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Experimental Stage Is Past,
-ANTON Cord represents our ideals-of the
Says Expert.
very best tire that can possibly be bought.
Che idea was to make a tire so downright good
that its first cost would appear insignificant in
comparison with the mileage it yields.
To those who habitually invest in the best, and
expect the most, we confidently offer the
Canton Cord Tire.
Vrrltrd States Tire Company Special
ist Ejplalns Great Develop
ment of Track Cords.
"r'f 'a-V-V V ' j
a y 'a,-- . ; I :h X i 0
A- A;'?tA. Xkr -a . r K H
.r 'Si&L- a f-'4 "1X -1
V&Mftr Prt.uir.tlc Track Tlr TVpartm.Bt
" L'nit.d Si.tM Ttr. Company.
Tie development of larra pneumatic
e ni tires for motor trucks meant a deal to truck users throughout
the country In e lectin; larg-e savings
in tha cost of true operation and in
rreatlr Increaalns the radius over
which a truck mar operate in Its day'
vnfk. It has set the motor world to
tMaklnc on the prooiem of fretting th
furr benefits it makes possible.
The United States Tire company
tha-pioneer pneumatic truck tire manu
faclurer. In 10 the development de
partment of this company started
investigation to find out whether pneu
matic tires could be used on heavy
duty trucks. This Investigation re
aulted In experiments with this type o
tire in 110. These experiments proved
very satisfactory and late in the aame
year the first pneumstic truck tire wa
built in the Morgan Wright factory
of the United Statea Tire company.
Early in 1311 three Reliance trucks
were equipped with JSxS nobby tread
tires of fabric construction. It Is
remarkable fact that these three trucks
have been In service continually up to
the present day. carrying approximately
SO tons of freight every day. No clesrer
illnatration could be desired of the fact
that; trucks which run on pneumatic
tires live a Ions; time.
Vlkrmtlea Greatly Redaeed.
These large fabric tires demonstrated
their value at once in the remarkable
effect they had upon the truck chassis.
The elimination of trouble with the
truck was immediately noted. vibration
wns materially reduced, and we learned
after a few months that the truck was
doing twice as much work aa it had
done previously.
Kxperlmenta were continued at our
Petrott factory until the nobby cord
tire was perfected and placed on the
cine of the very tangible results of
the advantage of these tires is that
there is not a truck manufacturer of
any .consequence who is not at work
on the development of a truck espe
daily constructed for pneumatic truck
tirei The engineers of these manu
facturers realize fully that trucks
traveling upon air are able to travel
much greater distances and cannot help
but reduce maintenance and repair ex
pense and save the chassis from the
shocks and strains brought about by
the use of solid tires.
At- the recent summer session of the
Socrety of Automobile Engineers at
Ottawa beach. Mich., the prediction was
made by a truck expert that the time
was not far distant when truck man
ufacturers would turn. out two distinct
type of motor trucks, one for solid tires
and the other for pneumatic tires. In
line with this prediction I believe it
will be but a short time before truck
manufacturers will be building ti per
rent of their output of two and one-half
tnn -trucks to take nothing but pneu
matic cord truck tires.
- Xalateaaaea Casta Redaeea.
There are a number of advantages
to be derived from the use of pneumatic
truck tires which cannot be Overlooked
by the truck purchaser. Chief among
these advantages is that of increased
rpeed. When a truck user learns that
one of his trucks can do twice as much
wcrk on--pneumatic tires as it could on
mild, he will not hesitate because of
the Initial additional cost. When he
learns that his truck equipped with
. -pneumatic tires is not in the rrpatr shop
one-third of the time that the truck
with solid tires is. he will find aa
added reason for using pneumatic tires.
In addition to this, the truck owner
will find that he can haul all kinds
of materials without the breakage In
curred o track equipped with solid
tires. Large fleet owners of trucks
who figure the cost per mile on every
tire they purchase are seeing the ad
visability of pneumatic truck tire equip
ment and are changing over fhelr
trucks from solids to pnenmatic daily.
It la a natter of record that pneu
matic truck tires In a number of in
stances kave decreased maintenance
expense as much as SO per cent on
trucks which have been operated on
solid tires. Aside from this, there la
a saving in gasoline and oil consumption
of approximately 15 to 40 per cent, and
there is saving tn the claims for break.
ae of car so. .
It Is not unusual for a truck equipped
with pneumatle tires to travel aa fast
as 40 miles an hour. I know.- for In
stance, of a bus line In Washington. D.
