The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 03, 1919, SECTION FIVE, Page 5, Image 77

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principle of trading- only In good mer
chandise and applying- the golden rule
in business.
In presenting his suggestion In an
address to auto manufacturers and
dealers Mr. Jordan asked every dealer
present to write tlfe names of what
he considered the best and second best
cars in every price class from $500 up.
This grave each dealer a list of about
16 cars. Each man made his own list
without consulting anybody else.
Then he suggested that for 60 days
each dealer trade only in the cars he
had just written on his list, cars which
measured up to the individual dealer's
specifications of what constituted good
"If you will have the courage to sell
only these cars you know are good
merchandise," Jordan told the dealers,
"it will mean a big elimination, of
course, but you will have the used car
problem solved.
"Don't sell a man an automobile you
know is wrong. Tou can figure he will
get back at you."
Editors to View Wonders of
Dead Indian Road.
Your Top and
our Converter
makes the
Use your pres
ent Curtains
Adds more in
and looks than
. $50.00 spent in
any other way.
Ijake of Woods, One of Most Beau
tiful of Them All, Directly on
Scenic Auto Trail.
ASHLAND. Or., Aug. 2. (Special.)
The National Editorial association,
which will visit Crater lake on August
11 and 12, will go either to or from
Crater lake over the Ashland-Crater
Lake road, known as the read Indian
IT. H. McCloskey, 17 Tears "With
Company, Wins Promotion.
The appointment of H. H. McCloskey
as second assistant treasurer is an
nounced by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber
company of Akron.
Mr. McCloskey came to Goodyear
v J'WwwrjC'
F This 3 4 -ton "yellow cbnasU job. Jut delivered by the Roberta Motor C
ti company to Marlon county commisaloncra. la the aecond Reaabllc bongfe
y by that county in a month.
froad. So many cars will bo required ,
Xo transport the party of 250 or more
editors that the executive committee in
fcharge of the southern Oregon enter
tainment has decided to split the party
tn half, sending one division to the lake
ever the Rogue river road from Med
ford and the other division over the
Xead Indian road from Ashland.
Kach division will return over the
irther route than that traversed to the
park. This will enable the party to be
taken to and from the lake in half the
time under the old plan of sending and
bringing them home over the Rogue
iver road.
The Dead Indian gateway to Crater
lake has received little attention until
now, but leads through a wonderful
faigh plateau country of lakes, glades
and big timber. This country has be
come the favorite mountain trip of the
people of southern Oregon.
Iretty Mountain Lake.
At Lake of the "Woods, which has
gained the name of "the prettiest
.mountain lake of them all," scores of
Valley people have tr.icen up the summer
bomesites allowed by the forest service
and have built or are building summer
bomes. This lake is 36 miles from Ash
land at the foot of majestic Mount Mc
laughlin, whose snow-capped summit
rises nearly 10.000 feet. The road winds
along the shores of this lake for miles,
the lake has a fine beach and is ideal
for bathing and boating. There is also
good fishing. Three hundred persons
were encamped there last August.
Much road work is being done on this
highway to Crater lake and it will be
only four years after its organization,
on November 10, 1902, as a clerk in the
factory payroll department. A few
months later he was transferred to the
treasurer's office in the bookkeeping
department where his general ability
and keen insight into financial matters
soon won recognition. He was made
cashier in 1910 which position he held
until the day of his promotion.
He is -also the proud possessor of a
15 -year service pin awarded to him a
year ago for faithful and continuous
performance of duties during the days
when Goodyear built the foundation on
which its present prosperity is founded.
To check automobile thieving
is the purpose of an electric ac
cessory lately devised for the
motor car. Essentially the con
trivance consists of an automo
bile siren connected in a dry
battery circuit with a mercury
switch. When the car is in mo
tion vibrations agitate the mer
cury so that the gap is bridged
and contact formed, soundingr the
horn in the event the circuit is
closed. Thus if anyone without
the owner's knowledge attempted
to steal a car so equipped the
siren would sound immediately
and keep on doing so until the
engine was stopped or the elec
tric circuit opened. Popular Mechanics.
burried to put the road in the best
possible shape for the coming visit of
the editors. Out of Ashland the road
winds up a steady grade to the summit
of the Cascades. 14 miles from the city.
From the summit the road winds for 22
miles through a heavily timbered, roll
ing country to Lake of the Woods.
Some of the finest mountain stock
Ranches in this part of the state and
many fine fishing streams are found
along this route. From Lake of the
.Woods there are quite a few small
grades in the 13 miles to Pelican bay,
where the road joins with the Klamath
(county road which skirts the western
fehore of Klamath lake.
At Pelican bay is located Harriman
lodge, the mountain home of the great
railroad magnate in years gone by.
There are many lake resorts along the
road from the lodge to Fort Klamath
and many fine fishing streams are
crossed in those 4 miles. From Fort
Klamath to Crater lake is 22 miles, this
being the road used by those entering
through Klamath Falls.
Total Only 2 Miles.
Thus the total distance from Ashland
Is 92 miles, making this the shortest
from the Pacific highway to the lake
of any of the routes. It is bound to be
come one of the most popular.
Ashland has become the starting
point for most of the automobile camp
ers who -visit Crater lake, the auto
camp here in Lithia park having won
the reputation of being one of the best
in the country.
