The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 17, 1919, SECTION FIVE, Page 11, Image 79

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The Scissors Test
Take test strip V in. by 3 in. Stretch
to 9 in. or three times its original
length. Cat on the edge with scissors.
The cat should not be more than Va in.
scrota the sample. If the strip tears
pert the rubber is inferior.
But That Means Higher Prices,
So They're in Quandary.
ifCs ZTiey Wear
" A m -and Wear
(i W -and Wear
gO emsasa, .ftAfa. 4 " 'jX MOST DEALERS
ia Vfij4 V VS(jk f 17 i err familiar with the can, tin, ma.
A S 1 'TliSJ lO J' TV V and uorkmahif that gm
P I iffjSS LSofciefiavNl- A mtotk making fSwmihml Tin
VI fnit "T luaAer all, that an thamm
Doe to Lowering In Quality, Mann
facturers Have to Make Costly
Engine Experiments.
DETROIT, Aug. 16. Detroit antorao-
fclle manufacturers are lacea wim iu
alternative of asking gasoline pro
ducers to fix a certain limitation on
the quality of automobile fuel, which
mean, a curtailment of production, and
increase in price, or accept such shades
of gasoline aa are orrerea ana continue
the costly experiments in engine design
necessary to meet the steadily decreas
ing quality of the loei.
Representatives of the Detroit anto-
wii .... 4 n v MmDOfi
aravii f
tng the Automotive Fuel club irathered
for a Jengtny aiscussioa w m yivv
Vm this week- It was decided to aa
artain how lone the present grades
of gasoline would be on the market
and what chances ae likely to be
snade In the next year or two before
formulating any dertnlte policy.
Figures submitted showed that fn
TVhen your rear wheels revolve
the traction on the road has a
tendency to stretch tread, fabric
and side walla In exactly the op
posite direction.
When your front wheels re
volve the traction of the road
has directly opposite effect aa
produced by traction on tires on
rear wheel, for the tread, fabric
and side walla are stretched in
the same direction the wheel re
volves. Remember this when shifting
tires: Always place a rear tire
on the opposite wheel so that
It will revolve In exactly the
same direction. The reason for
doing this Is that if you placed a
rear right tire on the rear left
wheel, and in doing so turned
the tire completely around, the
traction of the road would start
stretrhing the tread, fabric and
stile walls In the opposite direc
tion from which they had been
stretched, and you would soon
have loose tread, weakened fabric
and general deterioration.
the last three years gasoline for mo
tor fuel has decreased in gravity from
(d.t to li and the end point has In
creased from 100 to 45S degrees
Fahrenheit. During the three years
one factory alone had received seven
different grades of gasoline. Reports
from oil companies gave the tmpres
sloa that the low grade of gasoline
marketed is due to the fact that less
of It is being obtained from crude oil
and consequently more blending with
kerosene la necessary.
Dealers Claaeor for Cars.
Visit in g dealers and distributors
from all over the United States are
besieging Detroit automobile makers
to fill out their allotments as rapidly
as possible. Most of these are bring
ing In new orders also and it would
seem that the volume of new business
offered is In the ratio of about two
orders to one available or near avail
able ear. It Is said the Dodge plant
Is swamped with new business and
that the production department Is
staying up nights devising ways and
means to still the clamor of the buy
ing public.
Maxwell-Chalmers Interests are be
hind more than 35.000 cars on orders
for this year and the Maxwell com
pany Is 27.000 cars behind. The pres
ent production of Maxwell cars is 200
daily, snd Chalmers 60. on a produc
tion schedule of S0.090 cars In alL The
Maxwell company plans to manufac
ture 100.000 cars during the year
which began July 1. It is understood
the company had 110.000,000 coming
from ihe government.
Indicative of the demand for auto
mobiles, which undeniably is the heav
iest and most insistent In the history
of tlte Industry, it is said on reliabl I
authority that the Ford Motor company
had orders on Its books August 1 for
more than 100.400 cars. It is said also
that the company's production sched
n!e for the fiscal year ending July 11
was greatly exceeded.