C. which has a bus that makes a round
trip each day averaging X?vmile an
hour for the entire trip.
Has Caes 44 Miles pver near.
In this trip 17 stops are made, ne
cessitating that the buss attain a speed
or as high as 44 miles an hour between
stops. Along with this performance,
it might interest the user to know that
this bus has received aa hicrh aa 17.000
miles on Nobby tires. This shows
clearly the additional work trucks are
able to do when they can be driven at
high speed, and at the same time with
There are certain locations through
out the United State where a truck
equipped with solid tirea cannot oper
ate because of insufficient traction due
to sandy or muddy condition of the
soil. I have In mind one instance In
Maryland, where a company decided to
lay up their trucks for the winter, due
to the condition of the roads. They
equipped their trucks with pneumatic
tires and found that the traction per
mitted them to operate their trucks
throughout the entire winter. In Ar
kansas a company operating a large
fleet of trucka had come to the. con
clusion that they would have to dis
continue the use of their trucks during
the winter months on account of lack
of traction with solid tires. This com
pany will equip its trucks with pneu
matics and as a consequence will be
able to work all winter. '
Another attractive feature of pneu
matic truck tires is that they can be
applied and dismounted on the road in
stead of having to be applied or re
moved at a service station, aa In the
case of solid tires.
A phase of the desirability of the
pneumatic truck tire In which every
truck user is vitally concerned la that
of mileage service. Of course, every
one knows tflat any make or type of
tire will give phenomenal mileage once
tn a while in Isolated cases. A per
formance of this nature proves ab
solutely nothing, and If our truck pneu
matics had to rely on such Instances as
proof of their reliability, we would con-
eider that they were still In the ex
perimental srage.
Put the records show a uniformity
of fine performance and we have af
fidavit showing where urea have given
Factory Distributors
Hawell-Swift Tire Co.
Pacific Tire & Rubber
445-447 Stark St.
Broadway 290
Portland, Or.
Xe dust, mm of the discomforts of ordinary toarlng. la the verdict of Ednar Mayer of Chlcasro. after drlvtnsr here from I
s-arsjo. A. U., via leltowstoae. ia this new Chevrolet eaclosed car. I
Mr. and Mrs. Mayer are standing bv the car and their daughter. Miss Ann vn urstver. I t th wh1 tni-initinr I
three days In Yellowstone nark, they traveled here from Fariro. where Mr. Maver boua-ht the ear brand new. In 14 iIilviI
ior me iu miles, uespue its newness, tney had no trouble at any time. Mr. Mayer has owned several expensive cars.
this Baby Grand being his first to cost less than $3600. but he declares with enthusiasm that he likes It Just as well as
the bigger cars. In which the family concurs. Borne rough roads were encountered on the sarin. Da.rticula.rlv north of I
oiauiun. vvaaii., wnwi os jnues on coruuroy averagea six mites per hour.
20.000, J0.000 and In some instances
36.000 miles of service on entire sets.
We have innumerable letters from users
showing mileage of from 2S.000 to SO.
000 miles without a puncture. Actual
records in the fourth assistant post
master-general's office at Washing
ton, p. c, show- tire after tire and
set after set that have given more
than :0,000 mllest When we see this
kind of record we know that the hour
has arrived when pneumatic truck tires
have come Into their own and that they
are no longer an experiment.
One of the most prominent engineers
n ths truck industry has made the
statement that "to operate a truck suc
cessfully on pneumatic tires, the truck
should be specially designed and that
the truck should be on the order of the
large passenger car chassis rather than
he way trucks are constructed today."
This Is true. But the heavy built truck
of today can, with no change other
ban that of preparing the wheels for
pneumatic tires, show a very large
saving in operating cost. Thla has been
proved time after time on numerous
makes of trucks, where trucks were
originally designed lor solid tire equipment.
I have noticed from time to time
articles on pneumatic truck tires which
advocate the use of pneumatic cord
truck tirea only in certain classes of
rvlce. I do not hesitate to recom
mend to our organisation that wher-
ver they have a customer who oper
tes a 2 14 -ton truck, he be advised to
quip with pneumatic truck" tires re
gardless of the class of service In whlchi
the truck Is used and regardless of
road and other conditions. Sooner or
later every user operating a truck of
this weight Is going to have pneumatic
BeaWng Service Expert Gives
vice on Importance and
Care of Bearings.
$102 Trr One Way Hani or 42. S
Miles Is A boat the Minimum They
Charge in Olt Fields.
