The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 24, 1919, SECTION THREE, Page 11, Image 59

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September Likely to Be One of Gayest Months of Year at Beaqhes.
City sr. .njoytna" aa satins; at Njr Capps and alias Ruth Parsons are oc-
Attorney E. E. Wilson was called to
Corral lis Sunday on business and after
a brief stay will return to Newport
for Uie rest of August.
Mr. and Mrs. Walsh and son Irrlns
bars returned to Portland after a two
weeks' visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Appleman arrived
from Corrallls Friday for a brief stay.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Kerns of New
port have cone to Dallas for an ex
tended rtslt with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crawford ar
rived from Albany this week and are
at Nye Beach.
cupying" 8unset cottage.
Mrs. Fred Porter and daughter, Flor
ence. of Corvallls are domiciled In I
Nye Beach cottage for an extended va
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Woodcock and
children of Corvallls and Mr. and Mra
Bryan McFadden of Loa Angeles mo
tored over from Corvallls and ara at
the Woodcock cottage for a week.
Miss Lens Cherringtoa of Salem and
miss Beth Brlrrs .or Portland are
spending two weeks at Nye Beach.
miss Myrtle Miller arrived from Phi
lomath for a few days' visit with
Dick and William Graham arrived
from Corvallls Monday for an indefinite
Mra F. J. Coad and the Misses Alice stay. Mra Graham will Join them later.
and Frankle Cryder returned Monday
to Dall
Mr. and Mra. Guy O. Smith and fam
ily have arrived from Salem and will
remain Indefinitely. -
attorn W. L. Marks arrived this
Miss Loretta Wise of Salem Is the
guest of Mrs. Walter Smith.
Mrs. W. H. Waterbury and children
left Sunday for an extended visit with
relatives at woodburn.
Mr. and Mra Earl Harris of Cor
vallis are paaslng their vacation at
week from Albany to Join his family Ny Beaeh
at Agate Beach ana wui remain xr . Mr an(J Mr Ben We,t of BaIera mr.
abort rest. rived Tuesday for a brief outing in the
Judge and Mrs. waae oaaiono " sea breeze,
returned to Corvallls after a ahort- va- Mls, Marguerltte Appleman of Cor
cation at Nye Creek. I vallis Is the guest of Miss Mildred
John Welburg and Glenn Jackson
motored over from Albany and were
week-end guests of relatives.
Mr Martha Peters and daughter,
Vn w. L. Sham, returned to Cor-
nllli Tuesday after a short stay.
vr and Mra W. McGilchrlst and
hild have returned to Salem alter an TajJ., Sunday" after a 1?
vunue - "
Charles Bilyeu of Dallas was
...w-a4 visitor with relativea.
Mra Kate Nolan arrived from Cor
vallls Friday and will spend ner vaca
tion at this beach.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sloper of Stayton
mw r Nva ReuK.
Miss Ila Spaulding nas mum
Porter at Nye Beach.
Miss . "-Rinla Flynn baa returned to
Portland after a short visit with Mr.
and Mrs. William Matthews.- '
Miss Agnes Hunt has returned to
Salem after spending her vacation at
tne breaxera.
W. K. Taylor returned home to Cor
usiness visit.
Happy Throngs Engage In Many
Summer Events.
TWIN KOCK3. Or. Aug. 13. (6ne
Salem after a short visit with her I djX) a quiet wedding was solemnised
mother. Mrs. Charles K apauiains. wm ,t tB. Methodist parsonage, Tillamook
la sojourning here for the summer. I Thursday evening. August 14, when
Mr end Mra Edward Jackson ar-1 Mra Nettie Tomcsett and George
rived from Corvallls Friday lor tneir w, Fosnot of Twin Rocks were united
usual outing. I in marriage by Rev. Charles E. Gibson.
m cl EL Howes. Mra Sallle Sevier I a number of friends greeted the counle
and Mra Lillian Fellows marsnait n i at the train, upon their return Friday,
returned to Dallas after visiting wltn Master Alex- Shilleto. on his cornet.
Mrs. Fred R. Rich. rendering "The Sweetest story Ever
Professor and Mrs: Fioya r no"" ToJd." A delightrul recepuon waa held
Tt -hllri have returned to Corvallis I Fridav eVeninr in honor of Mr. and
after an extended vacation spent n Mra Fosnot at their heme. Mra. Fosnot
Newport. South Beach, w aldport ana i very well known, having been for
Tachata I soma time postmistress at Twin ftocKS.
Mr. and Mra F. J. Scott have gone to i x .njovabl. bonfire oarty was
Albany, to be gone maerinueiy. i given on the beach last Thursday
The Sunnystde cottage at iye dco evening by Mr. and Mra K. u. mc
Is the present residence or air. ana i Mullen of Portland. The evening was
if ....... . . .
! -jL--fX ' . : 'nil ' 1 - vtK w
il , e ?0 ,;r ar-r xrsf
I. K. Hastorf, Theresa Luchesi. Mar- Wlest and mother, Mrs. A. C Michael,
. . .3b?frr rvfYY. J.Y A 3
Mra Clifford Elgin and Miss Katherine
and Clifford, Jr., of Salem, wno wiu re
n,i. fnr n extended time.
Un j. p. Cvlde arrived this week
fn,., mmlHi for a two weeks' visit.
Mr. and Mra Dayton Walker of
pleasantly spent in singing and toast'
ing marshmallows before the embers.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. R. G.
