The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 17, 1919, Section One, Page 12, Image 12

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Ex-Convict's Letter to
Freeman Is Found.
at an Owl Drm Store
This advice is frequently passed from friend to
friend because of the satisfying assortments and
impressive values that are constantly being offered.
Johnson Seen Peering From Wln
do-w of Woman's Flat on
day of Crime.
MURDER -r-RWr ''rrr v: n
Mrs. f ,r 'hi : n ' i t
U -M Jsl el I . i Ar .-! MsW-, , V-w C
rbwCTw f .'jui yiiit pc.t
Th. police did aot drrolge
t this woman.
Johnsoa was next ikb
o'clock that Sxy wba E.
barber a SJ V Fourth trot.
bulb berried mroond the come
rn mv clothing ami with
cropped short to Ills scalp. Prell
Johnson enter the Cars home.
May McKlnley. aged 12. who lire at
tha Cava home, entered the kitchen at
X.J9 o'clock Friday when she smelled
rvrs bar nine; la in conse. Eh en
tered Jat la time U sea Johnson applying-
a match to cloth la the kitchen
stove. He aeked her for tom writing
paper, but whea aha told him aha had
aoaa, ha went upstairs ta hla room.
Mrs. Cava said a towel which had
been la Johnson's room that morning
was missing.
It Johnson is tha mnrderar. as asi
eenoe thns far seems to Indicate. It Is
tha theory of polioa detectiTea that he
ratarnad to hla room to wash tha blood
from his hands and burned tha blood
ate mod towel la tha kitchen store to
destroy that Incriminating evidence.
Tha theory that Johnson feared Mrs.
Freeman would aeeic to hare his parole
revoked Is gained from admissions
made by him la a latter to atra. Free
th. asm, r-'UtU ;UicA.?Y.-. 1 I
J. Prell. a f , - .$1a, --w- T"-"" -iV- r ' 4
.aid the t , - - - " HI
rdrersed , ' - -X--ir -t-jC 1
hi. hair - . SSL: - 1
saw S . . ""-. ..- ' . -' - "is. iS'T. .;-.4 .li.r-?." ;-.iw-Crs-L "CiVi -m
f rr . . - LJ.-' "e-
Ha.. mm etj
It was learned that Mrs. Freeman
was to have left for a Ttslt with rela
tives at Chicago and other points la
miaola. The furniture In the flat had
beea packed preparatory to storage,
and ea the dresser of her home was a
railroad pass which her son. Cecil
Freeman, employed at the union sta
tion. had procured for her. The pass
was from Portland to Ogden. Mra
Freeman was going by way of Califor
nia, where she was to hare visited an
other son. Roy K. Freeman, at Oak
land. user! Esrtted Pre-rlotis Xlght.
When Mrs. Freemaa ordered Johnson
from her home more than two months
ago. the police say that the woman
naturally would bare threatened to
hare Johnson's parole revoked.
, This possible solution Is enhanced by
further statements given by Mrs. Cave.
She said that Johnsoa returned to her
horns highly excited the night before
snd asked tor a cup of tea and a cou
ple of slices of bread. He told her
he had beard bad news and said that
he might possibly be put In Jail be
fore he could return to the house.
Thea he arose unusually early the
next day and lelt. apparently for work.
But. If this theory Is correct. Mra
Freeman's Impending trip to California
so preyed on his mind that he left
his work at the shipyard shortly after
he arrived there and returned, first to
his room and then to tha Freemaa
Johnsoa ts known to hsva a quick
tamper, say the police, and was serving
time la San Quentln prison for at
tempting to kill a former sweetheart
la California.
lasaaa affeetloa Is Theory.
That Johnson had an Insane affec
tion for Mrs. Freeman Is evidenced by
tha latter which he wrote to her
snd which Is in possession of police
fbeteetlvee. They refuse to divulge
the contents of this letter, although It
is known that In It he expresses his
deep love for the woman. It Is held
possible that upon learning she was te
leave Portland on an extended trip he
might have killed her la a fit of In
sane Jealousy.
