The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 24, 1919, Section One, Page 11, Image 11

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Idaho Governor Calls Attention
To Advantages.
Question of State's Right to Regulate
Air Traffic to Be Pat Up to
BOISE, Idaho. Aug:. 25. (Special.)
Governor Davis believes army life
offers many educational advantages
and In a statement just issued he urges
young men without dependents to Join
the colors. "Camp Lewis, where many
juano soldiers were trained, Still pos
sesses facilities for military training."
said Governor Davis, "and In addition
it is the policy of the war department
to enable men serving in the army to
undertake studies or work at various
trades, to improve their academic
standing or Increase their earning
capacity after discharge.
For the benefit of citizens of this
state I call attention to the educational
opportunities afforded through service
in the army and believe that young
men not yet committed to any profes
sion or trade can well spend a year in
military training."
The question of the state's right to
regulate air navigation and to prescribe
rules by which airplanes may travel
from point to point has come up with
the Incorporation of the first airplane
operating concern in Idaho, the Idaho
Aeroplane & Motor company, which is
operating a Curtiss machine In Boise,
accepting passengers for travel about
the city and is prepared to engaged in
a a-eneral airplane business.
It is believed that the public utilities
commission has Jurisdiction, but the
attorney general's department will have
to decide that point. The common
carrier law. under which the com
mission operates, gives It Jurisdiction
over "any means of conveyance." Com
mon carriers are required In this state
to put up a bond of IJOOO for the safe
conduct of passengers.
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notification that an embargo had
been placed on refrigerator cars into
this state came as a shock to potato
growers and has aroused indignation,
for they are ready to harvest a big
crop or spuds and need the cars to
get them to market. If the embargo is
maintained, they say. they will lose a
large amount of money, while a vast
amount of badly needed food will be
spoiled. They now have more than
jnoo cars of early potatoes ready to
Pressure Is being brought to bear
on the railroad administration to re
lieve the embargo and it is believed
that when the true situation is seen
it will be lifted.
Information has been filed In the
district court in this county against
Charles S. Moody, former adjutant
general of the state, whose department
was Investigated by the last legisla
ture. He is charged with filing a false
certificate to secure payment of a bill
for $1783 for expenses for a trip
from Boston to Washington, D. C, and
return in 1918.
.Moody asserts that extra expense
was caused In his department because
of frequent trips he was required to
make at the request of the provost
marshal general. He defied the legis
lative Investigating committee to find
anything irregular in his record.
Northwestern Governors and Pre'
mier of British Colombia Are
' Expected to Be Present.
Plaintiff Allege This Price Is Many
Times Former Worth of Moclips
Oil Property.
ABERDEEN". Wash., Aug. 23. (Spe
cial.) Suit has been brought here
against Mrs. Louisa I.ycan of Tenino to
compel her to accept 110.000 for 22 acres
of land at Mtclips, which lies near the
well being drilled by the Standard Oil
company. This amounts to 1454.60 an
acre, about 25 times what the land
could have been purchased for six
months ago before the oil boom started.
The complainants are Thomas C. Aid-
well and Harry C Peat of Seattle, and
Hubert Chabot of Moclips, who allege
that Mrs. Lvcan agreed to accept
$10,000 for her land.
Standard Oil officials would not give
out the exact depth of the well today,
but said that it was down around 400
feet. On Wednesday at midnight the
tool rope broke, leaving the tools In
the hole, and now a fishing Job is In
progress to recover them.
At the 400-foot level 15 Vi casing was
atill in use. Considerable difficulty has
been encountered in getting through
the soft formation which, it is be
lieved, a rotary would have penetrated
Boring In the old Jefferson Oil com
pany hole In Jefferson county will be'
resumed Monday, officials of the Swas
tika Oil company, which now holds that
property, announced today. The hole,
when left by the bankrupt Jefferson
company 11 was down IOCS feet. Boring
will be resumed at that depth with six
inch casing in use.
W. R. Hill, superintendent of the
Swastika company, left for the well this
morning with the last supplies needed
to get the plant in operation. During
the past week the workers at the well
have been forcing water down the eix
inch casing and letting it come up.
soaking up the exterior walls. By
this process it is hoped that the six
inch casing can be freed.
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 24. (Special.)
With word from Secretary of the
Navy Daniels to Admiral Rodman, com
manding the. Pacific fleet, that he
wished to have as large a review of
the warships at Seattle and Tacoma as
the one planned for San Francisco,- the
general fleet committee of this city this
week extended its plans to include the
mportant functions attendant upon
such a formality.
Arrangements to entertain the gov
ernors of Washington, Oregon, Idaho,
Montana and Wyoming and the premier
of British Columbia will be placed in
the hands of a special commijLtee, this
separate body also to include in its
preparations the reception to Secretary
Daniels and his party.
The governing officials of the states
mentioned and of British Columbia, to
gether with their wives and personal
parties, will review the fleet with Sec
retary Daniels from the historic battle-
ship Oregon. Captain X. C. Twining,
chief of staff of Admiral Rodman, al
ready has begun perfecting arrange
ments for the fleet's itinerary north of
San Francisco, where a review will take
place September 1.
The information service In Seattle,
attendant upon the fleet's visit, has
been placed wholly in the hands of the
Seattle Daily Times by Chairman James
Lansbury of the committee for accom
modating visiting civilians. Jnforma
tion booths will be scattered through
out the city and every point upon which
out-of-town visitors wish information
will be handled by the expert staff of
the Times.
Special arrangements are being made
by this committee to care for mothers
and relatives of officers and men of the
fleet, prior to the fleet's arrival In Se
attle. Every facility in the city will be
uptillzed to effect quick communication
between civilian relatives and friends
with the fleet personnel.
Information arrangements will cover
the handling of mail destined for the
fleet with full particulars to civilians
interested as to the ships on which any
individual sailor may be stationed, the
location of that ship in the harbor, fa
cilities .for reaching the ship, hours
during which visitors may be received
and the time and place at which sailors
will be given shore liberty. In this wav
relatives will be accorded exceptionally
prompt means of getting In touch with
their menfolk aboard ship, either by
going directly to the various war ves
sels or by being at the pier at which
the men disembark when coming ashore.
a barbecue and band concerts are
the tentative programme.
Spark Sets Fire Xoar Brownsville
and Little Is Saved.
BROWNSVILLE. Or., Aug. 23. (Spe
cial.) Just as the last load of hay had
been fed Into the baler and the large
hay fields of William Roberts and
George Bowers were finished, the stack
took fire from the engine, and in a few
minutes the fire was beyond control.
iy the time the baler and engine
were hauled to safety, the progress of
the flames was such that the fire could
not be checked and only a few bales
were saved out of the stack of 22 tons.
The accident took place on the Roberts
farm, about a mile north of Browns
ville. The baler belongs to Clarence
Nichols of Rock Hill.
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Cyclone of Joy Planned.
' SEATTLE. Wash., Aug. 13. Seattle
is planning what is to be called a "Cy
clone of Joy" for every "gob" who
conies here with the Pacific fleet next
month. A big athletic meet, dances.
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