In addition to the avalanche of or-
ders. from all parts of the United
States. Detroit manufacturers are con
fronted with trying to solve the ex
port problem. Their foreign represen
tatives are becoming Insistent and
each day brings visiting buyers from
across the water, cablegram orders and
continental mail seeking quick deliver
ies. Most of the makers are sparring
for time nnttl their production once
more attains Its normal status.
tamper Restrictions Lifted.
Recently local manufacturers were
advised that virtually all restrictions
against the Importation of automo
biles, tires and parts had been lifted
by France and that the commodities
could be exported from the United
States to that country freely. It la ex
pected Great Britain as a result of
France's action also will remove re
strictions In the near future.
W. A. Crowle. Ltd.. of Adelaide.
Australia, has J 1st placed aa order for
lo chassis and completed cars with
the Barley Motor Car company of
Kilanuioo. It Is the largest export
enter received by the company.
Production will begin at the new
plant of the Cleveland Automobile
company, now being rushed to com
pletion, within a few days. The com
pany has orders booked for 12,000 cars
to sell at IIJ'S.
The White Motor company of Cleve
land, makers ef the White truck, is
contemplating factory expansions
which will greatly Increase the output.
"hree great factors in Increased
production of Oldsmoblles and Olds
trucks will be ready for operation by
winter. These units, started in the
spring, mean when completed an ex
penditure of I2.S00.00O. of which 1.100.
ooo is the cost of the buildings and
SI. (00. COO represents equipment.
Plans for further additions are be
ing worked out by the General Motors
for the Olds plant. The original Olds
factory is completely overshadowed and
surrounded by the new structure Tke
dally production of the Oldsmoblle or
ganization has reached 200 vehicles.
Including both passenger cars and
Kconomy tracks.
The slightest
eat in sn in
ferior tube
ripl And the
tube is rained.
TTH a pair of scissors today, yon prove that
Norwalk Tabes do not rip when cut or
blown out. With the Norwalk Tube itselfyon re
alize the significance of floating stock. Greater
safety because of greater strength.
And then you will ask for a Norwalk Casing
either a fabric non-skid or a cord. Both have
black tread and snow white side walls.
If your local dealer cannot supply you write to
Auto Parts Supply Co. Portland, Or.
Auto Parts Supply Co.
312 E. Pike St, Seattle, Wash.
IHsrtrfbirtot a
'Floating stock ia the mi iard of rubber quality. It ia rabbet
o para that it float, la a tuba it aicana mileage.
You are floiatf to leara a lot atora about Norwalk quality. But
doo't wait. Start MTin your mileage-money now. Get tha stuff
that 'a in tba tuba. Aak ua for aampie ol .Norwalk rubber.
Stretched, as
in the tire,
good tubes do
not rip when
out. They cut
but do not rip.
Owner 'Who Tries to Economize on
Tires) Used Too Long Pays for
It in Track Depreciation.
If your truck could talk m language
nnderstood by the average man," said
Seth Leavens of Leavens & Howard.
Goodrich solid tire distributors . here,
"It would make you think of the days
when parental government was more
severe than It is today. Intense shak
ings (vibration) were a punishment to
the boy for wrong doing. When truck
tires do not properly cushion the load
the effect la similar to the Incident of
the email boy being shaken, but much
more expensive.
"Vibration cause more repair bUls
than anything else nnless It be lack of
lubrication. When tires get low. re
pair bills climb high and depreciation
on the truck grows rapidly.
"There can be no more saving In run
ning a truck with thin rubber tires
than in running a touring car without
Urea, or with flat tires.
"Heavy loads make cushioning a ne
eessity If any speed is desired. Crystal'
lixation of axles, bearings, drive shaft
and crank shaft proceed rapdly when
ths enshon effect Is lost In old tires.
