatmen
heat tendine to cause wrinkles an
flabbiness is a skin-tightener made by
dissolving one ounce or powdered saxo
lite In a naif pint or witcn nazei. tsatn
the face in the solution and remarkabli
improvement will be observed imme
diatelv. The lines and sags disappeai
in a hurry. You feel and look much
refreshed and the face has a more
youthful appearance.
As there is a beneficial tonic action
the results are more than temporary,
this being noticed -particularly in the
eriect upon tne relaxed iaciai muscles.
The saxolite and witch hazeL which
can be Dirrcnased at any drug store,
are quite harmless, or course. Adv.
In the following hand it depends en
tirely upon the policy adopted by the
adversary as to whether declarer makes
his contract or falls below. In other
words, if he is successful, it is because
tricks are given him. Several of the
Orders for Product Necessary to
Keep State Plant Running.
CORVALLIS, Or., Aug. 23. (Special.)
Many Oregon farmers fear their or
ders for ground limestone will not be
filled by the state lime board, writes
C. F. Gilbert, a Shaw farmer, to Dr.
A. B. Cordley, secretary of the board
and director of the college experiment
station. He says he has seen a good
deal in the papers about the closing of
the plant, but hopes enough farmers
will use lime to keep it going.
Mr. Gilbert says he has used 300 tons
of the state plant output this year and
Tnnts tn line more if he mn pet ft at
reasonable prices. He finds that land 1 moves freckles and tan, but beautifies
limed five or six years ago etill shows I as well and brings to any skin that
I rosy wulie, veiCLy Duiuicsa mi iiiulu
desired by everyone. No other freckle
remedy does tnis. it is aieo spienaia
1 1-
If you freckle easily, this Is the sea
son to prevent their appearance or re
move these unsightly defects. Here is
a good old-fashioned formula which
does tne work. . .
Derwillo, 2 oz.
Oatmeal. 2 tablesnoonfuls.
Ijse as directed in every package of
This formula can be used freely, as it
s absolutely harmless and will not
stimiriate or produce a growth of hair.
Mix it at home, then you know yoir have
the genuine article. Do not accept a
substitute as there Is nothing better.
Just as good or just like it: Try it to
day and you will be delightfully sur
prised. Your freckles and tan will
disappear as if by magic. The first ap
plication will astonish you. This splen
did formula not oniy prevents anu re
marked effect on crops.
Dr. Cordley hopes to keep the plant
running, but says regular orders are
necessary because storage capacity is
Trip From Detroit to Ashland Made
in American Anto.
ASHLAND, Or., Aug. 23. (Special.)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Borglum of Copen
hagen, Denmark, hold the distinction
of having traveled farther than any
other auto tourist among the season's
for dark, sallow skin, roughness, pim-
n!es. blackheads, sun soots, wrinkles.
chapped skin, and puts the bloom of
youth on your cneeks wnicn win cause
admiration everywhere. You will look
many years younger and have a skin
everyone "just loves to touch."
' NOTE When asked about Derwillo one
of our leading druggists said: "Derwillo
is surely a wonderful aid in removing; freckles
and tan. It is away ahead of anything we
have ever sold before, and we are . author
ized to refund the money to every dissat
isfied purchaser. - We would not permit the
use of our name anless the article possessed
unusual merit." It is sold-ln this city under
a positive money refund guarantee by all
department stores and druggists, including
the Owl Drug store, Adv.
Your Hair
Should Never
Become Gray!
You Can Prevent It!
A prominent hair and scalp specialist '
of Chicago bas discovered the secret!
The result, sought through 40 long
years of scientific study and laboratory .
research, is certain. -.
Co-Lo Hair Restorer will restore the
natural color to your hair, no matter :
how gray It has become.
Harmless to hair and scalp, it con
tains neither lead nor sulphur. Will,
not wash or rub off h'as no sediment
and is as clear as water. A pleasing
and simple remedy to apply! .
A6 For black and all dark shades of
brown. - -
A7 Extra strong, for Jet black hair'
A8 For all medium brown shades.
A9 For all very light brown, drab
and auburn shades. .
Co-Lo Hair Restorer is on sale at all -
stores of The Owl Drug Co.
I will cladlr send any rheumatism suffMP
a fllmpla Herb Hacipa Absolutely Fr that
Com oietely Cured me ot a terrlb .r tr-mr
ot muscular and Inflammatory Kbeumatisia
OX ions unuini atier everyimns; t
tried bad ailed me. I have given it to
many sufferers who believed tnelr cases
boneless, ret they found relief from their
suffering by taking these simple herbs. It
also relievos (Sciatica promptly as well as
NeuraJfta. and Is a wonderful blood purifier.
You are most welcome to this Herb itecipo -
E you wjii nnu ivr at once. 1 DOIISVO
ou will consider it a God-send after you
have put It to the test. There Is nothing;
Injurious contained In It, and you can see '
toi yourself exactly what you are taking.
will vladly send this ftecipe absolute i
free to any sufferer who will sen name
and address plainly written. H. D. SCTTON. '
gt&o Magnolu Ave io Angeles, California