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Fixing of Maximum Price in
England Is Obstacle.
JTood Klver Exporter Reports Strong
- Domestic Demand Insures Pros
perous Season for Growers.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. Aug. 23. (Sp
eial.) Although reporting that the do
mystic market has one of the brightest
outlooks for years. H. F. Davidson,
Hood Rirer icrower and operator of
New York City export office. Just back
Xrora a tour of European markets and a
awing around the home consuming- cen
-ters. declared the apple export situa
lion has no optimistic features.
- Mr. Davidson visited London. Liver
pool. Manchester and Newcastle. Eng
land: Copenhagen. Stockholm. Chrls-
tianla and Gothenberar. Because the
food administration has fixed the max
imum price at the same level of last
year, England. Mr. Davidson said, will
jret only the poorer quality of apples.
vt the present rate of exchange, the
maximum price la $4.32 a box. The cost
of transporting; a box from the north
west to England Is approximately 12.
With extra fancy fruit in demand at
home for prices ranging around $3.50,
only the poorer grades will be ex
British Product ! Large.
"I was surprised at the volume of
fruit grown In England." said Mr. Da
vidson. "They have produced enough
pears and apples to last them to the
middle of the fall and to supply a base
lor jams and sweets. They had a heavy
crop of berries. The English industrial
situation Is depressing. As a result of
striking coal miners I was surprised
to find England supplying a i.irt of
hrr summertime need for from
fuel shipped from America. Formerly
the English mines supplied the Scan
dinavian countries, but these are now
burning American coal.
"The export outlook In the north
European countries la better, because
these countries have prospered from
the war. While the balance of trade la
heavily against them, they atlll have
good credits and their demands for
fruit are keener."
While Mr. Davidson was In Denmark
the censorship with Germany was with
drawn, and he communicated with firms
of that country. Because of the slow
ness with which Germany will estab
lish credits directlv with America. It Is
likely that the bulk of the fruit busi
ness with Germany for the next season
will be carried on indirectly through
the north countries as Intermediaries,
he said.
Uraeral Sltnatlom Optltalatte.
The Indicationa for domestic con
sumption of apples at high prices," con
tinued the exporter, "offers an op
timistic outlook on the general situa
tion for the year. With the New York
crop only about 25 to 30 per cent of
that of last year, the big yield of the
northwest will bring growers an inning
that they deserve. 1'rohlbltlon is having
a buoyant effect on the fruit market.
The general crop of the country is less
than Inst year and. with the country
generally prosperous and willing to
buy. we have never faced a better sit
uation here at home."
Mr. Davidson said he understood that
more than half the apples of the north
west already have been sold by grow
ers, but the fruit in most instances has
been bought by local packers and deal
ers, who are speculating. Distributors
or fruit, it was found, have not yet
bouaht heavily.
"If Jonathans are held back In stor
age and run on the market when we
qught to be selling Spltienbergs, it will
produce a regrettable situation," said
Mr. Davidson.
Mr. Davidson said he expected the
big crop of Nova 'Scotia to temper the
demand for apples from England. Esti
mates place the Nova Scotia crop at ap
proximately 1.200.000 barrels.
' i- t ia..v a&i. --ot o-BJ :
The Incomparable
Way Is For Them
As Well
THERE are many hearts aweary
with regrets when they recall
their loved ones, walled round
by lonely earth; the prey to
what the dampened clay contains.
AND yet the way is open to quiet
repose for those 'whose heads
are pillowed in the blackness of
the soil.
UPON request they are removed to
marble vault, or niche, to sleep
forever undisturbed at this
wonderful home we have built
a place of beauty, where
tender guardianship protects
them from desecration. It is
incomparably the better way.
t - '
i .
Tangle In City's Affairs May Be Re
sult of Change in Election
Closing of Large Grazing District to
Hunting Results.
LEWISTON. Idaho. Aug. 23. (Spe
cial.) The shooting of valuable cattle
on the mountain ranges by careless
hunters has resulted in the closing of
a large district to hunting near here.
Jamea Madden, who maintains large
herda of cattle on the ranges in the
Zaza section, announced today that he
is closing his range to all hunters,
since he found a two-year-old steer and
a two-year-old heifer dead from bird
shot wounds.
The two animal were worth 1160.
and In addition to this loss. Mr. Mad
den reports that he has found several
fires in the range that have been
started by carelessly dropped matches
or rirarettes.
SILVERTON, Or., Aug. 23. (Special.)
In the opinion of several citizens of
SUverton. the city council elected last
November Is not qualified and all busi
ness transacted by that body Is il
legal. Under the provisions of the city char
ter, Silverton's municipal elections
have been held on the first Monday In
May. When the new state election law
went Into effect, requiring all cities of
2000 Inhabitants or more, according to
the last government census, to hold
municipal elections at the time the
general elections are held, Silverton
having a population of more than 3000,
changed the time of holding the muni
cipal election to conform with the state
law. but when the last government
census was taken the population was
but little more than 1500.
Now the contention has been raised
that at least three rouncilmen, L. C.
Eastman, Dr. J. W. Welch and Geo. W.
Steelhammer, are not duly qualified of
ficers. The council elected P. W. Pot
ter and N. Digerness to serve on the
water board, and it la held that they
are not qualified. It Is also contended
that the chief of police and night of
ficer, who were also elected by the
council, are not qualified according to
The city council, at its last regular
meeting, adopted an ordinance grant
ing a franchise to the Portland &
Southern Railroad Co.. and also an
ordinance calling a special election
September 9 to vote on the question of
a bonded indebtedness of 310,000 for
the armory. If it develops that these
citizens are right in their contention,
then the action of that body in adopt
ing- the measures is unconstitutional.
The situation has created quite i
confusion In the city.
In all probability another city elec
tion will be held next May as provided
by the City charter.
Phelun on Immigration Committee
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. Announce
ment was made today that Senator
Phelan. democrat, of California, had
been appointed a member of the imml
gratlon committee, retiring from mem
bershlp on the pensions committee.
Whether you
"crawl" or
"trudgeon", use
after swimming
for relief of
muscular strain
Tko: Lcemia Jk Co.. N. Y
Established 1BOS.
ONE of the most satis
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Repairing Wash Cleaning
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W like a
The Cheney is prized
by its owner just as a
woman values a per
fect jewel. As the
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ubber Goods
The Great Quality Muzzle
Of the more than one hundred million people who live in the United States, there
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Our "Number 58'
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lengths, for Fountain Syringes
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Breast Pumps 25c to 65c
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Ring Cushions for
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widths. .. .$1.00 to $2.00 a yard
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Very necessary in the fruit-canning
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E. Struplere, Mgr.
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tfritins mention this paper.) .
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