McMullen and children, Mr. and Mra
John E. Peter and daughter, Mr. and
Mra P. F. Nolan and children, Mr. and
Bcotts Mills and Mra Walker's sister I Mra M. L. Hays. Mr. and Mra C. A.
.nA finllv of Portland motored over I Feenausrhtv. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Lyon
from Scotta Mills Sunday, to remain I knd children. Mr. and Mrs. Culberson
for a week. I and Mra Hart and son.
Mra A. E. Frost and daugnter, miss Mr ul Mri- w H Markell and
Dorothy arrived Friday and are o- daughters, Helen and MaveU of Port
cated In a Nye Beach cottage. r. iandt spending a brief vacation la
Froet and son, aieivin. ana jirs. r nm. i their cottage.
brother. Charles Anaerson. jomeo in. Mr. and Mra E. Lucas and daughter.
Tuesday. Mr. Frost Is the owner ana
business manager of the Benton county
Courier, published in corvauia
Mr. and Mra Mason Bishop and
daughter Henrietta have returned to
Salem after a two weeks' stay at Nye
Miss Hildegarde Splllman of Blodg-
att la the guest or friends.
Mr. and Mra Benjamin Cooper mo
tored to Corvallls Tuesday, after a
Mr. and Mra C. H. Sloughton arrived
from Dufur Monday for a short stay.
Mr. and Mra J. E. H'nkie nave re
Mildred, of Portland, made a brief stay
st this beach while on a camping tour
of the various Oregon beach resorts.
Portland business men who spent
the week end at Twin Rocks are J. B.
Middleton. Orrel Comstock, D. J. Bald-
ridge and J. F. McNary.
E. A. McGrath of Portland has
Joined his family at the Halle cot
tage for a week a outing.
Guests of the Misses Mabel and Neva
Elliott at their cottage are Mra Wilson
and daughter, Mae, of Brighton.
Located In the Kressraan cottage for
turned to their home at Philomath after I the remainder of the season are Mr.
I and Mra R. M. standish. son. John
Hubbard and daughter, Peggy, of Port
At the Caldwell cottage as guests of
Mra G. E. Hoffman are the Misses
Htien Wilde and Anna Hoffman and
a two weeks vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. McFadden of Cor
Tallis arrived Tuesday for a short rest.
Mr. and Mra M. O. Kent and family
have returned home to Brownsville
after two weeks sDent at Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Klinge and family Stewart Dewey of Portland.
have departed ror Portland, wnere iney
will reside in the future.
Miss Velva Ctterbaek arrived Fri
day and is the guest of friends.
Mr. and Mra N. Keefhaver of Leb
anon and Mr. and Mrs. E. a Plnn of
White Salmon, Wash., are domiciled at
the Mlzpah cottage for a fortnight.
The Abry cottage will house Mra 8.
L. Roberta of Portland for the remain
der of the season. .
Domiciled in the Richardson cottage
onttl the end of the season are Mr. and
Mra R. G. McMullen and daughters.
Virginia and Mildred, of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. M. U Hays of Portland
. ... . , - I r. si
Assistant r. .-""" motored In over the Grand Rbnde road
Ml. r Oil l flaw iciuium i.v ...........
Miss Helen Livingood and Miss Cyn
thia Hart of Albany are guests of Miss
Livlneood's mother.
Judge Ryan and family of Salem are
occupying their Nye Beach cottage xor
their annual vacation.
last week to spend a few days at Cosy
Nook camp. They will make an ex
tended camping and fishing trip before
returning by way of Seaside and Astoria.
Miss Helen Downs of Walla Walla Is
eir annual vacation . . the guest of Mrs. Fred Wilson at the
Mrs. Earlton Savage and raIlyof wil,n c6ttag.e.
Waconda, Or., arrived Tuesday and will
remain for an Indefinite slay.
Hugh Hammerly, Norman Howard
and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hurst have
returned to their homes in Albany
after vacations at this resort.
Frank J. McGettigan of Portland was
a week-end visitor at this beach.
At Rock View Villa are Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. McAyeal and son, Harry, of
Portland. With Mr. and Mrs. McAyeal.
as their guest, is Mra A. E. McAyeal
Mra F. C. Eddy of Independence and , . , ,.,.,,
Mra W. L Reynolds of Buena Vista . . w . a,u-Bte- Er.
are among the recent arnvaia d ,.. Mtss
Miss Esther Egelbort and the Misses v ... ' "..
Hilda and Dora Almsler of Salem are ;cmtion at H.;.itt eotUr9
Kcnnrui im oi u ....ti nf Mra W. E. Steele and
Dr. and Mra O. D. Butler of Inde
pendence were visitors of Newport on I ot portiand.
daughters, Gertrude and Elizabeth, also
their way to Waldport.
Mr. and Mra Thorn
Moulding of
A party of Independence people n
toring through on an Inspection of the
Wheatland. Wya, are enjoying their Tsrlous Tillamook beaches made a brief
vacation at this resort. I ltop at tha Le0nar(1 Sampson cottage.
Recent arrivals at the Grand are: Mr.
and Mra S. S. Worley of Holyoke, Colo.;
Mra T. B. Davis and Elinor Davis of
Oakland, Burch Lynn of Dallas. Rev.
and Mra J. R- N. Bell of Corvallls, Mra
E. R. Miller of Cresco. Ia.; Mra M. G.
Circle of Creawell. Or.; Mra. Cora
Rhodes of Eugene, Clyde Stanton and
Thomas Herd of Newberg and L. B.