Very frequently axles and drive shafts
break or bearings and gears wear out
while the owner curses his lock or the
track, when all thai was necessary to
keep the truck moving continually
might have been a little attention in
keeping parts tight and good rubber
on the wheels.
"Many trucks are turned in on new
ones each year because the owners
mink they are either ready for the
scrap heap or a good-sixed overhaul
Job. It is very possible that good rub
ber would have delayed such a condi
tion at least a full season. A new set
of tires will make such a marked im
provement in the running of a truck
that it is reaUy hard to account for so
many owners trying to get another
month or six weeks out of tires that
have long passed their stage of useful
ness or profitableness.
"Good thick tires cause a noticeable
saving in gasoline and help to return
to the owner a large part of the cost
on those two items alone. Of course.
It naturally follows that the more good
live rubber, up to a certain limit, the
manufacturer puts into his tires the
better it is for the truck owner.
"Some tire makers turn out two
heights of tire to meet the condition
of the purchaser's pocketbook or state
of mind, but the small difference in
price invariably makes for better value
tn the higher type."
Looks as if Overland Were
Preparing; Surprise.
Somethlas; Brewing for Pnblte, Jndg
lag Front Conferences of Kxeea
tlvee and Cosalag Dealers' Convention.
OVERLAND dealers In Oregon, of
whom there are 65, have been
summoned to a conference In Portland
on September L with . H. H. Eling,
manager of the Willys-Overland Pacifies
branch here. There is persistent talk
that this conference will be of a good
deal more Importance than the usual
annual meeting.
For sometime there has been circu
lating in Automobile trade circles
gossip to the effect that the Willys
Overland company is Just about ready
to spring on dealers and public what
will be the biggest automobile sur
prise of the year. It's significant that
no announcement has as yet been made
aa to the 1920 models of Overland and
Willys-Knight cars.
The fact that every executive of the
Portland branch has recently been at
the Overland factory at Toledo, O., hi
response to imperative summons from
the factory, lends pretty s'rong evi
dence that something is brewing. And
now comes the state conference with
Manager llng, shortly after his re
What Is Mt? Don't ask Mr. Eling.
He only smiles and says nothing. But
there s something in the wind.
Limousine Was Formerly Name of!
Cloak, and Roadster First Ap
plied to Tide Vessels.
The derivation of the various names
by which the popular types of motor
car are known is interesting. Coupe,
sedan, limousine, touring car, roadster
are the names by which the five chief
types of cars are known and both the
French and English language contrib
uted to their naming.
The word coupe was originally so
plied to closed carriage for two per
sons. It Is derived from the French
verb meaning "to cut" and was so
called because it gave the appearance
or a larger carriage cut in half.
The worde sedan is probably one of
me oldest words applied to a vehicle
for transportation. Sedans were at
urei ponaoie closed chairs carried on
two poles and 'they derived their name
from the fact that they were first used
in the French city of Sedan.
Limousine was originally the name
of a cloak worn in France and probably
tne name originated from the old prov
ince of Limousin In central France.
Just how it later came to be applied
to the modern chauffeur-driven car is
not quite clear.
Roadster was first applied to vessels
that worked their way by means of
tides. Later it was applied to bicycles
and more recently to two-passenger
open cars.
The touring car takes its name from
the fact that it was the vehicle most
frequently employed in long-distance
trips. Dozens of owners of closed cars
use them for all their journeys and
they seem to be growing decldedlv in
popular favor for all classes of usage.
Sound the horn when approaching a
turn in the road or the brow of a
hill, for another car may be coming
toward you.
Them So P 1. hsl
1 re 1
There is such a thing as a good tire.
One that is made to stand up and go through
with the worst that comes.
And if s the only kind worth having; the kind
you can believe in.
Most men in the tire business think Swine
hart Tires are that kind.
At any rate, we try to make them so.
One thing we DO know:
It's the tire without a single Govern'
ment rejection.
Swinehart Tires are made in both Fabric and
Cord both give more guaranteed mileage for
your money than you ever would expect or
ever have a right to expect.