The Ashland-Crater Lake road is in
good condition with the exception of a
few rough places, just this side and
the other side of Lake of t he Woods,
which can be ironed out with a few days'
work. The forestry service will be
asked to aid in this work.
Ashland will provide its share of the
automobiles to transport the editorial
party to Crater lake. From the lake
the entire party will return to Ash
land for a picnic dinner in Lithia park.
Swimming at the sulphur baths here
will also be an attraction sure to please
the visitors after their long ride from
the lake.
First of Vestcott Inclosed Models
in Pacific Xorthwest to Be .
Here Soon.
The next shipment of Westcott cars,
due in Portland about August 6, will
bring to Moltzner-Westcott Motors
several of the lighter six five-pass
enger Westcotts and the first enclosed
automobile of the Westcott line to ap
pear in the Pacific northwest. It is
an elegant cabriolet coupe. A con
signment of Westcott larger six seven
passenger cars, which arrived a few
days ago, will be disposed of by the
time the lighter six touring and the
cabriolet coupe arrive.
"Westcott enclosed bodies, fashioned
In aluminum, incorporate the latest
ideas in custom design," said Jay S.
Moltzner. "The permanent post con
struction insures utmost rigidity and
long and satisfactory service. The
window construction eliminates vibra
tion and is storm-tight. Windows tele
scope into rattle-proof berths and may
be instantly adjusted to any .height
by conveniently placed regulators.
"Interior trimming throughout is of
the highest quality neutral tone. In
terior accessories and equipment are
luxurious and harmonize with the body
details throughout.
"The cabriolet coupe accommodates
three passengers seated side by side,
with ample luggage space behind the
seatback and in the deck. The sedan
is four-door type and for five passen
gers in the lighter six class and seven
passengers in the larger six class."
ron't start your car with a jerk. Al
ways engage the clutch gradually and
see that the car starts off easily.
-gaps above
side View
I f VV
-z2Sxrv - . , ti
I i .
r 1 '
: :
A snappy streamline
one-man-top for $8.50
Adds 100 to Appearance and Convenience
E s : ' -- ' ;"f.. - '- ;; . .- ':.:. . t,-. ' -r
t -..' "": r .. ..v.- - , , - f- r ;. " - ; . , , ...-tf- - - - :', .
The snappy-looking One-Man
Top, Stream-Line Model produced with
"dresses up" a Ford car in a way which
takes it out of the ordinary class.
There is no need of wastefully
discarding your old Ford top simply con
vert it into a One-Man-Top by installing a
Pennypacker Top Converter by a very sim
ple operation. Side curtains attached as
before. The Converter connections when
installed, are out of sight, very durable, and
will outlast the car itself.
It can be easily installed by
anyone in less than an hour. Does not
interfere with the operation of windshield.
The total shipping weight is only 6 pounds.
Money Refunded if Not Satisfied
Plus 10 to the Sale
Value of Your Ford
The Pennypacker Top Converter
Attached to Any Ford Adds
Thee 10 Improvements:
l; Makes an easy operating One-Man Top that can be
quickly raised or lowered.
2". Prevents bumping the head on entering the car.
3. Eliminates the front bow sockets, those unsightly cage
like rods on the side used to support the top.
4. Permits an unobstructed view at the sides.
'5. Closes the gap above the windshield and prevents that
' swirl of wind which hits the back of your neck.
6. Allows the driver absolute freedom of elbows.
7. Gives the Ford top snappy, stream-line effect, mak
ing the body appear of much greater length.
8. Makes it easy to get in and out of the car.
9. Holds the top absolutely rigid to the windshield, pre
venting all side play, but in no way does it interfere
with operation of windshield.
10. Stretches the top and prevents it from sagging and
wrinkling between the supporting bows, thus length
ening the life of the fabric by preventing the accumu
lation of water.
Money Refunded if Not Satisfied
Dealers Can Be Supplied By
O, Jo HULL, Distributor
534 Washington St.; Portland, Or.
Phone Broadway 3427
If you live out of town or if your dealer cannot supply you then you may order
direct from us Your money back if you're not satisfied Use the coupon
Just a few openings left for live-wire representatives
O. J. Hull
534 Wash-
ington St.
Portland, Or
Send the top cpW,
verter. 1 enclose $8.60.
which you are to Tefund-vf
I decide to return it within,
10 days. -
Name - ? '
H and dealers
announce to tire users
that we have been
H appointed Distributing Agents - for
H Western and Central Oregon
H From The Dalles West to the Coast !
" -
We can fill your orders NOW in all sizes. i
H Orders filled on obsolete sizes, such as
37x4, etc
Now in Our New Location
I Dealers Write for Unoccupied Territory
Edward S. Jordan Would Apply the
Golden. Rule to Problem.
Edward S. Jordan, president of the
Jordan Motor Car oampany. offers au
tomobile dealers a simple solution of
the problems connected with .the han
dling: of u?ed cars. It rests on the
6th and Burnside
"The Nation's
Freight Car'
Now in Their New Home
89-91 Ninth Street Near Flanders
Now equipped to give the kind of service which has
been our ideal but which our former cramped quarters
sometimes prevented us giving.
H Sales A.Junge John R. Meldrum Service H