Weoley of Molalla.
W. B. Summerville of Salem, auditor
f the state Industrial accident commls
sion. Is a business visitor this week.
Mr. and Mra Thomas Tocum are
guests of Mra F. M. Carter.
Among the week's arrivals from
Portland are O. H. Rieger, L. D. Phil
lips. Jess Soesbe, J. O. Dengel, A. S.
Hite and Mr. Pillion.
Mra Hattie Farr and family arrived
Friday from Oregon City for an ex
tended vacation.
W. J. Dryden, Herman Belt. Earl
Rout. John Pinkerton. Clayton Stew
art. John Taylor, Clarence and Russell
Morrison are a delegation to arrive
this week from Corvallla
Mra Frederick Corrie and Miss Venla
Corrie of Portland. Mra F. L. Reynolds
and Miss Joyce Reynolds of Sleepy
Eye. Minn.: Miss Ida B. Btxby of Salem.
Master ward w. Leek of Missoula.
Mont.: Mra C. Shelldahl and daughters
Dorothy and Evelyn of Salt Lake City
and Miss Ethel Ankeny of Iowa are
domiciled at the Mizpah cottage.
Mra Inez McWllliams and children
have returned to Alpine after a month
apent at Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mra Jay Cooper passed
through Newport on their way home
to Corvallls from Wsldport.
Mr. and Mra M. Heisler and grand
daughter returned to Dufur Monday
after several days' visit with relativea
Mra James McGilchrlst and children
ef Salem are at Nye Beach for a fort
nlrht. Mrs. Minerva Kiger of Corvallls Is
the guest of relativea
Mra Collins and Mra Derrin of Acme
are visiting their parents. Mr. and Mra
S. J. Seymore of Newport
Mrs. D. S. Dlmlar and Miss Gladys
Plmler of Salem have this week opened
their cottare and will remain Indefi
nitely. Misses Lena and Eleanor Hucke
ateln accompanied them.
Mra McFarland. Mra. Newth and son
Carrol are here from Philomath for
their summer outing.
A party from Salem, consisting ef
Robert Hsnderson, Miss Gretall
The party was composed of Mr. and
Mra G. G. Madison. Mr. and Mrs. M.
H. Pencree. Miss Florence Burton and
Chester Henkle.
Occupying the Rountree cottage until
Labor day are Mr. and Mra Jullns M.
Johnson and sons. Myron and Milton.
or Portland.
Domiciled In Laurthy cottage for the
coming fortnight are Mr. and Mra F.
C Carlson and children. Spencer, Helen
and Frederick. Jr., of Portland, and
Mra. Carlson's sister. Miss Mildred
Speteer of Seattle.
Portland people who are at the Had
ley cottages are Mr. and Mra C. V.
Joi asson and family and Miss Marie
Miss Emma Rueck and Mra A. E.
Anderson of Portland are at Rock View
JHadley camp la occupied for the re
mainder of the season by Mr. and Mra
E. Daniels and Mr. and Mra S. C
Fletcher and family of Portland.
The Tergen cottage shelters Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Touens, John and Frederick
Youens of Portland and Miss Fern Re
nick of Umatilla.
For the rest of the season Albertin
cottage will be occupied by Mra Sarah
R. Robinson, Miss Clara L. Albert and
T. G. Albert of Salem.
Miss Garetta Welder 6f Portland waa
a recent Twin Rocks visitor.
Mr. and Mra J. Panck and daughters,
Elisabeth and Eleanor, of Tlgardvllle.
are having an outing at this beach.
Mr. and Mra T. C. Allison. Alt and
Charles Allison, of Portland, are regis
tered at the Van scyoc apartmenta
Camping In Spruce Grove are Mr. and
Mrs W. Blbelhausen. Mra R. E. Mc
Dowell. G. J. Dixon and Mr. and Mra
Wilson, all of Portland. ,
Salem people at Sappington camp are
Mra J. L. Munson and Miss Margaret
Forest Queen Lodge shelters Mra
Emma Cook and daughter. Vera, and
Max McDonald of Portland and Miss
Grace C Baglay of Salem.
Domiciled In Daytonia cottage un
til September are Mr. and Mra F. H.
Schillho and son. Frederick. Jr., of
Mr. end Mra Everett Moreland of
Portland are occupying the Anderson
tent for the remainder of the season.
Mra C. K. Ti'hborn and daughter.
Mary Jean, of Portland, are spending
two weuks at tne Twin Rocks hotel.
Ia the Spauldlng cottage for that rest
of the summer are Mr. and Mra A. P.
Gerrard of Portland.
Purdy-Arden cottage will be occu
pied for a fortnight by Mr. and Mra
B. A. Mitchell and Ashford Mitchell
of Orenco.
Miss Inez V. Bozortb of Corvallls
and niece, Virginia Nelson, of Portland,
are spending a pleasant vacation in
the Bozorth cottage.
Mrs. C M. Andrews of Portland was
tne guest last week of Mr. and Mra
W. D. Murphy at the Ryan cottage.
Mr. and Mra Leigh M. Hugglns and
daughter, Louisa, of Hebo, were week
end guests of Mr. and Mra Francis D.
Curtis at Swain cottage.
Mr. and Mr?. John L. Bozorth of
South Sumss, B. C, are making a brief
stay in Twin Rocks as guests of Miss
ines V. Bozorth.