Near the close of the letter he makes
this request: "Sleep with this letter
close to your heart and I will sleep
with yours close to mine."
The letter closes with numerous
cross-marks which be designates as
kisses for her and ta a corner of the
last psge he made a rough drawing
of a heart, pierced with an arrow. It
Is Inscribed, "My broken heart."
That Mrs. Freemaa did not In any
way coutenanoe the attention of the
I3-year.old convict la the staunch as
sertion of neighbors who knew her.
She was highly milrlons and an ardent
worker la the TV. C T. V. Her aid la
proeorfast Johnson's parole from San
QMttQ came from her desire to aid
some unfortunate being. Immediately
after his release he came to Portland
aad she took him Into her home. He
remained there until bis attentions to
her became euch that ehe was com
pelled to order him from the bouse.
Laftrr rrrrtr la Flat.
CeeU Freeman. 21-year-old soa of
tha murdered woman, could aot be
lieve that Johnson bad ever meationed
his feeling to Mra Freeman, but s
neighboring woman, known to be a
close eonfMant of the slain woman,
told the police of the existence of the
J XL 'li i
j 'j j-CT 1
. h inh rr
i '
! ?h i Of
fell 7' 1
! ("r it" -6
ih. : :
f -7 I
i . "V ! 3
f- - . , tziz: i
All Parts of Eastern and Central
Oregon to Be Covered Southern
Part of State Also Covered.
Rapidly trowing Interest la the
American Legion throughout the state
Is reported by Ozbun Walker, advance
agent for E. J. Eivers, state chairman
of the legion, who has been touring
eastern ana central Oresron In the in
terest of the national organization Of
former service men.
Mr. Walker arrived in Portland yes
terday after a trip begun in Pendleton,
after arranging for meetings to be ad
dressed by Mr. Eivers in Red land next
Tuesday night, at Madras "Wednesday
and at Dufur Thursday, instead of
Wednesday, as planned originally. He
will leave today and go over the
Shaniko branch of the O.-W. R. & N.
to Wasco. Morrow. Grass Valley.
Shaniko and Antelope.
The organization tour will continue
until August 10, covering Arlington,
Stanfleld. Echo. Helix. Athena. La
Grande, Elgin, Union, Joseph. Baker.
Huntington, Ontario, and from there
Into central Oregon via Canyon City,
.Burns and Juntura.
Coincident with the trip of Mr. Elv
ers and Mr. Walker, W. B. Follett of
Eugene, vice-chairman of the state. Is
touring southern Oregon with J. R.
Boyd as advance agent, arranging for
new posts of the American legion
along their routes.
Oyer Photograph at kltehea from rear poreh. Newspapers hiding pool of
blood where Mrs. Eaalce VY. Freemaa lay dead whea her soa relumed from
work Friday evealsg. Empty soger bowl was lylag on floor beside body
Mte sad beea drylag duses waea assailant truck her from behind. At
left Bloody piece of gas pipe with which victim was slala. At right Ar
tlit's sketch of Istrrtor of flat, a howl a g posltloa of mardered woman's body
lying la bloody pool. X marks tool box la small pass-paatry between dining
room and alteaea where aa pipe was procured by assailant. Dotted marks
show eonrse nanrderer took la fleeing down front steps nnd out Into Fourth
northwest to keep a close watch for
Johnson's Wife la California.
Records from the parole office of San
Quentln prison reveal that Johnson was
horn at San Francisco in 1887. He di
vorced his wife several years ago and
his young son Is living with a sister
In California..
Johnson was convicted of shooting
Tora Napier, his sweetheart, st San
Diego in November, 191s. He accused
her of being unfaithful to him and shot
her in a fit of anger. The woman later
letter and guided detectives to a se- (recovered and Johnson was sentenced to
eret place In the Freeman flat where
the missive was found.
Earlier reports that the murderer
had first attempted to make a criminal
attack were declared unfounded at the
coroner's office. Their Investigation,
showed no such attack had been at
tempted. It was said that the heavies!
blow at tha back of her head Indi
cated (he had been struck from behind.