One hundred and two dollars for a
haul of 42 5 miles would be considered
a pretty good wage for motor truck
drivers here, but It Is Just an ordinary
day'a return in the newly opened oil
fields of northern Texas, according to
U. B. Pudley. advertising manager to
the Federal Truck company, who ha
Just completed an Investigation of the
truck needs 01 oil prospectors in that
But then the trucks do not do an
ordinary day'a work. Hauling capacity
loads over prairies and plains where
the only road la perhaps a trail and
where the storms of the ran Handle
region add misery to the ordinary dis
comforts of the trip Isn't a Job
for the driver or truck either
which lacks stamina. It may be
worth even the high wages of
1 cents per mile-hundred weight which
lucky truckslera of the oil region are
getting from the oil prospector.
While the rates vary somewhat In the
different fields, they seldom fall below
the figure named, and In view of the
difficult tasks that must be performed
by both driver and the truck. It ia un
likely they will be lowered. The route
between Moran. Tex., and the" Parks
field, for Instance, Is traversed by
trucks carrying loads averaging 12.000
pounds each, over trails and roads that
can be considered little less than un
broken prairie.
In addition to the capacity load of
the trucka themselves, practically all
trucks take trailers also. With these
trailers the trucks carry the long oil
well casings so necessary to the well
drillers of the oil region. Many of
these trucks and trailers are now be
ing equipped with collapsible bodies so
as to haul grain on the return trip, thus
adding materially to the profits of the
truck driver as well as moving part of
the huge crop of wheat.
Don't depend upon your horn to clear
your path.
General Manager Bearings Service
The average motorist who is rot
mechanically inclined is largely de
pendent upon the honesty of the manu
facturer of his car for quality of ma
terials and efficiency of the component
parts when he purchases a motor car.
Fortunately this confidence is not often
misplaced as all American cars are
thoroughly practical and capable of
rendering service more than commen
surate with the amounts invested in
their purchase and- upkeep.
The practical car, however, is not nec
essarily an efficient one. A car which
has required but very little attention
after an extended period of use but in
which 50 per cent of the engine power
Is utilised in overcoming friction of the
power transmissions might be con
sidered practical to the layman who
considers performance only. In effect,
however, it cannot be considered as
efficient aa the car which has used but
25 per cent of the power plant capacity
to overcome friction, nor as practical
either, because the high power wastage
adds materially to the cost of upkeep.
We find that many practical cars are
not efficient because more fuel and oil
are required to operate them for a
given mileage than others of equal
capacity but greater efficiency. The
real cause of this lack of efficiency is
usually friction In the mechanism and
friction in the mechanism means de
terioration of the bearing parts and
frequent repairs of the mechanism
where friction is the greatest. Con
versely. the parts having the least fric
tion will last the longest, will require
fewer repairs and proportionately re
duce operating and maintenance costs.
With these facts In mind, thesreal im
portance of the bearings in thevcar be
conies apparent. Probably no machine
ever devised by man requires bearing
efficiency to so great a degree as the
motor car. Not only are all parts of
the car subject to stresses of great
magnitude but the automobile mechan
ism is the only one that te handled for
the most part by mechanically lnex
porteuced operators. Few machine
parts are called upon to withstand the
constantly recurring shocks and vibra
tory loads which the automobile com
ponents must withstand thousands of
timea dally in every ordinary use. The
power plant ability of even the lightest
automobile Is greater than the re
quirement of the average small machine
It Is of prime Importance to trans
mit this power to the points where it
becomes effective for vehicle propul
sion. It Is here that the bearings com
in, in their full importance. The entire
vehicle weight, except that of the
wheels and tires, must be carried by
the axle bearings. Four bearings are
Invariably provided on the front axle.
two in each wheel hub. The same num
ber Is generally called upon to carry
the weight of the rear end of the car
in the rear axle. These bearings not
only carry a great statio or constant
load, due to the weight of the car and
passengers, but they must resist kinetic
or variable loads applied suddenly and
in great magnitude, due to resisting
the tendency to skid when rounding
the corners at high speed, when oper
ating on rough roads, or when passing
other vehicles on the eides of crowned
In addition to the four rear wheel
bearings, the average full floating axle
has from four to six other bearings to
support the bevel drive and differential
gears. The etandard gear box will
require six anti-friction bearings to
properly carry the loads. It will be
apparent that each of these bearings
consumes its quota of power. The
ordinary pleasure car may be said to
have about 20 bearings exclusive of
those In the engii.e it.-elf. A slight
power saving in each one would be of I
some moment in the aggregate, a re-1
duction -or depreciation in each one I
would be worth considering in the!
total number.