Hasol-Bush cottage shelters Mr. and
Mrs. D. A. Blackburn and Mra A. A.
Blackburn of Pendleton and the Misses
Helen LaChapello and Hazel Martin of
Mr. and Mra George A. Downey and
sons, Grattan and Thomas, of Portland,
arrived Thursday for a fortnight s va
catitn at the Hadley cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blackburn of Pen-
aieion arrivea Tuesday and took up
their vacation abode in the Hansen
Jr., and daughter, Beatrice, and Mrs.
J. C Tompkins, also of Portland. -
At "Big Spruce" camp for a ten days'
vacation are Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Prud
homme and children of Portland.
S. a McFadden and Frederick Rekete
daughters, the Misses Virginia and Mar
garet Grover.
No Man's Land cottage shelters Mr.
and Mra C L. Bunn and daughter of
Spending the remainder of the season
People From AH Over Northwest
Camped at - Beach.
ROCKAWAT, Or., Aug. S J. (Special.)
A reunion of the children of the late
W. N. Vaughn, a prominent pioneer of
Tillamook county, was held at Rock
away, Sunday, August 17. A bountiful
picnic dinner was served In the grove
and after a pleasant afternoon on the
beach the party repaired for supper to
the home of Mr. and Mrs. w. H.
Hosklns. Members of the Vaughn
family in the party, were Mrs. W. H.
Hosklns. . of Rockaway; Mra David
Martiny, Mrs. J. T. Woodward, Guy
Vaughn and Mra Verner Holden, of
Tillamook; - Mrs. Egbert Goodspeed.
Mrs. Anna Jacoby and George Vaughn
of Bay City. . Other relatives In the
party were David Martiny, Mra Guy
Vaughn, Mra George Vaughn and
daughter, Irma, Egbert Goodspeed and
sons, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wtlkins and
Charles B. Pye, of Portland; Miss Ida
Longbart and Captain and Mrs. William
Starr of Astoria, and Mr. and Mra W.
B. Duncan of Salem.
Reaching Nehalem by train and boat
a party composed of Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
Euster, Mra E. Hershner and the Misses
Beatrice Hebert, Celeste Foulkes,
Lorena Marr and Frances Hershner, all
of Portland, hiked over the Neah-Kah-
Nie trail to Short Sand beach Tuesday.
After a night spent encamped on the
beach, the party made the return tramp
the following day.
Charles Pye, of the Immigration
bureau. Portland, Is the guest of Mr
and Mrs. W. H. Hosklns at their cot
tage. Mr. Pye and Mr. Hosklns came
to Tillamook county together 42 years
ago. when Mr. Pye purchased the prop
erty upon which most of the town of
Mohler is now located.
Hillsboro people who are spending
their vacation at Hart's Content are the
Misses Lucy Bloid, Gussle Sigler and
Minnie Ziegler.
Miss Eva Brandenburg and brother,
Theodore R. Brandenburg of Portland,
hiked in from Seaaide last week for a
several days' stay at Hart's Content.
Lake Lytls. They are making a hiking
tour of the Oregon beaches and left
Rockaway for Netarts, Thursday.
Ann Aeleen cottage. Lake Lytle, will
be occupied for the remainder of the
season by Mr. and Mrs. G. F. White.
Mrs. Chester and sons, Tracy and Bob,
of Portland.
In Mary Ethel cottage. Lake Lytle,
until September are the Misses Leona
Phllo, Beatrice Smith, Ann Playfair,
Mabel Ray and Florence Hale, and
Lyle Ray and Dan Hale, all of Port,
During the remainder of August Nina
cottage. Lake Lytle, will shelter It. A.
Leonard, mother and daughters, the
Misses Clair and Ellen, of Portland.
A party of Portland people composed
of Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Hanna and
daughter, Elizabeth, Miss Gertrude A.
Speer and A. Speer motored In from
Seaside last week for an outing at
Hemlock Inn. The party will return
later by way of Grand Ronde after an
Inspection of the Tillamook beaches.
Mra George D. Young at the Ocean
Crest has as her guests Mra A. J.
Templeton and Miss Goldie Templeton
of Wenatchee. Wash. Tuesday evening
Mra Young rave a birthday dinner for
Miss Templeton. The decorations were
sweet peas and mountain ferns. The
candlesticks were very cleverly fash
ioned of rocka and shells from the
Judge and Mrs. William Daren and
daughter. Amzel, of Goldendale, Wash.,
are spending the remainder of the sea
son at their cottage. Surf View.
Spending a ten days' vacation at
Johnson Camp are Mr. and Mrs. Leon
B. Lewis of Portland.
At Cosey Corner Camp for the coming
fortnight are Miss Mary Johnston and
Miss Burns of Portland:
Comfort cottage will house until
September Kr. and Mrs. F. O. Shay,
Laveme. Glen and -Doris Shay, Mr. and
Mra William Beala and Russell Beala
all of Portland.
Domiciled In Forest Lodge for a three
weeks' outing are Mr.- and Mra W. F.
Snodgrass and daughter Marie, of Col
fax. Wash.
Encamped at Rockaway are Mrs. O.
M. Ogle and son, Wayne Gurley. of
Canby, and Mra F. W. Kobs and
daughter, Ruth MUlicent, of Twin Falls,
R. Henry and son. Sergeant Verne M.
Henry, of Portland, motored In to
spend the. week-end with Mrs. Henry at
"Big Spruce" camp. Sergeant Henry
has but recently returned from active
service oversea.