Ideal Cellular Truck Tires
The ancle, depth and width of the cells or hole In this remark
able tire are acientifieaUy correct. This patented construction
makes this tire semi-poeumatio and eliminates the dancers
due to blowouts and punctures, so common in pneumatic truck
tires. No spare tire is necessary, because the tire will often
outwear the truck. This cellular feature also makes the tire
anti-skid and non-heating The many advantages are obvious.
Let your next tires be Swinehart and see that the truck or ear
you buy is equippeo witn loezn.
There may l an openinc for a dealer
in your territory. Better mqauro sow.
General Agents for Northwest
718 Mission St., San Francisco.
HARRY C. GLEAS0.',1010 No. 47th Street, Seattle.
C. Harrison Company, 328 Pine Street, Portland
Rochester Motors Company, 1012 Sprague Ave., Spokane
Victory Tire Company, 312 Second Ave. South, Seattle
Victory Tire Company, 722 Commerce Street, Tacoma
All of the above agencies are equipped with pneumatic press and give complete service on Swinehart Tires, both
suua ana Pneumatic - "
To Provide Needed Space Increase,
Firm Removes to Much
Larger Quarters.
George Whalley is president and man
otway ma F.RinvM to la.r?er Quarters
at Sixth and Burnside streets. It now
ocoupies the entire space lormeriv usea
by the Auto Electric Equipment com-
Business hai been pretty rood with
Mr. Whalley. He carries au sianaara
lines of tires, but since the Fisk Rub-
V. n-i it a mnnth a (fr, tnttflltri itS
new policy of selling; tires at whole
sale only, ne naa laKen over mg
Squeaky Springs.
Ia eases ef chronically squeaky
errlcrs. try Jackina; up the car so that
the weight Is removed from the springs
and then soaking theee latter with ker
osene. Run the car for a day or so to
let the kerosene soak in and then satu
rate the springs with some ef the old
oil that has been drained off from the
crankoase. After a day's run wipe off i
any excess oil that shows to prevent
the collection of unseemly dust. 1
Tkm Klelbes' eeOy reeeaUr has cess te PortlameV hete headlea here) sry tfcej
State Aete SeJes ni,nj. J. B. Alumik, mt tke Kellv Tire Sales eompaay
mm alee ssesldm ( taw aesr trees: eoansaay, ss steering- tke track.
, HB' .,,.
Motor Trucks
Now at
Diamond T Truck Sales Agency, Inc.
Phone Broadway 476
agency for that well-known tire in
Portland. He also handles the Savage
tire agency here.
In his new quarters he occupies both
the first floor and the basement, where
a big stock of tires is stored.
Bearing Trouble.
The average car owner does not real
ize how slight a bump may have a dis
astrous effect on the car's mechanism.
The writer cently found a case where
a comparatively slight bump against
the curb bent a rear axle shaft, and
this in turn caused excessive wear Of
the inner face of the right end roller
bearing, so that the entire bearing' had
to be replaced.
"Lee Line Way Makes Motor Trucks Pay"
Overloading Motor
Trucks Is Costly
Every time that a motor truck carries an
excessive overload the strain on the machine
shortens its life and eventually will result in
a loss greater than the temporary gain. Motor
trucks will pull more than they will carry.
Men who study motor transportation load
trucks to capacity and carry an additional
load equal or greater on trailers. Lee trailers
offer motor truck owners the opportunity to
- eliminate overloading and to double their
facilities for transporting merchandise, pro
duce or material at an increased operating
cost of 10 per cent. Lee trailers are built in
capacities to meet, any requirement and will
wear indefinitely. Other units of the Lee
Line are pole trailers for logging, various
types of dump bodies and loaders all con
structed to save time and money.
We should like to submit proof of their value
to any motor truck dealer or operator.
60 N. Broadway at Davis Broadway 321
San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, San
Diego, Seattle, Portland
The Oldest Motor Car Organization on tha
Pacific Coast.