Rabbery Motive Dlsrredltra.
A box filled with heavy tools, gas
pipe and other articles, is located In a
small alcove between the kltehea and
dining room at the Freeman flat. From
the position of the woman's body as It
lay oa the kitchen floor It would have
been possible for the murderer to have
picked up the piece of gas pipe and
taken but one step forward to reach
Mrs. Freeman ss she stood by a kitchen
table. It appears ss if she had been
drying dishes at the time she was
struck, as a dish cloth and aa empty
sugar bowl laid oa the floor beside
her body.
But little credence Is now placed in
the earlier belief that robbery was the
sols motive for the crime. The fact
that 40 and a few pieces of Jewelry
were stolen by the murderer Is be
lieved to be nothing more than a side
iua. It la only natural, say the po
lice, that having killed the woman, the
murderer would take what valuables he
might find to aid him in making his
five years in the penitentiary,
Mrs. Freeman first sought to pro
cure his parole In 1917, but was unsble
to bring It about until this spring. She
sent him a ticket to Portland and suf
ficient funds for his traveling expenses.
The prisoners' aid society at Portland
got him employment at a shipyard.
Under date of Oct. 28, 1918, Johnson,
then working In a convict road camp
in California, wrote to W. G. McLaren,
of the prisoners' aid society:
"Mrs. Freeman has been very good
aad kind to me for the past two years
and I do hope you will do all -in your
power to help me get this parole. She
is my dsr mother and I sure want
to show her I am Just what I rep
resented myself and also that she made
no mistake In helping me out."
Parole Opposed By Officials.
The San Quentln parole office yes
terday telegraphed Mr. McLaren to for
ward at once all facts In connection
with Mra Freeman's murder, and this
was done last night. Johnson has been
sending his monthly reports to San
Quenxin through the prisoners' aid so
When Mrs. Freeman first sought to
procure Johnson's release on parole,
the officials of San XMego county ad
vised against It. They characterised the
convict as a man unworthy of any at
tention and undeserving of liberty.
Johnson served In both the army and
The various threads of evidence tend- (navy and procured honorable discharges
Ing to connect Johnson with the crime
have been sufficient for the police to
telegraph a minute description of him
broadcast about the country, asking for
his arrest for murder. Finger print
records will be procured from baa
Vuentin prison as soon as possible.
Johr.son's peculiar sctions on the day
of the crime and the night previous
leave but little doubt in the minds of
the police that he has knowledge of
the murder. This, of course, is strength
ened by the note which he left his land
lady, saying he had got In troubls and
was leaving st once for Mexico.
Police believe he has fled north and
will attempt, to get into Canada. They
have notified officials throughout the
from both branches of the service. The
only black marks against his navy rec
ord were for overstaying leave on
numerous occasions. He was a per
sistent offender In this respect, the
navy records show.
Improved Connections Between Grays
Harbor and Portland Sought.
CENTRALIA, Wash. Aug. 1. (Spe
cial.) The secretary of the Aberdeen
chamber of commerce has notified Mrs.
Katharine Robinson, secretary of the nlaa. Main T0T9. 05.
local chamber that the Aberdeen and
Hoqulam commercial organizations are
seeking better train connections be
tween Grays Harbor and Portland. The
matter has been taken up direct with
the railroad administration.
A Milwaukee train at present leaves
Aberdeen at 12:45 p. M, arriving at
Rochester at 1:39 P. M." It is proposed
to run a Northera Pacific "stub," leav
ing Rochester at 1:45 P. M. and con
necting In Centralis with Great North
ern train No. 3o7, leaving here at 3:53
P. M. for Portland.
Mrs. II. F. Davidson Awakes to Find
"Man In Her Apartment.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. August IS. (Spe
cial.) Mrs. H. F. Davidson, wife of
the former president of the North Pa
cific Fruit Distributors, experienced a
terrifying few minutes when she dis
covered an intruder In her apartments.