Schraats camp shelters W. F. Ryan
of Portland motored In to epend the at Rock Way cottage are Miss M. C
week-end with. . their families at LaMar and Mra M. Lawdy, both of
Scbrantz camp. Portland.
At Nestledown cottage as the guest Mrs- c- p- Walker and son Kendall,
of the Misses Kenney and Cutting, is f -Yamhill, are among Rockaway va.
Miss Marv Jar.nha nf Pnrtlatiri. Misa Canonists.
Jacobs has recently returned from George G. Kelly of Portland is the
France where she has spent a year in uist of FreJ an Bin B. Abbott, at
Rockaway cottage.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Abbott are
Mrs. E. H- Tanner and daughter Lilah.
or Chicago.
Take-Em-Inn camp. Lake Lytle, Is
occupied by Mrs. B. C Wever. Carollvn
and Berryan Wever of Portland.
Rambler cottage. Lake Yytle, doml
Y. W. C. A. war work.
Camping at Salt Air are Mr. and Mra
Max Keener of Forest Grove.
Mr. and Mra A- B. Starr and children
of Portland are spending a brief vaca
tion at Cosey Corner camp.
Among Roekaway summer visitors
., rllana . ..If. cl,e ' the coming fortnight Mr. and
" ..u4.ub . xV.wlBUb " Mra Fred E. Canister and son Hague.
, Mra- Harriet A. Hague and Miss Tllllo
Aojnicuea in one pi tne i wins cottages i r- auauali. all of SUverton
are Mr. and Mrs. Edward Windier of Mr. and Mra John Sax and family of
i-uruanu, ana wun tnem as guests lor Portland are located for the rest of the
mo remainder or tne summer are A. summer at Jones camp.
rica ana .artnur scneuner, also oi Mra F. M. Clark and daughter I uorotny or Portland will remain 'at
Until August ZS Waverly cottage will IK-iiott Inn camp until Labor day.
be occupied by Mrs. H. F. ChOwn and I At the Newcomb cottages during the
son of Portland. . past week were registered Mrs. C. V.
Heppner people who are making a Kuykendall, Mrs. Richard Baird, Mra
short stay at the Beta cottage are Mr. Frank Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. C. U
and Mra Percy Hughes and children. Banks, all of Yamhill; Mrs. Wilford
and their cruesta Mr. and Mra W. E. Belshe and children, of Moro: Mrs. A.
Straight and Michael Curran. Holden and children, of Tillamook,
Registered at Jones camp for the a- """"t of ban Francisco.
next two weeks are George Renter and ; "manaers wno arrivea last week
for a fortnight's outing at Camp Take-
r.minn were Mrs. J. j. McLean. Alan
and Grace McLean.
Mrs. Marietta Johnson of South
Prairie is visiting her niece. Mrs.
Bertha Newcomb, at Newcomb cot
tage a
At Brownie camp during the nresent
week are Mr. and Mra W. G. Walker
and daughter Emit ef Banks.
John W. Kelly of Portland arrived
last week for an outing at Frontier
Thursday, at Tillamook. Ralnh .Tnhn.
Brosia Merchant of sen of Rockawav waa. married in
Pennington of Me- Cecilia Florence Johnson.
son, Ernest, of Portland.
Mrs. Emma Chandler and Mra Frank
Markell, both of Portland, are at
Schrantz camp until September.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Irwin at
their cottage are Mra R. J. Vaughan
and Mra R. T. Cochran, of Heppner.
During the past week the following
have been registered at Ocean Crest
apartments: Mrs. Frederick T. Miles
and son Robert, Mr. and Mra A. A.
Euster, Miss Beatrice Hebert, Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Baker and Miss Lucile Full-r
of Portland; Mrs.
Salem: Mra J. C.
Mlnnvuie, and vv. il. Joos or ttlllsooro. 1 Anderson hotel registrants durtns-
ixcated in tne sunnysme until Sep- tne past weeK were: Mra J. C Pen-
tember are Mr. and Mra J. M. Wallace, I nington of McMlnnville, A. P. Gerrard,
Ruth and Kenneth Wallace of Portland. M. Parker, Mra E. M. Nelson - and
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace daughter, Marian, Mrs. & W. Nelson,
were George Crabb and M. Tolkeln. Miss Alfie Nelson, Miss Antoinette
also of Portland. Guaraseld, Miss Antoinette Fessler.
Until September the second of the I MissOpal Mitchell, Miss Edna HlneBley, Roosevelt cottage will shelter Mrs. F.
Twins cottages will house Mr. and Mra
Jorle Brown, Frances B. Burnes, Mra
C. IL Stout and son, A. L. Fenn, Mra
J. B. Becke, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. -Will,
Mra J. L. Morphey and daughter.
Melva, all of Portland; Magnes Wooley
of Brighton, H. W. Prickett and Alma
Prickett of Banka
, Mra E. A. Tiesdale and daughter,
Louise and Harold Flesa, all of Port
land, are located at Shamrock cottage
until September.
Registered at The Fireside during
the past week were: Leslie Regula. Mr.
and Mra W. L. Stevens, Margaret Stev
ens, F. E. Miller, Bartlett Cole, Jeanne
F. Lamp. Mrs. W. H. Hallopeter, Bertie
and Jeannette Cooper and C. H. Harry,
all of Portland; Mrs. F. J. Brobst of
Caldwell. Idaho; Mr. and Mra Jack
Sutherland of Seattle, H. H. Furly of
Cottage Grove, Mra W. E. Downs of
Vancouver, Wash., and Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Moore of North Plains.