The motorist who, when buying a
car, remembers that the car that lasts
the longest is the one having the least
friction, is not only conserving his
investment, by lessening depreciation
of the entire mechanism, but he is ob
taining maximum efficiency In power I
utuiration as wen.
Heavy Drop Noted Over Importations
for Previous Month-
Imports of crude . rubber into the
United States in May were only 60 tons I
ahead of the amount imported in the
some month last year, a drop of 11,600 I
tons from April figure. Comparative
ngures lor the last lour years, as com
plied by the Rubber Association of I
America, follow:
January ,
March ...
April ....
. . 7,2:15
. ,28 223
10,070 I
VESTA D lifele
.The exclusive features employed in its construction make
it so.
. Automobile Electricians
Twelfth and Alder Streets
Dodge and Cadillac Kept as Pass
enger Cars and Mack as the
Etandard Truck.
Brigadier-General Drake, motor trans
port corps, announces that Che follow
ing types of trucks and passenger auto
mobiles will be retained by the army for
its uee:
Type 1. Passenger ears: Medium,
open. Dodge; medium, closed. Dodge;
heavy, open, Cadillac; heavy, closed,
Type 2. Light delivery truck: Half
ton light delivery. Dodge; 4-ton.
White; -ton G. 1L C.; 1 ton. White,
Type 2. One and one-half and 2-ton
trucks: White, Garford, Packard.
Type 4. Three and 4-ton trucks:
Standardized "B"; RIker; Mack, 3H-
ton trucks; F. W. D.
Type 5. Five-ton trucks or over:
Mack, 5tt ton trucks; Mack, Special
Type 6. Motorcycles Harley-Davld- 1
Type 7. Ambulances: G. M. C.
Type 8. Trailers. Cargo: Trailers,
ton, tank, water, 180 gallons; trailers. I
-ton, ration and spare parts; trailer,
1-ton, 2-wheel. light aviation; trail
ers, lV4-ton, 4-wheel, cargo; trailers,
14 -ton. 4-wheel, special bodies; trail
ers, 2-ton, gun and cassion; trailers,
4-ton, 4-wheel, cargo; trailers, 4-ton,
4-wheel, special bodies; trailers, S-ton,
tire press; trailers, 10-ton, portable I
crane; trailers, 10-ton tank corps with I
Type 9. Trailers, kitchen: Trailers,
IK -ton, 2-wheel, kitchen, A and B type. I
Type 10. Trailers, machine shop:
Trailers, 4-ton, 4-wheel, machine shop,
spare parts.
Bicycles: Westfleld.
None of these machines will be placed I
in the surplus equipment. The state-1
ment says specifically that these cars I
are not placed aa army standards at j
the present time.
Don't fail to release the hand brake I
before attempting to start.
fF3 , '
TjROM any point of yiew '
units, materials, chassis,
Workmanship, capacity, power,
strength, dependability, per
formance, equipment, price
the Commerce Truck ranks first
as the greatest value in:,its class.
Investigation of 'Commerce war and
commercial records will prdve inter
esting to buyers of trucks in this class.
1 TON To" sViid prt.0""17 $1500
IVoTON Ton'Ovarload Capacity $1 QQC
2 1- V J 36x6 Pneumatic Cord Tire. I QiJO
F. X B. Detroit
490 Barnirde St, Portland.
Phone Broadwar 93.
Sk f..ti n n Fife. S3l
;BC-:Mi " -
Up hills and through valleys, along
. desert trails and in traffic-crowded
cities wherever there is a transpor
tation problem there is a Bethlehem
The ability of a Bethlehem to stand
the gaff, to deliver under the severest
conditions has been proved by thou
sands of Bethlehem owners on thou
sands of jobs.
Bethlehem Performance is assured by
Bethlehem design and construction.
The superstrong frame, the husky,
enduring power plant, the economy
and advantage of electric starting and
lighting, the Internal Gear Drive and
Drive Shaft Steady Bearing are
some of the reasons for the new
Motor Truck Service Standards,
which Bethlehems have established.
We will demonstrate a Bethlehem your
way. See u today. . '
1 Ton Chassis - 2J Ton Chassis 3J Ton Chassis
$1965 $2365 $3465
F. O. B. Allentown, Pa.
Eighteenth at Alder St.