Aroused from sleep, Mrs Davidson
turned on tha electric lights and dis
covered a man under a dining table-
After a second's hesitation Mrs. David
son rushed for the door.
The intruder escaped from a rear
window by way of a new building un
der construction.
Head of Big British Concern on His
Way to Visit Hood River.
HOOD RIVER, Or., Aug. 18. (Spe
cial.) A. E. Woolpert, northwestern
manager for Dan Wullle & Co. London
apple merchants, has received a radio
gram from the head of the firm, an
nouncing that he is en route to Amer
ica for a tour of all fruit districts. Mr.
Wullle expects to land at New Tork
August 18. He will reach the north
west about September 1. It is likely
that his visit will result In the expan
sion of northwestern branches, accord
ing to Mr. Woolpert.
The London' concern is already the
heaviest buyer of northwestern boxed
apples this year and has established
permanent receiving stations here and
at all points on the line of the ML
Hood R. R. company. Mr. Woolpert
says more than 100,000 boxes of fruit
have been bought. A deal was closed
yesterday for the purchase of 10,000
boxes from an east side grower at an
average of about 82.10 per box.
Ex-Portland Physician in War Serv
ice Fonr Tears and Half.
TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 16. (Special.)
Dr. Spiro Sargentich, ex-Portland
physician, has Just returned to Tacoma
after 4 years spent in war. He
started for Serbia four days after war
was declared and went through the
campaign there fighting typhus, which
claimed 20,000 victims.
Two years ago he entered the Amer
lean service and was detailed to med.
ical duties. After the armistice Dr.
Sargentich was called into the dlplo-
atic service as a courier and traveled
for months on confidential missions in
Bulgaria, Roumanla. Russia, Hungary.
Constantinople and back into Germany.
Mom Gets Canadian Cannon.
MONS, Belgium, Aug. IS. Canadian
cannon which fired the last shots at
the Germans on armistice day. Novem
ber 11, were presented to the village
of Mom Friday morning with elabo
rate ceremonies.
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E Stmplere, Mgr. Phones: Mar. 2000, A 1333
investment In a co-operative coal mine
near Centralla to reduce cost prices.
Parsons B. Eg-bert wants the central
labor council to operate the mine on
the same basis as the co-operative
store, which the council has - spon
sored for several months.
TACOMA, "Wash, Aug-. 16. (Special.)
Tarom labor unions are considering Infrton fair at Chebalis next week.
Ridgefleld Canning Team Selected
RIDGEFIELD. Wash, Aug-. 1. (Spe
cial.) CL E. Alexander, who has chargre
of the canning- and garden club in this
district, has been asked by County
Superintendent Dudley to take a can
ntngr team from here to compete for
Clarke county at the southwest Wash
has chosen Miss Cora Horn and Miss
Dorothy Neber for the team.
Fall Ont of Bed Is Fatal.
CENTRALIA, Wash., Aug. 18. (Spe
cial.)Mrs. Frederick Williams, a resi
dent of Toledo since 188T, died in a
Tacoma hospital of injuries sustained
when she fell out of bed. The funeral
was held from the Oddfellows" hall in
Toledo. Mrs. Williams was born in
England in 1837. Her husband and one
sister survive ner.
American Capitalist Falls to Get
French Rights for 9200,000,000.
PARIS, Auf. 16. (Havas.) An i
American capitalist, newspapers say,
has offered to give the French grovem
ment an annnal royalty of 1,000,000,000
franca for the tobacco monopoly. Al
though this offer was 200,000.000 francs
more than the returns to the govern
ment from the monopoly, the ministry
of finance refused it.
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Demurrer Filed Against Loggers.
SALEM. Or, Aug. 1- (Special.)
The Oregon public service commission
has filed a demurrer to the complaint
in the case brought by the El wood
Logging- company, Palmer-Owen Log
ging company and Robert C. Kinney.
The action was brought to compel the
public service commission to rescind
an order making It incumbent upon the
plaintiffs to convey their logs from the
camps to the railroad without com
pensation for the nae of their trucks.
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