Mrs. J. E. Jacobson and Misa Emma
Ash of Timber are among Rockaway
At the Twin cottages are: W. S.
Campbell of Portland, C. C. Brooks of
Jacksonville, Fla., and B. Brown of
Mra Dan Goodspeed of Tillamook is
a guest at the Maryanne.
Dahlia Bungalette shelters Mr. and
Mra R. C Bernier and daughter. Char
lotte and Mr. and Mra R. C. Wilkinson
and son, Robert, all of Portland.
In Oceana cottage for a fortnight
are Miss Mary Worrall and Mra J. T.
Reinertsen, both of Portland.
At Camp Comfy are Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Stevens and daughter, Margaret of
Domiciled in Kloshe Illahee Mitllte
for the present and next week are Mr.
and Mra W. M. Romacly and daughter.
Ellen of Portland,
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Wood at
the Rockaway studio, are Mra Wood's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Van Horn of
Sheltered in Enmore cottage. No. 2,
for the entire summer, are Mra C C
Russ and children, Paul and Muriel of
At Oceana cottage for the present
week is Mrs. F. Brobst of Carlton.
Mrs. Andrews and daughter of Port
land are occupying Enmore cottage for
the rest of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Davidson and son.
Clyde of Portland, are camped for the
summer at Rockaway.
Guests of Mra L. E. Shrader, at
Eromle cottage, during the week, were
Mrs. Burt and Mra Napier, both of
At the Elmore hotel during the past
week were registered: J. A. Fanner of
Seattle, J. W. Donovan, Mra M. Dranga,
Miss Lena Dranga, Mrs. F. G. McPher
son, R. F. Ross, Mrs. F. E. Taylor and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Ro
macly and family. Miss May Eller, Miss
Margaret Romacly, Cressle Baker, Ros
coe F. Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mul
holland, Burt Phillips, Herbert Fick.
C. M. Plerson, James Elliott, Jeanne F.
Lamb, Mra Hollopeter and son, BilUe,
Mr. and Mra A. L. Levy and family,
Victor Dautoff, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Bollam and family and Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Branin of Portland. Mra
Percy Hughes and Mrs. W. Straight of
Heppner, Mr. and Mra F. R. Beals,
Grace Wade, Hattie Buckles and
Howard Trout of Tillamook. Mr. and
Mrs. E. H. Johnson of Spokane, Mrs. F.
S. Gordon of Forest Grove, Miss Eva
Weatherred, Mra W. G. Hare, Dolores
and John Hare and Thomas Shales of
Hillsboro, Aurel R. Clark of New York,
Mr. and Mra J. M. Cutbertson of Hood
River, Mrs. XL G. Warner and son.
Laurence of Pendleton, Mra Walter
Williams and Mrs. . Edward Shaw of
Dallas, and Mr. and Mra L. K. Grimes
of Vancouver, Wash.
Thomas Ireland and - William Em
erick. both of Hillsboro, are guests at
the Maryanne.
Mr. and Mra C. W. Blancher and
daughter. Margaret of Portland, spent
last week at Taft cottage.
Taft cottage will be occupied during
the remainder of the season by Mr. and
Mra C T. Van Wagner and son,
Howard of Portland.
Until the middle of September,
both of Portland.
Paul R. Kelty of Portland Is erecting
an attractive cottage at Midway beach
Salt Air hotel registrants for the
past .week were: E. W. Wlckstrom.
Palmer A. Nelson, O. A. Ritan, C. M.
Plerson, W. F. MacKenzle. Miss Wilms
Bruechert, MIes Bessie Rudberg, Miss
Ruth Klrkpatrlck. Mr. and Mrs. a W.
B. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. A. - A. Euster,
M. T. Haney, B. M. Hervey, Mr. and Mrs.
S. W. Laird. J. F. Lamb. Mr. and Mra
G. J. McKay, Thomas Lock las, Mr. and
Mra O. J. Mlchaud. Miss Ethel Adam
son, Mrs. Ella Schneider, Misses Clara
and Eva Schneider, Miss Anna Adam
sen, F. D. Wheeler, Mr. and Mra Mc
Croskey, Mr. Bosler, G. W. Messinger.
Frederick -Wright. Charles H. Johns
and Fred H. Thormoehlen. all of Port
land. Mr. and Mra S. McMlnis and
daughter, Avoca. Mr. and Mrs. R, C
Black and Charles N. Black of Wichita,
B. E. Roberts of Jennings Lodge, Mra
Charles R. Myers of Mohler, M. W.
Ehlon of Amity, Mra H. C Palntin and
children, Martha and Morse of Van
couver, Wash., E. F. Mcintosh of Bay
City, Ewlng Dodge and Mrs. Blanche
Bride of Hillsboro.
At Hart's Content, Lake Lytle, ar
Mr. and Mra C. R. Tolbert and daugh
ter of Portland.
Miss Jessie Elliott of Portland spent
the week-end with the Misses Cutting
and Kenney at Nestledown cottage.
Leo Munly of Portland waa the week
end guest of Mra Quackenbush at May-
Bea-Mar cottage..
Spending a 10 days' vacation at the
Rockaway Studio are Mr. and Mrs. K.-
R. Porter and daughters, Lucile, Beu-
lah, Mildred and Margaret and W. W.
Lunger, former member ot the stats
legislature, from Yamhill county.
Denizen of Deep Enjoys Swim With...
Beach Bather.
BAR VIEW, Or., Aug. 2S. (Special.)
While swimming In the ocean beyond
the breakers Monday L. J. Tolls no- '
ticed a large seal or young sea-lion.'-,
he was unable to determine which, dls-.-v;
porting near him. The animal, entire-;
ly unafraid, seemed to enjoy having t,.
companion swimmer and allowed Mr.
Tolls to approach almost within reach-""
ing distance several times before div-"T
Ing. !'
Edward Mlsener made a record catch ,;;
of tomcod for the season thus far when....
he caught 212 from the Bay City dock
Wednesday. This is the second large '
catch of these fish which Mr. Misener'"'
has made recently. The tomcod. while '
long well known at other Oregon rc
sorts, have only recently made their.-,,
appearance In these waters. (l .
Community bonfires have been of al- .
most nightly occurrenec at this beach
during the past week. The usual sing
Ing, games and general merrymaking A,
have been, enjoyed by the big crowds,-,,
in attendance and the refreshments...
consisting of Wienerwursts, clams, etc,
gained an added savor from having J
been roasted over an open ore.
The Vincent Monte jazz orchestrate
has been engaged for the remainders
of the season. The opening dance.v.
eiven by this organization the evening....
of August 15 was largely attended "nd
greatly enjoyed.
Registered at Villa camp during the"
past week were M. N. Swanson, Hattie m
M. Jolly, Nellie Rands. Charles Rich-e(f.
anbach, Mrs. A. E. Westby and daughrj
ter, Mra S. Louis, Mrs. A. Olson andr.
son, Mra L. A. Klesel, Mr. and Mrs. '
"W. A. Duggan and family, F. R. Hall.--'-G.
B. Murray, G. Brunander, Mr. and""'
Mra O. M. Slegner, Mr. and Mra J. I.vt-.
O'Gain, Mra W. C. Aylsworth, all otj,
Portland; Mr. and Mrs. S. H. GlUen-r .
water of Hillsboro, Mra J. D.. Fontaine ,
ana jura. - a. ... . t
and Mra J. C. Simonton of Beaverton,
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Jewell and Ella k
Paddock of Oregon City, Mr. and Mr...
F. L. Featherston of CornelluB. Mra -Saunders
and family, W. Van Dyke and ' ,.
T. Van Dyke of Forest Grove; Millard'.';
Burnett, Dortha Burnett, Mra M. Lyy',
Burnett and Lillian Parke of Banks;-,;;,
" (Concluded on Page 13.) .
Fred Windier of Portland.
Mra J. M. Balrd and son Donald of
Portland, are In their cottage, Seldum
Inn, and with them as their guest is
Mrs. Caroline Speer, also of Portland.
Mrs. Van Duser and Mrs. Hanna of
Portland, are spending a fortnight at
Jones Camp.
Miss Louise Slater of Pullman, Wash.,
Is at Haliau cottage as the guest of
Mrs. A. A. Mergens until the end of the
In Evergreen cottage as tha guest of
Mra M. A. Franklin Is Miss Josephine
Lovette of Portland.
C C Shaler of Portland was a recent
Rockaway visitor.
Oregon City people who are en
camped for a two weeks' outing on the
ridge are Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Theroua
Guests of Mrs. W. B. Allen at K.ozy
Kottage, until the end of August are
Mr. and Mra Alfred H. Allen and Miss
Eleanor Warren, all of Dundee,
W. T. Howland of Portland, arrived
last week for a brief vacation at this
At Cozy Nest as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. K. Elderkin are Mra Nellie
McClane and Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Wll
kins of Portland, and Mra S. P. Brown
and Miss Mabel Clare Brown of Kalama.
Breeze Inn camp Is occupied by Mr.
and Mra Arthur Olsen of Portland.
Louis Frost of Portland arrived last
week and is at Park View bungalow.
Mr. and Mrs. John Van Nortwlck and
aughter Minnie, C. H. Green and C W.
Horst, all of Portland are at Cottage
"Why," and with the Van Nortwicks as
their guest is Mrs. Eva Jagger, also of
Domiciled ia Ocean Some for the re
mainder of August are Mr. and
Mra William M. Croutford of Portland.
Miss Alice C. Jordan of Portland is
at Pollyanna cottage as the guest of
her parents. -
Camas, Wash., people at Bonnie Dun
dee cottage for two weeks of recreation
are Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Kennedy and
daughters, Mildred and Bessie.
Miss Beatrice Quackenbush of Port
land was among last week's beach ar
rlvala She will spend a week in visit
ing her mother . at her cottage, May-
Among vacationists at Rockaway are
D. B. Osborne of Portland and guests.
his three daughters, Mrs. D. C. Thorns
and Mra Core W. Eichlnger of Sclo, and
Mrs. George Jett of Washington. P. C
The Rockaway cabin shelters Dr. and
Mrs. S. A. Mulkey and daughter Zelda
of Portland, who will spend the re
mainder of the summer at this beach.
Mra H. F. Morrison and children of
Portland are spending the present and
next week at Ocean Home cottaget
Spending the remainder of the season
at Rockaway are Mra ti. 1 isngier and
sister. Miss Beatrice Dixon, both of
An interesting Rockaway visitor is
Michael Quinn. a veteran of the Indian
war. Mr. Quinn is sharing Advance
cottage with his daughter, Mra William
J. McGinnis, also of Portland. Mr. Quinn
will later visit friends in Tillamook. - -
Mr. and Mra W. O. Minor and son
Stanley of Heppner are located at their
cottage until Labor day.
At Hallock camp are Mr. and Mra
J. Schoenberg of North Plains, George
L. Roundey of Bakersfield. CaL, and
Mr. and Mrs. William L Davis of Port
land. Guests of Mrs. Fitzpatrick at the
Irwin cottages are Mra Transing and
Suggestions to Increase Your Comfort and Pleasure.
rv Oregon's Finest Beach Resort
?i.m. crabs, rock OTatar. fishlntr. hunt! nr. surf bathing;, water porta In nat.. beach
bonfires, exploring" caves of Cape Meara.
Hotel iwocean. s l g n u y location, coiy xirvpiaco jui iai piatoo vo rc ana rovutvian t
reasonable rates. Mrs. J. H. Martin, mgr.
BCnWALOYVfl AND TEXTS, furnished, ready to occupy; dishes, bedding, linen, towels,
S3 AO to $12 week, $16 to $20 for 2 weeks. Includes water, light and wood. Mr. and Mrs.
Swan Hawkinson, mrrs. Take 8. P. train. Union depot, 8:15 A- M-, for Bayocean, Tillamook
Bay. Write or telephone receivers, T. B. Potter Realty Co.. 25 Ch. of Com. bid., Port
land. Main S405.
Goes to
The best of every
thing to eat, pre
pared 'in the way
you like best. The
Hazelwood will
welcome you in
388 Washington
127 Broadway
a. W.m m. Crr'-aJssWa7t'rl.i.l.('i,,'l
146 fcBCOND ST, phonea Main 173. A-SSll,
for Arrab, VasnaJs, Welches, Tawneys and-
Rhododendron. Round trip ft, Oovemmenc
Camp $a.60. Owned and operated by irrtng
ton tinraxo Auto Co., Inn, J. I & Snead,
Prea,-MT. Phones K. 1-5, C-8182. &. 14th
and Broadway. "ALnkn reservations ia i
7. K. Reynolds. Prop.. Gnler, WaaH. .
VALLEY, Side tripe by nuto or horseback
to Lava Ca-es, Ice Caves, Indian Race
Track. Steamboat Lake, etc MT. AD Aid 3
ox wie mounuia. uuuu
fh vrv base
TRfiTTT PISHING. Tennis. Croquet O rounds
children. Jane and Buster, ot Portland. tfdS-rlmmm. Pool ta nnUo AMUSS-
Among;" Rockaway visitors from Me. I Juilaro, near sotaL Rate,: '12.50 per 4ay.
MinnvUle are lira Vlrsinl Grover and 113 par weak. Sunday dinsers. i&o.
OREGON'S most seenlo resorts,
nestled respectively 2800 and
000 feet up the slope of Mount
Hood. Take auto, stag, or train
via Hood Ktver and Parkdale.
Come and rest and play. For
r e s e r vatlons address .Homer A.
Rogers, Parkdale, Oregon. Tele
phone Hood Kiver JiicUtogt,
Udell 314.
gTCnuaarin. mm m.'.
Or rem' most beautiful mountain resort oa
the Ziza.c river and Still creek. In the ever
preen forests near the foot of Mount Hood;
Imxgm cemented swimming" pool, modern dance
hall, saddle horses, tennis, croquet, fishing.
Rates 4 per day. $13 to $21 per week.
For Aato State Call East 135 or Main $S1
ntRn. JCM1L FKA.NZETTI, Proprietex.
ZisTxac Ore son.
Elmore Hotel
Cnder New Owner.
Best hotel on the Tillamook beaches, new
i rurnifched. full view of ocean from every
room, excellent table; on S- P. Tillamook line
and state highway. Good fishing in all the
lakes snd tne sun. Aieo lurnisnea coiiages.
For reservations and information writ to
J. J. Krehs, Kocknwaj. Oresvn
Portland and the North
west's finest hostelry.
Rates $2 and up
Splendid giUl and fa
cilities tor entertaifliUsT
private parties.
Portland. Oregon
Main l22-Ajtorla and War lanillnga. Hit
Str. Georgiana
Leave. Alder St. Xock at T A. M. dally. -turnlnc,
leaves aatorla f. U. dally ea- ,,t .
pt Monday. , '
LuriJna leave. Portland dally, except Bus- " .
day, at 8 P.M.
Undine leave, Astoria daUy at T P. M. ' '.
ST Conducted along line, nines Invitiua B
B to men and women of refined tastes.
B bend for Illustrated Booklet, B
MRS. C. W. 3. RECKER6. Hoetes., 1
B White Salmon. Wwwh. Phone IHfc
The Hoerlein Ranch
For vacatfonlMta. Hood River, Or. T
A country place in the woodland of seenlo
Hood River Borsje. The runnine; river, fish- -lng.
tramping. Unsurpassed view of valley r
and mountains. Spacious rustic home with"
individual sleeping porches, also tent ac-.
commodatloni. Appreciative rutu pro
nounce thl the Ideal place to spend a vaca
tion in the Hood Kiver valley.
Address tioerlein Bros. Phone 6770. mp
Welsh's Hotel
Llrht. clean rooms, facing; the ocean. r
. ... 1 f.,t,h. XT ...j.r.t. rat.. V '-
James Welsh. JLon Beaca. Was. "''